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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute good afternoon, big story on abc 7 news at noon, an elderly man attacked by two large vicious dogs on his walk to the metro. >> the dogs weighed more than 100 pounds each and they pounced on him just before 7:00 this morning. that's where we find suzanne kennedy with the latest. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. . the attack happened in this
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intersection behind me here in the river terrace section of northeast washington. a man was walking down the street when the dogs broke out of the chainlink fence you see there and ran at him. the 74-year-old victim's family says he was walking to the metro when he was attacked around 6:45 this morning. the two cane corsos ran out of the towing pros lot in the 400 block of 36th street northeast. linda gray was awokened by screaming and barking and called 9-1-1. >> they were biting all over him, dragging him, biting him in the head, the face. they were just doing everything to him. >> philip saw the attack and sent his dog out to help. >> we ran up to the two dogs and when he -- as he approached them got to the man on the ground very ran away. and ran back into their enclosure. >> animal control took the two male dogs into custody. a lot employee says they weigh
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more than 120 pounds each and are used for protection. the towing company is contracted as a d.c. impound lot. residents in this neighborhood off benning road northeast say the animals are drug. they don't want them coming back to the lot. >> one time me and my sister was coming to the mall and we were walking and one of the dogs was charging at us. > people cannot pass that gate without them barking and running after them. i'm scared of them. >> that 74-year-old man was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we have tried to make contact with the dog's owner, but we have not heard back from them as of yet. no charges have been filed. reporting live this afternoon in northeast washington suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. this afternoon the police in the district are investigating a stabbing. this happened just after midnight. we are told the victim was found in the 2800 block of gainesville street southeast suffering from several stab
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wounds. officers believe the person was attacked about a block away. right now the victim's condition is not known. the police are looking for two suspects. >> an elderly woman from arlington is dead after being struck by a bisicklies. 80-year-old ida was walking on the bike path when she was struck by a man riding downhill on a bicycle. the bicyclist tried to warn him to her left by ringing a bell. the woman took a step to her left and turned around. she was struck, fell backwards, and hit in the head. she was taken to fairfax hospital where she was pronounced dead. we have seen a rainy start to this tuesday with cooler temperatures. we'll look outside and -- take our word for it. here's adam with the details. >> you can see drops there driffing off the camera. we do have some areas of rain pushing through the metro aira, the vast majority of the showers so far today, so far have been off to the west. look at superdoppler 7 starting
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with the wide view. can you see that band of rain stretching basically from i-81 eastward to the 95 corridor. we have that rain. and it is slowly pushing off to the northeast. the yellow on your screen around frederick urbana, ashburn and sterling, that's the more moderate rain pushing to the northeast and crossing the potomac into montgomery county. travel weather bright sunshine in the upper midwest. could you run into severe storms for rapid city due south through the plains on into northern texas and even d.f.w. could have delays later due to thunderstorms. as for b.w.i., cloudy. light showers pushing through. 80 for the high temperature. the heat still cranking in the southwest, el paso 102. locally it will be about the high 80's. changes coming our way. >> thanks so much. the battle for virginia is on this noon. as voters head to the polls. > roobles and democrats voting
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today choosing candidates for several congressional races. >> at least one race has most already looking ahead to november. she's in alexandria with the latest. >> former governor george allen cast his ballot in today's republican pry marery. it should come as no surprise he voted for himself. something he's hoping many in virginia do as well. >> the bigger the turnout the better. i think we'll do better if more people vote. >> alan says he feels cautiously optimistic he'll win today. and polls show him earning more than 60% of the vote. >> in virginia we are blessed with several options this year. i believe george allen is the best, i supported him at 6:00 this morning. >> the highly contested senate race will be one to watch in november. democrats heading to the polls today only had one option. >> well, i'm thinking kaine. >> recent polls show the former
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governor has a slight lead over allen. >> he was a good candidate, good governor. >> both men are touting their experience as governor as a resume booster for job in washington. >> i think at the end of the day people know george allen very well and me very well. that's how they'll make the decision. >> other races many voters told us were important to them. the democratic primary for alexandria city counsel. and jerry connolly and jim moran face opposition. speaking at the poll sheet here, he told me today that so far the stream of voters has been steady and what you would expect on a primary day. the polls close here in alexandria and across the commonwealth at 7:00 tonight. >> thank so much. to expand or not expand gambling in maryland. as legislators will meet in indianapolis to discuss if the general assembly should hold a special session. the issue is to allow table
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games at 2350u ture and existing sighs and whether a casino-style resort should be built in prince george's county . >> testimony begins today in day two of the child sex abuse trial of jerry an dusky. the 68-year-old former coach faces 52 counts that he sexually abused 10 boys over 15 years. today we expect to hear testimony from a young man whose mother contacted authorities about sandusky four years ago. it was her actions that triggered the investigation that eventually led to his arrest. in yesterday's opening arguments, prosecutors called sandusky a serial predator. the defense says their line suffers from an attention seeking personality disorder and claims the victims are looking for financial gain. an attorney for one victim denies that. >> at least that's what my client, he never sought this out. it's an obligation of citizenship to testify when called by a prosecutor to tell the truth. >> the trial is expected to last at least three weeks.
