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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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throughout the day, high temperatures 80 degrees. the seven-day, that's coming up. there's a tree down on the b-w parkway. >> it's near the cia. southbound george washington parkway, park police headquarters reporting no one is able to get through. they have sent in someone with a chainsaw. southbound all you want to do is get to work. the george washington parkway is not an option. that will confuse everyone. you could use macarthur boulevard, river road, clara barton parkway. northbound or washington parkway is open, apparently. back to you. >> thank you. day two of the jerry sandusky trial begins in bellefonte, pennsylvania for. if former penn state coach charged with schild sex abuse. alleged victim who triggered the investigation is expected to take the stand today. suzanne kennedy has the latest.
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>> good morning. it was that victim's mother who contacted authorities about sandusky four years ago. that led to charges that he allegedly abused and boys over a 15-year period. is sandusky a serial predator or a man with an attention seeking personality disorder? that is what the jury will have to decide as it nears the case. in court testimony monday, sandusky's defense attorney said thethe jury will explain some of his behavior. he went on to say it was routine for people to get in the showers in jerry's culture. it was routine for people to take showers together. the jury is likely to hear the new york times interview where he talked openly about his feelings toward children. >> if i say, no, i'm not
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attracted to boys, that's not the truth, because i am attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> 8 accusers will testify in the trial. one of them took the stand yesterday, saying the 68-year- old molested him in the shower and in hotels. legal experts say the size of the case could prove problematic. for the problematic >> the judge allowed 52 counts. it's kind of crazy to allow that to go to the jury. the judge should a fourth indictment to be whittled down. >> the first witness said that he was abused over five years when he was a teenager in the late 1990's. trial is expected to last three weeks. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> as a return to vote 2012, in less than an hour the polls will open in virginia for several primaries including contests or congressional seats and alexandria city council however, the focus appears to be on the u.s. senate race. jummy olabanji is live in
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alexandria to explain what is at stake today. >> steve, good morning. if republican george allen wins in today's primary, which is expected to, this could really prove this will be the main focus in virginia for the november election. tim kaine right now, the latest polls, ahead of george allen by a few points. experts say this could be one of the most watched and most expensive races this november. republican george allen hopes that a victory today could be a sign of what's to come in november. yesterday he stopped by a pizza place meeting with voters one by one. >> we are taking nothing for granted, including in this primary. the world is controlled by those who show up. >> is in pretty good shape at 62% in the polls, way ahead of history conservative challengers. when you are talking dollars, he makes sense.
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the gop candidate for senate have raised $7.6 million. allen has almost 90% of that. when it comes to him and tim kaine, allen says he created 300,000 jobs while tim kaine lost 100,000. meeting with latino business owners of yesterday, tim kaine responded. >> george allen was governor when bill clinton was president. i was governor during the george bush presidency, under the worst recession since the 1930's. >> the polls open in virginia at 6:00 this morning and they closed at 7:00 tonight. it is raining and we are expecting the rain to continue throughout most of the day. that could impact voter turnout. reporting live in alexandria, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news.
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>> president obama hits the road today, raising money for his reelection campaign. the president will attend a private event in owings mills. then to downtown baltimore for an event with maryland governor martin o'malley. then to philadelphia for another campaign fund-raiser this evening. the president's presumptive republican opponent mitt romney attended a fund-raiser in atlanta last night. romney told supporters he is hoping the supreme court will strike down president obama's landmark health care reform law. the justices are expected to rule on the constitutionality this month. >> u.s. commerce secretary john bryson will be off the job for awhile as he will take a met medical leave of absence after a series of car crashes in california. john gonzalez has the latest. >> this morning the department of commerce is not saying exactly what type of seizure of the secretary suffered this past weekend, only saying that it was his first.
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u.s. commerce secretary john bryson has decided to take a medical leave of absence after causing two traffic accidents back-to-back over the weekend. the 68-year-old has been undergoing testing and is believed he suffered a seizure. >> one can have partial complex features that can have the ability to carry on the conversation, operate a motor vehicle. >> on saturday he was cited for felony hit and run after rebranding a car that stopped at a train crossing in san gabriel, california. the secretary got out of his car and spoke briefly with the driver, then got back in the lexus and fled the scene driving around the buick, backing into it again, then speeding off. eventually he was found unconscious in his car. >> the important thing to remember is what is involved, what actually occurred, what exactly did and did not happen. >> police say that he took and passed a breathalyzer and submitted to a blood test. they are still awaiting the toxicology results.
