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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  June 23, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>>jerry sandusky is spending his first full night behind bars after that verdict guilty of abusing 10 boys. here is what happened on the court house steps as he was convicted on 45 of 48 counts. >> jerry sandusky taken away in handcuffs. he was assigned it jail no. 120129. a former local hero now just another pedophile trying to stay alive in the system. his wife did bring him supplies
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today. he is allowed shoes, underwear, socks from home. personal letters and a bible. crux the surprise would have been he be acquitted of all but were most of the charges. >> it was the about-face by sandusky adopted son matt that kept the jury off the stand it. >> and jerry realized had met testified it would have destroyed whatever chance he had at an acquittal. >> it was not just jerry sandusky that was damaged, penn state university suffers a major hit on its reputation and promises to accept the responsibility. many of whom have hired lawyers and are considering lawsuits. >> we are going to decide what is in the family's best interests. we are not ruling out a civil trial by any stretch of the
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imagination. >> all eight boys who testified about the abuse they suffered were believed by the jury, surviving defense attacks there were only out for money. the jury foreman quoted today as saying as he read the verdicts in court he watched sandusky. even he knew when the kids or true. >> we here in pennsylvania believe the kid. we would believe a kid. the jury of 12 people here in bel font, pennsylvania would believe a kid. >> sentencing is expected in two months. closer to home catching a cab and the district is a little less expensive. the $1 surcharge expired at midnight. went into effect in march of last year and has been extended
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three times sense. with gas prices going down the charge will be allowed to expire. the cap commission says there will keep a eye on the gas price situation. a crackdown is under way for people who park and a commuter lot. they are looking for people who parked illegally in woodbridge. violators will receive a warning until june 29. metro changed rush hour practices this week rushing -- launching rushed plus. it all depends on which a line you used. some got extra cars but others had cars taken away before the silver lion starts operating. they had to do something to relieve the packed trains west of roslyn. if you had to ocean city, be warned. you could get arrested if you
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drink in public. ben eisler has more on this change. >> i think we should be allowed to during. this is ocean city. >> the new law has been hit partyers against police. before nobody took it seriously. >> people thought it was ok to drink and public and all they would get is a ticket. clucks the open container law has reverted to what it was in 2008. the police to push for it because of all violations have been on the rise. >> it is a good idea that people are not always into stuff. >> 7 say it will hurt the ambiance and aura of the town and it may make some less likely to come here. >> it is a place for you to come and enjoy yourself. >> police say they will use discretion and applied the
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fullest extent of the law when necessary. some cultivated not have the tools to control drinking. >> they get intoxicated. is not good for the public. >> vincent gray wants to honor chalk brown by naming a local park after him. it would designate the western portion of langdon park as chuck brown park. the mayor promised to name a part in his honor. >> he brought a musical genre here. he needs to be remembered. we want to make sure we have a place where he can be remembered. young musicians will have a chance to demonstrate -- >> he wants the park to have an employer theater so they can have gobo concerts'.
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>> coming up, there are creepy, crawly, and they bite. is a type of tick causing food allergies. >> quiet and it dry tonight but the tropics are b
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>> a food allergy has doctors scratching their head. people in virginia are suddenly developing severe allergies to meet it. kris van cleave explains medical -- they pinpointed the corporate -- ticks. a single bite from a tender love affair with meat could be over. you could give up stake baking, and pork chops for ever. >> if i could not have a stake every day, i would not want to
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live much longer. >> researchers found a sudden onset of food allergies to the bite of a tick found in virginia. so far exports accounted for 1000 cases in central virginia. clucks you eat beef or pork or lamb and it three or four hours later you develop hives. >> highs like this man develop all over his back that burned and its with fiery intensity. john grisham spent years trying to unwrap the mystery of his elegy to meet. he recently turned his elegy very likely came from a tick bite he received on his plantation. it is a delayed reaction that made it so difficult for doctors to crack the code. >> you do not get hides for hours. you have no idea how strange that is to us.
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>> it sounds crazy. i have never heard of analogy from a tech. >> researchers continue to study ticket, they are asking people to keep a close eye out for those insects. >> the chairman of the fcc wants to take a closer look at the mobile phone commission standards created and what the standards should be different for children using cell phones. right now it's still believes there is no evidence linking -- linking cancer 2 cellphone usage. two television networks had victories following a ruling on indecency television. the fcc went too far for finding network some of the nudity and profanity. cbs was fine for the genentech's
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and super bowl incident. it was also based on a share and nicole ricci and nypd blue. >> it is not so [beep] simple. >> they said they need to be more consistent here they can make rules that have to apply them evenly and must do a better job of saying what they are. new information for credit card users. the consumer financial protection bureau lost an online database of complaints against credit cards. consumers can see what kind of complaints of been filed against any bank that issues credit cards. in a charge complaints by zip code and see how the banks responded. still ahead tonight a limo pulls up to an elementary school given the proper r.o.t.c. treatment. who gets out is not who you might expect.
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>> a d.c. honor was killed inside her own business was remembered today. she was shot behind the front counter during a suspected robbery. in the district there is widespread damage and lange during power outages after the storm. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt despite trees being torn down, transformer's blanc and roofs torn off of homes and barns. unbelievable there was no deaths or serious injuries. >> the wild weather comes really fast. we had severe thunderstorm warnings it at that time.
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you can smile about the weather we had today because it was really nice today. a temperature above average. up to 91 degrees. 86 is where we normally are this time of year and we are actually going to see below average temperatures as a move into the start of the upcoming workweek. the dewpoint levels are in the mid 50's. whether by the network shows and would branches 72 degrees. -- woodbridge 72 degrees. southern maryland is 70 and lexington park. temperatures cooler to the north and west in the 60's. the dewpoint levels, they have been talking about this for a couple of days. in the lower 70's. today in the 50's.
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nasty storms, high pressure off the coast. a call from off to the west of us. with those clouds a few showers. a quick update on the topic. this is a tropical storm debby. expected to make a turn to the west. by late thursday into friday it could be hugging the coast of texas. we will keep you updated on abc 7. do not be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder. winds return more to the north and west. that will bring another shot of comfortable air. things will change after that. 72 degrees for a low. daytime highs tomorrow mid to upper 80's with a chance for showers and thunderstorms at about 30% chance. a cool down tuesday and
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wednesday. look at the big warmup by the end of the week. mid to upper 90's. the heat index will extend 100 degrees. check out our web cast than forecast 24 hours a day. >> coming up, a brave princess wants nothing to [ banker ] mike
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>> she dazzled concertgoers around the world. now katie perry is getting into the business side of the music industry. she is in the process of setting up a record label. this comes as the 27-year-old unveiled a music video for wide awake. turning to movies hitting the silver screen, the disney pixar film is hitting all the side of sex. >> -- effects. >> i and the descendant and i will be shooting for my own hand it. >> she is the determined
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princess who once more from her life and maybe a better class of suitors, too. >> come on. >> their would-be husbands holiday archery contest for her hand until she went out them all. brave goes on into dark territory. mother daughter battles, a witch's curse and the return of ancient spirits. three. 5 stars. it creates a disney hero. here are the best bets for the weekend. "moonrise kingdom prometheus, marigold hotel, abraham lincoln, vampire hunter, and seeking a friend for the end of the world.
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have a nice weekend.


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