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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the metro area in for another sweltering day today as officials are warning residents to stay inside. if you have to go outside, stay hydrated. adam caskey here to tell us what we are in court today. >> it feels good in the studio with the air-conditioning. reagan national, 96 degrees.
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right here at noon. that is heated degree shy of the record. i think we will make it to 100 later on. here is arlington, where it is already 90. clouds developing. not enough to give us some shade from the sun. in 14 hours and 54 minutes of daylight today. the heat advisory for everybody east of the blue, the metro area in the 95 corridor. the heat and humidity will climb to make it feel like it is 105. vienna, 90. morningside, 94. 96, but bridge. -- woodbridge. up to the century mark today. at 4:00 p.m., the heat index may rise to 108. a slight chance of a mountain thundershower. the west of the blue ridge. a better chance of storms tomorrow. i will talk about that and have a look at our cooling trend coming up. detroit, 89 and stormy. there is your travel forecast.
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>> thank you. calpers rush to the hospital after dozens got sick -- campers rushed to the hospital after doesn't cut six. zens got sick. >> and dozens of high school students are sick this afternoon. officials thought it was he related or food poisoning, but now they believe is the norovirus. it was supposed to be the final day of a summer camp. instead, the day has ended here at george mason university with fairfax fire and rescue crews working. >> my son was sending text messages starting in the evening, saying people were starting to get sick. people were starting to get sick. >> the students were in town as part of the annual congressional awards foundation and they began falling ill last night. this woman's daughter ended up in hospital.
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>> all of the kids were quarantined. >> this morning, the outbreak intensify. students rushed to the hospital. others treated in emergency buses. the rest are quarantined. so far more than half of the a teenagers are tisick. >> it seems to have signs of food poisoning, possibly. we really cannot rule anything out right now. they ate at several different locations last night. >> after a banquet on capitol hill, the entire group went to the baseball game and nationals park. >> they attributed it to some heat and dehydrateion. >> he thought he was safe because he did not eat lunch and everyone else did. >> again officials believe this is the norovirus very contagious. the cleaning and sanitizing begins on campus. college students are on summer break. we have been talking to some of the parents this afternoon.
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they tell us that their children have been treated and released and are feeling much better. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> thank you. the university of virginia faculty has reinstated the former president -- is far from over. they might have enough votes to get her back into office. her ouster -- the interim president will guide you virginia one step at a time. this was not a job -- will guide uva one step at a time. this was not a job he wanted. >> i did not have a choice. >> e-mail show two the visitor member strategy is to remove sullivan. a judge dropped three more charges this morning in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. the former penn state football coach now facing 48 counts related to allegations that he
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abused as many as 10 boys. closing arguments are now underway. >> jerry sandusky arrived at court thursday morning for the final phase of the sex abuse trial before jurors decide his fate. closing arguments are now under way. people lined up for hours to get a spot in the public gallery. >> we wanted to see the wheels of justice turn. >> is why we are here. >> for nearly a week, prosecutors brought in witness after witness to offer graphic testimony about alleged sexual encounters between gerry sandusky and the boys he mentored. >> there is a tsunami of evidence against him. he has absolutely no objective way of countering it. >> countering it was just what the defense tried to do. sandusky did not deny that he showered with young boys. he does deny his relationships with was sexual.
