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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> could afternoon. are big story, new evidence just out in the trayvon martin shooting investigation. the court released phone calls made by george zimmerman during his time in jail. prosecutors say those recordings, and cinnamon in the act of lying about his finances. john gonzalez has been going through the transcripts in this
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latest set of evidence to be released. his live in a satellite center. >> these phone calls showed george zimmerman talking to is what about everything from eating hot dogs and being cold in jail to getting her a hotel room with a garage near the jail. they talked almost in code at times about their finances and payments that could land them both in more trouble. the state's attorney's office in florida has released six phone calls made by zimmerman while in jail to his wife. prosecutors also released bank statements today that seem to show large sums of money for either being deducted from zimmerman's account or been transferred into it. >> hello you have repeated a call from george zimmerman. >> shellie zimmerman was arrested after she lied about their finances to. has been released on bond. but the alleged lie under oath
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lander husband back in jail. this statement from his credit union shows hundreds of thousands of dollars being withdrawn during the week of april 16 if. but a week later multiple transactions of nearly $10,000 each being deposited back in there. >> i paid all the bills. any bill that needed to be paid, i did. >> these could play a critical role next week in his bond hearing. they seem to show the neighborhood watch leader instructing his wife to transfer money from the bank account. >> in the pipeline later down the road, that's fine. >> mrs. zimmermann testified that she did not know how much money has been raised from a website created for his legal defense. prosecutors say the calls show that they knew that roughly $135,000 had been raised. >>the two began to talk
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about where is passport is. he thought it was in a bag. and then she said she had it in the safe deposit box. he responded, hold on to that. >> we are gearing up for a week of weather changes. it's been a rainy morning. by the end of the week, prepare for a different story. near-record heat is on the way this summer. brian van de graaff has a look at our first forecast. >> outside it's kind of gray and damp at times. this is the best it's going to get this week. the heat and humidity will build. we will start with the doppler radar. the bulk of their rain is pushing out of here. showers in gaithersburg and a few more in southeastern charles county pushing into calvert and st. mary's counties.
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temperatures in the 60's right now. i think we will get peaks of sunshine, highs in the 70's. you can see the core of the heat in the middle of the nation, of 99 in omaha. that is headed our way. how long it will arrive and how long it will stick around, coming up. >> thanks so much if. is a major change in metro and it started this morning. day one of rush plus, its first scheduled overhaul in the history of the system. for some it made a longer wait. what did passengers think on the first day? brianne carter has the assessment. >> for a crush of commuters this morning, a reinvented ride on the rails. >> i got the red and then the yellow. >> the agency launched an enhanced rush-hour service at 21 stations along the green yellow orange, and blue line staff in hopes of alleviating crowding and reducing transfers.
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metro added trains and rerouted two lines. for some the new program proved to be beneficial. >> it was faster for me. i took the one that got me here the quickest. it was more crowded on the yellow line. >> metro employees did all they could to ease travel troubles. >> there were representatives outside the actual train. >> some say this morning was anything but easy. >> the first day of rush did not work. but danny tried to take the yellow line from college park to crystal city without switching trains. he said the suns never showed the yellow trains headed in the right direction. >> i was expecting with all the publicity that i would see a little making sure that it would work, but the boards or off and
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the train that came was not the one that it said would come. >> metro officials say there were few problems, but it was not related to rush plus. the transit agency says it will take a little while for commuters to catch on to the. new the >> will c. wood happens this afternoon, after transfer to get back to ballston. >>-- we will have to see what happens. >> it will run in the mornings and in the afternoons from 3:33 6:00. >> we will take a look get the system and all the changes that means for your commute on our home page, >> the university of virginia's board of visitors meets today to address president teresa sullivan's abrupt ouster. board is expected to name an interim president soon. despite nearly unanimous support from officials and alumni,
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sullivan has agreed to step down on august 15. the board of visitors passed a vote of no-confidence against sullivan as well as other officials. even those who did not support her said the school went about this all wrong. but i will not say it was necessarily -- say i was necessarily a fan, but just the way it happened was wrong. >> during today's meeting the faculty senate is planning a silent gathering in support of sullivan. >> medical examiner's trying to figure out what killed rodney king. his fiancee found his body in his swimming pool yesterday morning. in 1991, l.a. police officers were caught on tape beating him. there were not convicted and the case sparked the l.a. riots. police don't suspect any foul play in his death. there are investigating it as an accidental drowning. he had struggled with alcohol and drugs in his past. he was 47 years old. >> there are developments in the
