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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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so-called obamacare, most of which will not take effect until 2014, will remain mostly intact including in the individual mandate. >> you would not know what democracy looks like from constitution avenue. this is what democracy looks like. >> there will be a lot of discussion about the politics of this, about who won and who lost. >> republicans hope he is right and believe this ruling will further energize voters. >> what the court did not do on its last day in session, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. that is, i will act to repeal obamacare. >> now they are more angry and they will come out to vote
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against it. >> one question i have not answered is what is their plan? what would they do? would they let us continue with 40 million americans without health care? >> the supreme court called those who refuse to buy insurance attacks. -- a tax. the other big provision of this that was being debated today was it states refuse to take part in the medicare expansion could possibly lose funding. the federal government cannot threaten to withhold funding from the state to they choose not to take part. either way, if you think we are out all done with this, think again. they will have to vote on a possible repeal. >> scott, as you know, it was a 5-4 decision with chief justice
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john roberts breaking with the other conservative justices. the four liberal justices were in the majority opinion along with roberts while justices samuel alito, anthony kennedy antonin scalia 0 and clarence thomas objected. >> we continue our live team coverage from georgetown with reactions of those who will feel the effects the most. >> ever since president obama's health-care plan was passed, voters and business leaders were divided on whether the mandate would be a good thing or a bad thing for the health-care system and for the economy. today's reaction to the ruling shows the nation remains divided. linda and cheryl -- for cheryl,
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the ruling alleviates one reason she wakes up at night. >> worrying about whether my husband will have treatment or not and would have to watch him die because he is not getting a comprehensive cancer treatment he needed. >> there are a lot of cheers it that went up. a number of patients felt relieved that they had a safety net under them. >> many business owners worry the cost of doing business could be prohibitive. >> it could be one more thing have to follow. is a concern. >> it has not helped us at all. i have seen no instance where it has helped us except our company has to offer insurance to children up to 26 or 27 years old. >> we rank 49th on life
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expectancy. we spend twice as much on health care is any other nation in the world and we don't emphasize preventive. today, this changes everything. >> in the washington area, many voters today say they agree. >> it should be about everyone being healthy. >> the state of maryland had already passed a state law to set up the type of health care exchanges called for in the obama health care plan. virginia has resisted. virginia was moving forward but does not have those changes implemented yet. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> of our health care coverage is not over yet. coming up at 5:30, a closer look at the big crowd outside the supreme court. including belly dancers and the grim reaper. >> this is where house democrats walked off the floor as
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republicans voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. it is the first time a sitting attorney general has been held in contempt. holder is accused of withholding documents from congress about fast and furious. the gun tracking program lost hundreds of weapons to mexico. two of the guns turned up at the scene of a shootout that killed a border kroll agent back in 2010. we will hear from him coming up at 6:00. >> let's get to our other top story. get ready for a stretch of days with 95 plus temperatures. >> chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center. >> comfortably warm right now 89 degrees. the moisture level is pretty low so it is comfortably warm. not like that tomorrow and through the weekend. it will be very hot and humid. a heated by three in effect all
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day tomorrow. it will feel like 105 degrees at times. with the relative humidity, the dewpoint temperature is pretty low and it is comfortable. look at the heat out west, 103 in kansas city, indianapolis, and nash bill now. worcester levels are a little higher so that combination of high heat and high humidity is headed east and will be with us friday through monday. a healing from the eastern slope of the rockies all the way to the east coast. as we head over night we will drop into the 7's, the war is not we have had all week, and then the heat is on. more on what to expect over the weekend shortly. >> meanwhile the he is back in a big way. with a lot of outdoor events this week, water bottles and portable fans will be everywhere. some people today did have
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issues with the heat and suzanne has more on how people are open tonight. >> the only thing that is making it bearable being out here tonight is the fact that the humidity is still fairly low. for some people, today's heat did pose some serious challenges. day one of this multi-day heat wave hit hard at the at&t national golf tournament where spectators were treated for heat related illnesses. it was a tough warning for some golf fans. >> people try to watch closely the 18 holes. they are not drinking enough and hydrating with gatorade and power aid and stuff like that. >> did forgetting last minute hydration before boarding buses preparing for a long they had in the heat. >> i have my water and my hat. >> bumper-to-bumper traffic led to trouble for this toyota
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pickup. overheated as the driver was on his way to a job. >> i have to stop for labette and then keep going. >> today's weather will not break any records, but there is still reason to be cautious. this woman is keeping a watch live on her grandchildren. >> they are very light skinned and they have not been outside very much. we are trying to keep liquids in them so they will not get dehydrated. >> other small children stayed in the shade and took regular water breaks. today is just the beginning. >> it is very, very hot. >> that is the way it will remain. the extreme heat is prompting metro to lift its beverage van meaning it will allow people to bring bottles of water on board the train through monday.
