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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stitute >> coming up at 5:00, the result of a very late meeting of uva's board of visitors. who was elected to serve as interim president following the resignation of teresa sullivan. >> police in delaware have released a photograph of a person of interest wanted in a suspicious death >> and a teenager was hit in the head with a spear gun in a freak accident. what doctors say about his recovery. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you are with us on this tuesday morning, june 19. good morning, washington. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. rise and shine. traffic and weather every ten minutes, starting with lisa baden. >> shining on 95 in virginia with a crash on the hov lanes in lorton that was blocking the left side. stay the normal course. that should be out of the way by
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the time you get there. grab a slug. nothing complicated or sluggish across the american legion bridge. good along 270 between father hurley and the beltway. there's a collision on the b-w parkway at the f theornew york /kenilworth ave. and there's a crash rattled island avenue. >> you will notice the humidity today. it will be quite a bit warmer than yesterday. we only reached 71 yesterday in the district and reagan national. we will be well into the 80s today. well into the '90s tomorrow through friday. 69 and now in the district, 67 at dulles airport, 66 at hagerstown. high temperature of 87 this afternoon. slight chance of showers mainly west of washington along and west of the blue ridge. >> new this morning, after 12
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hours of meetings, uva's board of visitors has selected its interim president following the controversial resignation of president teresa sullivan. john gonzalez is following the story from northern virginia in falls church. he joins us with the latest. >> good morning. that's right. the announcement came early this morning after a marathon 12-hour meeting, a meeting that was held behind closed doors while an estimated 2000 people held a vigil outside on campus in support of the recently ousted president. president teresa sullivan was abruptly and secretive with fired. some call at unprecedented turmoil. the board of visitors has named carl zeithami.. >> it seems like it has not been open to the public. i just don't like cow that represents the university or the community. >> even though major donors have threatened to withdraw pledges
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if sullivan is not reinstated, the board pushed forward after pushedher to resign due to a looming financial problems and her unwillingness to accept program cuts. >> you do great work every day and i want to thank you for what you do and for making this such a great university. at the end of the day, that is the most important thing. the university of virginia must remain a great university. awhile she addressed the massive crowd of students, faculty and alumni outside, the head of the board apologized for not being more open with the decision. >> we want to express our sincere regrets for the pain anger, and confusion it may have caused among many in our uva family. >> the new interim president was in his fourth term as dean and professor of the mcintire school of commerce at the university. governor bob mcdonnell does have the authority to reinstate the former president. there's no word this morning on if he will step. -- step in.
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>> police in dewey beach delaware hope a surveillance photographs will help them find a suspect in the suspicious death of a woman. >> this was at the atlantic oceanside motel on the coastal highway in dewey beach. brianne carter has details. >> authorities could release the identity of the woman found inside the motel located in the area where people are using beach course, that could be released today. in the bustling beach down, authorities are searching for a suspect after a woman was found dead inside this motel room. >> a killer on the loweose. >> investigators released the picture of the person of interest. this woman was in the motel above them. she saw them come into the room but did not see them come out.
