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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america and breaking news right now, more than 32,000 people forced to flee at the last minute with only the clothes on their backs as fast-moving infernos bear down on them with ferocious flames. an entire city covered in smoke and ash and dozens of homes destroyed. this morning after 50 years of conflict taking countless lives queen elizabeth shakes the hand of the leading member of the i.r.a. will this symbol seal forever the hostility and bloodshed? we're live on the scene. >> yes, yes! ah, oh. >> i'll have what she's having. >> oh, who could forget that classic line from "when harry met sally." nora ephron, the amazingly talented writer/director of
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"sleepless in seattle" and "you've got mail" passes away. we look back on her extraordinary life. ♪ abc easy as 1, 2, 3 >> jackson brothers are back here in times square. there they are on ed sullivan more than 40 years ago having a big reunion party celebrating the new upcoming tour and remembering their brother michael all right here. >> good morning, america. jacksons are ready to go this morning. a lot from them in a little bit. that weather is causing havoc out west. heat fueling the fires in colorado forcing so many out of their homes but that is not all. there are scorching temperatures all across the country right now. it's over 100 in the fire zone. meantime, tropical storm debby has pulled out of florida. look at that mess it has left
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behind. >> also in florida, george, new developments in the george zimmerman case. new audiotapes cast doubt on his account of those final moments before trayvon martin was shot and killed. we'll have that ahead. >> a lot of new information. also an abc news exclusive, the princess and the man who for many years dated anne hathaway, raffaello follieri, con man who duped many out of millions of dollars speaks out to us in just a little bit. >> that is ahead. first we begin with the race against time to contain the fast-moving wildfires out west. more than 100,000 acres have already gone up in flames in colorado. forcing tens of thousands from their homes and now the evacuation of the air force academy. abc's alex perez is in colorado springs with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. authorities from the beginning said this fire was unpredictable and thought they were making progress containing until the winds picked up. in what seemed like seconds
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flames jumped from the canyon to homes, tens of thousands forced to evacuate. shawna miller had five minutes to pack shoving clothes, photos and her three cats into the family car. >> i don't want to leave my home. >> reporter: overnight at least 40 homes burned. more continue to be threatened. >> visibility is down to near zero in many parts of the northern half of colorado springs. >> go. >> reporter: along interstate 25 and area roadways bumper to bumper traffic sitting in a smoky haze. as fire crews desperately try to get to the blaze. >> flames were coming down the hill toward the road and people were driving up on the median and stuff, so it was nuts. >> reporter: firefighters had been making progress until 65-mile-per-hour winds overnight stoked the flames pushing them out of control. now, once the fire took a turn for the worst flames spread
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coming down the hillside right next to this neighborhood. hundreds of homes, residents all had to evacuate immediately. wendy's apartment filled with smoke and grabbed her 8-year-old son and dog and ran out. >> my heart is beating fast. if it beats any faster it will come out of my chest and in the pit of my stomach for the people who lost hair homes. >> upsetting that it's on fire. very upset. >> reporter: in all some 32,000 people had to flee their homes. there are now more than 800 firefighters on the ground here. luckily, no injuries have been reported. george? >> thank goodness, alex. that record-breaking heat is making it hard to fight the fires. triple-digit temperatures everywhere. >> you talked about this yesterday. some numbers in our country, some of the warmest in the world. mecca, saudi arabia, 109. we were 115 in hill city, kansas, 105 in denver, colorado. never ever since they've been keeping records, okay, one time
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in 1934 denver got to 105 degrees. now back to back 105 degrees. houston, already 102 for the day. colorado springs at 101, they had never been warmer. take a look at the heat records expected today and the watches and warnings out. three states completely solidly covered in watches and warnings and then take a look over here on the eastern coast. right there around philadelphia, already for friday they have put out some heat advisories and warnings for that area feeling like it will be in the 90s at that point and the heat index level around 100 and will spread east by the time we get to the weekend. but it is hot enough and incredibly warm in the country, that hot, dry weather, we're talking drought and even the corn belt, all the crops are really going to have a problem with the heat and the dryness. >> that is serious, okay, sam, thanks. >> such a large area. now to the breaking news happening right now. queen elizabeth's historic meeting with the former i.r.a. leader whose group waged war with england for decades. the queen is visiting northern ireland still scarred by the years of violence.
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nick schriffen joins us live from belfast, ireland, with more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. so many people here thought this moment was impossible. in 60 years the queen perhaps never had a more historic handshake, symbolic end to one of the longest running sectarian conflicts in history. this morning, the queen did something she has never done, shake hands with a man who wanted to kill her. that's martin mcguinness who helped lead the paramilitary and mostly catholic irish republican army of a hard-liner in a terror group. they fought for irish independence with car many bos, murders and assassinations even killing a beloved cousin of the queen, the man responsible for her marriage. the i.r.a. clashes with protestants often turned violent. 1972, british troops killed i.r.a. protesters as what became known as bloody sunday. ♪ sunday bloody sunday
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>> reporter: u2 sang about it. >> they don't talk about the glorious killings of the revolution. what's the glory in taking a man from his bed and gunning him down in front of his wife and his children? >> reporter: today both sides admit their crimes but embrace a shared future. >> i am passionate about this. i am passionate about reconciliation and about freedom and i want to see a process of reconciliation nationally. >> reporter: many credit the queen. today they hailed her. the woman brave enough to speak during last year's historic visit to ireland. >> now brave enough to shake hands with the enemy. let's not forget the queen is here for her diamond jubilee. what a difference a few years makes much the last time she visited, security was so tight she had to sleep offshore.
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today she's here in belfast and after that handshake, a little garden party with 22,000 guests. robin. >> all right there nick, thank you very much. quite a contrast from the last time. we'll switch gears to remember a writer and friend who brought so many laughs into our lives. filmmaker nora ephron, the guiding hand behind romantic comedy classics like "when harry met sally" and "sleepless in seattle" died yesterday after a battle with leukemia. her lines were simple. >> men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way. >> reporter: her characters delight delightlif delightly. nora ephron wrote what she knew as she explained to diane sawyer. >> men don't want to be friends with women. they've already got friends. women, on the other hand, want to be friends with men because they think if i could just understand them, then maybe it
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wouldn't be so hard. >> she was the child of hollywood screenwriters. movies were in her blood. a pioneer, ephron was a female director and producer in an industry dom mated by men creating some of our most beloved comedies like "sleepless in seattle." ♪ >> "you've got mail." >> welcome. you've got mail. >> reporter: "when harry met sally." >> are you okay? >> reporter: ever generous ephron gave billy crystal credit for her most famous line. >> i'll have what she's having. >> reporter: she borrowed from her own life and married karl bernstein at the height of his watergate fame and her anymore "heartburn" was inspired by their breakup. she wrote strong sympathetic characters played by tom hanks twice and meryl streep three times. in "silkwood" and julia child in "julie & julia." >> bon appetit.
