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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we will talk more about how long the he will last coming up in a couple of minutes. >> we will continue our team coverage with the way things have been outside all day. clucks>> washington d.c. is one of the hottest cities on the east coast if that the hottest city. even at 6:00 at night it is brittle outside. no record today but as doug said wait until tomorrow. high humidity and sweltering temperatures made for a near record-setting day in the nation's capital. >> it is hot. the heat is probably too hot to be walking him out here today. >> the average had temperature is 85 degrees. by noon we talk to that. everywhere you look people carried bottles of water gulping it down under the hot summer
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sun. passengers were allowed to drink water on metro trains and buses. they lifted their no drinking policy for today and tomorrow. >> it is a little bit warmer. i am always drinking water so it helps. >> sprinklers provided some relief for tourists. this mother was happy he had a way to cool off. >> i think he is ok right now. >> for cooling centers were opened for senior citizens. it was an opportunity to get out of the heat and get hydrated. >> many seniors are not aware how quickly they can become ill from a lack of fluids, especially like days like this week. >> there were still people who chose to work outdoors, perhaps regreting and afterwards. >> tick -- metro has cruise
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riding the rails making sure there are no he related problems. it will be ok to drink water on trains and buses tomorrow. >> thank you. we are not alone here. 13 states across the northeast are under he warnings are advisory's. in the midwest the heat is still hanging on. temperatures in chicago and elsewhere are in the 90's. a break is forecast there tomorrow. >> we continue our forecast on for you. we have a list of cooling centers for you. you can check out our photo gallery of the top foods that can keep dehydrated. >> our other big story the jerry sandusky trial is winding down. the defense rested its case after seven days of testimony. the jurors will not hear from
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sandusky himself. the defense has decided against calling him to the stand that leaves the case up to the jury as soon as tomorrow. jay korff is live with the latest. >> we heard from jerry sandusky's friends, his wife and accusers. we will not hear from him. this was expected to be a dramatic day in his client was a child sex abuse trial. >> i think that the defendant is on his own 1 yard line. >> for all the words of anguish for all the calls for fairness by sandusky supporters -- >> he was like a father figure for a lot of these kids. >> jerry sandusky wanted to take the stand but was overruled by counsel. the attorney for accuser no. 5 said the only person that could have testified that these acts did not happen just to keep quiet.
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>> i think every american knows he does that have to testify he will come and say, this does not happen. >> keep in mind, his defense team tried to convince the jury that he suffers from a mental disorder that causes him to act in an appropriately said gus -- seductive ways. of next, closing arguments thursday. >> when they get the case they will be sequestered so packed accordingly. jurors will have a lot to consider 51 counts and a lot of conflicting testimony. >> thank you very much. a man is dead tonight following a police involved shooting. it happened while metro police tried to question the man at an attempted abduction. they went to the man's house.
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he confronted officers and started shooting. officers returned fire and killed the man. >> some d e a agents accused of misconduct following the civil service prosecution -- secret service scandal. are on limited duty pending a justice department investigation. susan collins says the embossed two or more dea agents who are entertaining female masseuses at an apartment. the case is not related to the secret service prostitution scandal. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a bump in the road for the future of the controversial eisenhower memorial. >> desks were set up this morning on the national mall without students. >> eric holder is held in contempt of congress ♪ ♪ [ male
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>> a breaking news out of annapolis. a failed consensus on the casino. it will not be recommended for this year. prince george's county had been talking to the firm that owns the mgm casino and las vegas. it would have been maryland was the sixth casino. it was forecasted it would raise $100 million a year for the state. a house committee has voted to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. cox that though coming down 90 minutes ago following a tense day of debate. before the debate even started the white house stepped in. rebecca cooper has been monitoring all day. >> republican house committee
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staff waited all night to see if the attorney general would turn over the documents. he did not. minutes before the hearing got under way, the white house exerted executive privilege. >> fast and furious was a sting operation that went wrong. both democrats and republicans agree it was a bad idea when u.s. law enforcement agents allowed illegal guns from mexico on the street hoping to make a bigger rest once the guns piled up. when a u.s. border agent was killed they blame the obama administration and recalling eric holder in contempt for resisting demands for more documents. >> how he turned over the documents he would not be here today. nothing was produced. >> democrats insist the attorney general has turned over thousands of documents and is putting his foot down to anymore. democrats call it a witch hunt and a drain on limited resources. >> his personnel was tied up and
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going through these millions of e-mails and the documents and whatever. >> democrats noted a similar document -- eric holder said he did not even know about fast and furious. republicans are accusing him and the obama administration of a cover up. >> i must say, mr. chairman, i am offended. i am offended personally by you calling the attorney general a liar. >> echoing -- gop leaders today say it is simple. >> who knew what and when did they know it? >> after the committee voted along straight party lines to hold the attorney general in contempt rip -- they will schedule a full vote on the house floor next week following a resolution of this matter. and it does to the senate where it is expected to die things to democrats controlling that side of the capital.
