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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> coming up, they number four of testimony in sandusky's child abuse trial. >> sci-fi comes to the beltway. we will tell you about this strange sight overnight. >> ♪ i got a crush on obama ♪ >> learn what the president goes a campaign says about a new video from a man expressing love
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for the commander in chief. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> thursday morning good morning, washington. june 14, i am steve chenevey. . i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden. >> a fatal crash is now gone on interstate 97. accident investigation reconstructed is complete. everything is gone. northbound and southbound are open completely between washington and baltimore. no longer anything to watch. we're watching traffic on 95, red lights northbound. everything is open out of woodbrige up to the pentagon. we will march on over to the weather center with adam caskey. >> it is a comfortable start temperatures in the 50's and a
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few spots farther west of the metro area. let's look at the numbers on this thursday morning. you will like it outside. you can open the windows this morning. six degrees in sterling. an delma village, 61. 65 in waldorf. 59 in aldie. columbia, 64. we will have clouds around early this morning especially east of the blue ridge. we will break into some sunshine later on today. high temperatures close to 80 today. tomorrow, mostly sunny, still low humidity, comfortable. highs near 80 again. now to listen a sicynne. >> some drivers around the beltway did a double take last night. >> some of them took pictures of what they thought was a ufo in the college park area. turned out to be something a little less scary. john gonzalez is there with the
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site of what was the talk of twitter last night. >> it was a mysterious object over the skies in college park that caused social web sites like twitter to blow up over night with witnesses of a ufo hovering over the beltway. not only comments but dozens of photographs to document that aliens and marcion's had arrived in maryland. construction nearby on kenilworth avenue almost escalated matters as traffic backed up creating a chaotic scene. maryland state police have confirmed the aircraft was not a ufo but rather a military plane being moved from an air station in west stationto southern maryland. it is 82 feet long, 32 feet wide, 14 feet high. if you look at the pictures, you can see why there was so much
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commotion. some tweets we found to be humorous. this one says if this really is aliens that means i'm off work tomorrow. another says that is what happens when et parks in d.c. without a parking permit. another says that's not an alien spacecraft, just a flying robot. we are only three years away from marty mcloud 2015. >> the lights could soon be back on at a rest an apartment complex after an explosion yesterday. >> an underground power line exploded at the winterthur apartments yesterday afternoon. that blast sent flames shooting from the ground, residents were running from their homes, but no one was injured. the line smoldered for hours before crews were able to make repairs. no word on what sparked the
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explosion and fire. >> and now the latest in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the prosecution expected to call more witnesses today as we enter the fourth day of testimony. brianne carter has been following the trial and joins us with the latest. >> >>prosecutors alleged jerry sandusky lured his victims through threats and gifts. another emotional day of testimony. yesterday the jury heard from three more alleged victim's. and now 25-year-old testified that he was 11 and jerry sandusky molested him a number of times and threatened him. "if i told anyone, i would never see my family again." sandusky mentioned the accusers served time in prison on a robbery and drug convictions
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since the alleged attack. >> how can so many young men possibly be telling the same story when they have not spoken to each other? >> alleged victim number seven testified sandusky showered with him often, embraced him in a way that still haunts him and eventually touched him inappropriately. >> it took him a very long time to process. >> the defense cross-examined each witness the same way questioning if they were coming for motivated by money looking at inconsistencies in their time line. the trial is expected to last three weeks. but the prosecution now says they rest their case as early as tomorrow. brianne carter reporting. >> seven-time tour de france winner lance armstrong facing a new doping allegation. the u.s. anti-doping agency has filed new charges.
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federal prosecutors closed a criminal probe in february without bringing charges. anti-doping agency officials say they will continue to pursue their own probe. armstrong called the latest baseless and motivated by spite. >> federal prosecutors have dropped the campaign corruption case against john edwards. this is amid criticism that the yearlong effort was a waste of taxpayer time and money. he was acquitted on one charge and deadlocked on five other felony counts. the judge declared a mistrial. 5:07, 66 degrees >> . happy birthday to the u.s. army. let's look at some events to mark the 237th birthday. >> and could your days of free internet calls becoming to an end? >> first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it does not look like things have settled down much this morning.
