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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 21, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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the jury must decide on all 51 charges without hearing from the accused himself. >> reporter: the jury in the trial of former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will get the case today after closing arguments. the defense and prosecution rested after sandusky surprisingly did not take the stand in his own defense. >> i can't comment. there's still a gag order. >> reporter: while the defense attorney was saying little afterwards, counsel for one of the alleged victims questioned whether it was the right move. >> the only person who could have come forward and said this didn't happen in this particular case under these circumstances was mr. sandusky, and he chose not to do it. and while the defendant has the right to remain silent, the pregnant question in this case is whether exercising that right is going to win him an acquittal. >> reporter: was it good strategy for sandusky? it was if you consider
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performance in past interviews, like this one. >> if i say no, i'm not attracted to boys, that's not the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> reporter: jerry sandusky is accused of molesting ten boys over 15 years. while there are 51 charges to consider, one legal analyst expects the jury to reach a decision after just one day after deliberation. the last day of testimony featured more defense, character witnesses and more attempts by jerry sandusky's lawyers to discredit mike mccleary who says he saw him molesting a boy in a shower. >> this trial is really going fast and the deliberation can be just one day. am i the only one that's not surprised they didn't put him on the stand? he was a disaster in those interviews. >> he wanted to go on the stand and they had a meeting for 45
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minutes and decided it's not a good idea and thought they had strong enough testimony from his wife, dottie, who tried to do her best to take away from what those victims were claiming and discredit them and they said there was a tainted investigation. >> the defense thinks she did a good job. >> considering what the prosecution presented, i thought there was no way at all that the defense would have anything solid. but considering the evidence that they put forth and the testimony, i thought it was pretty strong, even though i think -- we know where this case is going. >> we should have our answer pretty soon. there will be no congressional hearings to investigate bounties in professional sports. senator dick durbin withdrew the plan after meeting with the nfl commissioner. the hearings were considered after a new orleans saints bounty program that paid players to hurt opponents. the senator said he's content with the nfl's response.
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fed reserve chairman ben bernanke's latest economic outlook is anything but optimistic. he predicts the unemployment rate should stay 8% for the rest of the year. the battle against the stubborn colorado wildfire, taking a bizarre turn. huge wildfire there in the northern part of the state has spread to more than 100 square miles. now reports of a meteor shower that grounded firefighting planes trying to put out the smaller blaze to the west. crews were able to take advantage of cooler temperatures yesterday. the bigger fire is now 55% contained. duluth, minnesota under a state of emergency. ten inches of rain sent a return of flood waters through the city, tore up homes, cars, roads, triggered mudslides and more than a dozen animals drowned at the duluth zoo.
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seals had to be rescued from the street. a polar bear was tranquilized after it was swept from its enclosure. the northeast heat wave has melted away dozens of record highs and more of the same is on tap for today. heat advisories have been issued from virginia to maine. some of the most populated cities in the country could close in on the 100 degree mark. here's abc's diana perez. ♪ >> reporter: they sang about it back in 1963. today, we're living it. a heat wave paging its way across the country, 13 dates in the northeast are under heat warnings and advisories. temperatures in new england spiked 20 degrees in 24 hours. >> the summer is here. yeah! >> reporter: the steamy conditions kept new york's cooling centers full. but not everyone can stay inside, because some people work
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outside. >> i'm drinking water all day. drivering and drinking all day. >> reporter: not a bad idea. especially since there's so many people that want to be out here. but remember, you've got to take it easy. >> the heat wave is only going to last two days. wednesday and thursday are going to be extremely uncomfortable. >> reporter: the cdc says between 1979 and 2003, more than 8,000 people died in the u.s. from heat exposure. and the mercury is up in the midwest, too. in milwaukee, asphalt paver kent taylor sits on that truck ten hours a day. >> i got like the hottest job out here. >> reporter: firefighters in colorado have been dealing with the hot, dry conditions, which accelerated the spread of a wildfire there. in chicago, the city has its steamiest start to summer since 1977. and the hottest day of the year hit flint, michigan this week. and before it cools down this weekend, it's expected to get hotter. diana perez, abc news, new york. >> maybe it will warm up lake
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michigan. >> how refreshing does it get, 67, 123468 >> i don't know the temperature, but i prefer it over the ocean, because you go in the ocean, you have to rinse off all the salt. but not when you go into lake michigan. >> heavy rain in south florida. showers around the carolinas, tennessee and central pennsylvania. thunderstorms in texas and oklahoma. it's going to be stormy from st. louis to cleveland. >> over to the ohio valley, 80s and 90s. mostly 90's in the south. >> on this first day of summer, a little skinny dipping might be understandable, except swimming isn't permitted in this lake. >> every time authorities thought they had him, he slipped out of their grasp. he's now facing a number of charges, despite the fact that
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he was wearing socks. so buck naked and tube socks. >> he had a little backstroke going there. mistress opens up about her affair, marriage and the scandal. and some pants purchased at good will. what would you do with the lost and found diamond ring? you're watching "world news now."
