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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 20, 2012 3:05am-4:00am EDT

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closed captioning and other consideration provided by -- >> gloria estefan's music puts you in the mood to go to florida, right? > absolutely and tonight you can head to the sunshine state on us if you're an "extra" riend. >> ocean fro balcony rooms, sandy white beaches at the costa d'este beach resort. you can win a six-day, ive-night getaway to the e hot pot owned by gloria and emilio
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stefan, including snorkeling and kayaking excursions and it's ll on us, worth over 4,000. the only way to win is go to and enter the sect ord, caliente. please sign up at ee you tomorrow. elebrity news, fashion and ossip. t's what we do 24/7. ou drive the conversation on "extra's" facebook page. >> or follow us on twitter. and our new web obsession, pinterest. in politics. >> assuming ann knows. she might be giving some input. >> yeah. switching gears -- top democrat
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wants ans eawers about the pro football bounty programs. he meets today with roger goodell. a league investigation found the new orleans saints rewarded some players for injuring their opponents. several players and coaches of course have been suspended in the wake of the scandal. durbin said such boundies cannot be allowed. the story a huge black eye for the saints. congress wanting to get involved and get answers. a good thing. more evidence of this trend in the country, just concerns about players' safety becoming paramount and certainly the saints, unfortunately have become the, poster boys for that issue. >> yeah, definitely. i think something has to be done. something is being done at least at the nfl. wait they have been treating it, suspensions, fines, that sort of thing. definitely taking the appropriate steps. as for how much the government is going to be able to do about it, you know that kind of has to be taken care of on the football field. >> political theater maybe. getting atension. that helps. >> jerry sandusky's defense
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could wrap up today. sources tell abc news his lawyers were leaning towards putting him on the stand. but they would decide overnight. yesterday several testified to sandusky's character including his wife dottie. she never witnessed her husband engaged in inappropriate behavior with young boys at their home. >> i saw in dottie sandusky's testimony, a loyal wife, a wife that had to concede the obvious points in the prosecution case which was that these boys were there in the home with frequency and in the basement and being tucked into bed by her husband. >> prosecutors refuted the defense's claim that the former penn state assistant coach suffers from something called histrionic personality disorder. the doctor testified the only stress he is suffering from the trial, the prosecutor saying he suffers from psycho-sexual disorder with a focus on preadolescents, rob. >> the jury could get the case by the end of the week. an explosion rocked the opryland
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hotel in nashville last night forcing evacuation of 5,000 people. a sheriff's conference was taking place when the blast ripped through a mechanical room, 8:30. there was significant damage to the convention center. everyone did manage to get out safely. the cause of the explosion remains under investigation. now to a real-life story of man bites dog. a suspect actually sinking his teeth into a canine cop. max the police dog was injured in the line of duty when he tried to capture a fleeing suspect in wilmington, north carolina. officers say 22-year-old travis glassby bit max's ear so badly it was severed in two. >> oh, i didn't want to see that. max needed 15 emergency stitches to mend his ear. the suspect who maybe should call mike tyson is now in jail. biting the ear. >> what in the world? what kind of world? fire officials say it could be weeks, months before the massive wildfire in northern colorado is fully controlled. more residents were being warned to be ready to evacuate after a
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fire erupted near the main blaze. the 93-square-mile fire that destroyed nearly 200 homes is about half contained right now. several more fires continue to burn in colorado as well as in eight other states. no end in sight. the poor firefighters, and the weight of their equipment, heat, blaze itself they're doing some heroic work. >> long arduous days. 16, 18, 20 hour days. >> take a look now at your forecast. on the first day of summer. think summer begins, 7:00, 8:00 eastern tonight. it will feel like it. some stifling heat in the north east. heat index, new york could reach 100 today. some afternoon showers inland, pittsburgh, charleston, south florida. thunderstorms meanwhile in east texas. also stormy from the dakotas to the great lakes with some hail. even dangerous winds. >> 90s, chicago into the northeast. 80s, from the twin cities, kansas city. phoenix hitting 107. 70s in the rockies. since moving to new york haven't