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nan kennedy, abc 7 news. >> you can follow temperatures all around the area any time of the day right on our website. our web team is always sending updates thru facebook and twitter. >> we are following breaking news in maryland. sealed indictments were returned by a grand jury last friday for christopher terry and michael row. both officers are accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment and second-degree assault as well as misconduct in office, in connection with an incident at a memorial day party involving three teenagers. >> they are expected to behave in the same professional manner as are on duty officers wearing uniform to behave. >> both officers have been suspended with pay. a print -- a hearing to change that status could take place monday. >> three police officers have been indicted outside a fight --
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after a fight outside a d.c. night club. >> the incident happened right there outside the club on the sidewalk, and the victim in this case ended up losing an eye. once again from a -- once again, trouble has ended up on the doorstep of the lotus nightclub. police said early last june of fight broke out in the club involving almost a dozen people. some of those involved in the fight were thought to be bouncers. patrons were beaten badly in one had to be taken to the hospital. investigators looked at video from the lotus security cameras and recognized the four people involved in meeting those who reinjured were actually off duty district police officers. >> that already have an
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advantage. >> the off-duty officers have been indicted, facing assault charges. >> nobody should be beating anybody up. >> the chief did react to the rest of the officers, saying there are no exceptions for those who violate the law. reinforces our message that violence will not be tolerated and a matter who you are. last year, 24-year-old walter blair plans he was beaten so badly by off-duty officers acting as bouncers at the club that he lost his left eye. >> there is always a danger. you don't want to come down here by yourself or not have friends with you. >> there is no comment from the lotus nightclub. >> still to come, if you live in northern virginia, you might have noticed a burning smell in the air today. we'll show you where it is
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coming from.
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>> the food and drug administration has approved a new weight-loss drug and it could be the answer for many americans who have been trying to lose weight. >> this is for obese adults that have a least one other medical complications like diabetes. it is not an appetite suppressant. this is a new type of medication that works in the brain neurotransmitters. >> it activates serotonin receptors and gives them a feeling of fullness. >> at the national center for weight and wellness, doctors are not yet prescribing the new drug. these are some of the side effects. >> approved by the fda
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wednesday, the new weight-loss pill is similar to phen-fen which was taken off the market because it damaged heart valves. >> people we talked to today seemed skeptical. >> i think there are more natural ways to do with it. >> he tried other drugs after ballooning to over 350 pounds. now he avoids diet drugs. the doctor says medical intervention is the only way to help some people with diabetes or high cholesterol. >> this is a very valuable, additional tool. >> the new drug's approval by the fda was the first weight-
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loss pill approved by the administration in 13 years. with one-third of american adults obese drug companies are working to come up with more medication, and several more are in the pipeline. >> the fbi is investigating whether some massive fires burning in colorado or deliberately set. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and nearly 30 square miles have burned. forcing more than 30,000 people to evacuate their homes in colorado springs. >> i am leaving my house. >> i loaded up my truck so quick but just my tv and everything besides furniture, basically. >> more than 2500 firefighters are battling the breakblaze. president obama plans to tour the site tomorrow. >> in the short term, sooner or later the pattern will shift
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but in the short term it is not looking good at all. we expected a hot dry day, and we had that, but the humidity and increasing temperatures will arrive tomorrow. a time lapse of our camera in fairfax, and it started as a bright and sunny day. the temperature's rising into the '90s so it has turned out to be uncomfortably warm thursday afternoon and will stay that way through the evening. relative humidity is running only about 29 or 30%. that is dry and comfortable. 87 degrees to the northeast in syracuse and 70 in boston -- 78 in boston. a little cooler in the northeast, but nothing cool is coming in from the -- from the west.
