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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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g a stroke yesterday. >> jerry sandusky's wife takes the stand. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> rise and shine. 80 6:00 a.m. on wednesday june 20 at the. steve chenevey >> i steve. we start with traffic and weather. first off, we have lisa baden. >> nothing too steamy. we jump right up to newschopper 7 with a live picture of traffic over 66-50 in fair oaks. eastbound traffic -- more action as far as our neighbors. the fantastic run. no major delays between manassas and nully street. now, adam caskey. >> -sticky. we are in the belfort furniture weather center at 6:00 a.m.
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today will be hot and tomorrow will be hotter. by the weekend temperatures low level -- will level off. 73 in northwest d.c.. vienna, 70. germantown, 73. stafford, 70. we have some areas of fog there in parts of northern virginia. heat advisory through tomorrow afternoon because the heat and humidity will combine to make it feel like it is about 100 to 105. we will be in the 90's from lunchtime all the way to dinner time. we will top out at 96 today with a couple of degrees added tomorrow. more and that coming right up. >> we want to check in with john gonzales right now who is out at southwest -- who is in southwest washington. >> we are here on the national mall what the sun is starting to hover above a and there is a
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easiness in the year to date. we have noticed a lot of joggers. the tip from health officials is to get your jogging in early in the morning. a lot of construction workers carrying a lot of water. health officials are reminding us this morning that it does not take long for heat exhaustion to kick in. the same heat wave that has torched the midwest has now arrived here in d.c. temperatures are expected to reach dangerous levels, 8 states including maryland and virginia, will be under heated by its. according to the national weather service. every swimming center will be open for those looking for a sanctuary from the sun. health officials warning people
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to try to stay indoors, but of course if you are going to jog around, do it fairly early or very late. health officials say the first heat advisory usually carries an increased risk for heat stroke. take it easy up there. slow down. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> and all right. new this morning, fairfax county police investigating what led up to a fatal crash that happened before midnight in springfield. police say a man died in this crash. his car hit a fire hydrant and overturned. his name has not yet been released. police are looking for who is behind a deadly shooting in southeast washington. this happened on 17th street early this morning. the man was shot in his chest and died at the hospital. no motive at this time. there is a huge police presence
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near the area. brianne carter is on the scene and reports see more police with guns. we get a live report at 6:30 a.m. >> hosni mubarak reportedly being kept alive on life support after having a stroke. his fragile health comes as thousands of protesters demonstrated against the military government. he left office over one year ago after protests. he has been serving a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters against his rule last year. >>the defense could wrap up the sex abuse trial jerry sandusky. yesterday, his wife took the stand saying she never saw or heard it inappropriate behavior. jummy olabanji has the following the trial and is live from the newsroom. >> jerry sandusky's wife was the only adult when everything to a
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place, allegedly. she got to tell everyone she heard nothing. >>taking the witness stand misses sandusky told her husband was two busy -- too busy to molest children. she said she never heard any inappropriate behavior. >> i saw a wife who had not seen the cases. these boys were there in the home with frequency. in the basement. they were being tucked into bed by her husband. >> mrs. sandusky told the jury her husband was in bed and she does not know why the boys would buy about her husband. then there were two doctors saying sandusky as a disorder that causes him to exhibit seductive behavior. a doctor called by the prosecution says he functions at too high able to qualify for such a diagnosis. there is strong speculation that
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jerry sandusky might take the stand. >> you have to wait and see. >> thank you. >> if you know the answers there is no excitement. >> this morning is likely the last opportunity for jerry sandusky to testify. earlier, the judge told the jury the closing arguments could begin as soon as tomorrow. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> all right. downtown d.c. can still looking a bit more like times square. the council gets ready to hear argument on a proposal to add new signs to the exterior of the verizon center allowing for nine graphics. under the proposal, the group that owns the teams would pay them $1 per square foot for each display permit. this kind we did the design cannot be distracting. >> 73 degrees.
