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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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enn state sexual abuse trial. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is thursday, june 14. the sun rising over washington. thanks for joining us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes, lisa baden >> . it's a good morning. here's a shot from newschopper 7. just volume on 66 and not much of it. eastbound is under the word "live on the screen. brief delay in manassas and at 28 centreville. in good shape to dunn loring and beyond to falls church. now to adam caskey in the weather center. >> i will take you up to mount airy where we have a spectacular sunrise. little bit of clouds getting us nice color. a beautiful picture from summit ridge.
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in laurel, and other beautiful sunrise. a gorgeous sunrises. we have some areas of clouds due to the easterly flow off the ocean. 66 now arlington, 59 and sterling, 59 in aldie, 63 in culpeper. 55 in stephens city. 55 in waldorf. low humidity today. morning clouds will give way to a good amount of sunshine. highs near 80 degrees. that is the case all the way into the weekend. >> thank you. new this morning driver on the maryland beltway were shocked to see what looked like a ufo on the back of a trust. john gonzalez is live this morning in college park with pictures and word of what those people really saw. i am a little skeptical about this one. >> you probably are not the only one. this was the mysterious object in this kind in college park that had everyone talking. it had social and web sites like
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twitter blow up overnight with so-called witnesses of a ufo. not only many comments by dozens of photographs of this thing hovering over the beltway in college park. intensifying matters last night into the morning was construction nearby on kenilworth avenue that backed up traffic for miles and created almost more of a chaotic scene. this morning, maryland state police have confirmed the aircraft was not a ufo but rather a military plane being moved from an air station in west virginia to southern maryland. it is reportedly 82 feet long, 32 feet wide, 14 feet high. as you can see in pictures you understand why some people reacted the way they did. some tweets we found pretty humorous. we want to share a couple.
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"if this really is aliens, that means i'm off of work tomorrow." the next, "that's what happens when et parks in d.c. without. a without permits" >> don't worry that's not an alien spacecraft, just a flying robot." there are some skeptics this morning. reporting live in college park john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> police looking for a hit-and- run driver this morning who injured two children and a senior citizen. the vehicle was hit in northeast d.c. last night near that intersection of eastern and kenilworth avenues. the driver of the striking vehicle ran away. they did not suffer life- threatening injuries. a man suspected of grabbing a university maryland student's
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cell phone at college park restaurant is under arrest. somebody recognized james turner from the surveillance video that investigators released on the weekend for. officers spotted him yesterday. after a brief chase, he was arrested. >> powers could soon be restored to an apartment complex in reston, the scene of refining underground explosion and fire. residents fled the winterthrur apartments. -- winterthur. no one was injured. we will have the latest on that at 6:30. >> the judge in the penn state child molestation trial says prosecutors could rest their case tomorrow. this after more graphic testimony about what went on in the football team's locker room. we get the latest from brianne carter. >> that's right. there's been a lot of emotional testimony from alleged victim's. there could be more the same
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today in pennsylvania. three alleged victims testified yesterday. no. 10 testified that when he was 11, sandusky sexually assaulting him a number of times. he said sandusky threatened him. "he told me that if i told anyone, i would never see my family again." no. 7 testified yesterday saying sandusky took a shower with him often, if embracing him in a way that still haunts him and eventually touched him inappropriately. >> it appears to me that we have szaa story which seamlessly fits together of a pattern of conduct which starts out with putting the hand on the knee and groin. >> the defense would disagree. they cross-examined each witness, questioning if they were coming forward motivated by money and try to find inconsistencies in their time lines.
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the prosecution now indicates they could rest their case as early as tomorrow, but it was expected. to last three expected >> if you have old lottery tickets, you might want to pull them together. time is running out to claim a $250,000 prize. the winner of the december 23 mega millions drawing has not come forward. that money will be forfeited if not claimed by next wednesday. lottery officials say the winning numbers are -- 2,5,8,18,29 sold in virginia beach. >> 64 degrees in laurel. if >> still ahead, we will talk to a man who survived cancer all this while locked up for more than a decade as a prisoner of war in africa. >> and vandals were not to blame for this damage. it was something more dangerous. >> lisa baden has another check
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hey, what aryou drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i am specialist andres ryan with the u.s. army drill team. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. 6:009. a crane fell on top of an empty suv in pennsylvania. two workers were using it yesterday to replace banners on the side of a building when the crane tipped over. luckily, no one was seriously injured. authorities are trying to figure out if the wind played a role in the accident.
