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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. here comes the heat. 13 eastern states under excream heat warnings right now. near 100 record-breaking degrees from new york to washington. our extreme weather team will tell us how hot it will get on this first day of summer. a packed jetblue plane, going from side-to-side. passengers fearing for their lives. >> we lost our hydraulics. >> that happened in midair that caused flight 194 to circle for hours, before making an emergency landing. the abc news exclusive. rielle hunter in her own words. >> i'm also a woman who fell in
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love with a married man. i'm not the first woman who has done that. and i'm not going to be the last. >> brand-new revelations this morning and what elizabeth edwards said when she learned of hunter's affair with her husband, john. and baldwin brawl. the tv star takes a swing at the paparazzi after getting his marriage license. the photographer calling bdwin a raging bull. and how the star ended up like this at the end of the day. you just saw the biggest yoga class. i kid you not. >> that's bekram yoga. hot yoga. couldn't be more appropriate. it's supposed to be about 100 degrees. >> that's true. you know who else was hot, alec baldwin. he was under that sheet or whatever. didn't keep photographers from
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taking his picture. >> what a day he had. and what a day it was in the jerry sandusky trial yesterday. his wife, dottie, testifying yesterday. his lawyer, hinting that he, jerry sandusky himself, could go to the stand today. >> and dottie, his wife, was on the stand yesterday. a passenger fights back. a disgruntled flier caught on camera giving her own pat-down of the tsa. and prince william about to hit another milestone. he turns 30 tomorrow. we're learning today about how he's going to celebrate. he comes into a lot of money tomorrow. we have all of the details on that ahead. we do begin with that extreme heat wave burning up the east coast. our ix treatment weather team starting us off. sam, you also corrected me. not the first day of summer. it's the last long day of spring. >> the summer solstice get right on top of the equator about 7:09 tonight. that's the official start of summer. folks gathering in places like
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times square, have to figure out how to beat the heat today. the heat index level, in the middle of times square, at 100 degrees. we haven't seen a heat index level like that since the middle of last summer. and we're not the only place. let me show you what the heat index, which may be the more important number of the day today. the heat and the humidity. the real temperatures in the 70s in new york city. but add the heat and humidity, it's already 83 degrees. you go through the day, your body will feel like it's 102, from raleigh into hartford, and boston, going there, as well. this may be the first day that places in the mid-atlantic have gotten the heat. but not in places like washington, d.c., with a heat warning out. and our ginger zee is right there in washington, with a look at where that heat has been and where it started. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, sam. and good morning, everyone. check out the temperature already above 80 degrees here in d.c. so, boy, is it swampy, too. the tidal basin one of the cooler spots in d.c.
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but this heat is nothing new. let's check out places like chicago, where they're seeing the 13th day in a row of 90-degrees plus. they haven't done that since 1977. 35 years later and the heat is on. then, there's omaha, nebraska, a police that already had 9 90-degree-plus temperatures in the last month, in the last year. 10 of the 11 months have been above average. so, the heat, nothing new in the midwest. but now, it spreads east and really starts to seep in. you can feel it here. i think, george, we're going to need extreme team. >> thanks, very much. let's get the other headlines from josh. a hostage situation in france. >> similar to what we just saw. good morning, all of you. a man who claims to be associated with al qaeda has taken several people hostage inside a bank inside france, in toulouse. the scene of a similar hostage drama not long ago. a nearby school has been evacuated. and lama hasan is following it
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for us. lama, at this hour, what do we know? >> good morning, josh. we are just learning the man is holding four people hostage and has fired at least one shot. it's unclear right now if anyone has been hurt. it could be retaliation for an attack in march. another shooter, claiming to have ties to al qaeda, went on a bloody rampage at a jewish school down the street from this bank, killing a teacher and three others, before commandos stormed into his apartment and killed him. police have closed off the area surrounding the bank. we'll bring you more information as we get it. josh? >> lama hasan, thank you for that. meanwhile, more breaking news, could have a major impact on wall street this morning. a massive bailout to rescue some of the biggest economies in europe. european leaders, led by the germans, have reportedly come up with a $1 trillion rescue fund to save spain and italy from defaulting on their enormous debts. this is a big shift by german leader angela merkel.
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and shows europe's largest economy is now prepared to back its weaker neighbors. however, critics argue, the bailout, still isn't enough. meanwhile, former egyptian president hosni mubarak is close to death this morning, in a coma, just after a stroke. it's as the country he once led descends into chaos. protesters are protesting the military. eric holder could be charged with contempt of congress today. a house committee is demanding more documents about the government's fast and furious program. a failed sting operation that allowed weapons to get into the hands of mexican gangs. holder calls the committee's threat to hold him in contempt pure politics. the coast guard expected to announce a link today in the hoax reported off new jersey and a hoax in texas.
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crews scrambled boats and helicopters off the coast of new jersey, spending more than $300,000 in the process, only to realize that the call about three people dead on a yacht was bogus. a similar prank call was made in galveston, texas, last month. well, endure it. on display yet another great game in the nba finals last night. lebron james saying his leg cramps were so painful -- you see there. his whole body, practically shut down. guess who came into the game and despite the intense pain, guess what he did. >> right here. right here. >> a big old three. breaking a late tie. and sending the heat on to a win. 104-98. now, up 3-1 games. this thing could all end tomorrow night in miami. let's go to the "gma" anchor scoreboard. robin, sam and lara, just showing off. that's an attractive bunch.
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george and i have taken it. >> i can't afford to shrink anymore. >> i'm just saying -- you're still alive. >> the only person statistically alive is me. the thunder have to win three-straight. that's never, ever happened before. >> yeah. the next game is on thursday. >> saying there's a chance. >> we'll see what happens. good line, george. thank you, josh. also this morning, we're going to talk about the jerry sandusky trial. it could be happening, jerry sandusky, taking the stand today. his wife took the stand yesterday. and we want to know, will the former penn state coach take the stand? his wife -- jim avila is in bellefonte, pennsylvania, with the latest this morning. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's all about risk versus reward. the sandusky defense team, still refusing to say on the record, whether or not they'll put the the former penn state coach and
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accused child molester on the witness stand today. as late as this morning, telling us a decision has not been made. sandusky's attorney, joe amendola, hinted to the jury, they would hear directly from his client today. but was coy when asked by reporters on the eve of the trial's last day. >> it's like a soap. you have to wait and see. >> reporter: later, he would tell the judge, a decision has not been made. abc news sources tell us, the defense has been leaning towards letting sandusky defend himself for a while. critics say, he's so far behind, he might as well have his say. >> i think that the defendant is on his own 1 yard line. so, that would indicate that he would take the stand. >> reporter: sandusky's wife, dottie, did take the stand tuesday, with a wink and a smile for her jerry. the man she met at a family picnic nearly 50 years ago. now, fighting to keep him a free man in his remaining years. telling jurors in a firm but
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soft voice, the house she lives in with her husband is no house of horrors for little boys. alleged victim number nine testified last week, he was assaulted in her basement, while she was at home. and screamed for help. but no one came. he thought the basement might be sound-proof. defense attorney joe amendola asked her directly. is your basement sound-proof? no. how's your hearing? i'm a light sleeper. i hear noises. she told the jurors her husband is in bed before she is 99% of the time. they sleep together in the same bed. and when asked point-blank, did you ever hear the young men calling for help? dottie said no. dottie admitted she could not think of a reason the boys would lie about her husband, jerry. today, is scheduled to be the last day of testimony. the judge told the jurors that they should hear closing arguments tomorrow. and they will get the case tomorrow.
