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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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he first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure tsuhat women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. >> three years ago today, nine people were killed in the deadliest crash in metro's history. now there is a moral in that spot to honor those who died.
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it was unveiled seconds ago. >> steve, this has been an emotional and poignant service. three years after metro's deadliest crash. they have just unveiled the memorial plaque. hundreds of family members have gathered here with the mayor first responders, and metro officials, who have vowed to try their best to stop this from ever happening again. >> it was here. >> steve cochran cannot believe it has been three years since the accident that took the life of his niece veronica. >> a small plaque was commemorated a few years back at the fort totten metro station but the families and friends of victims have pushed for the city to create something personal and closer to where the accident occurred. >> we are very careful -- grateful for what the mayor has done. >> this afternoon, at the
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charles likely bridge, -- a langley bridge, it was closed for a memorial. there is now a permanent plaque with each victim's name. >> is like a piece of my heart is missing. but it is something we have to do. >> it was a quick end of function that caused the deadly collision between two trains, according to the ntsb. eight people were injured that day. >> we have to focus on safety as our first priority. we are doing a lot of work on that. we will continue to do that work. that is the best way for us to honor the folks here. >> this veteran was friends with the conductor. >> i miss her very, very much. my family, my brothers and sisters, and my friends had been close. >> metro and the city want this
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memorial plaque to be part of a bigger event here, a bigger memorial park. a $1 million plan. they are trying to create a park and have this be the centerpiece, but it is in a snag. some residents of the neighborhood say the idea is nice but they do not want the park. they believed it could bring more crime and more traffic. they say no disrespect to the families but they would like it put at the fort totten metro station. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> the virginia man accused of a plot to blow up the u.s. capitol is due in court today. amine edward zottoli amine el khalifi was arrested
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after wearing an explosive fast -- what he thought was an explosive best provided by fbi agents. >>the university of virginia's new president. >> for about a week, there has been controversy and conflict. now there are even more changes in charlottesville. in the latest twist surrounding leadership at the university of virginia, nearly a ported -- appointed president karl zeithaml says he is suspending his role. he gave the statement. this comes as the board has called a meeting for next tuesday to consider sullivans position. >> i think it should be done
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quickly. >> sullivan reportedly wants to remain president. 10 of 11 of the university's schools have asked for her to be reinstated. the board's decision for her to step down sparked outrage in the school and community. >> we know more about it. i would like her to be more -- to be reinstated. >> zeithaml will hold a press conference in charlottesville in just about an hour. will have more coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> another hot one today at there. maybe not quite as warm as yesterday, but we could see those under sought -- summer thunderstorms pop up to. >> we already have a few thunderstorms popping up. i will take a close look at those coming up. yesterday was a record-breaking day, 99 at reagan national. today is still cooler, still hot but not as hot. much more comfortable by
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tomorrow, kind of refreshing tomorrow. gainesville is up to 89. woodbridge is at 91. thunderstorms are likely this afternoon. if you are popping up right now but more widespread action later on. some could be strong or severe with the primary threat being winds and possibly hail. the trouble forecast -- a hot day in the country. caught up and down the east coast. we will take a look at the weekend coming up. >> the wait is on in pennsylvania as the jury deliberates for the second day in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the jury had been sequestered and cut off from media. in the meantime, sandusky's adopted son has come forward, saying he too is the victim. >> the sandusky jury arrived back in court today after eight straight hours of deliberation
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on thursday. at their request, they heard a replay of two and a half hours of testimony. this time they read aloud from a transcript by attorneys. >> they recognize that what they are doing is a very serious consideration. if they find him guilty, he is going to prison for the rest of his life. >> we cannot discuss anything now. >> the defense is keeping its lips sealed about yesterday's bomb shell revelation -- the former coach's own adopted son matt sandusky, approached prosecutors, claiming he was a victim of jerry sandusky's abuse. he began the trial sitting by his mother's side in support of jerry, only to offer on the last day of testimony to take the stand, an offer that was rejected. >> he suddenly changed his mind -- to come public with clams would have opened him up -- it claims would have opened him up
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to serious cross-examination. >> he moved into the sandusky home at 16. he has always defended his father, even when his birth mother told the grand jury he was groomed to be a victim. >> it is a nightmare. nobody even wants to think that anybody would do that to their child. >> the jury is sequestered -- that means no tv, no funds, and no computers. the one i hear about his accusation until after they reach a verdict. >> barbara bell is that the court house in bel fund -- our brad bell is there at the courthouse. watch for his report -- reports. in prince george's county, officers are investing an officer-involved shooting. this was on klob street in fairmount heights. the man is hospitalized with
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non-life threatening injuries. d.c. mayor vincent gray has signed a bill ending bullying in the district of columbia. the bill develops a task force that will create comprehensive plan to end bullying in d.c. it also requires agencies serving pcs used to create policies helping the city's young people. >> we must all work together to protect our youth and and bullion if that is possible. -- and andend bullying if that is possible. >> it is believed that at least one out of five children in the united states is bullied. coming up, some relief at the gas pump as prices are dropping. what better news could be around the corner. >> transportation officials want
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you to stay away from part of the beltway this weekend. we'll tell you about a project that could cause significant delays. a woman that america loves to hate, it seems. rielle hunter talking about her affair with john edwards. a sneak peek at the interview coming up. adam is back with more on th
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>> the stock market is up to date despite the news that five major banks had their ratings downgraded. moody's cut ratings for bank of america, citibank goldman sachs, morgan stanley, and j.p.
