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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, washington. it's thursday, june 21. i am natasha barrett, in for cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. we start on this thursday with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. this is your day, anddam. >> what do you mean? i am a snow lovers. -- lover. if it were not for the heat and humidity, i would not appreciate the snow as much. there is a hazy sun rise over laurel this morning, already 78 degrees at the high school. 77 in august washington. 71 in germantowvienna. 69 degrees in newington. hazy, hot, humid, summertime in
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washington. it will feel like 102 to 108 with an air temperature near 100. slight chance of an thundershowers west of washington. now to lisa baden. >> i was thinking about you when i was watering the plants on the deck yesterday adam. loving life. 95 in maryland, in virginia, giving you the green light across the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge, no extra travel time needed on the greenway, 66 270, and on 50 in maryland. now to news. >> the official start of summer brought almost record-breaking temperatures. it did for the midwest, but not here. >> the extreme heat will continue again today. brianne carter is outside in the heat right now in dupont circle. always it? >> it is not just in need but the humidity we have to battle with in this heat wave.
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already in dupont circle registering 78 degrees on the clock. it will only get worse. a combination of heat and humidity could potentially lead to many people getting heat- related illnesses. >> sort of like an oven. >> it will be another sizzling summer day. >> it is hot. >> on this first full day of summer, but heat advisory is still in place of as temperatures are once again expected to climb to potentially dangerous levels. the sticky sweltering weather forced some tourists like these from ohio to change their plans. >> we will not spend tomorrow outside. museums today. >> even the animals at the national zoo are finding ways to keep cool. they are throwing obstacles for them. and the elephants are using dirt to act as a natural sunscreen. everyone is trying to find a way to beat the heat, even the
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animals. you want to take precautions. get inside as much as possible. continue to drink water to stay hydrated. metro is once again allowing people to bring water onto the trains and are asking anyone if they experience a hot car, let metro no budget. brianne carter, abc 7. -- let metro know about it. >> in minnesota there was torrential rains that flooded parts of the city. in don't 10 inches in the duluth. it created large sinkholes that swallowed entire cars. even the zoo, drawn in some animals. others escaped. >> we could hear a verdict today in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. closing arguments set to begin this morning. the defense rested its case history without calling the former penn state assistant
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football coach to the stand. they did call fora coach and assistant low 70's of jerry sandusky sexually assaults a boy in the shower. if convicted, sandusky faces life in prison. brad bell is in bellefonte pennsylvania, and he will give us updates in our newscasts and online. >> supporters of teresa sullivan said they might have enough votes to reinstate her at the university of virginia. john gonzalez as the latest on the effort. >> and the turmoil continues on the campus at the university of virginia. now a state legislator is demanding action. last night about 600 students, faculty, and alumni got together on campus yet again this week for another massive vigil/protest in support of
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ousted president teresa sullivan. earlier this week the school board voted to remove the 62- year-old after a looming financial problems and put in place in to run president crawls i am -- and put in place an interim president. carl has told the board twice that he did not want the job but only took it because of a breakdown in trust, he said. virginia delegate joseph morrissey is demanding the school explain this mysterious firing and he wants a full investigation, even creating a donation web site to pay for legal action in order to investigate the school and investigate exactly what happened. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> looks like las vegas will not be coming to maryland anytime soon. state lawmakers failed yesterday to come up with a plan to add a casino at national harbor.
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last week mdma the deal to build a casino, pending state approval. even then it would have to go on the ballot for voter approval. prince george's county executive rushern baker says although he is disappointed, there's still time to hash out a deal. mgm's says it is still interested in building and national harbor. representative eleanor holmes norton may have another challenger to face in november. a libertarian named bruce major is forming an exploratory committee. he is currently a d.c. realtor. he made headlines in 2010 when he shared a d.c. visitor's guide with tea party activists attending a glenn beck rally in d.c. it is 6:06, 76 degrees. >> coming up, the mother of a natalee holloway file a lawsuit in connection to her disappearance years ago.
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we will have the latest details. >> what is his name? >> trayvon martin. >> plus, we listen to the 911 call from trayvon martin's father of the day at the teenager was shot and killed. >> lisa baden as another check on your commute. we got past the troubles on the 14th street bridge. now maybe sun delays.