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he told them to bring a suitcase because they'll be sequestered in a local hotel and will deliberate over the weekend if necessary. george? >> jim, thanks. we have a follow-up to the big political story we brought you yesterday from abc's jon karl. he reported that mitt romney was not doing the kind of background check on popular florida senator, marco rubio, that would make him a presidential candidate. it prompted this statement late in the day from romney. >> the story was entirely false. marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process. >> with that, let's bring in jon karl to talk about what happened. in the beginning of the day, romney had no comment. came out late in the day with that denial. what's going on here? >> reporter: it's fascinating. in the morning, i heard from sources that marco rubio had not been asked for any vetting documents. he had not been asked for tax returns. he had not been asked to fill out questionnaires. 11 hours later, mitt romney comes out and now, suddenly,
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marco rubio is the one person in the entire country that the romney campaign and romney himself has confirmed is being vetted. this is what we know, george. if he had not been asked for vetting materials by yesterday morning, he's being asked now. >> and you heard marco rubio supporters complaining he wasn't on the list. >> reporter: no question. you had conservatives shocked that the romney campaign wouldn't consider marco rubio. they said, this would be like putting up a sign, conservatives need not apply. hispanic conservatives need not apply. i will say the romney campaign has said that pressure from conservatives was not the factor here. they insist that all along, rubio was going to be somebody that was going to be seriously considered. >> thanks very much. now, to the scare in the air. we're just learning about this morning. a frightening ride for 136 passengers from las vegas to new york, after mechanical failures had the plane shaking
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in the skies for hours before landing safely. abc's lisa stark has that story. >> we're trying to work this situation. >> reporter: you're listening to the pilot of jetblue flight 194, on its way from las vegas to new york. a flight that passengers say was filled with terrifying churns and side-to-side lurches, causing people to get sick. a brooklyn passenger knew something was wrong right from takeoff. saying, you could hear a screeching, an obvious mechanical screeching. we were bouncing around a lot. >> right now, it's quite a few things. lost two hydraulic systems. >> roger. and still on board? >> 155 souls. >> reporter: in addition to losing two hydraulic systems, the pilot said he needed to circle and use fuel before returning to vegas. one walking the aisle saying, i'm smiling. if i was scared, you would know it. i'm not scared. you don't need to be. but passengers described the flight as four hours of hell.
7:14 am
jetblue tells abc news, the captain declared an emergency, due to a mechanical indication in the cockpit. and out of an abundance of caution, the flight returned to las vegas and was towed to the gate. >> there's still a method of controlling the airplane, even on an airbus. >> reporter: s.e. cupp was on the flight, tweeting. the plane turned into a vomitorium for five hours. other passengers tweeted, happy to be on the ground. crew of jetblue 194 are superheros. mid flight emergency. but they kept us calm and informed through the emergency landing. airbus has explained it has enough backup systems that the passengers were not in danger. but for those onboard, it was clearly a frightening ordeal. george? we're going from the air to the airport. and another controversy for the tsa. this one is full of twists. a passenger unset with the way she was treated by security
7:15 am
turned the tables and aggressively patted down a tsa agent herself. that got her in trouble with police. but as bazi kanani explains, the passenger was acting out to make a point. >> reporter: this video shows a disgruntled airline passenger striking back at airport security. watch as 59-year-old carol price walks over to a tsa supervisor at the ft. myers, florida, airport. she sets down her bags. and then, this. watch again, as price seems to inappropriately touch the agent. all in an effort, she says, to demonstrate what happened to her while being patted down moments earlier. >> it was a customer complaint of an extremely inappropriate search. she did not touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched. >> reporter: instead of making a point, price was charged with misdemeanor battery. she isn't the first passenger to complain about an intrusive security search.
7:16 am
in april, this woman in chicago was driven to tears after what she felt was an inappropriate pat-down. this man in portland was so fed up, he decided to show up to security naked. and last year, this 61-year-old woman was arrested for touching a screener's breast during a pat-down in phoenix. fellow fliers flocked to facebook to defend her, calling her a hero. in a statement, the tsa says, it, quote, will not tolerate assault against its workforce. noting that price's search was conducted according to established protocols. which means, what started as a customer complaint at the airport, will now be heard as a criminal complaint in court next month. for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, miami. >> we'll let you know what happens in court next month. now, to a health scare for one baseball announcer that played out on live tv. texas rangers broadcaster, david barnett, is being tested, now, for possible stroke after his play-by-play turned to gibberish
7:17 am
during monday night's game. and abc's cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: it was the bottom of the eighth. the san diego padres versus the texas rangers. when suddenly, things took a bizarre turn. listen as texas announcer dave barnett appears to have a mental meltdown. >> go-ahead run is at fifth. on what adams is insisting on calling a botched robbery. actually what happened was is his henchman. >> reporter: fifth base? a botched robbery? henchman? it was incoherent and had nothing to do with baseball. barnett's microphone may have been switched off, as many fans feared he was having a stroke. he eventually recovered. and the incident could be the recurrence of migraine headaches. it's not the first time this has happened on live television. >> we had a very dare -- let's
7:18 am
go -- >> reporter: last february, this los angeles reporter gave a garbled report during the grammys. she, too, said the incident was due to migraine-related symptoms. doctors say sometimes the symptoms pass quickly. but that incoherent speech could also be a warning of a stroke. >> part of a blood vessel can rupture, such as a balloon or an aneurysm. those need to be treated early. >> reporter: barnett went on to finish the rest of monday's game. but he'll sit out for the next two while he undergoes further tests. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> we hope everything checks out fine for dave. >> his pacing and tone were exactly on-point. he had no idea what he was saying. time, now, for the weather. you have decided, sam, to come on inside. >> it's cooler in here, robin, george. we have a.c. in times square. not out there. summer starts, as we talked about, when the direct rays of
7:19 am
the sun get to the tropic of cancer. that's at 7:09 tonight. this is your last full day of spring. and then tomorrow, your first full day of summer. either way, the heat is on in much of the country. take a look at how long this lasts. it will be the first official heat wave because it lasts longer than three days. boston, 98, 99, 90. philly, as well. washington, d.c., new york city. places like hartford, really in the heat today you wouldn't expect at this time of the year. big storms in locations like this, shown in red. minneapolis, des moines, all the way to marquette. we'll have all the nation's weather coming up in a moment.
