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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 16, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news -- on your side. >> dry weather is not helping it of firefighters tried to a massive wildfire in the rocky mountains. >> there is no end in sight to flames ravaging across four western states including this one. by181 homes are destroyed this fire. this the most destructive wildfire in colorado. more than 85 homes have been scorched. >> they're putting all their skills and efforts into making this fire is contained as
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rapidly as possible. >> the tree that started it all has been found. >> you can see where the struck eight days ago. "hundreds have fled their homes escapement's notice to moving fire. >> and he lost all the good for his 45 horses. there is a ray of hope. the fires barrett the cabins. at least 224 homes have been destroyed. >> after plenty of debate and posturing this week, the d.c. has a newil now interim chair. >> anything i do i will talk to colleagues.
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>> after some chaotic debate among council members on she was elected to fill the seat. he resigned after pleading guilty to bank fraud. the winner of that race will remainder of the term. the fbi reports a decrease in violent crime. they say that murder and manslaughter, rape, robbery and dropped this year. voters will decide whether to the dream act in maryland. a law that will provide college illegalbreaks for some immigrants. supporters of the dream? spending bill that budgeted for referendum.
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more construction is getting way, and this project will affect one of the most popular areas in the city. u street is about to get an upgrade. >> the street is soon going to looking like nearby 18th a project is already under way. wider sidewalks and landscaping. businesses are apprehensive remembering how metro construction in the nineties killed business here. she says it was tough. >> it was a nightmare. like a ghost town. we will make our way towards
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a time.eet one block at >> even so, it still has an on businesses. >> it has been a struggle. it has affected our businesses. make the plays wonderful. we will deal with it. toget ready for the street be torn up for the next year or so. metro's says now is the time to switch to plastic cards. smart trip cards cost $5 but receive a rebate if they register it online.
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growingthe fastest- stations has a new name. it has been renamed to noma u. >> since the station opened in four, writer ship has grown rapidly. station that the metro the name change. still to come, it is a major your home. we are talking about termites. we will show you a special dog job is to sniff them out. speaking of the evening, we will itemsou about some unique
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by a fast-food chain. >> father's day is tomorrow.
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>> termites cause an estimated $5 billion every year. local exterminators are seeing a jump in at treatments and inspections. one local company is pulling out secret weapon -- weapon to fight these pests. a dog named marlowe. >> marlow has been sniffing out termites for about two years now. if it is an old and the station he will not smell it. >> the of adopted the dog and trained him. >> he loves what he does.
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>> this couple is putting him to the test. >> he is amazing to watch. >> termites are way up this year because of the mild winter. ofwe've seen an increase thisctions and treatments year. they say it is important to inspection >> they not had an inspection in the years. that is marlowe's way of him that he smells termites near the fireplace. we found between the floor to bring ittermite was in place. >> fortunately, the damage is limited and treatable.
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>> to reduce your chance of getting termites and needing a don't put mulch any closer than 18 inches from your home's foundation. make sure your gutters are working properly. plan for dataw devices. you can get them all b together. customers only using one device might end up paying more. the cheapest plan will increase from 70 to $90. severaling is launching for a limited time. that includes a pork barbecue sandwich, sweet potato french
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fries, and the bacon that ae.d the giantd, why did show up in the middle of the sea? we will have a look at his visit. with a look at the forecast when we return. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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good news for anyone looking to activities outdoors. >> is looking wonderful for tomorrow. showers. take a look outside right now. it is quiet and dry. 82 degrees. temperature of 99 degrees
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in the 1994. look at the temperature outside now, 70 degrees. winds will start to settle down. george washington university is 69 degrees. of 82 degrees. our final stop terraces to alexandria, where it is 67 degrees. -- 67 in hagerstown. out to the west in the mountains is 57 degrees right now. a lot of warmth and humidity in chicago. thunderstorms are starting to roll through.
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this shows a change of what will happen over the next few days or so. very hot temperatures by fridayay thursday and at these storms across illinois. this is where they have a tornado watch boxes out. severe weather is finally beginning to ease. here is what the future test .ooks like 85 degrees on monday.
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heat and humidity making a big comeback coming tuesday-friday. 78 degrees on friday. the heat index is going to feel this up side. around 100 degrees. we might see some air quality along with the potential for a heat advisory. check out >> women always think about they hear when humidity. thanks so much. coming up, we check out rock of ages. next.view is
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is one of the most films of the summer. rock of ages is hitting the screen. here is his review of the film. >> rock of ages takes a broadway to the music of the '80s. clubwin owns this
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hopes that this star can keep it going. played by tom cruise, he inspire confidence. >> a parade of bad hair stylists from the '80s. catherinend and jones as an adult who shut the club down. one star. rock flop.
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i would take a pass. have a nice weekend. >> 1 start. ouch. >> bid is all part of a plan to expand internet domain name options. they began the application process last year. over 1900 proposals were submitted. the hottest is .web. still
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