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>> i'm from annapolis, maryland with the ocean city beach
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patrol. reminding parents often have their children to check in with a lifeguard while at the beach. good morning, washington. >> it is a big day for steve. he will be turning into a sort of superman. or spider-man. >> give me a break. it's early. >> spider-man does climb up buildings. i will be climbing down this building as part of an fund- raiser for the special olympics later today. if if you see me hanging off the hilton hotel in crystal city around 1:00 or 1:30, i am picking up a part-time job. it is actually four over the edge virginia, which is a great organization that helps the special olympics, in virginia. a lot of folks will be doing this tomorrow throughout the day to raise money. are doing a preview today to give more attention to their cause. >> it's a good thing. >> slapshot from the washington
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capitals will be doing it right after me. >> i feel for him with that costume. of the fedders. 100 degrees out there. but it will be a good time. >> any relief? will we break records today? >> it is slapshot later on today at the hilton. temperatures are warm already well into the '70s. you will feel the humidity. talking 100 later on today and for the high temperature. steve will be sweating. seven date right now in the district, 68 at dulles airport, 72 in hagerstown. 100 this afternoon, but it will feel like 105. in the '90s tomorrow, low 90s with a good chance of storms, which could be severe. in the 80 degree range on the weekend. indianapolis 91, in the '90s
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down to our west and southwest. it could reach 100 in new york this afternoon. minneapolis, 77, partly cloudy, kansas city, partly cloudy at 84 degrees. rapid city, 81, sunday. the heat is on in the eastern third of the united states. up and down the eastern seaboard 96 and sunday in boston. in syracuse, 92. we will have lisa with traffic. >> i am right here. i will take you to a couple cameras right now. first, a beautiful across 270. a little slow between 8109. moving nicely downstream. traffic under the word "live" on your screen is headed pass democracy boulevard. pettigrew stafford and woodbrige and in springfield looks good and we are open on
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395. metro rail is reporting normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. the florida police chief epicenter of the trayvon martin investigation has been fired. lee had been off the judge since march, facing harsh criticism after the man was shot and killed martin was not initially charged in the case. he said the decision was made because there were no grounds to disprove what zimmerman said. authorities in florida released the 911 call that trayvon martin's father made the day after the teenager was shot and killed. >> i need to file a missing person's report. it is not really been 24 hours. >> one was the last time you saw him? >> around 8:30 last night. >> by the time that call was made trayvon martin's body had already been recovered from the scene of the shooting, but he was not carrying identification and had not been identified.
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>> a court in indonesia will hand down its verdict for a man who authorities say is a terrorist who killed hundreds. he is accused of assembling explosives in the bali suicide bombs in the country in 2002. than 200 people died. he said that he only mixed chemicals and did not know where the bombs would be used. faces up to life in prison if convicted. three others already convicted have been. been the rest were killed in police shootouts. the mother of natalee holloway who went missing in aruba in 2005, is suing the national enquirer. beth , lawsuit yesterday claiming the tabloid continues to publish false stories to profit from her daughter's disappearance. natalee holloway vanished during a high-school graduation trip. she was last seen with joran van der sloot, currently serving a 28-year sentence in connection to a woman in peru. who was
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murdered. you will soon be able to put your vacation on layaway. a look at how serious is planning trips. >> you could have high levels of lead in your purse. the top five offenders. >> drinking while pregnant, it could actually be safe to do in moderation. we will explain what a group of
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>> this is "good morning washington." >> the quality of cars is up. paula faris has that and more.
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>> the fed decided to let the economy. economy ben bernanke says the federal reserve is continuing its operations with program to drive down long-term interest rates and reduce borrowing costs. the fed acknowledges the economic recovery is slowing. car buyers are giving lexus the highest marks for quality with the fewest problems. jaguar and porsche tied for second, followed by cadillac can honda. apple employees make $9 to $15 an hour and tech support makes more. the ceo of oracle is buying an island. he is paying cash for 98% of lanai hawaii. >> 7 is on your side with and new warning about purses. about a quarter of purses sold
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in retail stores contain potentially harmful levels of lead. if that could be linked to heart and brain problems. the center for environmental health tested hundreds of bags. brightly colored purses made of plastic or vinyl are the worst offenders. they recommended leather bags or fabric bags instead. here are the top five offenders. tory burch guess, house of harlow, 9 west. burch has 580 times the amount of lead allowed in children's toys. heads up for that. if women have long been told it is a sin to drink alcohol while pregnant but a new study finds it may be safe and moderation. children of moms who drank no more than eight alcoholic beverages per week did not show any signs of developmental affects. but the authors of the study warned that women should still
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be cautious, saying there is no safe level of alcohol consumption established. >> sears is jumping into the travel business by coming up with a new way to do layaway. the retailer launched its latest website, sears vacations, it offers leisure travel and vacation packages. you can also book flights hotels, and crewcruises and car rentals. you can put a future vacation on layaway. >> i am making my list of future vacation spots right now. >> let's get away from the heat. >> we start with adam caskey. >> would you go to antarctica? >> you like snow. >> all of my family enjoyed the sprinkler yesterday. >> you cannot beat that. >> we will have to do that again
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today. ads for this afternoon. it's going to be another scorcher. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. let's take a live look from our rooftop camera in georgetown. hazy sunshine already blazing in the sky. we will warm up to about 100 this afternoon. it was 98 yesterday in the district shy of the record. dulles made it to 94. today will be warmer than yesterday. 68 paul already in manassas, 78 at reagan national and annapolis. 70 in martinsburg. collins, 66 and muggy. areas of thick fog especially in culpeper and in fauquier county, patchy fog reported. and will burn off quickly. here's the breakdown of the forecast compared to the records for reagan national, 98 yesterday, shy of the record by one degree. we expect 100 today.