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>> timed to hit it. bwi airport go for it. interstate 907 had an overnight
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cranstons now gone on the way to the airport. all clear around the beltway and around the region, in pretty good shape. there was overnight construction but no major accidents to worry about on 70. looks good on 81, 66, 95 in and out of baltimore, normal travel times. newschopper 7 in a little while. now to adam caskey. >> temperatures will be comfortable today all the way through the weekend. comfortable by june standards. it could be 90 degrees. we have felt that four time so far this year. we will be close to 80 today through the weekend. in winchester its already 54. petersburg, 49. 58 in hagerstown, 69 in the district at reagan national, 64 in manassas, 61 in gaithersburg. open the windows. we will have clouds east of the blue ridge. up and down 95, noene.
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next chance of rain is not until wednesday. >> today is flag day and it is the 237th birthday of the u.s. army. there will be wreath laying ceremony this morning at arlington national cemetery. there will be a big birthday celebration of fort belvoir. the army was established in 1775 during the revolutionary war. it's thursday morning 5:12. >> there's a new web site for political groups. >> and watch out, mrs. obama. somebody else has a crush on the president. >> ♪ i got a crush on obama ♪ >> learn how the obama campaign is responding to this video and as gone viral. >> you can follow
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> if you are single and looking for dates and you feel you are the only person out there you're not. even those in the higher echelon of publicity standards are having problems. washington nationals starter gio gonzalez is hoping to get attention on twitter. >> the nationals have a big event on saturday. he is relatively new in town, so he it went to twitter to get a date. he sent a tweet asking if there are any sexy single ladies who might be interested. he later came back on and said
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women over the age of 21. >> a lot of young people responded. >> i can only imagine he was inundated. 26 years old, all-star player. a big salary. i think that is the profile. >> i love watching him pitch. he has a great personality. i think he will do just fine. >> i will be interested to see who you select on saturday. you remember the obama girl four years ago. made a video proclaiming her love for president obama. now there is a spinoff -- obama boy. >> ♪ i got a crush on obama ♪ >> sounds similar. this is brooklyn-based justin brown.
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he describes himself on his facebook page as a producer, actor, director, writer. he is maybe try to get publicity for a job. anyway this is a different spin on things. >> he says that the obama campaign has seen it and that they think it's hilarious. they actually filmed this over three straight days following obama's endorsement of gay marriage. so the obama girl was asked what she thinks about this and it sounds like she's down for a collaboration. >> that would be interesting. said that she was not necessarily supporting the president for the reelection, if you remember. >> an opportunity for publicity. >> i smell a reality show coming. your days of free internet calls could be numbered. >> and political groups are flocking to new social
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networking website. here is rob nelson. >> ads in phone calls. skype is planning insert display ads. they will first appear during "the voice only calls but eventually will expand to other services. there's one social network that the local groups are zeroing in on -- pinterest. first lady michelle obama has an account now. it is actually run by the president's reelection campaign. "time" magazine will allow users to subscribe to its newsstand version. google wants .love for their internet address. i am rob nelson.
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>> time for traffic and weather. let's check in with lisa baden. >> traffic around the beltway 95, and it looks good on 270. nothing on 70. 81, here we come. no problems on route 11. it's good in the district. no issues incrin the district. rock creek parkway looks good as well as the george washington parkway. let's pull up a live picture of traffic heading to 495, this is 29, looks very quiet. now to adam caskey. >> there's low humidity today, comfortable. >> herurray. >> there's a beautiful shot of the georgetown waterfront with
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the lights on overnight, the lower left-hand side of your screen with some clouds over washington. early this washington sunrise at 5:42 a.m. 69 degrees at reagan national. 63 at dulles airport cooler off to the west, 49 in petersburg. 42 in elkins, 52 in cumberland. it is warmer to the east where we have clouds and near the water. 63 at dulles airport, 72 in quantico. but we are in the 60's for the most part in the suburbs -- and outlying suburbs in the 60's on this thursday morning. here's a look at the clouds pushing east. an easterly flow off the ocean. that is giving us clouds to start the day, especially east of the blue ridge. they are out there.
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not the thickest of clouds, but there are clouds to start the day. an area of low pressure is of short. high-pressure is in eastern canada. due to the flows around those systems, we have the east and northeast will flow off the ocean. we will have a bit of clouds to start, then sunshine this afternoon, 79 for the high temperature today, comfortable. 78-81 today through the weekend for the high temperature. below average with low humidity. that is awesome. >> it is 5:21. a san francisco treat for baseball fans. the giants pitcher made history with a lot of help from his friends. >> next "anderson" -- young people who have left behind the amish faith speak out.
