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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 12:00 -- on your side. >> you can enjoy this longest day of the year and this first day of summer but you need to be aware of the heat. we are seeing temperatures above the 90 degree mark and they will only get higher. this is just beginning, ryan. >> temperatures could be in the upper 90's. it is not just the heat. we are looking at the heat and
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humidity combined. we have a heat advisory it goes into effect right now. it runs to 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night for the district. the bottom line is that we will have a heat advisory for the next 48 hours. that'll make it feel like 100 to 105. 80 degrees in the district. and 90 in vienna. 93 in woodbridge. it is really warming up out there. we have quite a few more hours to go. hot and humid today. it will feel like 100 to 105. if you have travel plans, we are not alone. look at the northeast corridor. near the upper nine's in new york and boston. there could be some storms in the west. we will come back and break down the pattern and tell you when there will be cool showers, coming up. >> this is the time of year for visitors to flock to the nation's capital.
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school church groups, families, you name it. what is the district doing to keep visitors and residents cool? john gonzalez has that part of the story. >> from a hyperthermia alert in d.c. to keep advisors for eight states health officials are warning of the dangers of outdoor conditions. >> we decided to get up early and walk around. i know we will not be able to do it midday. it is pretty aggressive. >> it is really hot. it is a lot different from seattle. >> it is the unforgiving humidity that has many literally gasping for air. >> usually is so much better. >> many joggers got out on the national mall very early but even that proved difficult. >> is the humidity. >> the same seat with a torch the midwest is now hovering over d.c.. >> those who have respiratory- type ailments, not a good day for them. >> and those forced to work
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outdoors, like the construction workers, are suffering the most. >> we drinkwater. >> it is days like these where shady spots are at a premium. >> the bulk of my hard work i try to do in the morning. >> luckily for sean jones, in charge of irrigation for the smithsonian, he always has plenty of water on hand. >> you pay to play in the water. >> many on the national mall are finding refuge under larger trees. this heat wave arrives on the first day of summer and the summer solstice. not only an extremely hot day but the longest day of the year as well. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> the hyperthermia alert will be activated within the hour. it will start at 1:00 this afternoon. metro has announced that riders can carry water on the trains because of extreme heat.
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health officials monday to check on children and the elderly. limit sun exposure, especially between 10:00 and 3:00. you can visit many cooling centers. call 311 for more attention -- information on where they are located. now some breaking news in the district in southeast d.c.. an active crime scene kept investigators busy. a deadly shooting around 2:00 this morning led to a barricade situation. we find brianne carter with the latest. >> police are still out here investigating. there are still actively looking into all of this that happened overnight and early this morning. they are still out here, as you can see. there is a barricade situation that was happening for several hours. it wrapped up just about an hour ago. it was a frightening ordeal for many in this community. a frightened start today in southeast, with an hours-long
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standoff that ended with one person in custody. >> that is kind of scary. >> according to police, it all began around 2:00 a.m.. a man identified as j'ron brown was shot in the chest. police say brown was taken to the hospital, where he died. police heard multiple stock -- shops. >> 6 or 7. early in the morning. >> authorities say a man barricaded himself inside an apartment along 17th street. dozens of police including swat teams, surrounded the building for several hours pt the situation has been resolved. several people came out of the apartment and we have one person in that -- cassidy. >> residents say crime is becoming all too common. >> i cannot go out. it is too dangerous. >> now, at this point there is
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no identification about that person who is now in custody. police are saying that this is an active investigation. no word on motives. reporting live in southeast brianne carter. >> we want to get to breaking news in the district. police are investigating an incident inside of the barbershop of the 2400 block of good hope road, se. we know it received a call about a shooting or stabbing. few other details are available at this time. we will give more information as we get it. we also learned the name of the man killed in a crash in springfield. 24-year-old paul wickwire was driving his suv on leesville boulevard. police say speed may have been a factor. a prince george's county councilman will face reckless driving charges from a february
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incident on at the public. she was pulled over after allegedly driving more than 100 miles per hour. at the time she was given a ticket but was later charged with reckless driving. new developments today in the jerry sandusky trial. the defense has rested its case without calling the former penn state assistant coach to the stand. jummy olabanji has been following the trial all morning. >> people had been lining up outside the lahore -- courthouse since 3:30 this morning. according to sources the former coach wanted to come to the stand and lawyers would not let him. the defense called several other witnesses. first up was a friend of the -- the family of the graduate assistant who claims he saw sandusky with a child in the shower. the jury also heard from two other boys who were involved with sandusky's charity.
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both said they were never abused or even took showers with the former football coach. one boy said he was interviewed by police and feels like they were pressuring him to lie. the jury got a chance to see a letter that sandusky wrote to one young boy that said "thank you for being my very best friend." in other big development from court. one juror has gotten so sick that she was sent home. an alternate has taken her place for the remainder of this trial. the jury is expected to get the case over sometime tomorrow. >> coming up on abc 7 news, a last-minute move for the white house and a first from president obama. plus -- >> and the-air emergency aboard a flight headed to new york. when one passenger described as "four hours of health and " rodney king's mother is speaking
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out about his son's final days. brian is back with a forecast on this first day of summer.
