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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> >> police said the shooter's intended victim ran by the victims just before the shooting. >> it is appalling. >> police say they are still looking for that victim and the shooter and the want to hear from anyone in this neighborhood that might have seen anything earlier today. happened at about 12:15 this afternoon. >> despite today's shooting, the day camp plans to be back open tomorrow for campers. >> a major ruling from the u.s. supreme court today involving immigration. not only does the most controversial part of the arizona immigration law stand for now but the controversy grows. >> it depends on who you ask
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but it is anti-emmerich -- anti- immigration part that is the most controversial part of that arizona law requiring that police officers run a check on anyone whose immigration status they believe is suspicious. >> so often, there is controversy. >> this is not the way to treat immigrants. >> today's decision is no difference -- no different as the laws of holt -- up held. >> anybody that has my skin color, that has a last name like mine, it is like, show me your papers. it is like a nazi regime. >> with seen women who are survivors of domestic violence
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who are afraid of reporting a crime. >> those who favor the law say this is a product of a federal failure. >> we have to stop so many from coming in. we are just being overwhelmed. the prisons are full. >> our government's job is to protect the borders of this country. so if our government is not able to fulfill that task, then we, the people, have got to have that authority. >> the court struck down provisions requiring all immigrants to carry papers making it illegal for undocumented immigrants to seek or hold a job, and allowing them to arrest illegal immigrants without a warrant. >> the justices today said essentially they would have to wait to see what would happen after that.
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many clearly put the blame on the people just across the street here a congress saying if it had passed comprehensive immigration reform, much of this could have been avoided. >> scott, thanks very much. now we are waiting for a supreme court ruling on health care. the justices will decide whether president obama's held reforms will stand. that ruling is expected to come down perhaps on thursday. coming up 6:00 we'll have more on today's immigration ruling and the supreme court's other decisions. >> for now, let's turn to the weather, and a much milder, nice summer day around the metro area. >> it has been a delightful afternoon in getting more and more delightful as time goes on. downtown richmond, and has been a wild afternoon -- down around richmond. all of it has moved to the south and no storms continue to
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move away from us. temperatures are still in the mid to high-80's. look at cumberland in hagerstown into the seven depots. refreshening air coming in. some of you folks around gaithersburg, out towards winchester, tomorrow morning will be in the low 50's. here is a great picture from the nasa project of debbie. i will show you what it is doing. torrential rains, and meanwhile what we have clear skies overhead it will be able to see the international space station tonight. i will tell you where to look. >> speaking of the weather three days after a powerful storm came through parts of the area, thousands of people are still cleaning up now. some are still out of their damaged homes. the the hardest area was
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bladensburg, maryland. >> the latest numbers are staggering. we are told some 2000 people affected by the storm, and the county has moved the coverage area to include parts of hyattsville. nowhere is as hard hit as here in bladensburg. this is ground zero of rhinitis devastating microburst. the massive -- ground zero of bladensburg's devastating microburst. about a mile away, more than a dozen nervous families are being sheltered at bladensburg high school waiting to retrieve what they can from their home, and they are up against the deadline. >> my family has been there for 40 years. >> for some families, there is an added financial burden. at the height of the quick powerful storm, 15 apartment
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buildings were damaged, trees and power lines came tumbling down on to cars. an estimated 2000 residents were affected. 600 of them are still out of their homes. it may be something of a miracle that there were no serious injuries but the level of devastation is still tough for those who are now newly homeless. >> we saw people saving as much of their personal stuff as they could. greg some of the condo owners say they are expected to be out of their condo units released the year. the county is trying to help everybody find long-term housing. the county still assessing if they meet the threshold for federal and state aid. they are asking if you have not previously reported damage to your home or business, contact the emergency operations center. we are live in bladensburg.
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>> two teenagers are facing charges now for allegedly firing a pellet gun near a school. this was less than two weeks ago at rocky run middle school. the 16-rolle boys are being held at the juvenile detention center. convicted they could spend some time behind bars. two other teenagers were hit by the pellets and recovered from their injuries. >> a major break in that animal stabbing case in fairfax county. police have arrested a teenager for allegedly stabbing a group of forces at frying pan part and other animals at a nearby farm. >> because the teenager is under 18 we are not going to release his name, but he notes -- we know he lives within walking distance of this facility. the director of this program tells me she did not recognize his name.