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. >> on the ground, from deep third -- got him! >> how exciting. that never happens. " it's amazing. >> near perfection on the diamond. matt cain threew the first
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perfect game in their history. no astros reached base at all. maybe the best part is he did it in front of a home crowd. that is so impressive. unbelievable. that is a game to stick around till the very end. our nationals have been pretty but not this season. they have a well-deserved day off after their series sweep in toronto. they will face the yankees and home tomorrow. >> tonight it is miami against oklahoma on abc 7 right here. now tim brant. >> hello again. the national championship in golf starts this morning and it's wide open. tiger woods is the favorite. martin will be arriving in a cart. and there will be the youngest player ever at the age of 14. rory mcilroy has struggled with his game.
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he missed three consecutive cuts. but he played well last week and he thinks is ok. >> all aspects of your game have to be on. i will really enjoy the weekend enjoy the challenge, and, hopefully, that results in the blanks and a good golf and maybe having a chance to move into sunday. >> the u.s. open is about to begin. there's a look at sports. have a great day. >> it is 69 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> traffic on the beltway is bad enough, but it got worse after drivers spotted this strange objects. details on what has been trending on twitter. >> and other emotional day expected in pennsylvania. i am brianne carter with a look at the latest on the sandusky trial,. coming
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>> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. it is possible outside right now, but how long can
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> aliens on the beltway. drivers snapped pictures of this strange objects. we will clear up some of the confusion. good morning, washington. it's thursday, june 14. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. i just tweeted a picture of mine with you last night -- of my view. but now to lisa baden for
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traffic. >> so much better in and out of baltimore and 95 and 66, looking good. even 395 near the pentagon looks beautiful heading over to washington boulevard. now to adam caskey. >> we had plenty of pretty pictures. i love those cameras at sunrise especially with clouds. we are dealing with some clouds this morning. there is a marine layer moving off the ocean, the easterly flow. we are on the edge of the cloud deck in washington. this is arlington where we have a live camera. you see the clouds. picker clouds in becloudclouds at chesapeake beach. there's low humidity, 60 degrees in reston, 59 in aldie, virginia stephens city is 55,
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hagerstown at 58. near 80 degrees today for the high temperature with a good amount of sunshine later on. mostly sunny tomorrow, comfortable conditions continuing into the weekend. >> thank you. let's talk about the strange sight on the beltway last night that caught the attention of many drivers. >> twitter was filled with reports and photos of what some thought was a ufo. near ufo you can understand why. the word ufo even trended on d.c. twitter last night, but maryland state police confirmed the aircraft was a military airplane that was being moved from west virginia to the patuxent river naval air station in southern maryland. it is over 80 feet long, over 30 feet wide, 14 feet high. >> and other big story we are following this morning, day # 4 of testimony in jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial in pennsylvania. jurors heard from more victims
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esther day. brianne carter and joins us from the newsroom with more. >> we expect to hear from alleged victims today. over the past couple days as prosecutors have presented their court, the alleged sandusky lured his victims through threats and gift and then abused and threatened them. today it could be more emotional testimony. three alleged victims testified yesterday. victim no. 10 testified when he was 11, sandusky sexually assaulted him a number of times. he said sandusky threatened him and "told me that if i told anyone that i would never see my family again." no. 7 also testified yesterday. he said that sandusky shaw- howard with him often and embraced him in the way the still haunts him and then eventually touched him inappropriately. -- showered with him.
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the defense is trying to say the young men were motivated by money. the trial resumes in just a few hours. >> thanks so much. 5:33. now to the trayvon martin shooting investigation. before a judge overseeing the case has ordered the release of more evidence. this includes crime scene photos and autopsy reports and tests conducted on zimmerman. the judge has ruled the names of the witnesses will be withheld along with photos of trayvon martin's body. zimmerman remains in jail charged with second-degree murder. greta kreuz are ready to restore power to an apartment complex in reston virginia, after a fire yesterday. residents ran for safety from the winterthur complex. jummy olabanji is there. -- power crews are trying to
5:35 am
restore power to the apartment complex. >> you could see flames bursting from the ground. >> i saw the people screaming. 3:30 yesterday afternoon, there was an electrical explosion several feet underground. the fires send people racing from the ground. jothis man lives in the complex. but there was a boom. >> it was crazy. i was running out with no shoes on. but firefighters quickly realized the source was an underground power line that runs from the transformer to the apartments. even after the power was shut off, the underground mine continued to smolder for hours and turned a patch of grass into charged -- charred rock.
