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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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stand. -- his dunnellon accusers have taken the stand. -- all eight of his known accusers have taken the stand. gratz the latest. >> court has recessed until monday after a blistering -- blistering broadside of accuser after accuser painting what prosecutors say -- blistering eroshevich of accuser after a kezar painting what prosecutors say is the pattern of a serial molester. >> in the showers sandusky's basement, or hotel room when they were just boys. >> there is a pattern and it is going on overtime and whoever the victims are, they are being subjected to the same pattern. there may be some variances. >> one alleged victim, an iraqi war veteran told the jury that he put up with sandusky's
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groping as a young boy because he loved the gifts and the access to football games, and lacking a father figure, the attention he gave him. he said he felt abandoned when the coach stopped calling. >> sandusky betrayed each and every one of these boys. it was causseaux. >> -- it was a colossal betrayal. >> the defense tried to point out inconsistencies in their stories. >> one witness is that he's spent more than 100 nights in sandusky's home over the course of a year. he said he was locked in his basement and that he screamed for help once, but nobody came. sandusky will testify. >> you can continue to follow the developments in the sandusky trial on our website
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>> police are investigating the shooting death of a deli owner and down as she opened the store this morning. police say she was fatally wounded in the neck around 6:00 a.m. police believe robbery was the motive. a front gate was left open friends and family -- was left open. but friends and family say she had on the business about eight years. police are checking surveillance cameras for evidence. >> police are connecting the legend potomac rapist to another crime. dna evidence has linked a 1996 crime to him. he is responsible supposedly for at least seven raids in montgomery county. the last attack was in 1998. >> the d.c. court system is in crisis tonight.
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this is the result of an abc7 i- team investigation. half of the judges are now coming up against the chief judge. others are calling on her to resign. then it's here to bring us up- to-date. >> in this confidential letter 15 judges criticized the chief judge, based on stories we put out over the past week. those stories are focused on how she does not hear cases. now her own colleagues are formally at questioning her ability to lead. >> the letter is addressed phil mendelson. it is a stern rebuke of the chief judge of the office of administrative hearings in d.c. by almost half of the judges are asking her to come forward. >> its authors say they wrote to protect the integrity of the agency. the letter says the chief makes policy decisions in secret. line judges have no say about the policies.
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and the key -- the chiefs treatment of support staff is erratic and at times it demeaning. they even gave an example of how she fired a cancer patient the day before her surgery. >> she is not here. >> budget would not come out and answer our questions. instead, the agency said a statement. the suggestion that policies are made in secret is unfounded, it reads. personnel actions are confidential and not subject to comment. meanwhile, chairman mendelson says he will get to the bottom of this. >> i'm very concerned that there are so many unhappy. >> and taxpayers we spoke with said someone needs to clean up d.c. government. >> we are out of control. everyone is getting a nice head jack walz been out of control. -- a nice paycheck while being out of control.
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the rest of us have to work hard. >> if you want to read the entire letter, go to >> akishino conversation in annapolis could be another sign that gaming could be coming to the national harbors -- a casino conversation in annapolis could be another sign that gaming could be coming to the national harbors. both sides say they are poised to have an agreement on a casino but officials say it is early in the process. >> it is a very big name. it would be wonderful if they could come to prince george's county. but i know it's kind of far off. >> that was president mike miller. a new casino would have to be approved by a number of state officials. it gets the go-ahead, it would be the first of six in a state of maryland. >> the president and the republican candidate both hit up the same state to talk about the same issue.
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mitt romney told the crowd that president obama is long on words and short on action when it comes to the economy. he also criticized the health care bill as well as the health- care law. the president in cleveland said the stalemate in washington is holding the nation back from recovery. he admitted the race for the white house will pivot on economic growth and job creation. tonight, the president is at a fund-raiser where he will attend a fundraiser at the home of actress sarah jessica parker. >> all smiles this morning when we caught up with them. why? hear what they say about the senate race and how it will have a huge impact on the race for the white house. >> also add, a new report on jobs and how it is showing -- a slowing down housing right now. >> fixed fees for the ec pass program?