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even the youngest of visitors to frying pan park sees the vicious wounds healing on this young calf. a person is accused of hitting animal and slashing six others with a 22-inch machete at this kaeding form. >> you never know if it would escalate into hurting humans, too. >> the teenager is in custody after two separate attacks against resources. one month later on may 26, a calf and a chicken also survived. >> we are breathing ollie easier. everybody was on edge and wanted resolution. >> there is no indication that he was directly connected to the form. >> it makes a huge difference. >> scores of families to visit frying pan park rally to keep the form of peaceful place
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while the police tracked the attacker . >> i feel bad for the parents having to deal with this. it is just a sad situation. >> it is a priceless treasure, really a very special place. >> the horses that were attacked are mounted up and back involved in the program here. people love this part very much say now that the rest has been made they can move on as well. >> jerry sandusky's lawyer said his client is adjusting to life behind bars, but he wants out of isolation. he was convicted of child sexual abuse charges and taken to county jail and put into isolation and placed on suicide watch. his lawyer visited his client today and says sandusky wants people to know he is not guilty.
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right now he cannot have any visitors until after a psychological evaluation. sandusky's lawyers plan to appeal his conviction. attorneys for george zimmerman are trying to get their client out of jail. defense attorneys say zimmerman does not pose a threat to communities. prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife is led the court about how much money they have. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> coming up, a serious terrible day time crash with a 7-year-old girl. >> police uncovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise from an apartment store. -- from a department store. >> tropical storm debby triggers
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>> she can see the smoke but the fire has been extinguished -- you can still see the smoke. about 25 homes were affected. the residents did return of earlier today. one firefighter suffered from heat exhaustion.
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the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> a wallaby'a death has led to the rest of the director. >> she is charged with animal cruelty. >> according to court documents, the director of the rescue zoo was arrested for animal cruelty for allegedly drowning of wallaby, an animal that looks like a small tanker route. according to court records employees said she allegedly has a history of drowning animals. >> i am shocked. >> the five-month investigation began in january to work records show a new employee discovered an injured wallaby and brought it to the director. court documents indicate she was seen carrying at the crated animal into a barn. in the crate was later found
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next to a water spigot and a five-gallon bucket of water. the employee found a wallet be dead inside a trash bag at the bottom of a dumpster and its body was profusely wet. no one answered at the rest and town house listed as your address. >> when investigators question her, she claims she is the nicest the wallaby by lethal injection, but they could not find an injection site -- she claims she anesthetized the wallaby by -- euthanized the wallaby by lethal injection. >> tomorrow the board of visitors at the university of virginia will meet to discuss the future of ousted president
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teresa sullivan. more than 1500 staff and students rallied in support of sullivan yesterday. eight vigil in support of sullivan is planned on campus before the board meeting tomorrow. >> tropical storm debbie continued to pummel parts of florida. this afternoon governor rick scott declared a state of emergency. the elder bands have already dumped up to 15 inches of rain along the panhandle -- the outer bands. there is concern the storm could spawn some damaging tornadoes. at least one death is being blamed on the storm. >> it is drifting very slowly. hour after hour of drenching rains. outside, this is how our sky looked with those nasty storms well to the south.
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the air has gotten clearer and clearer, the skies bluer and lower while the dry air continues to come in. the record low tonight from 1979 56 degrees. right now it is 87 degrees. look at detroit, 74 degrees. oklahoma city last year had 11 100-degree days. look at denver, imagine trying to fight the fire out there in colorado with that searing heat. for us, it is, another break in the humidity. the dewpoint is coming in on us. here is debbie, and you can also watch and see that area of clouds and showers that has come through. let's go back to debbie. i want to show you the area down to the south. there you can see debbie continuing to spent around --
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spin around and bring in very heavy areas of rain into florida. that band of showers that came through. debbie is going to sit there and percolate and bring in more wins. this happen in jacksonville just today over 5 inches of rain. here is that circulation now just out of apalachicola. look at tallahassee, up to gainesville. all of this because of the spin in an atmosphere. anytime these tropical systems come ashore, it can send down tornadoes. earlier today there was that line of really nasty storms that moved through richmond. in and around us, skies had cleared and overnight tonight we will continue to see northwesterly winds coming in.