5:36 am
residents had to find other options for the night. >> no power. >> dominion virginia power tells us that they hope to have the word wrap up sometime before 7:00 this morning. at that point, everyone will get their power back. jummy olabanji reporting from reston. >> 65 degrees outside. >> much more still to come. our guest will tell us how you can fight against breast cancer by attending a party at the howard theatre. >> graduation day for herndon high school, but the students will not be part of the procession. they are paying the consequences for some pranks. >> we
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>> we are the animal embassador team from the world in orlando. we have pangolins and a bald eagle and a woodpecker. we would all like to say good morning, washington. >> it is a good morning. 5:39, comfortable temperatures, low humidity, temperatures in the '60s and some 50's to the west of washington. let's start with a rooftop cameras overlooking the federal city, a few minutes away from
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sunrise. it will be a spectacular. at reagan national, 69. 62 in winchester and cumberland 61 in gaithersburg, 68 in lexington park. all the way to about 80 degrees for the high temperature. morning clouds giving way to a good amount of afternoon sunshine. mostly sunny tomorrow through the weekend. perfect weather, bright sunshine, highs near 80 degrees which is below average. low humidity and comfortable conditions continue through the weekend. now to lisa baden. for baden. >> traffic patterns change around the summertime with schools closed. traffic moving nicely. it kind of changes the ebb and flow. we will get used to the summer pattern. i like it so far on 95 and 66. no worries about the beltway. pretty good on 70 and 270 nothing complicated in and out of baltimore. 97 had an overnight fatal crash.
5:41 am
that's completely gone. we are open between annapolis and baltimore. we will take you to a live picture along the beltway. moving very well in montgomery county and prince george's county and through springfield. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41. the herndon high school class of 2012 will graduate this afternoon, but three students are not going to be part of the procession. there were suspended last week after there were caught putting baby oil on the school force as part of a prank. they will not be allowed to walk with their fellow graduates during today's ceremony that will be held at the george mason university of patriot center. >> looking at 61 degrees outside in fairfax >> . coming up, the latest in the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney heading to ohio today. they are expected to discuss. >> amazing video from texas. take a look. a toddler tossed out of a vehicle and gets up and walks away.
5:42 am
what's unbelievable footage. also, we invite everyone to follow us on our twitter page. stay with us.
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the next thursday morning. here's what's coming up in 15 minutes at 6:00. we will talk more about this strange scene on the beltway. was it the view of zero or something more ordinary? what we know was really spotted on the beltway late last night. some local swimmers are hoping to make a big splash in london this summer. are talking about the olympics. we will talk live to a man who spent 13 years as a prisoner of war in africa. that is not the only challenge that overcame. we will have details coming up at 6:00. stick around. >> right now, 7 is on your side with ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer. i'm joining several of my
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colleagues from abc 7 next week and from other stations around town for a news babes bash at the howard theatre. the doctor from george washington university medical center is joining us this morning. is will benefit your van the steps out into the community. it's it is a mobile unit that goes to women so they can get their mammogram. it takes away the barriers asking women to come to us. we offer free mammograms to women who would not be able to afford mammography. it is a lifesaver that the community has come to expect. >> mammograms can be very expensive even though they are so important. this eliminates that concern for a lot of women. >> the goal is to break down all the barriers. we have multilingual patient navigators partnerships with
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community leaders to get the women out there for their mammogram. >> we have furred controversy over last year controversy overwho need a mammogram and when is the time to begin early detection. >> women at the age of 40 should begin getting a mammogram every year. a screening mammogram is for women with no signs or symptoms. if you have a lump, you need a diagnostic mammograms every year after the age of 40 unless you have a family history. and more if you have a family history. >> we're glad you are partnering with us this year as we put together our annual bash. we still have tickets available. it's coming up on tuesday 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the howard theatre. you can get more from asian or buy tickets at the website.