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103 reported in asheville and indianapolis. -- in nashville and indianapolis. check out these numbers these are the heat index numbers. if there is any good news, it fills one degree cooler in st. louis. this is the bubble and as it expands to the east, it will build vertically in the atmosphere. we have three or four consecutive days of temperatures in the upper 9's, near 100 degrees. that is why a heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow starting at 11:00 a.m. when you see the dewpoint temperatures in the 60's and the temperatures in the 90's, it is very dry.
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it doesn't happen very often here so we are getting a break but all that changes tomorrow. because of that heat and humidity up, we have widespread heat advisories. look at all these counties in the states to the west, the pink ones are excessive heat warnings. not much in the way of cloudiness or moisture and showers. as we get through the next few days we will watch for couple of things. combined with the daytime heat there could be a thunderstorm or two. back west in the mountains will have chances of showers and storms every now and then through the next few days along with the high heat and humidity. not much in the way of cloud cover, mostly sunny to partly cloudy and now and then the computer models analyze a couple of spots for showers and thunderstorms to flare up.
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searing heat, uncomfortable humidity levels straight through monday. a bit of a break tuesday lincecum and thursday. any fireworks in the sky wednesday night will not be from mother nature. the looking whether for the fourth of july. -- good-looking whetherweather. >> arch campbell refused to guilty pleasures new to the theater this weekend. will magic mike meet ladies expectations? >> a new treaty medical tool that could save more women's lives.
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>> an overnight fire destroys the montgomery county barbershop. >> it is in silver spring and the owner said someone tried to break into the business last night, and hours later it went up in flames. >> according to authorities this is just the latest in a string of incidents that happened here at this address. the overnight fire is just the latest in all of this. it would normally be a very
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busy barber shop at this hour. now it is boarded up and investigators are trying to figure out what happened. ebony barber's is now a shell of a shop after an early-morning fire authorities say was intentionally set. it all started around 11:45 last night when police were called to the shop to reports of vandalism. a witness told police he saw someone smashed in the front windows with a baseball bat. three hours later the shot went up in flames. fire investigators say they found traces of an accelerant some sort of flammable liquid, inside the store. >> it blew up. the walls the chairs, and everything. >> i was on pins and needles just to think how many people are going to be out of work. >> daniel don barr is one of those people. he has been a barber here for more than six years. he said fourth of july and
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holidays are the busiest time of year. police said twice in the past two weeks that have been called to the same address for vandalism. employees say the first time the windows were broken. the second time, another fire attempt. >> i don't know who they are targeting or wine but i hope this is the last of it -- who they are targeting or why. >> at this point the shop is expected to be closed for about a month. the total loss, $100,000. >> coming up, the security lapse uncovered at one of the country's biological labs.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> more of our top story about the supreme court healthcare ruling today. >> the scene outside the court today was absolutely crazy with people carrying signs yelling at each other. there were even belly dancers. >> brad bell was there with all the excitement live from the supreme court. >> there was a lot of anticipation and excitement about the decision. a huge crowd did gather here. it seemed like everyone of them wanted to be heard. that came thousands strong to voice their opinions for and against.
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>> i don't think access to health care should be dependent on your socioeconomic status. >> it is unconstitutional and we need this thing thrown out. >> there was no shortage of passion and there was plenty of just plain weird. from the belly dancers on the steps of the united states supreme court, to the grim reaper. they occasionally confronted each other with their dissenting views. then came the confusing moment of truth. when the court issued its opinion, two cable news network's incorrectly ruled that the health care bill had been ruled unconstitutional. there was pandemonium as both sides claimed victory. as the truth spread that the act had been upheld, the crowd slowly drifted away.
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most left feeling like they had witnessed something very important. >> it is very america. people wanted to be in washington at a moment of history. >> history in the making indeed. there were no problems out here, no arrests. it is very peaceful and it seemed like everyone we spoke to come in and those who were disappointed by the ruling, said there were glad they were here. >> the health care ruling is today's big topic on facebook. we asked if you agree with the supreme court's decision to uphold the health care mandate. 52% of those who voted say they agree and 48% said no. >> a local firefighters in federal custody tonight accused of sex crimes involving a 15- year-old girl in canada. he was arrested this morning.