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♪ secrets about her relationship with john edwards in an interview with abc news. >> can't wait to see that interview this coming friday. she shares details about the daughter she shares with mr. edwards and how that affair began. >> reporter: new, intimate details are emerging about the six-year affair responsible for the very public ruin of john edwards' political career. edwards' mistress, rielle hunter, coming out with this explosive tell-all, what really happened, john edwards, our daughter and me. hunter sat down exclusively with "20/20" anchor chris cuomo. >> the assumptions are dark. rielle hunter, as in manhunter, destroyer of marriage.
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destroyer of john edwards. how do you want yourself defined? >> first and foremost, i'm a mom. rielle hunter is a mom. and i'm also a woman who fell in love with a married man. i'm not the first woman who's done that, and i'm not going to be the last. >> reporter: "people" magazine obtained these pictures and excerpts from her revealing new memoirs, including how hunter says elizabeth edwards reacted to learning about their affair. elizabeth requested all the tapes i had made of the campaign. she locked herself in a room to watch. on one tape she saw johnny walking into a room and his reaction to seeing me. she apparently told him that he never once looked at her the way he looked at me. so she took that bit and put it on her computer as a screen saver in order to watch it over and over again. as far as hunter and edwards and their future, hunter has this to say. i'm still in love with john. that didn't go away, shockingly
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enough. marriage? i have no idea. i'm not a big fan of the institution, but never say never. in the end, hunter says she has no regrets about following her heart, because she has her daughter, quinn, who she calls the love of her life. >> and you can see the entire exclusive interview with rielle hunter tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central on "20/20." >> and chris cuomo is such a great interviewer. she says she wrote the book in an effort to explain her relationship with edwards to her daughter. you saw some photos of them earlier in the week. i can't remember which newspaper it was in, but they were in north carolina and definitely looked like a couple. >> should be an interesting interview. >> i'll be watching. coming up, it was the last thing you would expect to find at good will. >> and expensive diamond stashed
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in a pair of secondhand pants. what the new owner plans to do with the ring, next.
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♪ this next story is a real gem. a woman spent $4 at good will for a secondhand pair of pants. >> she got a little more than she bargained for, because these pants are a diamond in the rough. ellen mcnamara reports from suburban indianapolis. >> reporter: deb thompson likes flashy clothes. >> he thinks i'm too old to wear bling. what the heck, you live once. >> reporter: she bought these at good will in con rapids. when she got home -- >> i put my right hand in the right pocket and felt something. >> reporter: deep down in the pocket was this. >> i opened my hand and we both
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went wow. >> reporter: thompson and our cameras went to have the ring appraised. >> the diamond is real. so yes, you do have something here for sure. >> reporter: after a closer look -- >> the ring is just by a quick estimate for you, it's between $5,000 and $6,000. >> reporter: but she doesn't want the prize, she wants to find the owner. >> i have to. it's not mine. i need to find the owner. and i would love to hear the story of how it got in there. >> reporter: and to find the finger where it belongs means we can't show you every detail, because thompson wants to make sure whoever calls isn't a phony. because this ring is real. >> good for her for being honest. >> took it to the jeweller to be appraised and leaving all the background checking to good will. >> good for her. nice story. there it is.