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morgan chase. the downgrade means it will cost the banks more to borrow money and do business, which will likely have an impact on our of our bottom lines. the downgrade also raises questions about the bank's ability to withstand the european debt crisis. analysts say is not a repeat of 2008 and banks will not go out of business. if you need to fill up, but gas prices are falling. the national average is now $3.45 per gallon. the district is still higher, $3.54. drivers and maryland are paying an average of $3.57 a gallon. in virginia, $3.24. analysts believe we could see gas below $3 a gallon this summer or this fall. president obama is spending today in the sunshine state, where he will deliver a speech to a national group of latino leaders. he will likely focus on his
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recent immigration reform. this comes after presumptive gop nominee mitt romney addressed the same group in florida, where he got a cool reception. >> i will prioritize efforts that strengthen legal immigration and make it more transparent and easy. i will address the problem of immigration -- illegal immigration in a civil and resolute manner. we may not always agree, but i make -- when i make a promise to you i will keep it. >> mitt romney wants to fix the complicated system of letting farm workers into the u.s. and finished a high-tech electronic fence along the mexican border. ing clocked 14 right now. you have probably felt the heat outside -- 12:14 right now. you have probably felt the heat outside. >> we were one degree shy of
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making the century mark -- 99 degrees. >> baltimore did. >> dwi bwi may be 100 mark. let's take a look at a time lapse. this is starting in damascus, upper montgomery county. damascus elementary school. nice sunrise, already 80 degrees. clouds are coming and going. right now they're pretty much gone. we have a good amount of sunshine. a good chunk of our view in area -- a view in the area, we have cloud cover. the white indicates the cloud cover that we have rolling over. most of us in the shenandoah valley also southeast of fredericksburg.
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a little thunderstorm pop up there. they're pushing out to the northeast. right now in extreme eastern king george county and crossing over the potomac. it looks like it will be east of st. mary's county in the next 15 minutes. just west and southwest of leonard town. here is the shenandoah valley. sprinkles in and around winchester, not amounting really to anything. we are expecting this thunderstorm to become more widespread. the next three or four hours. we have a risk of severe thunderstorms. in terms of the biggest risk from the storms, we have to categorize them. when the damage would be the primary risk. a moderate risk of that -- wind damage would be the primary risk.
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however, tornadoes are unlikely in the situation. they do not favorable in the atmospheric set up we have today. that is good news. 91 degrees at reagan national. 92 degrees at winchester. it feels like 97 in the district when you factor in the humid heat. yesterday it felt like 100, some minor improvements. tomorrow i hesitate to say it, but it will feel a little refreshing with our northwesterly breeze. there is a cold front moving in. that will help trigger showers and storms. behind it, the cooler, drier less humid air. humidity on sunday, but it should not be too aggressive. the low 90s -- low 90's will drop into the 70's tonight. a comfortable 88 on saturday. do not be surprised on saturday night if you run into some thunder storms. also sunday night and monday.
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storms are possible. but tuesday -- 80 degrees is the high temperature. >> someone in a national game describe the temperatures as being in a wet oven. good to hear relief is on the way. this would be a good weekend to avoid the outer loop of the capital beltway near the wilson bridge. the main through lanes will be closed completely from 9:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday. local lines, only one will be open after telegraph road. between the through lanes and the local lines, you have one to choose from. this will be closing the ramp on i-95 north from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on sunday, so both days. expect major delays in that part of the beltway in alexandria. 12:18 right now. coming up, things for her affair with a married man and presidential candidate,rielle
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>> how you want yourself to find a? >> first and foremost as a mom. also a woman who fell in love with a married man. >> that is former john edwards mistress and mother of his child, rielle hunter, in an exclusive interview. she is making headlines with her new book. she sat down exclusively with criss, who joins us now. good to see you. how can it was she in the interview -- tended was she?
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>> 100%. she says she would repeat every word in her book under oath. i believe she has the least motivation to lie out of people in this situation, but that does not mean she sees everything the way you will. but she did not back away from an east -- any question, except about john edwards kids. >> that is a question. we know about quinn and how emotional he got during his most legal dealings when it came to the kids. how have they been able to work through that process? >> i believe they have a close bond. rielle hunter is a bigger part of john edwards's family life and the rest of us suspect. they talked about their child but the rest of his kids and he kept away from because she wanted to respect their privacy. this was about the obvious. this is potentially the biggest political scandal of a
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generation. we have followed it for six years. i finally wanted to hear why it started, how it started, what led to all the bad choices that wind up culminating in federal prosecution and something that has had literally all of us thinking about it for half a decade. >> was she able to answer those questions you have had? will we see them tonight? >> absolutely. you'll also see the push back at those choices. my job, as you know, is not to judge her. that is for everybody else, and there is plenty of that. i has never covered anybody who was not a criminal who had more anchor directed at her then rielle hunter. >> did she say why the timing was right for the book? >> the timing is right because the case ended. once the charges were dropped against john edwards and she was not concerned about exposure of
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illegality irresponsibility, getting called up in that case -- she thought it was the right time. >> looking forward to the interview. thank you for joining us this noon. stay with us. in addition to 20/20 coming u
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>> keeping an eye on what is happening outside. >> crossing over the storm -- over the potomac. otherwise, more storms later on. here is the 70 forecast. stay tuned to abc 7 news, and for the latest updates. some humidity on sunday and storms sunday night and into monday, but look at tuesday and wednesday. there is the real payout. 80 degrees is the high. >> down from 99 degrees. have a fantastic weekend. thank you for [ female announcer
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] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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