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been to the beach. haven't been to long island. going to go for it this weekend. >> could be a perfect weekend. >> one day. >> next two days will be rough. it appears, ice cream has gone to the dogs in italy. with temperatures in rome topping 97 degrees this week. a pet supply store is serving doggy gellato, ice cream for dogs. >> it contains no milk, eggs, sugar. harmful to dogs. it comes in vanilla, rice, and yogurt. experts agree that water is the best way to cool a canine. and the doggy gelatto does no harm. fun for the dogs and owners as well. >> owners eat it. good for vegans, no dairy. >> whatever keeps them cold. rock out. coming up next the guy on vacation in florida, who could not stop saving lives. >> how is this for a vacation destination -- a theme park where virtual zombies are out to get you. you're watching "world news
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well when you think of a typical vacation, you think of relaxation. that was not the case for this virginia guy who was a father four. a vacation hero. >> once we arrived in florida he thought it would be a nice fishing vacation. he kept getting interrupted to save lives. abc's dan harris has the details. >> reporter: it started as a simple family vacation near tampa, florida. gus hertz's wife looked out the window of their condo and saw that a driver had gone off the road down this hill and into the water under this bridge. >> she yells there is a car in the water. so i ran out the door. she called 911. >> reporter: the driver who had a diabetic episode was unconscious but breathing. gus and this local fisherman pulled him out. >> another, 3, 4 minutes he would have drowned. >> reporter: as gus was trying to restart his vacation by going
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fishing he looked up and saw a small ultralight plane crashing into the water. >> as it passed over it started to descend and about 500 yards away i saw a huge flash. and it flipped over. and i thought oh my gosh here i go again. >> reporter: he leapt into action and dragged the pilot. and his female passenger who had more serious injaeuries on to h boat. family members of the victims were extremely grateful. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. bless his heart. seems to be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: so was the local fire chief. >> when you have citizens who are willing to step up waiting for us to get there and risk whatever it takes and make a difference it does help us tremendously. >> reporter: but gus adamantly refuses to be called a hero. >> i would do what anybody else would do. nothing spectacular about it except it happened twice in a row. >> reporter: he may not think he is a hero but his children certainly do. >> i told him that he did
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something very good. and i don't know how i would do that. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> amazing story there. a local fire department is going to give him a citizens heroic award. they're going to do that after the first incident. now they're really going to give it to him after two incidents. that ceremony will take place thursday. certainly deserving. >> the pilot and his passenger, sustained minor injuries. how about that for a real-lifeguardian angel. >> amen to that. well done, fellow. we'll be back with more after this.
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♪ living in america ♪ >> give me an uh.
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awe al . >> uh. >> the fastest growing wave of immigrants in america are asian. >> asians have surpassed hispanics and settling down in surprising parts of the country. with more on this here is abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: one of the faces behind the new numbers. the daughter of korean immigrants they expected excellence from her. >> i honestly don't think i brought home a c ever. my sister did once, her life wasn't the same for about another year. >> reporter: ape philosophy that paid off. she is now a successful surgeon, author, professor and mother of two young children. the embodiment of the modern asian family. forget poor huddled masses, this wave of immigrants is highly educated and successful. asians now streaming into the country faster than hispanics. the result of a slow down in illegal immigration and the rise and demand for high-skilled workers. take a look at where they're
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heading, metro detroit now 37% asian. many engineers here for jobs in the auto industry. nevada, arizona, even texas, seeing their asian populations skyrocket. chinese scientists recruited for work in aerospace. nurses recruited to work for texas medical center. fueling their success -- family. the survey shows asians place more importance on having a good marriage, being a good parent and pushing their children academically than any other group. the survey showing 49% of asians hold a college degree, 70% of indians, compared to 28% of the general population. the average asian household income, $66,000. higher too. she says her success can be linked directly to her parents. >> they expected as. they expected college. not only college but they expected graduate school. and the entire family sacrificed to make sure we achieved these goals. >> reporter: an asian philosophy
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helping realize the american dream. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> just last month the u.s. census reported in 2011 more minority babies were born than caucasians. >> changing country. >> uh-huh.
