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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning. it is monday june 18. >> we start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first up here is adam caskey. >> good morning. let's go to the radar. we have some areas of rain around the beltway. beltway in fairfax county and some moderate rain falling over springfield. right on the mixing bowl. it is drifting off the east. off to the west you see the steady rain. we have most of the shell was going on this morning. the highs today will be in the 70's. >> we have a steady stream of traffic. around the beltway congestion barrels have been moved out of the way. the traffic pattern remains the
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same. that means the lanes and divide. we are in good shape in case you're heading out to the airport. we would give the normal travel times. we will have newschopper 7. plenty of views on the camera. >> this morning strip may be a little faster. metro is kicking off the rush plus program. it'll add more trains during rush hour. we are live to explain how exactly this works. >> a lot of people mind think it is confusing at first. officials hope this will ease the commute for thousands using much show in the morning in the evening. >> for tens of thousands of riders, at their command could be a bit different this morning. >> there are some things that
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could be really helpful. >> they unveiled the new rash plus program designed to enhance a rush hour commute. one goal, alleviate crowding on the orange line rest of the -- west of the rosslyn station. six additional trains will run between the town center. they usually only operate. customers traveling will see fewer trains. >> there will be more orange and fewer blue. the court house sees an increase. there will be more. this is where the relief comes in. >> all of the stations will seek three more orange and three fewer blue.
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they are preserving the same number of trains. >> yellow line riders will be able to do so without transferring. currently they would have to change trains to make that trip. >> the places where they make it chipped up is this armory. this is the last place to make this correction. operators will make extra announcements. they relish the new route. others did not believe the change will be beneficial. >> the yellow lines is not good to the metro center. you have to be careful which training get on. >> you will have to be careful
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as to which train you get on. at the key points it is a far as to which direction they are going. you make sure you are on the right train had in the right direction. >> thank you. you can find out more details on the rush plus program. just head to our website lisa will have update on the traffic reports. >> and of them being blamed for starting a apartment fire. firefighters quickly put out of the flames. there was heavy smoke. one person was hurt and treated at the scene. >> the fallout continues over the resignation of teresa sullivan. they're wearing this will damage the schools reputation.
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john gonzales is live in virginia with the very latest for us. >> this is a decision that could be event the center. during an emergency meeting john simon spoke in favor. use as your resign last week. he said he may consider stepping down. >> ahead of the board of directors, more than 700 people packed this auditorium where a day defended the president. >> we felt we needed to take action. >> the faculty voted unanimously in favor of sullivan. the crowd showed their support. >> and blindsided everybody. >> all my friends are saying they are glad they graduated.
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>> some are worried about the school and the education. sullivan was asked to resign last week after looming financial problems. >> i'm not going to say i was a fan in one way or another. i think she was a good president. the way it happened was wrong. >> the school president is said to me this afternoon. they will consider an interim president. students are expected to hold a vigil during that meeting outside. sullivan is due to resign en august. abc 7 news. prosecutors could wrap their case in the jerry sandusky case. lawyers have suggested that their clients may testify. while that is in question,.
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>> we're learning about a strategy they plan on using. they have an expert prepared to testify asthat the coach has a personality disorder. >> his defense team is expected to bring forth an escort that claims he suffers from histrionic personality disorder, a condition that causes them to exhibit such a provocative behavior. >> this disorder also causes this effort cannot realistically comprehend the nature of their behavior. >> it is a bunch of baloney. >> the judge permitted them to call this witness. >> this is rationalizing abuse to a child. it is not right. it does not work in my book.
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>> the judge ruled prosecutors could have their own have a psychiatric investigation. this happened some time yesterday. wilson does the himself take the stand? one defense attorney thinks it is his only hope. >> the only chance he has is to take the witness stand. maybe he can convince one juror to hold out. >> witnesses could be here. >> thank you so much. 61 degrees outside. >> preparing for a purse from microsoft. an investigation into the death of rodney king. how this led to a closer look police brutality. we will take a look at traffic
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and weather every 10 minutes. >> we will check in with adam caskey.
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>> time for a check of traffic and weather. >> let's start with adam caskey.
