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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it's wednesday, june 27. i'm jennifer donelan. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. a warm day ahead. >> close to average for this time of year. friday through the weekend we will be cranking up the heat, back near 100 by saturday. let's enjoy it the weather today. low humidity and another comfortable start to the day. if you can open the windows. 59 degrees in winchester and la plata and stafford, 62 in germantown now. comfortable. highs around 87 with low humidity, mostly sunny, and a breeze out of the northwest. let's check in with lisa baden. >> cranking up is the rush hour. so far, so good as far as interstate travel. all clear to the airport. south into richmond and north into baltimore giving you the
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ok on 95. 395 but the pentagon, looks good at 27. more to come with newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. >> prince george's county police need your help finding a missing teenager. >> the 17-year-old williams was last seen yesterday evening leaving her home in 8100 block of murray hill drive in fort washington. her caseworker spoke with her around 9:00 last night and describes the teenager as having the mental capacity of a 12- year-old. she is concerned about her well- being. please call police if you have seen her. now to the latest in the race for the white house, mitt romney continues his campaign in virginia with a stop installing this evening. virginia is considered a crucial battleground state in the presidential election. john gonzalez is live in the newsroom with more. good morning. >> mitt romney is holding back-
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to-back events in virginia after winning utah. he will campaign and the company that provides electronic designs, but the focus will be on immigration reform and the economy. as romney heads into sterling, is wasting no time slamming president obama of on immigration reform. >> states looking to find a way to solve the problems he did not address, we know that the president failed to lead. prexy says voters have a choice between hi -- president obama says that we have a choice of his policy or the other policy. what they don't want to go back to a time when children brought to the u.s. and raised in america and are americans in everything accept for the paperwork rex. obama released a series of ads
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accusing romney of having a history of ashipping jobs overseas. >> all romney has ever done is send our jobs to china. correct i have not been given a fair shot. >> romney is pulolling lower. >> president obama's campaign is preparing thousands of lawyers to fight possible legal disputes in this year's elections. campaign is concerned about voter suppression and the implementation of new voter id laws across the country. the amount of legal aid for the president opposes latest campaign is unrivaled by republicans or any previous presidential election. >> anticipation is building over what will be a landmark supreme court ruling. a decision is expected tomorrow,
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on president obama's health care overall. the centerpiece is a requirement for all americans to buy health insurance. the supreme court decision could have a huge impact on the political and economic landscape. >> a presidential historian who admitted to stealing thousands of a valuable documents will learn his fate today. barry landau faces up to 15 years in prison. he pleaded guilty in february to stealing documents from the maryland historical society and other east coast historical organizations. one document was signed by president abraham lincoln. >> there's encouraging news for drivers preparing to hit the roads for the fourth of july holiday. correct pretty hard to believe when you pass by gas stations. the national average is at its lowest price in five months. jummy olabanji is live in arlington to break down the numbers for us. >> hi there. in every state in the
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continental u.s., gas is under $4 a gallon. in south carolina the average is under $3 a gallon. at this gas station in arlington, $3.55. not all is bad. it's down from $3.94 in april. that's thanks to a drop inin the price of oil. the savings have not given everyone a reason to spend more money on gas this summer. aaa says drivers are buying 5% less gas than they did this time last year. the average in virginia is $3.22. $3.53 in d.c., $3.35 in maryland. the cheapest gas in the region is south of us in fredericksburg. $2.99 a gallon for regular
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which is not bad. reporting live in arlington, jummy olabanji. >> where are you going after the show? i am headed to wawa. >> 64 degrees outside. >> and which the local spots made the list of the cleanest beaches. clare tropical storm debby is headed now. >> a live look outside.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. tropical storm debby has weakened to a tropical depression. and it's still poses a risk in parts of florida. north of tampa there's massive flooding. it drenched the state at least four straight days. it is expected to head north while picking up speed. 5:09 is the time 63 degrees. >> adam caskey spend plenty of time in florida as well. when they have a slow-moving storm in that state, it is terrible. >> it is. so many of those leg olocations
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cannot handle that amount of water. it just keeps coming. this was barely a tropical storm and that can cause a lot of damage when it is slow moving. 54 degrees in manassas, 69 in the district, 64 in martinsburg,. 52 we will have humidity over the next few days especially friday through the weekend. mostly sunny with a few scattered clouds today, mid to upper 80 is with low humidity and. that will change tomorrow. the humidity will increase and the temperature goes up as well. upper 90s by friday through sunday with a slight chance of a few storms. that's the forecast. any new problems on the road? >> no new problems. status quo in virginia. 66 95, the greenway, the dulles toll road normal.