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trial of jerry sandusky. this morning, prosecutors dropped one of the 52 counts against the former penn state coach. it comes as the defense gets ready to present its case. his lawyers plan to bring up a personality disorder to justify part of his behavior. diana perez has more. >> a accusers have described in graphic detail what they say jerry sandusky did to them when they were boys. they testified the former penn state coach course, fondled, and even raped some of them in schools showers and home or hotel rooms. prosecutors presented what they said were love letters and called eye witnesses, including assistant coach mike mcqueary, was said that he saw sandusky engaged in a sexual act with a child. as the prosecution rests what many courtroom observers say is a strong case, it is the defense's turn. its strategy includes questioning the accusers' credibility and motivation for coming for all these years later. it's a bit because of money or because they were troubled
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youth, but they are lying, that is what the defense will say. >> sandusky underwent psychological testing over the weekend and his attorneys are likely to use the results to portray him not as a pedophile but as a man suffering from histrionic personality disorder that leads him to act dramatically for attention. >> it is a clever move on the part of the defense. they have to explain away the letter, they have to explain away some touching that took place. >> that does not erase the days of damaging testimony from the alleged victim's. >> there's simply no association between that disorder and writing intimate or sexually suggestive letters to a minor. >> the defense hinted it may call character witnesses including sandusky's wife and the coach himself to the stand. than a press, abc news. >> gary giordano is suing american express for failing to pay death benefits on a maryland woman who disappeared in aruba. he is a person of interest in
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robyn gardner's 2011 disappearance. he filed a lawsuit against american express last week for the $3.5 million death benefit. he claims it was part of a travel insurance policy that he took out before his trip to aruba. has been missing since last august and is presumed dead. >> former d.c. council member harry thomas will report to a federal prison this week. if he will serve his 38-month sentence in montgomery, alabama. he pleaded guilty to embezzling $350,000 in city funds. the washington post reports thomas cole -- told a church gathering in northeast washington that he had been humbled by the prosecution. coming up, a meeting of the world's economic leaders in mexico. we will take you to the g-20 summit, where the talk today is all about agreed. >> and a big crackdown under way at a local parking lot. what police are handing out tickets. >> poor sportsmanship during a tennis match. see what happens when you kick the man.
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>> it ready to heat things up. when we will reach the 90's on the thermometer. it will not be
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clucks we're back with the latest effort to jump-start the world's economy. the g-20 summit is under way in mexico. >> of far it is focused on grea -- greece. karen travers has more. >> world leaders gathered in mexico are breathing a collective sigh of relief. over the weekend, greek voters narrowly elected a new government that supports bailout measures. are sticking with the euro as
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their currency. >> i must vote for saving my country. the idea of going out of the european union is a catastrophe. >> the global economy dodged a major bullet. the big question now in mexico, what is next? >> policymakers will now have to focus on avoiding the downside risk which would be a major shock to europe and the global economy. >> the ripple effect had been felt in the struggling u.s. economy. " the u.s. is not an island. we are in the global economy very closely interlinked particularly financial of. >> and on the presidential campaign trail. mitt romney warned that if president obama is reelected the u.s. could be facing the same grim economic outlook as europe. >> we would become more and more like you're up with chronic high unemployment and slow wage growth and with a military that
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gets slowly hollowed out. -- more liekke europe. >> you're doing the right thing -- europe doing the right thing is important to our economy. >> there arkaren travers, abc news. the results are coming in for the egyptian presidential election. an islamist backed by the muslim brotherhood is in the lead. but his opponents as the votes are being tallied. no matter the end result, the president could be nothing more than a figurehead if the home ruling military council says it will be legislative power for itself. >> look at this storm caught on video in the midwest yesterday in minnesota. storm chasers recorded a funnel cloud forming near the south
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dakota state line. the wind brought down power lines in parts of western minnesota and dropped 1-inch hale in spots. no injuries reported, thankfully. >> it seems the storm chasers when they are in the middle of fields and they see the tornado at a distance, but when you are driving through the downpours and thunderstorms, that does not look like fun. xstrata time i think that they rent cars and buy insurance. >> i guess so. >> that helps out. nothing severe like that around here, but the heat will be high. we have not had that yet. it was awesome this weekend. keep yourself school for the next couple days because the heat is coming back. today will be our mildest day of the week. -- keep yourself cool for the next couple days.