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>> reporter: and as ephron hef in "heartburn." >> i highly recommend meryl streep playing you. if your husband is cheating you with a car hop get meryl to play you. >> reporter: nora ephron once said be the heroine of your life, not the victim. a lesson she taught us again and again. she was 71. >> what an extraordinary life and legacy that she lived -- leaves behind and i don't know about you, i'm going to remember her wit, her wisdom and her warmth. >> so warm and she was interested in everything. wonderful, wonderful lady. >> we'll think of her family this morning. we do but more of the headlines from amy. >> good morning to you all. we begin with the deluge from debby. nearly 30 inches of rain have now fallen in parts of northern florida. but the good news she has weakened to a tropical depression and sam says it is expected to move out to sea sudden. still high tide could bring even
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more flooding to coastal areas. the other big story this morning, a court ruling that could affect anyone who drives a car or pays an electric bill. a federal appeals court has ruled the epa does have the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars and power plants to protect public health. several states and industry groups have sued claiming there is inadequate proof that greenhouse gases are harmful and warn more regulations will lead to higher energy prices. stockton, california, is about to become the largest city in the country to declare bankruptcy dragged down by the housing crisis it is more than $700 million in debt and voted to cut and possibly eliminate health benefits for retired city workers. and police say it's a miracle no one was killed in this 18-car pileup on a freeway outside l.a. suvs, trucks, cars were stacked like toys after ramming into each other trying to avoid a table that had fallen out of a
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pickup truck. 17 hurt but most of the injuries amazingly were minor. today google is expected to unsail its own version of the tablet computer. the device will feature a 7-inch screen reportedly and carry a price tag under $200. that's less than half the price of an ipad. and doctors in mexico have successfully removed a giant tumor from a 2-year-old boy. the benign tumor seen in this chest x-ray, look at that. it weighed 33 pounds. that's actually six pounds more than the boy weighed himself. but two weeks after the surgery little jesus rodriguez is expected to make a full recovery. look at him. all right. and here's a rather unique move by a guy who is about to become a multimillionaire. college basketball star anthony davis has trademarked his famous unibrow. trademarking the phrases specifically raise the brow and fear the brow. davis is wildly expected to be the top pick in tomorrow's nba
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draft and says he sees potential profit in leaving the eyebrows to -- you know what, i fear that brow. >> i do. i do. >> you kind of want to give him some tweezers, don't you? >> i fear it but i wasn't going to steal it. >> he should have it. >> he won't get any waxing endorsements. >> as always, amy, thank you. on the case against george zimmerman. newly released tapes are casting doubt on zimmerman's story about the final moments before trayvon martin was shot and killed. abc's matt gutman has been on it from the beginning and has more from sanford, florida. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. those tapes shed new light on why the police behind me sought to charge zimmerman with manslaughter. it didn't seem like they had a lot in the way of hard evidence but they felt that his story simply didn't add up and as we're getting more information and more evidence from the prosecution, a former co-worker of zimmerman's has spoken exclusively with abc news saying that he was commercelessly bu y
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bullied by him and not surprised by this case. among the newly released evidence this interrogation tape made just three days after the shooting. >> they're going to ask how come you didn't haul -- >> reporter: on the tape the lead homicide investigator asks him whether he was really afraid of 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> how come you didn't leave if you were scared? like i said, and i wouldn't want to be in your shoes. >> reporter: one day later zimmerman would pass a deception test. during the interrogation you can hear him and another officer confronting zimmerman about inconsistencies in his story. >> i didn't. i walked on the street. >> once again, something else i got to try to explain away. how do you not know the streets in your neighborhood you've been living in for three years. >> reporter: he replied his adhd caused his memory problems. >> to be honest with you i have a bad memory anyway.
7:15 am
>> reporter: in an exclusive interview one of his former co-workers has no trouble remembering him. >> a name i'll never forget. >> reporter: he says he was bullied by zimmerman relentlessly and asked no the to be identified because he fears for his family's safety. >> he took that opportunity to pretty much put me in a target and bully me around pretty much harass me 24/7. >> reporter: he says his tormenting continued for months. >> he was good at manipulating or baiting and switching and making me look like the bad guy. he knew if we got into a physical fight it would be on his side and was sure about that. >> reporter: after the co-worker filed this complaint with his bosses he said the harass lament stopped. >> when he was confronted by management he was so convincing to the the that i doubted my own self. >> reporter: now, zimmerman was let go from carmax a couple of months later on an unrelated matter and zimmerman's attorney would not comment and carmax said it does not comment on
7:16 am
matters of personnel. robin. >> matt, zimmerman remains in jail right now. what is next for him? >> reporter: he's got a bond hearing on friday and it could be pretty explosive from what we're hearing. remember back in april he essentially omitted telling the judge he had 135 plus thousand dollars in the bank so even if he does get bond this time, robin, you could expect it's going to be a lot more expensive for him. robin. >> all right, matt. thank you very much. >> turning now to a heartwarming abc news exclusive on the bullied bus monitor we told you about last week. after that video of karen klein's ordeal went viral a toronto man started a campaign to raise money for her. the goal, $5,000 vacation. what came in was so much more, a stunning outpouring of sympathy and donations and abc's john schiff friend shows what's next. >> reporter: here's what gratitude looks like. strangers brought together after a few moments of humaniinhumani
7:17 am
became a groundswell of compassion. >> all your fault. >> reporter: karen klein met her anonymous benefactor. >> nice guy. nice guy and i'm very appreciative. >> reporter: klein became a public symbol for the abuse of bullying after this video showing seventh grade boys commercelessly taunting her on a school bus posted online. millions saw the video and responded. 25-year-old max sidderoff said he had to do something. he was bullied too. >> i know how it feels and nobody should go through that. >> reporter: sidorov asked for donations to send klein on a vacation. his goal just $5,000 but in under a week he raised two high thirds of a million. klein has eight grandchildren, one with down syndrome and says she will donate part of the upon to support research. >> i almost feel like i don't deserve it, but -- they should
7:18 am
be sending their donations to other people that have got more problems than i do. >> reporter: most of all, she said she is grateful to sidorov for turning something painful into something beautiful. >> my wristband says be a buddy, not a bully. >> that's right. if everyone supported each other and have empathy in their hearts none of this would happen anywhere. >> reporter: john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> so great to see all that good drown out the bad. >> people can really rise to the occasion. >> they can. >> hey, sam. >> isn't that nice this morning? that's a good thing. i like it. >> do more of that before going to you. >> i like more happy stories just like that. i'm in love with those two. let's start this, though. bye-bye, debby. bye-bye. get out. here's the deal. so we watch this area of low pressure that will kind of weaken as it steps towards the shoreline and then strengthen again as it gets out so we think
7:19 am
debby will pick up a little bit of steam but it will be nowhere near any kind of land mass to be a problem but 28.78 inches of rain south of tallahassee. an awful lot of wind damage. this storm was pounding that area with regular wind so there's an awful lot of damage. here's the fire situation, 29 wildfires burning and that is hot, dry, windy, dry lightning, no help for those folks coming. 58 degrees in frostburg and
7:20 am
bright sunshine. 53 in hagerstown and 62 in cumberland. degrees now and washington. the highs will be in the mid to upper 80's. is average for this time of year. today and a again nice refreshing northwesterly wind. we crank up the heat tomorrow. hot and heat is the ugly headline for the next couple of days. we will talk more about it in the next half hour. robin, george. >> all right, sam. coming up, new details about that bizarre murder case, you know, the money that allegedly changed hands with a hit man and now the accused former girlfriend fears that she could be next. also, does your teen have bieber on the brain? the new science on why your kids can't help but going crazy for their favorite singers. the princess and the con man. anne hathaway's ex opens up about his multimillion dollar
7:21 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. thismorning at 7:26 on wednesday, the june 27. a presidential historian admitted to stealing guidance vital documents faces 15 years
7:27 am
prison. february.d guilty investigators are searching for the man who expose themselves in front of a teenager in an arlington high school parking garage. police said a 14-year-old boy was arriving for freshman orientation at washington-lee high school when a man jumped was only wearing sneakers. newschannel 8 will have more on case in just a few minutes. let's get a check on the morning commute with lisa baden. around the beltway, there are accidents and there is normal volume. prince william parkway as a collision northbound is blocked balls ford road. this is the picture of moving american legion bridge.
