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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news and 12:00 -- on your side. >> breaking news. an elderly man hit by a dump truck. this happened at 9:30 this morning at the 1100 block of w
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street northeast. gail huff has the breaking news. >> the victim taken here from the scene by ambulance was unconscious with life- threatening injuries. you can see the scene is still very active here. at 9:30, that dump truck driver struck a worker who was walking across the lot delivering mail. the driver first ran over the man then stopped and backed up over him again. that is according to witnesses. the plant is owned by ford myrick construction. they supply materials for government road projects. the victim, around 80 years old, was a long-time employee of the company. >> i have been here 25 years. he has been here before me. this is where we load up at. that is where we know him from. >> good guy?
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>> very good guy. nice guy. always chatty, always talkative. >> police are not yet releasing the victim's name. he is at a hospital now with life-threatening injuries. police and transit investigators are collecting evidence here. we do not know yet if the driver will be facing charges. gail huff, abc 7 news. >> we will have more coming up in our evening newscast. we're following more -- more breaking news. and other workplace accident. this accident happened in laurel maryland at 9:30 this morning. a worker fell about 20 feet into a concrete trench and was flown to the hospital. at this point we do not know any word on his condition. this afternoon, the heat is on for most of the nation. the majority of the united states is dealing with sweltering august-liked
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temperatures. the scene and chicago -- temperatures were in the mid 90's all weekend. that he is creeping east. will have a look at how hot it is going to get. >> we are already seeing a bit of that heat. it is not that bad, actually, a couple of degrees above average. tomorrow the heat is really on. if you have any outdoor activities planned or physical exercise you want to take the necessary precautions. not only will be in the 90's, but well into the 90's, especially on thursday. right now is 79 in washington, 80 in bethesda. mid to upper 80's 4 highs today slight chance of a thundershower. here is your travel forecast. a -- 96. chicago, 95. el paso, texas, 106. denver down from 100 to 94 today.
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some severe weather possible in the upper midwest into the upper peninsula of michigan. your seven-day is coming up. >> remember, you can track the temperature any time online at, also on the storm watch app for your smartphone. in search is underway this afternoon for a suspected killer in dewey beach. a woman was found dead inside of a hotel room yesterday morning. investigators say it appears she was stabbed. investigators are looking for a man seen in surveillance videos. here you see him. his name is pawan kumar of wilmington, delaware. police are asking anyone who knows about his whereabouts to give them a call. new at noon, a local swim coach faces a charge of inappropriate conduct with a former student. the young woman claims she had
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sexual contact with him in 2001. it happened supposedly at james madison high school. brianne carter is live in fairfax with more. >> the judge set bond at $15,000, $5,000 per count. his attorney speaking to the judge said that he has been a member of the scam -- community almost his entire life and that this came to him as a complete surprise. >> 39-year-old noe is accused of having inappropriate sexual conduct with a team. he could be released on bond today. this morning, a judge set bail at $15,000. the forest and coach -- former swim coach is charged for three counts of inappropriate conduct with a minor. the alleged victim, now 27 years old, filed the complaint on wednesday. his attorney says he had no
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prior criminal record and turn himself into police. he says the alleged victim was 21 and the two updated for six months. he is a graduate of george mason university and worked for a government contractor and has worked assistant coach for several organizations. over the weekend, his fiancee had this to say. >> he denies all allegations and looks forward to disproving everything in court. >> he also must surrender his passport and stay within the d.c. metropolitan area. he is expected to be back in court for planning a hearing on august 2. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> it is a two for the defense in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. a witness testified. one said they -- the accuser has a history of lying. the witness is the sister of the accusers best friend.
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they will call more character witnesses to counteract claims that sandusky abuse 10 boys over a 15 year period. there's still a busy afternoon and had in the trial but we will have the latest from the courtroom and abc 7 news at 5:00, also on our website at we turn to developments in the controversy at the university of virginia. the the board of visitors chose a new interim president following a very long week -- meeting. it is an issue that has divided the campus. john gonzalez is live in a satellite center with the latest. >> teresa sullivan, who led the university for two years, is on her way out. an interim is now in place ready to take over in august. but this afternoon the fallout continues. >> carl zeithaml is now the interim
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president at the university of virginia. he was selected after a 12-hour meeting that ended this morning. many of the estimated 2000 students faculty, alumni waited outside during the proceedings and then heckled the board members. >> why don't you resign? >> the director of the center for politics sent these tweets this morning. >> i actually now carl zeithaml. he is a good man, but the fact that he would accept this job -- >> teresa sullivan addressed the massive crowd that had a vigil
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on campus in her name. >> you do great work every day. you are making this such a great university. >> schools here -- students here in falls church have an opinion. >> people are just waiting for you to make a mistake. >> even though major donors have threatened to withdraw pledges it sullivan is not reinstated, the board is moving forward. director apologizes for all the "anger and confusion." >> thanks for that report. ocean city is cracking down on open containers. they passed an ordinance that slaps someone with a misdemeanor for having an open alcohol container in public. open containers were previously considered minor infractions but the new ordinance is now in the fact. there was a similar law previously, but it was changed in 2008. we have much more ahead here on abc 7 news at 12:00.
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here we have learned about one of the man who many thought would be one of mitt romney's top choices for vice-president. also how to make decisions about what credit cards to keep. we will show you where mother nature unleashed harassed in the midwest. and, adam has more on the toasty
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>> we are back with the race for the white house. there is word one of the men believed to be at the top of the list for mitt romney's running mate is not on the list at all.
