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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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mitt romney is making a stop in our region as president obama and mitt romney blasted to other in the campaign trail them a wildfires are burning across the country as thousands have to leave their homes. >> relief at the pump finally as gas prices continue to go down toward the holiday. good morning, washington continues now. >> >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning washington, it is wednesday, june 27. >> it is a beautiful looking morning and we will begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa baden but first, here is adam caskey. >> it is another great morning. it is the last really comfortable day with load humidity and high temperatures will be warmer than yesterday but denies refreshing breeze of the northwest.
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it will be able gusty to day like yesterday. temperatures will be about 5 degrees warmer. 57 degrees in manassas. mostly sunny again today warm, in the mid to upper 80's and breezy at times but low humidity. all that is changing starting tomorrow. i will be back with your extended forecast. >> everything is changing and the volume is starting to grow. traffic patterns change this time of year with vacation time. everything is running in our favor right now around the beltway and interstate travel look good. look at the quiet traffic on the belt way through bethesda and tyson's and go on the dulles toll road about. >> prince george's county need your help to find a missing
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teenager. >> this teenager was last seen yesterday morning in fort washington. case workers say the teenager has a mental potassic -- capacity of a 12-year-old. she was carrying a purse. if you see her, call police. we turn to the race for the white house. mitt romney continues to campaign in the battleground state of virginia with a stop in sterling this evening. >> he and president obama are taking shots at each other on the campaign trail. john gonzales has more. >> coming off a win in utah, mitt romney is holding back to back the events in virginia. he will campaign today at a company that provides electronic designs and sterling but the focus will be on immigration reform and the economy. as he heads to sterling, mitt romney is wasting no time
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slaming president obama on the hot-button issue of immigration reform. >> status looking to find a way to solve the problem that he did not address, we know the president failed to lead. >> the president says voters have a choice between his agenda and that of republicans like comes to the issue. this new policy removes the threat of deportation for young undocumented immigrants. >> they don't want to go back today when young people with a golden boar brought to the united states and raised with our kids -- with young immigrants brought the united states and raised. >> the obama campaign released a series of ads in battleground states accusing mitt romney of having a history of shipping american jobs overseas. >> romney has never stood up to china. he has sent our jobs. >> if there has ever been a president of united states that has not given a fair shot to the middle income families of america, is president obama.
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>> in 2004, president bush won with 44% of the hispanic vote. john mccain lost with 31% of the boat and mitt romney is polling even lower. >> thank you. longtime utah's senator orrin hatch easily won the republican nomination for a seventh term on capitol hill. he beat back a challenge from a former utah state senator. the senate has reportedly reached a deal to keep interest rates on college loans steady for another year. house republicans are expected to discuss the issue this morning but house speaker john bender says he is not sure the agreement will win approval. the interest rate on federally subsidized loans could double on sunday if the deal is not worked out. we will have more on this in a
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discussion with a politico coming up next half-hour. >> anticipation is building over a landmark supreme court ruling for it and its rigid decision is expected to more on president obama's health care law. it involves 26 states and an individual mandate that requires all americans to buy health insurance. the supreme court's decision could have a huge political and economical impact. we are seeing more relief at the pump as we get closer to the fourth of july holiday. >> gas prices are now a five- month low. that is good news for many drivers and jubilee -- and jummy olabanji has more. >> good morning. for everyone across the country, gas is under $4 per gallon. at this exxon in arlington is at $3.55. gas prices continued to tumble.
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they're down 54 cents from their peak of $3.94 back in april. that is a drop of more than 20% in the price of oil. that means americans are spending roughly $200 million less per day at the pump. aaa says people are buying about 5% less gas than they did this some time last year. in virginia, the average price is $3.22 and in d.c. it is $3.53 and in maryland, it is $3.55. we want to find all the cheapest gas in the region. if you want to drive down south in fredericksburg, gas this morning is $2.98 or $2.99. it might take you longer to get there. >> people will be driving down south. lower gas prices is another
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reason why people will be on the road next week. aaa predicts overall travel to be up 5%. 84% will be driving to make use of the low gas prices and that is a 4% increase over last year. it is a cool 64 degrees. >> it will get hotter. still ahead even as gas prices slide, general motors plans to roll out its new mini-car this summer. >> a connection between java and heart prevention -- heart disease prevention. >> lisa baden will have another check in your wednesday morning commute. you're wat
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>> i'm riding my bike on the boardwalk and ocean city. come on down and join us with the free events this summer. good morning, washington. >> he is a happy guy. he had coffee. >> he did have coffee at your drinking yours. we're talking about grabbing that cup of joe and here is some good news. coffee might keep your heart healthy. >> a new study by the american heart association finds drinking two 8 ounce cups of coffee per day gives people an 11% lower risk of developing heart failure. that is compared to people who do not drink coffee. there is a downside. researchers say drinking four
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cups per day weakens the protection and 5 cups or more could harm you. you will probably also bounce off the walls. >> you don't need that coffee necessarily when you have this beautiful day th. >> i like that hot cup of coffee sitting outside with low humidity. who can handle 5 cups of coffee per day? i'm sure you are out there. 68 degrees in d.c. right now, 50 in cumberland. open the windows and let that fresh air in because we still have lower humidity and a breeze out of the northwest with 87 degrees the high end of burke 90's friday through the weekend.