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the record is 98. i think we will break it. 93 is the forecast for tomorrow but 101 is the record high temperature set in 1988. we will be a far cry from that tomorrow afternoon. we will have additional clouds overhead and storms developing throughout the day. that will give a slightly cooler temperatures. still have hot air in place with high-pressure at the surface and-a an atmosphere is that bump in the overall flow, giving us bright sunshine and hot air. a cold front is off to our west. showers and storms with it. the cooler and drier air will push into washington over the weekend. high temperatures into the upper 80s on saturday and sunday. . the hourly forecast. 93 at 11:00 a.m. we will be in the '90s from later this morning through dinnertime, topping out at 100 at 4:00 p.m. it will feel like 102 to 108.
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possible isolated thundershowers later this afternoon especially west of the blue ridge. widespread showers possible tomorrow after 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. upper 80s on the weekend, less humid. by next wednesday, 80 degrees. upper 70's in some locations by the middle of next week. >> i will go lost and fly around a traffic with newschopper 7. they're flying in virginia right now. no problems on 95. looking at traffic where it merges with the beltway. northbound i-95 and 395, a pretty good shape to get up the beltway at edsall road. pretty good at the pentagon. no worries on 66. inner loop out of springfield around to tysons not bad. bad at the wilson bridge or american legion bridge. normal volume through merrifield and annandale. >> 6:23, 75 degrees.
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>> the brother of sugar ray leonard talking about his new memoir. that's after the break. >> how tracy gold is helping women battling eating disorders. next "anderson."
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>> one of the most legendary boxers in history, sugar ray leonard with a d.c. connection. imagine what it might be like to be a sibling to someone with that kind of fame. that is where roger leonard comes in. he joins us with a memoir that he has written. good to see your this morning. >> good to see you. >> why did you decide now is the time to do this? >> the reason i wrote the book was because i got a second chance in life. it is through the grace of god i have been clean and sober 29 years. when i was boxing, i was fighting my opponent and i was
6:27 am
fighting drug addiction. i had the opportunity to get off drugs and stay off drugs through the grace of god fro 29 years. i never give up. always fighting. >> congratulations on nearly three decades of sobriety. you were pretty good fighter going back a couple years now. but the book is called "in the shadow of a champ." you were a successful fighter and then you saw all the glory to come along for your brother. >> i got my little brother started in boxing. i was in his shadow and in the shadow of myself. i was trying to be like muhammed ali. i was never tried to be myself. after i got off drugs, i had the opportunity to be myself. i was rated number two in the world.
6:28 am
i had 15 fights and lost one fight. when i got myself together, i became roger the dodger. >> and they call you the poet. you can find out that in the book as well. if it is a nice contrast to the world of boxing. we wish you the best of luck. you will be doing a couple of the signings in the d.c. area. >> tomorrow at prince george's college on the 22nd. saturday at annapolis mall at stony river restaurant. >> in case anybody needs extra incentive extrais ray going to make it into down? >> my brother will be at the book signings. glaxo they will have a chance to meet the two together. best of luck to you. roger leonard. next, a look at the heatwave that has invaded our region. many of us trying to fight back against a high temperatures. we will be pushing ♪ ♪ [ male
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, the heat is on again as we head to another day of high temperatures. >> we could get a verdict today in the sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. what happens in the final day of defense testimony. good morning, it's thursday, i am steve chenevey. >> i am natasha barrett, in for cynne simpson. we will check in with lisa baden, but adam caskey is first. >> we will be near 100 this afternoon. the mercury will be climbing all the way up to about 100 degrees later on today. 6:32. in fairfax at st. leo the great church and school, there is bright sunshine. 14 hours and 54 minutes of
6:33 am
daylight, the longest days of the year today through saturday. 72 right now in vienna, 76 in washington, 79 in college park. we're in the '70s for the most part. 72 in stafford. we will make it nearly 100, but it will feel like 102 t o108. there's aand-- 102 to 108. better chance of rain tomorrow across the metro area. slight chance today in the mountains. >> i was a little nervous earlier this morning because of some big issues, but we are getting back to normal. normal backup 495 through stafford and again at aquia harbor. again through woodbrige. in springfield on 395, plenty of traffic out of newington.
