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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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, abc news seattle. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for watching. have a gre >> live and in hd, this is a "good morning washington," on your side. >> dozens of people stick out spots in front of the u.s. supreme court. the nation's highest court is expected to have a ruling on the health care law. >> get ready to crank up the air conditioning. he is coming back with a tendon -- vengeance. >> good morning. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's check in with adam caskey. >> for clock 30 a.m. here in the belfort furniture weather center. it will be hot but not to humid. tomorrow, even hotter.
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temperatures are on the rise. let's take a look at numbers right now. 72 in the district. 61 in martinsburg. 69 in lexington park. mostly sunny and hot today. highs are in the mid 90's, anywhere from 91 to 96. tomorrow even hotter, and to the upper 90's. it will feel about 105 to 110 degrees. there is an excessive heat watch in defect for tomorrow. mainly for the metro area. up near 100 degrees by saturday. the record on saturday is 105. a slight chance of strums friday to the weekend. that is your forecast. back to you. >> we feel good about it. things are cool on the highway. we are wrapping up overnight construction projects. traffic is flowing freely on interstate 95, north into baltimore, everything is good. heading into the airport and leaving in the next few moments.
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a clean trip along 270. south than between clarksburg and the beltway. finally, the duiker traffic center camera. headlights are good in this camera. coming up to the pentagon, we will give you the green light between centerville and the beltway on 66. nothing complicated on the da's torah. -- dulles toll road. >> we are monitoring a developing story out of japan. an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 shook northern and eastern japan. it was felt as far away as tokyo. a warning was issued, but so far no reports of damage or industry -- injury. >> if you hours away from the supreme court's decision on president obama's health care law. the issue has sparked a lot of interest. yesterday crab's parked --
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gathered outside the court, and may spend the night here. the court ruling will play a huge role in the race for the white house. >> the first person in line -- >> it will be overturned. >> once the law to be overturned, but the second -- >> health care is a fundamental right. >> wanted to stay. both sides are on pins and needles. >> nobody outside the court now is. >> daniel bakir hopes the law will be upheld. >> a good starting step for universal health care. >> my guess -- guess is they are not sleeping well at the white house. that is the way it ought to be. >> at a mitt romney stop in loudoun county, they said lbo overturned. they say if it is not, they will be even more fired up. >> he will repeal it. we need somebody willing to do that. if obama stays in office, he will not. >> some say that being forced to
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buy insurance is an attack on freedom. >> that is not fair. that is no fair. >> but even at the event, a few people said they were able to stay on their parents' insurance because of it. >> it gives you some time to get a job and get on your own health care. >> they are pushing the same reason. >> i believe it was right to make sure that over 3 million young people could stay on their parents' health insurance plans. >> it was back in march of 2010 to the health care law passed the house representatives. it was quickly signed by the white house after over two years. the fate or rest in the hands of nine justices in that building. the fall to spend the night out here waiting to get into the hearing along with much of the country are waiting to hear what that result will be. outside the supreme court, abc news. >> thanks so much, tom. the house will vote on whether to hold attorney general eric
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holder in contempt of congress. republicans say he hoped -- held -- with help document and the botched gunrunning plan. house speaker john businesses last-minute talks broke down. >> a man charged with murdering a leesburg man had his hearing today. the meat -- and hearing will determine whether the case against this man will be a death penalty case. he allegedly beat william bennett to death in march of 2009. he is charged with capital murder abduction, rape, and malicious wounding. >> police are investigating a stabbing in northwest. he was conscious and breathing as he was taken to the hospital. no word as to what led to the hospital. >> walmart is hosting a job fair in d.c. looking for local veterans.
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it is part of an initiative to fight the high debt and unemployment rate. it be held at national park in capital st. se. it runs the 3:00 this afternoon. united airlines pilots are being warned about calling in sick to work. >> linda, good morning. >> good to see you both. we're talking about thousands of united pilots warned by the union against misuse and sickly. this is after the carrier now to end of normal height rate of such reports. what is interesting is that this comes as the union is pressing for the company to have a new contract. contract talks continue between the union and the carrier. get ready to hear a string of complaints from airline passengers. today is the david passenger's rights groups will be testifying before the advisory committee. "usa today" says groups would like to force airlines to combine prices for all services, such as back and seat
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assignments so that we can better compare prices. congress created the panel as part of legislation in february. today it stock indicators are showing a drop of 90 in the dow. we have a summit on the debt crisis kicking off today in the -- in brussels. the jobless claims are coming out this morning. there are big changes in store at itunes. how much does it cost to have your kids out of school for the summer? details are coming up in the next hour. for now, that is live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. back to you. >> thank you for that report. we will see you in a little bit. it is 4:37 and 67 degrees. >> still to come, thieves preying on the elderly. one suspect was caught on camera. . >> we will help explain how you can help the victims of last week's storm in bladensburg.
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>> prince george's county is looking for donations to help residents affected by last friday's storm. a microburst damaged 15 apartment buildings. the social services department said a fund to help. clubs and nonperishable food items can be given to their office in landover. >> trash and recycling crews will begin their collection one hour earlier starting at 6:00 a.m.. will be in effect today, tomorrow, monday, and tuesday. put your trash and recyclables out 6:00 p.m. the night before. that we will not have to change your schedule. >> time for a check on traffic and weather.
