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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> breaking stories. a verdict in the jerry sandusky case. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 barry breaking news. >> nasty storms make a mark on part of the area. the storms left behind widespread damage in washington, d.c. and maryland. in the past hour, jerry sandusky
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found guilty of shaklee abusing children. the jury comes back with conviction that will put them in prison for the rest of his life. we have the very latest. >> as the verdict was read tonight, and least one of jerry sandusky's victims was in the courthouse surrounded by crying and family members. sandusky spent the last three hours of his life here -- found guilty on 45 of 48 charges that carry a maximum sentence of 442 years in prison. he was handcuffed and taken to jail. his formal sentencing will be in 90 days. back to you. >> thank you. let's get to our big breaking local news. it bob knight of whether leaving a big night -- a wild night of
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weather leaving a big mess. >> we will start with ben. what is the situation out there? >> residents do not know what came through here but it left behind a trail of devastation. we have heard reports of trees coming down on homes, cars and down power lines and power outages. fortunately nobody has gotten hurt. >> it looks like a war zone. it frightened people. >> about a mile east of catholic university, and massive tree came down on a home. the owner says it put holes in his roof and his basement is flooded with water. he was home when it happened. >> i heard something. >> just down the street, limbs live above roadway. they took down power lines and not power out. residents say it only lasted for about 30 seconds but came
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through with the force of an army. they feared for their own safety and that of each other. >> it sounded like a tornado. so much noise. terrible. >> according to one fire fighter, this tree that raised by lightning. in northwest washington near takoma park, another tree crashed a house. we spoke with the home's owner. >> i told my son and granddaughter to go to the basement. we all went to the basement. >> at 16 am laurence street north east -- 16th lawrence street about 16,000 customers are affected. >> let's get a look at the damage from storms in maryland. >> richard reeve is live with the latest. what do you have out there? >> we are on newton street in bladensburg where it is like a war zone around here.
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look behind me. see that large group. there are two cars buried underneath. it is as i said -- debris is everywhere. you can see from the roof. cars have been damaged. look at this over here. pieces of wood in paled into a car. that is how powerful some of these winds were today. over here, one of the worst hit buildings. these apartment complexes. we want to show you what it looks like on the roof. part of it has been ripped off. it is dark. almost no one in this area has power now. in very bad situation. we talk to some residents. let's hear what they have to say. >> i was on the floor and when i came to, i heard a crashing sound. i looked up and could see the sky. i saw a window land next to me on the floor. i thought the window blew out
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and hit me on the head. >> i was sitting in my room. all you hear is pap pap. everything was everywhere. >> it is just amazing. the widespread damage here. block after block of homes, apartments cars crashed into each other. no power. many lights are out. traffic lights all out. a lot of chaos and many neighborhoods in the dark. this will be a long clean-up. live in bladensburg, richard reeve. >> it will be a long weekend for cleaning up. thank you. look at this scene northeast of frederick. the roof was ripped off of a barn. no people inside but there were cows when the storm hit. they were all rescued. let's talk to bob ryan now who joins us from the weather center.
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>> are we done with the storms? >> we are. we are done but it was a line of storms that all of a sudden picked up speed. all that damage -- everything indicated it was straight line winds. the terrible downburst, a widespread area of winds that happened back in 1989. here is the live doppler. you can see where the line is now. it is out towards the beaches. a whole does beach and ocean city. continuing to move out. -- rehobeth beach and ocean city. continuing to move out. winds over 60 miles an hour with an inch of rain in occurring in a matter of moments. and much more quiet weekend. i will join you in a few minutes to tell you about some quiet weather coming our way. but a wild night.
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very localized as the storms are. >> the storms stretched in a look like fashion and are partly to blame for hundreds of flight issues. we are at reagan national. plenty of delays and cancellations. a fire at a faa facility in new jersey also added to troubles. >> coming up, a threat from regina's governor in the uva controversy. see what he says will happen if the board does not make a quick decision. >> a car crashes through a neighborhood yard or four kids are play
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>> back with a developing story in prince george's county. >> and suv prowled into a front yard with children in the way. this happened on 57/avenue in riverdale. the suv ran into a fence and ended up in a pool filled with children. >> i want to show you just how much force that suv came across this yard with. there is still debris littered across the front yard. defense is still crumpled in a pile. in the corner, you can see a blue portable pool where four kids were enjoying their afternoon. just a moment before this mangled swimming pool became part of an active crime scene
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it was an afternoon of fun for four kids. screaming as the red as he became crashing through the yard, the car and eventually helped -- hit the house. she saw one chao pinned under the suv. -- she saw one child pinned under the suv. >> he was bleeding in the tire was on top of him. he was crying. >> prince george's county police say the driver was trying to pass -- and clipped the front of the stop a car and lost control. >> i saw a car jumped a little bit. the kids did not get run over. >> the four children had all playing in the pool are in stable condition.