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>> people watching the games. miami now up 3-1. congratulations, miami. >> i picked them right? >> you did. >> i didn't want to. >> congratulations, lebron. have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to take down a zombie? now you can be stalked, terrified by zombies for a price. >> i can't wait. there is an abandoned shopping mall turned into a battleground for wannabe zombie fighters. abc's nick watts shows us the
3:26 am
zombie theme park. >> reporter: they call this zombie apocalypse, like a video game, but you're actually in it. and you are being hunted by zombies. >> they seem to be completely, they just attack. they will consume everything that they come across. you guys are next. [ screaming ] >> no matter what you do it is always going to get you in the end. >> reporter: and that's why zombies capture human imagination in the movies in books in video games and now for real. well, kind of. my friend mark and i accepted our mission to find food in this abandoned zombie-infested shopping mall. this is by the way really an
3:27 am
abandoned shopping mall. >> on the stairs. going into that shop. >> he got me. he got me. no! >> no! >> reporter: your gun shoots plastic bbs, and you know you are paying $200 to play. but then you forget. what did you learn? >> i'm a really fast runner. >> reporter: i took it way too seriously. i couldn't help it. there was pride. and there was the fall. i shot you about 20 times. i'm nick watt, dying a slow death in zombie apocalypse. >> well done, nick. the zombie genre includes movies, video games and books worth $5 billion according to the wall street news.
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>> rob, this was on display
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this morning on "world news now" -- summer sizzle, the oppressive heat wave putting much of the country into the danger zone today. >> we expect some record heat out there well into the danger zone as summer officially arrives later today. it is wednesday, june 20th. we made it, it is wednesday. good morning, everybody. i'm paula faris on this hump day. >> hump day. i'm rob nelson. we'll get to today's extreme heat, advisories, warnings in just a second. we are also going to take you to mexico where the g-20 just wrapped up.
3:31 am
get this -- leaders of the world's most powerful countries managed to find common ground on one very important issue. so there has been some progress down there in the paradise of cabos. >> are they agreeing it is beautiful down there? >> we all can agree. >> margaritas are good? >> the drinks are good. get the euro zonone together. we'll be allight, fellows. >> the airport grope, recorded on security cameras, appear to show -- oh, yeah -- a passenger getting much too personal with the tsa agent. the pictures tell only part of the story. >> there is a fascinating back story here. there really is. >> a back story? >> back story, middle story right there. everything. also, later alec baldwin is in trouble again. we'll explain his run-in with the new york newspaper photographer and what led up to it. that's coming up in "the skinny." so a couple months ago, the words with friends thing on the plane which made national headlines sadly and another
3:32 am
tussle with the photographer for alec. i love alec, a funny guy. sick of his antics off camera. >> caught off-guard, surprised. >> didn't see this coming. he is so mellow. >> but we are going to begin with oppressive heat in the north east. millions of people will endure temperatures 20 degrees hotter than yesterday. >> the mercury is on the rise. heat warnings and advisories now have been issued in a dozen states from virginia all the way up to maine with record breaking conditions in store. abc's t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: the first day of summer should be a scorcher with a heat wave expected to blanket much of the central and eastern united states. >> wednesday and thursday are going to be extremely uncomfortable along the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: it's already cracked 90 degrees in chicago where locals are flocking to area beaches and pools. >> trying to keep cool. i wanted to bring her out and not be in the house all day. >> reporter: cities as far north as boston and syracuse are expected to bake in extreme heat.
3:33 am
new york, philadelphia, and baltimore will also receive a blistering summer welcome as the the mercury could hit mid to upper 90s. >> that is our plan to head north and get out of the city. >> reporter: the high heat has been delivering searing temperatures in the west where at least 17 wildfires are still burning out of control. in colorado, firefighters are working 16-hour shifts and the danger from heat stress is extreme. the corn crop has already been completely wiped out in parts of illinois suffering a severe drought. farmers are just holding out hope that rain may save at least part of the soybean crop. >> if we don't get a rain by the end of june, you can, you can just basically say you are going to mow the corn down -- it's over. >> reporter: here in the east the heat wave is only expected to be a two-day event with temperatures then expected to drop below normal for a prolonged stretch. t.j. winick, abc news, in central park, new york. >> t.j., won't want that jacket on in a few hours, that's for sure.
