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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> this will be his eighth heart surgery. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on the beltway some drivers took pictures of what they thought was a ufo. good morning, it's thursday, june 14. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. you could see why they would think that. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. >> we don't have any ufos on the radar screen. temperatures in the '60s and 59
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in winchester frostburg. 63. 63 in germantown. 65 in northwest d.c. we have some clouds to start the day. we will break into afternoon sunshine. mostly cloudy this morning, partly cloudy and later on today. low humidity all the way through the weekend. below average temperatures, highs near 80 degrees. pleasant all the way to the weekend. >> not very pleasant to on 97 northbound towards the airport. that will not be an option. there was an overnight fatal crash in the 1:00 hour. investigation reconstruction team is on the scene doing measurements and pictures. it is closed at benfield
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boulevard. there is a detour and place. that will cost you some extra time. south of out of baltimore to get to annapolis taking 97 everything is open. as far as virginia, just wrapping up construction. moving just fine through springfield in this picture. we will have more on traffic, but now back to news. >> don't be surprised if your co-workers are talking about a strange sight on the beltway last night. >> reports of what some thought was a ufo near college park. maryland state police have confirmed the aircraft is a military airplane that was being moved from west virginia to the patuxent river naval air base in southern maryland. it's 82 feet long and over 30 feet wide and 14 feet high. i can see why some folks might be confused. >> that is an unusual shape. >> crews working to restore
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power to a rest an apartment complex after an explosion and fire left dozens of people in the dark. >> this happened yesterday afternoon. an underground power line exploded, sending flames shooting out of the ground sending residents flying from their homes >> . it was crazy, i was running with no shoes. >> i saw the people screaming. >> no one was injured. smoldered for hours before crews could begin repairs. many residents looked for a temporary place to stay. no word on what sparked the explosion and fire. the fire broke out in the same apartment complex where a local business owner was murdered. bharat patel's body was found behind some bushes on saturday. he was the owner of dunkin' donuts less than a mile away. police say this is not related to his death. . they are still looking for his
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killer. >> day four of testimony in the jerry sandusky child abuse trial. yesterday the jury heard from more of his alleged victims including a foster child who was once if he ever told anyone what happened, he would never see his family again decor. it has more. >>-- jayjay korff has more. cuts victim no. 10 classified that when he was 11, sandusky sexually assaulted him a number of times and then told him he would never see his biological family again if he spoke about it. he said that sandusky later apologized for saying that. "he told me he did not mean it and that he loved me." sandusky's attorney mentioned that the young man had served prison time since the. alleged the alleged victim no. 7 said that as a 10-year-old he
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met sandusky through the coach's charity. he testified that sandusky shower with him often and embraced him in a way that still haunts him and eventually touched him inappropriately. he said that he shied away from saying anything because he wanted to go to games and tried to block that stuff out and focus on the positives. >> it took him a very long time to process. >> accuser no. 5 recall that in 2001 at when he was 12, sandusky showered with him after they worked out together on campus. "he started gathering my shoulders." prosecutors are indicating they may end their case as early as friday. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> d.c. investigators are looking for a hit-and-run driver
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after a serious accident injured two children and an elderly woman. the woman was driving last night when her vehicle was struck by another vehicle on eastern avenue near kenilworth avenue. in avenue officers say the driver of the striking vehicle ran off. elderly women and children suffered serious injuries >> . ceremonies taking place across the country today to mark the 237th birthday of the u.s. army. the army established in 1775. the army secretary and vice chief of staff will poster wreath laying ceremony this morning at arlington national cemetery. a big celebration at fort belvoir as well. and today is fridalag day. >> being a parent is not easy and it is getting more expensive. here's linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. if you just had a new addition to your family, a middle-income
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family maky spend $230,000 to raise a child until they turn 18. that is up 3.5% from the previous year. child care education, not including college, transportation, and food were the biggest expenses. microsoft is trying to acquire an operator of social networks for businesses. it may be worth more than a billion dollars and could be reached as soon as tomorrow. this will help microsoft and social networking tools to have for its corporate customers. wall street is looking at labor department information which comes out at 8:30 this morning. stock-index futures indicating higher open. apple is bringing siri to cars. that's coming up in the next
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hour. live at bloomberg headquarters, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. 66 degrees outside. >> learn how the band metallica is helping out in the search for a man wanted for the death of a virginia. tech virginia >> and which five speed cameras are the top moneymakers in the district. >>
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>> thursday morning, 4:39. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. let's look at temperatures. low humidity and 55 in winchester, 70 at reagan national. at dulles airport, 61. gaithersburg, 63. 57 in hagerstown.
