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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> rise and shine. good morning washington. this is a live look outside on this monday, june 18th. >> we start with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. and we'll start off this time with lisa baden. good morning lisa. >> it bums because we're hearing about a collision on the inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. and we're just getting another one outer loop in the left lane at van doren. left side. and then another one after that on the outer loop near the telegraph road. so two collision now. springfield, wet pavement for everyone. 95. headlights are northbound with the normal volume. good at the pentagon. but rain, tell us that, show us the sandrare more adam caskey. >> i will, but first this picture is so -- this is for
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you. you sounded doubtful. over the bay and on in the eastern shore. lovely morning there. however, we have wet pavement around the beltway. prince george's county, that slides eastward and near cartsburg, a little downpour. but you see the steadiest rain and the most widespread off into west virginia and west maryland. spotty showers through the day. mostly cloudy with a few more peeks of sun later on this afternoon. 78 and comfortable today. we crank up the heat by the middle of the week. let's go back to cynne. >> there are two things i've learned. don't doubt adam and always fine reason to showboats in the water. >> that's right. the transit agency adding more trains to the green, yellow, blue and the orange line during the morning and evening rush hours. the hope is that it will relieve
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congestion. let's go to brianne carter with more. >> good morning to you cynne and steve. it's all part of this rush plus that kicks off in just about a half hour from 6:30 to 9:00 and 3:30 to 6:00 and some say it may be confusing and hard to understand. metro is hoping it will help with a little congestion relief. for tens of thousands of metro rail riders, their regular commute could be a bit different this morning. >> i think they're considering some things which could be really helpful for commuters in the system. >> the transit agency unveils the new rush plus program designed to enhance rush hour service for commuters on the blue, orange yellow, and green line. one goal, alleviate crowding on the orange line before the new silver line begins operating. starting today six additional trains will run in each direction during the morning and evenings between vena and largo
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town center, a station that only operates blue line trains. customers traveling the arlington cemetery will see three fewer trains an hour. >> there will be more orange through this section between courthouse and rosyln. that's when the relief comes in. as you're heading through downtown, all of these stations will see three more orange and three few herb blue each other and the reason we've made these changes is to preserve the same number of trains at these stations here at the far east and of the blue lines. >> yellow line riders traveling from green belt to springfield will be able do so without transferring. currently, riders will have to transfer trains to make that trip. >> it's really king street to this one.
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stadium armory is your last flies make that crebs and king street is the over. if you think you're on the huntington, but it's going to springfield. >> at both stations, train operators will make extra announcement. while some riders relish the new route. >> it should be quicker. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> others don't believe the change will be beneficial. >> i think it will hamper me because yellow line does not go to metro center so you have to be careful which train you get on. >> right. >> now that is certainly a lot of the comments people are making. you've got to be careful about which train you get to. at least where you have to make a decision like this station here at king street where now you'll have to make a decision on which yellow line train you're going to need to be to get to your destination. each of those rush plus train will be denoted by a dotted colored line. for more information, head to our website at
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>> we have more details about metro's new service on our website. you can log on to >> authorities are awaiting rodney king's autopsy and toxicology results. police found he 47-year-old unresponse siff yesterday. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a neighbor said he was shocked at king's death. >> i thought he was one of those spencer that you know, would always be around. he's one of the icons that you would look up to because with the l.a. riots, he's the one that really stopped them by telling everybody there can we all just get along? everybody just started getting along. >> king became a symbol of police brutality after a cameraman recorded him. the jury was deadlocked on the fourth police officer. controversy on the university of virginia. many worry about the future reputation of the school after