3:34 am
>> do the common sense things, we are all told to do -- drink water. >> give the tv spiel. go ahead. >> check on pets. even if they're ugly dogs. >> dehydrate, caffeine, alcohol. all that good stuff. that's the common list of rules every summer. >> stay inside if you can. here is the rest of your wednesday weather, in addition to the heat look for afternoon thunderstorms from western pennsylvania, to west virginia. hot and humid from chicago to detroit. storms in fargo, omaha, minneapolis. thunderstorms from houston to san antonio. >> triple digits in phoenix. upper 80s in the south and the middle of the country. 70s from seattle to fargo. overseas now to egypt where there is turmoil this morning. state tv announcing former president hosni mubarak is clinically dead and on life support after having a stroke in prison. the news capped a day in which tens of thousands, flocked to cairo's tahrir square to protest dissolution of parliament and competing claims of who won last weekend's presidential election. president obama has just
3:35 am
returned to the white house after a two-day meeting with leaders of the world's largest economies. the summit of course focused on the troubled european economies and their impact on the rest of the world. but the u.s. came in for a share of the blame as well. abc's richard cantu reports. >> reporter: president barack obama left no doubt about his focus on the just completed g-20 economic summit in mexico. afterall, it's how well or how bad the economy is doing come november that may decide who is in the white house next january 20th. >> our highest priority continues to be putting people back to work even faster. >> but summit leaders failed to find a lasting solution to the european financial crisis the one that's dragged down u.s. stock markets for over a year and with it the 401(k) retirement accounts of tens of millions of americans. >> slower growth in europe means slower growth in american jobs. so we have a profound interest in seeing europe prosper. >> we're all in the same boat
3:36 am
together. we are not an island, the u.s. is not an island, we are in a global economy. >> reporter: instead of fixing economies and creating jobs some blamed the u.s. for europe's financial economic woes. >> this crisis was a result of america. and many of our financial sectors were contaminated by unorthodox practice from some sectors of the financial market. >> reporter: a reference to the 2008 u.s. banking crisis that stopped the global economy in its tracks. millions of americans lost their jobs back then many are still looking for new employment now. richard cantu, abc news. the outlook on employment here in the u.s. is hardly optimistic. analysts blame it on the uncertainty still ongoing in europe. their economy there. american employers, posted the fewest job openings in five months in april. 12.5 million americans unemployed last month and means more than 3.5 people competing for every single job opening.
3:37 am
a house committee expected to vote this morning on a proposal to find attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress representative daryl issa wants holder to turn over documents about an investigation into gun smuggling, the fast and furious program. holder wants an assurance if he does turn them over, the congressman's subpoena will be satisfied. u.s. military investigators are reportedly recommending disciplinary action for up to seven american troops for the burning of korans in afghanistan. no final decision has been made just yet. but they are calling for the troops to face administrative punishments rather than criminal charges for what was likely a mistake. the burning took place at a u.s. base back in february. triggering riots that left more than 30 people dead including two american soldiers. wikileaks founder julian assange has taken refuge at the ecuadorian embassy in london. england is preparing to
3:38 am
extradite him to sweden where he is wanted on sexual misconduct charges. assange claims the u.s. also has plans to indict him for document leaks. ecuador's foreign minister says they're weighing the request for asylum. back here at home, jerry sandusky's lawyers could rest their defense later today. sources tell abc news they were leaning towards putting the former football coach on the stand but will decide overnight tonight. now yesterday several people testified to sandusky's character including his wife, dottie, a central figure in all this. she says she never witnessed her husband engage in any inappropriate behavior with young boys at their home. the former rutgers student convicted of spying on his roommate has now been released from jail. the student served 20 days of the 30 day sentence let go because of good behavior. he admitted using a web-cam to spy on a roommate during an intimate encounter with a man.
