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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 19, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live! game night," presented by skype. tonight, mark wahlberg and mila kunis. plus, nba stars rajon rondo and tyson chandler. and now here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. it's me. i'm jimmy. and this is our nba "game night" special. but just because it's an nba special, we don't -- we don't just have to talk about basketball. we can talk about boyfriends, cookie dough, ryan gosling -- whatever you guys want, really. [ laughter ] but let's start with basketball. tonight, game 4 of the nba finals between the oklahoma city thunder and the miami heat. miami fans were out in full
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force at the americanairlines arena tonight, all wearing white because nothing is more welcoming to a group of primarily african-american men than a huge mob dressed in white. [ laughter ] this is kind of interesting -- maybe even surprising. tickets to the games in miami are actually going for less money than tickets to the games in oklahoma city. they say the season ticket holders in oklahoma are more likely to hold onto their tickets and go to the game rather than scalp them, which drives up the price. and, also, they say there's more to do in miami -- there are more recreational activities there. you can go to the beach or -- i don't know -- watch gloria estefan chase ducks off her lawn. [ laughter ] if yre r wihe social networking site twitter, you know there are a lot of nba players on it because they gravitate toward the kardashians, who are aln [ laughter ] but tonight, we've compiled some
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tweets, and as a special at, so, here now, singing a tweet from tyson chandler of the new york knicks, p the "jimmy ki" [ cheers and applause ] [ mid-tempo piano music ps ] ♪ my boy pacman just got robbed again ♪ [ laughter ] thanks. i guess tyson was upset about the pacquiao fight -- either that or he believes video games are real. i don't know. [ laughter ] metta world peace of the los angeles lakers is using his time off right now to act in his first tv movie. it's called "the eleventh victim." it'll premiere on the lifetime network this fall. metta plays a detective. i really can't wait to see that, because i'm just gonna go out on a limb and guess that his acting will be stellar. and metta isn't the only nba star getting into the movies. kevin durant of the oklahoma city thunder is in a movie coming out t he plays himself.
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the movie is called the plot is, he somehow magically switches powers with a teena magically switches powers with a teena becomes great at -- i don't know -- clearing his internet history before his mom r ofmovie is helmed byo c costars jim belushi as the coach, so can you give a movie [lauscar before it come out and i swear to you, tseal ♪ >> take this, man. you're gonna make that next shot. >> i wish i had lent [ pulsating ] >> i want to try out for the team again. >> tryouts are over, billy. >> oh! >> oh! ♪ unstoppable >> what is wrong with kevin durant? [ singing indistinctly ] >> i think i know where your game has gone. >> whoo! >> somebody took it. >> i want to give your talent back. >> you got him believing this e wyou got him believing this >> the best? >> whoa. >> jimmy: martin scorsese's still at the top of his game.
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you know -- [ cheers and applause ] if you see only one movie this summer in which kevin durant plays himself and switches basketball skills with a teenage boy, make it "thunderstruck." [ laughter ] if we've learned anything from shaq, it's that, when an nba player acts, it doesn't usually turn out well but now, finally, someone i doing something about it. [ slow music plays ] >> hi. i'm gary oldman, actor. some of you may know me from such films as "dracula," "air force one," and "kung fu panda 2." now, just as a professional basketball player spends hours on the court mastering every aspect of his game, i, gary oldman, studied acting for many years to perfect my craft. and just as i, gary oldman, actor, would never try and join an nba team just because i'm famous, i, gary oldman, would very much appreciate it if professional basketball players would stay the [bleep] out of movies! who the hell told you you could
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[ bleep ] act -- the -- the director on your powerade commercial?! you're not [ bleep ] actors! some of you can't even speak [ bleep ] english! you suck! get it?! you suck! now, you see how i did that? that's called "acting." did you feel the emotion? i can do that. you can't. [ laughter ] that's what i mean. [bleep] >> paid for by actors against acting athletes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, gary. very well said. tonight on the show, mark wahlberg and mila kunis are here. and we'll be right back with rajon rondo versus tyson chandler in an nba-player edition of our skype scavenger hunt, so stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello and welcome back to our nba "game night" special.
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i'm shaquille o'kimmel. tonight on the program, two actors from the new movie "ted," mark wahlberg and mila kunis, are here. both mark and mila have agreed to take our three-point challenge tonight. we have a basketball court set up outside our theater on hollywood boulevard. they'll each get a chance to make a 3-pointer. make a three-pointer. if they do, everyone in our studio audience wins a valuable prize, and it's a good one, too. and then you can join us later at our regular time tonight after "nightline." our guests are sally field, kevin love of the minnesota timberwolves, and w mus waka flocka flame, so join naka flocka flame, so join you know, from time play a game here called the skype scavenger hunt. we skype wpeop homes, and find thgs tt be ntsd thgs tt be nba players. in fact, joining us now from the new york knicks, by way of caas, yon.of tlr.
