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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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line of thunderstorms from new england to will sell the washington area into eastern sections of tennessee. let's look at these and a little bit more detail. we have storms getting stronger coming along the interstate 81 corridor. those areas just to the east of beaumont, assistant byrne -- they're all under severe thunderstorm warnings. -- ashburn. one other area in southern maryland, st. mary's county thunderstorms moving through lexington park. the entire region under it watch until 9:00. they have been -- allegheny county has been dropped from the watch as it moves eastern. sunspots have been pulled into the 80's and 70's because of showers. here is our forecast as we head
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for the evening hours. it will stay monday over night. as far as the washington area goes, our best chance of storms will be around 8:00 until 10:00 tonight. >> thank you very much. reminding you to check out the radar any time on as well as on our storm watch app. >> a plea agreement in the plot to attack the capital building. the 29-year-old pleaded guilty in his role to carry out a suicide attack on the capital. the moroccan native was living in alexandria at the time of his arrest. >> kind of an interesting scene here in court today as he was really laughing quite a bit in the courtroom before the judge entered making jokes with his attorney. he was all smiles until the judge did enter. we found out his future -- 25-30
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years behind bars. >> the plot was simple but deadly. an attack and said the u.s. capitol. he admitted today he was ready to die in order to conduct a first of its kind rampage. >> he believed he had the capability. he certainly tried to carry out an attack against the united states capitol. >> he was the real deal and he admitted not only was he planning to blow up the capital the al qaeda cooperative -- the individual he believed had a backup remote detonator to finish the job of some how he was incapacitated by the police. >> he wanted to bring down the building. the fbi provided him with a nonworking suicide vest and a gun. he is indicative of their most serious threat, a lone wolf
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radicalize terrorists, often difficult to track or detect. what's is it a disturbing trend something each and every day we are working tirelessly against? yes. >> in this area a long, they have now and a half dozen terrorists in the past few years. >> as for the plot itself, prosecutors say initially he thought about going after a synagogue and then changed his mind and wanted to assassinate some army generals. he then said he would set up a bomb inside a crowded restaurant. he eventually decided on the capital. in september he will be sentence between 25 and 30 years behind bars and then likely sent home to his native country. >> thank you. we are waiting for a verdict in the jery sandusky trial. brad bell is live with the
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latest. >> the latest are these alerts we are getting from staff. the jury has ordered dinner and they are going to keep deliberating. for a small town it is a big trial. the media village on the courthouse lawn is drawing a steady stream of tourists. clucks look at all the news people. my daughter is like, i think this is where the trial is going on. clucks the men and women of this sequestered jury are -- this morning they returned to court for more than two hours because the wanted to review the testimony of the former penn state coach mike mcquery. prosecutors read the transcript that he caught sandusky in the shower with a boy. >> i am afraid he might get away
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with it. i really feel he is guilty. >> the town and it can stay will be happy when a decision is rendered one way or the other. just to have it all behind us. but there is much chatter about the bomb shell yesterday that his adopted son claims he was an abused victim as well. it comes too late for this trial. >> had met sandusky come forward sooner, everyone who is sitting and standing on this lawn of the court house and eager anticipation along with the rest of america in the world would be a little more relieved knowing that a conviction would be nearly a certainty under those circumstances. >> you are looking at the windows on the second floor of this historic court house. that is where the jury is, cora no. 1 and the front and numbered two in the back.
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no word on how long they plan to deliberate tonight. perhaps it is a sign that they have ordered dinner table work late again. -- they will work late again. >> and suv hit a house and children are in the hospital. the children are between the ages of 4 and 10 and their injuries are listed from serious to critical. we have a crew on the scene that will bring you more. also tonight at 11:00. cox today is the three-year anniversary of the deadliest crash in the history of metro. nine people died and more than 80 were injured. today d.c. and metro officials unveil a plaque on the new hampshire avenue bridge. in the three years since the accident they have enacted three of the 1960 improvements
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recommended. >> bob mcdonnell is calling for an end to the controversy at the university of virginia. if the board of visitors does that make a decision on tuesday they will all be out of a job on wednesday. also today the interim president announced he will not do anything to take on the role until the board meets next week to consider reinstating sullivan. >> still to come, gas prices on the way down. where prices are under $3 a gallon. >> see where you will find some major delays on the metro. >> the president heads to florida to talk to big names in latino politics.