3:39 am
clemente then committed suicide several days later. he is waiting to learn the outcome of an appeal by prosecutors who said his sentence was too lenient. mayor of cambridge, massachusetts is trying to ban big sugary beverages. inspired by a similar proposal in new york city. mayor henrietta davis wants a big soda ban at cambridge restaurants to limit the size of drinks to 16 ounces, just like new york mayor michael bloomberg's. she says it is a public health issue she is hoping to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and health problems. she probably won't be able to ban hot dogs. the kosher hot dog company, that boasts it has to answer to a higher authority. may face judgment day. a class action lawsuit claims its meats are not strictly kosher. con-agri which owns hebrew national, says they are. the issue how beef is slaughtered not ingredients. jewish laws proscribe certain humane methods so it can be certified as kosher. interesting. you might call it a personal time capsule.
3:40 am
bailey mcdaniel lost his wallet more than 50 years ago while on a date in this movie theater, right there. the billfold was found -- found though during a recent renovation. and the theater owner's wife actually tracked down mcdaniel using the internet. >> in it were pictures of his girlfriend now his wife of 52 years. relatives and friends, but no other girlfriends. the wallet contained his driver's license, his draft card, mcdaniel never expected to see any of it again. >> get this, this is also cute. in the wallet he had a clipping of a newspaper article about his girlfriend, velma, played basketball. he cut it out to show her. but she never saw the article until now. >> that its beautiful. >> how sweet is that? >> there are good folks in the world, 50 years later, returned the wallet. lost mine a few times. along the way. >> yes. >> it is the worst headache in the world -- your cards. good samaritan. >> the theater owners, actually
3:41 am
drove herself 90 miles to hand deliver it. >> 90 miles. you don't find nice people like that every day. good going all around. >> except here. >> all right, coming up, do dogs and cats have special powers to help uh us all live a little longer? >> airport security video, you have to see to believe, who appears to be searching, groping a tsa agent. the story -- it doesn't end there. you're watching "world news now."
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3:43 am
3:44 am
video released this week shows an airport confrontation. a passenger upset about a pat down striking back. >> in this case, the angry passenger has lots of experience with pat downs. she is a retired tsa screener. elizabeth billingsly reports from fort myers.
3:45 am
>> reporter: it happened on her way to cleveland, ohio, airline passenger carol price says while going through security to catch her flight, a tsa agent groped her. watch how she handled the situation. putting her carry-ons down, she turns to a tsa supervisor and grabs her allegedly without permission to show the supervisor what price says she went through. >> it was a customer complaint. of an extremely inappropriate search. >> reporter: another tsa agent groped price's genitals and breasts first. >> she did not touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched. price says the tsa agent wasn't following protocol and she should know, notice the hug. price is a former tsa agent herself who worked at the airport until a few years ago. she got along with some but not all of her co-workers and says her pat-down was personal. >> she's obviously been through training. and -- knew this lady. >> reporter: mills admits price was already emotional that day.
3:46 am
>> she was actually going to her brother's funeral. >> reporter: she didn't make it. instead, price was removed from the flight, take tine jail and now faces misdemeanor battery charges. she pleaded not guilty. >> this, this thing is headed to court right now, obviously, too. if she was, had, had, you know, a personal crisis going on in her life she probably was a little on edge, emotional. overreacted a little bit. a lot of people around the country don't like the pat downs. people get up in your business. whoa, whoa, whoa. so, probably a combination of factors that led to it. if she is a former employee. she knows the right and wrong way to do it. there is obviously a little bit more at play. >> if she knew some of them wonder if there was anything else going on there. she hugged one, so -- >> uh-huh. >> i don't like getting patted down. >> would you rather get felt-up or blow up? so, you know -- between the two, i will take a little -- >> the first one. >> i'll take a little rub-a-dub. >> some one once near and dear to whitney houston found new love. >> what drove alec baldwin to
3:47 am
punch somebody? the full scoop all next in "the skinny."
