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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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"good morning america." have a great friday. stay cool. and have a fabulous weekend, everybody. thanks for watching. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead a shootout between a police officer and the gunmen. we will have the latest. >> it is about time. >> ron james finally silences his critics. he won his first nba championship. >> it is so hot out here. if i put an end of the ground everybody would have an economic muffin. >-- egg mcmuffin. >> that guy is getting me hung.
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gry. we begin with your traffic every 10 minutes. adam caskey. >> it is finally for a one pier. a few little light showers north that baltimore as well. 84 in washington. 79 in leesburg. 80 degrees in college park. highs today in the low and mid 90's. storms are likely. some storms can be severe with gusty winds. into the weekend, less humid. mostly sunny. warm but not too humid.
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by the way, sunday night we may see an isolated storm or a two. cooling next week. >> it is a beautiful morning as far as traffic is concerned over around the beltway. they have been doing a lot of construction. they will be pulling the last barrel out of the roadway very soon. a lot of work to and from the wilson bridge. we do not have a lot of accidents to report. the lingering road work remains on both sides of the beltway in montgomery county at university boulevard with the lanes and divided. here we see the flashing signs for inner loop drivers. this is warning them about that lay in a fight. note is the headlights. that is running -- smoothly. >> police are infested getting
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an officer involved shooting. -- investigating an officer of of shooting. police are responding to complaints of gunshots in the area when there is the complication with an armed man. at some point gunshots war exchange. the suspect was hit in the leg and taken to there for treatment. >> there will be a special ceremony tomorrow to mark three years since the death of his crash in natural history. nine people died and dozens more hurt when two trains collided. families of the victims and first responders will unveil a plaque. investigators blamed equipment failure. >> police are investigating the discovery of a body in the park. a man was walking in the woods yesterday and found the body in a park near the hidden oaks nature center. police have not determined the
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person's sex or race. they're trying to determine how this person's diet. >> and nine old boy injured after hitting his head while diving into a pool. it is not clear if he was alone at the time purity was taken to southern maryland hospital. >> jury will resume in the jerry sandusky trial. one of his adopted sons came forward claiming that he had abused them. we will get the latest. >> in closing arguments, at the defense attorney reminded jurors of the lack of physical evidence. he accused the victims of conspiring for financial gain. the prosecutor had in his term. he called sandusky a pedophile who preyed on victims through
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his charitable organization. conspiracy theories collapsed. a lawyer agreed on in cnn tonight. >> what i saw from the defense was largely an attempt to create a conspiracy theory. >> also, when it sandusky's six adopted children announced that sandusky allegedly sexually abused him. at the start of the trial, he sat with jerry sandusky's supporters. a character witness told them that he questions the suns claim. >> that is thought have a lot of credibility when you're changing your mind who you are going to support. >> stay with abc 7 news and for continuing coverage. look for live reports. >> turning to the nba finals.
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the miami heat defeated oklahoma city and won the championship. >> lebron james led the way. duane wade added 20 points. some criticized him for leaving cleveland to go to miami. >> last year i tried to prove something to everybody. i played with a lot of hate. that is that the way to play. you play it with love. you play it with passion. >> he was a name to the ndpmvp. >> getting a home loan has become more difficult. >> they may be connecting in court soon. >> good morning. let's begin with stocks index futures indicating a higher open.
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there shrugging off a downgrade from moody's. it downgraded more than one dozen banks including jpmorgan chase. crunching data, bloomberg has found that banks are requiring the highest courtcredit scores in 10 years. the highest for is worth 737 last year. linked in and getting suit with a class action lawsuit seeking at least $5 million over an incident earlier this month exposing millions of users passwords. they say the case is likely to turn on whether they did enough to protect its users accounts and how it handled notifying users of the incident. a toss up between amazon and walmart. i will tell you which one really has the best prices and how best buy is recovering from slumping
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sales. that is business does live from bloomberg headquarters, i am linda bell. >> outside it is a nice chilly 79 degrees. >> already. an update on a culpeper police officer who has been charged with the murder of an unarmed woman. now he is out of a job. >> learn which metro lines will be closed this weekend. >> first you a check on the
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>> time to check on your traffic and weather. >> let's start things off with adam caskey. >> it is in the beltway. we're still in the low 80's. let's look at the doppler radar. i do have the temperatures shown in yellow. it is not raining in your area. let's take a look at temperatures. cumberland a little batch of light rain. shenandoah valley is approaching some light rain, too. west of the blue ridge we will have some spotty showers. 84 at reagan national. hagerstown at 76. storms are likely later on today after lunch time through the afternoon and evening hours. some could become severe. the primary threat will be wind
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damage. a medium risk of wind damage. after that we will have some downpours. it is unlikely we will have tornadoes today. cooler in the weekend. less humid. >> overnight construction barrels are being pulled to the side. things will be working in your favor as well as traffic across the american legion bridge. not too bad on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. good shape on 66 appeared also to and from the wilson bridge. nice in dale city where we will give you the green light as well. we will take you to the live camera pirie it down to it shady grove road. it is down there. more to come on the traffic seen. back to natasha and steve.