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>> today was president obama's
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turned to appeal to latino voters. >> he spoke at the podium at walt disney world. mitt romney was there yesterday you might remember. more on what the president said and how latino voters like his speech. >> today president obama got a warm welcome from latino officials. >> lifting the shot of deportation and giving them a reason to hope, that was the right thing to do. >> under the new plan almost a hundred thousand new immigrants will be allowed to stay in the u.s. >> in their hearts and minds they are americans through and through in every single way but on paper. >> this undocumented immigrant told us the president jose new policy was the right thing to do. >> i have never committed any crimes, i have never been
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arrested for anything. >> mitt romney addressed the same group and alliance -- blasted the president for political pandering. >> he failed to act until trying to win your vote. >> mitt romney has his work cut out for him to win over the fastest growing voting block. right now polls show mitt romney trailing the president by 40 points among that group. the hispanic vote will be the key to victory in battleground states like florida colorado new mexico, and in nevada. >> both campaigns are figuring out how to get these voters to pay attention to them. >> hispanic activists say while immigration is important, it is the economy and jobs that could determine their vote. >> coming up next, the nation's largest electronics retailer making some more changes.
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see what best by could have in store for customers in the coming months. >> the weekend forecast when we come back.
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>> and gas prices continue to take a nice tumble. >> they are down for the 10th straight day. the national average -- $3.45 a gallon. maryland is paying $3.37. virginia is paying $3.24. some areas are sitting gas under $3. best buy says would-be customers test the products at best buy stores and then go home and buy them on line for cheaper. best buy executives of for a few hands to their new approach at the shareholder meeting. expanding relationships with
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businesses and focusing on better customer service. it will release their plans by the end of summer. >> you will want to add extra time if you are taking metro anywhere this weekend. the last eastbound from vienna will leave 20 minutes earlier on saturday and sunday night. red and blue line will run in 20 minutes intervals. the navy yard station will be closed at 10:00 sunday for security. >> do we have any good news for the weekend? >> it will be pretty nice outdoor whether we can. this -- weather weekend. stretching from new england south to the south and southwest, everything is marching out of the area. the storm prediction center is
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dropping parts of the severe thunderstorm watch. after an entire day were most of the weather action has been to the south and east, now the metro region is in the mix. this match off to the west will extend eastward away through areas of western montgomery county, loudon county, blue mont getting hammered. this is the first batch all day. it could pose a threat to the media metro area probably around 7:38:00. we will keep an eye on that as well. later tonight conditions will improve. until 9:00, that is the expiration date on the watch. all of these orange county's let up, those are all active thunderstorm warnings. there is still enough energy in the atmosphere to fire up some big storms. we're down to 70 in westminster
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with storms going through there. it hit 96 and now it is 72. on our for the board to nine, 97 degrees. 97 and 82 the official high and low. it will be much brighter. we are seven degrees cooler than we were yesterday. as a result of that, we are getting good feeling about what is coming in. temperatures to the western not cool. he will feel the drier air. mid to late afternoon, all of these big pop ups, you can see cloud cover expand up as the thunderstorms become very numerous and intense. these will pass off to the east and reveal a nice weekend. becoming less humid, 88. and very comfortable for the day
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on sunday. monday we get another push of the heat and humanity -- heat and humidity. wednesday, 82. unseasonably cool numbers. a ramp up to 90 degrees by next friday. >> more interleague play. >> if the weather holds up. we will get a chance to see our two teams in this area square off in the battle for the beltway. the nationals have gone up to fight the orioles. this is the first time davey johnson has been back to camden yards in the official opposition since he quit as orioles manager in 1997. the orioles send their as to the
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downed who comes in with a 7-2 record. both have an era under three. the nationals will have a bit of revenge in mind. they came down here and one two out of three. >> go up there and play our rivals. it will be fun and exciting. >> they be as two out of three here. we would like to return that favor. >> he is scheduled to go through batting practice this evening. he has been on a 50 day disabled list recovering from an elbow injury. >> it is one of those things where even though i feel good, i am still not 100% yet. you do not want to get carried away. i do not wanted to have a big
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setback. >> a tip of the hat to the miami heat and lebron james. they dismantled the oklahoma city thunder last night. lebron james was very solid. a triple double. what a game for mike miller. he hit seven three-pointers for the miami heat. the second title for wade adn the first for james. >> the wizards pulled off a big trade with new orleans. coming to d.c. party dead solid pieces. >> it will be a challenge, but it will be fun. i think especially with having great young talent like john wall, we can do good things. >> in the european soccer
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championships, germany beat in greece today. >> davey johnson was a successful orioles manager. >> they got to the championship. >> thank you.
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>> we have to get through this evening and it looks like a nice
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weekend. >> thunderstorm warnings in effect in western montgomery county and was through loud and county prince william county, west of the blue ridge. severe thunderstorms moving to the southeast. warnings may be extended toward the district over the next hour. once they get through the area we will be in fine shape for the weekend. warm and less humid it. next seven days more storms on a hot and humid day on monday. much cooler tuesday, wednesday. it will warm up by the end of next week. partly cloudy and 80's for the day tomorrow. very pleasant on the way around the beaches and the bay.
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