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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 13, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news said in. >> on your side. >> d.c. council selects a new chairman. >> after kwame brown resigned mendelson, resignedd, mendelson was sworn in. >> john gonzales has been covering this story. he joins us live with the latest. >> it became official.
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10 minutes ago mendelson easily became the city council's interim chairman. the biggest debate was who would become his right hand man. he took the gavel in his new seat. d.c. voters will choose a permanent chairman in november but today, the 12-member council voted for the interim share takeover from kwame brown. >> except the nomination. >> marion barry described the state of the city's local government as the worst and compared to the 2011 terrorist attacks. >> this is the greatest governmental crisis. i cannot think of anything except 9/11 that has been more horrific. >> try to start a new chapter after months of scandal, the council has sworn in mendelson.
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we spoke moments before the vote. >> i have been on the council for 40 years. -- 14 years. i have a sense of how they can move forward. i have offered myself. >> the council's decision did include heated objections from marion barry and then sent orange. >> it is unfair. they're trying to skew the vote. >> in the end, it was hi-- >> some folks are really doing this because they are getting ready for 2014. i'm worried about the next 114 days and moving in a positive direction. >> in the end come over 10 minutes ago, the final vote was 11 to 1. barry switched at the last minute. the only one to vote no was vincent orange. kwame brown was the second to
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step down a year earlier it was harry thomas. november 6, d.c. residents will decide if mendelson stays as permanent chairman. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> it has been more than 30 years but skeletal remains found on the mountain has been identified as cynthia gastelle. she would missing in 1980. investigators were able to identify her from dna evidence that was collected last year. police have not ruled her death a homicide. also, a fairfax county teacher faces 10 counts of possession of child pornography. detectives arrested robert fenn at poplar tree elementary school yesterday. this is after an investigation. >> jerry sandusky's trial
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entering its third day today with more testimony from the former assistant coach's accusers. one of the victims gave accounts before star witnesses took the stand. he heard "slapping noises agand saw sandusky behind a boy." testifying is torture. >> we saw the pain that a victim of sexual abuse undergoes. >> sandusky has denied allegations of abusing 10 boys over a 15-year. period. >> military leaders are breaking ground on a new medical center. it will help those with traumatic brain injuries as well as ptsd. brianne carter joins us with details. >> this is a facility many are
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calling a place to keeled the invisible wounds of war. but for those members who sustained injuries while serving overseas. here the warriors will receive care end individual cover replants. -- recovery plans. this will be designed after the national interest bird center of excellence -- interrupted center of excellence. -- intrepid cetner fnter of excellence. one man says he came home a different person and would not be the same without the care of a facility like this. >> once i got the right help, i learned to be who i was again. you really do change over there. they give you the right tools to
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become who you were before. it is really great. >> we heard a number firsthand accounts like that. success that the service members can obtain with specialized care like this. they help with the funding they get that they will be able to build a seven or 10 different facilities across the country. they hope this will be completed within 12 months and then have it up and running. it will be gifted to the department of defense and run by members of the military. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is a nice day. goodbye rain. goodbye clouds. hello sunshine. what is going on? >> we are going to have a good amount of sunshine. comfortable conditions. no rain anytime soon. water the garden again especially over the next couple of days. here is frederick. bright sunshine. thin clouds.
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you the tree shaking because of the northerly wind. it is the epitome of a refreshing breeze. ushering in the dry air. 72 in washington. 74 in morningside. 83 is a high today in the district. b.w.i. is closer to 82. he does on in dallas. 91 degrees. 91 in jackson. cooler in the upper midwest. slight chance of thunderstorms in minneapolis and down in dallas. overall, it does not look like we have severe outbreaks. maybe a bit in south dakota. airport delays, nothing to speak of. the go ahead in terms of weather delays. >> we will see you in a little bit. turning to vote 2012. we know who the congressional candidates will be this year in virginia. there are no big upsets. former governor george allen won
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the republican nomination for the open senate seat. he will face off against tim kaine, who ran unopposed. last night, voters in arizona chose a replacement to fill gabrielle giffordss ' senate seat. she attended the celebration. the crowd began chanting "gabby." the replacement will have to run for reelection in november. >> voters will pick mitt romney or president obama. a poll shows the independent- minded voters do not think much about the president's plan for the economy. they have a negative view. political insiders say the president has to do a better job of convincing voters he will make conditions better in a second term. >> they want to be reassured of the death of the problem and he has a plan to deal with the
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deterioration of the middle class. >> thank you so much. great to be with you. >> the poll shows problems for romney but not as bad as the president to attack. independents are undecided and that might provide an opening for romney to win them over. >> one of the fastest-growing stations now has a new name. >> . and cutting ceremony officially renamed the new york avenue, station to noma-gallaudet u.. the name change reflects a growing change in the community. >> since the station opened in 2004 ryder ship has grown rapidly and economic growth has flourished. >> the name changes reflected in the map. new york avenue is a secondary name for one year to help writers get used to the name change.
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>> coming up here at noon, no release out west. wildfires raged on. >> new trouble for george zimmerman in the trayvon martin murder investigation. why his wife faces charges? >> is it the secret moms have been looking for? the secret to a full night's sleep even with a baby at home.
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>> wildfires are burning out west destroying thousands of banacres. the one near fort collins is only 10% contained.