6:34 am
no complications on the beltway at university boulevard. a little sunshine in your eyes if you are headed eastbound. metro rail, marc rail, virginia railway express on normal service. now back to news. >> temperatures could reach 100 degrees or higher today. that makes for another hot, a unit, and uncomfortable day across the d.c. area. people are doing their best to cope with a scorching heat. putting up tents on the national mall, people found thways to keep cool. fans attending the nationals game took their time getting to their seats last night. >> in the sun in an oven, i don't want to sweat even more. >> heat advisory in effect again today. metro is helping people stay cool by allowing you to drink water on trains and buses. >> that's a welcome relief. you should keep your water with you today. we could actually hear a verdict
6:35 am
in the child sex abuse case of jerry sandusky today. we will hear closing arguments this morning. the defense rested yesterday without calling the former penn state assistant coach to the stand. now the latest. >> in an apparent game decision, sandusky did not take a stand on the last day of his defense. later, an attorney for one of the alleged victim's said the defense failed to confront the charges. >> we did not see one reputation of the precise charges which were leveled by the prosecution in a mountain of evidence. the only person who could have come forward and said this did not happen in this particular case under these circumstances was mr. sandusky. he chose not to do it. >> some character witnesses who met sandusky as children through his attorney did take the stand. the final witness now 21, said
6:36 am
that sandusky was a father figure to him. the testified that nothing sexual ever happened between him and sandusky during more than 50 if overnight stays at the house. the also said he felt pressured by investigators to say something that was not true. >> of prince george's county council woman learns her punishment for reckless driving. yesterday a judge ordered karen toles to pay $400 and probation. she was cited in february after being pulled over. police released the video after yesterday's proceedings. it shows the officer following her driving as fast as 80 miles an hour near branch avenue just to keep up with her. she has apologized for the incident. a d.c. man charged with killing his socialite wife in georgetown is expected in court today. it is a murder case against albrecht muth, it's been put on hold because of concerns about his mental health.
6:37 am
doctors consider him incompetent to stand trial, but they say he can likely to incompetency over time and continued treatment. allegedly murdered viola drath. >> metro will hold a public meeting tonight on access issues involving the crystal city station. the meeting is from 7:00 until 8:30 at the orlin hills community center on 18th street in south arlington. metro passengers will have a chance to weigh in on potential improvements to that station. 76 degrees right now. >> still ahead -- >> attorney general eric holder cited for contempt after an executive order by mr. obama. what that could mean for the president. >> major construction work on the beltway starts today and. it will affect your commute especially this weekend. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. du' in' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> steered clear of the outer loop of the capital beltway this weekend near the wilson bridge. it's a good idea to do so. it will be closed from 9:00 friday night until 5:00 monday morning. the through lanes will be closed. local lanes reduced to one lane
6:41 am
between van dorn street and just after telegraph road. find an alternate route. we want a check on traffic and weather for 10 minutes. let's check in with adam caskey. >> hazy sunshine outside today. hot and humid and uncomfortable oppressive. that's how we describe this forecast for thursday. the record high and reagan national should fall. we will make it up to 100, i think. that's the record at bwi marshall, so we could tie that record. if washington-lee high school in arlington, and the ballston neighborhood, nothing but sunshine, blazing hot. almost 15 hours of daylight. that is through saturday. there is a look at fairfax this morning, sunshine. 78 in washington, a little foggy southwest of washington in cumberland at 66 degrees. 72 in hagerstown.
6:42 am
100 this afternoon. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like 105. that's why we have a heat advisory for everybody east of the blue ridge until 10:00 p.m. and tomorrow down to the low 90's. some storms could become severe after 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. less humid on the weekend, upper 80s. and temperatures will continue diving next week. we just kept to make it through these last hide days. into the weekend you will notice the changes. next week we could be talking upper 70's by wednesday and thursday of next week. if you don't like the intense heat, but time will come by next week. that's your forecast. lisa baden. >> 50 in maryland coming out of the district into cheverly is where police are on the scene of a crash. that's eastbound near 410. travel times working for us across the wilson bridge.