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>> there is a live look over our intent. hazy sunshine. .ometimes you can see it 79 in culpeper. winchester. 64 and cumberland. will feel like 100 degrees degrees. azeri in effect until noon. >> coming up in the next half hour, i don't want to ruin your morning before you have your first full cup of coffee. but two tropical zones of trouble to talk about in the next half hour. also coming up, alec baldwin takes a swing at a paparazzi
7:21 am
just after getting his marriage license. now, the photographer is speaking out. he calls baldwin a raging bull. an abc news exclusive. rielle hunter exposing details about her affair with john edwards. [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas? more generations of fleas. frontline plus uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to kill the next generation, flea eggs and larvae. ask your vet about frontline plus. maybmaybe you can'; when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month, you miss out on your life.
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a little bird told d me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, i am steve chenevey. it is 7:26. it is wednesday, june 20. d.c. police may be involved in a with a man wanted in
7:27 am
connection with a deadly overnight. investigators said the suspect man i wrote to a am on 17th street. the hospital.t that been what led to the shooting. on the scene.ll in defense could rest today jerry sandusky trial. she testifiedfe, remembers the she claim that her husband sexually abused them. news channel 8 will have more in depth report at 7:30. let us get a quick check on your commute. >> we will jump to news chopper 7. over laurel,ng maryland. the baltimore washington parkway. passed this is after 197 before powder mill road. that is an extensive the lead to
7:28 am
not good tot is say. temperature-wise, it will be rather hot. right now, on the warm side. humid. .2 at dulles airport thi heat advisory starting at noon. it is for the vast majority of area.ewing like it is 100 degrees. air temperatures about 96 degrees, just shy of the record. could tie the record at 98 degrees. nearly 100 degrees. >> thank you. thank you for watching.
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7:30 am
alec baldwin, punching his way back into the headlines. the star taking a swing at a photographer after getting his marriage license. and then, he drapes himself in a blanket later in the day. he is an artist. let's just say. >> very talented man. also has a lot of anger there. >> yes. the photographer's now speaking out. >> he is. also, rielle hunter is speaking out. abc news exclusive. we have brand-new, intimate details about her first night with john edwards. how elizabeth reacted to news of their affair. that's coming up. your girls love katy perry. katy perry says she's finally
7:31 am
wide-awake. what the superstar is revealing about her high-profile split from her ex, russell brand. and a message for all women going through divorce. >> she has a documentary coming out. we begin with the latest blowup by alec baldwin. you see the pictures there. linsey davis with the details. >> reporter: good morning, george. we know that planning a wedding can be stressful. that is especially true if you happen to be alec baldwin when leaving a marriage license bureau results a in a shoving match. the groom-to-be said he ordered the paparazzi to step away from him. and what happens next depends on who you believe. the shutterbug or the tv star. when push comes to shove, to make it through photographers, push came to shove. >> that's when alec baldwin come around. come after me. and started, like, punch me and push me. and i said stop, don't touch me. >> reporter: moments earlier, the tv star had gotten his
7:32 am
new york city marriage license with fiancee, hilaria thomas. but as he was leaving, a scuffle began outside, including marco santos. >> i was far away from him. he lunged at me, like a raging bull. >> reporter: on tuesday, santos filed a complaint against the star, before heading to the hospital to be examined by injuries the photographer says were inflicted by baldwin, as seen in this "access hollywood" video. he later told abc news, he was taking pain medication. and true to form, baldwin turned to twitter to tell his side of the story. tweeting, a photographer almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning. along with this hash tag, all paparazzi should be waterboarded. then, baldwin tweeted this reference to the shooting death of florida teen, trayvon martin. i suppose if the offending paparazzi was wearing a hoodie and i shot him, it would all blow over. >> it's clear they're kind of angry ramblings. and i don't think they're doing anything to help his story.
7:33 am
in this case, the picture is much more powerful than twitter. >> reporter: baldwin's spokesman tells abc news, the photographer was clearly frustrated. pushed past the bystanders and assaulted alec with his camera. he says baldwin never threw any punches and that, quote, any subsequent physical contact was simply alec protecting himself. and to prevent a repeat of any further fisticuffs, baldwin reportedly took to the street later in the day wearing this, a paparazzi-proof blanket. only, even with the blanket on, people were still taking his picture. in new york city, that may not have looked all that bizarre. police say baldwin is cooperating with the investigation. the photographer is reportedly suffering from pain in his chin, a headache and also dizziness. meanwhile, plans for baldwin's june 30th nuptials are in full swing. although, no one expected it to be quite so -- >> see what he does with a sheet that day. >> thank you, linsey. we're going to turn to more
7:34 am
revelations from rielle hunter about her relationship with john edwards. her new book sheds much light on how their affair began. what happened between them. how they're raising their daughter, quinn, and whether they have a future together. you saw chris cuomo. he sat down with her. we'll have that interview for you later. right now, amy robach has the latest. >> reporter: new, intimate details are emerging about the six-year affair responsible for the very public ruin of john edwards' political career. edwards' mistress, rielle hunter coming out with an explosive tell-all, "what really happened, john edwards, our daughter and me." hunter sat down with "20/20" anchor, chris cuomo, for an interview airing friday. >> the assumptions are dark. rielle hunter, as in man-hunter, destroyer of marriage. destroyer of john edwards. how do you want yourself defined? >> first and foremost, i'm a mom.
