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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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continues right now. >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning to you washington. it is tuesday, june 12. a rise and sign -- rise and shine. i am cynne simpson. >> and i am steve chenevey. >> it has been busy. if you're just joining us and your alarm has just went off that has all been cut up and taken care of. as a matter of fact, even on the wet pavement i do not have any accidents to report. we have been there, done that. a minor collision on the baltimore washington parkway. that is moving out of the way. it will be gone by the time you get there. i am going to give you the green lights. and a live picture for you right now. 270 at montrose road. >> looking okay.
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we do have some areas of rain. we will have occasional showers. nothing problematic. we are not looking at a flooding but there could be some moderate showers to light rain. currently, we have a half circle of rain heading up towards the mason-dixon line on the north end of the beltway -- north of the beltway, i should say. basically, a few sprinkles. west of the 95. tabriz in the upper 60's. leesburg, 66. 70 in winchester. off and on periods of rain. steve? >> thank you very much. we will start this hour in the battleground of a virginia where the primary condition for several seats. jummy olabanji is live in
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alexander to explain. >> good morning. we are in alexander were there are racing for the city council. one race that people are already looking forward to is the race of u.s. senate. both want that job. >> republican george allen hopes that a win today could be a sign of what comes in november. yesterday, he met voters one by one, pushing them out to the polls. >> we're taking nothing for granted, including those in this primary. the world is controlled by those who show up. >> polls show him way above at 62%. he has raised a total of $6.7 million. >> we're in a political storm here in virginia. he says he is the better choice
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biggest he believes he was the better governor. he claims he created 300,000 jobs while tim kane, a democrat, lost 100,000. meeting with all -- meeting with business owners, he responded. >> i was governor during the bush presidency which was the worst recession during the 1930's. if you look to the time we served, there was a dramatic difference. >> two congressman currently serving north virginia both face some opposition in their primaries today, but political experts say both of them are expected to win. it opened across the state and closes at 7:00 tonight. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thank you some much. we will talk to an expert with politico about the congressional races. >> it is at 6:30 right now.
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a teacher facing at least 20 years in prison after sex abuse charges. he admitted molesting a boy over a 20-year. he was arrested after one of his victims went to police. he will be sentenced in september. and investigators need your help of finding the man who is seen in this surveillance video. police say he walked into the shanghai tokyo restaurant friday afternoon. the suspect then stole an iphone from a student's hand as she was using it and left the restaurant. >> the misconduct case against the maryland delegate. she is accused of paying an employee in her law office about $800 in state funds by selling the employer was a member for legislative staff.
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she is also accused of paying for wedding-related things. he will take a medical leave of absence after a serious accident in california. investigators say on saturday he ran into another vehicle. he was found unconscious in his own vehicle. federal officials say he had a seizure. >> it is now day two in the sex abuse the trauma of a jerry sandusky. the 68-year-oldest of facing 52 counts. suzanne kennedy is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> good morning to you, cynne. we are expected to hear testimony from a young man whose mother contacted authorities. it was her actions that eventually led to sandusky's arrest.
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prosecutors called sandusky a serial predator. he suffers from an attention- seeking personality disorder. the first witness said how he was abused as a teenager. he allegedly molested him in a locker room, shower, and hotel room. he said that sandusky tried to silence him with gifts and trips. the size of this case could pose problems for the prosecution. the trial is expected to last three weeks. alive in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> we will be following it closely. you can stay with abc 7 news for all of the coverage. you can also follow the testimony on our web site, >> right now it is 6:06.
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>> much more still to come here. an old family recipe is about to go on sale. there is a lot more to the story than just great barbecue. >> plus, what parents and kids want to see added to their community.
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quacks i am here at the reptile discovery center at the national zoo. we're hoping that your day is moving at a faster pace than-. good morning, washington. >> it is 6:00 tonight right now.
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hundreds of folks huddled into the church. they're trying to get more parks. one area of the county gets less attention when it comes to fields and recreation areas. >> just a small rain will get it all slippery and people will be sliding all over the place. >> parks and recreation officials said their meeting with the group about their concerns. several people were there in the audience. >> they want drivers to use plastic over paper. to be charged an additional bolar per trip. -- dolar per trip. there will allow customers to transfer $20. >> right now it is 6:10. >> we will start things off with adam.
