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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hampions, the miami heat. >> lebron james called it the happiest moment of his life. he finally wins an nba japan ship after years of criticism. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is friday, june 22. i am steve chenevey. >> i am natasha barrett, in for cynne simpson. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. >> i am thrilled that we don't have an accident. interstate travel looks like it will work in our favor. 95, 66, 81, 11, 70, 270, and it looks great at the chesapeake bay bridge. in virginia, the pace is working in our favor through rosslyn and over to washington
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boulevard and fort myers. now we turn to adam caskey for the weather. >> looks good on the roads that's good. 5:00 in the belfort furniture weather center. temperatures are in the 70's, low 80s downtown. 83 at reagan national 79 in college park, 73 in winchester. western paige county, there's light rain. also, in western maryland across the potomac and moving from luntz to hancock maryland, light rain. if increasing clouds otherwise. storms likely later on today after lunch time, some of which could be severe. highs in the low 90's. less humid tomorrow and a little cooler. prince george's county police investigating events that led to an officer's shooting a suspect in the 5600 block of -- street
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in district heights. brianne carter is there. >> police responded around midnight last night. it was a noise complaint. perhaps someone had heard a gunshot in the area. when police arrived, there was an altercation between police and a suspect in this complex. the altercation escalated and gunfire was exchanged. the suspects a stand non-life- threatening injuries and no officers were injured. and incidents it-- in the incident. authorities say the investigation is ongoing. brianne carter reporting. >> today marks three years since the deadliest crash in the history of metro. later this morning a ceremony will be held to honor the victims of a train crash near the fort totten station.
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john gonzalez is live from north these d.c. with more. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. today marks that very painful day three years ago, the crash that happened just under here on the bridge near the fort totten metrist station near new york avenue. mayor will gather with transportation officials first responders, and relatives of the victims to unveil a memorial plaque on the same spot where a makeshift memorial has existed for years. nine people were killed and 80 others injured when the two trains collided. ent is a later found equipment malfunctioned on the trap. the track is expected to be the centerpiece for a $1 million memorial project that will include a park, park benches artwork. the plan is still up in air because residents of the south
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manor neighborhood in northeast d.c. oppose the idea. they say, no disrespect to the families of the victims, but they believe the park will bring in more traffic problems, parking problems, and more crime. the unveiling of this memorial plaques will take place during a ceremony at 11:00 this morning. if you are driving through the area, keep in mind that new hampshire avenue between oglethorpe and south dakota will be closed starting at 10:00 this morning. it will reopen at 1:00 this afternoon. reporting live in northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> jerry sandusky facing new sexual abuse allegations ats jurors resume deliberations on other charges. his adopted son matt cited to testify that his father abused him. it may have been a surprise because jerry sandusky took the
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stand in his own defense. he's accused of sexually assaulting 10 boys over 15 years. stay with us for continuing coverage of the trial. brad bell is in bellefonte, pennsylvania. look for his live reports in our later newscasts. >> economic anxiety may be taking a toll on president obama's told members -- poll numbers. 47% of people said they will vote for the president while 44% say they will vote for mitt romney. that is within the margin of error. the president will speak in florida today. romney spoke yesterday. >> house officials and attorney general eric holder says they're willing to negotiate. but the house speaker demands additional documents to be
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handed over. holder calls it unwarranted and unnecessary. commerce secretary john bryson has officially resigned. he had a series of bizarre hit- and-run accidents in southern california earlier this month. the 68-year-old took medical leave after suffering seizures and passing out behind the wheel. he handed in his resignation to president obama, saying he is afraid his condition might affect his work. his deputy will step in and for now as acting commerce secretary. it is 81 degrees in arlington. >> still ahead plan extra time if you are using metro or driving this weekend. details on the track work and road construction that will lead to delays. >> twitter addicts suffering from withdrawal yesterday, a massive. outage on a massive
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>> 5:09. >> we are waking up with you. let's check in with adam caskey. >> its going to be warm on this friday but not as hot as yesterday. temperatures on the downswing. by tuesday we will be near 80 degrees. today, 90. a few areas of light rain
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especially in western paige county and in the shenandoah valley. in the potomac highlands around 68, pushing east, hancock maryland. not much rain, but we have some energy early this morning. 83 right now in washington, 77 in fort belvoir and hagerstown, 74 in martinsburg. we still have humidity. that will change tomorrow behind a cold front. the cold front will likely cause widespread storms later on today after lunchtime. then we could see them turned severe in the afternoon and evening. 93 today for the high temperature. the main risk could be damaging winds and the potential for flash floods. now to lisa. >> i think about you all day adam caskey, in the heat. we are polar opposites. bring it on. everything is open around the
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beltway. we are in good shape as far as interstate travel. even metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. i will take you to a live picture of 270 moving at speed southbound leading frederick through montgomery county, past 370 shady grove road and onto 495. looks good on 66 and in baltimore. >> drivers this weekend using 66, 3 westbound lanes will be closed at the beltway from 10:00 tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. lanes will be closed from 10:00 tomorrow night until 9:00 a.m. on sunday. rains may be closed for a time during those periods so they can remove and overhead part. it is not outside 80 degrees. >> some mothers have come up with a new use for smartphones
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>> this is good morning washington. correct investigators try to piece together a police involved shooting in thurmont heights. officers were at a home when a man confronted them and gunfire was exchanged. the man was hit in the leg. he is hospitalized with non- life-threatening injuries. officers were injured. today marked the years since the deadliest crash in metro history. will be a special ceremony this morning to unveil more to apply for the nine people died when two red line trains collided near the fort totten station in northeast washington.
