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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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get ready for some areas of rain this morning through the midday. luckily, around lunchtime we will start to see a few showers. 76 right now in the district 69 in hagerstown, 61 in cumberland 74 in lexington park. you will notice the showers and pennsylvania dropping south to southeast. western maryland will get rainfall early this morning. locally, if later this morning from a day. 68 in bowie. highs in the mid '80s with thundershowers early and mid day, becoming less humid and breezy later on. refreshen tomorrow, 85 today. >> an accident reported in riverdale on kenilworth avenue neart 410 east-west highway. normal travel times on the interstate and the beltway. light volume on 270 at the falls road.
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northbound and southbound running with a good pace and the same amount of volume. back to you. >> thank you. we continue to follow the aftermath from severe storms on friday. many residents spent the weekend cleaning up the damaged and salvaging what they could from their homes. >> one of the hardest-hit areas was bladensburg. dozens of residents had to seek shelter at a high school. john gonzalez has more from some of the victims of the storm. good morning. >> good morning. about 80 people are displaced this morning, some of them staying at the local high school up the street. county officials today will decide if they will ask for federal assistance. this is newton street where trees and power lines are down homes and cars are destroyed. you can see all the debris on the road. those people are able to salvage something from their homes, it is just a matter of time.
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>> definitely in the millions. >> the cleanup is immense. the amount of destruction caused in a matter of minutes is hard to understand. >> the ceiling collapsed. total destruction. >> she and her family spent the weekend salvaging what they could from their condominium. >> we are all alive a. it became home disaster friday night after a microburst hit the area, a sudden and intense downpour that capable of producing weapons of 110 miles an hour. >> it seem like the windows were about to explode. >> the councilwoman jumped into the bathtub. >> then the roof exploded and cool of -- and blew off. >> 15 buildings damaged, an estimated. $3 million worth of estimated >> somebodyit was a blessing that
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no one was injured. they have 72 hours to salvage what they can perform a mold and mildew. a lot of prince george's county police are driving up and down this neighborhood trying to prevent any loitering. john gonzalez, abc 7. >> parts of the gulf coast on storm watch. florida, alabama, louisiana dealing with severe weather damage. lake placid florida, a neighborhood was pummeled last night with a tornado. a half dozen homes damaged or destroyed and one woman was killed. residents in aanana maria island dealing with major flooding. stay with us.
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we will have the latest weather forecasts. you can also go to our web site to get weather alerts, doppler radar. in the u.s. supreme court expected to issue a decision on health care reform and immigration. jummy olabanji is live outside the supreme court with more on the week ahead. good morning. >> it was in march that the justices argued more than six hours over health care. a lot of eyes were on washington at that time and they will be on the supreme court this week as they move forward with these decisions. it is a big week for the supreme court. >> many of the most controversial cases remain pending. >> one of those cases is arizona's controversial law cracking down on illegal immigration. the justices will have to decide if the t state wentoo far and stepped on the federal
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government's role. and in the second case, the health care reform law. >> i worked in health care and we have been talking about this forever. >> the justices could strike down a lot and they could decide to just strap down -- strike down the individual mandate requiring every american to buy insurance. that could be a victory and a loss for republicans. >> they would have to come up with their own health care plan. >> chief justice john roberts and anthony kennedy are key. >> i hope never happens is something they will be proud of when they grow up to be productive adults. >> the supreme court is scheduled to begin to meet around 10:00 this morning. if that decision does come down
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later on today, if you can almost assume that immediately the focus will shift across the street to capitol hill, where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will work to try to get health care reform to continue to be passed or republicans will continue to strike down the rest of the law. >> turning to 2012, an anonymous donor will help in new hampshire town pay extra costs associated with president obama's visit. president obama will make a stop in dorurham. the campaign refused to cover extra police and fire. morsi was declared the winner in egypt's first-ever free presidential election. he is a member of the muslim brotherhood. he still faces a struggle with
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the military rulers. last week the military council took away most of the major powers of the. presidential thehisoffice. he is pushing to change that. >> learn how the blackberry has changes involving its parent company. >> getting close to the july 4 holiday. gas prices continuing to fall. if we will have the averages for the region. >>
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>> good morning. 5:10. it's monday, june 25. heading out on to the highway you will not be disappointed. they are going to the baltimore- washington parkway for a possible accident near 410. in riverdale at kenilworth ave. so they're searching both directions. 81 in good shape. 70. 95 between richmond and baltimore. travel times running in our favor on 66 and in good shape is traffic in and out of the district. program starting on normal
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service. now to adam caskey in the weather center. >> just about 5:11. we have areas of rain approaching the mason-dixon line through the northwest of washington. northeastern pennsylvania is where most of the thunder action is. as the cold front drops into town late this morning into lunchtime is when we will have more showers and thunderstorms even in the metro area. late this morning through about midday. it's a little earlier than usual for thundershowers. high temperatures in the mid '80s before the cold front hits. becoming less humid and a little breezy this afternoon and evening. east of 95 in particular, southern maryland, we could have isolated severe thunderstorms later on today. becoming more comfortable behind a cold front. near 80 degrees tomorrow with very low humidity. enjoy it while it lasts. thursday through the weekend upper 90s by friday.