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a justice department investigation into fast and furious continues. >> thank you. straight ahead at 6:00, we will show you that monster escargot move that shut down the bay bridge today. >> we have a lot of heat for the first day of summer. how how will it be tomorr
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>> you are watching abc 7 is at 6:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan that hill whether, and tim brant sports. >> news choppers seven is live over a home in montgomery county where a man has been pulled from a poll. the man pulled from the swimming pool is 75 years old. he was unresponsive and cpr was in progress as he was being rushed to the hospital. we will have an update for you on meanwhile tonight the proposed
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dwight eisenhower memorial is in trouble following a battle on capitol hill today. >> this follows the controversy over the project's designed by the known architect. members of the eisenhower family did not like it. the decision to deny funding based on the concern over the design. a unique display of desks with a message on the national mall today. the college board said up 857 empty school desks on the mall today. it represents the number of children who drop out of school every hour of every school day. the messages for the candidates for president to not forget education during their administration. >> a special delivery brought traffic to a standstill this happening. a cargo ship carrying four huge cranes passed under the bridge. they stopped traffic for 40
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minutes. it will allow the ports to unload huge ships that will pass through the canal and a couple of years. quite a sight. >> that looks like a really tight fit. >> if they got stuck, they were going to drain some of the water out of the bay. >> lets the started here. if you like hot weather, you will like the forecast. we are looking at chesapeake beach. you can see tillman island on the other side. do you see it? you have good eyesight. it is kind of " comparatively at the beach compared to the 96 we have in dale city. this is more important because this is the way it feels. this gives you a feel like temperature, he index for
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whenever you went to college. israel and high. one of our long-term the uris center in this photograph you are looking at the front of his gross setting in the deck. direct sunlight on the metal and that is the actual temperature. do not touch the grow like that. it will be again tomorrow. air temperatures hit 98 degrees today. one degree shy of the record set in 1931. the record high tomorrow is 98 and i think we will easily break that. it will be a hot one again. the heat advisory in effect east of the blue ridge all the way to the bay and parts of the shore up north of i-95, philadelphia and the fact until 10:00 tomorrow night. the urban areas or even the metro area will stay under the heat abies 3. temperatures will knuckle of a much. 97 still at reagan national.
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we will drop down into the 70's near 80's. the moisture level makes it feel warmer. downtown it feels like it is 103 degrees. temperatures hot up and down the coast. 90 degrees in pittsburgh. we are going to see things tomorrow with a core of the hot air right overhead. we will see a pop up thunderstorm. as we get through the day friday we will see better chances of thunderstorms with a cold front and a break of humidity. here are the numbers. 100. that is a record setter. sunshine and warm and upper 80's with low humidity. tuesday and wednesday will be below average. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you foward. >> i have been watching the nba
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playoffs. >> you're not alone. would it not been nice to see some of that quality play around here? >> we have hope. that is all we have a. game 4 of the nba playoffs and miami's big when should be dominating our news. the washington buzzard's came in and stole some of the heat under. they send a guy a lot of people forgot was on the roster to the new orleans cornetist. they also get one of the second round draft picks. in exchange they get orkafor. the miami he were able to pull off another big win at home last night. another close game and a lot of drama. the heat and a close game, and james hit the deck and struggles
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to get back up. he tries to continue as both legs cramped up. lebron james could not make it back on court. he was able to hold on and be the thunder. they take a three game to one lead in the series. >> playing on one leg i do not know how he did it. he had a huge three. we did not look back after that. i am trying to make a play. i was happy i was able to come through. >> lebron james practice today so we will see how he does tomorrow night. they need to get back to concentrating on baseball and get back into the win column. they're losing streak is now up to a season-high four games in a row. they are not going in the right direction. the good thing is, they have
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straburg on the mound tonight. they still say they are a confident bunch. >> we have been playing great baseball. you are going to go through roughs kids here and there. each day is a new day. >> -- rough skids here and there. >> we look to get a big win tonight. >> take a look at this. watch the broken bat in this one. he gets the force at second. it goes between his legs. ouch, almost. it could have been serious. remember when the nationals were in toronto last week and harper said, that is a clown question, broke. that has gone viral. has been used everywhere. this is the senior senator from nevada. >> if you have any intention of
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bringing the dream act to the floor in the next couple of months? >> i do not want to answer that question. that is a clown question bro. >> he delivered it. venus williams has played only five tournaments this year. she bowed out in the second round. the last time she won the wimbledon, 2008.
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>> look at what you get in the morning when you wake up. temperatures already 73-80. through the day we will have a high 100 degrees here and the new york city. there will be a break as we get into friday. a good chance of showers and storms friday afternoon. clearing skies and really cooler over the weekend. bob ryan will have the latest on these numbers and the he of visors and the fact. clucks abc world news coming up next. >> see you back at 11:00.
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