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jerry sandusky now faces new sexual abuse allegations from his adopted son. as comes as jurors deliberate on whether the former penn state assistant football coach abused 10 boys over a 15-year period. he denies the charges. we have had a record-breaking heat this week, but nothing compared to what a meteorologist predicted in baltimore. >> in baltimore, one guy said 775 degrees. you could collect an egg. -- cook an egg. obviously, he knew that was wrong. that station says, "we will be accurate." >> that's channel 2. you have to have a little breathing room.
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it was supposed to be 77 or 75. you have to go with one or the other. >> this is what i really care about. >> because you like the kardashian is. the divorce between them is taking longer than the time they were together. 76 days or so. there are reports of an ugly accusations from chris humphries, which would be troubling if it were true. >> she -- her claim to fame was the sex tape. now he says -- >> we each have our areas of expertise. mine is music. >> he says that the sex tape was staged. >> and he says that her mother
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said you have to do this. did not like how it came out the first time and under mother said to do it again and make it prettier. that is bizarre and i don't believe it. >> chris humphries at needs to stick to free throws. >> he can throw better this year. >> that's what you needed to know before leaving for work today. you are welcome. >> it was no tweets for most of the day yesterday. could not even get on line. >> more moms using smartphones to keep their kids occupied. >> all a twitter over outages. it was a cascading but that resulted in no service throughout the day yesterday for users. it was not a hacker. facebook promises to make clear what happens when you click on the button to like a product.
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they are giving the sponsor permission to use their names and photographs to promote the products. it costs less to run an ipad for the year than a single cup of take-out coffee. the annual cost is $1.36. if a compact fluorescent bulb costs 25 cents more. a british supermarket chain says three times as many mothers and their child a telephone than a passive fireifier. >> let's get to the temperatures. how did we do yesterday? >> record was broken by 100 degrees. >> but it felt like more. >> when you factor in the humidity the dew point that gives you how it will feel.
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like summer. let's talk temperatures from yesterday. well into the '90s. 100 at bwi marshall airport, which tied a record. reagan national broke a record by one degree. dulles reached 906. 74 right now in martinsburg, 70 in cumberland, 77 in hagerstown. 73 in culpeper. we have some areas of rain off to the west. a little energy. along 81, parts of shenandoah county paige county, western paige county, some light rain. in west virginia, a few showers, and in western maryland cumberland into hancock, light rain migrating east this morning. a little energy out there this morning. a good amount of energy later on today with a cold front, that should cause widespread showers and thunderstorms later on today, even as early as the
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lunch hour west of town. especially later than that in terms of strong storms. there is the cold front of to the west. a triggering mechanism for the storms later today. cooler and less humid air behind a cold front that will move into town. one last hot and sticky day in the '90s. back into the upper 80's tomorrow with low humidity. we could have severe storms later on today. the biggest risk is wind damage. and in line is flash floods. there could be heavy downpours. 93 this afternoon for the high temperature. 88 tomorrow, of humidity, comfortable with bright sunshine. storms on sunday night into monday. now to lisa baden. >> belle glade looks good to and from the american legion bridge. south of town at the wilson bridge, no complications in virginia, 66 and 95. look in your neighbors on the road. headlights are northbound up to the beltway from newington. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide.
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more in a little while. newschopper 7 will be joining us soon. now back to news. >> 79 degrees outside. >> coming up -- >> my dream has become reality. the best ever. >> how bad did lebron james want a championship ring? this first and only triple dozen of the season to close the game. we will have highlights from the finale. >> wrongfully accused. >> they sat there and watched them take me away. >> kids fighting to save their parents.