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>> hello, jimmy. >> jimmy: thanks for doing this, tyson. how tall are you, tyson? >> jimmy: 7'1". kay, wor may bang your head running to r at your house? >> yeah. yeah, the doorways are high >> jimmy: o we want you tavig safely. andtoni all-star point guard for the rajon rondo. hello, rajon. >> hi there. >> jimmy: how are you? >> excellent. >> jimmy: you just moved into a new place, i hear. >> yeah. [ laughs ] a couple weeks >> jimmy: so, do you think you and get some stuff, all right? >> all right, i'll st >> jimmy: okay, good. all right, gentlemen. let's phem e by virtual hands. it's time to play an nba edition of the skype scavenger hunt. this is a simple game. it's a scavenger hunt. i'm gonna ask you to find an item, and your job is to bring
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ah.m, and your job is to bring eh. >> jimmy: your first challenge is to bring back the last thing you read, whichever one is -- whichever one i deem funnier wins. [ laughter ] all right, there they go. look at that chair. that's a good-looking chair. we don't have chairs like that in my house. all right, rajon, what do you have? you have got -- what is that -- "fifty shades of grey"? [ laughter ] "the other wes moore"? >> "the other wes moore." >> jimmy: okay, i don't know that book, but the way -- it good one. tys angit mf1 oiffie. tyson's gone tyson went to the library or something. oh, there he is. and, tyson, the bok yo have is -- >> "jerry west." that's jerry west? oh, okay, well, we're gonna have er aive that to rajon. [ cheers ] how far -- where is your library? is it in another wing of the house?
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>> that -- that was a long room. >> jimmy: all right. >> a long run. >> jimmy: all right. thttemback [ laughter ] all right. [ laughs ] that chair is from the king louis collection, i believe. i'm -- i'm obsessed with that chair. okay. [ laughter ] all right, tyson. what is that? >> flying pig. >> jimmy: it's a flying pig? what's it made out of? >> i don't know -- something heavy, though -- probably steel. >> jimmy: [ laughing ] all right. how long have you had that thing? >> uh, about a week or two. >> jimmy: okay. do you sleep with it or anything -- any -- [ laughs ] >> no, it was on the counter there. >> jimmy: okay. >> decoration. >> jimmy: where did you buy it? did you actually go and purchase that? >> i think it came from a flea market. d.rket.
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oh, and look at who back -- rajon, you're back. >> yeah, i'm back. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what is that? is that a telephone? >> yeah, i'm 2. >> jimmy: all right. all right, well, that's not -- neither one of these is particularly embarrassing, but we're gonna give that to tyson. so we're even now, and we have a final challenge, the tiebreaker. [ cheers and applause ] first man to come back wearing a wig wins this thing. go. [ laughter ] if you don't have a wig, come up with something good. and there they go. they are off. wait a minute. did it seem like rajon actually is now in tyson's house? [ laughter ] nice places, by the way. they must be millionaires. [ laughter ] right. we're still waiting. we will give you a half point for a weave. [ laughter ] all right. all right. all right. you look a -- a disney prince or something. [ laughs ]
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all right. >> my daughter's beach towel. >> jimmy: that's not a wig -- not a wig. well, let's see what rajon comes back with. [ laughing ] all right, now, that's gonna -- you know what? that's gonna win it. [ laughter ] all right, you know what? we're gonna have to call this one a tie, because this is -- i've tabulated the scores, and we're gonna call this a tie. tell them what they win, dicky. >> dicky: jimmy, for their superior efforts, rajon and tyson both win two tickets to see "thunderstruck." when a hopelessly uncoordinated young fan magically switches talents with his hero kevin durant, he becomes the star of his high-school team. "thunderstruck." coming to theaters eventually. >> jimmy: all right. are you guys excited to see kevin durant in "thunderstruck"? [ laughs ] thanks to tyson chandler and rajon rondo. we'll be right back with mark wahlberg and mila kunis. [ mid-tempo music plays ] [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, and welcome back. our guests tonight are not professional basketball players -- they are actors, but combined, they are more than 11 feet tall. they have a new movie called "ted" opening in theaters june 29th. please say hello to mark wahlberg and mila kunis. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you. >> jimmy: how you doing? >> i'm good. how are you? >> jimmy: yeah? you guys all right? everything good? >> i'm good. i'm superexcited, dude. >> jimmy: why are you excited? >> i need to thank you personally because the last -- was it the last time i was here? my dear friend nacho -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah, nacho. >> -- the extreme was on the show.