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we'll start with a good amount of cloud cover east of the blue ridge. some clouds to start the day then we will break into sunshine to start the day, highs in the upper 70's. anywhere from 78 to 82 today. mostly sunny tomorrow, still low humidity. comfortable stretch all the way through the weekend. what is the latest on a 97? >> a fatal crash happened in the 1:00 hour, northbound 97 closed at benfield. reconstruction is under way. this is a major commuter route for customers wanting to go to baltimore or thurgood marshall airport. if you have an early-morning flight that would affect you. northbound on 97, there is a detour that will cost you extra time. southbound out of baltimore to annapolis, that is open. now to virginia, vdot still has
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construction northbound on 95. into newington when you get to 7100, there are still lane restrictions. problems on the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road. 28 is good between rockville road and the dulles toll road. >> we told you that the speed cameras are generating record amounts of revenue this year. >> naleo learning which 5 are the top moneymakers. in the moneymakers pamela brown has this story that you will only see on 7. >> we caught carr's going westbound in the 600 block of new york avenue getting nabbed by the speed cameras for going over 35 miles an hour in the east. >> it's almost like a highway. >> that might be why this one has turned out the biggest chunk of 420000 speed cameras tickets issued in d.c. this year.
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>> that's how they make their money. >> the spot with the second most offenders is in the 1900 block of branch avenue with a speed limit of 25. >> that is entrapment. it's going downhill. >> watch as the drivers slam the brakes just as they reached the radar enforcement. >> it almost causes an accident. it's very hard to slowdown to 25. this one and benning road is on the list. >> on >295, i always slowdown. >> drivers know all of the cameras are on the heavily traveled arteries. >> it's on people's way to work. >> i think they are targeting commuters and
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visitors. >> it is comfortable, 66 degrees. >> a new twist in immigration debate. details on a ruling which limits the future of education for illegal immigration. >> lance armstrong responding to new delegations. >> we invite you to follow our twitter page.
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>> heavy metal band metallica has launched a new public service video for law- enforcement campaign to catch a man wanted in the death of morgan harrington, the virginia tech student who disappeared in 2009 after their concert. >> remember, any information, no matter how small you might think it is, could be the crucial piece investigators need to help solve the case. >> she was last seen hitchhiking after she left the concert. her remains were found several months later. police have released an enhanced composite sketch in the murder. and they connected the suspect to a sexual assault in 2005 in fairfax city. a debate filled with anger and tears in d.c. >> we can agree to disagree, but i am sick of it. council members chose phil
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mendelson to be interim chairman. he succeeds kwame brown. phil mendelson says there will be no drama once he is in charge. >> i am not looking to do any dramatic moves. >> vincent orange was the only member to vote against phil mendelson. the says he would have been the best interim chair person a post that was fiwould be filled by michael brown. >> last night virginia ruled that the public will vote on whether the children of illegal immigrants will go to college at a discount.
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the dream act was passed last year. it says children of tax filing families who are here illegally can pay in-state tuition if they have gone to maryland high school three years. >> following a developing story. lance armstrong is facing doping allegations against. they have filed formal charges threatening to strip him of his victories in the cycling race. federal prosecutors closed a two-year criminal probe in february without bringing charges, but anti-doping agency officials continued to pursue their own probe. he called the allegations baseless and motivated by spite. looking at 66 degrees right now. >> first lady michelle obama joint twitter not long ago. now she has signed up for another website. that story coming up. >>
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this morning, comfortable outside. we have some 50-degree reading is especially west of the blue ridge. but east of the blue ridge we have clouds. there's an onshore flow for the past couple days giving us morning clouds on this thursday, but we will have a decent amount of sunshine by this afternoon. it is 70 degrees at reagan
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national, 72 in annapolis. cooler elsewhere. in gaithersburg, 63. dulles airport, 61. 62 in martinsburg 52 in cumberland 54 in winchester. morning clouds will give way to afternoon sunshine, 79 degrees. we will be running below average again today all the way through the weekend. average high temperature is 84. we will be near 80th today through sunday. low 80's on monday. a comfortable stretch of june weather with low humidity and high temperatures below average and a good amount of sunshine. you will need to water the garden. no chance of rain until the middle of next week. that's your forecast. >> we feel more comfortable now that they're getting ready to clear construction in greenbelt on the inner loop near kenilworth avenue and 95 in virginia near 7100.
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we will take you to a couple of cameras. we will move quickly. across the 14th street bridge is beautiful. no worries right now in rosslyn across the roosevelt bridge to constitution hall. we will take you across the potomac river at the american legion bridge. we have a fatal crash spending documented between annapolis and baltimore. it is northbound interstate 97 closed at benfield road. we will have more details on that and other things in less than 10 minutes. >> thanks so much. it is thursday morning. >> still ahead, hundreds of dedicated customers spent all night outside in the name of chicken. we will have more on the countdown to the opening
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>> mrs. obama has a new hobby. she has joined the interest. her profile went up yesterday morning. she highlights photographs from around the white house along with some of your favorite activities. she captioned some of the photographs herself. there's a picture of the obama family-planning mini golf and posted their wedding photograph from 1990 to. how far would you go to get your
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hands on free food? hundreds of chick-fil-a fans camped out overnight in falls church. >> this was on arlington boulevard for today's opening. as the deal goes the first 100 adults get a free one-year supply of chick-fil-a meals. the restaurant opens in a little more than an hour at 6:00 a.m. i did not realize that these fans go to the same openings a lot of times, the same people. some of them have seven years of free food now. >> if that's all they want to eat, i guess it pays off. it is 66 degrees. >> still ahead regular folks asking celebrities out on dates on the internet. how about a national player taking to twitter to find a date. that's when we
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