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>> blond hair and blue eyes, very pretty. >> there was no id found on the victim. beachgoers and others are concerned. >> it is really scary. correct an official cause of death or motive has yet to be released. we could learn more in the next 24 hours. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> an american service member is dead and nine others injured after a possible insider attack in afghanistan. three militants dressed in afghan police uniforms turned their guns on troops at a checkpoint yesterday. a military spokesperson would not say which brands the u.s. troops were from or provide details on the location of the checkpoints. the army psychiatrist charged in the deadly shooting rampage at afforded texas, as a pretrial hearing today. if he has not shaved his beard he will have to watch from
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closed-circuit television and will be barred from the court. growing a beard is a violation of army regulation. jerry sandusky's defense team will continue to present its case today in the child sex abuse trial. jurors could begin deliberations as early as thursday. jummy olabanji is live in a satellite center this morning with the latest testimony. >> good morning. all six witnesses who took the stand yesterday for the defense were character witnesses, people know sandusky best and who could try to paint a different picture of a man facing more than 50 child abuse charges. first up in court yesterday were fellow football coaches and long-term friends who told the jury that sandusky is a local hero with a great reputation and that showering with boys was not unusual in the sports world. he has been portrayed as a monster, so what does the defense have? they have other people who see
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him differently. >> legal analysts say that these character witnesses and shed little light on the actual tif 1 charges against sandusky. his only hope may be his own testimony. but leaving court yesterday sandusky did not say whether or not he would take the stand even though months ago he told the new york times that he wants to clear his name. >> these allegations are false. i did not do those things. >> a sandusky to make take the stand is his wife of 46 years. she was in court on the first day of testimony but is not been back since because of potential witnesses are excluded from listening in. the judge says the defense will probably end its case by midday on wednesday and prosecutors will get a chance to respond coming in closing arguments will start on thursday, less than two weeks after if what was expected to be a two three-week trial.
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>> thanks so much. 5:07, 66 degrees. >> and early heads up for metro riders. why you may want to avoid the navy yard metro station this weekend. >> more on a big announcement from microsoft. there's a new tablet. >> let's check outside once again. there's traffic on the american legion bridge. 66 degrees. heat is on the way.
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>> good morning, washington. 5:11 on a tuesday morning. looks pretty glorious as far as traffic is concerned. we had a couple things that happened overnight, but nothing major on the highway right now. i will start with traffic in and out of the district. virgin islands avenue and south dakota avenue, there was an accident, but that is gone. baltimore-washington parkway had a minor collision southbound at the decision point for new york kenilworth avenue, that's gone. this is traffic out of clarksburg and to germantown and through 270 southbound all the way to the beltway, is moving freely. now to the weather with adam caskey. >> nothing on the radar screen this morning. not damp, but the clouds will be
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breaking later this morning. partly cloudy for the majority of the day. temperatures in the '60s, 69 in the district. a few degrees high of the high temperature that we reached yesterday. exceed three in winchester, 66 in martinsburg, 70 in lexington park. 87 this afternoon, slight chance of thundershowers mainly west of washington, especially along and west of the blue ridge later today. i hope you are ready for heat and humidity. you will notice the humidity today. it will not be oppressive, 87 and muggy. well into the '90s the next couple days. tomorrow through thursday it will feel like about 100 degrees or so when you factor in the humidity. take the necessary precautions. >> in might be a good idea to avoid the navy yard metro station late saturday and early sunday. the station will be closed from
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10:00 p.m. saturday until 7:00 a.m. sunday a security exercise. green line trains will still run, but they will not stop at the station. half street entrance closed from 7:00 p.m. until 12:30 p.m.. >> 66 degrees right now. >> in the nba who is the new head coach of the charlotte bobcats. movie tickets are pretty expensive, but you will not sfx: sounds of marching band and crowcheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring arica's troops. ich is actually quite fitting because gegeico has been servingthe military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a couple stores we are talking about, a construction
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company in princeton, new jersey, decided to add some humor into one of their signs warning people the construction is going on. not everyone is laughing. "apologize for the whistling construction workers, but you look good!" it is a little funny. corrected its creative. >> but one group says the sign misconstrues sexual harassment as a joke or even a complement and they don't appreciate the sign. >> their biggest concern is this is a shopping mall under construction and a lot of young girls will go there, so they don't want to make light of the matter. who knows if anybody was offended. they will take a petition to the people. >> we will see what happens. >> no word of whether it has
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been taken down. are you going to go see the new batman movie next month? >> i may. although i think "the dark knight" will be hard to beat. >> the release date is july 20. a lot of folks like to get tickets early for the big movie just like the "hunger games" but this is local different. folks are scalping movie tickets for up to $120 to go to one of the first showings of the new film. >> $120. can you imagine? i would not do it. >> there's a note on the web site where they are reselling the tickets. say that multiple seats will be side-by-side and, an extra incentive. usually you can sit down wherever you want to.