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>> that the ball is fair. >> he may regret appealing is t -- appealing his suspension from the pine tar incident. the nationals be the race last night. >> dc-9 defeated tampa bay and they remain in first place. >> off to a battle of the beltway's series with baltimore this weekend. here's a recap of the nba finals last night from miami. >> hello. you have to tip your hat to the miami heat, the 2012 nba champions, sealing the deal
5:26 am
after destroying the oklahoma thunder last night. they did not flinch. lebron james had a great layup. and chris bosh with a 3-pointer. and a former wizard with three points. miller had 23 points. one more time from king james. he had 26 points. the miami heat take on the larry o'brien trophy. >> this is the happiest day of my life. [applause] i would not want to spend it with nobody else in the world besides my teammates these fans. you guys are unbelievable. this is a dream come true. >> have a great day, everybody. >> thank you. 5:26, 79 degrees in leesburg. the news continues at 5:30.
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>> citing allegations against jerry sandusky. one of his adopted sons revealed as jurors deliberated -- as the jury deliberated yesterday. >> a police involved shooting in prince george's county. developing details, coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. we will talk storm tenses and take a look
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> princeton discounted please respond to complaints of gunshots in the end of exchanging gunfire with a man and wounding him. good morning, washington. it's friday, june 22. i am steve chenevey.
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>> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. >> metro rail is in good shape. nothing from vre. brunswick line trains on the marc rail system running 30 minutes late. that is 873 30 minutes late. we will check a picture of 395 past duke street out to the beltway, looks fabulous. at the 14th street bridge it is still light. northbound 95 at woodbrige, left lane closed, after the occoquan. vowed to adam caskey. >> thanks for the update. 5:30. we have a little rain on the radar screen far west of washington. widespread showers and storms expected later today. around lunchtime but especially
5:31 am
into the afternoon and evening. let's go to the radar to start. areas of light rain in the shenandoah valley along 81, west of front royal, moving out of blu-luray. light showers moving east along 68. reagan national, 83 degrees down from 99 yesterday. 79 at dulles airport. college park, 79. it will be warm and muggy today, not as hot as is today. but you will notice the humidity. lower humidity tomorrow. primary risk for the storms today will be the threat of gusty, damaging winds, and flash floods. tornadoes are not likely in this environment. >> thank you. a shooting between prince george's county police and a suspect left that suspect wounded. it happened on klob street in thurmont heights -- fairmount
5:32 am
heights. brianne carter is there. but there's about a half-dozen townhomes on this street. police responded around midnight last night for a noise complaint,., when police arrived there was some kind of altercation between police and a man at this complex. that is when there was this police involved shooting between this man and authorities. authorities say the suspect sustains non-life-threatening injuries. no officers were hurt in the incident. it's not clear if the suspect had anything to do with the original complaint that police were responding to the complex for. a neighbor reportedly called authorities. all they will say is this investigation is ongoing. no identification has been placed on the victim yet. back to you. >> thank you. a special ceremony will be held to mark the third anniversary of the deadliest crash in metro history. nine people died and dozens more
5:33 am
were hurt when two red line trains collided near the fort totten metro station in northeast d.c. family members and public officials and first responders will unveil a memorial plaque at the new hampshire bridge. equipment failure was blamed. a body was discovered in annandale at a park. a man walking in the woods found a body yesterday evening neared the hidden oaks nature center. police cannot determine the person's sex, age, or race. they are trying to find out the person died. if you have information call fairfax county police. >> jury deliberations will resume this morning in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. as jurors deliberated yesterday we learned of another bombshell. one of his adopted sons came forward claiming that ahe was abused. >> in closing arguments, as he goes to defense attorney reminded jurors of the lack of physical evidence in the case. the excuse -- he accused the
5:34 am
alleged victims of conspiring for financial gain. the lead prosecutor called sandusky a pedophile who preyed on victim's through his territory,. the second -- the second mile. >> when i saw from the defense was an attempt to create a conspiracy theory. >> one of sandusky's six adopted children announced through his attorneys that sandusky allegedly sexually abused him. at the start of the trial, a 33- year-old matt sandusky isat with sandusky supporters. >> that does not provide a lot of credibility. changing your mind over a single week. >> stay with abc 7 news and for continuing coverage
5:35 am
of the trial. brad bell is in bellefonte for the jury deliberations. look for live reports in our later newscasts. >> this morning d.c. mayor vincent gray and will sign an anti-bullying bill to seek to eradicate the bullying in the district, setting up a task force. the task force will create a citywide plan aimed at preventing bullying. $380,000 has been raised for a fund to help a bullied new york grandmother. cell phone video captured a fourth or seventh grade boys tormenting the woman with cruelty insults and threats. she tried to ignore them but eventually broke down in tears. the boys and their families will be disciplined according to school officials. in at 81 degrees in arlington. >> still ahead police open new tool will help them find a man wanted for an attack on a popular trail.