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president teresa sullivan was outed abruptly. john gonzalez with the latest. john? >> steve this is a decision that will undoubtbly even affect the local center for the school in falls church, virginia. during an emergency meeting yesterday evening, the school provost john simon spoke in favor of the president who was asked to step down last week and even he is saying he may consider stepping down. ahead of today's board of visitors meeting last evening, more than 700 people packed the auditorium where the provost defended this recently ousted president the faculty voted in favor of teresa sullivan during a rare sunday session. a majority of the crowd showing their full support. some worry about the future of the school and its good reputation after two years as the first female president. sullivan was reportedly asked to step down last week after looming financial problems and her apparent unwillingness to
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consider budget and program cuts at the university. >> i'm not even going to say it was necessarily a fan one way or the other of president sullivan. i believe she was a good president but just the way it happened was wrong. >> so this afternoon, the school board will meet to consider an interim president. we understand hundreds of students even though it is summer break, hundreds of students are scheduled to be outside of the school for a vigil during this 2:30 meeting. sullivan is due to resign august 15th. >> all right, thank you for that report john. it's 6:07 right now. a capital highlights man accused of leaving his 2-year-old daughter alone for more than 24 hours will be in court today. 24-year-old anthony vincent is charged with child neglect and reckless endangerment. police say the girl's mother called him from the hospital where she had been for several days. officers say the toddler was cold and hungry when they found
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her all alone in the apartment. former d.c. council member hair her will traffic report a federal prison this week. he will serve his 38-month sentence in alabama. he pleaded guilty to embezzling $350,000 in city funds. the "post" reports he told a church gathering in washington he's been humbled by his prosecution. >> it is now 6:08 outside. we're looking at 59 degrees. temperatures dipping with the rain falling. >> and danger on the road. an investigation into s.u.v. gas tanks and whether certain s.u.v.s have a greater risk of catching fire. >> and we're following the latest of the jerry sandusky trial coming up here. a key witness defense lawyer wants to call to the stand. >> and lisa baden is going to check our monday morning commute. traffic, relatively light at 6:08. we're ba
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>> hello. welcome to the animal league of arlington where is a pet waiting for everyone. make a friend today. >> good morning, washington! >> and good morning, washington. it's 6:11 right now. time for a check of traffic and weather. >> adam caskey searching for sunshine. >> yeah, sunshine far west to the metro. we have some rain in the metro area and especially off to the west. so let's start with live superdoppler 7. light rain in and around the beltway, especially the beltway
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in maryland and down in charles county moving eastward. and 270. some areas of light rain. blue ridge and word, that's pushing to the southeast. some spotty showers here and there. comfortable. upper 70's later on today. we crank up the heat by wednesday at that point into the 90's. as for travel weather omaha, 99 degrees. chicago, 98. >> thanks. jerry sandusky's lawyers expected to have their turn next week in the child sexual abuse case against him. >> they have an expert prepared for him. they say he has personality disorder. jumey joins with us the latest. >> this disorder is all part of a strategy that jerry sandusky's defense team plans on using to try to keep him out of spending
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the rest of his life in prison. there are a lot of people watching this case very closely and some of us tell us they don't buy the defense team's claims. this week, sandusky's defense team is expected to bring forth an expert who will claim sandusky suffers from personal disorder, a condition that causes the sufferer to exhibit sexually provocative behavior. according to the american psychiatric association, this disorder also causes the sufferer to not realistically comprehend the nature of their behavior. >> i think it's a bunch of baloney myself. >> last week, the judge ruled the defense is permitted to call this expert opinions. sandusky's lawyers will try to paint his interactions with children as misunderstood and part of a lifelong effort to help them not victimize them. >> rationalizing abuse to a child. it's not right. it doesn't work in my book. it shouldn't work in the legal system. >> the judge ruled prosecutors can also have their own experts
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conduct a psychiatric evaluation of sandusky. that evaluation reportedly happened sometime yesterday. but the question still remains. will sandusky himself take the stand? one prominent criminal defense attorney thinks it's his only hope. >> the only chance he has is to take the witness stand and just maybe he can convince one juror to hold out. >> prosecutors are close to wrapping up their case. so defense witness could take the stand as early as this afternoon. >> thank you so very much. it is 6:14. and outside, we're looking at 59 degrees. >> and coming up an alarming report about lapses at a government lab where scientist research some of the most dangerous microbes on earth. >> and ebooks gaining on traditional editions. the update coming up.