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>> we still have some areas of rain but it is mainly north of the metro. a few more showers gathering and organizing just south of the beltway, south of washington along the potomac river. we have won the shower moving through. -- we have one little shower moving through. temperatures are near 70. he met with occasional showers. refreshen wind and then back to sunshine. here is your bwi travel forecast. chicago, sunny. 76. on into north texas. the f.w., you could have some delays later on today as a result of storms. nothing too hot and humid unless you had further south.
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brown's bill, 100. more on our forecast coming up. let's go to lisa. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, she is turning hard 8 into something positive. a touching way a woman is sharing the legacy of her husband. >> how a teenager escaped his car before it sank into that
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington." with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> if you are still hurting from the great recession, it turns
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out you are not alone. the net worth of american families is way down. >> a good morning everyone. topping "americas money" because of the recession. the federal reserve says middle- class families took the biggest hit because much of their wealth was in their homes. sources are telling "the wall street journal" that risky practices by traders and they got warnings as much as two years before losing $2 billion. it is prompting many foreigners to buy real estate here. the u.s. is seen as a safe haven for investors. a 40% of the buyers are planning to live here. but because the chain is making an effort to buy american. another perk for ohio. that is america's money.
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>> thank you some much. apple gave us a peek at its future yesterday. there are announcing a new generation of operating systems for iphones and ipads. it will include more functions for the siri boys application. if you're thinking of spending a little more money this father's day, you're not alone. a new survey said that this year people are expected to spend an average of $117 on gifts. that is about -- that is up about 10% from last year. some of the most popular gifts? trips to baseball games and dinners and nice restaurants. >> i think all of us will be appreciated. >> a local woman keeping her husband's dream alive in a unique way. >> jummy olabanji tells us that all has to do with his favorite food. >> it smells good already. >> in this pot is the spirit of a man who left them too soon.
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>> he said in 2006, i am going to start this sauce business because people are always asking us to bring them sauce. but that truman never happen. last year the 58-year-old and died. >> he said to me, i want you to do something that makes you happy. please promise me that when you go back to work, you will do something that makes you happy. and so, when i thought about, what can i do? i am sorry. i thought that i would just keep his dream alive. and before als debilitated this father of two, he would spend hours cooking of homingemade sauce is. one of the last things he did was to teach his wife how to make these sauces. >> when he was sick, he would sit by the stove and make sure i
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made everything exactly right. he made me promise, on his deathbed, that i would not give the recipe to anybody. we cannot tell you what goes into his recipe, but we can tell you that it is all natural and gluten-free. in just a few weeks there will be available for purchase on- line. her business partner and friend plan to give a portion of the proceeds directly to als research. >> having watched people we love die of this horrible disease we are hopeful we can raise enough money to put a dent in the research. >> these two friends say they hope this money will find a cure. they say he is thought -- smiling down from up above. >> i feel him. when i'm talking about it, i feel energized and happy. i think he would be very proud. >> in bethesda, abc 7 news.
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>> it will be just-in-time for all those summer barbecues. >> in case you're wondering where the name gator comes from, he graduated from the university of florida and was a huge gator football fan. >> let's check on the roads. >> its has been a really rough morning. the latest incident are two accidents, both on the beltway. the first was a vehicle that just rolled over on the outer loop. close to 95 going to pin down the location. police are on the scene of the crash at the outer loop. it is after connecticut avenue, but before the accident for the pike. that is what is going on on that side. here we are at that crash of the outer loop. traffic has to stay to the far right side in order to get to
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355. stick around, kazoo of taking to the picture in a virginia. -- because we are going to take to the picture in virginia. back inside. >> thank you so much. if let's turn things to adam caskey. a little bit of rain. >> a little bit. especially north of the doppler. of course, look ahead. will it warm up? and not really. >> all right. that is what we were hoping for. >> first, let's start with a live look from the rooftop camera. we did have some showers overnight and early this morning. some damper roads. even in the metro area where it is not continually winning at this time. for the most part, we are right around 70, give or take a few degrees. we'll be in the mid 70's this
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morning. right near 80 for the high temperature. and you'll notice the humidity in the air today as well with the occasional or off and on the showers. right now, we have kind of a half circle of rain. back down to the eastern shore. we are seeing a bit of a break in the metro area, but there are some showers organizing here. down just south of the beltway. we will see more hit-or-miss showers momentarily. temperatures near 70 now and again. out to our west, behind that front, it will break out into sunshine tomorrow. back to sunny conditions. here is the other key. a less humid air. it will be a bit breezy but it will be a refreshing breeze. here is our future cast.
