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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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have been beating this heat. >> bob ryan has a look at when the relief will come. >> we were all part of history today. we beat the record by one degree. the old record was 98. here we are, we went up to 99 degrees. tomorrow the record -- we will not be doing that. i think we will still be in the low 90's. one key tomorrow is i think we will be dealing with severe thunderstorms. that will be bringing in much more comfortable air as we get into the weekend. the heat index feels like it is 99 in washington. officially the heat advisory is down. overnight tonight the low temperatures will only be in the high 70's. i will tell you more about what could be a day of thunderstorms by late tomorrow. >> team coverage continues in the early summer heat wave.
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jay korff joins us. >> a dangerous situation out there. how are people handling that? >> we have a commuting nightmare. people were forced to wait outside. today it took about 30. they are baking in the sun. the one place you are not supposed to be for very long the, when the heat index pushes past 100 degrees. >> it is hot. >> -- is outside marinating in your own misery. what's i feel like i am malting. >> we are on the commuting line. >> they were waiting for their boss to loudon county. on this of all days there ride was late. 5 and stretched to 25 minutes. >> every minute counts and right now we are all melting. >> i changed before i left work.
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>> the bus should have been here. >> the only shelter from the heat, an umbrella. >> i would not even want to go to the poll. >> for a brief moment they thought they saw their bus. know. but a few long the minutes later their air-conditioned trip home pulled up. there century from the sun had arrived. -- sanctuary from the sun had arrived. we are not done with these conditions yet. it is expected to feel and 90 degrees up until midnight tonight. >> thank you. the heat has taken its toll in some places. in connecticut more than one dozen people passed out after a graduation ceremony. temperatures were there in the
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mid 90's. thousands of people were taking to the water in an effort to cool off. our coverage of the heat continues. the full forecast and a few minutes. >> the waiting game in the jerry sandusky abuse case. just in the past 90 minutes we learned about another accuser who did not take the stand in the case. this is sandusky's adopted son. live with the very latest from the courthouse. >> it was a bit of a bombshell this afternoon. there have been rumors about this. this afternoon a lawyer for matt sandusky the adopted son of terry sandusky put out a statement confirming that matt was ready to testify that he, too, was a victim of abuse at
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the hands of jerry sandusky when he was a young foster child living at the home before he was adopted as an adult. we should also point out that the jury knows nothing about this. no testimony was ever put into court. no evidence was ever admitted. they have had the case behind closed doors for about five hours. >> the front of the senate county courthouse was buzzing with opinion. after hearing closing arguments they were ready to share thoughts. >> i would say the prosecution was stronger. >> i think it is obvious he is guilty. >> they concluded with arguments from the prosecution and defense. his lawyer told the jury there is no hard evidence to back up the 48 allegations of sexual abuse of 10 boys.
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his client is the victim of conspiracy. he said the retired coach -- it does not make sense. the prosecutor countered saying he is a serial credit file who used -- pedophile who used his charity. tom klein represents victim no. 5 and said his client like the others once justice. >> these are eight young men who came to testify who were really actually harmed. they actually know the pain of this as they so vividly testified. >> i want to give you a quick look at the media villas that have sprung up. you can see the camera set up waiting for a verdict.
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when that welcome is anybody's guest. right now between 6:00 and 7:00, they are having dinner. they're not elaborating. that probably signals they will stay here deeper into the night. they are also being sequestered. when at the courthouse there will be kept at a location where they have no tv, phone internet or nothing to read. >> we have a developing story from fairfax. dozens of students have fallen ill from a virus. 15 students taking apart in a congressional awards program while they were staying at the piedmont dormitory. they were taken to the hospital this morning. they stomach flu, they're asking the school to clean the dorm. >> abc 7 news has learned the
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board of the visitors will meet on tuesday to discuss reinstating sullivan. that is the same board that demanded she resigned. groups are asking for sullivan's reinstatement. still to come, a new report on jobless claims tonight. is it good enough to give hope for the nation's unemployment picture? >> new indication that the housing market. >> see why both candidates are hitting up important -- important to voters at the happiest place on earth.
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>> both candidates going after
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latinos this weekend. >> that are meeting at disney world. mitt romney spoke this afternoon and president obama will be there tomorrow. >> mitt romney is facing an uphill battle to win over latino voters. it is a fight that could be critical to his chances. today he reached out to a key group of officials. >> immigration reform is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic necessity. >> four years ago president obama 167% of the hispanic vote. -- 1one 67% and is likely to do even better. >> it makes no sense to expel
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talented young people who for all intents and purposes are americans. but today he dismissed the action as a temporary ban did on a long-term problem and an empty political gesture. >> he failed to act until facing a tough election and trying to secure your vote. >> focusing on immigration may not be the best prodigy. what's the biggest issues for the latino community is jobs and the economy. clucks>> is this the america of our dreams? we can do better. >> romney received a polite but not enthusiastic response from the crowd. president obama gets his chance tomorrow when he addresses the same group. >> still ahead, a big reminder for voters this weekend.