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>> for telecom and nobody inside. imagine that. -- fortunately, no one was inside. and this is hail damage in dallas tx. no injuries. injuries it ranged from the size of golf balls to baseball's. >> look at that. >> that can do serious damage. looks like winter. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. what led start with lisa baden. >> we just heard from d.c. fire that there is a structure fire on north capitol street that will affect commuters between rhode island and michigan. plan accordingly. we will show you what kind of impact the volume is having. it is beautiful. 395, we love this summer pattern. it lies between duke street and seminary road. it's good at the pentagon. 270 in maryland, not bad.
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a little volume, between 80 and passed 109, better than average to get down to the truck scales. back to you. >> thank you. comfortable temperatures this morning, so open the windows. refreshen outside with a load humidity. temperatures in the low 60's or the most part. some fifties off to the north and west of washington. 52 in winchester along with cumberland elkins, 42, 45 in petersburg, 70 along the water in lexington park. 68 in reagan national. dulles airport 62. we will break into sunshine today, highs near 80 all the way through the weekend with low humidity and bright sunshine. no rainfall until the middle of next week. agreeable conditions across most of the country. there could be storms from minneapolis to omaha and iowa and nebraska and kansas.
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otherwise looking good. rapid city, 81, partly cloudy, 91 in santa fe. 92 in dallas, 92 in miami partly cloudy. more on the extended forecast coming up. >> 6:00 hour, 61 degrees in fairfax. >> some local athletes have olympic sized dreams. what it takes to get to the london games. >> we will talk with a man who spent 13 years as a prisoner of war in africa about is amazing story of survival. >> more and more americans are losing. their losing
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> more than news for the economy this morning. >> paula faris tells us foreclosures are up for the first time in more than three years. >> good morning. an increase in foreclosures. a 9% spike in homeowners filing for bankruptcy, the first increase in more than two years but less than a year ago. many companies like caterpillar and target are raising their stock dividends. dell has taken out its first dividend. consumers are not quite as confident and that is hurting the stores. retail sales last month grew only a little, other than gasoline. but big-ticket items like cars and appliances did better. manchester united is thinking of moving its initial public stock offering from singapore to the united states. the u.s.-owned team may be able
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to get more here. i am paula faris. a great day. >> if you like a more enjoyable flight, you might want to consider a low-cost carrier over some of the bigger names in. new survey shows people rated the low-cost airlines about 100 points higher than the large airlines on a 1000 point scale. among the low-cost carriers who did well, jetblue and southwest. united and delta were among the worst scoring airlines. the popular flirting application scout has suspended service after it was linked to several recent sexual assaults. three men in different cities are accused of sexually assaulting children. investigators say they went on the application defined teenagers. the developer says they will will evaluate the security measures. the days of .com may be nearing
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an end. the group is planning on expanding the options for domain names. for the 1900 groups applied for new addresses and even company- specific addresses. the first of the new domain names will go live for early next year. >> now to an amazing story of survival. reon schutte, a former south african special forces soldiers survived 13 years in a pow camp. he developed cancer while there and wrote a book about it. i spent most of the evening reading this book. i cannot put it down. you survived. you said that you had no possessions, no personal space being beaten regularly. what do you remember that experience most? -- captured it in zimbabwe. >> i write this book not to
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highlight the suffering. it's about the lessons i learned in those 13 years. the most important lesson i learned is we never know what will happen to us in life, but it is how we react to what happens to us. you can survive anything. i'm proof of that. >> after so much suffering, i think a lot of people would harbor resentment and anger and hatred. you have decided to forgive your captors and your colleagues in the military who abandoned you and you move forward. >> that is what my book is about. life is about choices. i could still be a prisoner while i am sorry if i harbor those things i. have traveled the world and shared my story with people over the last several years and i've met so many people in the world that live in prisons created by themselves through hatred and
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bad relationships. that is a choice. you choose to be a prisoner and you can change that. >> how do we begin the process of changing >? some people feel things have happened in their lives and they really cannot let go. >> i understand that, but i think you need to sit down and realize that you have a choice. you can still be a prisoner of that incident or that person and still suffer or you can choose to say a bad thing happened in my life but i don't want to be a prisoner anymore, i want to live a joyful life. >> if you can do it, i think anyone dealing with any circumstance should consider the possibility. this is your book, "said yourself free." really a spectacular read. glad you were able to join us this morning. thanks for your time. back to you. >> thank you.