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>> we are concerned about the incident, concerned about the secretary's health-related issues. >> after a short stay in hospital, he is back in washington this morning. he has not said how long he will be out of office. we do know that the deputy secretary will take over on a temporary basis. reporting live apartment of commerce, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> 67 degrees outside. >> still ahead, our facebook giveaway is back. how you can enter for a chance to win a new ipad. >> there could be released for driver stuck in traffic headed to the maryland live! casino. details on the key intersection that is open. >> let's check traffic as we do every 10 minutes. there's a look at 395 at
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>> tuesday morning, time for traffic and weather everett and minutes. >> let's start with lisa baden for look at the roads. >> it is complicated for commuters who normally take the george washington parkway. an investigatithe parkway is closed between the beltway and 123. southbound george washington
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parkway blocked because of a tree down on the road. northbound, the george washington parkway is open, from the airport all the way up to 495. you can get on to the southbound parkway from 123 and continue your commute south of that. you can drive on interstate without any major problems. here we are live on 95. this picture shows more of our neighbors on the road but moving at a good pace. now to the weather center. >> we have some wet roads around metro area, showers just moved all around the beltway the district, and surrounding communities, now pushing into baltimore. no. anne arundel county seeing the bulk of the rain now, moving into baltimore. throughout frederick county and upper montgomery county. panhandle of west virginia light rain. loudoun county stretching into fauquier county. more showers will develop off
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and on through the day and even a few thunderstorms in the midday and afternoon. occasional rain. good day to stay indoors for activities on this tuesday. 70 degrees right now and the district, 68 at dulles airport and in winchester. on our way 80 degrees. you will notice the humidity outside. tomorrow that will change. low humidity, breezy, refreshen and back to a good amount of sunshine on wednesday. temperatures will remain around 80 degrees into the weekend. >> thanks so much. the intersection and at easing traffic problems near the new maryland live! casino is open. highway officials are using a diverging diamond at the intersection of maryland 295 and arundel mills boulevard. its forces vehicles to drive on the left side of the road to merge on and off of 295. this will allow for fewer stops
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and create a smoother ride. >> there's a new phase will give away for you. >> you have a chance to win a new ipad. to enter all you have to do is go to and enter every day. we will announce the winner despite the on abc 7 news at 5:00. good luck. >> 67 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> more changes for apple. we will explain how the companies updating some of its popular products. >> one pet owner is spending a fortune on cat food. how this well the kids wanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. so to save money i j t found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> ticking our top stories testimony resumes today in the
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child sex abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. one of his alleged victims testified history about how he molested him tried to and ensure his silence, and send him creepy letters. another alleged victim is expected to take the stand today. the polls will soon open in virginia, 45 minutes from now where voters will choose candidates for local and congressional races. the biggest contests, the u.s. senate race, expected to pit tim kaine against former republican senator george allen. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson says he will take a medical leave of absence after he was allegedly involved in a series of hit and run accident in california on the weekend. he was found unconscious in his car after the crash as. the white house said that he had a seizure. we're not sure what the cat owner is using for letterbox because it happens to be huge. >> you have to take a look this cat. we need a picture where she has him over her head. 20 pounds.