3:48 am
♪ skinny
3:49 am
♪ so skinny >> so, alec baldwin is engaged to a yoga instructor. he needs to do a little more downward dog, namiste, to find his inner peace. he and his fiance, however you say her name, whatever. they want to pick up their marriage license in manhattan yesterday. and in doing so got into it with a new york, rather, a "daily news" photographer. criminal charges have already been filed. the photographer said he started shoving. he punched me. he even compared the incident to the fatal shooting of trayvon martin, come on. let's not go there, but he said, yeah, pretty much turned ugly. raise your hand if you are surprised by this incident. at all? >> he is known for his hot temper. more proof there. >> he kind of looks hot when he gets angry. >> it turns you on. you like the angry thing? >> i do. >> i'm not a huge fan. >> there you go. jay-z in the news this morning.
3:50 am
apparently getting sued by this writer named patrick white, he filed the lawsuit in l.a., parts of jay-z's book "decoded" is lifted, plagiarism, really saying the book includes expressions, colors and phrases which correlates to my work. saying that jay-z ripped him off in the new book. houfshgs what -- however, what the book really is, is a collection of lyrics and story, behind their meeting. so unlikely that the claims are actually worth anything. this guy is trying to take jay-z to court. probably not going to go anywhere. we'll see. bigger news, guess what beyonce got jay-z for father's day this past weekend. a $40 million private jet like the one you see right there. it has two bathrooms. two bathrooms, bedroom. kitchen. living room. even a disco floor for $14 million. apparently cheaper than renting the private planes which is what they have abeen doing for years. congratulations, jay-z.
3:51 am
must be a nice life, my friend. you have breakup news? >> little area, mile high club on the jet too. johnny depp, i know you love him. he is back on the market. he and his long time love, vanessa perez, split after 14 years. there were reports a year ago they had been living separate lives. of course they put out the statement. please respect our privacy. they have two kids, a 13-year-old daughter and son jack. they met in '98. never married. >> people breaking up. people getting together. bobby brown, whitney houston's ex-husband. got married, 43, married his manager alicia. beautiful ceremony there, casual get-together there. who was not there, bobbi christina. his daughter. they have been having rocky times. especially since whitney passed away. they got engaged in 2010. he is a married man, yet again. bobby brown. congratulations. hopefully works out. >> little baby news, marissa miller, hot chick on the cover of "sports illustrated." she is going to have a baby this coming fall.
3:52 am
congratulations to actress molly sims, she had her first child, little baby boy, on tuesday to the world. cute, cutie little boy. >> cootie? >> cootie. cutie. >> we'll be back.
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will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on ♪ do the humpty-hump ♪ do the humpty-hump >> time to vote, who has the better moves? >> love it. play the song on hump day. >> this next story is for you. right. pay close attention pets have the ability to make your life healthier and not just lift your spirits. why you should get a dog? >> every anchor has tried to get me to do this. scientists say your four legged friends have very specific physical ways to improve your health. abc's cecilia vega explains,
3:56 am
this may be the cat's meow. >> reporter: what if you could trade everything in your medicine cabinet for this? >> basically a furry, four-legged life support system disguised as a pet. what i am telling you it might be poodle instead of prozac. it might be labrador instead of lipotor. >> and anaconda instead of aspirin. veterinarian marty becker wrote a book about the healing power of pets. and now, scientists in san francisco think they too may be on to something. they say dust found in homes with dogs may actually make kids less likely to develop asthma. the benefits of having alex, george, raven, lightning and sheldon the labradoodle don't end there. so much for an apple a day. australian researchers discovered people with dogs visit the doctor less. >> lassie! >> reporter: one study found that watching this calmed nerves the connection thought to drop chemical levels linked to stress.
3:57 am
have heart disease? you might want to consider getting a cat. researchers found in minnesota those who never owned one were 40% more likely to die from a heart attack. the calming purr may soothe anxiety. >> it's the close physical contact, the affection connection we share that's where you get the healing power of pets. >> reporter: fido may be our anti-depressant, cholesterol killer, our life saver. and now if man's best friend could help solve world peace. who knows maybe they can. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, the stats don't lie. studies have shown that alzheimer's patients have fewer anxious outbursts with an animal in the home. heart attack patients who have pets survive longer than those who do not. >> our facebook question of the day -- what have your pets done to improve your well-being. i took joy from the pets. especially when i threw cheese at the ceiling and waited for the dog to get it and it just stuck there. come on dad!
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