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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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have a live report coming. watching tropical storm debby. good morning washington" continues right now at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is monday, june 25. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. john gonzalez in the second, but -- excuse me,den adam caskey first. >> let's talk about the rain. showers and storms earlier than usual. later this morning through lunchtime. and then clearing for the afternoon with an improvement. comfortable with lower humidity this afternoon. front dropping into pennsylvania. even a little shower in eastern ohio.
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frederick.urg, 67 in we have a chance of severe storms east of 95 around and a little after lunchtime. be on guard around lunchtime because we could have severe weather east of 95. less humid, sunny, cooler tomorrow, 80 degrees. >> newschopper 7 is looking at the baltimore-washington traffic at the beltway. out of greenbelt is moving well. to report on 495. light volume. news. >> all eyes on the nation's capital as the supreme court assure ruling on two major issues. health-care reform and immigration. >> both contentious issues. jummy olabanji has more. morning. >> these are both very emotional cases and have a lot of people
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.atching at the supreme court in march the supreme court more than six hours on health care. expected sometime or sometime this week. many people are watching closely. it is a big week for the supreme court. of the most controversial cases remain pending. >> one of those cases is controversial law cracking down on illegal immigration. justices will have to decide iftoo far and the federal government's role. the second case is president obama's health-care reform law. in health care and we talking about this forever. >> the justices could uphold the or just decide to strike down the individual mandate american to buy insurance. if the mandate is struck down, be a victory and a loss
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republicans. >> if that goes away, it puts on them to come up with own health care plan and selling point for them. >> chief justice john roberts of justiceng votes kennedy are important. one voter says that he hopes onnever they decide ,mmigration and health care mind the keep in country. the >> i hope that whatever happens, something they will be up to bewhen they grow adults. >> president obama has said that he believes this law will be upheld. the man running against him for the white house, mitt romney, says if the law is upheld, when he is elected president in november, the first thing he .ill do is repeal the law jummy olabanji reporting. a district families mourning after a joy ride on a scooter deadly for 14-year-old boy. wills and a friend were riding
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control. lost swerved into another lane and hit a car. aboutther is concerned kids. credit i just want them to be safe. >> the friend was treated for minor injuries. a 7-year-old girl killed in multiple vehicle charles county yesterday on indian head highway. investigators say the driver of was headed southbound he a comedian and struck headeder vehicles northbound. the young girl died. another person as life- threatening injuries. was a factor. >> ahead of the reston zoo is facing an animal abuse charges. officers in fairfax county arrested meghan mogensen on a five-monthing investigation. it stems from a complaint about the death of all wallaby. zoo did not have a permit administer euthanasia drugs were used to kill the
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animal. she is also charged with possession of a controlled substance. many still feeling the effects week posted powerful storms that ripped through the area causing widespread damage last week. bladensburg herb, maryland, is one of the hardest-hit areas, still trying to get back to normal. john gonzalez is there. at least 80 people displaced, staying at the local high school up the street. county officials will decide today if they will ask for or perhaps state assistance. newton street, trees and power lines are down. destroyed --s and cars. >> in the millions. >> the destruction caused in comprehend.ard to >> total destruction, the ceiling collapsed.
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they spent the weekend salvaging what they could from condominium without a .oof >> but we are all alive. >> friday night there was a that hit the area. a sudden and intense downdraft producing winds of .ore than 100 miles an hour >> my windows were about to explode. councilwoman trina brown into the bathtub in her condominium. >> the roof exploded and blew off. it was horrific. >> 15 buildings damaged. an estimated $3 million worth of damage. agrees it could have worse. it was a blessing injured.s only two minor injuries during the storm. for those who have exposed homes able to salvage
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homes, timeom their essence, because mold in quickly.ill set prince george's police have been driving around the neighborhood andng to prevent looting loitering. john gonzalez reporting from bladensburg. >> turning to the south. residents on the gulf coast of tropicalracing for debby. it waterspout caught on camera at the beach. spawned a tornado, killing storm couldnd the make landfall on wednesday or thursday. thestill hovering over gulf of mexico. know where it will land. 607 on this monday morning -- 6:07. >> a 90-year-old woman crossing off her bucket list. break.after the
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>> reinstate teresa sullivan. >> 1500 people turned out in support of the ousted university of virginia president. >> lisa baden will join us with your monday morning commute. looks pretty good right there. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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with the ocean city, maryland, beach patrol. >> we partner together to keep city.fe in ocean but please do your part and use common sense. good morning, washington.
