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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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caskey >> . we have some energy to the north us where we have strong to thunderstorms 6 affect affecting and carroll county and baltimore county. we could get a few more showers storms later on today, some could be severe. 79 degrees right now and washington, 88 degrees in hagerstown.78 in high temperatures will be nearer 100. when you factor in the humidity, to 110.feel like 105 prepare for the heat and humidity today. through the weekend, chance of storms daily, some of which could be severe. highs near the center remarked with humidity. >> 395 southbound at edsall road, a dump truck flipped over
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sign. northbound will be impacted for curiosity. southbound is blocked partially. >> scorching heat today. coverage continues with brianne carter. >> it is supposed to be a scorcher. hot. is >> no matter how you describe , the dangerous temperatures miserable ando be weekend.he >> i'm wearing light clothing and i have water. for some golf fans it could tough day on the green. people were treated for heat- illnesses at the yesterday. >> hydrate with gatorade.
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>> with temperatures pushing past 100 and the humidity making hotter, many say they >> we will hide in the museum's. >> brianne carter reporting. there was a building collapse in cheverly >> . a commercial warehouse on cabin branch drive. hoping to find someone alive. >> unfortunately, they have been slowly.o move very have major obstacles. number one, the building is very unstable. is an enormous amount of debris inside. it is very dark. once daylight arrives, they will rapidly and continued to search for one person still missing. there were about 25 employees
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warehouse when the suddenly,ccurred buckling the side and rear walls. one worker is still unaccounted for this morning. are using a k-9 unit to search the area where the employee was last seen. is building its near total collapse. not sure what is still the building we are doing our best to to search for that one employee. >> they immediately worked on employees and gas, water, and utilities. 90% of the building collapse. crews had to run for safety. it was time to get out. >> the warehouse stores in large quantity of paper files. a number of storage shelves over during the collapse. >> we still continue with the operation and we will continue until they determine
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doing. are any heavy work that has to be probably will not be done day. the light of >> fire officials are trying to exactly what caused this. believe the large files and shelves may have toppled over and created a domino effect. they are looking at surveillance exactly whatre out happened and to see if the perhaps left the building before this all happened. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> prince george's county dropping chargesgh against two 18-year-old young gang rape of a woman the week before christmas. park woman was walking the greenbelt metro station when she was attacked beaten. >> and we're learning more about drove a gasoline- soaked deep into a building --
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jeep. charles ball was arrested after drove into a connecticut avenue building. he will remain in jail until its next hearing. >> it is 77 degrees. >> we have reaction to the u.s. supreme court ruling on obama's health care law. over reform is far over. >> and how far would you go for smartphone? the result of a study from t- mobile. >> checking traffic and weather. follow oure you to page as well. look for updates
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let's happy friday. severe storms near baltimore this morning. keep that in mind if you are going up 95. we have some showers and storms northeast of there. strong storms possibly later on today developing in the shenandoah valley and blue ridge .nd drifting eastward
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so we could see strong storms afternoon and into the evening. today will be hot and sticky. 79 currently in the district, 73 in winchester. 75 in martinsburg, 80 degrees in quantico. highs in the upper 90s today. factor in the humidity, be much worse than yesterday and it will feel like 105 to 110. we could see a few at 6:00 p.m. and later. severe storms tomorrow. we will make it up to the tomorrow, 100. that would tie record on saturday. temperatures will cool off a by the early part of next week. 92 degrees on tuesday. degrees on the fourth of july. now to lisa baden. >> things look ok. we will see how things develop on 395 in particular.