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>> not a lot of reserve seating and movie bidders usually. if folks want to do it, there is a lot of buzz. there is 15,000 people on the our twitter page of a british group just to get updates on the movie. >> i can wait two weeks to see a movie. it is too crowded. >> microsoft unveiling a competitor to the ipad. >> also, sharp tv 's getting bigger. >> microsoft tries for a bite of the apple. it has unveiled its challenge to the ipad. the tablets will run windows 8. it is the first actual computer that microsoft has produced itself. that is a change of direction for the software giant. >> microsoft is really focusing on the hardware.
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microsoft does not really make hardware. they have made keyboards but not computers. >> it's likely the surface will go on sale this fall. no word on the price. sharp is offering the biggest home theater television. it has a 90 inch screen, the built-in wi-fi and is 3-d capable and cost $11,000. if you are following the olympics next month check out facebook explore new london 2012 page. i am rob nelson. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. >> out dakota avenue and rhode island, overnight accident investigation complete. they said they are out of there. so go for it this morning through northeast d.c. park police said the crash on the b-w parkway southbound at new york is on the shoulder. they should be gone by the time
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your drive. we will take you to a live picture of virginia. it looks good. 395 at washington boulevard. always looking good. -- always looking good is adam caskey. >> i love you. >> i had to go there. >> i'm loving it. >> what was that the theme music lisa theme musichumming? >> -- theme music lisa was humming? >> i don't know, but i will find out. let's go to the weather map. take a look get the temperature. 70 right now and the district, 62 in winchester, 66 in hagerstown. referral a mild start, cloudy outside. you will definitely notice the
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humidity today. it is on the increase. of course the temperatures are too. warm air is moving in from the west and southwest. here's a wider view of the temperatures. in the midsection of the country, 80 degrees in omaha at this hour. but the nine in chicago, 73 in oklahoma city, 77 in detroit. at reagan national, 70. the orange color shows where the heat is located currently. high temperatures yesterday, in annapolis, 95 in omaha 100 degrees in denver. that was a record. 92 in indianapolis. in d.c. we made it to 71 yesterday. the hot and sticky air is pushing our way and it will make it your gradually later today and especially by tomorrow. there is the warm air mass. the cold front is staying well to our north. keeping the cool air in canada. all the hot air will take over
5:22 am
for the next couple days. 87 today, not so bad. average high is 85. it will feel warm and muggy today. slight chance of thunder showers especially west of washington, along and west of the blue ridge. well into the '90s tomorrow through friday, but it will feel like 100-103 when you factor in the humidity, so take the necessary precautions. >> it is 5:22. >> what pitcher lead the major league in wins strikeouts, and earned run average? r.a. dickey. >> conjoined twins, doctors believe they may share the same feelings or even thoughts.
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correct this one to left field. >> watch what happens. this is a lesson for youngsters everywhere. look at that little guy. fantastic catch by the youngster. that was at the houston astros game last night. he catches the home-run ball. there's a high five. reaching out with a bitter cup
5:27 am
batman. he spilled the beverage all over himself. there's a lesson from the youngster. >> it requires focus. >> exactly. >> the astros did win the game, beating the kansas city royals 9-7. >> and now tim brant. >> hello. the nationals were off last night after a rough weekend with the yankees, but they jump back into the american league east tonight against the tampa bay raise. the orioles and the mets in new york, the orioles had pitched 25. one swing. that's over. ike avis, long distance. bring them all around. a grand slam. 4-0, mets. r.a. dickey had 13 strikeouts and back-to-back one hit shutout for the new york mets. the nationals and the tampa bay raised tonight. have a great day everybody. >> as the miami heat and oklahoma thunder prepare for game 4 tonight in miami, the
5:28 am
charlotte bobcats are making moves for next season. michael jordan goes about tents have hired st. john's assistant coach mike dunlap as the new head coach reportedly. charlotte owns the second overall pick in next week's draft. wizards have the third overall pick. look for some more surprise moves from the bobcats. >> 5:28, 66 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> the latest on the search for a person of interest in the suspicious death at a popular resort town. >> the university of virginia has a new interim president this morning, but the controversy on campus continues. an john gonzalez with a live report coming up. >> ready or not here it comes.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead after a nearly 12-hour meeting uva's board of visitors has selected an interim president following the controversial recommendatiresignation of president teresa sullivan. it's tuesday, june 12, good morning, washington. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. adam caskey has the first check on the forecast. >> today will be well into the 80's, 87. much warmer tomorrow into friday. will be breaking the 90-degree barrier, well into the '90s the next couple days. cloudy this morning.