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it has destroyed 50,000 acres. it has been blamed for the death of a cattle rancher. he died while saving cattle from the flame. >> we knew there was a fire. we raced back into the house to see what or if they could do anything. it was too late. >> firefighters are still battling the largest wildfire in state history. drought conditions making it tough. some worry there is not enough water in order to put out a fire. >> you can call it a star spangled sailabration. look at that. a host of family friendly events throughout the week along with the ships. there is an air show. all the details are on line. head to how would you like to be out on the water? >> a good deal for sailing.
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>> perfect day. >> you want a decent sized bowed. -- boat. a good day to catch that wind in the sales. >> sunshine feels nice. >> it feels nice in june. it is pleasant when the sun feels good in june. low humidity. a refreshing breeze. all around, not a bad wednesday. >> well done. >> thank you. especially after the beneficial rain yesterday. here is a sunrise. very pretty. beautiful city. gorgeous sunrises. some high thin clouds this morning. here is a look over the bay. it is windy. the camera is shaking a little bit. our weatherbug camera is shaking a little bit when in his dusty. -- when it is gusty. i love the wispy clouds. they're located at 30,000 feet.
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77 in the district. noticeably cooler northwest of town. winchester, 70. 72 in frederick. hagerstown, 72. highs will be and 80's. about 83 today around the beltway. upper 70's closer to frederick and leesburg. north wind at 10 to 20. dissipating into the evening hours. here is a look at the dew point. is tells us how uncomfortable it is. these numbers are like a map we can look at in april for por parts of may. pittsburgh, 38 in june? that is feeling good. even in d.c., 54 from 70 yesterday. the wind out of the north this transporting the more comfortable here back into the washington area. some of the rain from yesterday
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over the atlantic and in parts of new england. that is all moving out of town. the cold front is moving through. behind that is the drier air. the high-pressure system is selling in and giving us sunshine today. tomorrow, i do not think it will be as funny because of this low pressure system. it will give us an easterly flow of the ocean and i think with that, we will start the day with a considerable amount of cloud cover. you'll look outside and think about grabbing the umbrella. the worst that will happen is an isolated patch and drizzle. partly cloudy tonight. 60's in the suburbs. morning clouds tomorrow. for the most part, near 80. average high for today is 84. we will be below that appear below average rise through the
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weekend. no 90's anytime soon. >> not a problem. thank you so much. 7 is on your side with a question. how did you sleep last night? if there is a little one in your home, chances are you are wishing you could catch a little bit more shut i. how do you make that happen? we have a pediatrician with us. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> hello. good to be with you. >> you are talking wesley myths. one of them is that you should never wake up a sleeping baby. why is it ok to wait a baby? >> it is imperative to wake up the baby because babies wake up 3 or four times per night. you do not remember it unless there is smoke in the house or something like that. the goal is not to teach a baby to sleep through the night.
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it is to teach a baby to put themselves back to sleep. let your babies fall asleep in your arms. that is beautiful. let your babies sleep in the bed but then wake them up a tiny bit. scratch the bottom of their feet or tickle their neck. as long as you are doing the other two things in this book which is using swaddling and a strong white noise sound and your baby has a tiny full of milk, they will fall back asleep. in that tense seconds, they are learning how to put themselves back to sleep. >> you mentioned having some white noise. you are a proponent of having sound in the room. >> it is another huge myth. the sound is louder than a vacuum cleaner 24/720.
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the book is not just about babies. it is for the first five years of life. there is a lot more information on my website. i am doing a lecture on june 21. >> thank you for joining us. have the baby . happy children. happy parents.
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>> new developments in that trayvon martin case. the shooter's white faces charges. we have the latest details.
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>> says the first time we are seeing shelley zimmerman. the wife of george zimmerman turned herself in to authorities tuesday accused of lying about how much money the family had during the bond hearing. >> she is being charged with a climatrim enae and he is worried. she posted $1,000 bond. her husband remains behind bars after having his bond revoked for the same accusations of lying to the court. george zimmerman pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. >> they can say we will not prosecute your wife if he decides to plead to some sort of charge. >> the couple is accused of committing perjury in the bond hearing when it shelley zimmerman testified the couple could not afford a hefty bill. prosecutors say they learned the couple live. they spoken code during a jailhouse phone calls about
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donations made to this website. >> they thought the police were so stupid -- >> after the bond was revoked the attorney insisted this was a misunderstanding. >> they were not trying to hide the money. they just had its. >> the attorneys will try to issue his release. >> it has been nearly one year since a jury found casey anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter. >> she has remained out of sight. now, she is speaking out to cnn. >> she told pierce morgan she did not kill her child. attorneys are speaking out about what his client is doing now. >> she is a different person. she is not in lockdown like she was for three years. she is in a home where she cannot go outside.
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she fears to go outside at all. she spends the day in the house. >> there are several misconceptions. i did not kill my daughter. she said that. if anything, there is nothing in the world i have never been more proud of been no one i love more than my daughter. she is my greatest accomplishment. >> she also told pierce morgan that despite her image, she was not a party girl. stay with us.
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>> we are following breaking bang. the courthouse closed because of a bomb threat. theall hearing set to begin this afternoon will be cancelled. they will have to be rescheduled. police are checking out the threat. >> we will stay on top of that.
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we are enjoying a nice day. >> refresh in wins. gusty. open up the windows and you will enjoy the breeze. into the rest of the weekend high temperatures will be close to 80. right around
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