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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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allegedly offered guests. >> some of the more startling testimony included accusers talking about how jerry sandusky intimidated them into keeping quiet. in day three of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial a trio of accusers took the stand, offering a troubling twisted disturbing allegations leveled against the former penn state assistant coach. victim number tan told jurors sandusky abused him and the coaches basement. he and another accuser say sandusky threatened him to ensure their silence. accuser no. 10 was an 11-old foster child and said sandusky warned him he would never see his family again if he said anything. he said that he apologized and didn't need it and told me he loved me. victim number seven took the
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stand and told of his sex -- told of his chest hair phobia. accuser no. 5 claims sandusky exposed himself to him and a sauna and touched inappropriately. >> how can so many young men possibly be telling the same story when they haven't spoken to each other? >> his attorney believes a narrative is unfolding, the way he prey on children morphing from bad to work to monster. >> to ingratiate and the individual, in this case, mr. sandusky, to youngsters, to have the youngsters feel comfortable and then slowly progress. >> jerry sandusky's defense attorney focused on two points in court -- he said the timing of some of the allegations differs from the grand jury testimony and says sandusky's accusers were troubled children
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looking to cash in on a scandal. >> we will follow every step of the trial on the air and on line. the latest is available on our web site, >> to developing news we first brought you up 5:00 -- some underground at power lines are on fire in a restaurant neighborhood. -- reston neighborhood. >> firefighters say this is a rare occurrence -- something they see once or twice every 30 years. the power lines are still smoldering. this area burst into flames. residents immediately called 911 and dominion cut the power. as far as what cost it, no definitive word, simply a power
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surge or too much electricity. one thing they are calling a bizarre coincidence -- the body of a 40-year-old was discovered. officials say there is no correlation. this is simply a bizarre coincidence. as far as when the power will be back on, it could be several hours. >> a special-education teacher in chantilly is behind bars after investigators say they found child pornography on his home computer. robert fenn was a teacher at poplar tree elementary school. a letter from the principle said they have no reason to believe children from the school were involved. investigators say they think he had been receiving the images for some time and did not go into details. >> we are not looking to any dramatic moves trade anything we do, i will talk to colleagues.
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>> the at large member, phil mendelson, was unanimously elected to fill the seat of kwame brown who resigned last week after pleading guilty to bank fraud. mendelssohn will serve as interim chairman until a special election in november. the winner will serve out the remainder of brown's term which goes through 2014. >> on capitol hill today, the much-anticipated grilling of jamie dimon. congress demanding answers into why $2 billion was lost and things got edgy before the hearing started. we have a look at the developments from the newsroom. >> when the big banks were bailed out, j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon insisted wall street didn't need or want washington's help. he has been a leading critic of new banking regulations. but after the at least $2 billion loss, he has some
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explaining to do. normally, j.p. morgan chase -- j.p. morgan chase ceo, jamie dimon, is at ease in front of the camera. but today he was pushed by reporters. >> you have talked a lot about being in control. shouldn't that be the person who answers the question. >> only to be greeted by angry protesters inside. >> this man is a crap. >> protestors were leigh -- were let outside and arrested. he was amused and later undulate at of new banking rules. he apologized for the $2 billion loss but said it's not enough to warrant a oversight. >> i would prefer a simple, clean regulatory system with intelligent design and that is not what we did. >> critics say taxpayers will foot the bill if reforms are not made. >> what is to stop this from happening again? >> one senator called congress
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hypocritical. >> dealing with a $2 billion loss in a trade last year, your company still had a $19 billion profit. during that same time, we lost over a trillion dollars. if we had a clawback provision none of us would be getting paid here. >> jamie dimon could not trace how the money was lost or how much. some say it could be closer to $4 billion. he insisted risky trading strategies are needed to make money. now it is up to congress and regulators to decide how flexible trading rules should be. >> thank you. a campaign in maryland will spend 60 days in jail for a roll-call scheme. he was convicted of conspiracy of the calls in 2010 aimed at keeping black voters away from the polls. he worked for a former
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republican campaign during the rematch with the governor. a jury acquitted him of three other charges. still ahead, the same place but a different name. see why metro is changing the name of one of its train stations. >> we have a list of airlines that it travellers' frustrated the most. why those airlines have maybe not so good list. >> a huge step forward in the treatment of service members to come home with a wound you cannot see. more on this program, coming up next. >> to a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the '70s and sunshine. we will
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>> we return with a new name for one of metro's fastest growing station. >> they have officially changed the name to noma gallaudet station. if you want a more enjoyable flight, you might consider a low-cost carrier over traditional bigger names. a new survey shows people prefer low-cost companies to america delta and others. jetblue scored best and alaska rank highest of the bigger names. american would rank last of luggage and other services. >> june as caribbean american heritage month and i was lucky enough to expire -- to participate in services at the ftse today.