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outbound edsall road, a dump truck clipped an overhead sign. to the is getting by left. northbound drivers will be distracted. now to springfield, looks ok. northbound.ts are we will watch the pace of trafficked. let's look at the other side of town. is beautiful and democracy boulevard. metro rail is starting off on normal service. more to come. back to news. >> expect delays on metro from tonight until closing on sunday because of track work. the orange line will have bus is replacing trains between armory and new carrollton. five stations will be closed carrollton,w landover, cheverly, minnesota ood. e, dean
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>> the political fight over is eating upeform the supreme court upheld overall. the mandate requiring all to have health was found to be constitutional by the supreme court. will be ableink i business if i have to provide health insurance. >> knowing that we have obamacare it is like the pressure lifted off. >> the president and many democrats say the ruling is a victory for the american people. romney vows to repeal the law. >> attorney general eric holder announcing yesterday's house gold holding him in contempt. said it was really a motivated acts in an election year. was for refusing to
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tod over documents related the bust gun trafficking operation. than 100 democrats boycotted the vote. >> the house is set to vote on a legislative package that would prevent interest college loans from doubling. salvageure would of highway construction jobs. conservative groups have sent mails encouraging a no vote. both parties want to establish election-year bragging rights. >> we are looking at 77 degrees. >> we will show you how kfc in is putting aes different spin on the. classic the and 19-road florida gator, they hope that he gives them a season than last year. the first round of the nba draft. >> when you share your husband wives.ree other >> when you share your husband wives.ree other >> i have sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crcrowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this paradeeet,
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. a couple stories we have been about this morning, one has come up with an innovative way to keep married couples from going astray. they have created the titanium ring. on the left side it has the on youri am married" that your man cannot .ust take off his wedding ring you cannot play the role like single. a couple things, i guess that will wear off after a it would not be permanent. you buy this for your
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man unless you assume that he he alreadyeating or has and you are still going through it? >> if you are having second thoughts, maybe you should not get married. >> time to reevaluate. it,omen cannot wear make it for don't women now. men.ting >> of course. >> typically, when people want to cheat, they will. i don't think a titanium bring will make a big difference. on -- >> the new way to make a cheeseburger. on top of the instead of inside. not really a burger. it is a chicken sandwich. this is the same company that
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had no burger that read, just two chicken ies.y that is in the philippines. if you would like to read your knife cheeseburger with a ahead.k, go some of us are more sophisticated than others. >> i have my pocket square somewhere for my suit. >> adam caskey and i would grab handful of chicken fingers. >> we need some hand sanitizer period >> naturally. it's going to be hot and sticky. yesterday.
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you worked out to yesterday. should have listened. >> these are the days to the it in.t you ati got >> i have a headache because of it. the morning is the best time. be really hot and humid the next couple days. yesterday there was dry heat. today, we have heat and humidity. it will be hotter than yesterday. weather north of washington and north of baltimore early this morning. severe thunderstorm warning in effect. counties shaded in pink included for the severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 a.m. 95, justossing over northeast of baltimore and to wilmington with a batch of severe storms. energy drifting to the
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north of washington. storms in d.c. now. today we could have up off to our west and drift closer to the metro area. i am not ruling out storms later afternoon and especially across parts of the metro area. we would have the chance of them severe not just today but saturday and sunday as well. we have a little cloud cover from no storms in washington. that sets up the stage for a sunrise coming up in about 26 minutes. 79 an hour in the district, 75 martinsburg, 77 in hagerstown, 80 degrees in quantico, 77 in hagerstown. will be near 100 today. when you factor in the humidity, 105-110.eel like tomorrow, at the century mark, the record. temperatures will cool off to the low 90s by tuesday. as of storms daily through monday.
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>> the rush hour is kicking into high gear. noticing just got him starting to grow. how things maybe a long weekend. 95, the green light. north into baltimore, south into richmond, coming on to the road, allnd the toll is good. on 66 between centreville and the beltway. 270.good ride on a live picture of the beltway at new hampshire ave. so far so good. google and apple continue over smartphone supremacy. >> paula faris has more. >> research in motion seems to be slowing to a halt. the blackberry maker just loss for the quarter and is delaying its new smartphone until next year. as 5000utting as many jobs or a third of its work force.