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perhaps it's a fantastic events. we hope everybody makes it down to take part and help out. maybe you saw this video. it's not, take a look. dramatic video out of texas shows and 18-month-old being thrown from a moving suv that was flipping over. now you see the toddler getting up to walk again. the girl's father was running from the cops after a robbery. the toddler got up and walked and then a woman gets out and picks up the little girl. the little girl was treated for just minor injuries. the father now faces multiple charges. looks like this year's presidential election will hinge on the economy. today president obama and mitt romney will offer dueling versions of how to fix it. they're giving speeches and nearly the same time for the san battleground states in ohio. -- state. >> today in ohio, a high-stakes showdown between president obama and mitt romney over the
5:49 am
economy,. the candidates are expected to speak within minutes of each other. this is the first major economic speech of the general election for mr. obama and it comes amid fears by some democrats that his economic message is not working. speaking in washington yesterday, romney gave this -- >> he will speak eloquently, but words are cheap. the record of an individual is the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold onto their job. >> the president is having a tough time selling his message. 54% of independents have a negative view of the president goes economic plan to 38% positive. ronnie's scores are not much better. 47% of independents have a negative view of his economic plan. as the president defends his handling of the economy -- >> we are in a stronger position. we're moving in a better direction than when i took office.
5:50 am
but some democratic insiders are growing weary. james carville says that campaign message is not enough. >> there are signals that he has their interests at heart. if he does that, he will be fine. if he does not, it will be really tough election. but the white house would not say if president obama will announce any new ideas to help the economy in today's speech. tahman bradley, abc news washington. >> the economy is doing pretty well if you ask a trucker. >> going back to the future with apple. now to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york for all that. looking for to the fashion show. >> back to the future. i'm not sure if you like 1980's fashion. apple's clothing line for 1986. designers created the apple collection. the neon designs are a far cry
5:51 am
from steve jobs' signature black turtleneck and blue jeans. also, the company is looking to install its "the voice systems siri in car steering wheels made by chrysler, gm, and honda next year. bmw drivers might see it as soon as this year. the trucking activity and rising shipments signal our economy is stable and not deteriorating that's because the trucking industry tracked the movement between manufacturers and consumers. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. i'm not sure you like the apple fashions from the 1980's. >> it's not bad. thanks so much. 5:51, time to look at traffic
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and weather as we do every 10 minutes. what is in store? >> very comfortable. you can open up the windows this morning. >> get it while we can. >> of course. below average temperatures in june. not looking at 90 degrees anytime soon. maybe sometime next week. >> that's pretty far off. >> let's go to the rooftop camera. i love the camera this time of day with the sunrise. there is the kennedy center on the right. sun in the center as it rises. we're on the edge of the marine layer. a layer of clouds moving off of the ocean and getting the easterly flow. at chesapeake beach you can see in the thicker clouds east of washington especially over the bay and parts of southern maryland and on to the eastern shore. because of the influence of the wind off the atlantic ocean, we have clouds early this morning. sunshine later on today. a good amount of sunshine and a pleasant feeling day again overall. open the windows this morning.
5:53 am
you will not regret it with low humidity and comfortable temperatures. high pressure from the north and low pressure offshore. we have that combined northeasterly flow off the ocean and easterly flow giving as clouds this morning. let's go to west virginia, 46 in petersburg. elkins, 42 degrees. locally, a little warmer at 63 a dulles airport. 61 in gaithersburg. winchester, 52. near 80 degrees this afternoon. upper 70's to low 80s across the region. a good amount of sunshine later today. 80 through the weekend. below average with low humidity and bright sunshine. we will have to water the garden, because the next chance of rain is not until wednesday. >> be patient this morning. briefed allies on 270 between 8109. 66 merging in centreville. good otherwise.
5:54 am
95 virginia, what you would expect. the blaze near 610 upstream -- delays near 610. looks like all the twinkling lights are behaving on the way to the pentagon. more to come on the traffic side. >> we will see you in a little while. 66 degrees in southeast. >> bad news for the fans of private practice on abc.
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>> welcome back. two stars checking out of abc's john hendren, a private practice. katyee walsh says she will leave at the end of the upcoming season. calls it a bittersweet. tim daly also announced that his character will no longer be on the show. >> we wish him well. much more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, a confusing signs along the beltway last night. on the strange object that was a hot topic on twitter. >> lisa baden will have an update on the commute. much better at 6:00 than it was at around 9:30 p.m. last night. that's when we continue.
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>> straight ahead at 6:00, the mystery on the beltway. what was this? find out what people really not thought when they went on line. >> fairfax county neighbors spent a night without power after finding far underground. if blacks>> more dramatic testimony


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