7:28 am
golf now. get in your the at&t national is starting tomorrow. better golfer and conditions and conditions today. up the be by especially friday, saturday, and sunday. low humidity and 70 in washington now. a comparable day in terms of unity but allies will be in the upper 80's. back in the lower 90's tomorrow upper 90's by the weekend about we will be back at 7:56.
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♪ oh baby give me one more chance show you that i love you ♪ ♪ won't you please let me back in your arms ♪ >> we want them back and we have them. right here in times square, take a shot of the legendary jacksons. yes. the soundtrack of a generation, musical icons about to go on tour, first time in 30 years, all performing both iconic songs, i'm telling you, jerma e jermaine. oh, see the camera is back on you. >> yes. >> oh. i'm not going to. i'll let you do "rocking robin." >> we cannot wait for that. all the girls used to go
7:31 am
with the jackson 5. doing it for one direction now. it turns out there's actually science behind all that frenzy. talk about why that gets stuck in the heads of teens. they get imprinted on your mind when you're 14 and never leave. >> girls, still, even at the young age it happens. the con man who fooled one of hollywood's biggest stars. anne hathaway's ex opens up about his elaborate scheme ripping off so many a-listers that paid for their lavish lifestyle. quite some time but now out of jail. the latest twist in the grosse pointe park mystery. bob bashara is in jail. it's hard to keep track here. this case can make your head spin and abc's bazi kinani is here.
7:32 am
>> good morning. well, abc news learned that grosse pointe police have physical evidence which they say shows bob bashara tried to put a hit on a man and sources say this investigation was heating up for weeks and all came together at the speed of light this week when bashara was arrested. abc news has learned investigators say they have both video and audio of bashara attempting to order a hit on this man, joe gentz, the area handyman who once worked for bashara and confessed to killing bashara's wife jane. sources tell abc news an informant worked with police in a sting operation and that the 54-year-old businessman allegedly paid $2,000 for the hit, even signing a receipt. his attorney believes he was framed. >> we think we have figured out who that person is who set him up. >> reporter: this morning abc news has also learned that rachel gillett, who says she was once bashara's mistress has gone into hiding.
7:33 am
gillett's attorney says she's afraid of becoming bashara's next target. >> she was happy that he was in jail but shocked when i told her why he was in jail. >> reporter: this all began in january when jane bashara was found strangled in the back of her mercedes. a cloud of suspicion quickly formed over her husband, bob, despite his denials. police searched bashara's house naming him a person of interest but he was not charged in her death. then joe gentz allegedly confessed. first telling police he was paid to kill jane and later saying bashara held him at gunpoint during the murder. >> i absolutely had nothing to do with this. that is a sick assessment on his part. just shows how deranked he is. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc news, bashara denied any involvement. >> to know that i could spend the rest of my life in jail for a crime i didn't commit is a very scary thing. we had a good relationship. we cared for each other. >> reporter: but bashara
7:34 am
reportedly had other relationships. allegedly frequenting a secret s & m club beneath this bar and having an affair with gillett. this morning, gillett's attorney tells abc news she feels betrayed and scared. >> she's almost certain that he has to be behind the murder of his wife. >> reporter: in april rachel gillett filed for a restraining order against bashara and just last month bashara's mother-in-law also filed a police report claiming bashara harassed her on the phone. robin, the accusations against him are mounting this morning. >> yes, they are, bazi, thank you. we'll bring in our legal team. dan abrams and nancy grace anchor of "nancy grace" on hln. you both have seen a lot of cases. nancy, give me your take. does it make your head spin as it does with all of us? >> well, it does and i can't wait to see the trial, robin. if the hit man hires a hit man to kill the hit man.
7:35 am
now, here's the thing, big bob, as he has on the back of his escalade, his vanity tag, may have walked on the murder of his wife jane bashara if he hasn't have done this and the evidence allegedly, the evidence they have is a tape where he offers once again $2,000 to kill the hit man joe gentz behind bars and that's what's going to get him. >> yeah, i think sometimes people think hiring hit man is like hiring a plumber. you can look and find one. the bottom line is that hit men are hard to come by. >> he did hire the plumber, dan. this is the handyman. >> you got to find who you have in your life who might be willing to take out a hit. and so the problem here is, someone who he trusted, he goes to and he says, hey, you know, i want to get this guy while he's in jail, keep in mind, he's trying -- >> on tape. >> he's trying to kill the hit man who is in jail so he goes to someone he trusts and where does that person he trusts go, to the
7:36 am
police, of course, and says, bob bashara just tried to get me and then they said to try to kill this hit man, they then get it on tape. watch the defense in this case. if we see this case eventually go to trial, i guarantee you you're going to hear the he never would have been so dumb as to defense which is one that we hear again and again. and you already heard his attorney suggesting that by saying, for example, well, if he was going to put a hit out on gentz he would have been killed already because he was out of jail already. so listen very carefully for the i never would have been so dumb defense. >> do you believe that the police are going to move perhaps a little more quickly in charging him with something with his wife's murder. >> yeah. i think that they will especially with the girlfriend, rachel gillett, who was fired from her job as a secretary at a college when all of this broke. she's gone into hiding. she has received letters from him, a crucifix in her mailbox,
7:37 am
she believes came from him. not only that you have the mother-in-law claiming he was harassing her but the reality there's no death penalty in michigan so the most he's looking at on solicitation is life behind bars. and what's interesting to me this morning is that he's on suicide watch. he never considered suicide when his wife was found wedged in between the back and the front seat. her body -- we're all joking about how silly he was and dumb his attempt to commit murder was. take a listen, four of her nails were ripped off. her throat, the windpipe was crushed. she was extensively bruised from the waist up. this is what this woman went through at her death. somebody's going to jail and i'm going to put my money on big bob who now is considering suicide now that he has been arrested, not when his wife was murdered and not only that, there's one more thing, they always -- these
7:38 am
men say they had a great relationship, what about the dominatrix, lady, spank me and her girlfriend of three years. >> nancy knows more about s & m relationship relationships than i. >> we've been arguing for seven years, dan. >> exactly. >> i think that would make me be spanked or you the spankee. >> think about it. >> i don't want to think about it. >> we have established our relative positions in the dominance and submission relationship. >> i guess that grace period of you being a new dad has passed. >> yes, yes, but i have to say how lovely -- >> yeah, i was going to mention congratulations. >> thank you, nancy, she sent me a lovely gift. >> all right, you two. thanks so much. have a great day in atlanta, nancy, thank you. >> all right, robin. sam. >> just did a brain clean,
7:39 am
robin. i just had to clean images. hey, let me show you this. this map, by the way, looks definitely like the hottest part of the summer in august much the only cool spot is in the northwest and in the northeast and all of that big heat makes a move so we lose that cooler spot in the northeast by the time we get into the weekend and the heat may come in dry at first as it moves east but then the humidity catches up so it's really going to be a sweltering heat as you look at new york city, 94 friday. washington, d.c., 97. memphis going above 100 degrees on thursday and this western situation, i mean it's everything you don't want, it's wind, it's heat, it's dry lightning and it's not going away. look at those temp we have one last before the heat and humidity come back. today would let timidity and of a breeze. tomorrow, 93 and back into the upper 90's friday thro. all that weather was brought to you by cipro guard.