5:32 am
that should start to break up once the sun rises and restart to get some heat. we will be partly cloudy for the majority of the day. 64 in leesburg, 65 in vienna 68 in washington, 67 in silver spring. a third of an inch of rain was picked up yesterday in spots. 87 this afternoon, a unit partly cloudy, slight chance of an thundershower -- a condition along and west of the blue ridge. >> uva has selected an interim president to replace teresa sullivan, who is resigning. this does not come without controversy. john gonzalez is live at the northern virginia center to explain what is happening now. >> that's right. the controversial announcement
5:33 am
came early this morning after this marathon 12-hour meeting. the meeting was held behind closed doors while approximately 2000 people held a vigil outside on the campus for the recently ousted president. after two years, president teresa sullivan, the first female president of the school, was abruptly fired. some call it an unprecedented turmoil. carl zeithami has been named interim president even though major donors are planning to withdraw pledges if sullivan is not reinstated. they asked her to resign due to a looming financial problems and her unwillingness to accept program cuts/ while sullivan addressed the massive crowd of students, faculty, and alumni outside yesterday, the head of the board apologized for not being more open with their decision. but they stand by their decision. the new interim president was most recently in his fourth term as dean and professor of the
5:34 am
mcintire school of commerce at the university. governor bob mcdonnell does have the authority to reinstate teresa sullivan. no word on if he will step in ag. >> police are awaiting autopsy results in a woman apparently murdered in dewey beach delaware. it could be the town's first ever murder. a housekeeper found the woman's body yesterday at the atlantic oceanside motel. it appears she had been stabbed. police are looking for a man who appeared on surveillance video. police are calling him a person of interest. >> this is dewey. things happen, but never somebody getting murdered. >> she was young, blonde hair, blue eyes, very pretty skinny. >> joanne stay in the room right above the apparent crime scene. says she saw the man on the as -- on the surveillance
5:35 am
video go into the room with of the woman but did not see both of them leave. >> the chief suspect in the robin gardner disappearance is trying to collect an insurance policy in the maryland woman's name. he is suing american express winnie's sai -- suing american express because he says the company did not pay the $3.5 million life insurance. >> jerry sandusky's had six witnesses on the stand as character witnesses. it remains unclear if he will take the stand in his own defense. the chances of roger clemens getting into the baseball hall of fame may have improved. there was a 10-week trial and a federal jury in d.c. found him not guilty of lying to congress
5:36 am
when he denied using performance enhancing drugs during a 2008 hearing. prosecutors had built their case around his former strength coach brian mcnamee, who testified that he injected roger clemens with steroids. >> we're looking at 66 degrees outside. >> still ahead a teenager lucky to be alive after being hit in the head with a spear. doctors are saying about his recovery. >> also, an update on the child known as the mini darth vader, how he is doing after open heart surgery. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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click on with the ocean city police department. we remind you to be safe and always be careful crossing the roadway. good morning, washington. >> thought o'clock 39, mostly cloudy to start the day. looking at doppler radar, in frederick county, a few sprinkles developing. -- 5:39. let's take a look at chesapeake beach, minutes away from sunrise. it will be gray and cloudy. 69 degrees along the water. in the '60s everywhere. winchester '63, '64 and round hill 67 in germantown and bethesda.