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some really nice air coming in with a few clouds tomorrow. look at the morning low temperatures might be down to 52 degrees. again with those northwesterly winds and tomorrow will be a delightful, dry night. here is where to look for the international space station. 9:47 it begins to show up in the northwestern sky then it gets high in the sky and is so bright even in this city will be able to see it. then it moves toward the south and southeast and disappears into the earth's shadow at 9:52. so at about 9:50, you cannot miss it. almost a million pounds up there in space. overnight tonight temperatures will be dipping into the 50's. i really delightful day tomorrow. a bit on the breezy side but
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compared to the '90s, we will take it. another nice day on wednesday but look at thursday, friday, and saturday and on into sunday. a risk of an afternoon thunderstorm and once again near 100 degrees. you can see everything about where the space station is and where to look on our website. >> meanwhile "the bachelor ratette ." emily address is one of the man's past relationships. >> it could have at least said we dated. now i feel like an idiot. >> see if emily confronts him
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tonight at 8:00 followed by " the glass house." >> coming up, caught on surveillance cameras at a local store and what one of the suspect was wearing. >> are you being dipped at one of your favre discount stores? -- one of your favre discount stores? >> police say this one man stole so much stuff he was a one-man department store.
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>> police say he was running his own department store right out of his living room. >> a local man stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of designer jewelry watches, and other items, and stole it -- sold them out of his house. mark has the details. >> that is right. the suspect only work for about two months on the loading dock at nordstrom. in that short amount of time, he was able to steal hundreds of items, though not without being noticed. it was nordstrom's on security officers who noticed the missing items. police say this surveillance tape shows him stealing items from the warehouse as he
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unloaded delivery trucks. >> this is my first time to see one person still this amount of stuff. >> more than $60,000 worth of stolen items including designer watches worth at $2,000 apiece, right up -- sunglasses and diamond earrings. >> that is a lot of stuff. >> he is seen with that big overcoat, and the temperature was 97 degrees. >> so we just go in and start taking what we want, that is not right. >> this type of crime hurts everyone. >> that makes us as the consumer have to pay more when we go to the store to buy stuff. >> police say another tipoff in
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his crime spree, he would take 15 or 20 cigarette breaks the day. and his colleagues say he did not smoke. police say the investigation is ongoing. they say he had a girlfriend who helped him exchange some of the merchandise for cash refunds. they said least 10 people who bought storer islands will also be charged. -- who bought stolen items will also be charged. >> still ahead animated films with some very animated characters. >> a 7-rolle girl dies in a
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>> this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. >> a 7-year-old child died over the weekend after a vehicle crashed into the car in which she was writing. >> it happened yesterday afternoon. police believe alcohol might have played a factor in what happened. brad bell is live from the crash scene with more. >> just a little while ago one of the volunteer firefighters who was involved in the rescue here stopped and wanted to tell me that this was one of the worst he had ever seen. it is all that car going northbound, southbound traffic going this way, a lot of speed involved. for some reason a car heading south veering across the median strip and hit the little girl's
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car head-on. >> they did not know her but that felt like they had to do something for the family, so they made across with some flowers and a teddy bear. >> her memorial works a spot of a terrible collision. a big green and suv crossed the median of indian head highway and hit two cars nearly head-on. jan-nae woodard was riding with her mom and one of those cars. her mother was badly hurt but is expected to survive. witnesses say jannnae did not have a chance. >> she was just an incredibly sweet little girl. she and her friends would ride their bikes in the neighborhood. >> police say there is evidence that the 73-year-old driver of the suv had been drinking.