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moving nicely on the beltway at new hampshire. the problems at the moment temple. looks good at the american legion bridge. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. newschopper 7 el little while. back to you. >> thank you. could your favorite beach make use 6? -- make you sick? only a dozen current a five-star rating for violations. among the cleanest beaches are delaware and ocean city and dewey. the great lakes region and the highest number of violations. i think i will just go to the swimming pool. >> 63 degrees, 5:11. >> an update on efforts to freeze federal student loan
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>> this is "good morning washington" on your side. ex-president >> a presidential historian who pleaded guilty to stealing documents will be sentenced. barry landau stole documents from east coast historical society's. mitt romney will visit sterling, virginia today after winning the
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utah primary. gas prices at their lowest in five months. the national average for regular is $3.40 a gallon. drivers in the d.c. area are paying $3.37. drivers are buying less gas than they did last year, however. >> checking news around the world, the syrian president says his country is in a state of war. the syrian government has lost control of large chunks of territory and has set some of its own citizens are to draw out the rebels. the gunmen attacked the country's stage one news agency early this morning killing three employees at its tv stations out of damascus. on the hill, the house could vote today on whether to hold the attorney general eric holder in contempt,. >> he is in the dispute with congress over documents related to the botched gun operation known as fast and furious. the house republican official tells the two sides failed to.
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resolve the to senate leaders have reportedly reached a deal to keep federal student loan interest rates steady and at least another year. the interest rate on stafford loans is 3.4%. but it could double if congress does not act by sunday. however, house speaker john boehner says that he is not sure if the house will approve the agreement. >> tablet wars are heating up. >> remember atari? it is celebrating a milestone. here is paula faris. >> applea judge ordered a halt to samsung galaxy it 10.1 tablet computers because apple claimed it was stealing technology.
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googzynga will have a gaming network that allows people on different portals to play one another. atari turns 40 years old today. it's now available for smartphones, several of the games. >> that brought back memories. i want mine back. 5;17 is the time -- 5:17. >> i'm sure you could find one online. >> i would stay home just to play pac-man. >> this guy loves advancements. your fancy computer models, determining that we have a heat wave on the way. >> still low humidity today, but
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warmer than yesterday. a refreshing breeze out of the north this morning, so you can open the windows. we will take a look at current temperature is coming up. i also want to look at the high temperatures from yesterday off to the west. that's where the hot air is coming from. 30 minutes before sunrise over the nation's capital. the georgetown waterfront on the lower left side of the screen. you can see the caller is on the horizon. the sun about to rise. it is 69 degrees in the district's, 54 in manassas. petersburg, west virginia, 45 degrees. elkins at 44. still cool air in place. here's the wider view. we don't have much in terms of cloud cover. not much action across the eastern half of the u.s. it reached over 100 degrees
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throughout the midsection of the country from dallas to rapid city, south dakota. 109 was the record high temperature yesterday in rapid city. that hot air will start pushing our way. i don't expect anything over 100 degrees yet. we will be close to 100. the hot air will start moving our way tomorrow. one more day of comfortable conditions with low humidity rise around 87, average for this time of year. refreshened northwesterly breeze at 10-20, breezy at times. upper 90s by saturday with humidity. chance of thundershowers friday through the weekend. we will be cooling off a little, low 90's by monday and tuesday. let's look at the roads. >> you said that hot air will start moving in tomorrow. i am thinking, we live in washington. i had to go there. let's go to a map.
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what's happening on the highway? a little volume, southbound 270 but that's all. headed from 85 to 109 is the tale to tell. nothing complicated in montgomery county, across the american legion bridge where we take you live. good travel times across the bridge, through tysons on the beltway, and 270, but also over to 95, 295 in maryland looks normal route 4, route 5, looking good. looks good through southeast at the third street tunnel. back to you. >> thank you. i love lisa baden. she is so funny and so awake in the mornings. it is 63 degrees outside. >> there's a new boss in town. the capitals have made their decision on the head coach.
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he is a familiar face. that's just ahead. >> sister lives, can this polygamous family keep from being torn apart? >> next "anderson."
