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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"good morning washington "continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine, washington at 6:00 a.m. on this thursday jan 28. >> we start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. talk about bringing the heat, here is adam caskey. >> this is marking the beginning of a new heat wave today, back in the mid 90's today and 100 over the next few days. spend as much time as possible in the air conditioning. those of you who work outdoors, i have somebody for you. tomorrow will be worse. there is a nice look at the sun rise over fairfax. 53 degrees in fairfax and 59 in aldie, virginia.
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mostly sunny today, mid 90's, it will be hot but not too humid tomorrow we will have heat and humidity and there is an excessive heat watch for tomorrow because it will feel like 110 degrees for the heat index. we'll talk about that in detail coming up. >> 95, 66 and quiet on the beltway in good on 395 leaving the belt way to get to the 14th street bridge, nothing complicated at the roosevelt bridge and good for maryland commuters. >> an investigation is under way into a fire that happened in silver spring. >> it happened in a building and we go live to the scene with the latest. >> a lot of questions and police
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activity at this barbershop in silver spring. that is the honor their in the white t-shirt. -- that is the owner there in the white t-shirt. this business has been in silver spring for almost 20 years. this is the video from earlier this morning. this is the third incident in two weeks at the barber shop, a popular barber shop. two weeks ago someone tried to break the front glass of the store and two days later someone set fire to the exterior plans. ts. we're told that a man with a baseball bat was tried to break the window and the owner of the tattoo store saw him and chased him off. at 3:00 this morning they got the call that there was a fire inside the store and it was suspicious in nature. the owner has been on pins and
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needles for weeks. >> we don't want to talk about the financial and emotional. just to think how many people will be out of work, not just myself but the employees also. >> this is a rather large barbershop. there are 14 employees here. this could have been more dangerous. there is a store at the end of the strip mall and then there is a bookstore and a barber shop and a hair salon. fortunately, firefighters got here quickly and were able to get the scene under control. the owner is asking anyone in the community if they know something to give him a call. a customer was driving past and saw they rowed shut down and
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called the boehner. >> two violent attacks targeting senior citizens and police need your help. police say surveillance video showed the suspect at the front desk of the delton apartments in ne. after you walked away, he went to the park and of an elderly residents and said he was a maintenance worker. once he got inside, police say he tied up and assault of the victim and fled with money. the victim told her never what happened at. >> he said he should put a bag over your head but he is tied her up. >> police say similar attack happened earlier this week on g street in southeast washington. officers say a man and woman seen in surveillance photos in
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montgomery county oppression elderly victim outside a store in silver spring and the man had a bag he said was filled with money and he said he would share with the women if they put up $20,000. this is the surveillance the. the elderly woman gave of $15,000 from her account and tout thousand dollars worth of jewelry and then nothing for it. >> all eyes will be on the u.s. supreme court today. >> justices are expected to issue their ruling on obama care and has led to a number of losses. john gonzalez is outside the court. >> it is a contentious issue that has divided the country for over one year. the supreme court will try to find common ground today, some sort of ruling is suspected in a few hours. according to a new poll, 1/3 of americans agree with the president's plan. >>it is one of the most anticipated supreme court
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rulings in years and will directly impact the lives of every american. the affordable care at could play big part in november. >> i believe health reform was the right thing to do. >> it fell by more care is not constitutional then the 3.5 years of this president's term would have been wasted. >> this boy has a vascular tumors and worries if this health care law is struck down. >> they will look into his medical history and drop him. >> of 26 states have filed lawsuits challenging obama care. business owners say they law would type of company funds and keep them from hiring new workers. >> i know it will be difficult. >> if the president's plan partially passage today republicans say they will repeal the rest of the pri if not democrats will pressure the gop to come up with a new plan. >> thank you.
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the house is expected to vote today on whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for republicans say he withheld documents on the gunrunning probe known as fast and furious. the president cited executive privilege and last-minute talks to prevent a contempt of votes for a down. two former virginia governors are hoping to be the next of virginia senators. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will be in a town hall forum in reston. this is the first time that will have appeared together since george allen won the republican nomination earlier this month. >> because of the extreme heat wave on the way trash and recycling will begin one hour earlier. the earlier hours will be in effect today, tomorrow, monday
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and tuesday. you can put your trash out starting at 6:00 p.m. the night before. it is relatively cool right now compared to where we're headed, 65 degrees. >> still ahead -- wildfires continued to blaze out west as temperatures rise there as well. >> will take you back behind the scenes of "good morning america." it is the jacksons. >> it was great meeting them. lisa baden will have another check of your thursday morning commute.