7:40 am
>> happy thoughts. coming up, the science behind those screaming fans, how your kids do really lose their minds over their favorite pop stars. come on back. what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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scientists are figuring out why your kids can't get the songs and the stars out of their heads. abc's neal karlinsky explains. ♪ i'm bad i'm bad >> reporter: just in the way michael jackson used to thrill girls of all ages with his moves and music -- teenage girls today lose their minds when they listen to this montage of words. one direction. and usher, we can now report it's not her fault. really. it turns out whenty tweenage girl gets a popular song stuck in her head it really gets tuck in her head telling her still developing brain to release dopamine, the same neu neurotransmitter released in pleasure and addiction. >> similar to the chemicals released in our brains when we eat chocolate or have any food that we like or have sex. >> reporter: dr. daniel letitan says it's the same thing with
7:45 am
music. take justin bieber fans, for example, this is your brain. this is your brain on bieber. >> craziest moment was norway. we had a boat chase. i was on a boat and basically we had an escort and there were hundreds of fan boats chasing behind me. it was crazy. >> reporter: while most young girls can't tell you why they feel an overwhelming urge to chase a pop star, mri scans show their brains in the same frenzy as a compulsive gambler on a winning streak. elvis to the beatles, even leave garrett appreciated the madness in the '70s but never quite understood it. >> it's a phenomenon. very bizarre but it's an incorporation of a lot of things and primal instinct of attraction. >> reporter: his teenage fans are now middle-aged and they're still nuts for him. researchers say that's because musical tastes formed as a teen become part of the brain's hard
7:46 am
wiring. meaning when it comes to bieber fever and one direction infection, there is no cure. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> sorry about that no cure. coming up, lara has "the play of the day." and the con man who stole a star's heart. anne hathaway's ex on how he fooled everyone for so long even her. it's an abc news exclusive. [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. [ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves
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7:51 am
>> only i could train my dog to do that. >> oh! >> yeah, but, listen, i had to break out a past play of the day to remind you it's not just dogs. did you say you kept the catnip in the freezer? >> oh, cost car found it. >> play of the day. >> recharging your life. maybe you want to reduce your stress and where you live may make a difference. which major city is the most stressful place to live? go to "good morning america" on yahoo! to find out. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long.
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7:56 am
big show today, jennifer hudson and the jackson 5, all coming up right here on "gma." >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:00 this isakson wednesday, june 27. gasoline prices are at low in five months for the isional average for regular under $3.40 per gallon. area drivers are paying an of $3.37 per gallon and gasdrivers are buying less than they did last year. republican presidential makedate mitt romney will in sterling,op virginia today. he will visit an electronics
7:57 am
manufacturer. his stop in sterling comes a day won the utah primary newschannel 8 will have an top ofh report at the the hour. let's find out what is happening the roads with lisa baden. we have a lot of volume right manassas for on 66 and seven and get to 123. find the lais along 95 northbound at the prince william parkway and out of lorton to get springfield and 3952 shirlington. of traffic ince get on to the beltway. elaine is a divide earlier bridge thanilson they used to. -- the dollar wednesday by the wilson bridge than they used to. bright sunshine today. this is frederick where it is 61. degrees and the district.
7:58 am
we are on our way to about 87 mostly sunny and breezy times but low humidity. tomorrow will be warmer and hot uncomfortable friday through the weekend. back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ shake your body to the ground ♪ ♪ let's dance let's shout shake your body to the ground ♪ ♪ let's shout >> yeah, get ready to shake it on down. the legendary, the legendary -- there they are, the jacksons here live in times square. their music so much a part of many of our lives and they are bringing it back to the stage. their first tour in nearly 30 years, we'll talk to the brothers about their timeless music and, of course, the memories of michael. >> they are not the only stars here. the crowd loving it in times square. we also have jennifer hudson, oscar winner jennifer hudson here, a special new lullaby out.
8:01 am
can't wait to hear that song. and salma hayek and blake lively will be in times square talking about their new hot movie. >> i love that gossip girl. the movie princess and her prince charming. anne hathaway's fairy tale romance, remember it ended when she found out her love of four years was actually a con man. he's speaking out to abc about his elaborate scheme, their lavish lifestyle and how he feels about anne now. >> first news. amy robach in for josh. >> we begin with the dramatic turn for the worse in colorado. flames exploding overnight forcing more than 32,000 in the colorado springs area to flee their homes. at least 40 more homes have been destroyed and the air force academy has been evacuated as one of several major wildfire approaches there. more than 100,000 acres in colorado have burned so far. and the remnants of tropical storm debby are expected to move out to sea today but not before dumping nearly 30 inches of rain in parts of northern florida.
8:02 am
the storm surge and tide could bring more flooding to coastal areas. history in northern ireland this morning. it would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, but today queen elizabeth and the former head of the irish republican army shook hands to symbolize a lasting peace. the queen is visiting as part of her diamond jubilee tour. and good news for parents and students trying to pay off college loans. the senate finally reached a deal to prevent interest rates on student loans from rising for at least another year. but republicans in the house still have to agree to that deal. rates are said to double this weekend. a surprising new weapon in the battle against heart disease. a daily cup of coffee, yay! researchers say drinking regularly one or two cups of coffee can lower your risk of heart failure by 11%, but drinking too much, yikes, four or five cups a day actually increases that risk, so moderation is the key. maybe not good news for all of us. >> we were going great for a little while.
