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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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e high court with more on the ruling and what it will mean. >> the ripple effect of today's supreme court ruling will probably be felt nationwide for many years. as you mentioned they left a key component in the law that some say will lead to racial profiling. people on both sides of the immigration law will begin plotting their next moves. it struck down some parts of the immigration law but allows a key provision to stand. law enforcement officials will be able to check a person's immigration status while in forcing other laws. the aclu called that a license to discriminate. >> how else will they be able to determine who is or without documents. >> the civil rights organization said it has 8 $9 million war
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chest and plans to immediately file lawsuits to block the arizona law and others like it nationwide including a prince william county policy requiring law enforcement to check a person's immigration status after they have been arrested. the county supervisor called today's ruling a victory. >> what we did in 2007 is only believe the law that has been upheld by the united states supreme court that will now be enforced in the state of arizona. >> even with today's ruling, prince william counties immigration policy as well as similar laws passed in five states face an uncertain future. >> there are many lawsuits already in the works that will make their way back to the supreme court, at least opponents are hoping. please that the court struck down most of the law but said he
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remains concerned -- that that one key component will remain intact. >> we ask you on facebook today about the main part of today's supreme court decision on whether police should be able to ask about immigration status. you can read more about it on >> the justices decided that the government's not ban political spending by corporations, unions and other special- interest groups. the court also ruled it is unconstitutional for states to require juveniles convicted of murder to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. finally, the justices decided not to hear a complaint against maryland's condition -- congressional redistricting. some voters had complained the new map passed by the state
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legislature last year discriminated against african- americans. >> new at 6:00, what did members of congress know about the meltdown of financial markets? questions are being raised by washington post investigation. among those on the list are house speaker john boehner. rebecca has reaction from the newsroom tonight. an investigation found high level democrats and republicans in congress rushed to protect our own assets as they learn about the unfolding crisis in 2008. it was privileged information the public was not receiving. today members of congress are strongly denying they did anything wrong. experts we spoke to say it is not illegal but lee's highly improper, and voters seem to agree. >> it looks very bad.
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>> to have one population benefit and be protected and the others are not, it is egregious, definitely. >> the washington post says at least 34 members of congress made changes to their stock portfolio following phone calls from senior bush administration officials. police 166 trades were made within 48 hours of phone calls about the unfolding crisis. john boehner moved stocks the same day he was briefed. democrat barney frank and republican senate leader mitch mcconnell all made stock trades, raising eyebrows. melanie sloan has long advocated -- are there any loss tending -- any all spending to
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do that caused more cracks know, there are not. the never want to subject themselves to more stringent rules. >> con burtless a -- congress recently passed a stock act. the post concluded its investigation did not turn up insider-trading, but does raise questions about members having an improper advantage. we were told the behavior was highly and at the goal and should be further investigated. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> d.c. police are on the lookout for gunman who opened fire on a day camp in southeast washington. two children and a counselor were shot as they walked to lunch today. the shooting happened on the savannah street. police confirm one child and the dell were struck in the ankle and the other child was shot in the shoulder. within 30 a children attend that
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camp. >> a judge has set in september sentencing date for a former campaign aide. howard brooks will be sentenced on september 24. despite prosecutors' appeal for more time because of the ongoing investigation, brooks pleaded guilty last month of lying to the fbi. mayor ray denies any knowledge of the payments. >> big storm cleanup is underway tonight. thousands of people are still cleaning up after last friday's powerful storm. about 2000 people were affected and about 600 of them are still out of their homes. the storm damage 15 apartment buildings, knocked down trees and power lines. there were no major injuries. we will have an update on the cleanup tonight at 11:00. >> still ahead a hunger strike is underway because of cuts to the postal service.
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>> with the change of leadership, history was made this morning. >> an installation of was the first of its kind. >> the change of commander ceremony. and now a new man in charge at fort belvoir number three >> i
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think it is amazing. i think the army has given him a great opportunity. >> carl greg gadson is no ordinary leader. in may 2007, he lost both legs in iraq. he is the first double npt to command at this level, our role model for new generation of soldiers. -- the first double amputee. >> we spoke with carl about his leadership in the wounded warrior program back in february. >> there is another side to the new commander. he has been in the movies. he played an action hero doing his own stunts. since 2007, he has been an -- a mentor an honorary coach to the new york giants.