6:43 am
50 is not bad between bowie and the beltway. in good stead is virginia, the greenway, the toll road, 66 between centreville and the beltway, more of your neighbors on the road, would still giving you the green light. 270 in this picture, southbound traffic under the word "live" on your screen at west montgomery ave. travel times working for us. i am trying to talk like the kids. >> we got you. coming up, we will talk about the controversy surrounding attorney general eric holder, about the winners and losers.
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>> the house could vote next week whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. the house panel yesterday voted to cite him after president obama refused to allow the release of documents related to operation fast and furious which sent guns to criminals in mexico. is the president inserting himself into a heated fight, unnecessarily? abbie phillips is joining us from politico." >> looks like president obama will come out the winner because he goes one more day without having to talk about the economy. the republicans on the hill look like they are taking unusual distractions to talk about something that is not on the american people's radar. >> when it comes to the republican response, the u.s. congress going in one direction, but romney tried to distance himself from that. >> there were elements of house leadership that did not want to go this route. they did not want to have this
6:47 am
spectacle on national television yesterday in which house republicans grilled eric holder, accused the white house of a cover-up. eventually the vote did happen. next week's vote might happen as well if the president continues to not release the documents. mitt romney is not talking about this at all. that is mostly because, i think, he believes his strongest argument is the economy. if the talks about a day in and day out, that's a winner for him. i think that's the way the romney campaign will respond to what republicans are doing on the hill. they will just say that is their show on capitol hill and he's running completely different campaign. >> do you think they can continue to do that next week when this goes up for full votes in congress? >> absolutely not. the spectacle will only increase next week and it will be a question of whether republicans want to even be talking about this next week.
6:48 am
again, the white house will continue to say that republicans are taking unusual distractions, going down a route that is not in the interests of the american people. i think that message may actually resonate with voters because they don't really know who eric holder is or pay much attention to the fast and furious and all they really care about is the economy. >> that will stay in the headlines at least another week. thanks so much. 6:48. d.c.'s international renowned dance company is about to kick off its annual home performance series and you're getting a preview this morning. let's head over to natasha barrett in the abc center mezzanine in rosslyn. >> [inaudible] if anyone is having a hard time waking up, this will get you going this morning. step africa is back in town.
6:49 am
mr. williams, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. we have our biggest show of the year called next step. [unintelligible] it should be a lot of fun. >> people love to see the d.c. flavor at its best. watching these guys performing behind us right now, they have to be in good shape to keep this up. >> we have done international shows. we will be in europe and madagascar a. we keep on running until sunday, july 1. >> starting today, the 21st get tickets all the way into july. we better make way for these
6:50 am
guys warming up. let's take a look at what they have. >> that was great. thanks for coming on.
6:51 am
[applause] >> the judds good stuff. we wish them the best of luck. i hope natasha took some notes. let's check in with adam caskey and as we get a look at the forecast. no records yesterday, but it looks like we are in for another hot day. >> it is going to be another hot day. if up here is a time lapse of the sunrise. let me rewind. i will show you the sunrise. very hazy. this has washington summer written all over it. the georgetown waterfront lights are dimming as the sun gets ready to rise over the horizon. there's a beautiful look at the sun early this morning. sunrise at 5:43. yesterday we reached 98. shy of a record by one degree. today i think we will reach 100. we should break the record by two degrees. if tomorrow we will be in the low 90's.
6:52 am
at reagan national, these are the records, 98 at dulles airport, bwi marshall with a record of 100 today. even warmer records northeast washington. 72 in manassas,. bright sunshine today with high pressure over head. very high day. there's a cold front that will hit us tomorrow. widespread storms expected especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. some of those storms could be strong to severe with gusty wind and may be large hail associated with storms tomorrow. slight chance of storms today west of the blue ridge this afternoon. predominantly dry. behind a cold front cooler, drier and less humid. near 100 this afternoon, but there's a new advisory in effect for everybody east of the blue ridge. lower humidity by the weekend. >> 66 95, 395 in virginia, no
6:53 am
accidents to describe. we have heavy traffic on the inner loop leading the robinson terminal and up to gallows road. that is typical. the geico traffic picture at colesville road and university boulevard, normal. nothing complicated out of columbia through silver spring. this is live in springfield on 95 the beltway. >> 76 degrees. you are watching "good morning washington."
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> how much are you missing minnesota this morning? click file is ms minnesota a little. i will be there in the month. i take the heat and humidity in stride. it's one to be a good day for the swimming pool and the sprinkler for the caskey family later on today. it will feel like 105. slight chance of mountain storms. good chance of storms tomorrow, if some strong to severe. low 90's tomorrow. feeling much better on the weekend. near 80 degrees next week. >> swimming pool weather today.
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