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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. this is abc 7 breaking news >> . following breaking news from the supreme court. justices have sided with the u.s. government. >> the decision just recently came down. it strikes down most of arizona's's immigration law. some provisions upheld. jummy olabanji has details. >> good afternoon. i have to be honest, most of the people out here today waiting for the decision on health care.
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that did not happen. the decision on immigration did come out from the supreme court today. both sides are claiming some sort of victory. the court said that three parts of the arizona law were not constitutional. one that criminalizes unauthorized work. if one that makes it a state crime to carry immigration papers. and the one that would have allowed for an arrest when an officer has probable cause to believe a person has committed a crime that would have resulted in deportation. this and doessan diego resident says the law went too far. >> it will scare away documented and undocumented immigrants. arizona police are allowed to check the immigration status of every person stopped or arrested. >> it is chilling to ask people for their papers. >> arizona should be able to protect their borders. >> businesses president stands
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by arizona and the entire law. >> if you are doing something that is breaking the law officers have a right to know w ho you are and where you are from and what you are doing their. >> some people say that requiring a person to show papers opens the door for discrimination. law enforcement officers in arizona say otherwise. >> any state considering following amazon opposing footsteps with respect to the racial profiling provision, we will be challenging those actions in court. >> i think it sends a message that we will be involved in illegal alien laws and police will be able to at least try to determine if they are in this country illegally. >> now the supreme court will reconvene on thursday at 10:00. at that time, we expect to hear the results of three more
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rulings from this session including president obama's health care form law. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> now a closer look at what exactly this ruling means. >> joining us in the newsroom is jonathan allen. the supreme court rejected much of the arizona law, but it upheld some provisions. as far as the white house is concerned, is this partial defeat for the president? >> this is seen as a partial victory for the justice department. one of the most controversial aspects was struck down, that being the right of police officers to arrest people if they suspect they might be in the country illegally. that is gone. the court said that even the parts that upheld could be revisited later. they would not go so far as to say that the state had no right to put the lot into effect.
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it would like to maybe later here challenges. >> how likely is it there will be an appeal of the most controversial provision? >> there's no appeal be on the supreme court, but once a lot gets applied to people in arizona, and once you start seeing people get background checks when arrested for other crimes, then you will see some legal action to try to stop that. it will probably take a while to get back up to the supreme court. it's now everybody is watching for health care. thanks so much. the supreme court did hand down a ruling involving citizens united, were the justices ruled the decision applies to state campaign finance laws. the other involves sentencing for juvenile spirit goes under the age of 18 cannot be sentenced to life in prison if without the possibility of parole. no health care ruling. expect that on thursday. >> a developing story in fairfax. police arrested a teenager in connection with two attacks on animals at frying pan farm park.
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the 17-year-old from stern and stabbed three horses in april and goats and chickens in may. trust with maiming animals cruelty to animals, and unlawful entry. much more tonight on abc 7 news at 5. >> the army private accused of leaking classified information to wikileaks is due in court. private first class bradley manning expected to appear at today's pre-trial hearing at fort meade. his lawyers asking for reports from various agencies about the damage reportedly done when the classified documents were leaked. the faces 22 counts including aiding the enemy. is military trial is expected to begin in september. >> a teacher falsely accused of molesting a young girl is getting a settlement from the fairfax county school board. the board has agreed to give the 45-year-old $73,000. he spent $125,000 defending himself against allegations that he molested a 12-year-old girl
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in 2010. he was eventually acquitted./ >> there is still significant damage left to clean up. a microburst hipaa bladensburg maryland area, on the weekend. tens of thousands of people lost power and many forced out of their homes if because of the construct -- the destruction. john gonzalez has more. >> the entire roof of this building landed on these cars giving you a sense of how powerful the storm was. >> just blasted. >> they were on vacation but returned home to a neighborhood in ruin. >> a lot of people lost everything. i don't have any words. i am stunned. >> at least 80 people displaced this afternoon, many temporarily homeless, staying at the local high school. this family is celebrating the fifth birthday among strangers.