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why the coast guard will be sharing the water with you. >> slightly cooler temperatures coming up. >> the national riding high after a spectacular performance by their a/nine. tonight they send out their other ace.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we will have to wait a few days for the supreme court was a decision on the health care a lot. >> there has been no ruling on arizona's immigration law. the last scheduled day for them to meet as monday. today the justices did you in favor of broadcasters on the issue of what is classified as indecent on tv. >> the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dipped last week but was not enough to signal better hiring in june. applications dropped to 380,000. anything below 375,000 suggests
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hiring a strong enough to drop the unemployment rate. >> the national association of realtors says americans bought it your homes and made in april. sales of previously occupied homes dropped to 5 million units. sales are up 10% from a year ago but they are still below healthy levels. >> we have a heads up for anyone planning to go out on a boat to this weekend. the coast guard will be keeping an eye on you. they are cracking down on drunken boaters as part of operation dry water 2012 a. the guards say boating under the influence is the leading the reason for fatalities. >> you could be just by the shoreline cooling down. >> it is hot out there. >> by the weekend i think much
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more comfortable. here is how it looks outside. he sort of missed all the heavy air out there. our temperatures -- not only did we set one record, we set two records. our record high 99 degrees and the morning low, 78. that was a record high low temperature for the day. look at boston, 96 degrees. burlington vt., 97 is a record high. georgetown delaware, 99 degrees. it is still in the 90's as you can see. let's get minneapolis right now 75. dewpoint are noticeably lower and that is what you will notice as we get into saturday. by tomorrow there will be a wave
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coming through our atmosphere. right now there are some thunderstorms out in the shenandoah valley. here is the leading edge of the action i think will be in on us by tomorrow afternoon. nasty thunderstorms heading toward detroit. south of fort wayne around good old kokomo. those will be staying out in the shenandoah and disappearing. during tomorrow afternoon at around 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, that is the line of thunderstorms some of which will be nasty. because of the clouds, our temperatures are not going to be getting as high as today. here is the risk for tomorrow's storms. there really is no risk at all for many of those spin tornadoes. as they come through 3:00 to 9:00, there is the risk of
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strong and possibly damaging winds. temperatures by tomorrow around noon rising into the mid to high 80's and topping out around 90. a 70% chance of those nasty thunderstorms. gradually the dry air comes in for the weekend. by next week i think our temperatures will be well below average. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> how do you stop lebron james? >> gordon has not gone over it yet. >> there is a important basketball game you can watch tonight, game 5 of the nba a championship. there you go. if the key to when they are the
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champions. if the thunder when, it will go back to oklahoma city. this is the closest lebron james has come to wearing a win. -- wearing a ring that. they say they are up to the challenge. >> this group of guys, they never give up. it is just another task for us. we have to be ready for the next game. >> we do not want to get ahead of ourselves. it will be a tough game just like every game this series. we are looking forward to the challenge. >> the wizards are getting ready for the nba draft that will happen later this month. today they brought and the georgetown big man simms for a workout. >> it has been fun.
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it has been tired. has been a lot of things. you have to enjoy it. it is a blessing to be here. you have to be happy and proud. >> the national's three game series and unexpectedly contentious series given the fact they do not play each other much every year. the national's lost game 1. the main reason for the when last i was stephen strasburg. he pitched into the seventh inning. he picked up his ninth one of the season tonight. gonzales will try to do the same thing. clucks it was a good win last night. strasburg was unbelievable. we are excited to try to get another win tonight. >> gonzalez has been throwing well. we will try to get some runs in for him. we will try to win this match. hopefully get going and going early.
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hopefully geo can battle for us. >>the mls is recognizing the talents of d.c. united's olsen. the two teams will square off in chester pennsylvania on july 25. he has d.c. on top of the eastern conference. >> it is an honor, it has been a huge part of my life playing and coaching and has given me a lot. to represent them on the big states like this is just -- you know, a real honor for me. >> the ncaa is one step closer to a playoff that will lead to a national champion. they would implement a four-team playoff. if approved it would begin in 2014. >> that is a good idea. we like that.
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we need to look r a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start.
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glad you founds. start by test-driving nearly every make mod d model, all in one place. carmax. start here. >> at least it is almost over. >> it is. up and down we go. two days ago it was 71. here is how it looks the next seven days. my next week it will be down right cool. it will be comfortable. there is our look at the beaches. it will be pretty
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