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the defendant never took the stand. his wife did. she testified that she never noticed any signs of inappropriate behavior in their home. the defense's strategy relied on trying to discredit the victims motive for coming forward. >> there is lots of money out there. lawsuits have been filed against penn state and the second mile, jerry sandusky. we are evaluating the possibilities of financial motivation. >> he could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> abc 7's brad bell is in pennsylvania today and he will lead the news coverage of the verdict during our newscast and on john bryson handed in his resignation and president obama accepted it. this is less than two weeks after he was treated into a seizure after traffic accidents. his resignation is to prevent the situation from being a
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distraction. he drove his car into the rear of a vehicle and then five minutes later, struck another car two miles away. with the extreme heat, the fire and emergency medical services are reminded you not to open fire hydrants to cool off. unauthorized use makes firefighting difficult and can damage the water system. it can flood streets, creating dangerous. tampering with the b.c. hydro is a crimedc hydric is sa crime. we get more from the zoo with brianne carter picks the on this first day of summer, it is another sweltering day. >> extremely hot. really sticky. nice and humid. >> even this morning, the potentially dangerous heat has many taking precautions. this man writes his bike to work
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every day. on days like this, it is all about hydration. >> i have to drink two cups of water before i can start. >> those at the zoo are trying to beat the heat. from schools to possibles, the zoo is doing all they can to help the animals escape the expected triple digit temperatures. the pandas are not a fan of the heat. breakfast this morning was indoors in the air conditioning. this family is hoping to happen doors this afternoon. >> we felt our bottles of water. we are carrying them with us. we decided to do this the first thing this morning and then the air-conditioned buildings this afternoon. >> visitors walk through mr. to beat the sun. in other areas pools are extending hours. some say it is all too much, too early. brianne carter, abc 7 news.
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>> coming up, new video releases george zimmerman 24 hours after the trayvon martin shooting. firing in florida, more of the police chief there in his handling of the trayvon martin murder case. a u.s. attorney says he is willing to negotiate. more on the constitutional showdown over fast and furious.
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>> two videos recorded after ert drea bon mot nour shot shows
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george zimmerman walking police through the events. -- after trayvon martin was shot shows george zimmerman walking police through the events. >> in this video after trayvon martin's death, george zimmerman is brought to the scene to reenact what happened. >> his head was on the cement. he just kept slamming -- >> zimmerman feared for his life. >> i thought i was calling to lose consciousness. >> during a reenactment, he describes how the fight began. blow by blow, depicting martin as the aggressor. >> he said, you got a problem? i said no, i do not. >> where was he at? >> he was walking towards me. >> zimmerman told investigators he reached for his cellphone. >> he was here. he punched me in the face. i stumbled. i fell down. he pushed me down. he got on top of me. >> he says he screamed for help -- >> he put his hand on my nose
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and his other hand on my mouth. >> he tells investigators he feels martin was winning the struggle. he says it was at that moment that martin bought his gun. >> he looked at it and he said you are going to die tonight. he reached for it. i felt his arm going down to my side. i grabbed it. i just grabbed my firearm and i shot him. >> the investigator was skeptical asking for charges to be filed. >> the credibility of the witness is important. and the consistency of the story. those two things are the things that can lead an investigator down either path of believing the story or not believing it. >> prosecutors have been poring over all the tapes, including this one. >> before the police chief at the center of the investigation has now been -- before the police chief at the center of
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the investigation has been fired. he faced criticism after -- zimmerman was not taken into custody. zimmerman is facing second- degree murder charges. authorities in florida rick released a 911 call that zimmerman's father made. >> it has not been 24 hours. >> can you give me the last time you saw him? >> around 8:30 p.m. >> unfortunately, by the time the call was made, to trayvon's pabody had been recovered. another hot one. adam caskey tell us where we are. hotter than yesterday. e>> we are two degrees shy
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of tying the record. i think we will exceed the record, 98. >> 96 already. >> yes. how do you like it outside? it will cool down starting tomorrow. you will feel the release next week. we will get into another unseasonably cool weather pattern by the nthe middle of next week. 14 hours 54 minutes of daylight. long history of the year. monday through saturday, longest day of the year. you are able to see if you patchy clouds developing. -- see a few patchy clouds developing here not enough to give us good shake out there. the intense sunshine will warm up. there you go. 96 at reagan national. 90 in gaithersburg. 99 in frederick. winchester, 88. cumberland, 86. it is not just to keep but the humidity. the dew point. this measures how much moisture
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is in the air. once you get to 70, that is where it is oppressive. it is very muggy outside. when you factor in, it feels like 100 in d.c. 100 in manassas. frederick, 109. that is why we have the heat advisory for everybody east of the blue ridge. that is until 10:00 p.m. here is a comparison of our high temperature forecast compared to records. this is for reagan national. yesterday, 98. today, we should get it to 100. we obviously had a little bit of a heatwave in 1980 because tomorrow, 101, said back in 88. today is the only record- breaking day. tomorrow will cool down a little bit and we will cool for the weekend. even into next week. the humidity will be dropping, too. as early as saturday, you'll notice a drop. especially by the afternoon.