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>> i am with the ocean city
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beach. diving into shallow waters can be dangerous. check your death good morning, -- washington. >> people will be looking for a cold place. >> it would be nice to carry a beach around with you. >> how hot will it get? >> it will be in the mid-90s and 100's in the next few days. it is beach season. it would be great if you could have a quick snow shower in the afternoon when it is hot and humid. in the 60's 59 at dulles airport. quantico's down to 68 degrees. mid 90's today but not too humid today. near 100 the next few days.
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there is a slight chance of late day storms friday all the way through the weekend. chicago is 100 degrees indianapolis 104 degrees. if you're traveling to the west in most places, you will be in the heat and humidity. mostly sunny conditions throughout most of the nation and not much in terms of storms until tomorrow when a call from drops in. i will be back with the full forecast coming up. >> we will take it from here. >> let's talk about what was happening for the last day or so. >> we have been on lambeau. we had a field trip. we went up to new york and had the opportunity to sit in with "good morning america." we met double-team. >> we will talk more about this later but you had robyn explain
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about the armband? >> many of her viewers are aware is that she will undergo a bone marrow transplant. she has a pic line in her bicep. she can have medication so it does not maker into a pincushion. the arms ban covers that up. it is not as disgusting as it sounds but it was wonderful to talk to her. >> i think that is fantastic. she is doing great. >> and she has raised so much awareness about mds can gotten so many people to sign up to the bone marrow registry. it has doubled since schmid that announcement, 15,000 people. she is raising awareness and she says that has been the sole lining in this dark cloud. >> we had an opportunity not
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just to talk to robin roberts but also george. he still has a soft spot for washington, d.c. he says he misses the white house. at times that was a tough time in his life to be dealing with the stresses of their but he says he misses it sometimes. he loves what he is doing now. he loves the change of pace. he talked to salma hayek and had you go from talking to celebrities to politics? they rolled out the red carpet for us. >> a great team and it is nice to see them having some much success. >> we had the jacksons and we had a chance to talk to them. they are rock royalty. we will air this interview tomorrow and you will hear the jacksons had to say about the
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tour they are launching an the anniversary of michael's passing. you got a chance to check out the robin roberts wardrobe. >> it was a highlight. i can't wait to show you. >> did you share some of your ideas? >> i got a little bit about. i was drooling over her accessories. there may be some stains on your gucci gowns. >> we will share that throughout the next few days in hope you stay with us on "good morning washington." >> for the first time in more than a decade, the fda has approved a drug to help you lose weight. >> firefighters failed to get the upper hand on the colorado fire which is affecting more and more people everyday, tens of
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>> you are watching "good morning, washington." this is "good morning washington on"you're a side to. >> airbus and google have something in common because they can say made in the usa on their products. >> good morning a european summit is on the brink. european union leaders are meeting in brussels today was sharp disagreement over the debt crisis. any breakthrough depends and germany. >> airbus will reportedly build any plans in alabama. google is boosting american manufacturing. the home media player will be made in california but in the trend of electronics manufacturing in china. the average price for a new car is $500 less than one year ago.
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japanese brands are back in action after the tsunami effects are gone. the first diet pill in 15 years to be available next year. the fdic gave approval -- the fda gave approval. >> thank you. states that west are battling wildfires in record-setting heat and severe drought conditions. the canyon fire in colorado is 5% contained and the evacuations have been ordered as more than 20,000 homes are threatened. >> nearly 1000 firefighters are working to correct the more than 15,000-acre blaze that has moved to colorado springs. they are doing all they can bet on. >> we had to increase the evacuation's to 36,000 people.