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it's only two years oldh yearse is not done growing. it will grow another 11 pounds. >> you like that picture? rupert is huge. he could grow up 31 peounds. he looks like a bobcat. somebody might think he is a wild animal of the got out. >> if the is going to be the size of a bobcat. that is a powerful feline. >> this was found in australia. >> joey lawrence, the actor who competed on "dancing with the stars," he has taken a more risque role these days. >> he is dancing with the chippendales, a limited engagement through june 24. he has a problem with keeping his shirt on on his latest
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television show with melissa joan hart. now he's taking it on the road. >> is looking good. we talked about madonna yesterday and jill lawrence today. >> chris farley was one of the best chippendale's dancer is ever. >> i would bet my money on joey lawrence. >> the federal government says you can make political donations via text. >> apple is updating its hardware and software. >> text donations for candidates. the federal elections commission last night unanimously approved making political contributions via text message. obama and running campaigns were in favor of it. we have details about zappos in exxonmobil operating system, which integrates facebook and adds siri voice recognition to the ipad. an application collect coupons and puts them in different
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regions from different places in to one source. there's a new mao application -- map application. >> when you fly over a city is beautiful. it is 3-d and you cannot believe you are looking at it on a telephone. >> there's the bretton a display -- retina display. have a great day, i'm rob nelson. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we have some trouble spots. starting with lisa baden. >> southbound on the g.w. parkway between the beltway and 123 they're almost finished removing a downed tree. nothing to report northbound. b-w parkway where it meets 50 kenilworth avenue and north avenue, there's been a minor collision. . authorities are run -- authorities are on their way
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there. in springfield we were trying to get to that camera. all good on 95 and 66. a little rain and road spray, no problems on the beltway to and from the wilson bridge or the american legion bridge. you are in trouble when you laugh at your own jokes. >> we're laughing with you. occasional showers through the day. it's good because you get a light soaking the settles into the garden. >> cleans the air a little. >> grass pollen was moderate yesterday. let's look at our temperatures on this tuesday morning. 70 degrees pretty much everywhere. 70 in hagerstown, 71 in martinsburg, 70 in lexington park and the district. 68 in gaithersburg. annapolis, 74. you will notice the humidity today. 80 this afternoon for the high
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temperature. mid 70's through the morning then jumping into the upper 70's to near 80 going into the afternoon with occasional showers through the day. right now, we have an arc of rain that will move through the metro area -- that moved through the metro area an hour ago. now it's moving around baltimore and frederick county, eastern washington county, light showers stretching down into loudoun county and fauquier county nothing heavy and this time. more moderate showers later on today and a few rumbles of thunder. here's the wider view. cold front of to the west will push through later tonight. behind the front we will have drier, less humid air. a nice refreshing breeze on wednesday. back to sunshine behind a cold front. today into the early ninth time we have that energy. futurecast shows it's not going to rain everywhere all the time, just occasional showers through the day and into the early nighttime.
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clearing tomorrow. on thursday is one we will have an onshore flow from the ocean. i expect a cloudy start on thursday. the reason, i have a 30% chance of showers on thursday, morning drizzle. temperatures are comfortable for this time of year, still around 80 degrees until the weekend. >> thanks so much. 5:22 67 degrees. >> the stanley cup, see how the l.a. kings became loyalty in the hockey world last night. >> america will use as a dating web site to find an extra wife. will this be happily ever after?
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. >> the kings are the kings. >> their crowns at last with a 6-1 pounding. they brought the new jersey devils to their knees in game 6 of the stanley cup finals last night. the king's claimed their. first- ever their the goalie jonathan wright their earned the mvp honors. congratulations to the team from los angeles. >> another championship series is beginning. thunder and then he'd meet in game one of the nba finals tonight in oklahoma city -- the heat. >> back at 8:30 tonight. now tim brant.
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>> the nationals were in toronto last night. starting pitcher edwin jackson. harper went 3-4. let me take you back to canada, or the first. bryce harper at bat. a player on second period harper second3-. adam barrels this to deep right field. delicious. it was 4-1, washington. they were in control. that is all edwin jackson needed. three strikeouts over eight innings. winning over the blue jays, 6-3. tiger woods was at the olympic club yesterday morning taking the u.s. open practice round before 7:00, coming off the win. he has finished 23rd or worse in
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the last 25 majors. what can we expect this week? who knows. >> 5:27, 67 degrees. news continues at 5:30. >> day two of the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. who is expected to take the stand today. >> its primary day in virginia. the polls open in 30 minutes. i am jummy olabanji in alexandria. we will have a preview of the race everyone is watching, coming up. >> grab the umbrella today. it adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 5:30
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testimony resumes today in the trosschild sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. brace yourself for a wet commute. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, june 12. glad you are joining us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first is lisa baden. >> the g.w. parkway was closed with a downed tree but everything has been reopened in both directions of the cia. now adam caskey. >> we have a little rain right now, but nothing widespread and nothing heavy. let's go to live triple doppler 7 radar. eastern washington county moving into hagerstown and stretching into frederick and especially from frederick into baltimore and over the bay. not much around the beltway right now, just a few sprinkles. did have a band of rain that moved through earlier this morning around the beltway.