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google's crime browser is now iphone andor the coming soon to the ipad. it has many of the same .eatures a new application can help you through the huge selection of contrasts available. uses your past choices to out what you would like to hear. >> until now it has been very difficult to find content in all these podcast. are so many to choose from. >> it is available for apple and andoid as well as nook kindle.
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to right. icu later. >> bryce harper breaking out of his lot with a clutch home run sendinginth inning, game in colorado to extra frames. the rockies then had the game winner. colorado. >> there's a big weekend series in the atlanta for the nationals. the braves battling for first place. brant. >> hello, everybody. the at&t nationals, the main yesterdayonversation was the heat.
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there will be more of the same today, but even harder. conditioning is a factor. the sixth pole. no problem. for par. tiger woods played at 1:00 in the afternoon. the heat was blistering. getting a birdie on 14. 5 back today. with the third pick in the nba wizards tookington bradley beal out of florida, 645. he's a talented player. ee and john wall will mak a of a back wall. >> 76 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> prepare to pay more and
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using metro starting on sunday. >> a building collapsed late last night in cheverly. one person is still missing this morning. i am john gonzalez with a live report coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. today will be
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, workers run after a building cheverly, maryland, but the search is on for one person. we're live on the scene with the latest. >> stay cool and hydrated this weekend. an oven.eel like we could see record temperatures. good morning, washington.
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friday, june 29. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. rise and shine. we get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. with lisa >> we go live to a picture of southbound. in the 3:00 hour at edsall road hit an overhead sign. you can think of last night's, traffic getting by to the left southbound. that is against the rush hour. we will start to monitor the traffic northbound, particularly in hov lanes. you will have an eyeful. so far so good out of through landmark. sticky today. make sure the air-conditioner is running. it will be near 100 degrees this afternoon through sunday. we will cool off by early next week. we have a heat advisory in afternoon from
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11:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. 77 currently in frederick, 73 in winchester, 79 in the district, manassas. in frederick, 73 degrees. hot and humid today. will feel like 105-110 when you factor in the heat and humidity. possible late this afternoon and through the and they could be strong to severe. the weekend forecast, coming up >> . the heat is so bad that metro is making exceptions to its rules. >> allowed toill be drink water on buses and trains throughout the weekend. our coverage of the heat wave continues with brianne carter in gaithersburg this morning. >> good morning. takerea where you want to precautions, the parking lot where people are getting get on the buses down national. that's where there could be people for thousands of for the golf
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tournament once again. yesterday some people had heat- related illnesses. people said that there were not hydrated enough in all the severe weather. we do have a heat advisory again today. you will want to take precautions. you should wear light-colored and stay hydrated throughout the day. will be able to take water bottles and liquids hydrated. metro says that if you car, to let hot about this so they can fix it as soon as possible. in the district today and tomorrow at the dmv they will have special hours to beat the heat. there could be potentially dangerous temperatures as we into the morning and evening throughout the weekend. a lot of people say that they are going to stay inside. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will follow that coverage the morning.