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abc news has learned that florida senator marco rubio is not being vetted. >> he is considered a rising star of the republican party and he is a popular choice among conservatives to the mitt romney's #2. >> the next president of the united states -- >> florida senator marco rubio is not even been considered for the ticket i team romney. republican sources say that he has not taken the traditional for steps that are part of the process. he has not filled out any questionnaires and has not turned in any financial documents. the charismatic young senator is wildly popular with conservatives. some say he could help put florida back into the win column for republicans. current polls show mitt romney trailing president obama badly by hispanics. -- among hispanics. >> i think our message is that
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there is nothing more important in the hispanic community and the burning desire, i would say obsession, and leaving children better off than themselves. >> so why isn't rubio on his short list? >> he is still relatively new to the public stage. the romney campaign seeks to avoid coming up with surprises. >> in robbia's cuban american neighborhood they see bigger things. >> vice-president? not now. maybe president. >> some may be disappointed. karen travers, abc 7 news. >> all eyes are on mexico today as the leaders of the world's largest economies wrap up their two-day meeting. president obama was among them. leaders are expected to release a statement showing a united
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front to tackle the world's economic problems. they will lead efforts to boost growth and job creation. at the summit largely focused on europe's financial problems specifically greece and spain. >> mother nature was behind a big mess in parts of the midwest. look at this destruction. heavy rains and wind brought trees down and power lines. many were left without power. the storm damaged roofs of buildings. the national weather service reported winds of up to 60 miles per hour. clearly those powerful winds did damage. >> they did. they often get those in the midwest. nocturnal and overnight storms. you'll be woken up in the middle of the night by strong winds. usually tonight it -- usually here is on the drive tom. >> they need as weather radios. >> ira member the sirens going off as a kid.
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we are stepping our way into it today. tomorrow will be full-fledged in the heat and humidity. the hottest day of the year is coming up on thursday. let's take a look at a time lapse here from fairfax earlier this morning. notice the cloud cover earlier today. we got breaks in the cloud cover. then you went a bit of sun between the clouds. it goes a long way to break them up. we saw that break up. now this is a hazy sunshine overhead. hazy because of disunity in the air. typical summertime hayes because of the increase in moisture. it is not that oppressive right now. clouds hanging out around the blue ridge. the clouds took longer to deteriorate northwest washington. temperatures are a little bit cooler there.
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same thing around annapolis and anne arundel county. you can see the difference in temperatures. meanwhile, 79 at reagan national. 73 hagerstown. fredericksburg, 81 degrees right now. we say it is not just the heat but it also the humidity. right now the heat index is 82, but for a few hours the heat index will be one -- between 101 hundred four. we'll probably have heat advisers posted. here is where the warm air is coming from. chicago is already at 89 degrees. 88 in detroit. 88 in indianapolis. compare that to highs yesterday. yesterday's indianapolis was 92. rapid city was 93. that warm air is coming in from the west and southwest.
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now we're getting the leading edge of that war air front. could we break some records? it is a possibility and especially on thursday. i believe the record high on thursday is 98. otherwise we have to make it up to the century mark. there is a possibility not a probability. the 80 degrees today. partly cloudy tonight. tomorrow, anywhere from 93 to 98. with a thick unity, it will feel like 100 to 104. but an equal back into the mid 80's by saturday. take caution if you are outside for prolonged periods of time. >> 7 is on your side with new information for credit card users. the consumer financial protection bureau launches and on-line data base about complaints about credit cards. consumers can see what banks -- what complaint filed by bank and buys a cut.
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you can see how the banks responded. check it out at our website microsoft is entering the tablet world. they unveiled their surface tablet yesterday. the hope is to compete with apple's ipad. the device features a 10.5 inch screen. there is also an integrated keyboard with a trackpad. it is expected to debut in the fall when microsoft rolls out its new operating system, windows 8. the costs expected to be similar to other tablets. still ahead, a virginia man turns into if you are on vacation not once, but twice. we will tell you the amazing story of how he saved several lives. later -- >> conjoined twins. they may share the same feelings, even thought.
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>> the former rutgers interest student convicted of bias intimidation was released after serving 20 days. he was found guilty for using a web cam to spy on his roommate kissing another man. he remains free while the case is appealed. his roommate killed himself after the web can incident. talk about being at the right place at the right time. or the wrong place at the wrong time. hageman on vacation with his hat -- family rescued three people in two separate incidents. the other day he was looking out
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through the window when he saw a vehicle go down an embankment into the water. he and another man-of in and saved the driver. the next day he went fishing and saw a small plane crashed into the water. he helped save that pilot and a passenger. >> i did what anybody else would do. nothing spectacular about it except it happened twice in a row. >> pretty incredible. he says he is not a hero but the driver, pilot passengers think he is one. they all recovering thanks to his quick action and bravery. you might want to stay out of the tampa area. adam is back with a final look.
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>> pet owners beware. you do not want a dog lucia around. she has been named the country's
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worst behaved dogs. a dog training camp was on the lookout for the knottiest dogs. lucy fit the bill. she pounces on people, choose everything in sight. she is now getting a makeover. the doctrinaires helps -- hope she -- doctrinaires hope she will have a new lease on life. >> they can do that. i like to watch that dog whisper show. let's take a look at the forecast. humidity is well into the 90's wednesday through friday. it will be cool by the weekend. on friday, a cold front moves in. that will cool us for the weekend. >> thanks. thanks for joining us as well. we will see you back here for "good morning washington."
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