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there are some of at the roads even in the metro area. 70 in bristow and leesburg, 68 at adelphi 70 degrees in triangle. reagan national taking in a 71. 80 degrees this afternoon humid, occasional rain showers off and on through the day. >> our top story this tuesday morning, day two of jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial. jurors heard graphic testimony yesterday from one of his accusers. more are expected to take the stand today. suzanne kennedy is following the trial. she is alive in our newsroom with more. >> today we are expecting to hear testimony from a young man whose mother contacted authorities of about sandusky four years ago. her actions triggered the investigation that eventually led upper sandusky's arrest. he faces 52 counts that he allegedly abused and boys over a 15-year period. in opening argument yesterday the prosecution called him a serial predator.
5:33 am
the defense says sandusky will tell the jury that taking showers together was a routine in the football culture. the first witness took the stand describing how he was molested in locker room showers and hotel rooms and that sandusky sent him creeping love letters. the defense claims all of the accusers stand to gain financially if they sue penn state, if sandusky is convicted. the trial is expected to last three weeks. abc 7 news, suzanne kennedy. >> closing arguments set for today in the roger clemens perjury trial. the former baseball star is accused of lying to congress when he denied using steroids or human growth hormone. the defense yesterday made it official that clemens would not take the stand. during 26 days of testimony, jurors heard from 46 witnesses. >> in about 25 minutes the polls will open in virginia for a number of primary races
5:34 am
including contest for congressional seats and alexandria city council. most eyes will be on the u.s. senate race. jummy olabanji is in alexandria with more details on what to look for. >> good morning. there are four people on the ballot for the republican choice for the virginia senate race. right now, all eyes are on george allen, a former governor. he is way ahead of the competition. the polls show him at 62%. the closest challenger behind him is well behind. adds bob marshall out of prince william county. when it comes to money, george allen is way ahead of the pack. of $7.6 million raised by the republican candidates so far in the race he has about 90% of that money. he will be trying to go against former governor tim kaine, a democrat, this november. tim kaine spoke out yesterday saying virginians know that most of -- no most of these men very
5:35 am
well and he believes he will be the clear winner this fall. george allen says that he's a better governor, and 300,000 jobs created while governor. this is a race that many across the country will be watching. political pundits say this could be one of the most watched and very expensive races this november. there are other choices on the ballot. another race is in eighth the eighth district in virginia where jim moran faces competition. and in the 11 districts where gerry connolly faces opponents. many say those two men will probably win their primaries and will head to the election later on in november. jummy olabanji reporting. >> a special election being held in arizona today for the seat vacated by gabrielle giffords. >> the democratic congresswoman gave up her seat in january so she could concentrate on her recovery from a gunshot wound.
5:36 am
republican jesse kelly is facing off against democrat ron barber. the winner will serve the rest of difference' term. >> the occupy d.c. camp at mcpherson square are gone. what protesters say about leaving and the future of their movement against wall street. learn when a special election will be held to fill the seat vacated after the resignation of d.c. councilman kwame brown. >> we will a check on traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. wwet hmm, it says here that cheerios helplplower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪
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♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪
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>> i'm at the animal school at the national zoo. she wasn't feeling so well, but we got her fixed up and feeling better. we will bring heard back down to the bird house when she is ready for visitors. come on down and visit. good morning, washington. >> 5:39, welcome on this tuesday morning. some areas of wet pavement. adam caskey will tell us about the weather in a moment. first, the george washington parkway was closed but it has reopened. that was near the cia where a tree came down. we will take you to traffic in virginia, moving very smoothly. looks like the pavement is dry
5:40 am
and washington boulevard. how about the action on the weather side? >> glad to hear the g.w. parkway southbound has reopened. there's some rainfall along interstate 70 from frederick into baltimore, and down 95 from the beltway into baltimore. we're getting a break around the beltway, but still somewhat roads because of the showers. now moving into a manassas, manassas park, crossing over 66 a market and bristow. leesburg into frederick and eastern washington county, especially jefferson county in west virginia, light rain. you could call occasional showers and a few thunderstorms today. unit, near 80 degrees for the high temperature, that's below average. lingering showers into the early nighttime, and clearing the. a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. it will be a little gusty on wednesday at times, but it will be refreshing, pushing in lower and humidity levels.