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and a developing story from cheverly. missingerson still building collapse last night. of a commercial cabinuse collapsed on branch drive. gonzalez is at the scene latest.ive with the >> firefighters have been here morning since the collapse, trying to stabilize this which is extremely unstable. one of the challenges the crews dark.cing, it is still until it getsing they canlighter so aggressively get in there. moving slowly because amount ofnumbne debris. one person is still missing. we want to bring you to a camera above to give you a sense of scene looked like this morning. officials still here with figure outying to what happened and who is anfor the man
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building.t the we understand there were about 25 employees inside the when the collapse occurred, buckling portions of the side and rear wall. one worker is unaccounted for. are using a k-9 unit to search the area where he was last seen. when firefighters and medics they immediately evacuated employees and checkedd the area and on water and utilities. emergency workers fled the building when they heard a cracking sound. a number of large storage shelves holding boxes and boxes toppled fire officials are trying to if that is what perhaps cause the collapse. toppled overthem created a domino effect. sort of forklift
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or crane involved. this was late last night when collapse occurred. fire officials looking to surveillance video to try to happened? how this if this missing employee the building before the collapse report. and i've in cheverly, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. d.c. police investigating brown'smember michael campaign finances. that is at his request. is replacing his campaign treasurer. after recentlye unauthorized from his reelection account. made the discovery while personally reviewing his records. he did not disclose how much as allegedly missing from his account. >> hate crimes will be the of a d.c. council three days after three people were arrested in the stabbing of teenager near the howard appear in northwest. five classified that as
5:36 am
hate crime after the suspects used anti-gay slurs. >> 76 degrees on this friday morning. >> still ahead, an update on a of burglaries targeting the elderly and the district. has been arrested. >> we have the latest on the trayvon martin case. why the man who admitted to headed back to court today.
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the ocean city guys patrol reminding you in the sand feet until the life guard is in the stands. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. june 29. on friday, excited to hear what adam caskey has to say. right? quiet traffic is what we deliver for now. 270, headlights are southbound. is good out of germantown. virginia, the pace is pretty decent northbound out of soington to springfield, on 395, a dump truck. road.rhead sign on edsall the george washington parkway near 123, park police what is possibly
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. multicar accident i would steer clear of that area until we tell you otherwise. we are getting out the cubes.lon and ice . . >> toss them in the swimming todayice cubes, through the weekend. at temperatures this morning. the '70s. we will be near 100 later this afternoon. 70 degrees right now in aldie, .in inwood, 7 high temperatures near 100 this weekend. like 105-110 with the humidity. storms possible late this afternoon through the evening. have a storm.ld should a storm pop up, it has a being strong to severe. same story through the weekend. chance of daily storms. high temperatures near 100.
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heat advisories continue and maybe an upgrade to an excessive warning for tomorrow. we have a watch out for that now. metro fares go into effect starting on sunday. riders can expect a 5% increase in fares. the changes vary widely go andng on where you when. farecards, you pay per one-waylar trip. try to get a plastic card if you can. the 20 cent peak of the peak surcharge is being scrapped. bus riders will pay an extra dime. people parking will pay an extra quarter. it is 5:41 right now. 76 degrees. >> coming up, former penn state sandusky convicted abuse, but why he still receive his public pension. >> in entertainment news, looking for a new movie to check
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out this weekend? you have several choices. arch campbell has a preview. and we have a twitter account you to check for out. is
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is as, up at 6:00, it decision that will affect every american. we are talking about the supreme decision to uphold the requiring everyone to buy health insurance. >> ever wondered what happened unclaimed lost airports? that is a lot of lost luggage. somebody else's loss could end .p being your gain >> and more on our trip to good morning america. spoke with the jackson back on about being tour without their brother michael. more coming. up a 6:00 a man under arrest in with two recent whichries in d.c. in
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elderly victim's were targeted. 47-year-old ebony ford of was arrested. yesterday -- anthony ford. indeed case, the suspects entered an apartment saying he maintenance worker. once inside, he assaulted the victims and stole personal property. the latest in the trayvon shooting case, the man charged with second-degree another bond in florida today. judge said that he and his misled the judge last money theyhow much had. out on bond. george zimmerman claims he acted killed-defense when he trayvon martin in february. soldier was killed and two wounded at a shooting at fort bragg. a soldier from the battlefield surveillance brigade shot and member of the