7:35 am
rielle hunter is a mom. and i'm also a woman who fell in love with a married man. i'm not the first woman who has done that. and i'm not going to be the last. >> reporter: "people" magazine obtained these exclusive pictures and these excerpts from her revealing, new memoir. including how hunter says elizabeth edwards reacted to their affair. elizabeth requested all of the tapes i made of the campaign. she locked herself in a room to watch. on one tape, she saw johnny walking into a room and his reaction to seeing me. she apparently told him that he never once looked at her the way he looked at me. so, she took that bit and put it on her computer as a screen saver in order to watch it over and over again. as far as hunter and edwards and their future, hunter has this to say. i'm still in love with john. that didn't go away, shockingly enough. marriage? i have no idea. i'm not a big fan of the institution. but never say never. in the end, hunter says she has no regrets about following her
7:36 am
heart because she has her daughter, quinn, who she calls the love of her life. for "good morning america," amy robach, abc news, new york. and joining us now, is betsy gleick, the executive editor of "people" magazine, who is running an excerpt of hunter's book. on newsstands on friday. she doesn't pull back in this book. including the first time they were together. >> that is right. she says it is time for her to tell the truth. she describes, you know, an electric night of kind of movie magic passion, explosive passion. he invites her to his hotel room. they sit on the bed. they talk about everything. and then, she says, and he just -- he took the lead. >> it is her book. but she talks a lot about elizabeth edwards. and people would say she is not here to defend herself. and people would say rielle hunter is being self-serving here in how she talks about
7:37 am
elizabeth edwards. >> yes. one might think that. she describes a marriage that was terribly, terribly broken, long before she and john got together. and she says, i wasn't worried about elizabeth. it really wasn't my problem. it's kind of cruel. it's shocking. and we have no way of knowing, at this point, whether this is even true. >> exactly because she's not here. but there are some moments also in reading the book. and i know you said you read a majority of it, as well. these moments. we are very familiar of bob woodruff's interview with john edwards. he denied that quinn was his daughter. and rielle writes that she was watching the interview with john edwards. what was her reaction? >> she was devastated. she was furious. and afterwards she said to him, that really hurt. and he said, didn't really mean anything. didn't mean anything. and there are other episodes
7:38 am
like that in our excerpt, as well. she -- they have these moments where he does something terrible. they break up for 24 hours. and then, they're back together again. >> and she also writes about when they first got together, he claimed, and stay with me here, she claims that he claimed he had multiple affairs. >> right. >> and then later said that he lied to her about that. that's hard to keep up with. >> well, no. what he said was, he lied about some of them. he tells her that he had three other women on the side, at the time that they met because he's trying to keep his distance from her. he doesn't want her to get too attached. later, she says, well those women i made up. but there were affairs before that. it's just -- you don't -- there's no run to root for here. >> you got that right. betsy, thank you very much. "people" magazine, a large excerpt on stands on friday. >> right. >> thank you, betsy. we'll have a first look at chris cuomo's exclusive interview with rielle hunter friday on "gma."
7:39 am
and you can see the entire conversation friday night, at 10:00, 9:00 central. and she discusses her relationship right now with john edwards. let's get back to sam and the weather. >> we have the pulsating circle of concern, not once but twice for two tropical systems. one of them named yesterday, chris. unusual that the hurricane center would name one that would head into cold water and away from a land mass. but they did. we'll watch chris. and also this one. right on top of cuba, they'll look for it for further development. it is rain and probably five inches of rain for south florida, before we get through friday's time period. and probably into the weekend, more rain. real problems continue toward the west. we haven't even hit the peak of summer or the peak of the fire
7:40 am
>> where in the world can you go to beat the heat? we'll talk about that in the next half hour. all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. robin? >> going to hold you to that, sam. coming up, katy perry's take on her high-profile divorce. what she wants every woman to know right now. s ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it's happening right now at your local walgreens. pharmacists are going above and beyond... armed with expertise and advice... ♪ ...with one goal in mind... to better serve you... ♪ nothing will get between you and the care you deserve. find your pharmacist at
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katy perry's brand-new video is burning up the internet. like she does in her music, revealing so much of herself in it. this time, playing out her public divorce. ♪ i was in the dark with an open heart ♪ >> reporter: it's being billed as his most revealing music video. ♪ i wish i knew then what i know now ♪ >> reporter: it's katy perry's "wide awake." and just 48 hours since its release, the video has gone viral on youtube. with over 500,000 hits and counting. in it, stunningly, haunting images of f a confused perry, navigating a maze through darkness, as the walls close in around her. ♪ am i close tonight
7:45 am
>> "wide awake" is a metaphor for her big breakup from russell brand. she felt she was living in a fairy tale. and that fairy tale crumbled into ashes. >> reporter: perry sat down with mtv, explaining why the video is so personal for the sar. >> i'm truthful and honest when it comes to writing and music videos. i just want to tonight to remain honest. >> reporter: she says the video is reminiscent of the deeply emotional state she's been in since rebounding from her december sprlit from her husban of 14 months, russell brand. >> it was a spiritual stump of sorts. she uses her power to get the demonic force out of the way. >> reporter: she is gearing up for her new movie out next month. called "katy perry, part of me." the documentary that chronicles her personal journey from the top of the charts to her recent
7:46 am
split. she says she has her own personal journey through love, loss and music, will send a positive message to her millions of loyal fans. >> you can get through it. you can land on your feet. >> reporter: and we love her weirdness. coming up here, "play of the day." a new kind of rap video from an unexpected person. [ male announcer ] and now, another newtonism.
7:47 am
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7:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a great audience. coming up, michelle. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. 7:56 on wednesday. good morning, i am steve chenevey. isab ride in the district that it cheaper. percommission says a $1 surcharge put into expireast year will tonight at midnight. they say it is because gas are expected to keep falling. the first day of summer will be days ofhe hottest summer. weather service has issued a heat advisory.
7:57 am
the temperatures will reach into the 90s. officials are due to stay cool of fluids.lenty adam caskey has a forecast 8 has an in-nel report at the top of the hour. that, let us check in we thought wel, would share your video of a creche on the washington parkway. this197, but before powder mill road. couple fender benders. lengthy from 32 past 197. that isvideo of a crash the roadway. willhesapeake bay bridge in each direction in hour to move a large structure under the bridge the port of baltimore. steamy day for that. >> a heat advisory in effect nearly the entire viewing area. afternoon and onto
7:58 am
tomorrow as well. 40 dimeters and the humidity. it will feel like 100 degrees. upper 90s tomorrow. record heat on thursday. bit into thetle this weekend. >> thank you for watching. we are back again at 8:27
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] a beautiful day. and some beautiful people who brought beautiful signs here to times square. we're so incredibly appreciative. and i don't know. behind them, right there, you see it. an unbelievable number of people doing yoga. 12,000 have signed up. >> they didn't know they were signing up for 100-degree heat. >> bikram? >> yeah. >> you're going to be out there with them, right? >> should we all go out? >> if by all you mean sam, we should all go out.
8:01 am
>> salations, sam. >> namaste. >> i like that. it's very different. bethenny frankel, sharing some private pain she has. going public with her very personal loss. she talks about the struggle, why she blames herself for the miscarriage. and what she wants women to know about it. also coming up, i'm excited about this one. i've been traveling the country in the el camino. still driving. well, today's stop, we're going to show you how one couple's clutter was transformed into clean, gorgeous design. really fun tips. we're going to help you figure out some clutter solutions, as well. >> you always have such simple tips we all can use. >> thank you. and the incredible michelle pfeiffer is here. how she stays so beautiful. her thoughts on being a mom and building a happy marriage. we're so looking forward to talking to her.