5:36 am
they think he may be responsible for another crime. >> leave early if you are taking metro this weekend. track work that will cause long delays along some lines. >>
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>> i'm crystal with the the ocean city beach patrol reminding you to keep your feet in the sand near the lifeguards.
5:39 am
good morning, washington. >> a pretty good weekend to go to the beach. a few storms especially late on sunday and early saturday morning, but that's all. pies and 80's tomorrow on saturday. partly cloudy skies at the beach. let's look at live super doppler 7 radar. -- highs in the 80's tomorrow on saturday at the beach. a few spotty showers early this morning in west virginia. the rain should stay far west of washington to start the day. 77 degrees in hagerstown, 78 in stafford. we will be in the low 90's this afternoon, 93. storms likely, some of which could become severe. less humid and cooler tomorrow, 88. good amount of sunshine this weekend. there's an issue 195. >> northbound in woodbridge, a
5:40 am
crash after the occoquan river in the main lanes, blocking the left lane. that will cost you extra time coming out of woodbridge. upstream through springfield, we will show you what it looks like. that's not bad right now. we will zoom over to the other side of town, where traffic is normal on 270 at 109 all the way to lane divide. newschopper 7 in a little while. back to you. >> thank you. could be tough to get around town this weekend especially on metro. no or service between east and west falls church from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. shuttle buses will be there. red line trains will single track between the judiciary square android island avenue and medical center. trains will single track between stadium-armory and addison road. there will be no work done on the green and yellow lines. >> the navy yard station will be closing early tomorrow night
5:41 am
because of a security drill. the station will close at 10:00 p.m. and will reopen at 7:00 a.m. sunday morning. free shuttle buses will be available between and navy yard and waterfront for affected customers. the nationals are in baltimore so keep that in mind. other greenmount customers, be aware. big plays if you plan to use the outer loop of the beltway near the wilson bridge, the through lanes closed 9:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday. only one lane will be open in the local lanes from van dorn street. the ramp from interstate 95 north of the outer loop will be closed tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.. >> they inside and stay in the air conditioning. >> that's not a bad plans, but it is the weekend. it's 5:41, 78 degrees in germantown. >> a summer program takes a wrong turn at george mason
5:42 am
university. dozens of students ended up in a hospital. >> bad news for some of the
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>> here's what's coming up at 6:00. gas prices on the way down, still dropping. analysts are predicting possibly $3 a gallon soon. >> that's fine with me. and arch campbell has a review of the newest animated film. >> let's see if he likes this better than rock star. and it a simulated mission pulling up to our studio, so we will head outside and see if we can rise to the challenge. that's coming up at 6:00 this morning. >> a man is under arrest this morning after allegedly impersonating a police officer pulling over a man that turned out to be real officer. authorities say that anthony
5:46 am
pulled over an off-duty police officer for speeding. it happened wednesday on route 301 in upper marlborough. the suspect was driving a pickup truck with blue and red lights and fled, but police caught him. >> police searching for a man who attacked a woman on a trail that runs through of the bull run neighborhood in manassas. they have released a composite sketch. call cops if you recognize the man. 8:00 tuesday night the men struck a woman from behind knocking her to the ground. but she was able to fight back and he took off. maybe the same person responsible for recent indecent exposure on the same trail. >> fairfax county officials try to determine what made dozens of high school six attending a summer program at george mason. 15 students were transported to the hospital yesterday after staying overnight at the piedmont dormitory. the teenagers have the stomach flu. they have taken samples from the students in hopes of finding a specific cause.
5:47 am
george mason says it is cleaning the dorm rooms where the students were staying. let's all live on wall street after the ratings agency moody's lowered the credit rating on some of the world's biggest banks. >> paula faris explains what it means for all of us. >> defected mega banks include bank of america citigroup goldman sachs, jpmorgan chase and morgan stanley. moody's believes their long-term prospects for profitability and growth are shrinking. it means it will cost the banks more to borrow money and do business. that is something that will directly affect american consumers. >> not good news for banks because it puts them in a weaker position if the world and u.s. economies continue slowing down. it makes it more expensive for consumers to get loans on everything from cars to mortgages to small businesses. >> it adds to the moneys which has been plaguing global markets and it raises questions about the bank's' ability to withstand the debt crisis in europe.