8:03 am
>> i know. finally, a crushing blow to a would-be burglar. this guy was trying to steal from a store in massachusetts late monday night but he got himself in quite a jam when the door to the loading dock rolled back down on him. he was stuck for nine hours until police finally came to the rescue. maybe a judge will give him credit for time served. >> thanks, amy. >> i know. usually we can see the video. our crew. >> trying to -- >> doing a great job with it. >> yeah. okay, let's change to pop news. control room, are you ready? good morning. thank you. good news for anyone trying to slim down. before hitting the beach the next time you find yourself thinking twice about grabbing a doughnut, do it. >> thank you. >> according to a new study -- >> we love. >> you according to a new study from tel aviv university people who ate a sweet treat at
8:04 am
breakfast ended up dropping more pounds than those who passed up the boston creams. researchers say participants who enjoyed a 600-calorie breakfast had an easier time sticking to their diet. >> protein? >> i don't know. >> i think we have to go to dunkin' donuts and find out. >> all right. >> road trip. >> i think the idea is your stomach is full. you feel satiated and that you will cheat less throughout the day. talk to tel aviv if you have a problem. >> all right. general first lawrence was so brave and what a hero in "the hunger games" rubbing off on her in real life. she came to the rescue when a woman collapsedout side her apartment complex in santa monica and stayed by her side until paramedics arrived despite the fact she was being mobbed by fans. she will play katniss.
8:05 am
she was so lovely when we all met her. so while you're slathering on the sunscreen, don't forget about your four-legged friends. they need it too. they can't wear the stuff you put on and someone started a new line of protection made for dogs and cats made by petkin. fyi, the muzzle, nose and ears burn most easily. they really do need it. be careful not to miss a spot, bing! >> so glad you did the story because a lot of people don't know about our pets out there in the sun. >> i didn't know. how did they get along for 2,000 years? >> george, don't rain on my parade. please. let me have my two minutes of love. you'll like this one. nobody likes getting into a hot car on a scorching summer day and certainly includes our
8:06 am
illustrious mayor mike bloomberg. that is mayor bloomberg's suv and, yes, that's an air-conditioning unit sticking out of the window. bloomberg's team's explanation, bloomberg is, you know, he's really making an effort to fight global warming. his feeling is the ac unit will be plugged into an electrical outlet therefore causing less pollution than running a car's ac. >> where do you put the electrical outlet in the middle of a parking lot. >> when you're mayor bloomberg snap your fingers. >> takes the subway a lot. >> that was real. that was not staged. he does not like to be warm. that's pop news, everybody. >> thank you, lara spencer. let's take it outside to sam. with the people. >> cause you never know, robin, what's going to be out in times square. the jacksons are out here signing autographs right now. there they are. they're right over there. wait a minute. from the central valley to new york, fresno brought their own
8:07 am
sign. i know josh loves some fresno, california and i know he's watching this morning, so there you go. that's for fresno and josh. good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards. here's one or two things we want to talk about. how about the west coast? it's about time that everybody had some nice weather along the western areas and we're looking into the northwest today so enjoy it today. seattle at about 72, even san francisco at about 69. portland, that whole area is beautiful but i think a storm system comes into the northwest by the time we get into far into thursday. enjoy it. here's where the heat stacks up, not leaving but it is sliding a little bit toward the east over the next couple of days. chicago, you're 91 today but we actually have those heat warnings and advisories out because tomorrow you jump it up and probably above that triple-digit mark. i feel like you'll get there. here's what's happening on the eastern seaboard. good-bye debby. good-bye, debby. go away, debby. just too, too long in florida. that's what i'm saying.
8:08 am
>> here is a live look at fairfax. degrees. a cloud in the sky. mostly sunny, low humidity to. it feels nice outside despite temperatures warmer than yesterday. 72 in the district. 71 in lexington park. on our way to 87 for the high today. a breeze out of the northwest. that if that isn't the sweetest. did you draw that. >> yes, i did. >> if i looked that good i'd be a happy man. thank you, michaela. i got a little sparkle on that. i'm having the best morning ever. >> of course, you're getting portraits done. thank you, sam. in here here's a look at what's going on on our "gma" "morning menu." the movie star and master con man, anne hathaway's ex speaking out.
8:09 am
abc news exclusive. plus, the jacksons live in tames square. their new music tour and, of course, their memories of michael. so much star power. jennifer hudson, salma hayek, blake lively, oh, my. all live on "gma." "gma's" "morning menu" is brought to you by neutrogena. [ male announcer ] pizza hut believes you deserve better than a boring sub. say hello to the p'zolo, in meat trio, italian steak or buffalo chicken. get one for three bucks or two for five.
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and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's.
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you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... we are back now with an abc news exclusive. for the first time since his release from prison the con man who swindled celebs out of millions and was with actress anne hathaway for more than four years is speaking out about his love affair with one of hollywood's biggest stars. lama hasan spoke with him.
8:14 am
she's in london. >> reporter: good morning, george. he seemed to have it all. looked like he was living the american dream until he got caught. hollywood red carpet. vacations in saint-tropez. breakfast on the yacht. it was a glamorous life fitting for a starlet who shot to fame playing a princess. >> grandma, you had it already. how did you know i'd be here? >> reporter: for 4 1/2 years anne hathaway's prince charming was raffaello follieri. an italian businessman who she met when she was just 21. >> so, you know, my life was, you know, pretty good, you know, i had, you know, a girl that i loved, my business was going, you know, well. >> reporter: but the fairy tale ended abruptly. hathaway's prince was a con man arrested in 2008 for defrauding investors out of millions. was it love? >> absolutely it was. i was very much in love with this girl. >> reporter: did you want to parry her?
8:15 am
>> yeah, for sure we talk about this. we talk about that several times. >> reporter: why did you break up? >> you know, the circumstances of what happened were the major reason of that. >> reporter: his charm, italian accent and false promises lured investors to sink millions of dollars into his budding real estate company. the follieri group. they duped celebrities, politicians even billionaires like ron burkle, a close friend of bill clinton. his scam insisting he had close ties to the vatican, promising to land deals on church properties up for sale in the u.s. investor money rolled in. but follieri spent much of it on himself and his superstar girlfriend. $107,000 on a private plane to take him and hathaway to the dominican republic where they spent new year's eve partying with clinton at oscar de la renta's house. >> i thought that, you know, that was american dream but it
8:16 am
was not so long later that, you know, everything fall apart. >> reporter: $37,000 a month for a penthouse apartment in trump tower. $16,000 at this hotel in rome. he even spent investor money on dog walking services for esmeralda, the lab he shared with hathaway. overnight follieri went from the jet set to a jail cell, after four years in a pennsylvania prison, he's been deported back to italy where he's eager to move on. >> i didn't realize when i was doing it that something was wrong. in that specific moment, you know, i was not thinking, ah, you know, this is, you know, this is how i'm going to do that. >> reporter: follieri says he started out as just an ambitious 25-year-old from a middle class family moving from small town italy to new york to achieve the american dream. you wanted to make it big. >> i did, absolutely.
8:17 am
but i don't think that this is something negative. when you are 25 years old, you know, you have a company growing very fast, you get carried away in situations. >> reporter: money started pouring in. celebrities and politicians were his closest friends but no one suspected it was all an elaborate facade. not even his girlfriend, hathaway. hathaway and follieri haven't spoken since he was arrested. while he was in jail, hathaway found a new love, fiance adam schulman. are you happy for her? how does it make you feel to see pictures. >> i am very happy because i want only the best for this person. she was very sweet to me. you know, we had i think a very nice relationship. i don't have anything bad to say. >> reporter: and follieri told us that he can't go back to the united states right now but he misses new york and his friends there very much. he has chosen to move on with his life. he's even looking for a new business opportunity.