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>> good news keeps flowing from the gas pump. gas prices dropped 15 cents over the past two weeks. the national average for regular is $3.42 a gallon. and home, $3.50 in d.c., $3.35 in maryland, $3.21 in virginia. >> he will be the first ever double amputee to commands an army post. the colonel will take over as the head of fort belvoir in northern virginia today. ceremony will be held today to mark the change in command. he was injured by a roadside bomb in 2007 in iraq. he was director of the wounded warrior program recently and had a role in the movie "battleship." >> 5:12. >> a special day for nationals star bryce harper. a food named after his response
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to a question. >> how often do you check your cell phone? we have details on what sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering jujust you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. you can call this pretty perfect timing, although i think it was delivered. it was for the denver 3 unveiling clown question bro beer. >> bryce harper has applied to trademark the phrase, the next day after the news conference.
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there could be legal issues involved. the owner of the brewery says if we cannot call it that, we will call it something just slightly different. they will sell it at least during the series for the next couple days while the nationals aron colorado. >> unde -- are in colorado. some people aren't saying whether or not they should be selling beer named after an underage person. >> forget about love. at first. lovefirst-- forget about love at first sight. love at first sniff.
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>> strangers get together. they have to sleep in a t-shirt for a few days and then freeze it and put it to the test. less than you decide who you want to meet, based on the smell of beer t-shirt. then there's the bigger deal and they have numbers on the t- shirts. and the mystery person appears after you choose the one you like. >> interesting. i don't know about that. i'm sure some people are sleeping in their escaloperfume. >> you are putting too much thought into this. 5:17 right now. how often do you check your cell phone? every hour,? every, you will be surprised by a steady. >> one was the last time you
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picked up a pen or pencil? paula faris has more. >> blackberry may be ripe for the picking. it is reported research in motion is thinking of splitting the manufacturing division from the messaging network. samsung is riding high with its galaxy phone. it expects to send more than -- sell more than 10 million of them next month alone. a new study finds almost 60% of us to check our cell phone at least once an hour. 40% check them in the bathroom. three-quarters of them panic when they cannot find their phone. its technology robbing us of the ability to write by hand. the average person owes 41 days without writing anything other than a scribbled notes. when we do scribble, even we have trouble reading it.
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i am paula faris. have a good day. >> i don't want to type. i have my to do list. it's time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's look at the roads with lisa baden. >> on 95 is a good morning between richmond and baltimore northbound seeing a little more action as far as the volume of but everything is open out of stafford. no worries on 395 to and from the 14th street bridge. in pretty good shape in springfield. headlights are northbound. no worries to report along 270 70, 95 in and out of baltimore police. were sent to look for collision on the b-w parkway, but they did not find anything. tell us about the weather. >> we have areas of rain and storms earlier than usual starting later this morning into the midday. the cold front is dropping in. it will be refreshed and tonight
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and tomorrow after the cold front. -- refreshing. partly cloudy conditions to start the day in the metro area. overlooking washington you can see a little clearing off in the sky. and some clouds. 75 now washington, 68 in winchester. 66 in martinsburg and in cumberland it is even better, 51 degrees. once the cold front mexican to the metro area, you will notice the wind. dryer, less humid air after the front. all the showers are in pennsylvania and ohio. they will continue to drop south along the mason-dixon line and into the metro area. around the beltway we can expect a few areas of rain a little bit before and after lunch time. earlier than that to the northwest of town. from the money through the midday and early afternoon scattered thundershowers all
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across the viewing area. -- from the morning through the midday. to the east, we cannot rule out severe storms early into the afternoon. high temperatures will be in the mid '80s. that should be reached earlier than usual. clear and comfortable tonight low 50's in outlying areas. upper 50's downtown by tomorrow morning. highs in the 270 is on tuesday for most of us. it will be cooler with sunshine, cloudy. a little breeze andy, highs around 80 degrees. climbing on wednesday, mid 80's. if the upper 90s by friday. heat again. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21. >> the nationals and the orioles completed a three-game series. which phenom came out and beig.