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>> leaders of the world's 20 top economies meeting in mexico. >> and ebooks now outselling hard covers. while toyota boosts discounts of itself lexus brand. here's rob nelson. >> good morning. topping america's money, the world economic summit, leaders of the world's largest economies are meeting today in mexico. president obama's hoping to see signs from europe that it will take bolder action to contain the financial crisis before it harms the u.s. economy. ebooks now outsell hard cover books here in the u.s. that spurred by the increasing use of electronic devices. paper backs are still the top
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format but those sales appear to be declining can. automakers offering discounts but lexus is going the extra mile. increasing its discounts to 60% especially on s.u.v.'s because it wants to regain its crown as the top luxury car in the u.s. and the animals rule the zoo and the weekend. "madagascar 3: europe's most wanted" tops again in the box office taking in $36 million. and that is america's money. have a great day everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> thank you. troubling news safety questions about the most popular s.u.v.'s. more than five million jeeps made between 1993 and 2007. it includes the cherokee, grand cherokee, and liberty. they say ruptured plastic fuel tanks located behind the rear axel could cause deadly fires. the government said 15 people have died on these crashes including two children. lab workers at the center for --
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centers for disease control voicing concerns about the systems concerned to keep bio hazards inside the facility. internal e-mails uncovered by "u.s.a. today" show air from a secured area leaked from a supposedly clean zone the c.d.c. told "abc news" the facility has hult. systems in place. scientists put on pressurized suits and go through pressurized interlocks that keep the fraher moving with them. the agency would not comment on the concerns of workers. >> time for check of traffic and weather. >> let's start things off with lisa baden with a look at the roads this morning. >> we would jump right up to news chopper 7 because they're flying over in in the mont claire section. this was a trash truck that rolled over. they have it back on its wheels between 95 and waterway drive. and traffic getting by in both directions at 234. now notice that the pavement is damp here. we did have a rain shower go
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through. hmm. could that be a contributing factor? i don't know. they're going to determine that. you can see weather they've already put marks on the highway where they've been doing pictures measurements, that sort of thing. this is close to water way drive. we'll go to the weather center now. >> sunday, 77, the high temperature. >> that's beautiful. >> perfect for father's day! happy belated to you! >> thank you. it's a great day. it was a good weekend for baseball weather-wise. >> it was. just not the results we wanted. >> no. i was there on saturday. >> i went friday night. >> i stayed through all four innings. got sing the song twice. >> you didn't take the kids, did you? >> no, obviously. [laughter] it's going to be another comfortable day in the 70's but the heat is going to get cranky. wednesday, into the 90's all the way through friday. let's start with the rainful total. the heaviest rain is in western maryland.
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frostberg, half an inch. locally, vienna picked up a quarter of an inch. and arlington under a quarter of an inch from the areas of rain that have pushed on through so far earlier this morning. here's the wide view of live superdoppler 7. damascus a little bit of rain. right along the international mall constitution avenue here. delray neighborhood, you're seeing a nice little moderate shower. and especially along 210 and 5 in prince georges county. it's going to be a damp commute and along 50 from d.c. all the way out towards buoy but that's moving east along 50 approaching largo and buoy as well. off to the west writes we have the steadier rain and some of the heavier rain west of the blue ridge. now it's starting to migrate. and all this action is going to continue to march eastward and
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close in on us later on today. so spotty showers throughout the day. the heaviest action is off to the west. we're in the 60's now. 63 in washington. on our way to about 78 for the high temperature this afternoon. with those areas of rain there, will be some sunshine this afternoon. and there's that heat wednesday through friday into the 90's with of course the thick humidity. >> all right adam. it's 6:22 right now. >> next, reality star, and new father jack osbourne with a shocking announcement.
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>> former reality star jack osbourne says he's battling multiple sclerosis. he learned about his illness two weeks after the birth of his daughter pearl. osbourne is the 26-year-old son of ozzy and sharon os bourn and
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that affects the body's central nervous system. it can cause problems with muscle control. we're very proud to announce that abc 7 won 10 emmy awards over the weekend. >> and the national capital chesapeake held its 50th awards ceremony over the weekend. you will see our "good morning washington" friends there, john gonzalez on the left along with chris and scott and jay, all up there, getting the awards. we took home some fantastic awards. kendall, congratulations. took awards for morning, daytime and evening, continuing coverage for the east coast earthquake. best anchor for our friend alison starling. and cynne got one herself. >> yay! >> congratulations. oh, look at how -- oh. how proud you are. [laughter] do you want to see the complete list? you can go to our website at or live off of cynne. >> i'll just keep it here.