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>> tyler moore goes left-center field. see you later.
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it was high-scoring as the nationals broke out of their slump in denver last night. moore had his third career home run. ryan zimmerman had is 1000 career hits. they crossed the rockies 12- 5. it's good to see that. some really good pitching from the nationals. >> you have espn in your future. i am impressed. i will talk a little football. there's a new phase coming to college football. there's a playoff system approved for the fall of 2015. >> the top of for your teams will vie for the national championship with two semifinal games followed by title game. until then, more arguing. here is tim brant.
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>> some of the greatest players in the world of golf have gathered in d.c. for the at&t national this week at congressional. tiger woods teed off a trip like yesterday. he came back to the house and started working on his part thing. 10 players in the field. hunter mahan and tiger woods have won price. tiger woods is comfortable with his schedule. >> i played 30 times a year i don't think i would be as ready as i am. how my career has turned out, i think i've done the right thing. >> the washington capitals will introduce their new head coach this afternoon. adam oates takes over for dale hunter. oates played for the capitals from 1996 to 2002 and is a former team captain. have a great day.
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i will see you at congressional. >> 63 degrees, relatively nice outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> a frightening situation for a student at freshman orientation. latest on the search for the man who flashed an arlington high school student. >> and mitt romney makes another stop in virginia where immigration will be on the agenda. >> one excuse us, while we change
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into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead republican
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mitt romney is making moves in the battleground state of virginia. he will make a stop in sterling this evening. good morning, washington. wednesday, june 27. i am scott thuman. >> i am jennifer donelan. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. let's start with lisa baden making us laugh in the morning. >> it is all good. i am envious to all of you headed to spinning class this morning. we are spinning around town just fine. no problems to start the morning commute. we like it that way. we will take you live to show you 395 just fine at washington boulevard. now to adam caskey and in the weather center. >> 5:30 and we have a high pressure system. things will heat up the next couple days. not so bad today.
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comfortable outside right now. let's look at the high temperatures today. 109 for the record in robert's city -- in rapid city. 105 degrees for the record in denver. temperatures will be climbing gradually today for us into the weekend. it is 59 in winchester, 68 in arlington,. on our way to the mid to upper 80s, mostly sunny, los humidity. a breeze out of the northwest at 10-20. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> we begin with the latest in the presidential race. the battleground states of virginia is the focus of romney's campaign as he prepares to visit sterling today. john gonzales has details. >> good morning. coming off a win in utah, is
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holding back-to-back events in virginia today. he will campaign at a company that provides electronic designs, but the focus will be on immigration reform and the country's economy. as ronnie epps to sterling, he wasted no time slamming president obama on the hot- button issue of immigration reform, saying the president has failed to lead. the president said voters have a choice between his agenda and that of republicans of when it comes to the issue, touting his new policy that removes the threat of deportation of young undocumented immigrants. both know it will be the economy that will decide the election. the obama campaign released a series of ads in battleground states accusing romney of having a history of shipping american jobs overseas. romney claimed the president has not given middle-income families of earshoa fair shot. president obama is defending his health care law, saying it the
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right thing to do and the battle americans don't want to fight again. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> two capitol hill veterans survived a tough primary challenges. orrin hatch easily won the republican nomination for a seventh term. he is from utah. new york congressman charlie rangel won the democratic nomination. >> efforts to give d.c. more autonomy over its budget failed. rand paul offered amendments to alter d.c.'s laws on guns, abortion, and labor unions. the legislation would have allowed nbc to spend money without congressional approval and allow the city to decide when to begin its fiscal year. >> arlington police are looking for a man who exposed himself
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to a high school student yesterday in the parking garage at washington-lee high school. the 14-year-old was walking through the garage at freshman orientation. that's when a man in his 40's if i jumped out wearing nothing but his nike's. >> i cannot believe that happened to him. there are a lot of widows out that time of morning. >> parents have to be alert. it is getting to be commonplace. >> this is the latest in a series of indecent exposures. arlington police are investigating more than a dozen similar cases since march. >> a resolution has been>> there's been a resolution to the controversy on the campus of the university of virginia. yesterday the university reinstated president teresa sullivan. this comes less than three weeks after her dismissal, which led to a series of protests. parents and students are happy about the latest decision.