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is that a good will ensemble you're wearing today? >> t.j. max. so close enough. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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call or log onto right now! okay. so i shopped at sears growing up. but you're throwing everything against the call to see if it sticks. when you think of sears, what do you think of? >> craftsman tools, washers, dryers. >> they're kind of hoping that middle income shopper will now start buying vacations from them. as in travel agency. they are now creating something called they're trying to tap into that middle income shopper who loves their layaway plan. so you can buy the vacation onlayaway with no interest, a little bit of a time. they're going to be going up against some really well
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mary a girl with a chihuahua. as for guys, women like men with german shepherds, golden retrievers, labs, huskies, french bulldogs. the breeds you don't want to have, bulldogs, boxers, rottweillers and pit bulls. these kind of are considered, again, less than brilliant. >> do you have a dog? >> i had a dog, and it was a pit bull. >> what is that supposed to say about you? >> apparently pit bull owners are ten times more likely to be considered slimy or sketchy. >> a little story about salad dressing. i love this, because i typically put ranch dressing or blue cheese. this new study from iowa state says low fat salad dressing is bad for you. it doesn't help you absorb all those benefits that you find in vegetables. a professor says if you want to
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utilize more from your fruits and veggies,
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this morning on "world news now," closing arguments in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial begins in just hours. >> the jury without hearing testimony from the former penn state coach. it's thursday, june 21. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. so glad to have you back this morning, john. >> thank you very much. i'm john muller in for rob nelson. we're going to bring you that courtroom drama from the sandusky case in just a moment. then the drama on capitol hill where the attorney general eric holder is in the middle of a political night involving congressional republicans and the white house. >> if he's found in contempt of
3:01 am
congress, lit be the first time that an acting attorney general would be found in contempt of congress. but unlikely that that happens. also, the medical researchers who say it's okay for pregnant women to drink alcohol. and every pregnant woman, their ears just perked up. >> later this half hour, they're showing their faces but not sharing their names. the loyal employees of quaker oats cashing in on a $241 million lottery jackpot. >> not too shabby. jerry sandusky's fate will likely be in the hands oh of a jury by the end of the day. closing arguments in a child molestation case began this morning. >> the jurors will have to decide without hearing from the former penn state coach himself. >> reporter: jerry sandusky's attorneys can't say why their client won't testify. >> i can't comment because there's still a gag order.
3:02 am
>> reporter: sources say the decision to keep him off the witness stand was made at the literal last minute, when, during a courtroom break, sandusky and his attorneys moved to a back room where jerry sandusky pushed hard to look into the eyes of the jurors to say, i'm innocent. but he was overruled by his lawyers. too many things could go wrong, we were told, as demonstrated in jerry sandusky's media interviews. this one with "the new york times." >> if i say no, i'm not attracted to boys, that's not the truth, because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> reporter: to make sure sandusky was truly on board, sources confirmed to abc news the judge called the defendant
3:03 am
into chambers where his right to testify was explained again. there, he agreed not to take the stand in front of attorneys from both sides and on the record in front of the judge. >> it's a very difficult decision for a lawyer. anwhat happens if you lose, the client sits there and says if i only could have told my story and spoken to the jury, maybe this wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: if convicted, he would have a theoretical 500 years in jail to contemplate this quick decision. the jury gets the case next after closing arguments. jim avila, abc news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> 52 counts, dropped one this week, so now 5 1 counts still remaining. >> the defense, they had a pretty solid argument when they put dottie on the stand. they're claiming also that the investigation was tainted. actually, 500 years, my producer just corrected me. >> but who's counting? >> and the investigators coach a
3:04 am
lot of these young men into telling them what they should report during the investigation when they started -- >> not surprising he's not taking the stand after those somewhat disastrous interviews. >> hopefully this could be handled quickly, the jurors are told to be ready -- or not the jurors but the courthouse employees were told to be ready this could happen over the weekend. so you might have to work over the weekend. >> we'll see. now to florida where the police chief whose department did not file charges against george zimmerman for killing trayvon martin has lost his job. bill lee tried to resign in march, but the city council refused to accept it, pending an investigation. the announcement of his firing did not give a reason but suggested he had lost the confidence of the community. now to capitol hill, where a house committee voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress after his refusal to hand over documents
3:05 am
relating to the investigation of a botched gun running program called fast and furious. then president obama backed holder up, claiming executive privilege. >> that brings into question whether or not eric holder knew about it, and how much did the president know about this? >> it shouldn't be a political witch hunt against the attorney general of our country and our president in an election year. >> republicans say the administration may be engaged in a coverup. the full house is set to vote on the contempt charge next week. the faa is investigating a flight here that left rattled passengers circling around a las vegas airport for hours. the plane began to jerk violently in the air, sickening dozens of passengers. >> reporter: the emergency on jetblue flight 194 left no one seriously hurt. but there was widespread panic
3:06 am
among the 136 passengers traveling from vegas to new york. that's the captain moments after the plane began making steep turns and lurching back and forth. one passenger called it four hours of hell. another said you could hear scratching, and through it all, a flight attendant tried to reassure passengers, saying if i'm not scared, you don't need to be scared. >> reporter: jetblue says the captain was forced to declare an emergency and return to vegas because of a mechanical indication he received in the cockpit. but he couldn't land right away. the plane was carrying too much fuel and had to burn it off by circling for about three hours. the front wheels also stopped working. inside, a passenger, elated to
3:07 am
be on firm ground, tweeted, crew of jetblue 194 are superheroes. mid plight emergency but they kept us informed. others expressed frustration, tweeting the plane turned into a vomitorium. all the passengers did make it out of vegas but on a different plane. and the faa has opened an investigation to find out what went wrong. diana perez, abc news, new york. >> the glass half full for some folks, half empty for others. >> once you land, it's full. but can you imagine? >> if you've ever been in a situation like that, kudos to the jetblue staff for keeping everybody calm. >> they're scared to death, thinking this could be the worst case scenario and then had three hours to think about it. >> think about dying for three hours, everybody. >> unbelievable.