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>> this man is evacuating. >> i have my guitar and my accordion and my laptop and some other things that of the governor says the state meets federal aid. >> this is the worst drought we have seen in ages. the conditions are so dry and we have had these really strong winds and a bunch of lightning. it is like the perfect storm for fire. we are working on making a request for a presidential disaster declaration that the fbi's denver office says it is investigating whether the wild fires in colorado are the result of arson. the governor says they don't know the cause of the waldo canyon fire yet that we have indications it might be arson. some folks thought it might be lightening. we have the best in the industry and they will get to the bottom of it. >> 6:20 right now and that is
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quite a scene. 32,000 more evacuate as. >> and in that heat. >> they have been over 100 degrees, 105 two days in may wrote which ties their all-time record but it is a dry heat. that fuels the fire is. >> i saw in your old territory and south dakota is like 108 degrees? >> rapid city was 109 degrees yesterday. because of the black hills and the proximity to rapid city, sometimes they get a down the sloping affect from the hills. that compresses and warms the air a little bit. >> are we going to have to deal with any threat of fires here? >> with the very low humidity, that will increase the fire- whether danger but are humidity will be ramping up. >>it will decrease the fire
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threat but it will be hot and sticky no matter which way you slice it. today marks the beginning of another heat wave with record- challenging. on the way. this is a time lapse of our sunrise. the sun was up at 5:46 a.m. there were a few measly clouds earlier this morning. that is over our nation's capital and 71 ran now at reagan national. it is close to 70 along the waterways. 59 degrees at dulles airport. look at the high temperatures from yesterday -- 89 at reagan national but 102 degrees in omaha. as far north as minneapolis, 93 degrees and that heat is pushing our wasa today will be hot but not too humid 95 a high
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temperature with two points around 60 degrees. you will feel the humidity but it is not oppressive yet. tomorrow oppressive heat and humidity and it will feel like 110 degrees. we have an excessive heat watch in effect for friday. we will have a heat index up to about 110 briefly tomorrow and a chance of a few thunderstorms. should a storm pop up, there's a slight chance it could be strong or severe. upper 90's, near 102 mar all the way through the weekend. saturday is our best chance to tie or break a record which is 100 degrees. the people break by early next week and tuesday back into the lorton 90's. >> we're hearing about a pedestrian accident at viers mill road after randolph road. we will ticket to a map and a look at traffic on 270 just started to slow down between 8109 and good and the dulles
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greenway and the dulles toll road quiet and 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway and normal travel times at the american league in -- american legion bridge. >> 6:24 and it is 67 degrees. >> the new twist in a bizarre attack -- the surprising discovery in the case where a man bites of part of another man's face. >> my mom gloria vanderbilt -- next anderson.
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>> police in florida said the man killed after chewing off another man's this had not taken the drug bath salts. only marijuana was found in his bloodstream and police killed him after the 18-minute attack in miami last month. the victim has undergone several surgeries but is still a hospital. >> and 11-year-old virginia girl
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shot and had said she forgives her acute shooter. >> because i don't have -- i am not the type of person. i forgive him. >> this man was accused of firing a gun at his ex- girlfriend. he is due in court next month. >> later this morning >> "to date"show -- today show co-host and carry -- ann curry has reportedly signed a long- term deal with nbc news. many have speculated she is leaving the show because of a slip in ratings. "good morning america has"taken the lead. >> competition when it comes there. still another 30 minutes to go with "good morning washington."
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>> the supreme court is set to hand down its r
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30 -- decision day for the supreme court and a look at what the ruling on health care could mean for millions of americans. >> the latest on the investigation into a fire that broke out at a silver spring barbershop. it is thursday morning, june 28. >> good morning we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. meteorologist adam caskey is here and we're bracing ourselves. >> get ready to suffer the heat. today marks the beginning of another steep wave, mid 90's this section and hotter and more humid the next couple of days. sticky conditions on the way.
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here is a live look at fairfax. the beautiful sunshine there and everywhere else. frostburg, va. 63 degrees. notice how temperatures are a little warmer than the past couple of mornings. we will continue to see that warming trend so 95 this afternoon but not too few minutes. tomorrow, we will be in the thick of the humidity with air quality guy is of 110 degrees. tomorrow for the weekend we will be near 100. to break a record here in washington, you have to be 100 or above. saturday is our best chance. we of -- we will add more coming up. >> not much to discuss with traffic. normal volumes are on 66 in manassas and again and centreville and 50/fair oaks, 95 into the hov lanes out of
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dumfries. no accidents right now. holon 95 and 66. inside the beltway looks pretty good on 395 and 66 through falls church. we can see plenty of volume here on the left side northbound 953 springfield. >> an investigation is under way into a fire in silver spring. >> this happened at a building in the 900 block of bonifant street. >> very upsetting morning for one local business after someone targeted the business three times. they were successful in setting a fire overnight inside the barbershop. that is what the owners' meeting with the authorities here on the scene. this is the video from earlier this morning. around midnight, there is a man with a baseball bat trying to break one of the front windows.