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they are awaiting the results of a blood test before a decision is made about charges. it is believe alcohol was involved. >> it is sad when a small tall loses their life because of someone drinking. -- when a small child loses their life. >> you can see the sun that was just put up at the church, a son of sympathy for the family. -- a sign that was just put up. we are told that the other victims of the accident were injured but they are going to be fine. police say will be awhile before a decision is made over whether it someone will be charged. >> here are some of the top stories we are following tonight. a shooting at a day camps in southeast d.c. today. about 30 kids were walking to a swimming pool when the shots were fired. two children and a counselor hit. a 7-year-old child was shot in the shoulder and an 8-year-old
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was shot in the ankle. >> a teenager from herndon is in custody, charged with slashing animals at a petting zoo. a 22-inch machete was recovered that they believe was used in the attacks at frying pan party the injured animals are recovering. >> reaction still pouring in on the supreme court ruling on immigration. a provision was upheld that allows police to check the immigration status of some one stump for another reason when they are suspected of being in the country illegally. i talked to diane sawyer about their plans for tonight. >> i know you will be covering the immigration ruling. we know is controversial and you all will be telling us what it actually means for the country. >> that is right, not just for arizona but for the rest of the
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country as well. we have team coverage tonight. terry moran has been reading every sentence in the ruling. a very passionate comment tonight. >> over the weekend without frightening news about alex tribecaebek. what can we learn about his experience over the weekend? >> we have something we want everyone to know about what you do and how it affects your risk of another heart attack. >> we are all thinking about him around here. you can wash those stories and much more tonight on world news right after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> it is almost tee time. tiger woods and other big
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golfers are in town but they are not the only ones who will benefit from this tournament. >> good news for hotels and restaurants and also for pokes around here who have an entrepreneurial spirit. the support staff at congressional was out preparing for the big crowd that are expected to come to the at&t or as it is also known the tiger woods tournament. >> i will be parking cars. >> he has lived here for 41 years and will use the large field in front of his house where patrons can park this year. he will not say how much money he made for the five days of the last tournament but he charges anywhere from $10-$60 a car. those rates he can make
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thousands. >> over a week, we will make some money. >> it is sanctioned by the county and the proceeds are tax- exempt. >> it will be disruptive and not great, but it has never been as bad as everyone anticipates. >> this restaurant owner is happy to see the crowds. >> i have been determined here locally, it keeps people in the neighborhood. i business problem goes up 20% during this time. >> -- my business probably goes up 20% during this time. >> thanks very much. time for check on our traffic situation. >> the struggle is trying to get
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out of the district across the southwest freeway. a car fire blocking all but the left lane on the 14th street bridge. duke street has cleared and delays have eased up. the exit for the 270 where there is an accident blocking the road. delays will continue across the topside of the beltway. and you accident on the outer loop -- a new accident. >> coming up,meat thieves caught on camera, and what one of them was wearing the raised eyebrows.
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>> animated films dominated the weekend box office. >> arch campbell joins us with a
5:41 pm
look at some of the upcoming attractions. >> an alternative to cartoons a pg-rated movie. things will get a little hotter this week on the big screen. >> he says he based magic mike on his time as a male stripper. magic mike has a lot of women talking and it has not even open yet. meanwhile, woody allen takes his next movie to italy. "to rome with love" with alec baldwin as the weary voice of reason.
5:42 pm
have you heard about ted? seth mcfarlane voice is a teddy bear who comes to life and grows into a foul mouthed adult. the box office this week was dominated by brave and madagascar are3. i think people are going to be talking about this movie "saidted." leave the kids at home and don't tell anybody assaulted. -- don't tell anybody you saw it.
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>> we all like a bargain, and stores rely on sales to get customers into their stores. >> police with undercover at a major national retailer and found out those deep discounts may not be as big as they seem. >> look around kohl's and you think everything is on sale big time. look at this more closely. under this tag, the original price, just $89.99. the pillowcases or 60% off but that is after they raised the regular price. >> the higher regular price comes out and you can see it was $64 originally. >> we are getting taken, big time.