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>> commerce secretary john bryson is taking a leave of absence. he suffered a seizure he says caused him to hit two different cars over the weekend. it happened near los angeles. he says he's taking medical leave so he can focus his attention on his health. doctors say a seizure like the one he suffered may not appear on the surface to be debilitating. >> one can have what's called partial complex seizures, but can have the ability to carry on a conversation, can have the ability to operate a motor vehicle. >> police are now charged bryson with felony hit and run. a commerce department official says bryson did not have a history of having seizures. it's unclear if he suffered that seizure before or after the car accident. still to come, the wildfire burning out of control in colorado turned deadly. this afternoon it's not the only fire raging out west. >> it is also the slangse that george zimmerman hopes will keep him from being convicted of murder.
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florida's stand your ground law. today it gets a second look. >> a unique way a local woman is keeping her husband's memory alive through an old family recipe. >> adam will be back in a few minutes. we'll talk about the forecast which unfortunately is not the best right now.
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>> florida's controversial stand your ground law gets another look today. this is the law that george zimmerman is citing as the basis for his self-defense claim in the trayvon martin murder case. today's meeting in florida will happen a few miles from where the teenager was gunned down. the first of several to discuss the law. >> an out-of-control wildfire in colorado has turned deadly. it has burned through more than 40,000 acres and destroyed more
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than 100 structures. smoke can be seen billowing hundreds of feet in the air, stretching as far as nebraska and wyoming. one person was found dead in a burned out cabin. >> we managed to get up there today. used some fire engines to cool off the remnants of that building, ultimately they found what's believed to be human remains. >> the fire was started by lightning on saturday. it's been fueled by dry conditions and wind. those same conditions have sparked more than 100 other smaller wildfires all across the west. and this afternoon we are hearing from the florida teen who lost his car in a swollen creek. he mistalked the water for a parking lot. >> have you seen the video yet? you can see the car's final few moments call on camera there as it sinks into the floodwaters. by the time he realized what was going on, by that time it was too late. >> after i turned and realized it was kind of sunken in, my battery was too meek for me to
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pull myself out rolled down the window and crawled out. >> that's the best part, they were able to get out and got the car out. you can't drive it. with that car and his job, he was a pizza delivery driver. things had a happy ending. a local car dealership heard his story and gave him a new car for free. >> very generous. still not clear how he mistook that for a parking lot. >> that's what i was thinking, too. >> they got a lot of rain down there. >> they did. >> over a foot in some spots. that's flat land down there. >> not a good situation. turn to the weather. we are seeing some wet weather today. >> little bit. nothing serious. nothing overwhelming. just a good little soaking rain. i'll have. so rainfall accumulations so far today. first a live look from our rooftop camera overlooking roosevelt island in the potomac. what this camera doesn't show is the little bit of light rain
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falling. frederick, already picked up under an inch. martinsburg, almost 3/4 of an inch. leesburg about 2/3, and stephens city, picked up about 2/3 of an inch so far today. we are seeing clearing on the back side of that rain out in the shenandoah valley and west virginia. probably causing a few thundershowers off to the west. here's the wide view, of our radar, notice the areas of rain, the swath of rain between 81 and 95 here. it's all slowly pushing to the northeast. closer look at the moderate range turning yellow in fed rick count irhere, drifting to the northeast and also creeping into parts of western montgomery county -- county, reston, ashburn. around the beltway light sprinkle action here. in the district, northeast, northwest d.c., and prince george's county there 50 northward.
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in northern virginia most of fauquier county in stafford, this is light rain slowly drifting to the northeast. 75 now in the district. 70 in winchester and hagers town. once that swath of rain passes within the next couple hours, that's when we'll see temperatures climb just a little bit. i think we can make it to near 80 in spots this afternoon, generally a little cooler than that. and the rain will come to a complete end i think later tonight, closer to 11:00 p.m. or midnight with a few stray showers on the back side of everything. here's the situation. behind the plane rain i know on doppler here, the clearing going on in west virginia. that clearing may help trigger a few showers and thunderstorms off to our west. a little line of convex later on today. those could drift eastward as well. and a few of those, mainly into the early nighttime hours, 11:00 p.m. or midnight. also here's the main thing we are looking at here. this cold front off to our
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west. that front will push through tonight and that's going to help scour out the showers and cloud cover. not only that, behind this cold front we are looking at dryer, less humid air for tomorrow. actually the rest of the week you'll notice the lower humidity level. dew points right now 70. by tomorrow, by the afternoon dew points will be in the upper 50's. more comfortable. midnight shows a few stray showers, right after midnight future cast moves them out. the key, clears out tomorrow, have sunshine. thursday i'm expecting that earl flow off the ocean to give us cloud cover and maybe isolated showers on thursday morning. most of us i think in the lower 80's. then a slight chance of rain thursday morning because of that marine layer off the ocean. you get the low clouds and few areas of drizzle. >> looks like a pleasant week ahead. >> it's -- goodbye, 90's. >> a welcomed sight. a local woman keeping her husband's dream alive in a rather unique way.