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the owner of the tattoo shop ran him off and three hours later the call came in that there was a fire at the barbershop. police arrived on the scene and the owner tells us this is the third incident in two weeks. he said someone broke the from a glass and someone set fire to the plants outside the store and now we have this fire inside the store. it is a complete loss inside and 14 employees are out of work. things have been quiet. the owner said he was just beginning to relax. >> yester day was probably the best day i relaxed. i went to get below go back on the window. -- the logo back on the window. to get this to night or this morning is definitely a let
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down. >> firefighters were on the scene quickly because look at the type of businesses we have in this strip mall. a gun store a tattoo store, a bookstore, a barber shop, and a hair salon. they were able to keep that fire contained. the investigation will be looking into who did this. michael bailey, the owner says this barber shop is a pillar in the community and someone has to know someone -- something. he hopes someone steps up. >> 6:35 right now. there's a huge decision that impacts millions of americans. >> the supreme court is expected to release its ruling on the health care reform law. john gonzales has the latest. >> this has been a contentious issue that has divided the country for years. today, the supreme court will try to find common ground, a ruling of some sort is expected
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in just a few hours. according to a new poll, only 1/3 of americans agree with the president paz health care plan. some of the key issues at stake is the law unconstitutional? will americans be penalized for not having insurance and will lot include medicaid expansion? it is one of the most anticipated supreme court rulings in years and will directly impact the lives of every american and the affordable care act will play a big part in the november election. those with existing health conditions worry about lack of treatment if the health care law is struck down. 26 states have already fired lawsuits challenging the obama care. business owners say the law would tie up company funds and would keep them from hiring new workers. if the president's plan is partially passed today republicans have already said they will repeal the rest of it. if not, democrats will pressure
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the gop to come up with a better plan. >> with only days to act leaders are acting to keep student loan rates down. the bill would keep the highway construction project at federally funded for the next two years. >> the man charged with killing a leesburg man and attacking his wife and we will find out of this is a death penalty case. the 21-year-old is accused of beating a man to death and murdering his wife. he is charged with capital murder robbery, and rape among other charges. two men and a woman could face hate crime charges after a teenage boy was stabbed near the howard theater tuesday night. one of the man and a woman held
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the team down while the boy was stabbed several times what using day slurs. the team remains an hospital with serious injuries. >> the city says employees will be given an absence to attend an hiv awareness lecture and then get tested. nearly 3% of d.c. residents are currently living with the at&t national gets under way this morning. the first tee time at congressional is 7:00 a.m.. tiger woods starts at 12:50 and he said he did not practice at all and spent time with his kids. if you plan to go to the tournament the rock spring parking lot is sold out and the only parking will be at the montgomery county fairgrounds. >> even if he did not practice for one year, he would be most americans. it should be an exciting weekend
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in d.c. we'll take a closer look at what the supreme court decision will mean to the presidential race. >> one baseball fan gets to see a great head and goes home with an unexpected souvenir. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes, we will be right back.
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>> word of warning -- you may want to be careful where you park about one driver found that out the hard way that the blue jays red sox fan yesterday. this ball was hit so far that went out of the ballpark and onto that suv. that is what you get for your platinum parking outside the ballpark. does insurance cover that? would that be considered an act of god? >> blue jays might consider it an act of god but i don't think the insurance company will. you can blame it on hail. paul coley, they were at a blue jays fan. -- hopefully, they were a blue jays fan. >> that was like $50 parking.