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we actually had allow will glimpse of sunshine this morning. there she went. then the clouds and showers moved through. that was a good rainfall this morning in the area. nothing severe. now a lot of that moisture continues to drift down to the south and east. you can see that energy pushing down to the south and east. behind that, clouds. we may get some sunshine and showers through the back half of the day will be spotty. a lot of that stuff pushing through will take the energy out of here. not anticipating a wet afternoon. 66 degrees downtown right now 74 in pittsburgh, 75 in charleston 86 in indianapolis 87 in chicago, looking for highs near 100 degrees in chicagoland. the jet stream is well to the north and heat will build in for the next couple days and we will feel it. upper 80s by tomorrow.
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low to mid 90's on wednesday. mid to upper 90s on thursday. when you factor in the humidity, it will be sweltering in the coming days. there's a front down to our south and west. the clouds may spin-outs a little during the day today. tomorrow we will start the warming trend as the warm air starts to live in here. the heat and humidity will be pumping by wednesday. it will be rather hot and steaming across the area as the hot air moves in. sunshine may break through with a couple spotty showers today later, comfortable, partly cloudy. stay showers possible tonight, in the '60s. high and a little tomorrow, mid to upper 80's. hot through the mid-week. a little relief on friday, low 90's. on wednesday well into the '90s. it's a warning for commuters. drivers using the woodbrige
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commuter lot should be careful where they park their cars. police are cracking down on cars that are illegally parked at horner rd. until june 29 the violators will receive a warning. after that the illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed away. >> gas stations have good news. gas prices are slipping again. the national average is down another penny to $3.50. in the district, a little higher. about a dime lower. virginia is $3.27 a gallon on average for regular. some parts of the old dominion seeing $3.90 a gallon. >> that's a nice break. coming up, we have new details on the tell-all book by john edwards' mistress rielle hunter. we have a preview ahead. >> also - x-rays from louisiana, the rags to riches stars of a new reality
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> new book is out from real hunter. in hits store shelves next week but the previews are stirring up trouble already. >> she is releasing a memoir detailing what she says really happened between her and john edwards. later this week in an exclusive interview she says she wrote the book for their four-year-old daughter. prosecutors dropped all charges last week against the former presidential candidate after his case ended in a mistrial in may jack osbourne. has been diagnosed with multiple
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sclerosis. he is the son of rock icon ozzy ozbourne. the 26-gerald learned of his illness two weeks after his daughter was born. -- the 26-year-old. it can lead to a loss of muscle control and strength. tennis players keep this in mind. when you lose your cool, don't do that. david nalbandian was leading by a full set on a weekend in the finals of the tournament when he hit a shot he was not happy with. he got frustrated and kicked a barrier in front of the line judge, but it was made of wood and shattered and went into the judge's shin and injured him. he is being investigated after an assault complaint was filed. so you go from being one set away from winning the championship to now possibly facing charges, if losing the match, and who knows how much money. >> that was the walk of shame. i bet he would change that if he
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could. still ahead, a final look at the afternoon forecast. stay with us.
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>> i cannot mentally prepare myself for what is to come. >> the weekend was cool. >> it was beautiful. >> it was perfect. first, a little more drizzle out there. then sunshine. get out and enjoy it. mid to upper 80's tomorrow. you'll feel the humidity in the air. by wednesday and thursday, mid to upper 90's. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like 105. low 90's on friday with a shower. upper 80s on the weekend. in for our first heat wave of the season. >> it looks that way. just in time for summer. >> thanks for joining us. the next newscast is at 5:00. >> we will be back here at "good morning washington" starting
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