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>> good morning. 6:10. if you thought steve was impressive propeling last week, you need to check this out -- rappelilng. >> a 90-year-old when skydiving. name is rosebud. she said she always wanted to this and that this was the last thing to do on her bucket list. she has already gone on a and in a hot air balloon parasailing. she had a safe landing and did right. >> she does not look 90 years old. she will have to add some more list. to the bucket i think that she should. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey. look and are temperatures. seven the fort washington, 69 and airport, 68 in winchester.
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there's a cold front clip in .est virginia and pittsburg that will make it to our area morning and into the midday. showers and storms especially in ohio.lvania and in we will see more action develop morningrea later this around lunchtime in particular. around the beltway i expect little around and a before lunchtime. could have a few severe storms mainly in southern maryland early afternoon up to about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, becoming less humid, partly cloudy, breezy at times. the mid 80s today. tomorrow, a big improvement, near 80 with low humidity and a out of the northwest. heat again, upper 90s by friday. we can take it. we will go to lisa baden later. all right. we want to get to the campus
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the university of virginia, which continues. visitors will meet tomorrow to discuss the future of teresa sullivan. yesterday brought another strong support.or more than 1500 people rallied, reinstatement as president. the resignation that was forced. the board ofn by was poorly conceived, executed and poorly explained. >> last week governor bob mcdonnell tran to replace the board if they fail to soon.p with a resolution there's a vigil planned tomorrow. a familiar face will be over at fort belvoir. the first double amputee and to command an army post. he was seriously injured by
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roadside bomb in 2007. that is what he was serving in iraq. he is director of the wounded warrior program and army currently and recently had a role in the movie opens cold battleship." he will be inducted this at a ceremony. it is 71 degrees. >> local school program is sure your kids get to eat during the summer. sure your kids get to eat during the summer. >> but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy, so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just t ayin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> after rising earlier this year, gas prices are falling as get close to a holiday weekend. now more.
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>> good morning. gas prices falling faster. for a gallonrice down 9 cents in the since $3.42 a gallon. prices are highest in alaska, california. despite this, there's a shortage is pushing uphich rates and delaying some deliveries. there's a high cost for the training programs. some bernard madoff systems are back $405 million. the settlement was announced yesterday. this was related to and the that steerednager money into bernard madoff's scheme. "brave" opened with $67 million in ticket sales. the princess is the first lead disney-pixar. >> starting today, the city public schools breakfast ande
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lunch to students as part of summer food service funded aa federally , but so many don't know it exists. the school nutrition director is morning.s this becky, good morning. morning. >> so many students these days on their schools for important meals the day, breakfast and lunch. 57% of ouria has children eligible for free and meals. have a lot of food and security. want to make sure our kids breakfast and lunch throughout the summer. we can see the staff working to prepare meals. the nutritional standards have changed recently. there really is such an emphasis sure kids get the to reallythey need
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function economically and physically through the day. >> that's true. our meals for the summer provide fresh fruits and vegetables like during the rest of the year. offer cold meals because we had 22 sites around the city for anddepartment of recreation 11 schools during the summer. >> which schools will offer meals? >> we have it published in our on our each school starts it at a different time. they will have to learn that as they go along. the department of recreation starts today through august 24. >> we will try to post that information on our website as well. making deals, the schools have discovered is that it is not so difficult to make nutritious meals. something you have been
6:20 am the students take thatso need to consideration when preparing meals and home. >> that's true. we want to make sure parents understand serving wholesome meals is not that difficult. just have to watch your and your budget and try fruits.ocally grown >> thanks for joining us. checking traffic and weather. baden. satisfying and delicious is traffic around the beltway. work with me. it is good on 66, 95, 395 270,ng to the beltway on not bad. medical ata navy walter reed, there was roadwork, last beryl moved into the median. now we will get started with the
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there.ur looks fine in virginia in springfield. more headlights out of newington, getting towards the pentagon. looks good on the beltway at the wilson bridge. >> we have a good amount of now.ine right you can see that overlooking bottom.wn and foggy a good amount of sunshine to day for now. showers and storms expected later this morning and through lunchtime. degrees in the district. 61 in cumberland. 65 in martinsburg, 74 in lexington park. here's the satellite and radar composite. showers in parts of pennsylvania, part of a cold front. front has just moved pittsburg and west ohio.ia and that will continue sliding south washington later this morning and through the midday. be some cooler, drier, more comfortable air.