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>> what are the odds? >> it is 6:42 and time to check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> doug hill, good morning. >> i am getting ready for the high temperatures and this heat wave is under way today. we will be in the 90's but at the moment very comfortable. washington-lee high school, the sunshine right now and 70 degrees there. the farther west you go and higher elevations, it is downright comfortable. a delightful day but it will get warm in the mid 90's but humidity is still pretty low. the winds will keep to the southwest tonight and that will bring in more moisture into the air. we have an excessive heat watch tomorrow and i will probably change to an excessive heat advisory. there is the outline where it could feel 105-110 degrees in
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spots. we are in the heat and humidity for the next several days. it will be in the upper 90's and possibly 100 degrees. it is a very complicated atmosphere with a lot of energy around. we could see thunderstorms as early as tomorrow morning and we will have more coming up in a few minutes. >> let's say good morning to lisa baden once again. >> 66 is picking up out of manassas and centreville and so is i-395 . this slow traffic and an answer in blocking the right lane which is the cause of a slowdown. everything is on the shoulder now between edsall road and duke streets. . >> 6:44 right now and we're looking at about 69 degrees. >> more on those of big -- more on the big decision from the supreme court in a few hours. we will talk about what the
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outcome will mean for the presidential race. >> a huge honor that the marines have been waiting for for quite some time. >> have you ever played rock, paper, scissors? this robot never lost yet.
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>> the supreme court will announce today its decision on president obama's health care a lot. the ruling could have a huge impact on the presidential race. joining us now is juana summers. we hear what americans think but that does not matter what the composition -- to the supreme court then and no one knows what goes on behind those closed doors. no matter the decision, the
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romney and obama campaign will have a lot to say after 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> we get some insight as to what the impact will be depending which way it goes. >> for the white house, the biggest of victory would be that this was a pal. the federal health-care law is almost synonymous with the obama campaign. the obama invested a lot of political capital to get this passed and become law so anything short of the health care lobbying completely appalled by the supreme court is not going to be seen as a victory for this president if there is a split decision. the individual mandate is one of the largest components that is likely to shift the tone little bit. that will be a hard road for him to travel. it will give mitt romney and congressional republicans power going forward. >> it looks like the political
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spinsters will be ready to put their mark on this depended which way it happens. >> for the romney campaign, the biggest victory would be that the supreme court upholds the federal health care law which gives mitt romney to campaign on repeal. republicans in the primaries everybody agreed on that. the election cycle has been dominated by talk of jobs and the economy. >> we should find out soon. thank you. >> african american marines received a long overdue honor. about 400 of the nation's first black marines received the congressional gold medal yesterday. the marines for the last branch of the services to be integrated in 1942. the man honored had trained at
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the segregated motford point base in north carolina. they train for war but there were not allowed to go into combat because of racial prejudice. >> let's check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with lisa baden. >> this is 270 southbound which is not too bad out of gaithersburg past falls road with traffic heading toward us southbound moving at speeds. in virginia, there's plenty of volume out of springfield onto i-395 and there was a crash of edsall road that that has been cleared. >> doug hill joins us now. >> good morning again. we're looking at a time lapse or from upper montgomery county, damascus with a beautiful sunrise. we will be in fine shape with
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sunshine. temperatures will be warmer but the humidity levels will not be noticeably higher than yesterday's. the numbers range through the '60s on our weatherbug network. yesterday it was a scorcher across the central plains. it was just plain hot and the core of that hot weather is headed to the washington area. the satellite images will show what happens during the next couple of days. that hot weather will move east and it will become hot and oppressively humid. temperatures will be unstable, in the upper 90's. we will be somewhere in the upper 90's to near 100. 95 today 98 tomorrow and isolated thunderstorms are possible even tomorrow morning. it will be very unstable weather
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out there. even though it will be hot and humid, isolated thunderstorms are a possibility. the official records are maintained at reagan national airport. the record high tomorrow is 101 degrees, 100 degrees on saturday 102 degrees on sunday and if any records are broken, it could be saturday. adam caskey will have a fresh look at this in a few minutes. >> i am good with does not topping that record. >> it is 6:52 when you're watching "good morning washington pierre,
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>> this is a game that you never win. rock paper scissors with a robot. >> the machine was developed at the university of tokyo and be humans 100% of the time. it cheats. the camera recognizes that shaped the human hand is making an than trump's its opponent. the managing director at the world rock, paper scissors a
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society says humans try to do the same thing with quick detection. it is good to go with luck to see what happens. >> i will not lie with the cheating robot cheaters never went. win. >> take a look at traffic. >> everybody is a winner on the highway. let me take you around the beltway where everyone is behaving. no accidents to report inside the beltway on 395. >> it is more than just luck when it comes to rock, paper and scissors. you have to get into your opponent's head to. near 100 the next couple of days. here comes the key to. >>
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