8:02 am
there's her big family. with david e. kelley. i saw her film, "people like us." wow. let's get some news. >> we have a hostage drama unfolding at this hour to bring you. a man claiming to have ties to al qaeda has tak four people hostage in southern france, in the city of toulouse. police have closed off the entire neighborhood. this is the same city where a gunman with alleged al qaeda ties attacked a jewish school in march. jerry sandusky could take the stand today in his child molestation trial. attorneys for the former state football coach have been leaning towards letting him testify in his own defense. sandusky's wife faced jurors tuesday, saying she never saw or heard her husband do anything inappropriate with young boys. a major scare for passengers on a jetblue flight from las
8:03 am
vegas to new york. the pilot called in a mechanical failure in midair. >> quite a few things. lost two hydraulic systems. >> roger. how many souls onboard? >> 155 souls. >> shortly after flight 194 took off, the airbus listed side-to-side and made terrifying speed turns. passengers described it as four hours of hell. the plane had to use enough gas to land safely. airbus saying there were enough backup systems in place. and no one was in danger. and a leaping rescue by police caught on camera. take a look opini. an officer repelling down a building to save a man threatening to jump. and another officer in the window, securing both. no one in this rescue was hurt. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." good morning, diane.
8:04 am
>> hello josh. good morning to you on this wednesday. tonight, we have an exclusive investigation. handbags, still, in this day and age, made with toxic led. putting health at risk. we'll show you the investigation and the death, the full story on "world news." >> thank you, diane. as sam has been telling us all morning, extreme heat baking on the west and midwest. and coming to the east. we have doggy ice cream. serving it in italy right now. doggy gelato, ice cream without milk, eggs and sugar. that makes it harmful to dogs. then, it's really not ice cream. it comes in vanilla, yogurt or rice flavored. how can we make gelato -- >> my mother buys bones and creates this concoction and puts it in the bone for the dogs.
8:05 am
it's a tasty treat. >> really? >> we need ice cream. >> ice cubes. >> they will play with them all day. >> we love our dogs. and we love "pop news." >> yes, we do. >> hello. it takes a really good makeup artist to make one of the most beautiful woman in the world look mean. but here she is. angelina jolie, as malifescent. it's a new take on the "sleeping beauty" villain. shooting began in london for the 3d movie out march 2014. i know, she still looks beautiful. >> i thought you said she was going to be mean. she's gorgeous in that shot. >> thank you, sam. this is a follow-up-free zone. >> sorry. we heard kristen stewart was having a good run with "twilight" and the new "snow
8:06 am
white" movie. but bella has bank. "forbes" just released their list of highest-paid actresses. and stewart topped the list. to be clear, she made more than cameron diaz, sandra bullock, angelina jolie. and lots more than other leading ladies. she's having a good run. and i know you're wondering who was the male actor. leo dicaprio, he made $77 million. that's more than twice what kristen earned. >> exactly. >> thought i would throw it in there. stir it up. and cue the music, please. take a look at this. viral video of little ratgadzo. this is a 7-week-old kitten. thinking he's ready to take the leap across the great divide. as you know, sometimes you fail. but you get up, you dust yourself off and you try it
8:07 am
again. let's try it again. come on. no? you know what? it's a great life lesson. you have to get up and try it again. his owners tell us he now has mastered the heart of the great divide. and that's "pop news." >> oh, man. a little workout today. and so is sam champion. >> george? shh. lara, shh. we're going yoga. it's a solstice celebration. what's your name? >> debbie. >> am i disturbing your peace? >> a little bit. >> a little bit. all day long, this will happen in times square. maybe we'll try a little bit more later. lara, robin, josh, george, you'll come out and try it, won't you? let's get to the boards. here's what's happening you want to know about. here's some cities that are likely to make high temperature
8:08 am
records. boston, new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c. if you want to escape the heat, just about all over. stretching -- oh, wait. cramp. cramping. here's where the area of high pressure moves into the northwest. to keep it cool, pleasantly beautiful. looking at the sea-tac area, about 74 degrees. ft. collins i >> bright and sunny hillside. all day long.e elihu in fairfax. because of the humidity in the .ir you will feel the humidity. 78 at dulles airport. 78 in the district. we are warming fast. think we will be in the 90 degree range. out at 96. it will feel >> our eyes are clothed.
8:09 am
we're in deep breaths here. this is one way to celebrate the solstice. mine usually has a blender involved. >> what pose is that called, sam? >> it's called i can barely stand here without sweating like a pig pose. we move on to our morning menu. bethenny frankel opening up about her emotional struggle. what she wants every woman to know. also coming up, my home makeover mission. i'll show you how to get rid of all that clutter and create the room of your dreams. and michelle pfeiffer is here, live. on "good morning america."
8:10 am
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8:14 am
bethenny frankel is sharing more details of her personal heartache. opening up about her miscarriage and the toll it took on her life. she hopes to help millions of women facing the same loss. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. >> new york city is my playground. >> reporter: reality star bethenny frankel is very much in public. >> i went to my therapist. i said i'm mad at you for something. >> reporter: but she was privately in pain, when her second pregnancy ended in miscarriage. she opened up on a talk show. fighting back tears. >> women were so supportive. it's not just me and my experience. it's about being able to talk about it. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton says the topic is still taboo. >> women might feel that it's their fault. or they feel less of a woman. >> i'm older, i'm 41.
8:15 am
it's ringing in my head. it's high-risk. am i damaged? what's my husband going to think of me? everyone's going through their own experience. >> reporter: frankel's first pregnancy was very public. playing out on her reality show. >> is it happening? >> i think it's happening. >> reporter: now, many moms like betheney are willing to share the pain and joys of motherhood. jay-z wrote about beyonce's loss before the birth of their daughter, blue ivy. >> when you talk about it to other women, it really does make you feel better. and i had women tell me that i've been friends with in the past that i they had a miscarriage. i get it. i would say, i'm so sorry, that's terrible. but not until you go through it do you understand what it means. >> it's a mark of womanhood that a lot of women bear.
8:16 am
and any woman who suffers a miscarriage deserves a compassionate response to that loss. >> latest on bethenny frankel. now, let's go outside with josh and lara. >> what, josh? >> she breaks for yard sales. >> really? >> on weekends, when you're not busy. >> today, though, as a continuing series on "gma." >> yeah. >> she's going to declutter all. >> yes. got in the el camino. i was ready to go on my mission, to help a family take back their home from creeping and consuming clutter. and in the process, make a little money and a new look for their home. take a look. clutter. it creeps and catches up to you when you least expect it. before you realize it, it can overtake your life. that's what happened to david and michelle, who found themselves so submerged with
8:17 am
stuff, they were drowning in it. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: there's a lot here. >> too much furniture. too much. i need to declutter. i need your help. >> reporter: it happened when michelle and david moved back into david's childhood home. they found themselves overwhelmed with their own things, but now, with david's parents' furniture. they kept for sentimental reasons. how would you describe it right now? >> chaos. >> reporter: start simply. one room at a time. david and michelle's living room is their prime offender. i want there to be comfortable seating. but there doesn't need to be 30 chairs. i want them to have a coffee table that's the right height. there's pieces resting against the wall. there's boxes that need to go. giant pieces overtaking the room. bid farewell to the mess by making three piles. keep, toss and sell. let's get rid of this stuff.