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>> give yourself some extra time to get around if you're using a metro. >> they will not run between east and west falls church. shuttle buses will be available for you. red line trained well single track. blue line trains will single track between stadium and armory and addison road. no work on the yellow or green lines. >> drivers can expect some delays on the wilson bridge. it to be closed from 9:00 tonight through the entire weekend. traffic lanes will be on one lame after telegraph road. the ramp from 195 to the out to label also be closed on saturday and sunday. just avoid the beltway. >> stay at home apparently. >> we're looking at about 80 degrees.
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>> the search of a man wanted for attacking a woman on a popular trail. what officers say he may be responsible for another crime. but more videos on the trayvon martin investigation.
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let the police officer charged in the death of a woman is out of a job.
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he has been fired. prosecutors say he shot and killed patricia cook in february. they indicted him for charges including murder. one man after a rest after impersonating a police officer and pulling over a man who turned out to be a real police officer. anthony pulled over and off duty officer for speeding. it happened wednesday appeared the suspect was driving a pickup truck equipped with blue and red lights. police caught him. >> police are searching for a man who attacked a woman on a trail that runs through the bull run neighborhood. police have released this get. they say tuesday night this happened. and then dr. to the ground. she fought back and this is where it took off. he also may be responsible for a recent indecent exposure incident. we have new details about a story we first brought you
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yesterday. a man shot was shot over an iphone and a wallet. investigators are still searching for the people behind that attack. they have some good leads. the victim is in stable condition. >> now to trayvon martin case appeared george zimmerman has showed video of zimmerman reenacting the fight. >> it was on cement. he kept slamming. i thought i was going to lose consciousness. >> he said he shot martin in self-defense after the teenager attacked him. the martin family says zimmerman is lying. >> he profiled and pursue trayvon martin. he left that out of the statement. it lacks some lawyers say some of zimmerman's statements are questionable.
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epaulet of the source said the man passed a lie-detector test. -- a police officer said the man passed a lie-detector test. >> the resignation of teresa sullivan. when they will vote on whether not to reinstate her. >> we [ male annocer ] if you think
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>> happy friday morning. it is still rather warm outside. let's take a rundown of the high temperatures. we did break a record, making it up to 99 for the high temperature. marshall record making it up to 100. 93 was the high yesterday in gaithersburg. we were well into the 90's in most locations. 75 in manassas. 73 in winchester. widespread storms likely this afternoon and evening, some of which that could become strong and severe. flash flooding is the primary threat. temperatures are cooling. upper-80's for the weekend. lower humidity on saturday. sunday night we may run into
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a few storms while we are sleeping. >> okie dokie. driving around the beltway some construction will be out of the blade. we are also good over in prince george's county. no worries to report along interstate 95. between richmond and baltimore all clear. heading out to the airport, and nothing to destroydisrupt your trip. good north into baltimore. good on father hurley boulevard and 495. nothing complicated to leave portreport. things are going to change of the week and for the wilson bridge. we will have details coming up in is in a little while. but go back to natasha and steve. >> it is hot out there. it is 79 degrees?
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79 degrees. >> a probably feels warmer. a rough one for twitter at it. what they're sayin
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>> not to the controversy over the ousting of teresa sullivan.
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they plan to vote on tuesday about whether or not to reinstate her. gee was forced out earlier this month. the former governor said opting to terminate her was the wrong decision. the leader of the board is defending her actions of doing the right thing that in the wrong way. let fairfax county is trying to determine what sick and dozens of high schoolers attending a summer program. 15 students were transferred to the hospital after staying overnight at the dormitory. they have the stomach flu. taken samples and hopes of finding a specific cause. george mason said it is cleaning dorms. >> we will say it is hot out there. >> you'll hear it a lot. still ahead, things are getting ugly between kim car-yenkardashian
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>> a shootout between a suspect and police since a suspect to the hospital. >> today marks the third anniversary of the worst train crash, at the fort totten station, remembering the victims. >> the 2012 nba


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