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if such showers and storms for part of normally we are used to seeing afternoon this time of year. -- seeing storms on the right line.f the time that's not the case today. east of i-95, there could be thunderstorms into the early afternoon. 85 today for the high temperature. tomorrow, near 80 degrees. the same story on wednesday humidity and conditions. temperatures will warm up. upper 90s by friday. oklahoma city and dallas, 100 degrees critics. t 90 degrees. storms will be for the first of the day for the east and in florida there is still soaking rain. >> thanks so much. 71 degrees. >> still ahead, facebook has a
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that you probably probablyyet. we will look and how to find nearby friends, coming up. >> next "anderson," it's co-host monday. rebecca romijn talking about the controversial parenting trend making headlines. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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♪ facebook launched a new mobile feature called find friends nearby. >> it allows you to find other users.facebook but there is controversy. some say it might cause privacy issues. you do have to activate the future before anyone can find you. if you want to stay anonymous, it.t activate >> if you are at an event and somebody and you say, i
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is overho that person there, then you could click on facebook and see their pictures could know everything about them. caution. >> be careful. memoirw we'll hunter's hit bookstore shelves -- .ielle hunter >> donna edwards was acquitted edwards was acquitted. hunter said she wrote the book their daughter together. cuomosad down with chris staat down. >> she claims that he had other affairs, that she was one of affairs. >> she is very open about this.
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they wanted to wait and see what with the legal fight before releasing the book. >> interesting. >> still another 30 minutes ago. >> a big week for the supreme expected toy are their decision over health care and immigration. >> gulf coast residents race to prepare for tropical storm , already causing a mess. i will have details. good monday morning. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. bright sunshine for now. ♪
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i'm sure i could take something positive away from that. [ jocelyn ] my name is jocelyn, and i'm a cancer survivor. [ mimi ] i had cancer. i have no evidence of disease now. [ ica ] i would love to meet the people that made the machines. i had suchch an amazing group of doctors and nurses, it would just make such a complete picture of why i'm sitting here today. ♪ [ herb ] from the moment we walked in the front door, just to see me -- not as a cancer patient, but as a person that had been helped by their work. i was just blown away. life's been good to me. i feel like one e of luthe luckiest guys in the wor. ♪ >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the supremeahead,
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court gearing up to reveal its decision on the constitutionality of health care reform. already storm debby damage as it nears landfall. good morning, washington. monday, june 25. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we will start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. baden for the roads. first, meteorologist adam caskey. cooldown. >> yes, with low humidity. then temperatures rise again by the end of the week. with what's happening right now. beautiful photograph of the sun rise over arlington. a few scattered clouds. view frome , 71ington-lee high school degrees. 67 in leesburg, 70 la plata. 72 in huntingtown. berkeley springs, 62 degrees. scattered showers and thundershowers later this morning through lunchtime. some storms could become severe
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east of 95. maryland early afternoon between noon and 3:00 p.m.. becoming less human later today and breezy. degrees for the high temperatures today. humidity tomorrow, near 80 degrees. doug will talk about the heat, coming up. on 95 and 395, plenty of traffic. a couple of accidents. ,ith don 395 near edsall road there's an accident. center the road. one vehicle made it onto the shoulder. is still waiting for help. next, an accident upstream and shirlington. lanes of andhe hov it was moved to the side. pace of stratham near the pentagon is good. more with newschopper 7 in a little while. nearfic ce of the pentagon is good. >> the supreme court will issued