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>> it feels great. in the middle of the week we will be in the 90's. some light to moderate rain from germantown all the way to pittsburgh. cribbing toward the beltway. a little moderate shower here. moving through arlington into d.c. as well. the steadier rain is off to the west. we had more persistent showers going on. we have since body rain. 78 the high temperatures. though humidity all changes. starting tomorrow we will be back in the 80's. the big headline is the heat and humidity. when you factor in the humidity could feel like 101 or hundred
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>> a big admission from justin beeper. he said he considered quitting music after he was accused of fathering a band baby. what happened? >> she said she had the baby. he said he thought he might call it quits. he was in florida at the time.
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he said and not want to deal with this. he said he wants to be normal. guess what? you are not normal. you will hear stuff and it may or may not be true. you have to block out the bad. he has a lot of personal news. >> just somethere are a lot more just and bieber fans then pagers. >> some talented dog got to hang ten. these are surf doggies. a lot of categories like the
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tandem ride. the first daughter/dorgg ride. how do they know which way to launch into? >> they are very clever canines. >> the bull dyke seem to be pretty good at that. microsoft may be getting its first computer tablet. >> microsoft has a mystery announcement. they are expected to take on the apple ipad. they say it will run windows 8 and another say it will be a joint venture with barnes and noble. they may look into the dangers of cell phone radiation.
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the emission standards have not changed in more than 15 years. clicking on a search engine results may affect your computer. criminals are now poisoning search results links four times as much than 3 e-mail. this apple one computer just sold for $375,000. there are fewer than six in existence that still work. >> how much power would that have these days compared to what you have on your phone? >> i bet the memory of that is about the memory we have in this clicker. >> what a beautiful weekend. >> perfect weekend. 77 was the high. enjoy today. the heat and humidity is coming back.
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let's start with our radar this morning. we have some areas of rain. most of this is off to the west. even the metro area just east of the springfield mixing area. around the beltway we is starting to see the rain beginning to taper off. the areas of light rain to start the day. most of the action is off to the west. this is when to my great eastward. here is the steady rain. all this energy in action is shifting to the south east. there will be even more spotty showers and around the beltway in much area. here is another view.
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clear skies down in southern maryland. we have the rain off to the west. a little bundle. you can see this. we do not have all that much on. we will probably see some breaks and the clouds as well. gaithersburg is 61. though humidity. there you go. there is the heat and humidity. the humidity is going to be there as well. >> i thought i would pull up a picture of the camera. not too steamy. it is just the pavement we are watching. heading down 385 right now. headlights are eventually heading over to the walter reed complex. you're moving quite well on wet
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pavement. >> it is 60 degrees. >> a measurable weekend. but they did everything they wanted except for painting their local on center field.
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>> oklahoma city up by 10 well into the third quarter. then that advantage slip away when he got into foul trouble. they go on to take a 91-85. not the high scoring affair we sell our lease. miami up two games. >> the weekend series with the new york and yankeesyankees was a be something of a coming out party. >> of the elements were in place to show them that d.c. was alive. they were having none of that. they took all three games including sunday's match up. they have to recover quickly.
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they lost in 14 innings. >> the nationals not do the orioles any favors. they help them by taking two or three from atlanta. the final score was 2-0. >> another championship in golf. another new name at the top of the leader board. >> i do not know how many people picked him to win the open. he did in an interesting way. the data from the entire tournament. then the wait began. he waited to see if anyone would run through the door he left open. no one did. he finished seven over par. >> we are looking at 60 degrees. the news is continuing. >> we could see some protest. they will be to select an
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interim president. why there is a controversy. >> it is designed to be relief for riders. >> things are changing. temperatures are going to get
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>> straight ahead at 5:30, a new week begins and it starts a new program for metro riders. we will talk about how it's making your rourke -- rush hour commute smoother. >> we'll begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes
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starting off with lisa baden this morning. >> and things are relatively smooth. i'm going to show you traffic on wet pavement right now. southbound on 270, everything's behaving between i-70 and the beltway but this is a perfect transition to what adam has for you in store. go for it. >> let's go live to supercopper 7. we have some areas of light to moderate rain especially the beltway and montgomery county. so around the beltway and prince george's county, a line of light rain move east ward. and moderate to heavy win a in western virginia and western maryland. we will have spotty showers the
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rest of the day. 63 in hagerstown. 78 this afternoon. enjoy the comfortable conditions because things are change just in a couple of days. >> more rains running during morning and evening commutes. brianne carter here to explain how it all works. >> good morning. some people think that it might be a little confusing but metro is hoping that it will the be congestion relief and easier travel for many commuter this morning. it kicks off from 6:309:30 this morning. it gets under way this morning. what it is designed to do is really to reduce the crowding and transfer the transfer-free travel options for tens of thousands of metro riders. let's get you some highlights. on the yellow line riders traveling from green belt to springfield will be able to do so without transferring.