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according to the indictment, he enticed the girl to take naked pictures of herself and engage in sexual activity on line. a source tells us he is a firefighter in fort belfourvoir. the house has found attorney general eric holder in content centered on his refusal to turn over communication documents during the fast and furious gun trafficking program in mexico. it is the first time a sitting attorney general has been held in contempt. >> police officers were indicted on wednesday in connection with an assault last june at the lotus nightclub. several off-duty officers were involved in the fight. >> the hot weather is on everyone's mind tonight.
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metro is allowing writers to carry an drinkwater while riding buses now through monday night. there is a local wildfire born in -- during in part the shenandoah national forest and people as far north as fairfax county are smelling it. natasha is live in centreville tonight. can you smell the fire were you are? >> right now i cannot smell it, but apparently everybody could smell it this morning when they woke up. calls to the fire department and even 911 came from all over fairfax county and montgomery county, too. it could not see it in fairfax county but plenty of people could smell it. smoke from a fire warning in george washington and shenandoah national park is making its way to the d.c. area.
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>> i walked outside and i smelled the smoke. it smelled like wood burning. >> more than 100 acres and forced officials say accessibility and lack of water are making it difficult for the firefighters. helicopters are dropping water to slow down the fires growth. >> it is a little worrisome. i will go out there this weekend. >> right now the fire is only burning on national forest land, but the hot and dry weather could hinder the process of firefighters trying to contain the fire. because of the changing wind patterns out here and on the mountains, we could be experiencing this smoke not only today tomorrow, possibly another day as firefighters tried to put this fire out. natasha barrett abc 7 news.
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>> the fatal accident is causing some major traffic delays in burke. happened around 1:00 p.m., a 22- year-old woman was killed. one adult and two children in a second vehicle were hurt. fairfax county police say both northbound lanes of route 123 and one southbound lanes are closed. emergency crews are still on the scene. no word yet on what caused the accident. now for a look at the traffic situation. >> the delay picks up near king street and duke street. delays also on the outer loop across the lewiston bridge. from old georgetown road over
5:37 pm
toward new hampshire it begins at a point after old georgetown road as you go across the bridge and over toward i-66. the southbound expert trying to get on the outer loop of the beltway there are on and off delay starting around 117. >> still ahead surveillance video captures a man robbing a convenience store not once but twice in the same night.
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>> a lot of women are apparently talking about the new movie called "magic mike."
5:41 pm
>> arch campbell has his review, plus a look at another new arrival in theaters this weekend. >> the behind-the-scenes movie about male strippers. >> the law says that you cannot touch. but i see a lot of lawbreakers in this house. >> top honors go to matthew metz conaway as he strips off. fans will love the production numbers and the plot just slows things down. it is rated a guilty pleasure, 2.5 stars. and then there is ted the r-
5:42 pm
rated foulmouthed take barrett that comes to life and grows up with mark walworth. -- marked walberg. dewpoint five starts, another guilty pleasure. -- 2.5 stars. entertainment brought to you by busch gardens in williamsburg. have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> i do not see the appeal "appeal magic might." -- "magic mike."
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>> tonight, a local woman relieved to get a clean mammogram, finds out days later that cancer was growing inside of her. >> the fda is evaluating a device for the screening of women's dense breast tissue. greg she went for a mammogram and she does every year. >> i was walking out the door and i was approached by one of the radiologists here to see if i would like to be in a steady. >> she agreed and was scanned again, this time using a new 3 d tool and automated breast ultrasound. she went home, not thinking about it again until two weeks later when the phone rang. >> they called and said that my mammogram was clear but something had shown up on the ultrasound. >> a biopsy confirmed it. >> the tell me that it was
5:47 pm
cancer. now we have a really powerful tool. >> and women who have dense breasts, more than a third of breast cancers are not seen on a mammogram. >> the tissue and the cancer both show up as white masses. in the automated rest old for sound, the contrast is clear. >> it pops out at you, this dark cancer in a sea of white cells. >> if she had not agreed to take part in that study, she would not have been back until her next annual mammogram. >> a year later, it would have had a year to grow. i would be dealing with something a little bit different. >> patient friendly, physician
5:48 pm
friendly way of finding 30% more cancers in women with dense breast. >> jerry mcgee had a mastectomy in is doing fine. the doctor says the new breed the ultrasound device is meant to be used in combination with a mammogram -- the new 3-d ultrasound. >> we are learning about dangerous security lapses in what is supposed to be the nation's most secure biological labs. and e-mail revealed doors were left open at the secure labs in atlanta where they deal with diseases like sars and anthrax. the cdc says all security labs -- that security was never at risk. >> southwest airlines is rolling out live tv device next month.