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two rulings. down a ruling on whether the health care overhaul constitutional. the centerpiece is the all americans to buy health insurance. believe the ruling will go one of three ways. >> they could strike down the whole lot. could strike individual .andate >> the supreme court will also arizona whether over its bounds by requiring to police to check a person posing immigration status. ofa microburst hit the area roofsurg, caring and the off buildings and ruining cars. the mayor may ask for federal or state disaster assistance. unleashingorm debby rain this morning along florida toast from
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mississippi. at 60 miles an hour and 25 tornadoes. tahman bradley has the latest us. >> even before it makes landfall, tropical storm debby causing a mass across the gulf. tropical storm warnings remained in effect. the storms churning in the gulf brought fierce heavy rain, giving gulf coast residents a taste of what .s to come a tree went crashing into a home. >> i'm glad none of my boys were in the front door because there are branches in that room. >> in clearwater, florida, rushed to safety. on beaches they are worried about high tides. >> afoot to a foot and a half normal.gher than >> fears waved swept a man in alabama. >> we cannot get there in time submerge.d him >> several tornadoes reported in
6:35 am
south florida. the weekend some oil companies got workers off the platforms in the gulf, suspending eight% of production. in louisiana, memories of officialsve up theing to shore levees. while we don't expect a major storm, it is gaining strength. we need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. still become a hurricane. keeps it asst path storm making landfall panhandle.florida >> there was a brawl in gaithersburg early sunday morning. it started between two women inside a cafe and then spilled into the parking lot. escalated, eventually involving 100 people. police have no suspects. everyone injured is expected to be ok. d.c. police are searching for stamp the woman on metrobus yesterday afternoon. two 18-year-old women got into
6:36 am
argument on the bus headed to anacostia station when one stabbed the other several times. the victim was flown to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the suspect got away, but police have an idea of lucretia's. >> mayor vincent gray is in for a week-long trade mission. his first overseas trip as mayor. e is in beijing where he is an economicby development official from his administration. he is in the country trying to investors interested in d.c. projects. will attend a welcome dinner by the chinese associates. there's a public hearing this afternoon on the campaign amendment act, ofch would ban the use in cash ornations money orders of $25 or more.
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coming up 1 6:37 on this monday alex trebek hospitalized on the weekend attack.ffering a heart on his condition. >> a mama bear trying to rescue garage.from a she acts just like a human while doing it. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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>> we want to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden >> . 395 northbound, there was an accident between the beltway and edsall road. if we saw that together. let's go again. everything is moved to the shoulder. 395.s northbound on it is a struggle to get out of things to clear out at duke street. now to maryland. no problems have been reported on the beltway at andrews air force base. good at the american bridge. normal volume out of frederick past 109th coming into montgomery county. now to the weather center. >> doug hill is joining us from
6:41 am
the weather center in calvert county. >> good morning. big changes coming this way. changes. en hot.4e showers and stunned as storms -- shall was and thunderstorms and this morning through midday. degrees right now in annapolis. a little cooler out west, 69 degrees at washington dulles. 74 degrees reported in the nation's capital. see showers and thunderstorms across eastern pennsylvania and southern new england. we are on the back edge. that will swing all the way through central ohio. showers and thunderstorms possible this afternoon. any threat of severe weather will stay south of the metro area today.