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miraculous even to police. >> looking at a scene like this, it could have been worse. the situation involving an overly aggressive person unfortunately. >> the two drivers of each car and the passengers were taken to hospital with non life- threatening injuries. the investigation is still ongoing and charges against that one driver are pending likely reckless driving or improperly passing. >> thank you barry coming up a massive recall of cars because of engines that can catch on fire. >> the university of virginia's interim president speaks about
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>> are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, meterologist bob ryan, weather and tim brant, sports. abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> back to our top story of the night. jerry sandusky found guilty on 45 of the 48 sex abuse charges
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against him. >> the verdict was reached over an hour ago. we are back with a little more on the decision. >> jury -- jerry sandusky alive at the courthouse sometime before 10:00, holding hands with his wife. what awaited him inside was a total conviction, guilty on 45 of 48 charges. he stood as the charges were read as we did were read by the juror. as he recited each charge sandusky stood with his left hand in his coat. his wives shed no tears but she did start shaking her head. his daughter broke down as her father was handcuffed and the judge revoked his bail. the sentencing will take place in approximately 90 days. the maximum sentence for all the counts is 442 years. >> also tonight, the man accused
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of trying to blow up the capitol building has pleaded guilty. amine el khalifi admitted to try to carry out a suicide bomb attack in february. he was arrested in february by the fbi. it was part of a month-long undercover investigation. he faces up to 30 years in prison. >> the interim president of uva is suspending his role. carl zeithaml will not act in any presidential capacity until the board meets next week to discuss the reinstatement of teresa sullivan. >> i want to allow the conversation to continue and the board to make the decision that i hope they will make on tuesday
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afternoon. >> governor mcdonnell also upped the pressure on the board and says they do not resolve this controversy come tuesday, he will fire them all on wednesday. >> today is the three-year anniversary of that metro crash that killed nine people. the deadly wreck injured more than 80 writers on the red line on the way to the takoma park station. it was blamed on an electronic malfunction. today, officials unveiled a plaque on the new hampshire avenue bridge. in the three years since the accident the metro has implemented three of 19 things recommended. >> a recall on thousands of chevy cruises. gm is recalling more than 400,000 vehicles made in the west because of a potential engine fire. the defect could cause flammable liquids to become trapped into the engine compartment. gm will inspect and modify the
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vehicles'. no injuries have been reported. >> hopefully our weather will be modified. >> it is really wild. >> it is hard to believe how localized these thunderstorms are. a buildup and at the top the temperatures are 20's to 30 below zero, even during the summertime. the cold air splashes into the ground and spread up. that is what caused those localized damages. watching some of those storms took as back into bethesda. chevy chase, remember 1989? it was very similar. our temperatures here now has dropped below the morning low temperature which set a record. 76. but remember 1989 -- a downburst came through. there were 150,000 people without power.
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it's very similar incident. look at the damage reports. from those at the weather service up to our north. a lot of reports of damage and hill. there was the big damage around the national arboretum. wind gusts reported at 64 miles an hour. wind reported elsewhere at 50 miles an hour with damage. many spots have damage reports. there is the line. it is finally moved out. this was earlier today. you can see what is left of that. a lot of cluster of thunderstorms around the ocean city area. much less lonesome showers down around spotsylvania. folks around the beaches are now having a wild time with it. as we get into the weekend, that will be it. it is all gone. look at the friday. chevy chase middle school. wind gusts up to 32 miles an hour.
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downtown washington at the national airport, hardly anything. silver spring also. the the high temperature today. 97. that was not a record though. the record was 101 degrees. here comes the cool air. as we go 324 hours with that wave coming through -- go through 24 hours with the wave coming through. temperatures tonight into the 70's. northwesterly winds. much better air coming in. less humid tomorrow. temperatures into the mid 80's. then the next seven days, sunday also will be delightful. a lot of sunshine. comfortable humidity. a chance of showers but nothing like tonight as we move back to work on monday. temperatures into the 80's. a quiet weekend compared to
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tonight. >> no chance the were any tornadoes? >> . no. >> thank you. >> good deal. what's going on? >> we have a lot of things to talk about -- hockey, baseball. the caps making move in the first round of the nhl draft. a tight game between the nats and the orioles. were they able to qui [ male announcer
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talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so where to next? ♪ ♪ >> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. captioned by the national captioning institute >> there you go again. the battle of the beltway in baltimore. this was a good one. second inning. mark reynolds took the play. jordan zimmerman makes a mistake. the ball had way back and gone in a hurry. the ants tie things up -- nats
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tie things up in the fifth. judge in the play. goes hard in the play. tied at one. 2 runners on. the ball is cut off but not before nick johnson scores. outstanding. striking out 10 over eight innings. the birds to game 1 of the series. 2-1. scary moments. he swings and hits the ground. the umpire goes down. he -- it hit him on the side of his head. he was done for a few minutes. he was taken to a hospital to make sure he had no broken bones. just a big headache. and it's going on this weekend. the capitals made moves.
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ribiero had 18 goals. it least 51 points in the past seasons. he was the youngest player on team sweden of the 2012 world junior championship. the caps also take thomas wilson. they go to the next rounds tomorrow. the wizards -- here is what they got with a trade with new orleans. a center from d.c. and ariza. he was in los angeles when he got the call. >> we were playing at the clippers' facility. somehow we ended up on the same team. after we won a few games. chris paul's brother called me to the sideline and told me i
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got traded to play with him. >> especially with having great young talent, we can do good things. >> we will see. one more hockey nut. the penguins tonight. over to carolina where he will join his father -- brother. >> we will be right back.
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>> here is an unusual sight in florida caught on camera. >> to black bears duking it out in a backyard. bears are no stranger to the neighborhood but they have never come -- seen them fight like this. but life officials say the bears were probably trying to claim their territory. eventually they wandered off. final look at the forecast coming up.
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>> ready for a nice quiet weekend? you got it. it cost nothing. delightful. low humidity. >> we earned it after tonight. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> have a great weekend.
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