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>> we were pretty upset when she was let go. >> we can go forward with what is best for the university only if we go forward together. greta yesterday brought an end to two weeks of chaos after a unanimous vote where even the leader of the movement against sullivan changed remind. >> a police standoff lasting more than 24 hours in falls church has ended peacefully with a man in custody. this started at 4:00 p.m. on monday with a domestic disturbance call in the 600 block of hillwood avenue. police found a man with a gun barricaded inside a home. he poured gasoline on himself and throughout the house. part of the neighborhood was on lockdown, but residents have returned. it's wednesday. >> still ahead after 16 years the aids quilt is making a return to the district. where you can check it out. >> and the wildfire battle out
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west. how mother nature is hurting attempt to put out the flames. >> here's another live look at the dmv, traffic moving slowly. -- pretty smoothly, excuse me.
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>> i am with the ocean city police.
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>> a i am with the ocean city maryland beach patrol. don't take large sums of money or valuables to the beach. >> good morning, washington. >> 5:39, 57 at dulles airport 52 in gaithersburg, 69 along the warm waters of the potomac at reagan national. here's the forecast. sunshine, low humidity, breezy at times. 87 degrees for the high temperature. low 90's tomorrow. summertime in washington is back. friday through the weekend upper 90s. compared to the records, we would have to break 100 degrees to break a record friday through the weekend. we will be close to it, but we might be shot by a few degrees. the coolest record is 100 and that is on saturday. i think we will be about 98 by then. now to lisa baden for the
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commute. >> out of baltimore to washington to 95 south near nursery road, accident reported. that's the only thing out of the norm. travel times working in our favor and 95 between richmond and baltimore. good on the greenway, the toll road, a little volume on 66. between centreville and the beltway is still pretty decent. looks good on 270. running smoothly on the beltway at university boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. the aids memorial quilt is back in d.c. for the first time in 16 years. workers began unraveling it over the weekend. you are only seeing a small part of it. it weighs 54 tons and measures more than 1 million square feet. the panels were sung by hand by friends and family of those who died of aids. if it will be on display during the smithsonian folklife festival that begins today. -- sewn by hand.
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5:40 is the time. >> the city of stockton, california, could make history. what has to do with massive debts. >> a warning for those looking for a summer diet. you might want to stay away from
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>> coming up at 6:00 the deadline for congress to reach a deal on stallone's is just days away. "politico" will be here to talk about it. >> marriage is not just the union of love. it is a merger of finances. that could put a strain on the relationship. how to resolve many problems after you get married. >> your morning cup of coffee could be keeping you healthy. how it could benefit your heart. those stories and much more coming up next six. --at at 6:00.
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>> but the victim who filed charges against jerry sandusky says that he could take legal action against penn state university. jerry sandusky was convicted last week of abusing 10 boys. >> stockton, california, is set to become america's largest city ever to declare bankruptcy. city officials were not able to reach a deal with creditors to restructure the hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. expensive investments in generous retiree benefits drained city coffers. >> i had hoped, like everyone else that we would not be at this place in time that we would get beyond this, that we would solve the situation if. >> banks have repossessed three parking garages and the new city hall. the city is expected to file
5:46 am
chapter 9 bankruptcy by the end of the week. >> the entertainment world is mourning the loss of author and filmmaker nora ephron. >> she died yesterday after a long battle with leukemia. she was 71 years old. she was best known for writing hit movies including "when harry met sally" and "sleepless in seattle"." her books included "heartburn," which is about the breakup of the marriage to washington post journalist carl bernstein. >> the georgia woman diagnosed with a flesh eating disease will leave the hospital on monday. 24-year-old aimee copeland will spend several weeks at an inpatient rehab center. she developed the disease after cutting her leg while falling from home made zip-lines. she lost limbs. she initially had a slim chance of surviving. >> interesting health news if
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you're looking for the perfect summer diet. stay away from the high protein and a low-carb diet. researchers say that a 1 cent decrease of carbohydrate increasintake and a rise in the intake of proteins dramatically raises cardiovascular disease. >> devastating wildfires in the west are giving the u.s. air force a fight on the ground. the air force academy is shutting down today as the fire near colorado springs bears down on the campus. >> that is one of almost three dozen wildfires stretching from montana to arizona, fueled by record heat and wind. it's a bad situation out there. tahman bradley has the latest. >> i ran over as fast as i could. absolutely scary. we were petrified.