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6:20 to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. starting with lisa baden. >> we will go live to newschopper 7. looking at 95 traffic, no accidents right now between potomac mills and that's where delays begin. that will take us over the purple heart bridge, the occoquan river and then between lorton and newington, and normal backup. no problems upstream on 395 heading to the pentagon. now adam caskey. a mixture of sun and clouds over most of the metro area and. good amount of sunshine in fairfax at 61 degrees. we have a significant amount of clouds in some spots especially over the bay. here's a look from chesapeake beach, low clouds. lows will not last very long today, the amount of sunshine for the majority of thursday. it is comfortable. open the windows this morning. 59 in sterling and aldie.
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66 in arlington. in the shenandoah valley, widespread 50's of to the west. stephens city at 55 degrees. damascus, 58. here's the satellite and radar composite. it does not pick up on the clouds this morning very well, but they are out there. you can see some dark patches on the screen. we have high-pressure off to the north in eastern canada, low pressure offshore. due to the respective schools around the systems, we have the onshore flow, which will keep us comfortable in terms of temperatures, a prevailing northeasterly wind for the next couple days. the average high is 84 today but we will be below that near 80. pretty much mid june and we are talking here 80. upper 70's in spots for the high temperature today through the weekend. 52 in winchester, 45 in petersburg, west virginia. 68 at reagan national. becoming partly cloudy today 79. near 80 all the way to the
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weekend with low humidity and comfortable conditions. you will have to water the lawn and garden because the next chance of rain is not until next wednesday. by then, warming into the upper 80s. enjoy this while we have it. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, we will hear from some local swimmers getting ready for the most important races of their lives. >> also, we would love for you to follow was on twitter. you can send us story ideas and get news. the handle -- @abc7gmw. stay with us. >> next "anderson" -- young people who have left behind the amish faith speak out. >> living out here, everybody's corrupt in some way.
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>> and local swimmers hoping for an opportunity to make a big splash at the summer olympics in london. members of the rockville montgomery swim club will be among the nearly 1500 people
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participated in the olympic swim trials in omaha, nebraska later this month,. they are vying to be among 52 people who will be on the u.s. win team. >> i've been dreaming about this ever since i was 10 years old and when i broke my first pulled record. -- pool record. >> i don't want to fall behind my competitors. we wish them luck. they swim before school. they spend at least 20 hours per week in the water. >> so much dedication. we are pulling for them. president obama awarded the israeli president with the medal of freedom. he has worked to strengthen ties between the u.s. and israel over the last 65 years. he has held dozens of governmental posts before being elected as the country's ninth president at the age of 83. >> 6:25 this morning. still another half-hour ahead.
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>> flames shot out of the ground in fairfax county. what caused this frightening scene. >> it's not an alien invasion even though it looked like it. what people mistook for a ufo. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. possible conditions ♪ ♪ our machines
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>> this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> coming up next, local residents run for safety after fire comes out of the ground. >> was it really a ufo? we have answers about what people saw on the belt way overnight. it is thursday morning june 14. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne simpson. rise and shine. we will begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> travel times and our favorite
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even with the volumes starting to increase. i will still give you the green light not only on 95 but 270 father hurley bell award and 66 between centerville and 495, and a live picture of 270 at 370 moving at speeds. >> a comfortable start. you can open up the windows. the good amount of sunshine in the metro area but clouds here and they're closer to the bay and on the eastern shore. wide-ranging temperatures. petersburg, west virginia, 45 to start your day. hagerstown, 57. 68 along the water at reagan national. high temperatures today will be around 80 degrees. some morning clouds but over all a pretty pleasant day. tomorrow, high temperatures right near 80, give or take a few degrees, with low humidity.