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>> it is closed monday. rebecca romijn, talked about the controversial parenting trend making headlines.
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correct the oklahoma city thunder could not stop miami's victory march. the victory parade is scheduled for later this morning in miami but the tropical storm could
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rain on the parade. the event will go on if there are showers. but officials recommend suspending the operatives there is a lightning. >> the margin between winning and losing in the beltway babble on the weekend was thin. the birds won, but on saturday the nationals won. >> and other low scoring affair. and orioles catcher right there in eighth inning, a two-run shot. he ended the game and it went to the birds. baltimore pasok the season series, 4-2. the nationals play in denver tonight. boston was shopping at a veteran infielder. they knew it might be the last
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chance to say goodbye to him in the stands. traded to the chicago white sox. i don't understand trading people in the middle of the game. it is nice the fans gave him a nice farewell. >> looking at 22 degrees this morning. news continues at 5:30. >> we are preparing for two big decisions from the u.s. supreme court. what they have to do with health care and immigration. >> the queen continues in bladensburg this morning after a microburst caused a lot of damage. i am john gonzalez. -- the cleanup continues. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. showers and storms earlier than usual today. and we
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead following two stories. cleanup from friday pose a severe storms in our area. and there's tropical storm debby in florida and other gulf states. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's start with lisa baden and. >> moving better on 66 between manassas and vienna. weekend goldwork is gone at the wilson bridge. 270 southbound towards old georgetown wrote down to 495 there's a delay. but now, details on the weather with adam caskey. >> we will have highs amid '80s. behind the front it will be cooler and less humid for tomorrow.
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looking at stormscan, we have areas of rain in pennsylvania. if it will be dropping towards the mason-dixon line within the next couple hours and locally we will have showers and storms around the beltway late this morning and around lunchtime. earlier than usual, we will have a few showers and storms. some could be severe east of 95 later today. 73 in arlington, 66 in leesburg 67 in frederick. high temperature of 87. becoming less humid after the rain >> . the cleanup continues for areas affected by the storm on friday. >> john gonzalez is in one of the hardest-hit areas, bladensburg. good morning. >> the damage is amazing inlaid ginsberg. this all happened in just a matter of minutes. we understand at least 80 people
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are displaced this morning. many staying at the local high school up the street at bladensburg ice bowhigh school. county officials will decide today whether to ask for federal assistance. the amount of destruction caused within minutes is hard to comprehend. some residents salvage what they could from their homes. roofs sheered off completely in some cases. a microburst is capable of producing winds of more than 100 miles an hour. among those with severe damage was councilwoman trina brown. she fled into the bathroom and jumped into the bathtub. >> the rules exploded and -- roof exploded and cool oblew off.
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it was terrific. >> they have only a short while to gather belongings before mold and mildew upsets in -- sets in. police are patrolling. 80 people looking for new home this morning. john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> . we want to take you to northern > tropical storm debby could bring 15 inches of rain. -- we want to take you to northern florida. >> at least 25 tornadoes so far. now to tahman bradley. >> tropical storm debby is causing a mess across the gulf. tropical storm warnings remained in effect. the storms churning in the gulf
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of mexico has brought fierce wind and heavy rain, giving gulf coast residents a taste of what is to come. it sent a tree crashing into a home. >> i'm glad unemplnone of my boys were in the front room because there are branches in there. >> they worry about high tides on the beaches. >> a foot up to a foot and a half higher >> . in alabama, fierce waves swept away one man. >> could not get there in time. >> several tornadoes have been reported in south florida. cell phone video captured one of them. oil companies raised to get workers often oil rigs and platforms in the gulf, suspending eight% of production. in louisiana, memories of katrina have officials of scrambling to shore up the levees. >> it is gaining strength and we
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need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> it could still become a hurricane. the latest path keeps it as a tropical storm, making landfall friday night in the florida panhandle. >> with us for the latest and you can go to to learn how you can get a weather alerts sent to your cell phone. >> the supreme court will hand down one of the most important decisions this week in decades. it will rule on whether president obama's health-care reform law is constitutional. this around a mandate for americans to buy insurance or pay a fine. the supreme court will also rule on whether arizona's immigration law is constitutional. >> uva board of visitors meets tomorrow again to consider reinstating the president teresa sullivan.