8:18 am
george? >> good luck with that. lama, thanks for that. you can see more of her interview on "nightline" and more in "people" magazine. robin. >> all right, george, they are singing, singing my song. they're singing my song? they're singing -- that's a cue. yes, the jacksons are back. right here in our studio. jackie, jermaine, marlon and tito with their brother michael made up the legendary jackson five. millions grew up right along with them. their music, an important part of our childhood. now they're touring again for the first time in nearly three decades. we'll talk to them about their unity 2012 tour in a moment but first a look at the bell bottoms, the dance moves and the sound that made them all megastars. ♪ when i had you to myself i didn't want you around ♪ >> reporter: they burst onto the scene in 1969 on shows like ed sullivan. ♪ abc easy as 1, 2, 3 >> reporter: the original boy band with those synchronized
8:19 am
moves and matching cost opportunities and out and out worldwide phenomenon. for ten years the jackson 5 churned out hits. ♪ oh baby give me one more chance ♪ >> reporter: after hit. ♪ i'll be there >> reporter: after hit. ♪ rocking robin rock, rock, rocking robin ♪ >> reporter: and became megastars in the process complete with their own saturday morning cartoon. >> the jackson 5. >> reporter: their faces gracing the covers of countless magazines. by the end they had a record shattering catalog of hits and a wall full of gold records in the family living room. but as the decade ended and michael's solo career started taking off the jacksons went their own separate ways. they reunited on stage in 1983 to celebrate motown's 25th anniversary. toward one last time in 1984 and that was it until now. ♪
8:20 am
>> reporter: for the first time in nearly 30 years the jacksons will be touring once again. ♪ shake it to the ground >> reporter: they'll be shaking their body down to the ground for their fans who miss them. ♪ rocking robin >> don't try to make up for it now playing the song. we miss them and want to bring them out now. are you ready. all right, big brother jermaine, jackie, jermaine, marlon and tito. hey. how are you? make you the big brother. no way. that's the big brother right there. >> you're the funny one. >> oh, really? thank you. >> i am so excited. we are so excited. the tour has already begun. people are going crazy about it. you have performed for presidents, for queens. what is it that brought you back out again together? >> our beginnings.
8:21 am
it brought us back together was time. >> and the fans. >> and the fans. >> yeah, it was time. >> yeah, because the apollo is tomorrow night. can't get in. it's sold out but there are places you'll go all around the country that people will be able to see you. >> we wanted to do the apollo because it was our launching pad. we used to come here amateur night trying to make a name for ourselves. we want to give something back. before motown this is where we went, apollo. >> when you think about those day, all grinning and remembering that time and it brings us back to a certain place, what does it do for you. >> very fond memories because this young dream, wanted to be entertainers and do our thing on the stage and having such a great time right now. it's wonderful. >> and you all haven't missed a beat at all. >> are you coming? >> try and keep me away. >> oh. oh, my goodness. no, no.
8:22 am
i know that you all have said that you each are going to take a part of michael's songs, his parts in the songs. how has that been for you as his brother and when you have to do his part? >> well, you know, no one can take michael's part. it's michael's but we're doing a great job. we all share in the leads. jermaine is dinging a lot of things, marlon and tito are all sharing parts together. >> tito, you're singing. >> yes, he's very emotional. >> jermaine, i know you said rehearsals you've broken down because you think of your brother. >> yeah, it's speechless because you're singing these songs, all of a sudden something hits you. you're so used to him being on the right so -- all the brothers and i were crying. >> yeah. >> it's very hard. >> it's emotional. >> when we think about it, it's been three years and i know that he's very much a part of your -- forever in your hearts and in your minds.
8:23 am
>> not only that but he's on stage with us in spirit as well. >> you feel that. >> oh, yeah, we do. >> we definitely -- >> all the time. >> and you've all influenced many artist. did you see that nice letter beyonce wrote about how she would watch you all and it really inspired her and there was a particular song -- do we have it? do we have the song that really -- ♪ with your -- >> this is the one. she said she saw and it inspired her. >> she's incredible. >> what is it like for you to know that you have really influenced so many young artists? >> it's a great feeling because we worked so hard. our whole thing was to work hard and to achieve and i guess it shows, both we're very happy that people have admired and loved the things that we've done over the years. it's been great. >> it feels good to be appreciated and for the work that you've done throughout the years. >> absolutely.
8:24 am
>> we thank god and our parents for sticking in there -- you see, young kids want to start something then they get away from it. our parents, you know, saw that we could entertain and know that we had enjoyed it and made sure we stuck with it and this was the outcome. >> what do your folks feel about this seeing you all back together again? >> oh, my mom wanted to see this. i want to see you all one more time before -- you know. >> your families are doing well. tito, your boys have been performing and that. >> yes, doing well. >> doing really well and michael's daughter, your niece, paris, now, auntie janet says she doesn't want her to rush getting into show business. >> we're watching. >> do you have advice. >> we have hands on -- very hands on. >> my whole thing is your child, you know, once in your life so enjoy your childhood because once you become an adult you'll be the adult for the rest of your life so enjoy your childhood. >> are you enjoying this time in your lives. >> going out there and --
8:25 am
>> we have a party on stage. we have a party on stage. that's what we do. >> the music is just great. >> high energy. >> you'll be in for a treat. >> remember he said that. >> i'm going to -- so do you each have a favorite? do you have something that really when you all are performing and it comes on that there's a little extra. >> yeah, yeah, well, mine is -- the band -- >> some of the early hits and -- >> such as. >> "abc, "the love you save." >> all that -- >> jackie didn't say that. >> tito. >> i like the very last song, "shake your body." >> on down to the ground. ♪ on to the ground let's shake shake your body down to the ground ♪ ♪ let's dance let's shout shake your body down to the ground ♪ >> go, robin. go, robin. ♪ >> go, robin. go, robin.
8:26 am
>> that's what you all do. you make us feel like we were and just -- you know that you are in so many childhood memories for people. >> we thank you for your support. we thank the fans for their support around the world for just supporting the jackson 5, the jackson family. we appreciate it. we really do. >> give my love to your mom. >> we sure will. >> the whole family and keep doing what you're doing as we said, the apollo is already sold out. i got my ticket. and all across the country. unity 2012. >> that's right. >> can we just play some more jacksons as we go off? we've got other songs. come on. ♪ >> you dance? >> i dance. >> oh, look at her. ♪
8:27 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am jennifer donelan. teresa sullivan has her job back. uva for the visitors voted reinstate her. her ouster led to massive protests. promising to deal with to deal with challenges facing the school. mitt romney will visit sterling, virginia, today one day after winning the utah primary, making at electronics maker eit. is lisa baden. is behaving in
8:28 am
maryland. beltway at andreas -- base, nothingrce complicated. a couple of pictures of virginia. loaded up. 95. here we are passing bleed road. delays began out of springfield, of pentagon, and now the pentagon city area to the 14th bridge -- street bridge. >> we are overlooking the potomac. bottom, kennedy center on of your screen. nothing but sunshine. low humidity despite thanratures been warmer yesterday. the district. culpeper. cumberland, 59. 70 in frederick. 87 is the high today. a breeze out of the northwest, andthat changes tomorrow,
8:29 am
upper-90," friday through sunday. like it.s more thank you.