6:31 am
it will be comfortable through the weekend. >> new this morning, and twitter abuzz all night with pictures of a ufo spotted on the beltway in maryland. john gonzalez will tell us what was really happening. as someone who was stuck in the traffic last night, if aliens wanted to get as upset they would probably land somewhere on the beltway. >> the aliens would probably be in trouble in that traffic. this was the mysterious object in college park around midnight that had everybody buzzing and social networking sites had witnesses who claim they saw a ufo's and have pictures to prove aliens were invading maryland. and construction nearby on kenilworth avenue escalated matters as the traffic backed up for miles.
6:32 am
this morning maryland state police which i am sure had one or two phone calls, have confirmed that the aircraft was not a ufo but a military airplane being moved from an air station. 82 feet long, 32 feet wide and 14 feet high. but if you look at the pictures, you can really understand why some of the people and traffic thought they saw a ufo. this morning, of course not the case. we came prepared just in case. we bought some of the reeces pieces at the local market but i guess we will not use it to feed some of our new friends. we will enjoy these. no e.t. this morning. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. also new this morning, washington county maryland extending spousal benefits for
6:33 am
county employees mary to same sex spouses. this follows a state civil rights complaint filed in march. maryland that a gay marriage law set to take effect next january. voters will be able to decide whether to accept a law providing institution for illegal immigrants. opponents of the dream act organized a petition drive. they say the law rewards people for doing something that is wrong. >> metallica now joining with police to help find a killer of a virginia tech student. >> remember, any information, no matter how small, could be the crucial piece investigators need to solve the case. >> morgan harrington was last seen hitchhiking after she left the group's concert in 2009. her remains were found several months later. police released an enhanced
6:34 am
composite sketch of a suspect. through dna evidence today connected the unknown suspect to a 2005 sexual assault. >> we turn to a developing story in fairfax county. power is still out at an apartment complex hours after an underground fire sent flames shooting high into the air. jummy olabanji live this morning in winterthur complex in reston. power has been out for a while. >> yesterday's afternoon -- since yesterday afternoon, they are still without power. crew was tell us it could be several hours before all of this is fixed. >> in this cell phone video you can see the flames bursting through the ground. >> i saw the people screaming. >> around 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, power crews said
6:35 am
there was an electrical explosion on the ground and the fire sent people racing from their apartment. this man lives in the complex. >> i heard a boom then i go outside the apartment and see the fire. >> it was crazy. i was running out of the room. >> firefighters quickly realized the source of the blaze was under ground power line that runs from the transformer to the apartment. even after the power was shut off, the underground line continued to smolder and turn grass into what looked like charred rock. dominion virginia power worked on the line. most residents without power had to find other options for the night. >> maybe go to my sister's home. >> power crews tell us they still did not know what exactly caused the underground power line to explode. they say they hope to have the
6:36 am
power restored and all of this cleaned up some time before lunchtime. reporting live in reston, jummy olabanji. >> i hope that actually happens. we are looking at 64 degrees this morning in laurel. there must go ahead, wait until you hear what's jerry sandusky is accused of telling a young boy to try to keep him quiet. >> and a special reason these tall ships are sailing into maryland. >> a great site not far from here. but first, we will check the traffic and w
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>> we want to extend a happy birthday to the u.s. army. today is there to hundred and 37th birthday, trace -- 237th birthday when the continental congress authorize its creations day before the battle of bunker hill. events are planned all over the world including the secretary of the army blamed a brief this morning -- laying a wreath this morning. >> news chopper seven overhead as tall ships began arriving in baltimore. they came from all over the world. to commemorate the 200th
6:40 am