8:18 am
donate it, have a yard sale, whatever you want to do. >> that's an idea. >> reporter: i encouraged them to sell some of their toss pile at a local flea market. it's a great way to get rid of the old and make a little cash to pay for the new. >> all right. $30? $35? >> reporter: you can try. look at someone's reaction. if they tell you you're insane. >> reporter: we used $40 of the $1,000 they made at the flea market. we also got this coffee table we can easily fix up. if you find good old pieces with good bones, remember three things. sand, prime, paint. $40 can look like 1 million bucks once you add a glamorous mirror top. this is the next step to reuse and reinvent what they already own. like this old trunk. tell me about this trunk. >> it's something my dad sent stuff home from world war ii in. >> reporter: it's a kind of
8:19 am
piece that tells a story. with a little tlc, it's an heirloom worthy of using every day. and what about this old barn door that was inexplicably clogging up the room. >> we have several of these. >> reporter: with vintage piano legs, the old door gets new life as a console table. we found the way to declutter in the least likely of places, david's mother's old treasured scarves. this is all of the cor we're using. it's beautiful. we can get it framed. and it's like one-of-a-kind art. and what about all those out-of-date chairs? new fabric, new life.
8:20 am
finally, it's time for the moment of truth. welcome to your new living room. >> ready? >> oh, wow. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. this doesn't even look like the same room. it's amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's your mom's old -- >> these were the old barn doors. >> this is the old grandma chair. >> oh, my god. >> this is amazing. i am so thrilled. i can't thank you enough. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: i want them to breathe a little better. and i can move on to my next design adventure. wow. that's big. big. >> it's daunting, though. people who are in clutter, it's a hard mental thing to get out of. >> one room at a time. get everything out. put back what you need. donate, sell. make sure you do it in a way that you're going to be able to
8:21 am
keep it up. get a drawer to put the keys away. don't set yourself up for failure. they're about to have a yard sale, which i'll be braking for. >> you're mt. everest away. that's my home. let's go to robin and a special guest. >> indeedy. she's a three-time oscar nominee. she's been named "people's" most beautiful a record six times. we're delighted to have michelle pfeiffer with us. and she's going to tell us about her latest film, "people like us." we're going to talk about that in moments. first, let's look back at a few of the roles that made us fall in love with you, a hollywood icon. here it is. her looks. >> i thought i'd surprise you. >> reporter: her voice. ♪ that talent. whether michelle pfeiffer is playing croquettes, rocking an '80s perm, or cracking a whip,
8:22 am
she's been dazzling us for over 30 years. pfeiffer's career started on the small screen. but it really took off when she played with al pacino in 'scarface." since then, she's played an 18th century french aristocrat, to a cold-blooded murderer. she did her own vocals in "hairspray" and "the fabulous baker boys." being married to david e. kelley for more than two decades, she's rejoicing in being a mom. she lit up the screen in "dark shadows." she'll be seen in "people like us," alongside chris pine and elizabeth banks. for the ageless wonder, 2012 is shaping up to be a vintage year. now that we have embarrassed you, please become michelle pfeiffer here, to "good morning america." i'm so -- you were looking anywhere and everywhere but the screen when i was going on.
8:23 am
but we have just the utmost respect. >> thank you. >> and admiration for you. is it true, that after all this time, you still get a little nervous before a film, before doing it? >> yeah. early on, i used to get so nervous for the first, maybe, five years. i would literally -- i would tremble physically. and i was always sure that you could see it on camera. but you couldn't. i don't do that anymore. and there's always a certain point during negotiations where i want to bolt. and my agents are pretty hip to it now. and so, yeah. i get nervous. >> i'm glad you didn't bolt from this one. "people like us." it is -- boy, you were raw. >> yeah. >> you are really raw. it's something we were talking about. don't you feel a lot of people are going to relate to this story? >> i think so. i think that, you know, all families have secrets. and all families, to varying
8:24 am
degrees, are dysfunctional. and highly dysfunctional. it's the nature of family. we talk about it as if it's abnormal. but it's actually more the norm. >> we're going to talk more a bit here. chris pine -- first, the cast is amazing. and chris pine plays your son. and your husband has passed away. and you all have been estranged from him. and he's come back home for the funeral. here it is. >> i guess, maybe we can both start trying to be -- >> the people. >> i told them it was my fault, that you were always so far away. and he said, just watch. sam's going to surprise you. >> i love -- you will not look
8:25 am
at yourself. you will not look at yourself on the screen. >> i will. no, i do. i do. >> but you said, even like when you're going for the screening, you go for one time. >> i go one time, yeah. i think it's important to see. there's a few films i never saw. i haven't seen. but for the most part, i see it once. when i was producing, i used to see it numerous times, obviously. the different versions of it. >> you get to have popcorn that you love so much. >> that's true. sometimes i only go to the movies just to have the popcorn. >> but the film, again, is about -- you're thinking you're doing what's best as a mom. >> right. >> being protective. and you're a mom. >> right. >> you have two, great kids. daughter off to college. your son will be going off soon. and i hear you're not looking forward to that empty nest, are you? >> no. my daughter left this year. i took it pretty hard.