8:30 am
♪ good morning, playing a little jennifer hudson this morning because the superstar -- i know you couldn't hear anything either, jennifer. she's here. always a delight when the oscar and grammy winner stops by. and this morning she's reverying a new song that reflects her greatest role yet and that is being a mom. we can't wait to talk to jennifer about that. >> i know. isn't that great? >> how are you guys? >> we are great. thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> you can't hear a thing. also today salma hayek, blake lively, two of hollywood's biggest stars are here. there they are with a lucky boy, blake's nephew i've just been
8:31 am
told making his "good morning america" debut there in a new star in "savages." we'll talk to him about that. >> lara has come running in. >> oh, hi. i was here the whole time. you didn't see anything. hey, we're counting down to our summer blockbuster concert with lmfao. so excited. hope you're coming out to central park to see them perform this friday. we want to know what question you want to ask them. vote now using the "gma" app on your smartphone and tune in to find out what that riveting question, that probing question will be. >> how do you get the glue on glitter to stay on your shoes when you're dancing? is there that's yours. >> i should have asked the jacksons that. i knew i was missing something. you know what, some babies have all the luck. can you imagine having jennifer hudson sing you to sleep every night? her son david jr. is a very lucky boy.
8:32 am
now your little ones could be that lucky thanks to her recording of a sleepytime classic. jennifer hudson is here. welcome. >> how are you? >> you look so fantastic. >> thank you. >> the last time -- david jr. is what? >> 2. he'll be 3 in august. >> is he going through the terrible twos? >> it's supposed to be but he's such a good little boy. i can't call him a baby anymore but he's really good and he behaves very well so i can't complain. it's supposed to be terrible but it's not. >> it's not. it's all good. it's all good. with you singing every night to him, tell us more. i know you teamed up with pampers. >> i did. >> and made your own classic. >> i did. i got to record like my own special rendition of the classic lullaby and it's kind of -- you know, it's like a mommy thing that i want to have with my baby and share with other mothers and that's the most memorable thing that you have as a mom and then
8:33 am
as a child to be able to have that moment when you can sing your baby to sleep at night and sing sweet lullabies. i got to re-create that. >> we're hearing it now. since we have you here live can youic that the mike and maybe do a few lyrics? >> i can do some. ♪ lullaby and good night you know the rest. >> all right. >> i don't want to put everybody to sleep. >> you always make us want more. >> thank you. >> i know that pampers is ming a very generous donation to your nephew -- the foundation you made in his honor. has to be a great feeling. >> it really is. it really is. it is a blessing that they're donating to my foundation in honor of my nephew and helps us to be able to bless more children because that's what it's geared toward, like helping kids and helping them focus on education and with school supplies and anything they may need. where we come from kids don't
8:34 am
always have that so we can give back to the children. >> that's wonderful. i know you can't answer anything specific about the trial but just know our hearts go out to you, your sister and your family and how are you doing? >> you know, it turns out very well and we're all just very grateful and everybody is doing extremely well. trying time but we're still here. >> you know you're surrounded by a lot of love. >> thank you. >> you still got the wedding. >> yes, we got all of that coming up. >> more details about that. >> no, i don't have any more details. you'll have to wait and see. >> didn't you design your wedding dress. >> i did. it's like -- it's its own show. we'll sit here and talk about that juan day. >> it's her own show. the dress. >> has its own moments. >> but you also have a clothing line. >> i do. i'm launching my clothing line with qvc called the jennifer hudson collection. i'm wearing my leggings right now. look for that in september. >> you're still -- you're still feeling well. >> i feel amazing. everything is good and i'm a new
8:35 am
yorker this summer. so i'm going to be here the entire summer working. i'm filming right now in a film called "lullaby" and i'll start on another film right after that. so i'll be here with you guys. >> oh, my goodness. could you have imagined all that has come your way, all that you've earned with your talent. >> you know, it's such a blessing. i've been blessed to do everything i've dreamed about in my life and at times i feel guilty asking for more. i'm just grateful. god has already done enough. that's all i can say. >> you are a gift. >> thanks. >> you said you're here all summer so expect j. hud to stop by any time. >> go to my facebook page, lullaby, pampers facebook page. >> pampers facebook page. that's where you can get the lullaby. >> yes. >> what you just teased us with. >> check it out. >> i'll do it. i'll go on right afterwards.
8:36 am
who is more lucky than the "gma" family. you're in the presentation of an amazing talent that we happen to love. and our robin roberts, by the way. to the board, here's some things they we want to tell you. colorado, it was said this morning and i know everyone feels that way and we're thinking of you today that the state seems to be burning. there's an awful lot of fires going on and that heat will continue. austin, texas, just look at the temperatures today and know that heat is the big story of the day. debby leaving the florida coastline and that is going to be very good news. just very few showers are still hanging along the coastline but this heat, again, becomes what we will talk about for days now as it moves into the northeast. quick look at the flyby, ladies and gentlemen, why should you move when the map can come to >> 72 degrees in the district. chantilly.
8:37 am
87 for the high. low humidity. warmer that weather was brought to you by capital one cash rewards. by the way, yesterday we told you we were going to have this big drive at abc and it was an amazing sight. i hope we have pictures. that bone marrow registration drive and the abc family came together in a big way. more than 200 folks swabbing their cheeks and signing up to be potential life-saving donors. be the match. record traffic, as well. 55 other companies and organizations have now asked to host a donor drive just like that one and the rate of new registrants has more than doubled since robin announced on june 11th she has mds. robin, it's just an amazing, amazing thing. be the says 15,000 people have registered, 11,200 more than would have registered and you can make it 20,000. you can make it 30,000, people.
8:38 am
it's very simple. >> that's what we should emphasize. so simple to do. looks ridiculous but it is so easy. you swab a couple of times and that's the way that you can figure out if you're a match for somebody. one thing we learned, just by the people that have come in since and found out about your condition, that means maybe dozens of more matches that are going to save lives. that's incredible. >> people who have been waiting. children who have been waiting and others waiting for that perfect match and it increases that likelihood of all the things, first of all, i was just so touched to see my family, my abc family there swabbing away and making such a difference, then you hear about the other companies who want to do it and people are asking what can we do, what can we do? this is something you can absolutely do. >> they can learn more on yahoo! >> and we'll lead you to be the match organization and help make it very, very successful. >> thank you. >> how about salma hayek. >> gorgeous. >> coming up next.
8:39 am
>> blake lively. come on back, folks.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
oscar winning director oliver stone is taking on the drug trade in "savages." packed with an all-star cast that includes blake lively in a steamy love triangle with two marijuana dealers and salma hayek who threatens to bring their romance to a violent end. take a look. >> i like this. but let me remind you if i have to, i wouldn't have a problem cuttining both tir throats. >> well, you'll never get them together. i'm the only one that can do that. >> come on. are you really bragging about that? there's something wrong with your love story, baby. they may love you, but they will never love you as much as they love each other, otherwise, they wouldn't share you, would they? >> and salma hayek and blake lively here right now. i wish we had mikes on you the whole time.