5:40 am
68 degrees in stafford. highs in the upper 80s today 87, warm and muggy. slight chance of thundershowers especially west of washington mainly along and west of the blue ridge. well into the '90s tomorrow through friday. make sure that the air conditioner in your car is up to snuff. lisa? let's go back to steve and scynne. >> the 7-year-old actor who plays darth vader is out of the hospital after successful open- heart surgery. >> matt had the surgery last week in los angeles. he had a heart valve replaced. he was born with a congenital heart defect. he will be fully recovered after 10 months. getting ready to party like it's 1989, because arsenio hall is returning to late-night tv. >> is developing a new late-
5:41 am
night venture with cbs television. the show has been sold. you will be able to watch it in the scene as well. more cities are expected to be on the way. slated for a fall 2013 premiere. he still has about a year of development. >> i hear adam caskey barking from the weather center right now. >> singer rihanna about to reveal all to open and frerah nothing. will be off limits. that means she will be questioned about her current relationship with her exports friend chris brown after they split in 2009. she is relieved -- believed to be the subject of recent brawl between chris brown and rapper drake at a club in new york. that interview will air in august. >> we are looking at 66 degrees 5:41. >> were leaders plan to wrap up
5:42 am
the g-20 summit in mexico. if cracks and we have the latest on a freak accident that left a teenager with a spear in his head.
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>> bought the club 45. coming up, the need to feel plugged in at all times. -- 5:45 is the time. we will look at smartphone addiction. >> the president is in mexico while gop president mitt romney goes to michigan. we will get the latest on both. >> a miraculous surgery, but a strange side effect -- alcoholism. >> we want to talk first about the trayvon martin investigation. jailhouse phone call records are providing new details about the former neighborhood watchman on
5:46 am
tear who killed martin guerre the records reveal zimmerman did tell his wife to buy a bulletproof vests for him, her and his attorney. the calls detail how he instructed his wife to transfer money from bank accounts. calls the play a crucial role in his second bond hearing, which will be next week. heat and humidity complicating efforts to control a bunch of wildfires across the western u.s. colorado firefighters dealing with temperatures near 100 degrees as the battle a blaze that has destroyed nearly 9000 square miles and destroy nearly 200 homes. the heat is having an impact on the crews trying to find wild fires burning in miami, arizona and southern california. >> a teenager in florida recovering after a freak accident involving a spear gun. doctors had to cut the three- foot pier from his head before they could even do an x-ray of the 15-year-old lopez. may day police say that a friend
5:47 am
accidentally fired it on june 8 while lopez was swimming in a lake. the remains conscious and alert that is until doctors surveyed in him. >> it is a striking injury something you don't see every day. a patient lying awake and speaking with a three-foot spear through his head. >> it is miraculous that it missed blood vessels in the brain >> . the surgery took three hours. doctors credit paramedics with keeping the teenager calm and the spirit intact. morning america will have more on this amazing survival story. >> president obama and other world leaders wrapping up the g- 20 summit in mexico. >> that is where they are expected to announce a major agreement on shoring up the global economy. tahman bradley has a preview. parks world leaders meeting today in mexico will unveil a coordinated plan for job creation that they call a top
5:48 am
priority in fighting the european economic crisis. the crisis affecting the u.s. economy and his hopes for reelection at stake, president obama is pushing europe to come up with a bold plan to create stability. now the time to make sure that all of us joined to do what is necessary to stabilize the world financial system, to ensure that we are working hand in hand to both grow the economy and create jobs correct. it has been difficult so far to get euro zone countries to agree on anything meaningful, if such as establishing one of our organization to police and ensure all the banks in the 17 countries of the euro zone. obama and the russian president shared common ground on trade and investment, but not much i contact. >> there's a need to expand trade and investment between the u.s. and russia and both agree more can be done, that there's
5:49 am
great potential to create jobs and opportunities in both countries. >> the crisis in syria became the major focus of the meeting. the leaders said the assyrians should choose their next government. president vladimir putin said that he and mr. obama share many commonalities on syria, but he offered no specifics on what they were or how to stop the violence. >> thanks for that report. itthe apple iphone has changed the lives forever. >> and footwear maker adidas is under pressure over a controversial sneaker. linda bell has more from new york. >> let's begin with adidas. they canceled plans for a sneaker with a shackle. it has been criticized for resembling three slavery. they were made in collaboration with fashion designer jeremy scott.