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denver went from one -- over 100 yesterday down to 95. the whole midsection of the country is over 100 degrees again. up in boston, only 76. bright sunshine across the nation and we are not expecting any delays in terms of thunderstorm but maybe in florida. you still have some effect from debbie which is pushing off. >> we have been watching a little bit of volume. 95 is the hottest ticket in town between dale city and the occoquan. let's take you up straight mentioned apace of traffic which is great at washington boulevard. >> thank you. the aids memorial quilt is back in d.c. for the first time in 16 years.
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you are seeing only a small portion of the quilt here but 54 tons is what it weighs and it is made up of about 47,000 handstitched sections. it represents the people who have died of aids and it will be on display today in d.c.. it is 6:13 and 68 degrees. >> america's dependency on middle restaurant -- middle eastern oil is diminishing. >> the mighty colorado springs wildfire is forcing evacuation. i will have details coming up. >> debbie weakens to a tropical depression but continues to wreak havoc. we will have wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee!
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>> sacramento is set to become the largest city and the nation to declare bankruptcy. they were unable to reach a deal to restructure billions of dollars in debt. the city council approved the special bankruptcy budget that suspend debt payments, increases revenue, and reduces payments for medical and retiree benefits. gm is adding spark to its chevrolet sign but although dealers are still seeing good sales this month. >> good morning splitting up news corp. -- the board of the rupert murdoch media empire is expected to approve a split. newspapers including "the wall street journal" become a separate company. fox news would become another. energy analysts say we may not need any middle eastern oil by
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2025. automobile dealers have almost 25% higher sales than one year ago because japanese dealers are back in business but sales are down 7% from last month. general motors is sparking its own sales later this summer with its first mini-car. gm is targeting the four-seater in urban markets. >> thank you. despite being downgraded, a tropical depression debbie continued to make its presence felt. after inundating florida with huge rainfall, forecasters say it still has the potential to cause additional flooding as it makes its way back out to sea bird some parts of florida are under water and residents are making their way around on kayaks and boats to collect their belongings. record heat and wild winds almost three dozen wildfires be -- continued to burn from
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montana to colorado. the fire near colorado springs is forcing the air force academy to shut down. >> i ran over as fast as i could. it is scary. there is another of -- there is no other word. >> these pictures show the colorado springs wildfire a blaze of epic proportions. winds gusted to 65 m.p.h. and blew the fire over containment was forcing the evacuation of 32,000 people including the air force academy were 700 cadets and personnel were told to leave. >> my dad told the fire was one block away from my house. >> in boulder pre-evacuation notices were sent to 3400 residents as firefighters battled the blaze there. the fire started out about 6 acres and quickly grew. >> you can have hardly see up there. >> a week of excruciating 100 + degree temperatures are
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complicating the job. >> we don't see anything in the immediate weather forecast that will relieve that theme fighting fires in colorado has already cost million dollars. some state parks have been forced to close. in utah, a burning wildfire forced authorities to shut down part of the main traffic artery and the central part of the state. at least one person was found dead in an evacuated area. >> they are desperate for some relief to their. >> that is a terrible situation. let's check out our conditions at 6:19. here is traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> it is pretty smooth right now in virginia. 95 and 66 don't have any accidents. if you're going to the wilson bridge out of maryland and virginia only one lane is available in local lanes. uncomplicated across the american legion bridge and
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troubled times are working for us. light volume here in this traffic center camera at the montrose road on 270. >> another pleasant morning 59 degrees in domestic, a little bit from yesterday morning but take a look of the beautiful sunrise. this is damascus elementary school and a crisp and clear baby blue sky. it is not hazy sunshine. 52 degrees in manassas and 53 in martinsburg. along the waterways we are in the 60's. look at the highs from yesterday. 109 was they record high in rapid city. very hot air will shift east as this high pressure system moves and are comfortable air will get pushed out and be replaced by a
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very hot conditions. in terms of cloud cover know where across the eastern u.s. but some showers in new england. we could use a few of those showers but it does not look like we'll get it on either friday or the weekend. 87 today and low humidity and a little breezy like yesterday back into the lower 90's 2 mar with an increase in humidity and friday into the weekend, upper 90s. compare that to the record. late june through july and washington you have to exceed 100 degrees to the records. saturday the record is 100 and i think we will be closer to 98 degrees. > we've got some sad news to report this morning >> publisher and oscar nominated writer nora
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ephron has died after a battle with leukemia. she wrote the books heartburn and crazy salad and she is to be married to washington post journalist carl bernstein. she was 71 years old. the time is 6:22 and 63 degrees. >> coming up next, robin roberts' almost is now helping others who need treatment. >> can this polygamous family keep from being torn apart next anderson.