6:42 am
less humid air later in the day. here's the upside down forecast. pleasant for the next couple days. humidity, highs near 80 tomorrow. humidity and mid 80's on wednesday. on thursday, upper withy friday and saturday humidity ason of well. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. 6:42. >> a desperate search continues for three railroad workers who missing after trains collided. and a closer look at what the
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from health care to thegration, rulings by could play a big
6:45 am
role this november. let's find out from mike allen, joining us now. happy monday. likewise. this is the last big news week before the convention at the end of august. you will have capitol hill working and then headed out for july 4. the reason the white house is so the health care of the health law, if part of it is down, the president starts to look like a loser. it was the centerpiece of his policy agenda. not want to have to explain to the country why he somethinguch time on has now the supreme court turned over. defense contractors, in battleground
6:46 am
virginia, maryland, and d.c., threatening mass layoffs part of their as negotiating with the administration stopped budget of the year.e end tells us thein their workersof get layoff notices, which workers.f thousands of this is largely a negotiating tactic with the administration. you can imagine the chaos this will cause. >> of the health care bill could impact.ig what about immigration? >> we're looking at whether the tactics in arizona are constitutional. it will be a big part of how hispanic voters start to feel administration. a new poll shows the vast of hispanic voters are obama, but there is republicansty for
6:47 am
with the younger generation. out romney has not figured crack that code, but it is a priority within his campaign. there are polls showing a voters is in the middle. that's bad for obama. who are not certain usually don't go for the .ncumbent campaigns have thought that much smaller. if other polls confirm this, really a big deal. if >> may be wednesday or could get a ruling from the supreme court? >> exactly. and house republicans may do a contempt vote against eric holder. you throw in the student votes and it's a busy week. >> thank you. back to you. >> thank you. supporters of each opposing new president-elect are cheering his victory. was declared the winner
6:48 am
ever free as the first- egypt.ntial election in a member of the muslim brotherhood. struggle fors a with military rulers. the military council took away major powers of the president's office. his supporters are pushing to reverse those actions. three railroad workers are still after a freight train collision in oklahoma. two trains crashed head-on yesterday morning. the collision and sparked a diesel fuel fire. a two-person crew was aboard each train. officials can account for two as well as a conductor. other conductor was not injured. the ntsb is investigating. it has been two weeks since wildfires was martin colorado. more than to hundred homes destroyed. in one county, fire has consumed 83,000 acres. more than 2000 firefighters are working to knock down the fire. it is 45% contained.
6:49 am
>> jeopardy host alex trebek recovering after a mild heart attack on the weekend. the 71-year-old was admitted to a los angeles hospital on saturday. fully recover and jeopardy starts filming next month. it is his second minor heart attack. in 2007. was >> wishing him a speedy recovery. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> starting with doug hill. >> good morning. have had a little sunshine. see more of a mix through the day. from arlington. a beautiful sunrise. just gorgeous. we will see a mix of clouds and son through the day, the ' reaching showers and storms possible through midday. of laurel,iew similar story.
6:50 am
a comfortable start, upper 60's low 70's. 69 in clarksburg, 69 in frederick, 72 in chevy chase, 72 in arlington now. there is the cold front moving across pennsylvania, new york city, southern new england. thunderstorm we will see scattered showers moving fromtorms hagerstown through the northern neck late morning and early afternoon. be hit or miss showers. heavy to severe thunderstorms. much drier air tomorrow. partly cloudy today, muggy, 85. showers and storms early, by late this afternoon. mid 50's tonight. less humid tomorrow, highs near 80 degrees. that is a bonus. adam caskey will be back and a
6:51 am
minutes to let you know whether the heat and humidity are coming back to town. that is the latest. >> now to lisa baden. >> newschopper 7 is looking at coming from the beltway pentagon, northbound 395. collision after edsall road. vehicles moved on to the right shoulder. out afterin to thin duke street. before andexpected after the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51. >> we are back after the break.
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>> good morning. coming up, the designer shoe divorce. the new york woman with 1200 pairs of high-priced heels of once a shareer ex of her million-dollar .ollection charlie sheen is back with a new but does he have a new attitude? he will talk with us about his life on screen and off, next on gma. the supreme court could issue opinions this week on what could be the final week of the session. among the ruling is expected to announced, the health care
6:55 am
overhaul and arizona immigration >> . still picking up the pieces from week's massive storm. than 100 families in bladensburg urged have been displaced. a microburst capable of 100 m.p.h. winds hit area. that tore off roofs, damaged buildings, and damaged cars. debby hasl storm dumped large amounts of rain on ofrida and spawned dozens least one killing at person, expected to make landfall sometime mid-week. >> we have to show you some video. smarter than average bear. was a mama bear coming to cub.escue of her >> it happened in south lake tahoe, california. the mama bear against the garage open and holds the door open. most amazinghe part. then the club went to the and climbed down and was
6:56 am
door and be out the reunited with its mother. somebody shot that video, hopefully, from a safe place. i would have been running to the door. we want to get a last look at traffic and weather. baden, first. looks pretty good on 270, no major worries about the beltway. after the accident near edsall road, moved to the shoulder right away. slowing out of woodbrige and lorton, newington, and springfield. now to adam caskey. >> showers and storms earlier usual today, through lunchtime. strong to severe east of 95 possible through the early afternoon. highs in the mid '80s. humidity and m
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