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>> it was an unexpected move from the white house. moments before a house committee would decide if attorney general eric holder should be held in contempt for congress. he is accused of not holt -- turning in documents on a gun- smuggling probe called fast and furious. this was a first for president obama. >> just minutes before a house committee was scheduled to vote to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress, the white house threw a curveball. >> the president has asserted
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executive privilege. >> for the first time, president obama invoke executive privilege to in -- hold back hundreds of documents related to the flawed fast and furious gun-running program. this is at the center of the confrontation between the attorney general and darrell issa. the gun-smuggling scheme was a complete failure. the plan was it -- to dump weapons into mexico to identify high-level drug dealers. instead, the agency lost track of hundreds of guns. many ended up in the hands of tart -- cartels. some weapons were recovered in the u.s., including the scene of this man's murder in 2010. he was a u.s. border patrol agent killed in a shootout. it was -- the operation was shut down one month later. issa and holder met for a last-
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day session last night but they could not reach an agreement. holder said he would provide some documents, but only in a briefing by the justice department. >> they rejected what i thought was an extraordinary offer on our part. >> now they have questions they want answered. karen travers, abc 7 news. >> another story making headlines. five people were shot out in front of the houston, texas strip club. witnesses report as many as 20 shots were fired in the parking lot. police are not making -- have not made any arrests so far. it's scary rides for jetblue passengers about las vegas. more than 150 people were on in new york-bound flight when it started bucking and lurching. passengers reported hearing a grinding sound. the pilots described extensive mechanical failures.
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>> the initial thing is -- quite a few things. lost to than hydraulic systems. >> 155 people were on board. the plane had to circle for five hours to burn off fuel to try to land which it did safely. one flight attendant took to walking the aisles to calm the nervous and sick passengers. she said she was not worried and they should not be either. easier said than done. if you have left something in a hotel room, you may appreciate this. some people leave five-foot python. a maintenance worker found this snake in a myrtle beach hotel room on the windowsill. employees say it belongs to the last guest who left it behind. a local snake and the easiest is hoping to find it a good home. better than if c did not find it and you are the next guest.
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>> one thing you might not like is the key out there. summer does not kick off until 7:00 on monday night. >> two steps that side and you are already feeling it. >> drink plenty of fluids. the haze. you'll be noticing that over the next few days. all the moisture content in the air. cloud cover starts to come apart a bit. nonetheless, in moisture, -- in moisture-heavy atmosphere this morning. outside, temperature-wise popper 80's to lower 90's. notice though, chesapeake beach and annapolis areas along the water are not quite as warm.
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heat advisory went into the effect at noon. it is in effect until 10:00 p.m. for the district and outlying suburbs. even at night it will be in the 70's, but it will feel like the 80's. it'll be a hot stretch to the next couple of days. 93 degrees downtown. in new york city, 91. 91 in boston as well. a lot of the nation is experiencing this heat. highs today will be something in the middle 90's, but it is not just the heat, it is the heat and the humidity. satellite radar shows -- moisture in the upper midwest. this will drop to our area by friday. it will bring our temperatures back a little by friday. we may get some scattered
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storms and some cooler air and the weekend. i use the term cold easily -- loosely. it will not be cold, just cooler. tomorrow there may be a similar setup. isolated mountain storms. look at our record. down at reagan national airport, the record is 98 tomorrow and won a one for friday. the best chance for breaking a record is on thursday. friday that will not happen. it will be a little bit cooler. so are forecast as we go to the day -- temperatures in the mid 90's. same deal tomorrow, with high humidity. 100 to 105 is the way it feels. we are showing scattered thunderstorms on friday. upper 80's for saturday and sunday. a call -- a calm weekend, not as hot.
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>> thanks, brian. there's a difference between a little bit of rain and too much rain. this is what happened in minnesota. this is what it looks like this noon. 8 inches fell in one night, causing massive flooding. the university of minnesota- duluth campus closed for the day. several animals of the city's youth drowned in the high water. once yielded managed to swim out and was found alive on saturday on a nearby road. -- on a nearby road. >>two bridges in maryland will be closed this afternoon. that will cause traffic backups. the biggest one is the bay bridge. it will be stopped for 40 minutes at 1:15 in both directions. then at 3:15, traffic on the key bridge in baltimore will be halted for 20 minutes. a big ship transporting four ukraines will go under the bridges. they will shut down traffic what
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happens. state flags will be lowered in maryland today in memory of the marine killed in afghanistan. julian chase of edgewater, maryland was killed on memorial day while pursuing combat operations. will he or will he not? marco rubio is the talk of the campaign trail. what is he saying about mitt romney's search for a vice president?
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>> florida senator marco rubio is keeping a tight-lipped about mitt romney search for a running mate. yesterday he -- romney denounced reports that he was not on the list for the slot. they are betting the first-term senator. they say any information is unreliable. >> there are on the two people in this country who know who are being vetted and 2 are not. that is best meyers and myself. -- i know that well. she does not talk to anybody. the story is entirely false. >> rubio said he is confident mitt romney will make an excellent choice. he said those who support him should give him the space to do that. >> rodney king's mother is speaking out about his son's death. she said she talked to his son the friday before he was found at the bottom of his simple. she talked about his famous plea, can we all just get along.
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>> those were his words from his heart. some people laughed at him. some people make jokes out of it. but that was from his heart. he had to cope not to walk in shame. >> king's autopsy is expected to be released in several weeks. of a clause 23. stay with us. brian
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we have an update to the breaking news at a southeast washington. the victim of a barbershop on good hope road is a trainee of the shop. an employee tells us the man was attacked outside of the shop, either shot or stabbed. police have not confirmed yet which one. he was able to walk back in, but was bleeding and moaning. we will have more at 5:00.
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it was an impressive and maiden flight for each human-powered helicopter. a team of engineering students flew their helicopter today. it has four routers 133 feet across. it is all -- powered by foot and hand pedals. as big as it is, it only weighs 71 pounds. a job well done. >> talking about the heat out there, it will be hot. it is going to feel like summer in washington. we are under a heat advisory. there is a hyperthermia alert so take it easy. by friday it to cool off for the weekend. >> : centers are open if you need a place to cool
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