5:48 am
>> these pictures overnight show the colorado springs wildfire ablaze. a firestorm of epic proportions. winds gusting at 65 miles an hour and it blew the fire over containment lines forcing the evacuation of 32,000 people including at the air force academy with 700 cadets and personnel told to leave. >> flames a block away from the house. we went door-to-door. >> evacuation notices were sent to 2400 residents in boulder. the fire started about 6 acres and quickly grew. >> you can hardly see up there. >> over 100 degree temperatures is complicating the job of the men and women on the front line. >> we don't see anything in the immediate weather forecast for relief. >> it has already cost $30 million in colorado. the tourism industry is losing $1 million a day.
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some state parks have been forced to close. a burning wildfire in utah forced authorities to close part of the main traffic artery in the central part of the state. at least one person was found dead in an evacuated area. tahman bradley, abc news. >> wednesday is cookie story day. oreo is sstirring up controversy with a facebook posting. >> linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters with this and more. >> good morning. let's begin with the owner of days inn, wyndham hotels is being sued due to security breaches that led to more than 500,000 credit cards being compromised. the breed to lead to more than $10.6 million in fraud losses. the company says it is
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cooperating with the investigation and will fight. electric vehicles may be about to go wireless one day. a number of companies are developing ways to cut the cord so drivers can charge their batteries wirelessly on a formmat that sits on the floor. this rainbow oreo was posted on facebook. some approved, but others threatened to boycott kraft products. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. by the way, the rainbow warrior was in support of gay pride. >> now to adam caskey.
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>> a lot of people love the heat and humidity. >> really? >> she is aghast at the concept people might enjoy that. >> mainly people who have swimming pools. it is refreshing. even in midsummer the swimming pool feels like the gulf of mexico in the summer. you will need the swimming pool friday through the weekend or go to the beach to get some relief. turn on the sprinkler in the backyard. let's look at the sunrise this morning over. the over six minutes ago. crisp, clear sunrise because we don't have haze due to the lack of humidity. low humidity today. open the windows for the first part of the day. then you will want the air conditioner for the afternoon. it will be 87. that is average. 69 at reagan national.
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62 in gaithersburg, 57 at dulles airport, 52 in manassas, 52 in cumberland petersburg, west virginia 45. take a look at some of the high temperatures from yesterday. 109 in rapid city, south dakota. 105 for the record as well in denver. 104 in oklahoma city. 106 in dallas and that was not even a record. if 115 in nebraska and in kansas. those were the highest temperatures yesterday. as the height shouldigh ships, the warm air will move into washington. temperatures will climb into the in low 90's tomorrow. upper 90s on friday through the weekend. no clouds overhead right now. we can still see the cloud line over the ocean. that is the cold front from a couple days ago.
5:53 am
low humidity today, 87 northwesterly wind at 10-20. breezy at times. mostly sunny again tomorrow. low 90's with humidity creeping up. friday through the weekend near 100 for the high temperature. i think we will be in the upper 90s with instability and possibly a few thundershowers friday through sunday. june through july in washington you have to hit or exceed 100 degrees and generally to break a record or tie record. the lowest record is saturday at 100. i think we will come close. back to lisa baden. >> you were talking about all that sunshine. you will need to grab your favorite sunglasses because of the sunshine delays that will start to form. leaving the mormon temple out
5:54 am
of college park into a green belt. heading into vienna on 66. pinterest and, everybody heading eastbound across the wilson bridge. still giving you travel times in our favor even with sunshine. to and from the wilson bridge is good. good on 50 between the bay bridge and new york ave. back to you. >> thank you. i don't even know what to say, lisa. but they are gorgeous. where did you get them? >> i will tell you after the show, darling. >> by the clock 54 is the time, 64 degrees. >> general hospital fans, prepared to change the setting on your d vr. the soap opera will have a new
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>> in entertainment news, an alert for fans of general hospital. it's moving to a new time. >> beginning monday, september 10, the soap opera is moving 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time. that is an hour earlier. this will allow it to serve as a leader -in for katie couric's new talk show. the soap opera just one best show at the emmy awards. >> i did not know that katie
5:58 am
couric was going to have a new talk show. >> there's more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, the latest on the presidential campaign trail. republican mitt romney is in northern virginia today. >> lisa baden will have an update on your wednesday m
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