8:43 am
>> we cannot -- >> i can see that. you are fierce in this movie. >> thank you. >> yeah, i was -- i read somewhere that oliver stone wrote this part with you in mind but he was a little worried that you wouldn't be cruel enough to play it. how did you convince him? >> well, i was -- now he was in trouble but i just -- we just did it. i mean he was worried that because i had a child that was very soft and it's true, i have softened but that doesn't mean i stopped being an actress, you know, so it was a lot of fun and we had a great time doing the -- rehearsing and finding the characters. >> it's got to be fun to unleash your dark side. >> oliver told all of us that was a part of it, we get to be in it with salma hayek. we were so excited but apparently he never told salma. >> i was the last one to know. he wrote the part for me but didn't -- i would hear from other people. >> what was holding him back.
8:44 am
>> it gave me a lot of anxiety because i really wanted this part where everyone was getting cast except that part and he kept telling everyone i'm in it but didn't call. >> how anxious were you to work with oliver stone? >> it's such an honor. he's an intimidating man just because of his previous work and then you meet him and he is so intense and passionate and he just expects so much out of you, but he provided us with so much information, you know, we met dea and e. cartel members and i sat down with a woman kidnapped by the cartel and he gave us this incredible well of knowledge and the responsibility to tell the story in a truthful way and we were lucky. >> you met with the wife of a big drug dealer. >> well, yeah, no, i met with also all the people -- i mean -- we met with a lot of people. it was a little scary. >> i'll bet. better get this right.
8:45 am
>> we're meeting more? but, yes, i met with somebody who had been -- lovely, she was gorgeous and very open and they trusted us and i cannot tell you lot because see talked to me -- i don't want them to get -- >> and does it mean something special to you given how -- what's happening in mexico because of the drug trade? >> yes, it means a lot to me that we're making this movie because i feel like when you hear about mexico, you only hear about the part that mexico is very violent but nobody talks about the part that the united states is right -- right next to the united states there is -- i mean, what's going on is really bad but the united states has a little bit of a part in it. >> no question about that. >> nobody talks about that. this movie does and all this violence that's happening there, it's done with american arms. >> right. also --
8:46 am
>> and we hear a lot about many things that are happening, you know, in -- what is the threat of other countries to america? but these countries are very far away. these countries that -- are very far away. this is mexico and it's -- the violence is a threat for the united states. >> also heard that you're a mexican. >> totally, totally. >> i'm close with my family. we would have dance parties and your mom would bring tamales. >> she likes the food. she eats it and she dances like a mexican, talks like a mexican, eats like a mexican, spends time with her family like a mexican. fights like a mexican. i mean -- >> it all happens. you guys are terrific. thanks very much. the movie opens on july 6th. see photos of all the cast walking the red carpet on on yahoo!
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
a unique true crime show premieres right here on abc called "final witness" and looks at shocking crimes through the eyes of the victims. tonight is the story of the caffey family that starts with an unthinkable tragedy and a family destroyed but it doesn't end there. take a look. 70 miles east of dallas it's a small town called alba, a quiet place, a nice place to raise a family. that's what terry and penny caffey settled here to do with their two sons, matthew and tyler and daughter erin. >> me and erin had our first boyfriends at church. it was like, i'm going to see you next wednesday, you know. >> while young love is the picture of innocence, a 16-year-old ear incaffey in love with an 18-year-old hot head named charlie wilkinson made things more complicated. >> she can do anything with charlie, she said. i'm in. i'm part of something now.
8:50 am
>> reporter: terry caffey put his foot down. she would end things with charlie. no one predicted what would come next. >> it was 4:00 in the morning when i heard the banging on the door. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> this is tommy gasp ton. i've got a man that's been shot. >> a wounded terry caffey clinging to life. >> i ask him, i said, what about penny and the kids? he said they're all dead. i thought, no, god. not penny and the kids. >> three lives lost and terry in critical condition. just when things couldn't get worse, they did. this is the girl rains county officials say it's behind it all. ear ringel caffey and other boyfriend remain in custody charged with three counts of capital murder. >> as i said in the beginning the story doesn't end there. terry survived his attackers, faced their day in court and after all they took from him he found it in his heart to
8:51 am
forgive. terry caffey wrote a book about that brutal crime that destroyed his family called "terror by night" and he's with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, thank you so much for having me. >> how was it for you to relive this tragedy with "final witnes witness"? >> it was tough. i speak of my tragedy on a we weekly basis with my ministry and share my story but so different to see it on film like this because it took me back, you know, to that night. >> and the vows from the grave. >> right. >> your wife's perspective. how did the show do at capturing that. >> i think they did a great job of capturing the kind of woman that penny was, the kind of mother and wife that she was. it was very brilliant how they used that to use her voice. >> what was it like when you heard your daughter was involved in this crime? >> i know i was like it can't be. not erin. not my erin. how could she be involved? i was just in shock. >> and today she is serving two
8:52 am
life sentences. >> erin is serving two life sentences today. >> you told me you visit. >> i do. erin and i have a good relationship today. she's very remorseful for her part of the crime. i go visit erin about every two months and she's doing well. >> despite what we saw, you have found it in your heart to forgive all of the killers. >> uh-huh. yeah. you know, forgiveness wasn't easy and, you know, i struggled with that, with all the anger, the bitterness, the depression, but i knew that, you know, if i was going to move on and go on with life i needed to forgive so god gave me that grace to be able to forgive and move on. >> and he gave you the ability to be here to talk about it. >> yes. >> so close to death yourself. >> yes, and by sharing my story, you know, i do it not for the entertainment value whether it be my book or the program, it's to be able to give parents awareness of the dangers that are out there and we want to be a help to others. >> it really is riveting and
8:53 am
such an interesting new concept to hear from the victims themselves. everybody -- the show is called final final and airs tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. terry, we thank you so much. >> thank you so much.
8:54 am
see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit,, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. visit an america's best location near you tod!y to find the authentic transitions brand lenses that fit your life. america's best. best prices in sight.
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♪ let's dance let's shout >> gm brought to you by sargento cheese, taste the real difference. >> sargento cheese. so many stars here, it was really something. >> it was a fun day. halfway home. hump day. >> a little more. >> have a great day, everybody. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc7 news update.
8:57 am
>> good morning. .is 8:56 i'm jennifer donelan. is no senate committee a bill thatdering give d.c. power over their own budget. to pull the bill after congressman rand paul offered amendments. back on the national mall for the first time in 16 years smallng what you see is a of the quilt that weighs 54 1ns and measures more than million square feet. they had a lot of volume on the highway. to look a traffic and with lisaarting baden. >> volume, but no accidents. 95, to 70, picking up more of your neighbors. d.c. end of the bridge been a collision.
8:58 am
we are slowing out of pentagon city. now there is a rack in the district. to adam caskey. total sunshine here, and .verywhere across the region in strasbourg, maryland. in cumberland. 87 is the high. lower humidity. mostly sunny. breezy. a refreshing wind out of the northwest. things change tomorrow. temperatures creep up friday and the week and into the upper-90's. >> thank you for watching.
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