5:50 am
the designer says that it was inspired by the 1980 "my pet monkey." five years since the first by phone and gazelle conducted a survey and found how great an impact the device has had on consumers' lives. many consumers have ditched their ipods or mp3 player, a camera, or gps unit. consumers have become very dependent on it. 15% say they would rather would rathersex then go weekend without to their iphone. -- would rather give up sex than go a weekend without their iphone. >> you can take my iphone. >> cell phone addiction. there is such a thing.
5:51 am
you see everybody crossing the street and almost getting hit by cars because they are typing. >> very dangerous. >> getting hot and sticky out side. back into the nine days starting tomorrow. we have a few showers popping up on the radar screen right now. let's look at them on live super doppler 7 radar. starting with the rooftop camera, you can see the clouds over foggy bottom. the georgetown waterfront on the left side of your screen. we will soon in a little closer. near manassas, southeast of manassas, along and between 234 and the prince william parkway is where there's a downpour. along 95, north of lorton intersection of 95 and 7100, there's a downpour. a few sprinkles northwest of town around frederick county. they may develop into something more. we will keep a close eye on the radar. it is a little unsettled outside this morning with some energy
5:52 am
moving overhead. 70 right now and the district, one degree shy of our high temperature from yesterday. 64 in culpeper, 66 in martinsburg, 63 in cumberland. here's a wider view of temperatures. 95 yesterday in omaha. 90 in minneapolis. in the district, 71 degrees yesterday. this is the source region for the heat and humidity that is pushing our way. that will be moving into town today through the rest of the week. 87 this afternoon, slight chance of isolated showers of especially along and west of the blue ridge for the afternoon. even this morning locally because in isolated showers. well into the '90s tomorrow, 95 with high humidity making it feel like 100. 97 on thursday. it will feel like 103. hot and sticky. cooling a little for the weekend. lisa baden, what is the latest? >> stay the course of 95 in
5:53 am
virginia. there was a crash in a silvery lanes in lorton moved on to the shoulder -- in lorton in hov lanes. in springfield, these are the headlights, and it's normal to the pentagon. we will zoom on over to maryland. this picture looks like a starfish. we are good in rocklirockville at the mixing bowl. metro will reporting normal service systemwide. the foggy bottom entrance escalators are out of service. bus service has been established, but not as -- has been requested but not established yet. what does foggy bottom mean? who is thinking of these names? >> thank you. much more to come on abc 7. he has held the title 11 years
5:54 am
now. tiger woods cannot brag any more about being the highest-paid athlete. who
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> forbes has released its list of the 100 highest paid athletes. it turns out boxer floyd mayweather jr. is number one on the list. >> it only makes sense because his nickname is money. he made a $70 for his two fights
5:57 am
last year. he's currently in jail serving a three-month sentence in las vegas for domestic battery. second on the list is another boxer, manny pacquiao, $62 million. tiger woods was the no. 1 on the money list since 2001, now and third-place. nba star lebron james in fourth place, followed by tennis star roger federer. >> making money. we have a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> including uva about to get a new leader. pull his been selected to serve as the interim university president following the controversial resignation of teresa sullivan. >> lisa baden will update us on the tuesday morning commute. traffic and weather when we
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead controversy at the university of virginia as a new interim president is named. >> obama and found dead in what could be the first ever murder in dewey beach. >> the event begins in the csex abuse trial -- the defense begins in the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. "good morning washington" starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is tuesday, june 19. we're o


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