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some are calling it a downburst but last week's from was not exactly that. >> it was a downburst. we have been calling it a microburst at times. that is a smaller scale. it was a downburst. a minor nature logical nitpicking. >>temperatures were not so bad this morning. we're picking up the heat this morning. we will be back up near the century mark by tomorrow afternoon. preston, 66. alexandria, 69. winchester near 66. the 60's for our wednesday morning. here is the heat watch in effect for tomorrow. with our forecast, it looks like we would -- it will feel like 105 to 110. he index fell is up to one under 10 degrees are expected to mark. it will likely turn into an excessive heat warning later today. 95 this afternoon.
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a lot of sunshine. will be even warmer, into the upper 90's. it will feel like 105 to 110. >> nothing excessive for us. i thought we would start early with traffic of the frederick county, maryland. by 70 between hagerstown and baltimore. good on 15 and 50 where they meet together. nothing complicated for barry bill -- barryville. it has been a quiet run on the dulles toll road. here is the trip in and out of baltimore. 50 between annapolis and york avenue is in good shape. a quiet round to the traffic south of town at the wilson bridge. back inside. >> four-o'clock 41 right now. investigators are asking for your help to find the person or
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persons preying on our residents in the district. >> surveillance cameras found a person of interest in the florida power's in southeast -- on fourth avenue. he said eight -- he told a woman he was here to fix the toilet. once inside, he tied her up and took her belongings. >> i wish somebody would tie him up and beat him the same way he beat her. >> is sickening to see some and prey on elderly people. >> police say the same man made irresponsible for an attack that happened on g street this past tuesday. >> police are looking for two people who stand in 87-year-old woman out of thousands of dollars. and men and a woman seen in the surveillance photo approach this woman outside of -- a woman outside of a giant star. the man had a bag full of money. he said he would share it with the two women if they each put up 20,000 bars. the accomplice pulled out cash
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and they took her payment. the ottoman gift than $15,000.10000 hours of jury -- the elderly woman gave them $15,000 and and $10,000 of jewelry. >> coming up, a surprise development in an attack in florida. the only drug that was found in the suspect's bloodstream. >> wildfires out west.
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>> congressional leaders have reached a deal that will avoid a doubling interest rate for new student loans. they have also agreed to overhaul the transportation program forcing the approval of the keystone xl pipeline. the highway bill will prevent -- prevent the of government authority to spend money on bridges and highways from lapsing. the grid -- bridge in a governors hoping to succeed jim webb will share their views on technology. george allen and tim kane will for debate in a town hall forum at microsoft office is interesting. it is their first joint appearance since allen won the gop nomination. >> checking news around the nation, information about last month's face-chewing attack. the medical examiner says
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marijuana was the only drug found in the suspect's bloodstream. no traces of are already so- called basalt. the victim has undergone several surgeries and is still in the hospital. the bond has been revoked for a texas man accused of killing his roommate stock and eating it. waco police said a caller reported a man going crazy. they found a man on the porch covered in blood and holding the dead dog. he told he had -- police he had taken them synthetic marijuana and then started biting the dog. >> firefighters are struggling to contain a wildfire near colorado springs, colorado. there are being hampered by hot and windy conditions. more than 30,000 people have been evacuated. 10 acres -- that includes 10 acres of the united states air force academy. dozens of harm -- come 7
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destroyed. >> coming back to my home and finding it in ruins. >> i have never seen anything so scary. >> president obama plans to tour the area tomorrow and thank firefighters battling some of these worst fires to the west in decades. >> it is 4:40. outside, 60 degrees. coming up details on the late author and filmmaker nora ephron. >> another look at
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>> the heat -- you'll feel it tomorrow. today will be hot, but not to humid. tomorrow a combination of intense heat and humidity. it will feel like 105 to 110 degrees. the areas are shaded in red that will have an excessive heat watch. this will include baltimore and out to the west towards culpeper. that is an excessive heat watch for tomorrow. today is hot but not to humid. -- too humid. on our way to the mid 90's today. clouds are rolling over head.
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winds are at 5 to 13 miles per hour. tomorrow should be oppressive heat and humidity. a few storms are possible on friday and over the weekend. near 100 friday through sunday. >> we have seen traffic frolicked around the beltway and construction barrels being pulled to the side and put to bed. no accidents to report anywhere on the ballot. a "first look at 495 from university boulevard. no change in traffic patterns. just over the words -- that is where the lanes divide around a long-term work sound that has now changed. we will take you to virginia. no change for you. that is a good thing. frolicking freely today.
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>> that is what we like to see. thank you, lee said. it is now 4:52. >> earlier this year, tolidine announced she is losing weight. she is slowing --
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>> is 4:55. we are back with a entertainment
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news. on a sad note. a program has been scheduled to honor the late filmmaker nora ephron. >> she died on seven -- at 71. she was that in the kenya. the service is still being put together. she was noted for her films of " sleepless in seattle" and others. >> are kelly is suffering from complications from a throat surgery. a publicist said he was on his way to a concert and return to chicago. he was -- he had surgery last year to treat an abscess on his vocal cords. it is unknown how long he will be sidelined. >> here is the new and improved paula deen. she revealed she lost 30 pounds ever since she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. she had been criticized for her
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high-calorie recipes. she admits to adopting a new attitude for food. she is eating more vegetables. >> what about the butter? >> you have to get some water in there. it is paula deen. >> still ahead, a big day in sports. the at&t national gets underway. >> the nba draft takes place as well.
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