5:47 pm
>> we show up in maryland and virginia finding bedding towels plate even this jersey on sale all after the regular price has been raised. the price tags as $75 but peeling back in and used to be $65. >> i think that is an untruth. >> it is march $59.99. >> at the checkout counter, our hidden camera rolls. >> that is the current price. >> but isn't that kind of sneaky to mark it up and then mark it down? >> we don't do that, that is the company. >> similar prices have been
5:48 pm
observed in california and oregon in the last year. the company called it infrequent saying we do not raise regular or original prices on a short-term basis. from time to time, product prices are increased due to production and raw material cost increases. >> it is kind of slimy. >> if the item had its price increase before went on sale you can politely asked at the checkout counter and it could get the clerk to give you the lower price. >> they were wounded on the battlefield, but they have not let their injuries slowed them down. the warriors competed at the united states olympic training center in colorado last month. this is the third year for the warrior games and participants say they are very proud to participate. >> we recognize for the other 50
5:49 pm
guys that tried out, the other 200 guys who tried out to be able to represent those guys is huge for us. >> five teams come -- will be representing the u.s. marines air force navy, marines, as special ops. >> a california homeowner had some really unexpected visitors. you will not believe this video. a." got stuck high up on the garage door track. mama bear or arrives on the scene just as the garage door opened and that is when the cut was able to get to the end of the track and grab a ladder and uses to get down. he was able to run out as his mother held the garage door open for him. can you believe that?
5:50 pm
>> any video like that at 6:00? >> i am afraid not but we will began with news that there may be a ruling by the supreme court on illegal immigrants. is sure to have a ripple effect through immigration laws in states across the nation. we also have reaction from our local officials. >> did some top lawmakers know there was a financial crisis coming? an investigation into insider trading on capitol hill. we have had terrible heat and humidity in some of those ferocious storms.
5:51 pm
we have also had days like today and tomorrow when we really get a break. there are still some lingering showers. by dawn tomorrow, even here in washington it will be around 60 and there could be some of 50's in the suburbs with this for threshing air. temperatures tomorrow with that dry air and a nice breeze, only about 80 degrees. enjoy it. on into wednesday. by thursday and friday, right back in the 90's. this weekend we will be approaching 100 degrees again with the risk of afternoon thunderstorms. but for the next couple of days, just delightful. >> we have been chasing the story in sports all day. and extortion story that we have been chasing all afternoon.
5:52 pm
a former baylor basketball player has been charged for allegedly attempting to extort quarterback robert griffin the third. he was held over the weekend at the clinton county jail in waco texas. he has a hearing this afternoon -- he had a hearing this afternoon and received a $25,000 unsecured bond. we have not been able to confirm if griffin new hurd at all. hurd is awaiting a possible indictment. he is charged with trying to extort rg 333iii. >> a huge weaken the washington area. is the tiger woods tournament, a socially event, a place to see and be seen this week. we have a pretty good golf pedigree in this area. we have played host to the kemper and the at&t national, where some of the biggest names
5:53 pm
in golf have competed. young guys are trying to relieve some stressed today, get relax and try to put their name among the greats of the past. >> the players are always treated great. tiger has been good to me over the years and is great for the community. >> we did not wake him up from his nap, he was getting a massage. is this real or computer- generated? watch the ball, watch the driver. no wonder he is wearing a helmet.
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>> gas prices have dropped for the 13th straight day. the national average is $3.41 a gallon. gas in the district is averaging $3.51 a gallon and in maryland it is 03 $35 since. >> the city of manassas has that the -- shoplifter stole hundreds of dollars worth of steak and seafood. >> one of the men who committed the crime was wearing women's clothing. >> it's crazy. i just don't understand. >> around 6:00 p.m., police
5:58 pm
staked to women and this man dressed in drag entered the giant supermarket in manassas. as the surveillance video shows, they quickly made their way to the meat and seafood section build up their bags and a cart and walked right past the cashier. as they left to the doors, a manager tried to stop them but could not. the police say they made off with $200 worth of meat and seafood. >> is it fair to say that the city has a beeped with these guys -- a beef with these guys? >> that is crazy. they must have been mighty hungry. >> meanwhile, police are hoping you can help. >> that is abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up next at 6:00, some said the supreme court today ruled in favor of racial
5:59 pm
profiling. what was it about the arizona immigration law that has also much controversy? >> the congress have an unfair advantage? we will follow the money coming up. >> the cleanup continues following friday night's nasty storms. that is coming up right now 6:00. >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> or big story at 6:00, the supreme court delivers a much anticipated ruling on immigration. >> we are still waiting for the court ruling on health care. this morning, justices left intact parts of arizona is controversial immigration law. it tossed out a number of key parts of the law but kept the provision that requires police to check the immigration status of suspect pulled over for other violations. candace gibson is live now


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