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>> you earned it. there's still another half hour of "good morning washington." [laughter] >> coming up leaders of the g-20 summit breathing a sigh of relief after the election results in greece. >> and some congestion relief during rush hour. latest on metro' us in rush plus coming up in a live report. >> adam caskey here. some action on the doppler screen. we'll take a look at that and
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[ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains and now i build them. i'm a bigger is better kind of guy. i absolutely love building locomotives. i knew i wanted to design locomotives from when i was very young. [ jahmil ] from the outside it looks like such a simple device. when you actually get down into the bare bones of it, there's so much technology that's submerged. [ rob ] my welds are a signature i could tell my welds apart from anybody's. to lay down that nice bead and you look at it, i love it. they don't go together by themselves. there
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are a lot of little parts and everyone has their job. [ scott ] i'd love to see it out there on the open tracks. and when i see it, i'm going to know that i helped build that thing. [ train whistle blows ] here it comes! [ bell clanging ] [ train whistle blows ] wow! [ charlie ] it's one thing seeing them being built, but then to see them out here pulling freight across america, it makes us proud. ♪ ♪ >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a big relief around a world after pro bailout party wins a crucial election in greece. what it means for the u.s. economy. >> and making rush-hour easier for metro rail customers. that is the purpose of rush plus which kicks off this
6:30 am
morning. good morning washington. it's monday, june 18 6:30. i am cynne simpson. >> that is, and a winneemmy winner cynne. i am steve chenevey. >> i will let you know how things are going. theythe beltway at connecticut avenue had a crash, but that's gone as well as the delay. in virginia, 395 northbound after the beltway, normal volume. leaving duke street to get to the pentagon, normal now 2 adam caskey in the weather center. there are clouds, areas of rain, and what roads all around the beltway and especially in the district of. moderate showers have already moved through. here is live super doppler 7.
6:31 am
spotty showers in charles county. calvert county is still dry. most of the rain is west of 15 mainly along and west of the blue ridge as well in west virginia and western maryland. there are few embedded downpours in yellow and orange. one of the moving through mclean approaching the arlington county line, and in alexandria at the b-w parkway, a moderate shower in the heart of the district as well. limited sunshine today, limited to the afternoon. spotty showers here and there. highs in the 70's, comfortable. one last day in the '70s. changing by wednesday. >> we will see you in a little while. metro is making big changes this morning. >> the transit agency is adding more trains on the green yellow, blue and orange lines during the morning and evening rush hours to relieve congestion at a number of crowded stations. if it sounds confusing, brianne
6:32 am
carter will help make it easier. she is at king street this morning. >> good morning. a lot of people first hearing about this and thinking this is too mr. dicken and confusing. once you break it down, it is designed to get more congestion relief and make the trip easier if to and from work. 6:30 until 9:00 in the morning and 3:30 until 6:00 in the afternoon, four lines are affected where they bring in new trains to get more trains on the tracks and more seat available to passengers. on the yellow line between greenbelt and franconia's springfield, you will be able to make the entire trip without transferring. in the past you have to use a green line or drink, but now you can do it all on the yellow line train if. on the orange line there will be six additional trains, three in each direction during rush hour. you will get more seats. help that will eliminate some of the congestion at rush hour that
6:33 am
we have seen so much of. -- they are hoping . it's a dotted line on the maps instead of a solid line. metro employees will be out here to help you. the train operators will be able to help you to know exactly where you need to go if there's any confusion on your trip. brianne carter reporting. >> new this morning, and of and sparked an apartment fire in the district before midnight in the 2400 block of k street nw. firefighters quickly put out the flames but there was heavy smoke damage in the building. one person was injured and treated at the scene. a guardian angel awarded the robbery of a 73-year-old man yesterday at a mcdonald's on rhode island avenue northeast. king saw the suspect in the victim to the man's car as he tried to get inside. king been detained a suspect until police came and arrested him. >> great looking out.