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>> it all has to do with a summer food favorite. >> you can smell it. it smells good already. >> in this pot lives the spirit of a man whose family says left them too soon. >> he said in 2006 i'm going to start this sauce business be to bring the sauce. > a but that d happen. last year, 58-year-old ron griffith died after a long dat battle with a.l.s., often referred to as lou gehrig's disease. >> he said to me, i want you to do something that makes you happy. please promise me when you go back to work you'll do something that makes you happy. and so when i thought about what could i do -- sorry. i thought that i would just keep his dream alive. >> before a.l.s. debilitated this husband, father of two, he would spend hours in the kitchen cooking up homemade sauces for family and friends. one of the last things he did
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was teach his wife how to make those sauces. >> when he was sick he would have me bring him out here in his chair and he would sit by the stove and make sure i made everything exactly right. he made me promise on his deathbed that i would not give the recipe to anybody. >> we can't tell you what goes in ron's sauces and mixings, but we can tell you it's all natural and gluten free. in just a few weeks these sauces will be available for purchase online and across the d.c. area. connie and her business partner and friend plan to give a portion of the proceeds directly to a.l.s. research at john's hopkins hospital in baltimore. >> having watched people we love die this horrible disease, we are really, really hopeful that we can raise enough money that can really put a dent in the research. >> these two friends say they hope this money will help find a cure. even though ron isn't here to receive the benefit, they say he's smiling down from up
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above. >> i feel him when i'm talking about it. i feel energized and i feel happy and i think that he would be very proud. >> in bethesda, abc 7 news. >> gator ron's will be available around the july 4 holiday, just in time for the barbecue. >> perfect timing. if you are wondering where the name gator comes from, he was a graduate of the university of florida. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, american students find themselves in situation -- dangerous situation during what was supposed to be the best of their lives. how they became stranded in a new zealand wilderness. >> later -- >> a married couple uses a dating website to find an extra wife.
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>> stocks may be up now but there are new worries for investors today and the concern again about the continuing crisis in europe, specifically spain. that country agreed days ago to accept a european bailout for the banks, but some investors are worried that the $125 billion aid package will not solve the problems. analysts say spain has been spending beyond its means for years now. >> there are too many bridges to nowhere here if you want to use that metaphor from the last guy. >> the markets not the only concern. a new report from the fed shows just how badly american families were hit by the recent recession. the net worth of the average american household dropped $50,000 in 2010. to levels not seen since 1992. analysts say the big reason for that decline? drop in housing prices.
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>> this may not have been the adventure two college students had in mind. they are setting to new zealand this summer and last week they took a break from their studies. they decided to go hiking and camping. the problem is they got lost. they were wandering around in the wilderness for nine days. >> you might think it was a big ordeal, but really we kind of -- we didn't have that much trouble. we could have maybe lasted another week. >> not too panicked there. they survived by rationing their trail mix and using the hot springs to stay warm. a search coordinator says without those hot springs the students likely would have died though, because temperatures in the region were below freezing. >> wow. they lucked out. they were in the right area. now you'll see an ecoadventure tour. >> i feel badly for them. they were going to spend another week. >> why did somebody have to find them?
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the city of los angeles still rocking today in celebration. >> that's because the l.a. kings are stanley cup champions for the first time in franchise history. >> it's like a lifetime literally for it to happen. it's great feeling. >> the fans filled into the streets outside the staple center to celebrate last night after the kings beat the new jersey devils 6-1 in game six of the nhl finals. the victory parade will be held on thursday. >> congratulations to the kings. >> stay with us. [ crows cawing ]
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>> has the rain cleared up for the day? >> no. probably after nightfall will all the showers be out of here. tomorrow bright sunshine. beautiful day. it will be breezy. you'll notice the gusty winds. it's a refreshing freeze that will usher in the lower humidity throughout the day. on thursday i think we'll start out cloudy with a few sprinkles early in the morning. and highs near 80 the rest of the workweek. goodbye 90's. >> thanks soaching for joining us this midday. we'll see you back
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