5:47 am
shot and wounded himself. was the shooter is in custody, but it's not clear what led to the gunfire. >> later this morning president white houseeave the to fly to colorado springs. he will visit the region by the most destructive wildfire in state history. police say that a body has been the burnede of homes. people have been reported missing. the president has issued a declaration for colorado. that will assist federal funds the areas affected by fire. >> former penn state assistant sanduskycoach jerry penchantl to keep his despite being a convicted pedophile. he stands to collect nearly year because the committed are not on a of 22 crimes that would to give up his benefits. was convicted last friday of sexual abuse and 10 boys over 15 years. >> there's a starbucks deal for
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this weekend. and save the drummer for your mama, not president obama -- drama.e now to linda bell. >> there is a scam involving obama and text messages. stammers have been spreading presidentsing the your bill and all you have to do is send your account a bank number included in the text. it is a scam. stores including party city and limiting theee are balloons because of a shortage. only has two sources. one is a government plant in amarillo, texas. the other is an exxonmobil wyoming. in
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how about spreading the love weekend? the latest starbucks promotion off each a dollar frappuccino that you purchase if you buy two or more. only good through sunday. bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:49. there's ainment news, "think like a man." >> steve harvey will be the executive producer of the sequel. some of the same stars will return in this one >> . you can beat the heat this heading to an air- conditioned theater to check out the latest movies. the heat may be turned up on the screens. >> tyler perry is back on the
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with his latest comedy. the story line involves the character taking in a family on the run from the mob. arch campbell has a preview of is hitting the big screen. >> good morning. ever wondered what goes on scenes of a male club? me neither. mike explains it all. channing tatum takes it off. strippers. it is not as easy as it looks. will love the production plotrs even though the drags everything down. point five starts, rated r. but it is ladies' night. you are my best friend, john. >> the guys get a falmouth teddy marks up with
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wahlberg. the jaw-dropping humor. teddy bear.hed campbell, abc 7 entertainment. have a great weekend. caskey has been doing impersonations. >> please don't encourage him. >> yesterday we had to the mid- 90s. timeot and humid for this year. even hotter and more humid. like 1 05-110. stifling. exercise in the morning today. i am just not going to exercise. couch could sit on the and enjoy the air-conditioning. a look get the cloud ther this morning over city, just cloudy
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conditions because of a thunderstorm complex bets are off to the northwest. in annapolis there are darker looming. we have showers moving on to the eastern shore. severe storms associated with that just north of 50 on the eastern shore. severe storms pushing off to the through marilynn bland delaware. 79 in washington. nothing on the radar screen. there are clouds from the complex pushing into washington. little cloudy to start. amount% overall for the majority of friday. later this afternoon and thunderstorms possible especially around and after 6:00 p.m. should any storms pop up, bere's a chance they could strong to severe. for saturday and sunday. slight chance of storms. if they do pop up, they could be strong. will feel like 105-110. heat advisory from 11:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.
5:53 am
air temperatures will be in the upper 90s. that's today all the way through the weekend. that is record-challenging heat. saturday the record at reagan national is 100. tos time of year if you want break a record high at reagan to meet orf you have exceed 100 degrees. we will be near their for the weekend. now to lisa baden. >> over to the maps, i thought would zoom in on traffic on 0 first, moving relatively well out of frederick into .ontgomery county near falls road, not bad for now. normal travel times not only boulevardther hurley across beltway, but good the american legion bridge. in and out of baltimore, complicated. across the bay bridge, that was nice to head out of town. virginia on 395. we will have that in our next
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report. back to news. 76 degrees. rolesque
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campbell gave us a movie "magice ."ke it does have channing tatum. >> adam caskey gave us an
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animated reenactment. it turns out former nfl star strahan is in the spirit movie. got into it while interviewing the stars, channing tatum, yesterday on live with kelly. no he didn't. >> it was a complete surprise. have that prepared at all. exactly. he did his own stripper routine, as you can see. .e got down on the ground crowd seemed to enjoy it. but you never know what you are there.o get >> i think he wanted to leave an kelly. >> on much more in the next hour. >> live coverage of the
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heatwave. could be record temperatures this weekend. what to expect. >> lisa baden will update or friday morning commute. far, so good on 3
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>> straight ahead at 6:00, the missing worker after a massive


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