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>> still ahead, rumblings over who could be mitt romney's running mate, november. >> plus, the g-20 summit wraps up. >> not just a small world. it is a small universe. we look at what some are claiming they see and mercury. >> first, lisa baden. hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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>> hi. i want to remind you only swim when the beach patrol is on duty. good morning, washington. >> he is killing us with the
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beach conditions. let us go further than the beach right now. we have heard about a man on the moon but what about a mouse on mercury? >> look. it is mickey mouse. this is a nasa photographer . [laughter] i see it. >> right there. leave it to an intern to show that. i think they just got recognize. [laughter] >> time for a checkup travel bag -- check of traffic and 10 minutes -- traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> i wonder if it is made of cheese. >>let us go live to newschopper 7 where we show you it is not to bet on 66 95, 395. here is 270 moving smartly from i-70 past 109. a little bit more action with volume. still good. now we jump on over to adam
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caskey in the weather center. >> all right. we of a beautiful sight of the sunrise coming up over the church right there. some he see sunshine in store for the day. some fog and parts of northern virginia. it73 in washington. morningside, 72. leesburg, centreville -- 71. you of your the humidity. 96 today. it will feel like 100. even warmer tomorrow. record heat umar . we might break a record. in terms of travel weather, we have the heat. boston, 96. syracuse, 94. kansas city, 92. chicago, 94. that party had about one dozen days in the 90's. there could be thunderstorms down to all my into kansas city. the kids of a few severe storms
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in the upper midwest. right now, no airport delays across the board. looking good. i will have another look coming right up. >> all right. thank you. >> we look at what is happening in both 2012 and who could be a possible running mate for gop presidential candidate mitt romney. >> all eyes on florida as marco rubio -- carriage drivers has more. >> call it a road show. mitt romney wraps up a five-day bus tour. he has campaign for votes but it was also a chance to audition several potential running mates. on friday, he worked with senator kelly of new hampshire. send a pancakes with senator rob portman. >> it is great to have rob portman here. >> something in wisconsin with
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congressman paul ryan. so far romney has kept their vice-presidential selection process close to the vest. abc news reported this morning the romney campaign was not doing a background check on marco rubio. the young senator is wildly popular among conservatives. some say he could put florida bacchant to the column for republicans. they say he could close the gap with president obama, and hispanics. this evening, romney personally disputed that report. >> marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> that makes him the only contender the campaign has been concerned is on the list. >> if you raised expectations so high end he becomes seen as the likely candidate and then does that depict, you may do yourself some damage. >> that was carrying travers.
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it looks like him plenty is the front-runner. romney insists that he in one top staffer know what is going on. >> president obama told world leaders he is confident that europe will resolve the debt crisis. the president also talked about why americans are being hurt by the economic stress in europe. summit leaders failed to find a solution to the financial crisis. >> this crisis -- many of our financial sectors is contaminated by unorthodox practices from some sectors of the market. >> we are all in the same boat together. we are not an island. we are a global economy. >> the president maintains europe has the ability to solve the crisis on its own. the u.s. is dealing with financial woes so it will not be offering help to its international partners.
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>> across the nation, there is support for new health care efforts. a new poll finds 77% of americans say congress should start work on a new reform bill. as for support of the bill passed in 2010, 47% oppose it. 33% support it. when asked how obama is handling the issue, half disapprove. >> outside, a 71 degrees. >> coming up, we look at the highest paid actors in hollywood. you may be surprised by who tops the list. >> markets up on sfx: sounds marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd chring d i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring arica's troops. ich is actually itfitting because o has been serving e military for over 75 years.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and e. this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> many looking for is the federal reserve. here is paul harris. >> good morning. all eyes are on the economy. a deal has emerged that the g- 20, and a $one trillion bill up for spain and italy. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said the fed is taking action with the economy. there is evidence the economy needs help. employers posting the u.s. job openings in april. with 12.5 million people unemployed that means there were 3.7 people for every open job. home prices are rising slowly but not everywhere. houses in good neighborhoods near transportation and schools
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are easy to sell. on the list of highest-paid actresses, sandra bullock was the third. in first place, kristen stewart at just 22-year-old. >> a house committee votes on whether to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. the panel's chair giving holder until 10:00 a.m. to hand over justice of our documents related to the flawed probe known as fast and here is ending with guns winding up at crime scenes. the nfl about the scandal is the subject on the hill today. roger goodell will meet with dick durbin to talk about the scandal and reforms. the league has suspended players who workere being paid cash for hits.,
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>> route 5 near 231, a vehicle has rolled over. no problems reported out of waldorf to get through brandywine. we take you to virginia with newschopper 7. they are looking at traffic out of manassas along 66. stop and go every day. no accidents into vienna. now to the weather center. >> hey, there. >> good hot morning. >> a hot mass. one day i thought if you do not like the heat or you are annoyed, one way i found therapy was to help you we did go into your photo albums and look at these no picture. >> i think the pool is a better option. >> the pool gets hot.