3:08 am
all's well that ends well. let's talk about duluth, minnesota, recovering from a freak rainstorm that caused widespread damage and triggered mayhem at the city zoo after ten inches of rain knocked homes off foundations, ripping up roads, huge sinkholes. more than a dozen animals drowned at the duluth zoo. a polar bear was swept away. it was tranquilized and recaptured. >> they're still under state of emergency in duluth. people are embracing for a second day of miserable heat. temperatures shot up near 100 degrees in some of the country's most densely populated cities. thousands of new york schoolchildren had to sweat it out without air conditioning. people hoping to cool off in some new hampshire towns were out of luck. many public schools don't open for the season until monday. where are the pools when you need them? >> i know. 95 degrees, schools should be canceled, unless they're air conditioned, which like none
3:09 am
are. the whole nation is dealing with this heat wave. it's remarkable stuff. >> i feel like i'm breathing pudding when it's that hot. >> not jell-o pudding, flavored pudding? >> it's not enjoyable. let's talk about the rest of the thursday forecast. more record highs from d.c. up to new england. scattered showers in call pennsylvania. west virginia, knoxville and the carolinis, heavy rain in florida. >> mostly 80s in the nation's midsection. ninths in the northeast. 109 in phoenix. 76 in seattle. but thank god for parks and sprinklers and bathing suits. >> you better believe it. what better way to beat the heat by using a little mind over madness. that was the name of a sorries of yoga classes in times square
3:10 am
in new york city. >> temperatures weren't too bad for the early morning session, but then the mercury soared. they were practicing a type of yoga that's held in a room heated to 95 degrees. have you ever done that? >> i've done yoga to stay flexible for my golfing, i like it, but i've never done the hot yoga. >> i did it once and somebody had terrible gas. >> not good. >> haven't gone back since. but it's very cleansing. very cleansing, clearly. coming up, alec baldwin is running with a newspaper photographer and what he did on late night tv. and should moms to be forget what they've been told about drinking alcohol while pregnant? you're watching "world news now."
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our facebook page is blowing up about this next story. a lot of pregnant women are saying "cheers" to this new study. researchers are claiming an occasional glass of wine while pregnant will not harm the baby. >> it says eight drinks a week may not be a problem at all. this has started a big argument. >> reporter: it's an uncomfortable scene, watching a pregnant woman drink in a bar. this woman is an actress, playing a part for abc's" what would you do." she's not really pregnant, just pretending to be. the reaction is fierce. ever since the 1970s, we've been told pregnancy and alcohol don't mix. a new study reveals drinking in
3:16 am
moderation while pregnant might not be harmful after all. it looked at more than 1,600 pregnant women that drank 1-8 drinks a week. and surprisingly, occasional binge drinking, which means having five or more drinks in one sitting, also did not have any significant negative effect. moms have been buzzing about the study online, most wondering why take the chance? is having a drink really that important to you? but other mothers were relieved. >> it's reassuring. it's good news. >> reporter: catherine lightly drank during her pregnancy. why risk drinking while pregnant? >> i enjoy the occasional glass of wine. >> reporter: science has shown heavy drinking can harm fetal development, and even moderate drinking is not advisable.
3:17 am
some say better safe than sorry. >> we do know that alcohol is a toxin, and definitely can affect neurologic develop. my obstetrician answer is don't consume any alcohol at all for the 40 weeks you're pregnant. >> reporter: we do know that pregnant women drink. up to 30% will use alcohol at some point during their pregnancy. >> all right. don't shoot the messenger. here's the question of the day, should pregnant women be drinking alcohol during their pregnancy. >> there it is. very polarizing. i will admit i may have had ten glasses of wine in eight weeks spread out. >> they're saying eight a week. >> exactly. definitely not during the first or second trimester when development is so crucial. >> the problem is, people will
3:18 am
take the wrong message away and have eight a night. >> and our grandparents, what did they do? >> exactly.