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>> i had a princess cake. >> are building needs to be rebuilt. we could be a year without a home. >> the cleanup continues. trees and utility lines litter the streets and there are parked cars that are destroyed. no major injuries on friday. now crews are trying to race against mold and mildew with a mountain of debris. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> at least 15 buildings were damaged and the dozens of cars are destroyed if after massive trees fell on them. an estimated $3 million worth of damage. clean-up will take weeks. rebuilding will take months. in bladensburg, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> we could see some scattered storms before the end of the day. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. >> around town, not much
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happening. just a few light showers. a little downpour in prince george's county in extreme southeastern prince george's county along the charles county line. it just crossed over into the waldorf area. there's been severe storms and eastern shore and floating around ocean city. the storm becoming less humid this afternoon with a cold front moving through. 100 in oklahoma city, none95 in omaha. boston experiencing 52-minute delays due to the storm at this time. >> thanks so much. parts of florida getting hit by tropical storm debby this afternoon. we will take a closer look at this storm right now on the radar in a few minutes. >> smoke billowing from wildfire on kent island. it broke out yesterday morning in a wooded area. about 40 acres charred. firefighters had to bring heavy
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equipment to bring the flames under control. >> we do have bulldozers cutting pathways and we are getting firefighters. it is a long, involved process. >> the fire is contained. 25 homes were evacuated yesterday as a precaution. once the smoke clears more, residents will be allowed to return. that could happen at any time. still to come a push to reinstate the ousted uva president. the campus puts on the shore support, hoping to sway the board to change its mind. >> rain and wind causing problems in the south as debby its florida and mississippi this afternoon. >> pretty calm outside here, but scattered storms
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>> tomorrow the board of visitors knees to discuss the future of ousted president teresa sullivan. 1500 staff and students rallied in support yesterday. this hassupporters say the governing body needs to be more transparent. >> this action by the board of visitors was ill-conceived, poorly executed, and thus far poorly explained. it's a vigil in support of sullivan is planned on campus before the board meeting tomorrow. last week of virginia governor bob mcdonnell threatened to replace the entire board if it cannot come with a solution. texting the boys have been jailed, charged with firing shots at a chantilly middle school. cetus 16-year-old are being held
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until a court hearing accused of firing a pellet gun outside rocky run middle school earlier this month. two students were hit by the pellets, but not seriously injured. >> tropical storm debby is unleashing soaking rain on parts of florida and mississippi today. >> the wind blowing 60 miles an hour. 25 tornados have developed from the storm. now the latest from scott goldberg. >> all along the florida gulf coast, the problem is no one knows what is going to do. for now a tropical storm is sitting there about 90 miles from the panhandle, not moving in any particular direction. spawning a massive waterspout visible from the beaches and a few tornadoes around tampa and st. petersburg. >> my wife and i were in our bedroom. >> a tree fell on this man's house and another almost fell on him during a tv interview. south of tampa authorities
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found a woman dead in her home. alabama in orange beach, a 32- year-old man was swept out to sea. >> occurrence or falli>> occurrence were pulling. >> 12 inches of rain fell on tampa this weekend and another two feet could follow. it could be thursday or friday. the storm is still producing heavy rain from panama city to apalachicola and it towards tampa. >> police evacuated a mobile home park in florida. >> it got higher and higher and we started grabbing our stuff. >> in sarasota, an obstacle course. >> all the trees were turned sideways. debris was flying. what's all this makes it feel like debby is building up to something. it is hard to say what and when. anyone who says they know where the storm is going is not telling the truth. >> abc news reporting.