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>> i am going to go with the pool. >> i am going to take my pictures to the pool. a combination. hot and sticky. here is a look at the sunshine over washington. i appreciate the heat. i just do not like it when it is day after day. we have been pretty lucky so far this month of june. it has not been all that hot up until now. here is the sunshine over arlington. washington lee high schools, 72 degrees. he advisory for the masvast majority of the abc 7 viewing area. 100 to 1 05. air temperature shy of 100 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow will be the hottest day all week. the hottest we have seen so far this year. we have only had 590 degree days. 74 in washington. wacha for fogs near culpeper and
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prince william county. 68 in martinsburg at this time. here is a view of what is going on. here is a cold front. the cold front will bring a little bit of relief for the upcoming weekend. that will be here on friday . with it, showers and thunderstorms. highs in the upper 80's for friday -- the weekend. in the 90's from lunchtime until dinnertime. 96 is the high today. tomorrow is our best chance of dying or breaking a record making it to 98. >> all right. >> coming up, from the bright light to the boxing range, mike tyson is taking on a new project. ♪
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>> mike tyson now bringing his one-man show to the great white. >> you know his singing skills. he is taking it to broadway. it will be a confessional about the ups and downs of his life. he has had plenty. 46-year-old. he will be at a lawmakers theater. this is a limited run. >> spike lee is producing. they get into some degree -- nitty gritty. >> i am going to stay as far away from mike tyson. only six nights. to see the show, it is in demand. >> ladies, if you are feeling good, it might be because johnny depp is on the market.
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the star and his girlfriend of 14 years have split up. >> if you cannot make it work in 14 years, it will not happen. >> time to move on. >> the couple have been living overseas. they lived in france. they have children. they said they have separated amicably. johnny depp is a fantastic astor. -- actor. he is a weird guy. >> he is different. he will not have any trouble finding someone new. >> not going to be single for long. >> we have another half hour of the "good morning washington." >> 8 -- >> heat advisory in effect for this afternoon.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> straight ahead, a deadly shooting and the suspect is on the loose. brianne carter is on scene. >> a look at how to stay save during the high temperature conditions. "good morning washington." >> it is wednesday morning. i am steve chenevey. the key is getting to me. >> already. >> i know. >> we have traffic and weather every 10 minutes with adam caskey in just a moment. first, lisa baden. >> imagine how hot it is in the chopper. let us go to newschopper 7 and show you how it is heating up on 66. last time we saw them, they were out of manassas. this is traffic in vienna through the haze and he approaching the beltway with the lanes open on 66. next, we go over to the map with
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a schedule of closure of the chesapeake bay bridge. both directions. we will have details coming up in a little while. now to adam caskey. >> it is only 74 degrees outside right now if you are thinking it is monday, stay inside. you'll be better off. it will be hot and sticky today. we will have intense heat and humidity. here is a look at the he is decent and over georgetown. here is the potomac. you can hardly tell because the sun is flaring up the camera. 17 in gainesville. winchester, 70. logar 70's. the chesapeake beach, 72. keep at us. it -- he did visor in effect for today. 96 this afternoon. it will feel more like 100 to 105. tomorrow, a record challenge. we will be there or break it. closer to 100 on our thursday.