8:18 pm
[ laughter ] and because of jimmy's good graces to have him on the show, he now has his own show -- i swear to god. he's filming a show starting next week with the real johnny drama for fuel tv called "nacho extreme." >> jimmy: now, this guy -- nacho -- have you met nacho? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: he eats things. >> she worked with nacho. >> i worked with nacho. nacho's on set every day. >> he worked on "ted." >> jimmy: oh, he did? >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> untile go--he >> he ripped the rear-v of my friend's car, trying t c3 nd 't mriend's car, trying t c3 i mean ---[ her o3 t'sosnw i metonen [ her o3 t'sosnw i'm there, i've got to, you w -w, give themt pt moicf1 you're - you'r >> yes, but -- >> it all depend i've loved it and hate >> people on the street -- everybody is related to mark in some form or another. it's really what -- and i do
8:19 pm
remember this. --it dr this. matter who it was. sy otreee like, "yo, girl, what's up? you got to tell my boy mark that shorty, his cousin, says, 'what's up?'" andas l rig be like, "mark, some guy named 'what's up?'" be like, "mark, some guy named 'what's up?'" mark's like, "all right, all he my cousin, mark. you know, tell him billy bon says, 'what's '" is lio, s everybody was related to him. >> jimmy: pnaly b if you see him agaitell said 'hi.'" >> 'cause, yeah. >> i usually don't know who they're talking about. >> jimmy: so, what happens, do they act like they know you? i nevei until the boston garden was already gone. in sley wheo -- the bruins were we were shooting thvie, but two home games. and i went with 30 guys but the woman backstage at the garden, she's there, and
8:20 pm
she's so happy to see me, so i just startand ghtt startand >> she was probably related to him. >> and then we just all hung out by the bar and took other people's seats. more celtics games in lhan 1 are theylakens my kids -- they like the lakers. i just told kobe -- i w ko choice awards. i said, "act keep te alorn l.a. remc me t, sey'r lakers fans." >> jimmy: oh,thiss blemy. i mean, yef >> i let it slide h th the kid >> jimmy: mila, last time you were here, you men you were on c for the movie "black swan,"d that youuff t diet and -- and you -- you were hitting the panda express [ laughter ] >> yeah, i do remember this because i thk itt started the thing last year of, like, i ended up getting probably like a
8:21 pm
thousand free, like, three-piece meal things from panda express of, like, two entrees and, like, a vegetable thing. they've all literally gone. like, they're disappeared. it's been a year. my brother took all of them. >> immyi tho >> yeah. pws aded and ther pws ing to presher , "nat so bad that she was break up if theredates" sorry, mike. >> jimmy: she eal , hu >> jimmy: no. yeah, that's right. >> no. >> nacdrin immovie directed this mothe fguyur yea i've known seth -- yes, since i was 15. >> jimmy:n cf1& i for you to do? >> well, now they're, like, more sexo ye a > lie kid, and now heike, but, nis g
8:22 pm
like, i dg he's, you know, one of my oldest friends, and -- and we have an amazing shorthand on set. >> jimmy: tell us the basic idea behind the >> you go ahead. >> you go ahead. [ laughter ] >> well, basically, it's about this young boy who has no friends, and he gets a teddy bear for christmas. and oque t si loe ru >> jimmy: mm-hmm. "teddy ruxt gets very upset. life, and of course s cran and cut to them at 30-something-years-old. they're now grown up. the bear was kind of like a child star, but nob gives a [ bleep ] anymore. herfu girlfriend played by mila, but i still have this ffknowmokeleepd get into a lot of trouble. and you know, hee n thnd hknow, the h - h causing a lot of probles. so she says, "look, i love te too, but, and i'm like, "w
8:23 pm
actua there's only one girl in boston, and it's her. so -- so then -- but -- you know, it's much more there's a lstond relationships, and, you k lot of crazyappe the plot. >> jimmynd o a"ic d nd thiave o a"ic d clip here from the movie " >> oh, cool. >> johnny, how about a charles brew-kowskis? >> a couple of brew-stoyevskys? >> maybe a mike brew-guslawski. >> perhaps a tedy brew-schi? > tha goo cf i think i, too, want a martina navrati-brewski. >> oh, no, no, no, no, >> no, no, no. no. >> no, no, no. h,. >> no, no. otherwise, where's the cal the end of the root word, then wejots nonsense. >> jimmy: he makes a very good point -- that teddy bear. wn wewe'r go outside on
8:24 pm
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the scene is hollywood boulevard. the competitors -- mark wahlberg and mila kunis. tonight, their mission is to make sangle three-point shot. if either of them is successful, everyone in our studio audience goes home with a fabulous prize. dicky, tell them what they could win. >> dicky: it's an xbox 360 console, jimmy. xbox 360 is the only place to play the most anticipated game of the year "halo 4." preorder it from retailers, including the microsoft store. >> jimmy: wow. however, mark, mila, if you do not make the shot, our studio audience gets nothing. we don't do consolation prizes here. in fact, they will go home sad and empty-handed and possibly with an unquenchable thirst for your blood. so, mila, you are gonna shoot
8:28 pm
first. >> mila, go first. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: make it count. make it count. >> is it okay if i do it like this? >> jimmy: that's the way -- whichever you want to do it. whoa! >> oh! [ audience groans ] >> jimmy: very close. let's look at the instant replay here. that was close. >> that was pretty good. >> jimmy: now, you got really close there. >> listen, i hit the backboard -- that was my only goal. >> jimmy: you hit it. it almost went in. it really o-dount o >> jimmy: ready? all rierew oh! close. let's look at the instant replay here. >> how did that not go in? >> jimmy: it was very -- so close. there's the shot. [ audience aws ] just off the back of the rim and, unfortunately -- well, the good news is we all still have our health, right, studio audience?
8:29 pm
and mila. their very funny movie "ted" comes out june 9th.


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