anniversary of the war of 1812. other events this week include an air show and other activities for families. >> are those people standing on the mast? unbelievable. >> brave souls out there. time for a check of traffic and weather at every 10 minutes. >> lisa? >> i am with you on that -- boose palms just watching them. by the way have a birthday to the united states army. we are looking at the march on 395 just after the beltway. traffic passing edsall road, looks like just getting a little bit of volume but love and light up at the pentagon. we will have the weather for you now. >> a good amount of sunshine but you had just off to the east closer to the bay, especially the eastern shore, thick clouds. easterlies blow off of the ocean and the morning marine layer. there is the look at the cloud cover over annapolis. lower cloud over the bay and of
6:41 am
course the river right there. temperature-wise, very comfortable. woodstock, 54, winchester, 52. out in the west in frost bird, 49 degrees and berkeley springs, west virginia, 53. clarksburg, a comfortable 60. i would actually open the windows and little bit this morning because we have low humidity and comfortable temperatures. upper 70's below are a's tomorrow -- today and tomorrow. upcoming weekend, the comfortable conditions will continue. not very june-like in washington all through the weekend with sunshine and low humidity. the low average high temperatures. >> thank you so much. looks like a great week ahead. 641 and is the time perry. >> president obama and mitt romney will be in the same place today -- the same state.
6:42 am
we will ask politico why they choose to focus on this one area in particular. >> tales of saunas and threats against families at the sandusky trial. >> and we would love for you to follow was on twitter. sen story ideas and get news about "good morning washington." we set up our very own twitter handle. follow us
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>> more witnesses getting ready to take the stand in the penn state sex abuse trial. >> yesterday and other alleged victims of the stand and talk about sharing a son of former assistant coach jerry sandusky. brianne carter is live in the satellite center with more of a
6:45 am
disturbing details. >> over the past couple of days as prosecutors have presented their case they alleged sandusky blower victims through trust and gifts and then abused and threatened them. jerry sandusky heads back to court this morning for what could be another emotional day of testimony. yesterday the jury heard from three more alleged victims. now 25-year old referred to as big a number 10 testified when he was 11 sandusky sexually assaulted him a number of times. he said sandusky threatened him -- "he told me if i told anyone i would never see my family again." sandusky's attorney questioned his motives and said he served time in prison on a robbery and drug conviction after the alleged attack. >> how can so many young men possibly be telling the same story when they have not spoken to each other. >> alleged victim number seven testified sandusky showered with him often and embraced him in a
6:46 am
way that still haunts him and eventually touched him inappropriately. >> he confronted things that took him a very long time to process. >> the defense cross-examined each the same way -- questioning if they were coming out perhaps for money at also looking for some inconsistency perhaps in their story. we understand that testimony will get underway in just a few hours. reporting live in a satellite center, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> putting the attention on vote 2012 -- president obama taking a break from work to grab some barbecue in northeast washington. he was joined by members of the military and some local barbers as part of a new fatherhood initiative, encouraging men to take their children to neighborhood barber shops to help strengthen ties within the family. republican presidential candidate mitt romney also in the district yesterday.
6:47 am
he criticized the president's record on private-sector job creation of the business roundtable's quarterly meeting in northwest, calling the president anti-business and anti-jobs. today, both romney and president obama will be in the same state, ohio, a critical battleground state. politico money and politics reporter is here to talk more about this. why ohio? >> it is the big cheese. you will have obama in cleveland, romney in cincinnati and they will go head-to-head on what this whole campaign will be about, the economy. >> let's talk about that. this is fallout from yesterday. mitt romney making reference to what president obama said about we are doing okay, doing fine. but romney says how can you fix the problem unless you know there is a problem. how will what played out? >> i don't think you will hear a lot that is new but it definitely will have a different tone. you will have obama really trying to refrain the debate.