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>> tough times all over the place. it is concerning in many parts of the country. >> around here we have a slight chance of a few severe thunderstorms, southern maryland towards tidewater, virginia, the northern neck. we are talking the next couple hours. the cold front is quick to push through. we are feeling the changes already in washington. >> it already moved through here? >> smooth sailing behind it. here's a great time lapse from upper montgomery county. we had a beautiful sunrise. you can see the clouds increasing. and then there's a quick rain shower. then it dries up. we now have sunshine again and dropping humidity levels. a little breezy behind a cold front. feeling changes already in the metro as the cold front has moved through the 95 corridor. not much rain to speak of. the one downpour that crossed
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over 5 and developed near mount vernon in virginia that crossed over the potomac and is now light to moderate showers crossing the patuxent river, moving into northern calvert county. no. fauquier county, prince william county, seeing a few sprinkles along and south of 66 of moving east, but showing signs of falling apart. 85 in washington. 88 a few hours ago. then the. hit. 77 in cumberland, 82 in frederick. we should be in the middle east-80s locally. the humidity has already dropped. the dew point of 61 degrees at reagan national. it will continue to get even more comfortable outside. more comfortable through the night time. tomorrow, very agreeable conditions. there is the cold front that moved through. most of the action with the low pressure in new england that
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caused heavy and severe storms all morning. even around here, in ocean city. tonight with low humidity, temperatures will drop into the 50's, unseasonably cold. beautiful tomorrow, a little breezy, out of the north west highs in the upper 70's perhaps. by friday, upper 90s. here it comes. >> summertime. >> up and down temperatures this week. >> the president and mitt romney trying to convince voters they have the better plan for the economy. but many voters don't seem to think much of either idea. according to a new associated press poll half of americans say it will not matter much for the economy whether it is the president or if it is mitt romney in the white house. when asked how much impact the winner of november post-election will have on unemployment, 60%
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said slim to none. there's good news for drivers. gas prices continue falling. they have dropped for the 13th straight day. regular unleaded gas, $3.41 a gallon. that presents less than a peak reached in april. in the district, $3.51. in maryland, $3.35 a gallon. in virginia, $3.20. >> a theft case and as new mexico police shaking their heads. police in albuquerque last week left a car on the road to catch any car thieves. they did not expect these young men. officers were stunned. the person behind the wheel is an 11-year-old boy. video shows him barely able to see over the wheel. he even stopped to pick up some of his 10-year-old friends. >> along with all the other officers, we were absolutely shocked that children this
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young could take the step to steal a vehicle. >> 11-year-old faces criminal charges. he will soon be headed. to a juvenile headed coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a controversial way to keep kids under control. we will hear both sides of the argument when it comes to putting your children on a leash. >> next "anderson," it's co-host monday. rebecca romijn with me, talking about the controversial parenting trend making headlines.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is a debate that is
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heating up blogs. the question is whether or not to use a leash on children. a strong reactions on both sides of the issue. now a closer look. >> it is becoming more and more of a common sight and a great debate for any modern family. leashes. >> all right is that a leash? >> no, it is a safety tether. >> this woman was given one as a gift. " i feel a little funny. then we were on vacation with my sister-in-law in seattle. if i was juggling a bunch of children and were about somebody running off and she said why not put this on your daughter? i did and it made sense. >> the first time you used it, you got looks?
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a lot of glares at a few comments. it is a kid, not a dog, that kind of thing. but my daughter was walking freely and i felt that she was safe. it was a great experience other than other people. >> parents are using it because it is safe on a child's behavior they have seen. they are putting the other siblings in the family in danger. this person who was leashed as a child does not like it. what i remember being embarrassed and i promised myself i would never do that to my children. there's always a way to help restrain them without putting a leash on them. >> she says giving her daughters more freedom makes her in a more attentive parent than those who is a leash. >> parents can use it as false
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security, thanking my kid is attached to me so maybe i don't have to watch them as much. everybody's child is different. if a parent has not had a very impulsive child, they might not understand what it's like. >> abc news, los angeles. >> those in favor made the argument that you might be able to get away with this in manhattan where there is crazy activity going on. but if you are walking in the suburbs, is a little strange. >> like maybe not necessary. maybe at an amusement park people can understand more so than out and about running errands. >> let us know what you think.
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>> its use of john gonzalez earlier this noon about the storms in lynchburg and was talking about the high school shelter, if it's good news for the residents, they will keep the school opened a little longer. -- in bladensburg.
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>> low humidity tomorrow. hot by the end of the week. >> we will see you
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