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>> robin roberts announced that she is suffering from mds a blood and bone marrow disorder. people lined up to register to
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become a donor at abc headquarters in new york. the national bone marrow donation registry says the new of -- the new registrants have doubled. >> however, blood donations are reaching emergency levels. the american red cross says it must select more than 17,000 pints of blood. they have seen 50,000 fewer donations than expected so far. the time the 6:25 and still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> the search is on for a man who approached 18 at a local high school with nothing but his nikes on. >> mitt romney makes day stop in battleground virginia. >> another pleasant start to the day but we will be cranking up the [ scott ] i grew up playing
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> ba straight ahead at 6:30, there is a little less pain at the pump as gas prices continued to drop. >> plus, mitt romney is in the battleground state of virginia and heading to our area. good morning washington, it is wednesday, june 27. >> we began with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be checking in with adam caskey but first tier is lisa baden. >> -- but first here is lisa baden. >> let me grab my glasses. adam caskey will tell you about plenty of sunshine today. it was in our eyes this morning if you are heading eastbound on 66 to get into reston. no accidents to report right now on the greenway or the dulles toll road.
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this is near walter reed, 355 at cedar lane has ongoing construction. it is in good shape at the beltway at rockville pike. here is traffic into springfield, virginia. we will march over to the weather center. >> you will need those bechet's today and into the rest of the weekend because it will get harder outside. here is a live look of the sunshine over fairfax where it is currently 62 degrees. nothing but sunshine and hardly any clouds in this guy today. it will be like yesterday with a few patty fairweather clouds. arlington is 67 degrees. fredericksburg is 55 degrees. low humidity today and breezy at times with 87 the high and back
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into the lower 90's tomorrow but the heat and humidity comes back and i will tell you about that coming up. >> the battleground state of virginia is the focus of the mitt romney campaign today. >> he will make a stop in sterling. john gonzales joins us live with more. >> coming off a win in utah mitt romney is holding back to back the events in virginia. he will be campaigning at a company that provides electronic designs and sterling but the focus will be on immigration reform and the country's economy. as he heads to sterling, he is wasting no time challenging president obama on immigration reform saying that the president failed to lead and the president said voters now have a choice. he has a new policy the removes the threat of deportation for young undocumented immigrants. both contenders know it is the
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economy that will likely decide. the obama campaign released a series of ads in battleground states accusing mitt romney of shipping jobs overseas. mitt romney says the president has not given middle income families a fair shot. with the arizona controversial lot in the rear view, a supreme court ruling will come down about the health care law and president obama says it is the right thing to do. we all remember what happened last time. >> we will be watching tomorrow. a presidential historian who admitted to destroying vital documents is expected to be sentenced today. he faces up to 15 years in prison. he stole documents a manuscript from the maryland historical society. there was a document signed by president abraham lincoln. >> police are still on the hunt for a man who exposed itself to
6:33 am
a teenager in a parking garage at a local high-school. it happened yesterday morning and washington lee high school. the 14-year-old was arriving for freshman orientation and a man jumped out of his car wearing only sneakers. the teenager iran and called police. it can >> be frightening anywhere. >> parents have to be alert. it takes all eyes. it is getting to be commonplace them arlington police say it is just the latest in a series of similar and disturbing incidents. police have been and get -- investing more than a dozen since march. police to kick -- the man who kept police and stand up for more than 24 hours will most likely to face felony charges. an armed resolution to a man involved
6:34 am
in a domestic dispute barricaded himself in a home in falls church. he reportedly also poured gasoline on himself and throughout the house. the neighborhood was on lock down during the incident and the man eventually surrendered before 9:00 last night. >> a campus controversy -- teresa sullivan the president of the university of virginia is officially back on the job. the uva governing board voted unanimously to reinstate her. she was ousted earlier this month without a vote and that forced resignation caused unrest on campus. she called for unity. >> we can go forward with what is best for the university only if we go forward together. >> she has pledged to work with the board going forward on the university's most pressing issues. a u.s. senate committee is no longer considering a bill that would give d.c. more control over its own budget. district leaders asked the committee to pull it after rand paul offered amendments to alter d.c. laws and guns, abortion, and labor unions.