3:19 am
♪ can be stressful, especially if you're alec baldwin. he swung a punch at the paparazzi after getting his marriage license on tuesday. >> and last night, baldwin dropping his drawers to show that he's not a threat to the public. actually, he's showing off his weight loss. but abc's linsey davis explains why some are not laughing with him. >> reporter: when push came to shove for alec baldwin, push quite literally came to shove.
3:20 am
>> that's when alec baldwin turn around, came after me and punch me and push me. >> reporter: moments earlier, he had gotten his marriage license. but as he was leaving, a scuffle began with photographers gathered outside, including marcos santos. >> he lunged at me, like a ranging bull. >> reporter: on tuesday, santos filed an assault complaint against the star before heading to the hospital to be examined for injuries that he says were inflicted by baldwin. he later said he was taking pain medicati medication. and baldwin turned to twitter to tell his side of the story, tweeting a photographer almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning, along with this hash tag, all paparazzi should be water boarded. then he tweeted this reference to the shooting death of florida teen trayvon martin, i suppose
3:21 am
if the offending paparazzi was wearing a hoody and i shot him, it would blow over. >> it's clear they're angry ramblings, and i don't think they're doing anything to help his story. in this case, the picture is much more powerful than twitter. >> reporter: baldwin's spokesman says the photographer was clearly frustrated, pushed past the bystanders and assaulted alec with his camera. he says baldwin never threw any punches and that any subsequent physical contact was alec protecting himself. and to pro-vent a repeat, baldwin reportedly took to the streets wearing this, a paparazzi proof blanket. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> that photographer, who is accusing him of this, is complaining now of dizziness. >> post traumatic stress and all that. he will be on "gma" today. well, coming up, private people winning a very, very
3:22 am
public prize. >> powerball jackpot winners, going to get a whole lot of money. you're watching "world news now."
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3:26 am
i still need to read "50 shades of grey." >> do any dudes read those books? >> they don't admit it. 20 quaker oats employees became multimillionaires after splitting a $241 million powerball jackpot. >> for 15 years, they bought tickets together and never came close to winning. here is more on the big winners. >> reporter: just after 5:00 p.m. on wednesday, the charter bus carrying the winners of this month's $241 million powerball winnings, this group now nope as the shipping 20 had one more stop. they had their moment in the sun. if you never thought what winning $5. 6 million after taxes would be like, take a
3:27 am
listen. >> i've seen everything from laughing to crying. >> hard to sleep at night because your mind is wondering what you're going to do next. >> i haven't slept much at all. >> i've lost like eight pounds. >> hundreds of other people we work with, and we can't take them with us. there's only so much you can give everybody. >> the big question, will some return to work at quaker oats? the winners all praised how the company has treated them. >> this is the best job i've ever had anywhere. >> i've never worked anywhere else in my life. >> reporter: the shipping 20 will look to blend back into the tapestry of the town. chris earl, abc news, cedar rapids, iowa. >> i have a feeling there's going to be 20 openings at the factory soon. >> they say 11 plan to retire. >> we won 10 bucks!
3:28 am
>> so we're going to quick working at the end of the week. >> i'll treat when some p people strugugglgle with their mortgage payments, they become frozen, petrified. not knowing what to do, they do nothing, b the peop who take aion, are far more likely to get the most positive outcome. making home affrdable is a free government program. call now to talk one on one with a housing expert about the options that are right for you. real help, real answers right now.
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this morning on "world news now," state of emergency. the disaster, floods, sinkhole and rising waters in minnesota. monster storms. they were so bad that zoo animals were killed. and human lives were put on the line. it's thursday, june 21. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm john muller in for rob nelson. >> great to have you. >> great to be here -- >> on this thursday? >> thursday, second day of summer, is that right? >> yes. we're in june. >> and it feels every bit summery. doesn't it? >> oh, my gosh. it's terrible. i'm paula faris, everybody. we're going to update you on the floods and the heat wave and another story we're following,
3:31 am
two phoney distress calls, radioed in to the coast guard in two different parts of the country. why investigators believe a single person is behind a nasty hoax and a very costly hoax. >> absolutely. also, they are fashionable and could be dangerous. experts uncover hidden hazards in popular purses. we reveal what they found in an abc news exclusive. we were talking about this story in our "world news now" meeting. the ladies in the staff were like, did you bring your purse? no, i didn't bring a purse to work. >> we have no props. somebody has a murse, though. a man purse. >> that would be lloyd. and alec baldwin shows he's not a shy guy. what led him to drop his drawers on late night tv? we'll reveal the whole scoop. >> and you can't tell if they're boxers or briefs. the shirt comes down too far. >> i didn't even want to know. >> i was kind of curious. >> i think he's a brief kind of guy. boxers would have hung past his shirt.