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supporters want her to be reinstated. she was dismissed over money and educational goals. governor bob mcdonnell says that he will replace the entire board if it fails to resolve the crisis by tomorrow. 5:35, 74 degrees. >> still ahead, a tragedy for a family in southeast washington. how the family wants others to learn from a scooter accident that killed their loved one. >> what the head of the reston zoo is accused of doing to an animal that got her arrested. >> traffi
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>> winner from the maryland state police aviation command. have a great time on your vacation in ocean city. make good decisions. we are here if you need us. >> good morning, washington. >> 66 degrees in martinsburg, 75 in the district, 70 and dulles airport. it's monday morning. looking at some areas of rain off to the northwest. if we will be looking at that quite a bit this morning, because the showers are coming from pennsylvania, ohio, and dropping to the southeast. through the morning and especially into lunchtime in the metro area, we will have areas of rain. maybe even a brief severe storm
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east of 95 early into the afternoon. 68 degrees in bowie, 66 in strasbourg virginia, highs in the mid '80s around lunchtime. later on today, partly cloudy, becoming less humid this afternoon. near 80 degrees tomorrow with low and humidity. >> less than 10 minutes ago we were looking at slow traffic on 270 southbound at georgetown road, that has cleared away. it was construction. now that it has been put to bed, it's much better. in pretty good shape out of maryland coming up to andrews air force base. no worries on 50 between annapolis and northeast d.c. good on north avenue, kenilworth avenue, and 295 in d.c. and onto the freeway. 95 northbound traffic, here
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comes the volume. headlights are northbound out of newington getting up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. the mayor vincent gray hoping to bring changes to the nation's capital. but his first stop is beijing. he will be accompanied by an economic development official from the administration. the trip is seen as an opportunity to drum up more trade business. three people will be nominated to serve on the board of ethics and government accountability. there's a public hearing this afternoon on the campaign finance reform amendment act. that would ban the use of cash and money orders for campaign contributions on $25 or more. it would ban council members for working for current or expiring government contractors. it is 71 degrees. >> jerry sandusky waking up until this morning after being convicted of child sex abuse on friday.
5:42 am
learn what his attorney might focus on in their appeal. >> alex trebek is in the here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ this is how mommy learned... ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪
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>> here's what's coming up on "today." 6:00-- what's coming up at 6: 00. summer meals for kids. >> and what supreme court decisions will mean. >> and a momma bear gets to her cub in a garage. much more coming up the 6:00. >> a southeast d.c. family wants to make sure that other families don't have to experience their heartbreak. a 14-year-old and another teenager riding a scooter saturday night when it hit a a
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speed bump. he lost control of this quarter and then collided with a car. his passenger was injured. their family is worried about other kids who ride scooters. it's i just want them to be saved par. and if they don't know how to ride them, don't buy them at all. >> investigators are calling the death a tragic accident, but neighbors say there was another deadly accidents involving a scooter in the same area 10 days ago. >> a local marine has been killed in the war in afghanistan. the lance corporal died on friday while conducting combat operations in helmand province. the 21-year-old marine was from laurel, maryland. a motions hearing today in fort meade for the key figure in the wikileaks case. bradley manning facing numerous charges including aiding the enemy transmitting defense information. is military trial is scheduled to begin in september. >> the head of the reston zoo is
5:47 am
accused of animal cruelty. officers arrested meghan mogensen on friday and was charged with animal abuse and possession of a controlled substance. they began investigating her in january after receiving a complaint about the deaths of zero wallaby. -- death of a wallaby. >> jerry sandusky's lawyers could say more about how they plan to appeal his decision. the retired coach could spend the rest of his life in prison after a jury found him guilty. they say they did not have enough time to prepare their case and used a misleading interview. >> jeopardy host alex trebek recovering from a mild heart attack. he was admitted to cedars-sinai medical center on saturday.