6:34 am
officials at the university of virginia are discussing the new interim president today. demonstration is planned to protest the ousting of the current president teresa sullivan. hundreds met it last night in charlottesville for an emergency meeting h to meeting her. she was reportedly dismissed in a dispute with the board of visitors because of her unwillingness to consider dramatic budget cuts. >> i will not say i was necessarily a fan of president sullivan. i believe she was a good president, but when it happened was wrong. >> what went on behind closed doors i cannot speak about, but it seems we all really liked her. trucks and new donors are threatening to withhold funds from the university. sullivan has agreed to step down from her post on august 15. there are new calls for an investigation into allegations the obama administration leaked classified information for political gain. the centers around cyber warfare campaign against the patriot
6:35 am
program in iran. republican critics say it was orchestrated. senator lieberman says appointing a special counsel would avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. world markets and international leaders are meeting at the g-20 summit this morning. they are relieved that greece pro-bailout party won yesterday's election >> . the vote could have catastrophic consequences for the entire global economy. now tahman bradley has details. >> a cyberbullied around the world this morning as greek voters elected the conservative new democracy party to address the country's financial mess. there was enormous fear that the country might abandon the euro and become the first country to quit the european union. >> i must vote for saving my country. i think that the idea of going out of the european union is a
6:36 am
catastrophe. >> the vote does not mean an end to the economic problems, but it may be just enough to stabilize the global economy and calm u.s. financial markets. >> significant results not only for the country but for the whole of europe and probably for the western world. stability. >> new democracy vows to work within the european union and live with austerity measures. world markets rallied after the vote to. asian stocks overnight climbed. u.s. stock futures are up significantly. in mexico, a belief among leaders of the world's largest economies that a pro-bailout party prevailed. now that the vote is over, the world is watching isgreece does next. >> this is not about to europe. it is a systemic issues and it has already happened. >> uncertainty remains and there will need a partner to form a viable government and such a
6:37 am
partnership could be fragile. >> it is 6:36, 59 degrees outside. much more to come. we will find out how horses are helping to fight in the form of cancer. >> firefighters still have their hands full with a big wildfire out west. at another state to the list. >> we have
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>> welcome back. it's monday, 6:39. >> let's start with lisa baden. >> barista wet pavement. 66 95, you seem to be handling your own. there was pressure on the outer loop at van dorn street, but then has been taking care of. just struggling to get through springfield and alexandria towards the wilson bridge. we will take you to newschopper 7 so you'll know how to plan. leading newington, on the right side of the screen, 95. it's normal up to the pentagon this morning. now to adam caskey. >> it is a little damp outside some wet roads around the beltway and in the metro area, with the heaviest rain is along and west of interstate 81. that's where we had most of the
6:41 am
energy in atmosphere. that will slide to the southeast, break up a little as it moves east, but we will set ee this in the metro area later this morning. a few spotty showers locally. one downpour along the g.w. parkway, near potomac, and some steady rain in district heights towards largo and bowie, all pushing east. one downpour in alexandria moving over the potomac into prince george's county. we're in the low 60's right now 63 a district, 61 in winchester 63 in hagerstown, 67 in lexington park. high temperature of 78 with low humidity. here comes the heat and humidity. well into the 90s on wednesday all the way through friday. great swimming pool weather. high humidity as well. we could be talking heat index values around 100 by the middle and end of the workweek.
6:42 am
>> thanks so much. let's check on what's happening across the country. in northern colorado they are bracing for powerful wind. the blaze has scorched about 54,000 acres. it has destroyed 181 homes. some have been setting intentional fires trying to slow the advance of the main fire. but those efforts have to be put on hold with the wind. firefighters in california trying to contain a mild start and is burned hundreds of acres of brush. people in more than 100 homes in el campo were evacuated. right now, 59 degrees. >> we will preview an amazing event aimed at helping in the fight against breast cancer. it's not what you may think. >> we will take a closer look at the response to president obama's immigration announcement with mike
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6:45 am
>> monday morning. throughout history forces have been allies in battle. it's now program hopes the animals can help in the fight against breast cancer. jummy olabanji has more on the ride for life. sebelius this in horses grazing in the field or racing, but to watch a horse dancing to music is something magical. you can see this in person this weekend at the print george's equestrian center. >> it will be in freestyle the music. it's very much like dancing. >> the competition is for charity. a fundraiser started buying a woman who was a breast cancer survivor who dreamed of riding horses when she was going through treatment. >> it was her healing process to
6:46 am
know that she would get back on a horse. >> most important, getting help the. the proceeds go to john happens avon foundation -- johns hopkins avon foundation. >> it revitalizes me every year. what we do is based on studies interviews, all kinds of things. it takes money. >> this is a nurse at johns hopkins, but she is also a two time breast cancer survivor. she says the thousands of dollars the charity has previously raised helps with research and important programs and a retreat for the patients. >> it is one thing to live through breast cancer and another is to figure out how to move forward and will it happen again. >> the event will feature several family-oriented events including a dinner, silent auction, pony rides, and the dancing horse challenge.