5:49 pm
if the test is successful, it will be on all 250 southwest jets by the end of this year. >> what about is back tonight in abc 7 prime time. nerds versus hotties. it kicks off at 8:00 with duets followed by a white belt, and then rookie blue. -- followed by a white beltwipeout. >> the supreme court has made its decision, the president's health care law stands. we will be live with the impact it will have an halifax the race for president. a welcome for the new police at the u.s. naval academy.
5:50 pm
-- the new plebes. >> if you felt like it was hot today, just wait until tomorrow. >> get ready. that is when the humidity really enters the scene. >> it was a hot day and will be a comfortable evening but it's all going to change. a heated by three from 11 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. it will probably be repeated on saturday and maybe even sunday. a lot of heat and humidity and it will feel as warm as 105 degrees. 95 at reagan national airport. highs tomorrow, air temperatures in the upper 9's -- in the upper 90's. 100 on the computer models for frederick, dulles, and reagan national. probably no noticeable relief until tuesday or wednesday.
5:51 pm
a chance of being pretty warm at the beaches. good beach going weather so plan on that. there could be isolated showers and thunderstorms with a light variable wind at 5-10, so no small craft advisories are anticipated right now. there is the cool down by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. whether for fourth of july activities looks good. >> a hot day for the first round of the at&t national. >> the main topic of conversation today was about the heat. the first tee time here at at&t national was at 7:00 this morning, so that was ok. tiger when on just before 1:00 and that is when the breeze died the humidity rose, and the
5:52 pm
sun became a furnace. tiger play a solid round but certainly not spectacular. he had an up and down day. he was even at the turn and finishes at plus one, five shots behind leader. the story of the day has to be billy hurley iii. he is unable academy graduate. he has just been spectacular. he grew up in leesburg, virginia. he had a very solid 69 today but it has been a very long road to stardom. from serving in the persian gulf to making birdies at congressional country club billy hurley iii's journey has been unique in the. >> just having spent time over there in the gulf and the red sea. >> he served as an officer for
5:53 pm
five years putting his dream of playing in the pga tour on hold. >> i did not know what would happen this quick. >> he honed his game on the smaller stores and finally got his pga tour card this season. >> he is just a man that works really hard and does very well as what he does. >> i get a little nervous. >> you have to spend five hours with your stomach turning. >> they have two sons, one adopted. >> it is an adventure. they get used to it. it is fun. >> tonight they can all celebrate and not be too far from home. >> a good round anywhere is pretty good. today is especially nice with more friends and family out there watching. >> what a great story.
5:54 pm
tiger just finished the nationals are in a slugfest with the rockies right now.
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>> breaking news from fort bragg, north carolina. at least one soldier has been killed in a shooting there on the post and to other stocks soldiers are wounded. witnesses say one soldier shot a fellow soldier and then turned the gun on himself. >> you get to see for yourself how man breaks into a local convenience store not once, but twice. >> gail shows us the burglary that was caught on surveillance video. >> surveillance cameras first by the man in the white sweatshirt walking for the closed convenience store.
5:58 pm
he glances behind him several times as traffic zooms by. watch as he throws a heavy paving brick like a bowling ball, so shattering the glass. he then dug into the store. seconds later, he left through the jagged glass. hours later when he looked through the store surveillance video, he could not believe what he saw. 30 minutes later he came back. this time he brings a black plastic bag. >> it was funny to see him come back with the trash bag. he just came in to get some lighters. >> and lots of lottery tickets. he grabbed up $1.50 dollars scratch off tickets. customers say his tactics are troubling. >> what bothers me is that he
5:59 pm
could have hurt somebody pretty bad. >> prince william county police investigators say the good images from the surveillance video and the $1,000 reward might help them figure out who the burglar might be. >> that is all for us here at 5:00. right now at 6:00, the fallout from the supreme court's health- care decision. >> a big victory, democrats say but some republicans say they may be the ones to benefit come november. a live report, coming up. >> showdown on capitol hill leads democratic lawmakers to march outside. what led to the dramatic walk out just a short time ago. >> warmer air more humidity, and he is advisories' to talk about. abc 7 news


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