6:35 am
the bill would allow the district to spend its tax dollars without congressional approval. >> we are seeing more relief at the gas pump. gas prices are now averaging just under $3.44 for regular in our area. virginia has the least expensive price. maryland is $3.34 and d.c. is the most expensive in our area at $3.49. >> so much better than what it used to be. the time is 6:35 and 64 degrees. it is supposed to be in the '90s to mar, hard to believe. >> still ahead say goodbye to the championship series and hello to playoffs. we will look at how the new college football system will work. >> plus, a brawl at a nightclub but now chris brown make do get
6:36 am
out in the rank them another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back.
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>> 6:38 on this wednesday morning and it is time for us to check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> my other hear a doug hill
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wakes up every morning to give the weather -- you are a true champion. >> i appreciate that. it is a tough commute to work every morning. the cat toys on the step give me a lot of pressure. we're off to a nice day. big changes are coming the next couple of days. in northern calvert county near chesapeake beach, a beautiful view of the sunrise. temperatures would have most areas in the 50's but 68 at reagan national airport. petersburg west virginia is 44 degrees. throughout the day, temperatures will climb with a northwesterly wind. we will have low humidity today and temperatures will be in the upper 80 pause, warmer than yesterday but comfortable. in our area, the eastern flank
6:40 am
of the high pressure loads good but on the other side is where the high heat is. all kinds of records were set out westchester day and that he did headed in our direction. upper 70's today an increasing humidity levels and lower 90's tomorrow and upper 90s, friday saturday, and sunday with possible thunderstorms. some areas met -- may get close to 100 degrees saturday and sunday. i will -- i will have more coming up in about 10 minutes. >> look at those shades. >> these are daring. you can hit by what with all the sunshine and beautiful weather. i have a couple of pictures to show you what to expect on the highway. things are in our favor as far as interstate travel.
6:41 am
this is the 14th street bridge with a normal delay forming. delays on the outer loop or new hampshire avenue past university boulevard and around 2 colesville road. >> jennifer was wearing the exact same shades during the commercial break. >> the cat is out of the bag. it is offical -- college football is getting a player of schedule. the new system will create a pair of national semifinals. the winners of those two events will advance to the championship game and the new system starts in 2014. some of the greatest players in the world of golf have gathered in our areas for the 18th national at congressional country club. tyre was but a few holes that work mostly on his -- tiger
6:42 am
woods was getting some calls them u - balls. >> managing your money is hard but it can become chaotic at to get married. we will tell you how you can keep the peace financially. >> plus congress is one step closer to reaching a deal on student loans and we will speak
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>> 6:44 and on july 1 interest rates of federal subsidized student loans will double. unless congress can reach an agreement. the senate reportedly reached a deal yesterday to keep that from happening and house republicans are expected to meet this morning to discuss the issue. for more on this, we turned to
6:45 am
our political reporter. where we stand in this situation? speaker john banner did not sound optimistic as the senate did. >> the choice is with house republicans. the senate leaders decided to find a compromise to spend $6 billion to keep interest rates on federal subsidized student loans at 3.4%. they will increase the fee paid to the pension benefit guaranty corp. to cover most of that cost. the question is whether or not this works for house republicans. that is the real debate. there is a final countdown coming up sunday. >> that is a significant jump. the argument seemed to be over how to pay for it. people want that money to come out of the so-called obama care plan. >> the difficulty is what is the
6:46 am
best investment for the united states. a lot of people see college education as necessary to minimize the cost associated with education. to some extant, it is not just an issue of the deficit but also one of value. for republicans, this was a political loser. for democrats, it looks to be a political winner provided they can make a deal happen. >> this is an issue both sides agreed to get done but differ on how to get it done. how soon could we see this happen? >> it needs to happen now. it could happen very fast, very sound. >> thanks so much. 89>> money habits after marriage
6:47 am