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it shows showers. we will have some areas of rain on the doppler radar for most of the day today. i do have a few showers possible early on thursday. i think we will start the day cloudy. there's a chance of some hit-or- miss light showers. otherwise tomorrow, right near 80. and then on thursday with a chance of a few isolated showers. overall, we are not warming up. just a few degrees into the upcoming weekend. as of now it does not like we will see a return of the intense heat and humidity any time soon. goodbye 90's. we will see later this summer. >> 6:22 right now. >> f a phrase that came part of
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popular culture. find out if they dingo really did kill an australian woman as a baby. >> a married couple uses a dating website to find an extra wife. will this be happily ever after? next "anderson."
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>> new details in the notorious case of a child who vanished in the australian outback. a core not ruled on tuesday that a dingo did cause the death of azaria chamberlain. her mother lindy was convicted and later cleared of murdering that child. through it all, she maintained that a dingo killed her baby. >> a search for a bear at cape cod is over. and what makes this story is so odd is that the first bear that has ever been seen on the cape.
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this is it, in recorded history. you have to take a look at this. a florida team escaped to the back window before his car sank in the canal. there is a happy ending here. a car dealer saw the whole thing happen on the news and then offered to give the team a new vehicle for free. kors a lot of people are in a driving into the canal looking for a new ride. -- a lot of people are going to be driving into the canal looking for a new ride. >> coming up, love letters are one of the shocking things to come out of jerry sandusky's trial. >> here with the commerce secretary is saying about allegations that he hit two cars and tried to drive away. >> there is a little bit of action on super doppler 7. we will get
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning
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washington," on your side. >> 6:00 and 30 now. straight ahead, shocking testimony about love letters in the jerry sandusky trial. >> plus, what really happened at the scene of a hit and run. >> good morning, washington. it is now tuesday morning. >> in cynne simpson. rise and shine with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> a troublesome spot would be the outer loop where we take you live to the collision camera. this is on the way to rock of bill -- rockville pike. now adam caskey. >> we've already had a few showers. a few more are headed our way. let's take a look at a live camera overlooking the potomac
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at the national mall. what a great start 2 hour day. you can see the wet roads here in damascus. of course, a great start to your day. temperatures are in the upper 60's. at the shenandoah valley pushing north to maryland and on to the eastern shore. a few showers moving north toward about to hit the beltway. highs today will be around 80 with occasional showers and thunderstorms later on today. it will be monday. again, near 80. less humid and the low humidity for the rest of the week. that is your forecast. in just a few hours -- >> in just a few hours, the shocking things the football coach is accused of doing to young boys. the very latest from this jerry sandusky trowel.
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>> good morning to you. it was that victim's mother who told authorities about jerry sandusky four years ago. he allegedly abused 10 boys over a 15-year. -- 15-year period. >> a jury will have to decide as he hears the sex abuse case of the former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky. the defense attorneys said that they will explain some of his alleged behavior. there when on to say that it was routine for people to get into the showers in jerry's culture. he is going to tell you later that it was routine for individuals to take showers together. in his testimony, the jury is likely to hear this new york times interviewer he talks openly about his feelings towards children. >> if i say, but no, i am not
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attracted to boys, that is not the truth. i am attracted to young people -- boys, girls. >> accusers will testify in this trial. one says the 68-year-old molested him in the shower and in hotels. the size of this case could prove problematic for the prosecution. >> the judge allowed 52 counts. it is kind of crazy to allow that to go to the jury. the judge should have forced the indictment of the acquittal down. >> off the truck is expected to last three weeks. alive in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a bicyclist. it happened in arlington. it happened yesterday when an adult male cyclist was coming on the hill. he called out, on your left. she turned around and was struck. she was taken to hospital where
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she was pronounced dead. the cyclists stayed on the scene and no charges were pressed. >> authorities are trying to determine if remains found are human. the site for the marines were found -- the site where the remains were found. >> the coast guard says that the unmanned aircraft went down yesterday during a routine flight -- a routine training flight. the cause is being investigated. it was along the river. the coast guard has set up a safety zone. no reported injuries there. >> it looks like the d.c. council will have a new chairman. he is expected to become interim chairman. he will replace the former chairman who resigned after pleading guilty to bank fraud. he is the second city council member to step down this year.