5:48 am
but analysts say it's not a repeat of 2008 and the banks are not on the verge of going out of business. they have had time to prepare. but it follows big losses in the markets in the u.s. the dow jones fell 2% yesterday. asian markets this morning had a steep decline as well. >> years of mismanagement and speculative trading activity. we saw major international banks downgraded. a more realistic level. >> it comes on the heels of fed chairman ben bernanke' reduced forecast for both on wednesday that prompted him to promise action by the fed that the u.s. economy -- if the u.s. economy slows even further. >> we are prepared to take steps to promote sustainable growth and recovery in the labor markets. >> abc news reporting. >> more bosses are getting more rest and relaxation than their
5:49 am
workers. >> linda bell is in new york at bloomberg headquarters with more. >> if you think amazon is cheaper, think again. they looked at prices at a wide range of items 20% more expensive at amazon compared with walmart. some items, amazon charged more than 60% on food. best buy is ready to tackle showrooming. that's when we go to stores to look at night and up close but only to buy it later on line. best buy wants to train employees so they get customers to better understand the products they are looking at rather than letting them walk out the stores empty handed. your boss on a caribbean vacation again. the recession caused many employees not to take time off. bosses are finding even more
5:50 am
time for a getaway then their workers. 81% of managers have taken time off or plan to take a vacation this year compared with 65% of full-time workers. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. we are happy that you made it back in one piece. yesterday this guy was rappeling from the hilton hotel in crystal city. >> it was a little intimidating at first to look behind you and realize you are 15 stories above the ground. and that is really slippery. >> words were you thinking right there? >> i was thinking my feet would slip off. it was pretty cool. you get to do a little practice. you go down like one or two stories to make sure the equipment works.
5:51 am
then you kind of inch down. the whole thing only takes a couple minutes. >> were you controlling the rate of speed? >> absolutely, in my left hand is a device. it's a little button that you pushed and you can release it. >> anybody in the hotels looking -- hotel rooms looking? >> yes, there were. but there's the tv guy out my window. >> it was pretty cool. the whole event will happen again today in crystal city. it is a big charity event. it helps the special olympics. they will raise more than $50,000. a fantastic effort. >> it will be hot and sticky for them today. >> it was yesterday. >> not as bad. we could have some storms and possibly strong storms off with
5:52 am
gusty, damaging winds being the primary risk later today. yesterday was a record breaker 99 at reagan national. breaking the record by one degree. bwi marshall was 100 degrees which was trying the old record. today the temperatures will start on the downswing. not as hot and sticky. here's a live look outside at the sunrise at 5:52. we will have considerable cloud cover today throughout the day. we will not have the intense sunshine as we did yesterday. 83 already in the district. a warm start today. 75 in manassas. cumberland, 70. speaking of the rain and light showers, along 68 from cumberland through hancock and moving into southern pennsylvania, and west of the blue ridge around front royal and south of winchester, a little rain pushing northward, about to cross over 66 at
5:53 am
interstate 81. we could see a few more showers develop off in the shenandoah valley and points west later on this morning. locally we could have storms in the afternoon. possibly even around lunchtime but especially afterwards. that is when they could become strong to severe, in the mid to late afternoon. a cold front will give our atmosphere a good punch later on today. that could help give severe storms. less humid air behind a cold front, so relief is on the way for tomorrow. the primary risk is gusty damaging winds today. tornadoes are not likely in this environment. flash floods are a bit of a concern. 93 today. upper 80s on the weekend with lower humidity. now to lisa baden. >> vdot is sending somebody to north avenue and to south dakota avenue because of broken down vehicle. a multitude of crashes on 95 in virginia, the main lanes coming
5:54 am
out of woodbridge to get into lorton. all of them consolidated to the left side of the highway. that will pack a punch out of dale city. now to the guy go traffic center picture. smooth at new hampshire avenue. >> of course. >> it is hot 79 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington."
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a cool site in japan. a hat shaped cloud appeared near mount fuji after a strong typhoon swept to their through - swept- through there when the sky became overcast. >> they occur often around mountains. >> that is on my checklist as far as clouds. >> there's still more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, the investigation under way into a police involved shooting in prince george's county. an update coming up in a live report. >> lisa baden will have an update on your friday morning commute.
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>> straight ahead at 6:00 remembering the victims of the deadly metro crashed three years later. >> a police involved shooting in prince george's county, details ahead. >> while the jury decides the fate of jerry sandusky, his adopted son dropped a bombshell about his father. >> the hea


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