6:48 am
he is going to try to say, this is my vision for the future. then you will have romney really hammering hard. we have a preview yesterday at the business roundtable saying this guy does not know what is happening and i am the person who should be at the wheel. >> no shocker that wall street is backing a romney, but how much is wall street backing mitt romney? >> pretty astounding, actually. what we saw in may, the first time romney beat the fund raising numbers of president obama which have been strong the entire campaign. we see an eye into where romney's strength is. of the 19 donors in the last campaign that went for obama they have now turned to romney and are giving to man in a big way. >> you can find out more at politico and that >> federal prosecutors dropped the remaining campaign corruption charges against john edwards. the announcement came yesterday,
6:49 am
sparking criticism the department justice wasted time and taxpayer money. he was acquitted on one charge last month and it was deadlocked on the other counts. the judge declared a mistrial. lance armstrong is now facing new doping allegations. the u.s. anti-dumping agency filed a formal charges, threatening to strip him of victories. armstrong calls the charges baseless and motivated by spite. federal prosecutor closed a two- year probe in february without charges. >> time for track that -- traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> the rails look good -- metrorail, marc, virginia railway express look good. hitting the road is, mainly just volume. north capitol street had a structure fire between michigan and rhode island ave. i am going to put some pictures live at the 14th street bridge.
6:50 am
that looks good. 395, normal backup to get to a third street tunnel. 270, we will take you live to the picture -- southbound behaving between germantown, gaithersburg, and rockwelville. loving the sunshine. >> loving and around the metro but we have some fat per clouds east of town. you know what is coming. >> time lapse, baby. >> let's go to the roof and put it into a motion. now, this is a sunrise over washington d.c. georgetown lower left, kennedy center to the right. beautiful sun. but here are the thicker clouds. you go to the east, chesapeake beach, 68. and you see the thicker clouds that usually flow off of the ocean. satellite radar indicate some of the cloud cover pushing eastward. hard to really depicted on the satellite. the biggest cloud well off to
6:51 am
the west and parts of the midwest and of course offshore as well. we will be in for a good amount of sunshine today all the way through the upcoming weekend. really no rain in sight until maybe, just maybe the middle of next week. so you will have to water the garden the next several days. high pressure eastern canada and lower pressure off shore, and due to the expected rotations and flows around the systems we have the northeasterly flow that will dominate the weather the next several days. temperatures will be very comfortable. already a nice start to the day. 68 in the district by the potomac river. but just outside the beltway -- gaithersburg 61, bell was airport, 62. martinsburg, 60. it gets better. petersburg, west virginia, 46 degrees. practically mid-june. 61 in culpeper. open the windows a bit to start the day. we will be into the upper 70's right near 84 a high temperature
6:52 am
with low humidity. these conditions will continue just like this all the way to the weekend. i temperatures near 80 with low humidity and comfortable conditions. warming up it looks like by the middle of next week. >> coming up, a look at the top stories, including the strain site on a maryland road.
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>> some of this morning's top stories -- twitter was abuzz last night with people reporting seen a ufo on the beltway in maryland. now, it actually turned out to have a more terrestrial origin. it was a military aircraft on its way to protect and air station. >> instead, i stood on the back of a tractor-trailer for 45 minutes. at the sandusky trial yesterday an alleged victim talked about how he shared a sauna with the former penn state coach years ago and another witness said he was terrified when sandusky told and he would never see his family again if he told about being sexually abused. prosecutors could rest their case tomorrow. >> crews are still working trying to restore power to a root -- reston apartment complex. flames were shooting out of the ground. luckily, no one was hurt. but it was a long night but and enjoyable one for some fast-food
6:56 am
fans and falls church. >> hundreds of people camped out in front of the frontchick-fil-a restaurant, waiting for the grand opening. the first 100 people outside of the doors get 52 free check the like -- certificates to keep their one -- once a week for the entire year. >> it was not a bad one to be outside. i would be ok with one certificate. lisa baden? >> we are hearing there is a collision 66 eastbound on nutley street near the shoulder. here -- this is traffic on the beltway. opened near springfield and having to the pentagon. >> seven-day forecast a beautiful condition, comfortable through the weekend. you look at the seven-day, you think maybe early may in washington or some point in may. it is june and we
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