5:48 am
the 71-year-old king show host is expected to fully recover and will be back giving answers in july. he suffered another of attack in december 2007 but was back on the job within a few weeks. >> in colorado near fort collins, a huge wildfire has been nearly contained. it has destroyed 118 square miles. another wild fire erupted on saturday forcing 11,000 people to hear tleave their homes. 3 union pacific railroad, members are still missing after two freight trains collided yesterday in your good will oklahoma. a two-person crew aboard each train. nobody has been able to find the other conductors and two engineers. it sparked a diesel fuel fire. look at the mess. the national transportation safety board is investigating. >> caught red handed.
5:49 am
here is what you should not do if you are thirsty for soda. >> a 17-year-old boy tried to steal a soda and got his arm stuck in the vending machine. firefighters and police were called to the scene and had to cut open the machine with a saw. the rescue took about an hour and then he was charged with petty theft. perhaps worse was the embarrassment of having to sit there the entire time. >> we have a job fair into tell you about this week. sand payoff time -- time for victims of bernard madoff to get some of their money. >> they will be getting more than $400 million under. a new under most investors will get 40% of their money back. it's not clear how this will impact others of his victims.
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law school graduates are having a tough time finding work. according to analysis, members of the class of 2011 have little better than a 50-50 shot of landing all your job within nine months of receiving a degree. this suggests that the job market for law school graduates is worse than we previously thought. there's a career event this thursday at the sheraton pentagon city hotel in arlington. technology engineering, and security clearance talent will be there. check out my twitter for more information. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey. >> training earlier than usual today. it will be later this morning
5:51 am
through lunchtime. then we will clear out later today. you will notice big changes this afternoon. >> a cold front? >> yes. refreshening air on the way for the next couple days. you're looking at laurel. a nice sunrise over the high school. a beautiful picture. 75 in washington, 68 in gaithersburg, 70 at dulles airport. cumberland 61, 66 in martinsburg. the front has yet to drop into the potomac highlands. once it does later this morning that is when we will see the rain begin later this morning. right now you can see widespread rain in pennsylvania, especially in the central and northeastern parts of the state. a few showers in ohio as well. behind a cold front, the cooler
5:52 am
drier, less humid air. temperatures dropping below average. we could be talking high temperatures in the upper 70's for most locations tomorrow afternoon. it will not feel like the past couple days. here's the hourly forecast. high temperature around lunchtime of 85 degrees. then the cold front. behind that upper 70's and low eighties for the majority of. the of we would normally be hitting a high temperature is right then. and becoming less unit, partly cloudy for the rest of the day. the wind will pick up after lunch time northwesterly wind at 10-15. clearing tonight. unseasonably cool with temperatures in the 50's by tomorrow morning. near 80 degrees on tuesday, a little breezy. low humidity through the mid- week. heat on friday and saturday, and 90s. >> thanks so much. 5:52.
5:53 am
lisa baden. >> just relaxing. you have time to take a shower this morning because we don't have much to report on the highway. let's start in virginia with 750 out of gilbert's corner listed on 66 from marshall into vienna. looks good out of manassas on 28 to the battlefield and 29. maryland looks good on the beltway and at new hampshire, moving at speed. heavier volume on 270, but still good out of frederick past old georgetown road. back to news. >> folks willing to pay big bucks four pieces of history. documents belonging to president
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>> a book containing president washington's copy of the constitution and bill of rights has been purchased for $10 million. >> it was the mount vernon ladies' association and had the winning bid at auction in new york. a world auction record was set for an american. book or a american. it will return to mount vernon, president washington's virginia estate. , that's where it should be.
5:57 am
>> we have an update to a story. there was a young new york giants fan who spent $3.36 so that he could keep brandon jacobs on the team. he got his money back and got a visit. >> and jacobs gave the young fans assigned helmet and visited with him. but he will not be coming back to the giants this season. he signed with the san francisco 49ers. that's what the youngster offered his life savings. jacobs was touched by it apparently. >> very sweet. more to come in the next hour. >> the latest on cleanup efforts following friday pose a severe storms in the region. bladensburg erredwas one of the
5:58 am
hardest-hit areas. comi
5:59 am
>> straight ahead, the fight over health care will come to a head as the supreme court gets ready to issue its ruling on reform. >> the cleanup continues in bladensburg this morning after a


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