5:41 am
fairly low humidity through the rest of the week. high temperatures around 80 degrees through friday with a little uptick by the weekend. still in a comfortable range for june. >> 5:41. the occupy dc camp at mcpherson square is gone. protesters took down the last tense and signs at the downtown d.c. park late sunday night. the presence was significantly reduced after a crackdown by u.s. park police in february. the group says the camp may be gone but the protests will continue. >> and escaped maryland prisoners on the run. police looking for the 27-year- old conrad thames. he made an escape while working with a road crew. he was serving time in jessup for manslaughter and gun violations. orlin state police ask you to call them if you have confirmation. >> 67 degrees. >> learn how several maryland firefighters hurt while battling a house fire are being
5:42 am
honored. >> the u.s. coast guard says that a yacht
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>> coming up at 6:00 on "good morning washington," see what parents and students are demanding from fairfax county. >> and we will talk about today's elections in virginia and how it could affect races in the fall. >> how much are you planning to spend for father's day? a new survey has surprising answers. d.c. residents can weigh in on a proposal to allow liquor stores to sell alcohol on sundays today. stores with a class a license would be allowed to sell hard liquor on sundays under the proposal, as well as beer and wine. the sales tax revenue generated would help reduce d.c.'s budget deficit. genogram will hold a roundtable for the public at 11:00 this morning in the wilson building in 412.
5:46 am
\ d.c. council will select an interim council chair to replace kwame brown tomorrow. he resigned last wednesday. at large councilmember phil mendelson and vincent orange are vying to serve as interim chairman. special election on november 6. the winner of that election will complete brown's term which runs through january 2015. >> today will be a special day for seven firefighters all injured while battling a house fire in february. maryland congresswoman donna edwards will honor them during a ceremony in bladensburg. they were overcome by a flash fire at riverdale home. kevin o'toole is still recovering from burns. the fire was intentionally set. >> the u.n. secretary-general is demanding an end to the growing violence in syria. ban ki-moon is calling on all countries with influence to urge the parties to pull back from the brink. the spokesman says u.n. observers in syria reported an
5:47 am
increased level of armed confrontation between government and opposition forces. >> checking news around the nation, alabama authorities appear to be back at square one in their search for a gunman behind a deadly shooting your auburn university. police searched the montgomery home where desmonte leonard may have been hiding, but it does not appear he was there. he is accused of killing three people at a saturday night pool party, including two former auburn for all players. the coast-- football players. authorities received an emergency call in new jersey which said that a yacht sank, but everyone on board made it to live traps. rescuers searched, but never found a sign of anyone in the water. it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the search. making a false distress call is a crime. >> wildfire still raging in colorado and new mexico if. 600 firefighters will be battling a fire west of fort
5:48 am
collins, colorado. it has destroyed more than 100 structures. one person has died in the fire. a woman who was reported missing after the fire started. the fire in southern new mexico has burned tens of thousands of acres and forced hundreds of. residents to of >> british prime minister david cameron taking responsibility for a big mistake. let's hear accidentally left his young daughter at a pub. his 8-year-old daughter nancy went to the bathroom after lunch on sunday. all she was gone, the family left the public in two cars. cameron and his wife each assumed nancy was in the other car and not realize she was still at the pub until they got home. the prime minister went back to the pub to pick up his daughter and she was just fine if. >> that's good news. robin roberts is facing a new fight for her life. the host is battling a rare blood and bone marrow disease likely brought on by her cancer treatments. doctors say she is likely to
5:49 am