6:47 am
>> when i saw how wonderful the benefit was and how incredible it made people feel, and it was a fantastic part of the event, i wanted to become more involved. >> event is this saturday and sunday. you can still get tickets. we have posted information on our website. go to jummy olabanji reported for upper marlborough. >> gop presidential candidate mitt romney is taking aim at president obama's immigration bombshell calling it a political move. >> the white house says it is not motivated by politics. mike allen is joining us now. happy monday. >> congratulations on your e mmy, cynne. >> mitt romney says the president should not a jump in front of congress on this issue.
6:48 am
>> this was very politically smart. the president really pre-empted what republicans were hoping to do on capitol hill. the president's policy, which immediately grants as many as 800,000 people, this is the kind of presidential action that really breaks through. this is something that everyone heard about and that really it took some of the air out of the efforts of senator marco rubio in florida that was trying to do something similar. mitt romney was probably going to leave himself open to endorsing that. it's one way to get out of the deep hole that he is in what's hispanics. romney has to find a way to fix that. >> that will be important in swing states like virginia and north carolina. sans colorado. republicans recognize-- and colorado.
6:49 am
republicans recognize that some democratic strength is growing in some areas. obama people are looking at the national polls and the national corridor buzz. if you look at the states where they have to do well, they will focus on registering more people that they think that if they voted they would be obama voters and especially focusing on women, hispanics, african- american gays, older people. the obama campaign has specific programs focused on each of those groups in each of the key states. >> immigration, republicans had a chance to take the lead and now looks like they will be trying to play catch-up. . >> that's and in virginia they have an asian and pacific islanders
6:50 am
program, to cover all the bases. -- that's right. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey. >> pay attention closely. let's go full screen. early this morning right about there, we actually saw the sun quickly followed by a nice downpour that went through the metro area. we picked up a quarter inch of rain in some spots around metro area. there we had a little sunshine. we will have a few more leaks of sunshine later on today. there's quite a bit of rain especially west of washington, west of 15. that runs through virginia, maryland, towards gettysburg. east of that, spotty showers even down metro area. a heavy downpour in arlington and along the potomac, around the palisades neighborhood.
6:51 am
towards the people heights as well. that is pushing east. along the beltway in prince george's county, basically runs national harbor, is where we had another downpour, but about across indian head highway. there's light rain on the eastern edge of the beltway near district heights and southeast d.c. getting light rain as well. there's most of the showers, especially the heavy rain along and west of interstate 81. all that energy will migrate eastward toward the metro area through this morning. we will have a spotty showers through the day. now we're in the low 60's. 78 degrees for the high temperature, unseasonably cool. that changes. look at wednesday, in the '90s, a great swimming pool weather. that's wednesday through friday, hot and sticky. >> we love you being an optimist. he can always find sunshine on a cloudy day. 59 degrees outside. >> we will try to get the clouds out of the way
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>> good monday morning. revelations about rielle hunter's callista joepa john edwards. what she says really happened between the two. remember the store from last week the hockey mom looking to
6:55 am
break up a fight it? what was she thinking? she will join us live to discuss it all in an exclusive. that's next right here on good morning america. >> thanks so much. we are following some breaking news this morning coming out of new york city. looking at this live video. this is a school bus carrying five children and two adults which collided with a taxicab. and it overturned in taxicab it's at 87 stabenow and 150th street in the briar oaks section. bus flipped over after striking a taxicab and you see someone being loaded onto a gurney on the sidewalk. we will keep an eye on this situation as it unfolds and bring you the late-breaking details -- briarwood section. >> now to lisa baden with traffic. >> newschopper 7 looking at
6:56 am
standard volume, nothing as complicated from the beltway -- nothing complicated on the beltway. and the pavement is dry. >> spotty showers will push through the metro area again later this morning. areas of rain here and there today. also little sunshine this afternoon. in the 70's today. wednesday through friday, well into the '90s. and there's intense humidity to joint that. it will feel like about 101 degrees when you factor in the humidity, by thursday. it would be nice if you have a swimming pool. >> it was too good to last. >> we are slightly below average. >> we will kill that in about a day. thanks for being with us this morning. that does it for this edition. stay tuned because good morning america is next? . >> we'll see you at noon. have a great day.
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[ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s. my dad and grandfather spent eir whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years.
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ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪ ♪
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