3:32 am
>> i think you might be right. first, floods in minnesota. disastrous, rising waters washing everything away in their path. homes, cars, even zoo animals. >> duluth is under a state of emergency after getting battered by a really nasty rainstorm. it touched off the worst flooding in decades. larry jacobs reports. >> reporter: the storm dumped up to ten inches of rain on duluth. >> i can't believe how much water was coming down the hill. it looked like a lake. it was just rolling down the hill at us. >> it happened so fast. i mean, within just 45 minutes or so, the house was flooded and there was no way they were going to get the vehicles out. so the vehicles are totaled. the houses are probably totaled. >> reporter: raging floods tore away railway bridges, pushed mudslides and washed up neighborhood streets, creating massive sinkholes that swallowed entire cars. >> it's dangerous, deadly and scary. >> reporter: the rivers of water tore into housing foundations, swept into homes and flooded basements.
3:33 am
>> my basement is up to the top of the stairs with water, so i've lost everything down there. >> reporter: waters also rushed into the duluth zoo and mayhem ensued. >> all our barn animals were washed away and drowned. >> reporter: peacocks escaped and so did two seals. they were washed out of the zoo by 14 foot high flood waters. they landed on nearby roads and were rescued. >> to see a seal in duluth, you don't expect to see a seal in duluth. >> the primary concern was if a seal can get out, a polar bear can get out. >> reporter: indeed, the rising tide of water swept out a polar bear. he was later tranquilized and brought to safety. larry jacobs, abc news. >> we were just discussing the topography. the city is built around steep hills and cliffs. they're calling this the duluth deluge. >> say that ten times faster. >> duluth deluge.
3:34 am
unbelievable, though. cars getting swallowed by these sinkholes. >> and just to add to the craziness, you have polar bears and seals out there. >> yes, polar bears on the list. thankfully they stayed put. a lot of the animals drowned in this unfortunate disaster. the mayor is expected to contact president obama for relief, as well. well, the other door is wide open in the northeast. if you think yesterday was hot, everybody, wait and see what's in store for today. nearly a dozen states remain under heat warnings and advisories from new england to the mid-atlantic. record highs expected in new york and d.c. and the heat index in some places could reach as high as 110. thousands of folks beat the heat by flocking to the ocean. beaches along the eastern seaboard, like this one in new jersey were packed. is that you? you said you were going to the beach. >> i was on the jersey shore. >> is that you right there?
3:35 am
>> that's a little further south than i was. but the beaches were packed. >> they couldn't get enough of that chilly, chilly water. i thought i saw a man in a speedo. >> the water was like 67. those were brave people that went in there. i went up to my shins and said maybe i'll wait a couple more weeks. >> we talked about boxers and briefs. are you a speedo guy on the beach? >> definitely not. i have like those surf board shorts that come down over the knees. >> we'll save you all the visual. >> showers in central pennsylvania to knoxville, drenching downpours in south florida. thunderstorms in texas and from st. louis to detroit. mostly 80s from salt lake city to indianapolis. another triple digit day in phoenix. 90s from albuquerque to new orleans. it's ice cream time, everyone. >> sure is. closing arguments in jerry sandusky's child molestation case begin this morning. the defense ended its case yesterday without putting the former penn state coach on the state. and last-minute decision, the jury could begin deliberating by the end of the day. although he faces 51 charges, some experts believe they could decide quickly.
3:36 am
the house committee has cited attorney general eric holder with contempt of congress. he refused to turn over documents having to do with a botched gun running program called fast and furious. president obama agreed, claiming executive privilege. now the full house is slated to vote on this charge next week. coast guard investigators say that two fake distress calls, one in texas, the other in new jersey, might be connected. they're separated by more than 1,600 miles and nearly a month. but both triggered massive and costly responses. kevin quinn of our houston affiliate has this story. >> reporter: a few know the importance of the coast guard's health more than a man who runs a charter fishing boat. >> when you're out there and offshore, they're the only people that can help you, period. >> reporter: so jimmy garner is troubled to hear that someone may be faking distress calls. >> they ought to do something about it. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard took this call near new jersey.