8:26 am
and i -- everybody jokes about it and makes jokes about it. but it's really -- it's not funny. and i remember hearing dustin hoffman say once in an interview, nobody talks about their room. nobody talks about walking by their room. it's empty. all their stuff's still in it. but i'm okay now. i've adjusted. and she's home for the summer, which has been a lot of fun. now, i have my son leaving next year. >> uh-huh. >> so, then i'll have to go through it all over again. >> i'm sure he'll come home a lot more than sam, your son in the movie. >> one would hope. >> i'm sure he will. it is a delight to have you. david e. kelley, your husband, the work that you all do. and just an example that you continue to set. >> thank you. >> thank you very, very much. and "people like us" opens june 29th. coming up, prince williams turns 30. brand-new details on how he celebrates.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, i am steve chenevey. it is 8:27. the printer discuss the be triedman is to on reckless driving charges. pulled over after driving more than 100 on the beltway in february. she was ticketed for an unsafe lane change, but was later with on safe driving. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says marco being fully vetted for the number 2 spot on the ticket. reports that he was not being vetted are false. news channel 8 has an in-depth
8:28 am
coming up in a couple minutes. here is lisa baden. >> the hot spot as the baltimore washington parkway. kabul lorax cell phone between and powder mill road. recover.ying to with a person medical distressed that has been reopened. traffic is flowing. i will take you quickly to a cameras. the delaysf all, normal university boulevard. a long-term work zone. and 395. that is across the 14th street bridge. center.the weather >> as a look of the potomac and bridge, that hazy sunshine of the nation's capital. is already 79 degrees. that is at washington lee high school. 70s everywhere. the 90s by lunchtime. like it is 100 to
8:29 am
one of five degrees. >> thank you for watching. we will be back again at 8:56 with another news
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] just two more days until mary j. blige will be center stage of her sum concert series. so, be sure and join us in central park for mary j. are we going to ask our audience again, josh, if they have any questions? [ cheers and applause ] >> secret to a happy marriage. which one do you want to ask
8:31 am
mary j. blige? we'll get her to answer on friday in central park. [ cheers and applause ] snooki and jwoww are live, in our studio. the dynamic duo are sharing an apartment and up to all kinds of antics. we also have our stars of "baby daddy." and we're going to have our own diaper derby. >> my money's on sam. it's our first day of summer tomorrow. we're going to fire up the picnic of yours. our friend gail simmons. >> that's coming up. first, prince william is celebrating summer with a little birthday. he's turning 30 tomorrow. kate secretly planning a birthday bash. and william will be an even wealthier man. abc's lama hasan explains why.
8:32 am
>> reporter: william is about to turn the big 3-0. and to celebrate, kate is working to make it one birthday he'll never forget. the palace says his 30th will be a low-key affair. celebrating with his buddies over a quiet meal. it won't be like an african-themed blowout 21st birthday. it will be a little tamer. >> different things matter. different things are important. >> reporter: and as if this landmark birthday wasn't enough to celebrate. here's another reason. william is about to come into serious inheritance money from his mother, diana. according to her will, which was made public, both william and harry get an equal amount of money from their mother's estate. some eye. popping jewelry, show-stopping dresses. how much are we talking about? >> $14 million, which he inherits on his birthday. that's a big chunk of money. but william leads a very normal
8:33 am
life. he lives off his r.a.f. salary. >> reporter: will they ditched the digs at kensington palace? or maybe they will jazz it up. the rumor mill is in overdrive. as for his present, what do you get the future king of england? no pressure, kate. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> no pressure at all. now, let's go back inside to lara. >> thank you, george. we learn to nicole and jenni farley, better known as snooki and jwoww. they have their own show. and it premieres tomorrow night. it follows them as they share an apartment. they separate from "the jersey shore" crowd. this is a "laverne & shirley moment" for these two. and we welcome you to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> from the jersey city. how was that transition to you? >> we love jersey city. nice and quiet.
8:34 am
peaceful. >> peaceful, except in the first episode, you needed to break very big news to your friend. >> i did. i waited a little bit because i did want to move in with her. but i didn't want to scare her. last moment i'm like, i'm pregnant. let's do this. >> and sign here. >> how was it for you hearing the news? >> i thought it was an episode of "punk'd." i was shocked. >> it didn't affect the fun. it changed the fun. >> i think it's better. >> yeah. >> we have a bucket list idea of traveling. but i think -- doing it in jersey city just made sense. and experiencing her first trimester together. >> among the things that we'll see on the show, you, at one point, get dolls to see how the whole parenting thing's going to go for you, nicole. very funny. >> yeah. >> the dolls were crazy. but you know, that's what's going to happen. i'm going to have a little baby. >> yeah. how are you feeling? >> i feel good today.
8:35 am
>> today. >> i'm seven months. so, i have my days where i'm like, oh, my god, kill me. but today, i'm feeling good. >> how is your friend? how has she changed? has this changed her? >> it's been a 180. i don't want to say grew up the hard way, but kind of it overnight. no more drinking, smoking, partying. it was over with the day she found out she was pregnant. and she's enjoying it. i've never seen someone embrace pregnancy the way she has. >> why do you think you're going to be a great mom? >> i think i have a good heart. i grew up with great parents. so, i'm just kind of everyone ma. and i feel like i'm going to love my baby like crazy. >> you're going to move in to the beach house. but you're going to be the next door neighbor now? >> we're filming right now. i'm going to live next door. >> how will that go once -- the dynamic is fascinating to me. >> three weeks there, already.
8:36 am
>> so far, so good? >> yeah. >> but it's -- >> it's the shore. >> it's the shore. and that's the craziness. >> did you pull up the slack, jennie? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. just a little. >> care to elaborate? >> i can't. >> wait and see. it's good times. >> it's fun down there. we're having fun. >> we love it. the new show, "snooki and jwoww." it premieres tomorrow on mtv. if i don't see you again, congratulations. and all the shows. who knows what's next? one never knows. we love to find out. coming up, let's go out to sam. it's warm in here and even hotter outside. >> it is, lara. we're with this family. their superstar son, johnny, every day -- how are you doing, johnny? >> good. >> johnny makes everybody feel good while he moves through spinal bifida and a whole lot of
8:37 am
other problems. you make everyone feel good. you're with us this morning, sir. let me thank you for that. let me ask you something. who is on that shirt? >> john sena. >> do you know who he is, josh? >> john sena. >> is he a wrestler? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> is he your favorite? >> yes. >> hmm. >> if only. >> if only we knew someone who knew john sena. >> i don't know. who do we know? there's some incredibly huge guy over there. look at that. >> hi, sir. did you meet johnny? >> i know johnny had a great time monday. monday, i'm here with a special surprise for you. raw has its 1,000th episode on july 23rd. i want to personally ask you to come back to episode 1,000 for monday night row. will you come see us on july 23rd. >> yeah. >> excellent. i can't wait to see you guys. >> kneel down here beside him.
8:38 am
we'll make a little space for you. how many make-a-wishes have you granted? >> jonathan is number 300 for me personally. >> what does it mean for you to be able to do something like this? >> we put smiles on faces. and for jonathan's family and jonathan to enjoy our programming, that's what the wwe is all about. >> jonathan, what do you think about that? >> very good. >> good, indeed. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to show you. make-a-wish is a fantastic organization. how about where the heat is. dallas, 102. atlanta, 97. it will be warmer in raleigh. these are the heat index numbers. warmer in raleigh than jacksonville. warmer in d.c. than in florida, as well, today. take it easy. make sure you hydrate. we're getting ready for a long, hot summer. duluth, six inches of rain in the past few days. they have flooding problems.