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usually riders would have to change lines perhaps to a blue line train in order to be able to do that. on the orange line. there will be additional trains, six additional trains, three running in each direction during rush hour between vienna and largo town station. there will be orange line trains running in that direction meaning more seats for riders. on the metro map, those lines that are going to be for rush-plus, only, will be denoted by a dash-colored line. the normal lap be there and then the dash-colored lines will be running during rush hour in the morning and in the evening. now there are some lines on metro, some stations that really are going to be the point of no return as some are calling them about where you're going to have to pay attention about which colored train is going on which direction. those station will make an extra announcement as will metro
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operators to make sure you're getting in the right direction. >> all right. thank you, brianne, for that live report. it's 5:32 right now. the university of virginia's board of visitors may say some protest to elect the interim protest. leaders held a meeting discussing president teresa sullivan's bankrupt resonation. -- resignation. this will damage the school's reputation and some u.v.a. donors are now threatening to withhold funds. >> what went on behind closed doors and things like that, i can't speak about it but it seems like we all really liked her. >> the board of visitors reportedly asked sullivan to resign because some didn't think she was doing enough to deal with looming financial problems. >> a man accused of leaving his 2-year-old daughter home for more than a day has a court appearance. back in december, his wife was in the hospital for several days and was concerned about her
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husband's ability to look after their child. so she called police. the toddler was found in filthy conditions malnourished and dehydrated. >> we turn to the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. sandusky's defense team is preparing to deliver its case to jurors. his lawyers have an expert prepared to testify. the former penn state assistant football coach has a personality disorder. the prosecution has its own expert conduct a psychiatric evaluation of jerry sandusky yesterday. and the jury in the roger clemens perjury trial will resume deliberations today after a four-day recess. so far, jurors have deliberated less than four hours. they have to reach the verdict, the former yankees pitcher lied to congress in 2008 when he denied he's using zperds husam khayrallah. -- human growth hormone. >> the man whose beating set off the most in destructive riots
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has died. rodney king's body was found yesterday in a pool. he was 47 years osmede king became a symbol of police brutality after four los angeles police officers were videotaped, beating him during a 1991 traffic stop. the city then erupt after the officers were acquited in 1992. king appealed for the riots to stop. he was arrested several times following the l.a. riots. 61 degrees. >> still to come on "good morning washington," harry thomas reports to prison. learn what he said to a church congregation a few days ago. >> and president obama in mexico where he will gather with other leaders for the g-20 supplement we'll take a look at some of the big topics they are expected to discuss. >> and another check on traffic
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>> hi, i'm here with my australian friends and we're going to stick around for more news. good morning, washington! ♪ >> just hanging out with bugs crawling all over you. well we do have some areas of rain outside to kick-start the day. the steady rain is off to the west along and especially west of i-81. even a few lightning strikes closer to petersburg and elkins,
5:39 am
west virginia. all this action is drifting eastward and some upper level energy causing it. that energy is going to barnled all day. we will have a few spotty showers throughout the day. we can't quite shake it. it's not going to be raining anywhere all the time. one heavy downpour along 66 here and lee highway in parts of arlington and another heavy shower just south of the beltway in alexandria and pushing eastward but some light rain around the beltway in prince george's county, temple hills area southeast d.c. and it's starting to taper off on the north side of the beltway. another comfortable day today with highs in the 70's. 78, the high temperature this afternoon. and a few peeks of sun. we really crank up the heat and humidity. wednesday through friday. back into the 90's and we're talking well into the 90's. 96 by thursday but when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like about 100 to 102 by
5:40 am
thursday amp. we get into the hot and sticky conditions. let's go to lisa baden with some wet roads. >> before you get to the portion where the lanes divide at the graph road for the wilson bridge, a problem with the tractor-trailer. and southbound direction is blocked. that's because of a trash truck that rolled over. we have traffic moving very well on the other side of town. we'll give you travel times working for you along the green way and the toll road. nothing on 66. and a good run on the 70. and now back inside. >> lisa, thank you. former d.c. councilman harry thomas will start serving his prison sentence this week at a federal prison in montgomery, alabama. it starts on wednesday. thomas pleaded guilty of
5:41 am
embezzling city funds. he spoke to about 200 supporters at a church in northeast d.c. saying he's been humbled by his prosecution and he thanked supporters for their forgiveness. >> it turns out even the mayor can't get out of jurisdiction. according to vincent gray, he's scheduled for jurisdiction at d.c. superior encouragement he still has other events on his calendar for today but most of those taking place later tonight. >> 60 degrees outside on this monday morning. >> and coming up, we are learning more about a deadly stage collapse before a radio head concert. the latest on the investigation and the person who was killed. >> and a disturbing story from texas where a mother is demanding action after she said a teacher told fellow students
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>> here's what's coming up on "good morning washington."