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>> a delightful day. partly cloudy skies. i think you'll
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>> virginia keeps appearing in the national election spotlight. >> one of the names being tossed about right now is that a running mate mitt romney spent the day helping out for senate. scott has more. >> this senate race is not up in the polls and could very well be that way through november. what does that mean? it means a lot of money spent, a lot of advertisements aired, and big names getting in on the action. the next big name could be the next gop vice presidential nominee pureed -- nominee. >> it might look like a current
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and former senator catching up, but don't be fooled. the entire nation is watching virginia with marco rubio chinese hand. >> everything that happens sets the national -- with marco rubio chiming in. >> everything that happens sets the national town. >> i think he will cheer up a lot of folks. he is that a person you want to associate with. >> medicare spending cuts and new energy tax. why did he do it? >> the answer is, to serve the president. >> get ready, virginia. political ads and campaign costs will add up to possibly $180 million. >> at the end of the day, he wants to nationalize the race, but most voters will make it between tim kaine and george
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alisyn has a comparison. -- george allen as a comparison. >> i expect to see plenty of that super pac money in the senate race. i'm not sure that virginians will love everything they see. gregg's -- >> the obama campaign will closely coordinate with the camp -- the mccain campaign. -- with the kaine campaign. they hope to make this state of virginia blue again. >> big money for some local schools. tens of thousands of dollars in grants for the d.c. school system. >> another beautiful day in the d.c. area. we will look at how long this will last after the break. >> and the redskins conclude their mini-camp. lefty and bubba become spectators as tiger goes on the prowl at the u.s. open. i've got it all for you
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>> you are watching abc7 news
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at 6:00 p.m. with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, chief meteorologist doug hill and tim brant's. this is abc7 news on your side. >> unemployment claims rose by 6000 since last week. that is the third increase in three weeks, the highest number in six weeks, and at the same time hiring a slowdown. that raises concerns about the pace of the recovery. the extent thousand grants at schools have been awarded. -- >> 10,000 school grants have been awarded. the biggest winner, kelly miller middle school. awarded $340,000. 59 schools in all will receive money to help with technology enhancement and after-school programs. >> vdot has been talking about charging a fee for ec gas users. that has a lot of people upset.
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-- easy pass users. they have a lot of people upset. the fee is reportedly necessary to keep open the cost of operating. >> this is friday, of course. in the district from a unique celebration a rally in dupont circle to raise awareness about the push for d.c. statehood. flag day honors the adoption of the u.s. flag by the second continental congress in 1777. >> a good day for that. >> 0, -- oh, yeah. >> this is something you do not see very often around here these temperatures in june. this is one of our time lapses from one of the cameras are around the area.
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a parade of cloudiness here and there, but not enough to affect the weather. if anything, the clouds kept temperatures down a little bit. partly to mostly sunny skies temperatures in the upper 70's. very comfortable. 79 in baltimore. 77 in lexington park. 82 was the warmest record of the day at reagan national. 57-63 degree readings overnight across the viewing area. very pleasant through the evening. 82 right now is the temperature in washington. coastal areas are getting cool breezes. we do not see with the high- pressure the cool breezes too often this time of year. we will be in a 90's across the area a week from today. but a slow ramp-up in
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temperatures. when you get the temperature in the a.d.'s and the dewpoint in the -- in the '80s and the dewpoint in the 50's that is a great combination showers and storms in the upper midwest, but most of the country is dry and clear. a a.m., 61 degrees and a lot of sunshine. -- 8:00 in the morning, and 61 degrees and a lot of sunshine. 80 with the sunshine as we head through saturday, sunday and monday. warmer and more humid. i think we will be well into the 90's by next thursday. if you are planning a beach weekend, this looks great. air temperatures in the mid 70's. on the chesapeake bay, great to be on the water as well.
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partly to mostly sunny skies and temperatures along the coastline in the upper 70's. >> tiger woods is he back? >> i tell you what, today he has been. it will be interesting to see if we can't find any consistency. tiger woods played tee to green and about as well as i have seen in any number of years. tiger stayed in the hunt for saturday to perfection. he was consistent from the get go. he was on a par train for most of the round. a couple of birdies and a few bogeys. he was very happy with his round. but was surprised at how juiced up the court rise -- the course rise this morning. >> we knew he was going to do well but not overnight. >> that was the old tiger.
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that is what we all come to see. >> the club house leader is 27- year-old michael tamsin. he got off to a rough start. he bogeyed the first five holes before he settled in with seven birdies. phil mickelson and watson were a mass. phil mickelson bogeyed the first three holes and finished his first round at 6 over par. bob watson was just worse. he said he wanted to watch tiger, and i think he did. the redskins finished their three day minicamp with a video video -- with a video session. for basketball fans, nba finals in oklahoma city continue. kevin durant turned up the heat on miami in the fourth quarter of game 1. finished with 36 points.
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and then some guy ask him today a reporter, why do you wait until the fourth quarter to play so hard? >> i do not want to sound like a jerk or anything, but i do not care what people say outside the locker room. i know when to take shots and went to make the right play. people can say this and that. i learned to adjust to it out and play my game. >> kevin durant just playing his game and not listening to these guys. a series begins with the new york yankees tomorrow night at the ballpark. and the giants pitched a perfect game last night, 14 strikeouts. how about the long fly ball in the seventh? flacco chased it down. matt cain, the first pitcher in the 128 years of the giants' organization to go perfect. the 22nd guy in the history of the game to get a perfect game. and how about the umpire? he was behind the plate not only for this for the game, but he
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was there for david cone when he passed his in 1999. can you a imagine that? >> what are the chances? >> strike three.
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you can answer once today and once tomorrow before 4:00 p.m. -- you can enter once today and went to war before 4:00 p.m. good luck. >> -- and once tomorrow before 4:00 p.m. good luck. >> 82 and 63 the high and low today. 84 and 66 are the averages. here are the temperatures the next few days. sunshine near 80 for the next few days. humidity hold off until tuesday through thursday of next week. the beaches look great bid again if you're headed down. temperatures in the 70's with water temperatures also in the 70's. captioned by the national captioning institute >> abc world news is coming up next
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