3:37 am
>> we've had an explosion on board that's why we're taking on water. we have 21 souls on board. 20 in the water. >> reporter: and this near galveston. the two calls generated searches lasting days, costing over $500,000 between them. investigators have found no evidence that there was ever an emergency in either case. and because of similarities in the calls, they think the two could be related. >> the individual in both cases also used some unique language that we don't often hear from the general boating public. >> reporter: the caller said they were taking on water, not sinking. he described the people on board as "souls." and the term "beacon" was used to describe a supposed automated signaling device on life rafts. both calls were made on a radio channel not commonly known by the general public. the coast guard can't say why someone would fake a distress
3:38 am
call. >> it's just the times we live in. >> reporter: to garner, it's a sign of the general disrespect some have for authority today. >> coast guard is offering a $3,000 reward. $500,000 wasted taxpayer dollars. >> and dangerous, too. >> for sure. and what's sad about it is it takes away the resources from the legitimate life threatening situations and they're pulled off of those assignments to go chase this one, which was a hoax. a massachusetts woman is blaming her gps for, listen to this, steering herself on a golf course. yeah, it was the g.p.s.' fault. she drove her buick into a sand trap and got stuck. she said her navigation system told her to make the wrong turn. police say she was drunk. they arrested her. it's her fourth drunk driving offense. she wasn't hurt and neither were the golfers she missed. police say she had slurred speech, blood shot eyes and clol in the car. >> she needs a mulligan.
3:39 am
>> a mulligan, nice. bogey, what would you call that? fourth time, apparently. not in the sand trap. >> she just doesn't need to be driving. >> good idea. a wildlife center near seattle says its pint-sized patient is doing nicely. the 6-month-old bear cub was found by the side of the road last month and in pretty bad shape, underweight, anemic and weak. >> veterinarians yesterday gave her a checkup from her head down to her toes. aside from a possible skin disease, she's okay. it's not known what happened to her mother, but in about a year, she will be released back into the wild. >> look how cute. >> as they're picking for ticks. cute little bear.ittle ticks on coming up, if the he woulden health hazards found in women's purses. coming up, happy birthday to britain's prince william. and he's about to get a gift of a lifetime. you're watching "world news now."
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that's right for you. okay. so this next story, something very close at hand for most women out there. maybe not so much for you, john. maybe for some men which carry purses, which we call the man purse. some purses have been tested and contain too much lead. >> it's a real concern. studies have shown that too much lead is linked to heart and brain problems. elisbeth leamy has a consumer alert. >> reporter: this test reveals a woman's constant companion, her purse, contains potentially harmful lead. the center for environmental health says it found lead in the sides of 43 of the 300 purses it tested in a lab. even though hundreds of manufacturers signed an agreement to severely limit the lead in their products.
3:44 am
>> lead is a toxic metal. >> reporter: the concern, lead can rub off and get into the body of a woman or her children. >> we find it distressing that some of these companies had this problem. >> reporter: these are the five purses that contained the most lead. made by torrey birch, guess, house of harlow, nine west and charlotte reuss. the torrey birch purse contained 580 times the amount of lead allowed in children's toys. although, of course, toys are handled differently. >> this is one of the highest levels of lead we've ever found in a consumer product. >> reporter: we got torrey birch herself on the phone to ask about the findings. your purse had the highest lead level in this test of nearly 300 purses. i'm just wondering what's your response? birch told us she was appalled and they have strict testing protocols and are doing a full investigation. nine west said it pulled the product in question from all stores. how do you protect yourself?
3:45 am
brightly colored purses made of plastic or vinyl are the most likely to contain lead. you can choose leather or fabric instead to have a better chance that all you're carrying is your purse. elisbeth leamy, abc news, washington. >> if you have leather, no concern. >> get the unleaded kind apparently. >> that's right. >> they told abc news they're going to enforce tougher standards. >> good to hear. coming up, she topped the charts and now adele reveals a deep secret. >> and alec baldwin reveals his skifys in the skinny. c baldwin reveals his skivies.