beat the disease. she will stay on good morning america until she receives a donor marrow donation from persistent as all. chocolate demand is on the rise. >> more health insurers are pledging to honor parts of president obama's health care law. that's as a ruling rooms at the supreme court. now linda bell. >> the supreme court's will install an air on president obama's health-care overhaul, three of the country's top health insurance companies say that they would save some parts of the 20th airmost popular provisions, including letting and adults they and their parents plan until age 26. the nearly $1 trillion plan passed congress without a single republican vote. the federathe federal reserve says there was a 40% plunge of u.s. households's economy during the
5:50 am
recession. the demand for chocolate will rise to% per year on average over the next five years as emerging markets get more of a sweet tooth. consumers are buying lower-cost chocolate bars on speculation of a recession and chocolate manufacturers are reducing the size of the bars. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. time to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> some rainfall this morning for the commute. it's not a bad thing. it will not be problematic, just areas of showers off and on. occasional rain, sporadic showers. and what roads. >> led take a loo-- wet roads. >> this is from the rooftop
5:51 am
camera. gray and dreary sunrise on this tuesday morning. sunrise at 5:42. 70 degrees in the district, 68 at dulles airport and winchester. around 70 all across the viewing area. do you feel the humidity outside? definitely. occasional showers throughout the day and into the early nighttime. 80 degrees for the high temperature. mid 70's most of the morning. by the afternoon, temperatures will get to the upper 70's, near 80 degrees. here's the rain, north of the metro area and on to the eastern shore. interstate 81 from one tester to martinsburg and hagerstown is where we have light showers pushing northward along interstate. in berkeley and derickson counties. and in frederick, widespread rain. you will see more rain developing to our southwest today lifting northward into the metro area.
5:52 am
that's why it will be occasional. a little damp outside. a few embedded moderate showers as well. you will see about 1/2 intraday overall. not quite as heavy as we previously anticipated with this system. there's a cold front off to the west. high-pressure behind that giving us sunshine tomorrow. and lower humidity. the cold front moves through tonight. breeze behind that tomorrow. it is a refreshing breeze. futurecast shows it's not going to be raining everywhere all the time today. it will be sporadic in terms of the rain even into the nighttime. it will clear out tonight and tomorrow. by thursday morning, i have another chance of light rain 30%. that is mainly because there could be drizzle. we will have a northeasterly flow off the a atlantic. that will keep temperatures in check, but it will start our thursday with clouds and a chance of patchy drizzle on thursday. otherwise, here is the forecast.
5:53 am
we're not looking at any big spike in the temperatures. mainly near 80 the rest of the workweek and low to mid 80's by the weekend into early next week. good news on the g.w. parkway. >> a tree came down this morning between the cia and the beltway but everything is open. they managed to move that. so stay the course on the g.w. parkway. baltimore-washington parkway, a minor collision southbound on the ramp for new york avenue, traffic is getting by. everything is open on 95 between richmond and baltimore. normal travel times. we will take you to a live picture of 270, wet pavement, moving at a good pace in clarksburg. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53. >> more fallout from saturday's controversial decision during
5:54 am
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> the manager of block sir timothy bradley is responding to criticism over his victory over boxer manny pacquiao. >> he said people are upset because bradley was the underdog. but the criticism continues to grow. box experts say manny pacquiao should have won the fight. there has been a request for a full inquiry by the nevada attorney general.
5:57 am
welcome to boxing. >> lot of people upset about that. >> we are used to hearing about hollywood couples calling it quits. even tortoises' fall out of love after a few decades. >> the tortoises live in austria and have been together four years -- 40 years. she bit a chunk out of roommaher mate's shell. >> those things live 115 years. there's more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, voters in virginia heading to the polls today to decide a number of primaries, including the u.s. senate race. >> and lisa baden has had a busy morning. she will update our tuesday
5:58 am
5:59 am
quacks straight ahead, it is primary day in virginia. >> plus, what a young man says really happened when they met a legendary football coach. >> why one of the staff members is currently out of a job. "good morning washington"


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