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days after the president's executive order on immigration, the romney camp struggling to respond. we're going to talk with "politico" about that. >> and an investigation on whether gas tanks in certain models of s.u.v.'s run a greater risk of catching fire. >> and horses are used in many kinds of therapies. now horses are being used to inspire those fighting breast cancer. find out more about that and more coming up at 6:00 this morning. >> looking at news now around the world. the muslim brotherhood says its candidates has won egypt's presidential election. it says his opponent's prime minister received 48%. the official results should be announced on thursday. earlier, the military handed itself the lion's share of the power over the new president, increasing the probability of -- possibility of confrontation. >> leaders meeting at the g-20 summit thrilled that greece's
5:46 am
bailout party won the election. >> abc's simon bradley has the details. >> a huge sigh of relief around the world this morning that greek voters elected the conservative new democracy party to address the country's financial mess. before the vote, there was fear that greece might have abandoned the euro and become the first country to quit the european union. >> i must vote for saving my country. i think that the idea of going out at the european union is a catastrophe. >> the vote doesn't mean an end to the problem but just enough to calm u.s. financial markets and stabilize the economy. >> it's a remarkable change. stability over cash. >> new democracy vows to work within the e.u. and to live with unpopular austerity measures.
5:47 am
world markets rallied after the vote overnight, asian stocks climbed and u.s. stock futures are up significantly. in mexico this morning, relief among president obama and leaders of the world's larger economies that a pro bailout party prevailed. now that the vote is over, the world is watching what greece does next. >> this is not about europe. it's no longer a european issue. it is a systematic issue and it's already happened. >> the uncertainty in greece remains. the new democracy party will need a partner to form a viable go. any such partnership will be fragile. >> all right, thank you. a senator wants a special counsel to investigate whether the obama investigation is leaking secrets. joe lieberman told fox news investigators should talk with president obama himself. attorney general eric holder appointed two u.s. attorneys to look into what leaked and who leaked the information about
5:48 am
classified intelligence operations. >> one man is dead after a stage collapse while setting up for a -- concert in toronto. the victim has been identified as the band's 33-year-old drum technician. three other people were injured. the concert was canceled after the accident. two eyewitnesses believe heavy machinery hanging from the structure's ceiling may have caused that cave-in. >> firefighters in california have been battling massive wildfires. this fire in eastern san diego county prompted authorities to evacuate 150 homes. it's burned about 250 acres and destroyed one structure. all this since yesterday afternoon. meantime, firefighters say a 2,200-acre wildfire near riverside county is 70% contained. >> a texas mother outraged after being told her son is slapped by his fellow students. a teacher told a class of kindergarten students to line up and slap her 6-year-old son.