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we will have the seven-day with some relief coming up. >> you do not have to tell me more than once that i should find some air-conditioning. the official start to summer is said to bring those record- breaking temperatures. >> across the northeast, they will approach triple digits. said ellen around 90's. the humidity will get a whole lot hotter. those battling the -- wildfires out west have been having trouble. every swimming pool will be open and available for those looking for a sanctuary. >> for those of respiratory ailments, not a good day for them. we are also understanding that it could be a bad day for air quality. >> officials say everyone to drink a lot of water, stay out of the sun, get some air
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conditioning. check on your elderly neighbors as well as pets. for a developing story out of southeast washington where police are looking for the person responsible for a deadly shooting. >> that happened on 17th street early this morning. brianne carter has been on the scene. >> a very active police investigation out here with a very large police presence. we are standing on the corner of minnesota and 17th street. they have roads blocked off while they're investigating an act of homicide. it possible barrett hit situation involved. that is what police are telling us. it we have seen a number of police officers responding here to the scene including swat teams, as well. they are along 17th street outside of a home or apartment. they're not letting us any closer at this hour. again, this is an act of
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homicide investigation. this began a run to 30 a.m. they say -- to 30 a.m. there is a look out for a mane le wearing a white and blue shirt. he may be inside of a home or if the look out -- the lookout might be happening. a very active seen happening out here. a number of roads are blocked off by police. swat teams in the investigators are going through the streets in the southeast neighborhood. we will stay on top of this and bring you the latest year brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. police are looking for a suspect in a stabbing in the 6300 block of new hampshire avenue yesterday. investigators say a man approached the victim and demanded his backpack. tehama to the suspect -- the suspect is a black male 5 feet 11.
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he was seen wearing blue jeans and black shoes. >> howard county police investigating what led up to the shooting of a 16-year-old. a neighbor from the teen boy in the 117400 block of frederick road. the team was fun to maryland where he is in stable condition. the judge in the jury -- in the jerry sandusky case expects the defense to rest this afternoon. yesterday, sandusky's wife took the stand. she never saw or heard any inappropriate behavior. she said boys slept over often and her husband was the one who went downstairs to say good night. it is unclear if sandusky will take the stand. >> looking at the evidence that has come in, and i might say
6:36 am
that it seems there could be their only hope. you listen to how he performed in those media interviews in you say to yourself, how could they possibly put him on the stand? >> dueling doctors, one psychologist testified that he has a personality disorder which causes him to exhibit inappropriately seductive behavior. another doctor said sandusky functions at way too high a level in order to qualify for that. and councilwoman sketch of to be tried on reckless driving charges today. karen toles was pulled over after going more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway in february. she was only ticketed for an unsafe lane change but then was charged with reckless driving. if convicted, she could be fined or license could be suspended. the woman charged in connection with a hit-and-run last month the schedule to be arraigned today.
6:37 am
she hit another woman and then left. she is being held without bond. >> are around the area, a task force meets to discuss casinos at 1:00 p.m. among the issues being discussed is whether to allow a sixth casino in prince george's county. also, the proposed continue -- casino near cumberland. you could soon hail a cab for less money. the $1 surcharge expires at midnight. the temporary regulation put into place when gas goes up. the prices of gas will fall. the commission says it could reinstitute the surcharge if necessary. 72 degrees. >> still to come, the women of
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dc's news gathered together for a great cause fighting breast cancer. >> eric holder could be held in contempt.
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>> last night was the return of the bash for breast cancer. i joint news women to host the event at the howard theater. there were plenty of news mena, as well including the on harris. -- leon harris. and we are so appreciative to all the people who came out to support last night. we will have you out next year, steve. you had another event. >> what degree he said. i was a disappointed i could not make it. i was hosting an event, united for d.c. >> another good cause. >> great event. d.c. united. thank you it for letting me be a part of that. >> we look forward to it. we have -- >> let us check in on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. good morning.
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>> good morning. we have some high temperatures ahead this morning. he said pfizer a kick in. -- a heat advisory taking in. skype conditions vary across the reason. -- vary across the area. mostly sunny skies. warm temperatures. here is where we stand at the moment around the area. most of the temperatures in the 60's outside of the city. the -- this rise will be steady throughout today. a 74 right now in the district. here is the hourly. this will give you an idea of how quickly the temperatures will rise. it will feel warmer. urey's the heat advisory. -- here is that he devised. your high heat warning in effect for the philadelphia area. relief coming our way? a little bit. highs will go to the upper 80's for the weekend. it will feel over 100 degrees.
6:43 am
a little better as we get through the day on friday. citing improvement in the temperatures as we head through saturday and sunday. we will have more for you in 10 minutes. >> looking ahead to the weekend. thank you. >> barely cool down when it is 88. >> we will take it. 95, 66, status quo delays. no surprises on 395. let us see if we can grab a glimpse from newschopper 7. they were looking at the beltway between springfield annandale amare field on your way up to tysons. past 123, the area of long-term construction. looks pretty good. we are finished with traffic. we are back in less than 10 minutes. >> all right. >> coming up, the first lady launching a recipe challenge to promote healthier lunches.