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it was a pleasure to talk about my caribbean routes and share some of information about caribbean countries these days. thanks to the staff at the fec to spend some time with them. >> at next, new help for veterans who suffered traumatic injuries to the brain in battle. we will tell you about a new facility on the way. >> quite a different than the weather today -- the sun is out and it is dry. we will see how long things will stay this way. >> a couple of local basketball players in the headlines today and the u.s. open is set to begin. the nationals do it again heading home to play the yankees.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-caloriebeverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> help is on the way for service members dealing with traumatic brain injuries and posttraumatic stress. leaders broke ground on a new cutting edge medical center in virginia. it is changing the way we care for those with wounds we cannot
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see. >> just because someone looks normal doesn't mean they always are. >> the road to recovery is long and difficult for this staff sgt. a tour in iraq, another in afghanistan, and attack from a suicide bomber left with a traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress. he is finally getting help. >> for the first time, i felt like a patient and not a number. >> this is at the intrepid center of excellence in bethesda. the ground was broken today on a satellite facility with the goal of trading as many as 1000 military a year on base using a reading from service dogs to acupuncture and art therapy. >> i think it is incredible and should be on every major post. >> the plan is ambitious. building centers and multiple bases across the country, nine already slated. it is mostly being done through private donations.
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but is there enough staff? >> we need to train more. there is a subject matter content and even expertise required in order to help these people. >> they are determined because they see the difference. >> it has helped me out a lot of a personal level. my wife and i are completely happy. we just had a kid. >> the war service members to come home in need of that helped the faster they will be getting it. this facility should be open in one year at all mind open within three years. >> more information about that intrepid fallen heroes fund including how you can donate attached to our story on our web site what a beautiful day. >> cloudy this morning and then the dry air came and it is beautiful. tomorrow is questionable and some areas might see some
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cloudiness for awhile but generally, the weather pattern will be great. i will give you some proof. this is a look at great falls at the river bend country club. spectacular sunshine and a few fairweather clout. at this rate, the players were moving along the course very quickly. a beautiful evening under way throughout the viewing area. the wind out of the north bringing cooler than average temperatures and drier air. temperatures will fall noticeably after sunset tonight. a decrease in that nation's capital. 75 -- 80 degrees in the nation's capital. according to our board, 84 degrees at reagan national airport. we expect temperatures to be below average for the next three days or so. a nice cool stretch.
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tomorrow morning, cool air coming down the coast. a decrease that reagan national. high pressure in control. a mass of high pressure will be the dominant factor in the atmosphere for the next five to seven days. high-pressure polling air off the northeast and that is a cooler than average direction because warmer temperatures over the low water schools the temperature down. with high pressure and low pressure working together, that will bring low clouds and a patch of drizzle or light rain. tomorrow morning is a little shaky but then the storm the parts and high pressure builds in and be with us for several days. some cloudiness in the morning brakes and we will be cool in the '70s tomorrow. out of the picture by friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures will rise and we
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will enjoy a string of bright sunny days. upper seventies at best tomorrow. lower 80s saturday and more humidity returns with your typical summer he. -- a typical summer heat. >> not everybody can give a forecast like that. >> he is special. the nationals win again, give them a hand. >> the nationals won their sixth straight bowl game this afternoon, beating the blue jays 6-2 and have an overall record of 38-23, the best ever in this franchise history. what a great day for the rookie , two home runs and a two-run double. what a ball game. 89 pitches, 62 strikes --
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strasbourg is now eight-one probably on his way to the all- star game. the redskins in the middle of a three-day minicamp and they looked sharp. this club has a lot of new parts and a lot of guys competing for jobs. robert griffin the third is the one getting the attention. the thing that blows my mind as he continues to work without a contract. believe me when i say he's not holding anything back. >> i don't worry about it. i don't think it is something that will be an issue. i did talk to my agent last week and he said don't worry about it. i'm gonna play football it will make sure that happens. >> i am just saying, i would worry about it. the wizards continue to work out in anticipation of the draft. the headliner today was thomas robinson the six-foot nine superstar who played for kansas. anthony davis was named national player of the year, but thomas
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believes he's the best player bar none. >> as far as being prepared for the leak a -- he is a great player but at the same time, i am going to compete. >> how about kevin grant last night? he exploded in the fourth quarter. ending with 36 points and a great performance. the fender takes game one of the best of seven series. the 2012 u.s. open tees off tomorrow. while tiger woods is getting all the questions -- this is the story for me. he got into the tournament and is 14 year-old. he will be a high school freshmen next fall. but he's playing golf with the greatest players in the world and tiger woods is taking him seriously. >> its not too young if he can do it.
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it's not handed to you. you have to go out and put out the numbers and he did and shot the scores he needed to qualify and he is here playing on the biggest stage. think of the experience he is going to gain from playing in this event and how well that will serve him when he plays junior events at high school events. >> 14 years old. and the fight i was complaining about the other day -- it is now being reviewed by the world boxing organization. a storm of controversy after judges awarded bradley that title and a probe is now underway. >> 14 years old?
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>> great news about the weather -- >> waking up with cloudy skies tomorrow. patchy drizzle and climbing into the '70s. near 80 on the friday. saturday and sunday, a high- pressure taking further control of the weather. more heat and humidity building next week. at the weather and more on what's happening to our warning. >> thank you. abc world news is coming up next.
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