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in january harry thomas, jr. pled guilty. meanwhile, the u.s. secretary of commerce is also off the job this point taking a medical leave. he says a seizure caused him to drive into two different cars a total of three times in california. we're live in northwest d.c. with the latest on the story. >> the department of commerce is not saying exactly what type of seizure the secretary suffered this past weekend. only saying it was his first one. >> the commerce secretary has decided to take a medical leave of ops -- of absence after causing two traffic accidents, allegedly back to back. the 68-year-old is going under testing. it is believed he had a seizure. >> one can have partial seizures with the ability to carry on a conversation and operate a motor vehicle. >> he was cited for felony hit-
6:36 am
and-run, rear and a car at a train crossing. the secretary got out of his car and spoke briefly with the driver. then he got back in the lexus and promptly left the scene. eventually, he was found unconscious in his car. >> the porting to remember is it is not who is involved, what is involved. what did and did not happen. >> police say he took and passed a breathalyzer and submitted a blood test. he is awaiting the results. >> obviously concerned about the incident. health-related issues. >> after a short stay in the hospital, he is back in washington this morning. he has not said exactly for how long he would be out of office. we understand that the deputy secretary will take over on a temporary basis. reporting live at the department of commerce this morning abc 7
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news. >> thank you so much. 6:36 is the time right now. >> still ahead, of voters are headed to the polls in virginia today. we will take a look at the top races on the ballot. >> a new road will help ease congesting going to a new casino. >> a beautiful shot of
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>> getting to the new maryland and casino will be a little bit easier today. highway officials are using what is called a diverging diamond. the diamond of forces vehicles to drive on the left side of the road to merge on and off to 95. how would officials said they believe this will lead to a smoother drive a ford drivers. >> we hope so. we have some problems, especially on the beltway. >> let's check with lisa baconden. >> across the 14th street bridge is not some of those areas. we thought we would bring you the good news. we have a collision on the outer loop after connecticut ave. here we are.
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i am giving you that picture. here is a clause in the has been there for quite some time. delays began back to this, new hampshire ave. >> thank you. adam? >> we're tracking areas of light rain. we're expecting showers to be a little bit more numerous. midday and afternoon. here's the way it looks right now. our live hd camera looking toward the orange line. that's calen uc in the distance, is is just great. clouds rolling over head. along the blue ridge along the shenandoah valley, light to moderate rain. just south of the beltway moving toward mount vernon. we have a light shower in fort washington as well. it will move to the district in the immediate area momentarily.
6:42 am
occasional showers throughout the day today. 80 degrees for the high temperatures. you'll notice the humidity in the air. that will change tomorrow. a little breezy. look at this. no intense heat and humidity anytime soon. high temperatures near 80 for the average. >> thank you so much. it is 6:42 right now. >> coming up firefighters -- fires force people from their homes. >> we will talk with political about what to expect in
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>> coming up at 6:45 it is a
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battleground in virginia. >> 1 matchup has people looking forward to the fall. jummy olabanji is live in alexandria with the details. >> that race, of course, is the u.s. senate race. there are four republicans on the ballot for the primary including former governor, george allen who is at the top of that list. we were here at 6:00 when the polls opened. most are telling us they are democrats, but that does not mean the republicans are overlooking alexander. right now, he has about 63% of the votes. according to the latest polls. he also has tons more money than the others try to challenge him. he says that he is the man who can beat former-governor kim and
6:46 am
came in november. tim -- time kane -- time kane in november. he has decided advantage over both of these men. this will be an important group of of voters to try to get to win that election this november. this is not the only way that folks out here are watching today. the congressional primary here is also something that is very important. >> the big election this fall is for the race for president. we're joined with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. >> if we talk about the president who is fundraising this tuesday. at what point does he have to focus on this decision? >> is a delicate balance.