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>> he has done many things, but he said his favorite role has been as a soldier. >> all i knew after i got wounded was that i wanted to still be a soldier. i had an intense desire to be a soldier and served through cracks now he will lead to 26,000 soldiers, civilians, and their families. >> he is a great role model for all of us. >> still ahead see how much it will cost to fix up aging trains.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side.
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>> angry postal workers are trying to send a message to congress. >> starting today i postal workers are staging a hunger strike on capitol hill. they say congress is requiring the postal service to refund its retiree health benefit 75 years in advance -- to pre-fund its retiree health benefits 75 years in advance. >> the new study indicates that more than a quarter of americans did not have enough money saved for an emergency. 28% of americans do not have savings, up 25% from last year. prolonged unemployment has also tapped into american savings accounts. >> meanwhile, there is good news for the housing market. a new report from the census bureau shows you home sales rose 7.6% last month. total annual sales are up 20%
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compared to a year ago, on the heels of recent reports that mortgage rates hit record lows last month. >> metro is planning to replace some of its oldest railcars. at the same time it is buying new cars for the silver lining. the new trains cost $900 million in all. >> good news, a great way to start the week. >> better than 100 degrees. >> when you see that blue sky you know it is a wonderful day. some wild weather not too far to ourselves around richmond and south of the fredericksburg area. here is how it looks outside right now. has been a beautiful afternoon. the high temperature almost made
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it to 90. it will be about 10 degrees below that tomorrow the high only about 80 degrees. look at the record, 1997, 100 degrees. 100 to right now in oklahoma city -- 102 right now in oklahoma city. syracuse at 66 degrees right now. down to the self you can see debbie bringing in more tropical rain to the folks in north florida. this is near apalachicola 7 inches of rain just today. here is the doppler and you can see in the atmosphere, and unfortunately debbie will only be slowly drifting across the northern part of florida meaning that day after day for the next couple of days there will be more of the tropical
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rain been coming in. some spots have already had 10 inches of rain in the tallahassee area and by the time everything lines down, it could be 20 inches of rain, with serious flooding. here is that line of nasty thunderstorms that has moved off. has been beautiful clear skies around us. a great night to see the international space station. here is the timing. if you can see the moon looking out for the west, you'll be all see the international space station. it is extremely bright. it will get high in the sky and then as we get about 9:50, it will get high enough so you will be re able to really see it. overnight tonight it will be dipping into the 50's even in town with that northwesterly
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wind. tomorrow, high temperatures will get up to about 80 degrees. tomorrow morning, really refreshing. about 80 tomorrow with that northwesterly wind at 10-20 miles an hour. war great weather on wednesday but get ready for the heat near 100 by the weekend. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> going to be some fun out at congressional. >> so much is going on, but we will start with golf. the at&t national tournament, and while it was quiet today some of the players arrived early to get in some practice rounds. kevin is the son of the great wall russ, who won here in washington a couple of times during his career. it is special because his dad
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won here so they gave him a little extra motivation. >> coming to a place like congressional is pretty special for me. my old man won a couple of times around here. it is a big classic really good golf course. >> of former baylor basketball player has been arrested, charged, and had an initial hearing today for attempting to extort money from robert griffin iii. richard hurd appeared in court today and was released on $25,000 bond. he will face possible indictment. robert griffin iii has not commented. we have not been able to confirm that he knows hurd from his days at baylor.
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let's talk about baseball. stephen strasburg is going after his 10th win of the year. he worked really hard to get back to what made him the best college baseball player and the no. 1 pick in the majors. while the nationals have lost six of the last 10 games the 20-year-old right-hander has won his last pit and they are counting on him big time tonight. the big story was kevin nicholaseuclis. he tipped his cap to the fans and blew them a kiss. teammates got emotional and he said goodbye to boston after 11 seasons. world champion celebrated with their fans and every one of the players gave their on thanks to the fans and spent some time with the trophy.
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the top of the town is that weighed gave his head coach and the new owner of the team knew watches. >> this is my dream to be able to hug and grabbed the trophy. i never want to let it go. this is unbelievable. >> those watches are said to be $25,000 each. only 500 of them were made. the proceeds go to wade world foundation which is his way of making children's dreams come true. >> a final
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>> beautiful you are going to love the next couple of days. i have a blogger you can see where to look high in the sky to see the international space station. 80 degrees the high temperature tomorrow afternoon. really delightful whether. >> abc world [ obama ] i'm barack
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