3:46 am
3:47 am
you were talking about swimsuit season. for me, i've been trying to dive. i've lost so much weight. [ applause ] the problem is none of my clothes fit me. if you put your hands in your pocket, your pants come down. ♪ >> definitely he's not a boxers
3:48 am
guy. upon further review, yes. >> that's what you're ruling? >> he's a briefs guy. so alec baldwin in a good mood, even though this photographer from "the daily news" is probably going to press charges, already hired an attorney he's dizzy, headaches because of an incident they had outside of a courthouse where alec baldwin had gone to obtain this marriage certificate with his fiance. got into it with this photographer and, of course, now it's kind of blowing up, as he kind of blew up. he's trying to explain his side of the story and listen to what he had to say on the letterman show. >> look at how good you look. this is a guy who stuffed the camera right in your face. what is this guy's name? >> i think i'm forming the letter "f" with my mouth. what i'm saying is -- i said to him, what f stop are you on with
3:49 am
the camera? >> still photographer terminology. but he's showing a good sense of -- you know, he had a good personality throughout it all. but marcos santos, the photographer in question there, he will be on "good morning america." >> today? >> yeah. and he's going to be seeking some money out of the whole thing. >> alec baldwin has a knack of being charming and making spin positive somehow out of these events that don't start out that way. >> no. and hopefully he can derive a little more zen from his fiance who is ironically a yoga instructor. right? >> there you go. >> breathe in, breathe out. next up, adele. apparently she had a bit of a drinking problem. a new biography is out. she had an alcohol problem, according to this biography. it talked about a time when she struggled with a drinking problem so bad, "i got so drunk by the time i went on at 2:00 a.m., i forgot the words to my own songs. it was the worst thing ever." i can't imagine how terrifying
3:50 am
that is. you're performing and you don't remember what you're supposed to say. but it was the heartbreak that made adele a global household name and gives her songs so much weight. through her first tour, she had this drinking problem. but since finding success, apparently she's put the drinking problems behind her. >> hopefully she can keep them behind her. because with an addiction like that, it's always easy to fall back into that trap. thanks to her for sharing that. and jack osbourne, the son of sharon osbourne and ozzie revealed earlier this week that he has m.s. he finally spoke about it on his mom's show, on our competitor -- i'm not going to reveal them, but you know who i'm talking about. but he said along with this diagnosis came some blindness. he said he was 80% blind in his right eye.
3:51 am
but it's -- actually he says it's back to 80% now. but he said this is a typical ramification of the m.s. diagnosis and says some people return 100%, some people never get anything back. so he's obviously just grateful that it's 80% back. he was talking about being a new dad, his new baby is very, very young. but he seems to be, you know, attacking this new phase with grace and humility. >> we wish him the best. halle barry ordered to pay child support, $250,000 a year. that's right, she's been battling with her baby's daddy. it comes out to about $20,000 a month in child support, according to tmz. >> how much? >> $20,000 a month. a lot of money, right? >> that is a lot of money. >> she is trying to get custody and wants to move the baby to france. so she's going to have to go before a judge and try to work that out. but for the time being, that's how it stands, $20,000 a month. >> 20 grand a month? that's a lot of money. yeah. we're in the wrong business,
3:52 am
aren't we? >> yeah, we are. coming up, all kinds of royals talk that you don't want to miss, right? >> yes, of course. >> are you going to be back, john? >> i'll be here. >> are you going to be back, john? >> i'll be here.
3:53 am
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3:56 am
prince's new fortunes. >> reporter: what do you get the man who will one day become king? no word on what he'll get from his wife, kate. but we do know he'll get a very special gift from his mother, diana. $14 million that she left to her son in her will. not to be given to him until his 30th. money from her estate, stocks and shares, jewelry and cash. held in a trust to be shared equally between her two sons. >> don't expect his life to change. yes, that's a big chunk of money, but william leads a normal life, he lives off his raf salary. and we're not going to see anything grand and over the top. >> reporter: william makes about $70,000 a year from his air force job. but being a royal today means serious business. real estate. everyone knows the queen has this little 900-year-old castle, but what you might not know is just a stone's throw away, the royals are even the landlords of
3:57 am
this drive through mcdonald's. they own shopping districts, parks, even wind farms. how much do they make from all of this? that's a royal secret. but we know the queen herself makes $23 million a year for attending all those official events. so money aside, it promises to be a most happy birthday for william. the royal who seems to have it all, except for a baby -- yet. abc news, london. >> wow! 14 million bucks. of course it's very bittersweet. >> he's going to be celebrating quietly with a couple members of his family. >> princess diana died 1997. it's interesting, she was 36 years old when she passed away, he's 30. only six years younger. >> so sad. >> we were in there with the royals? >> we were. >> do we get the 14 million for being in that shot? >> we don't get anything. >> that's not right. >> this is abc's "world news
3:58 am
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