5:49 am
she learned about it from the school weeks after it happened. the school said her son was bullying other students and this was the teacher's way of punishing him. >> the teacher never came to us when he had problems. the principal never said anything. he told us he was in line. he was misbehaving and so his teacher took him to that classroom. >> the teacher who ordered the slapping is on leave. she wants the school to be held responsible. the school is saying it's doing all it can to make sure it doesn't happen again. jack osbourne facing a health crisis. >> he told "people" magazine he's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he learned about his illness two weeks after his daughter's pearl. that affects the body's central nervous system and it can cause problems with muscle control. hopefully this will help raise awareness about m.s. >> sure. >> samsonite says it's pieces of
5:50 am
luggage are safe to use and don't pose a safety risk. >> and big banks have the government to thank from a big boost in business. >> good morning. the government refinancing program called harp is helping out wells fargo and jpmorgan chase. the "wall street journal" says the program which helps struggling homeowners is providing an unexpected revenue boost for them. the journal says banks that collect mortgage payments could get as much as $12 billion in revenue this year. and travelers headed for d.c. airports have taken a longer time to get there compared to eight years ago. citing a study a.p. says travel times from tyson's corner to reagan national increased to 44 minutes later. traffic congestion blamed for the longer trip. and independent tests says samsonite luggage is completely safe to use after reports say some models contain carcinogens.
5:51 am
choice magazine reported handles of some samsonites contain materials that could cause cancer. and that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell. >> thanks, linda. >> it's 5:51. we have adam caskey joining us here now. and off to a wet start. >> yeah. bring the umbrella out this morning. >> i did see the sun out there. a little bit of everything here. let's start with our rooftop camera and we'll jump with the live superdoppler 7. enjoy one last day of 70's because the heat is on by the middle part of the week. now you can't see the sun because of the shower. just minutes ago the sun was peeking between the clouds and raindrops and here's a look at the last superdoppler 7 showing you the rain moving overahead.
5:52 am
right there in arlington and that's a moderate shower pushing east. a little down pore. -- downpour. a moderate shower pushing eastward. light rain in parts of prince george's county, around the beltway moving into clinton and also andrews airforce base area and college park. even up around wheaton. metro area has start to dissipate a little bit. urbana one little downpour that's moving east along 270. off to the west is where we have the steadier rain and some heavier rain as well. cumberland, frostberg and parts of potomac island, that's where the steady rain is. that energy is going to slide towards the metro area later on today. spotty showers here and there all across the region throughout the day today with our unsettled atmosphere. and lisa -- at least it's comfortable.
5:53 am
61 in gaitsburg. yesterday, we only made it to 77 for the high. it will be similar, about 78 the high temperature but things change. our weather pattern is shifting. 94 on wednesday. 96 on thursday. so wednesday through friday into the 90's. the real heat and humidity of washington summer is going to be back. when you factor in the humidity, it's going to feel like it's closer to about 100 to 102 by thursday. so keep that in mind. it's been -- some intense heat is on the way. let's go to lisa with the damp commute. >> the wet side of the beltway near connecticut avenue, we had a crash reported inner loop near connecticut avenue. i was watching a fire truck role through. it was going through the area. didn't find anything yet. hasn't stopped the scene of anything. we haven't seen any traffic stopping in virginia, you had
5:54 am
two wrecks on the beltway. both on the outer loop to get over to the wilson bridge. first one near eisenhower avenue and you can get around both of them. how about that? >> all right, that's good to hear. 5:54 right now. 60 degrees. >> coming up on "good morning washington," creating a different kind of racket during a tennis match.
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>> well, it went from joy to anger leading to the set of a fines of this championship. nal bannan kicks the line judge. >> oh. >> we didn't expect that the barrier would break leaving the line judge with a bloodied chin. he's disciplined for unsportsmanlike conduct handing the title. what a way to lose a championship. >> he may as well kick the guy in the leg. >> pretty much. >> probably would have hurt less. what was he thinking? >> he's got a lot of time to think about it now that he doesn't have the trophy. >> yeah, really. and coming up, metro preparing to launch what could be the biggest service change yet. >> lisa baden back with an update on your monday morning commute. it is a wet start. we'll check in with adam caskey who swears he sees the sun. we'll find out at
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight at 6:00, big changes for metro this morning. we're taking a look at how the transit agency's new rush plus system works. >> and controversy at the university of virginia after the sudden resignation of the president. >> and testimony resumes in the trial against jerry sandusky. how the defense plans to present its case. "good morning washington" continues right now. [captioned by the national captioning institute]


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