may come as a shock. cynne simpson gives expert tips on keeping financial harmony. >> wedding season is in full swing and lots of new couples are beginning their financial lives together. differing money attitudes can come as a shock. a website for newlyweds says it is important to talk before you make the walk down the aisle. >> you are entering into a partnership and one each other to know everything there is to know about the partnership that a further step toward financial blessed? avoiding too much wedding debt. >> the average wedding is about $29,000. that is a big debt to be carried at the beginning. >> also, note your spouse's spending style. put numbers on the table everything from credit card debt to student loans matter how ugly and decide whether you will keep the accounts together or separate, even if you're not
6:48 am
combining your account, if one of you is spending a lot more than the other, it will be a problem. it affects the other person. >> a good morning project for new couples is a financial goal to work on together like saving for a house, a car, or a first anniversary vacation. >> for more money tips for newlyweds that could save your marriage, go to we've got time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> will get to doug hill first. -- we will get to doug hill first-rate you said was oppressive heat coming up? >> the dew point temperatures starts to increase and temperatures rise to the upper 90's, that qualifies as oprah said. that is what we will get toward the end of the week but today we will have a delightful weather. you can see the sun come up at
6:49 am
5:45 this morning. very little clout in this at -- very little cloudy ness as a local live in frederick. we will be well into the 80's but it will be comfortable. temperatures yesterday were pretty impressive. we will not quite get to the 80 boss as quickly because we are starting out with cool numbers. they're on today, we're looking at high risk to get to average levels mid to upper 80's. we were in the low 80's locally and only in the 70's in new england which is incredible so late in june. the records out west for well over 100 degrees and that he is headed our way. high pressure will be building and moving east and we will be relatively comfortable now but that will build later in the week. 87 degrees today with lower
6:50 am
humidity 65 tonight, 93 tomorrow and friday, saturday, and sunday, it will be hot with record temperatures in washington. we are expecting highs in the upper 90's so we will be close. we will wait and see what mother nature has in store. >> lucky us. >> i will be outside. let's check in with lisa baden. how many pairs of sunglasses to you have? >> i have a bag full. these are all from be yours. i like these because they have a shelf over them so it is a bit of a visor built-in. on 270 through the sunshine you will find dealers often on out of gaithersburg to get into rockville. we're still good in virginia,
6:51 am
66, 95 and a normal slowdown out of dale city and manassas. this is traffic on the dulles greenway where it meets the toll road that leads decent. >> 65 degrees at 6:51. >> you are watching "good morning, washington." we will have a check of
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>> coming up, the latest in a race against time to contain wildfires out less. we will be live on the front lines plus a heartwarming abc news exclusive. her emotional meeting with the man who started a fund to center on vacation, that is next on gma. >> it is 6:54. republican presidential candidate mitt romney will make a campaign stop in sterling virginia today. the presumptive republican nominee will visit an electronics manufacturer and this comes one day after he won the utah primary. >> wildfires are burning throughout the west and have claimed the life of you tell women, burned hundreds of homes and forced hundreds of evacuations that includes hundreds of cadets of the air force academy in colorado. >> of gas prices are at a five- month low. national averages just under $3.40 per gallon.
6:55 am
despite the lower prices, drivers are buying 3.5% less gas than last year. >> apparently a bar brawl was not enough. now someone is offering of big dollars to see chris brown and rake fight. >> they are being offered $1 million each to get into the fight ring. they got into a scuffle at a new york city nightclub that was reportedly over singer auriana. rihanna. the money raised would be offered to a charity. >> that would be the only good thing to come from this. enough of the violence. >> there is nothing violent about checking in with traffic and weather. >> these are kravis because maryland is for crabs and i thought we would start in maryland. we are in good shape in and out
6:56 am
of baltimore. we're feeling good about 270 even though the volume is increasing out of germantown, gaithersburg and rockville still running at a good pace. >> bright sunshine today and tomorrow with loaves unity today. we have one last day of crisp air. it will be 87 degrees and we will crank up the heat by the end of the week, back into the upper 90's for high temperatures. with that, we will have an unstable atmosphere so slight chance of a thunderstorm here and there friday saturday, and sunday. we may cool into the lower 90's by early next week. >> wow. >> that will do it for "good morning, washington." >> for continuing local news, turn into newschannel 8.
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