6:47 am
it will make a huge difference in this election. republicans at this point seem to have a lot more of it. he has to gather while he may in this early season. yes to make sure it doesn't it too far out of balance. >> when it comes to other races, jummy just mentioned, not to be decided until november. whether it will be debbie giffords seek out in arizona are there any surprises on this primary day? >> no huge surprises. that is kind of unexpected. he is expected to cruise to victory. jim moran, same thing. comments by people who consider themselves insurgents to try to get more security. out in arizona, however, that is a real interesting race to run
6:48 am
for gaby giffords unfilled seats. it looks like the democrats out there has the edge at this point. >> that is to debbie giffords is supporting in the race. you never know who will win. >> that is for sure. >> firefighters are still battling a massive blaze of this morning in northern colorado. hundreds of people have been evacuating a in an estimated -- structures have been destroyed. a woman was reported missing. more than 41,000 acres have been scorched. u.s. coast guard say a yacht explosion may be a hoax. an investigation is under way. the caller claims the boat sank but never on a board made it on the life craft. the search cost thousands of dollars to perform. >> "good morning america" host
6:49 am
is facing a new battle five years after beating breast cancer. she suffers from a rare blood and bone marrow disease. it was likely brought on by her cancer treatment. she is expected to beat it. she will stay on air until she receives a bone marrow transplant from her sister this fall. >> in just a few hours, new york mayor michael bloomberg is formally submitting his proposal to stop coke above -- so the above 60 ounces from being sold in stores. it is the first time a city has proposed a ban like that. the mayor says it is necessary though, in order to fight obesity in children and adults. >> it is 6:49. we want to check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we like the way this is going in that we have the typical volume on 95 and 66.
6:50 am
we looked in the camera less than 10 minutes ago. now, montgomery county has been the focus. look at that pace of traffic, will you. this is the pace to expect. but southbound out of laurel on 95 leaving college park -- not too happy. >> all right. thank you, lisa. we will check in with adam and the wet weather. >> we had a lot of gardens, and now we're getting natural water. >> we could use it. >> yeah. not a bad thing. it is a week today. what is the big deal? let's start with a live look in laurel, maryland. i've been watching a few folks out there utilizing it. getting there morning workout in. temperatures are right near 70 at this time.
6:51 am
verizon near 80 this afternoon. a little bit lower humidity today. it will fit -- near 80 this afternoon. temperatures should spike at 80 degrees around 4:00 p.m. occasional showers. it will not be raining everywhere at the same time. right now on a live super doppler 7, number maryland, southern pennsylvania, especially in the shenandoah valley, we have some areas of rain. but it the metro area. a few light showers. ride along 301. -- right along 301. on the left hand of your screen is were we have some light-to- moderate rain. nice little moderate shower at this time. here is the cold front that is moving in. behind that cold front, the
6:52 am
dryer, less humid air. here is the future cast. what i like about it is it does not show reigned everywhere today. just off and on showers. it will clear tomorrow. on thursday morning, with an on share flow of the ocean, there is a slight chance of a few showers. a few sprinkles and even a little bit of drizzle. near 80 degrees. we're not looking at 90 and humid any time soon. >> all right. thank you so much. coming up, we will have a check on the top stories. what to expect in the jerry sandusky
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quacks welcome back. 6:55 right now. -- >> welcome back. the children said they were molested by the former penn state coach and are expected to take the stand. sandusky has pleaded not guilty. >> taking a leave of absence after he was involved a series of car accidents in california. he blames the incident on seizures. yes limited recall about what happened.
6:56 am
the deputy is now active acting secretary of commerce. >> several congressional seats -- the biggest is the u.s. senate nomination. polls are open until 7:00 tonight. last check at traffic and weather. >> been a busy morning. >> yes. two racks. one at pennsylvania avenue. this is the pace. -- two wrecks. adam caskey. >> we will see more showers moving to the metro area. often gone through the day today. tomorrow, back to sunshine. highs are near 80's for the rest of the work week. were a little below average again for the majority of this week. goodbye 90 degrees. see you later. >> if you will not be missed. and that's our quarterly wrap-up -- any thoughts? wow. outstanding. off the charts. boo-yah! excelente!
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