8:39 am
tweet us your pictures from duluth, so we can use them what the conditions are during the day tomorrow. more rain is coming that way today is the bottom line. >> temperatures are already well 70s.the will make it into the 90s today and tomorrow. hottest day should be thursday, tomorrow, into the upper 90s. a good chance >> all that weather was brought to you by dove. as we go to break -- you're not the only one giving a gift, big john. >> i actually got a present. i'm opening it right now. >> oh, wow. oh. >> come on. >> thank you, jonathan. this is awesome. >> right here on "gma." the stars of "baby
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are back with the stars of the brand-new abc comedy. it's called "baby daddy." it premieres tonight. explain the premise. >> we have a little baby. >> you're all single in the show. >> yeah. >> my character, ben, lives with his big bro and best friend in new york. >> new york.
8:43 am
>> new york. and a girl that ben was seeing -- >> kelsey cane, right? >> no. another girl. >> he's a player. he gets around. >> thanks, guys. >> she drops off our daughter i had no idea existed until she shows up on our doorstep. >> these guys don't go away. >> no. we're there for him. we can barely take care of ourselves in the show. it's straight comedy. learning how to change diapers. >> we have no powers. >> you live like any -- >> no. >> none of you have kids. >> no. >> what do you know about being dads? >> nothing. nothing at all. >> that's where the comedy comes in. we have no idea. >> it's kind of a reality show. >> it's very reality. >> yeah. realistic, scripted stuffer. >> we're going to put us to the task right now. we're all going to try to see if we can actually change a diaper.
8:44 am
>> okay. >> bring in sam and josh. come on, guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> come back here. >> everybody over here. >> in the back. >> around here. >> all right. >> you are tall, dude. >> i never hear that. >> i don't know what's happening. >> you're doing these. >> we got this. >> all right. we have to get ready. >> ready to go? >> no. >> okay. >> when you're done, i guess i put it in there. >> okay. >> go. >> go, go, go. [ cheers and applause ] >> there you go. >> here we go. we got this. >> yeah, yeah. >> you got it. >> oh, my --
8:45 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> this is -- >> there you go. >> all right. >> oh, wait. yeah. >> oh, no. >> come on, baby. >> what is wrong? >> come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> how many did you get? >> what happened? >> we were pathetic. >> i think we got three. >> one, two, three. >> i got four. >> we got four. >> i feel like i got half -- >> we got four. >> we got four. >> sam. >> yeah. >> oh, man. >> sam, you're qualified now. you can do it. >> no. you're the big daddy.
8:46 am
>> thank you, guys. look forward to seeing you tonight. "baby daddy," 8:00 eastern, 7:30 central.
8:47 am
8:48 am
the first day of summer. it's just about here. and it's the kickoff of the picnic season. we're going to make over your traditional picnic spread this morning. gail simmons, the special products director of "food and wine" magazine is here to show us all -- who likes to picnic? [ cheers and applause ] seeing that, gail? you have a lot of gear to show
8:49 am
us. >> one is already eating. you can count on josh, already eating. >> i cannot lose focus of this dish right here. >> everyone loves potato salad. classic dish. i'm going to make it with a little twist, perfect for a picnic. start with a great sauce. a little bit of mayonnaise. instead, i'm going to add an untraditional ingredient, barbecue sauce. >> josh, don't worry. >> going like fire cakes. >> this is mustard. and a little sherry vinegar. that's going to give us a kick. >> that's different. >> i'm going to whisk it around to stir it up. >> okay. >> i've cooked my potatoes. four pounds of red potatoes. boiled and sliced in half. i'm going to pour them. are you ready? >> sure. >> let's get those in there and mix those up. once they're mixed, i'm going to let them sit. about 20 minutes. let them sit on the counter. then, once that's happened, i'm
8:50 am
going to add my herbs. i have teragon, beautiful summer herb. i have some parsley. you're very good. thank you. >> thank you. i like that you're a sous chef. >> thank you. and some celery. mix it all together. you mix that and refrigerate it. when you plate it, garnish with crumbled bacon. and fresh sprouts to give it a little crunch. >> that's a great side dish to the great sandwich down there. >> i love that everyone's digging in. classic pulled pork sandwich with five vegetables. you're going to get -- my favorite. i need dessert. i need dessert. i have a mixed berry spoon. you can put it in little, beautiful containers, if you want. >> what is the cake?
8:51 am
>> there's lemon seth, flour, butter, sugar. and any berries you want. go in there, bake it. take it with you. >> the cake? >> is that all right? >> they're being quiet. >> we have other accessories. we have beautiful bamboo. recycle environment. look how gorgeous that is. i'm obsessed with the accessories. crate & barrel packages, look like takeout. they're durable, recyclable. and reusable. these wine coolers, keep your wine cool. and they're collapsible. picnic basket, easy, light weight. chills, stores, and beautiful. >> it chills? >> it does. it's insulated.
8:52 am
keeps everything cool. also from crate & barrel. super easy to use. >> and not too much, either? >> and the great colors for spring and summer. we also have -- how are you? >> i'm getting ready for today. >> you think? you hang out -- >> hey. >> more about all these products, plus, get all the recipes and everything you want, d bonus dishes on on yahoo! >> i love it. >> we'll be right back. >> i [ male announcer ]eat. it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi >> i had the barbecue meat. it was amazing.
8:53 am
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[ cheers and applause ] when last we left you, we were telling you how delighted we have our good friends from wabc, the best station here in new york city. kim, marty, bill evans. give them a warm welcome. you set the table, no pun
8:56 am
intended. each and every morning for us. and we appreciate it, greatly. >> we get our news from you. >> i know. >> glad to have the relationship we have with "good morning america." and to get you all jump-started. and to see this wonderful crowd out here this morning. >> sam worked for us for 25 years. this is all his responsibility. >> okay. >> blame him. >> have a great day, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is wednesday, june 20.
8:57 am
it is 8:56. vincent gray moving forward to brown.park after chuck he has submitted legislation to d.c. council. bill would designate the langdon parkon of between 18th and 20th streets as brown park. feature an amphitheater go concerts. it to the bridges and maryland closed.temporarily big one at 115, traffic and bay bridge will stopped for about 40 minutes. starting at 1:15. at about 3:15, traffic on the baltimore will be for 20 minutes. the ship is transporting for cranes. mature drivers are not distracted. speaking of drivers, here is lisa baden. traffic across the wilson
8:58 am
moving very smoothly. the little slow on to canal. i have some pictures lined up of bridges, that includes traffic out of maryland across the american legion bridge. roslyn,t traffic in on tong along constitution avenue. 395 to 14th street bridge. over to adam caskey. >> it is summertime. temperatures will into the 90s. factor in the humidity, like 100 degrees to degrees. upper 70s already. 98 tomorrow. >> thank you for watching. we are back at noon.
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