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>> that will be cool. we have a controversy over eric ho
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>> a house committee could vote to hold attorney-general in contempt of congress. for failing to turn over documents known as fast and furious. i am wondering if this is a battle worth waging for republicans? >> would think with the possibility of the eternal general being held in contempt of congress that it would be about the impact on eric holder ert.
6:47 am
but, there seems to be a little bit of a scare amongst republicans about whether this is the direction the republicans want to go in. there is discussion about the election. it will be an economy election. some on capitol hill think it might be stupid to go off on an issue like this that does not have anything to do with the president's track record on the economy. >> eric holder think that this is stupid. he is calling this political gamesmanship. >> he is suggesting that he is being set up by the house oversight committee and beryl i saw. they had a meeting last night of about 20 minutes. it they could not come to an agreement. eisa -- issa said he would not turn this down. >> of the attorney-general is in
6:48 am
contempt, we should find that out. i need to issue a very happy birthday. you are supposed to take the day off. >> thank you. . >> let us turn things over to steve. >> you cannot take your world off. -- you cannot take the day off. >> michelle obama is behind a challenge to promote healthier lunches. itthe taste testing begins. turning now is the editor of the book. good to have you. you had to go through this process of narrowing down hundreds of recipes submitted from all across the country. this is part of the continued healthy eating campaign. >> we got 1100 entries from across the u.s. as far away as islands. we have gotten an incredible array of amazing dishes.
6:49 am
the recipes were sophisticated healthy, delicious. i was so impressed by the quality of them. >> that will make it more difficult to vote to try to narrow it down. what do you look for? what do you look for when it comes to healthy recipes? >> we want to make sure that there are foods that are not to lie in carbs. low-fat. protein. grades. veggies. for its. i think is important -- we have a lot of rips. a lot of smithies. we have a ton of pastas salads. ton of chicken. we got a lot of quinoa. i did that not dispel that when i was 8. these kids know what they are doing. >> the youngsters have devolved when it comes to the culinary world. i hope you are hungry because
6:50 am
you will have to test these recipes that made it to this round to get to the finals. you will have some help. >> thank you. i have a couple of celebrity chefs. the usda and the department of education will help me, too. we have to taste 100 recipes. i know i will be desperate after word. >> you will enjoy efp. -- you will enjoy it here. the dinner is coming up in august. some of these meals will be served at the white house. >> that is right. i think it is a beautiful thing to inspire these kids. kitzhaber on the country should be able to make something that is sulkily -- kids all around the country should be able to make something healthy. >> great to see the end -- began kids get healthy.
6:51 am
>> thank you. >> we will check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start things off with lisa baden. >> what a fabulous interview. very interesting. i am looking forward to finding out the results. if you want to know what is happening on the traffic seen we go to the pictures on north on 395. a little hazy. we will take it. open. quiet at the pentagon. now, to the weather center with doug hill. >> he is joining us now. >> hello. we are getting ready for a little heat wave coming our way. temperatures in the 90's. he'd advisory in effect. so much happening. let us take you to the rooftop camera with a time lapse to the sunrise this morning. a little bit of cloudiness. things are starting to brighten
6:52 am
up. a lot of sunshine today. here is annapolis. a beautiful sunshine. high clouds. in a lot of sunshine. it will be good near the water. starting in the 70's. we will go straight through the 80 to the 90's. it will be a little bit warmer, he advisory in effect. running freight strewed 10:00 tomorrow night. here is behind it. there is a hot air mass coming our way. you can notice the effect of the clouds. that is if. the high-pressure services over head. each will start building. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. a better chance on friday. tight temperatures compared with the records, will we break it? an upper 90's through the next few days, we will get close.
6:53 am
we will let at and take a crack at it in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you.
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>> good morning. what rielle hunter said about
6:56 am
john edwards. >> stay tune for that. "good morning washington" -- we take a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let us start out with lisa baden. >> they will close the chesapeake bay bridge at 1:00 p.m. to allow a very large vessel to pass under. keep that in mind on route 50. now, adam caskey. >> hot and sticky. by tomorrow is 98 for the record. we will even break it, by decree. heat index values up to 105 today and tomorrow. we cool into the weekend. relief in the upper 80's. even cooler. >> let us not. i am happy
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