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here is the visible satellite. a few patchy clouds beginning to develop more fully off in the mountains. that is where we could have been isolated thunder shower -- have an isolated thundershowers in the shenandoah valley. here is the situation . close friend to the west. that cold front will reach a cold front to the west. that will move through tomorrow evening. we will expect widespread thunderstorms, especially for the second half of the day on friday. not just storms but even severe storms. gusty winds. we have the relief from the heat. and partly cloudy tonight. warm and muggy. we will call it limited sunshine. not nearly as funny as the last few days. storms are likely, some of which would be severe. 93 is the high. upper 80's for the weekend with sunshine. becoming more comfortable. >> what about wednesday when a is 80 degrees? >> we will love it.
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open up your windows. >> thank you. eric holder indicating that he is willing to engage in negotiations to avoid a constitutional showdown over documents for the fast and furious investigation. a committee voted to hold him in contempt. the president john -- claimed privilege in refusing to turn over documents. this allowed hundreds of guns in arizona to end up in mexico. coming up, teenagers teas in taunted grandmother to tears. on a school bus. your handbag could be carrying more than your lipstick or your watch. more on that
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>> the number of people seeking unemployment benefits went up last week but not enough to indicate that hiring is picking up. the labor department report went down to 387,000 hiring raising concerns about the strength of the recovery. turning to the campaign trail, three months has been good news for mitt romney's chances. a new poll shows that romney and president obama are virtually even. the president lost a narrow lead he held a month ago amongst voters. the poll shows only 30% of adults to the country is headed in the right direction. of those, 56% believe president obama will win a second term.
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mitt romney is bringing his ideas before hispanic leaders today in florida as he meets with a large gathering of the influential voting block right now at noon. it is the first time he has done that since immigration came into the presidential contest. he has trouble to clarify his immigration policy to a general election audience, many of whom are latino. outrageous behavior involving bullying on a new york school bus. >> you are so fat. you take up the entire seat. >> that was against that woman. three boys can be heard talking in bullying karen klein a school employee. she was paid to monitor their behavior on the bus. their teasing became too much for her. she cried. this becshoed upowed up online. the woman was sent on vacation.
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they have raised more than 20 times the necessary value. could a handbag be a hazard? the center for environmental health says yes atafter discovering lead in purses. major manufacturers and retailers signed a legal settlement agreeing to limit the amount of lead in purses. new lab tests showed dozens of purses contain lead at levels 3 to 200 times the agreed limit. >> our agreement was with 200 companies who said they would restrict lead levels to safe levels. some are not. >> tester saw a brightly colored purses made of vinyl or plastic they were the most likely to contain lead. leather and fabric first more safe. adam is back with a look at the forecast.
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>> some employees are happy with what they are making. some of the newest millionaires are known as the shipping 20, they got $241 million yesterday. if you break down and after taxes, each person will get about $6 million. not too bad. they plan to seek an injunction to make sure their last names are kept confidential. they want to avoid the long-lost relatives that crawl out of the woodwork. half of them have put in their notice. >> that was my question. how many will work? >> i am guessing the other half tamara. >> they are probably try to keep their benefits. let us look at the forecast. below average by the middle part of next week. this is it. this is the hottest day we will have in the foreseeable future. it will be cooler from here.
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