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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  July 1, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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s with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> live, local, and late- breakin and in hd. >> captioned by the national captioning institute >> there are several crews busy trying to restore power. despite that, more than 900,000 customers are still in with the dark. many will love to wait until next weekend to get their power back. >> carbon monoxide poisoning caused by gas powered generators. we learned of five separate cases. we have one case where children were taken to the hospital. >> another big problem -- storm- related damage.
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downed trees. crews have tried to remove as many trees as possible but for many the damage caused by downed trees will take a long time to repair. this is the start of the problems that many of you are facing tonight. >> all of us are coping despite another day of intense heat. transportation officials are warning commuters to allow for extra time tomorrow due to the large number of traffic signals that are dark. >> the office of personnel management says federal agencies will be open on monday but employees can use on scheduled week or work from home. in maryland, the governor has declared it liberally for non- essential employees. >> the summer school has been cancelled tomorrow in the d.c. and prince george's county. activities have been cancelled due tuesday in montgomery county. >> all these problems are fuelled by widespread power outages which are expected to -- expected to last a week. we are live in arlington with why so many people are are
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richard >> it is has been another, long, hot day. that is leading to a frustration for those who do not have power. parker's have been working all day but allies are not back on. people here are hoping something will happen fast. 48 hours after the storm ripped through the area, hundreds of thousands are sweating it out. >> the window i can open it does not help at all. downstairs was cooler and it was still bad. >> the branded family is doing the best they can, sitting outside avoiding this on the inside their rockville house. >> today is hotter than yesterday. we sit out here. >> pepco says it could be friday before 9% of customers are back online. leggitt says that is unacceptable. today he joined the governor to check up on the response to the
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ravaged areas. >> the storm packed a hurricane. but without the hurricane warning. if so crews are arriving here even as we speak. >> in arlington, jon stewart is watching. the power crews have been a lead his neighborhood for two days and nothing. >> they have told us that they might have power to it. >> he thinks it may be another sweltering night of sleep. now, some people in in this neighborhood have gone to a hotel. you can see the power crews out here working. dominion powers says they hope to have 90%-95% on line by thursday. pepco hopes to have a 90% back online by friday. many of her hope they do not have to wait that long. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> in addition to visiting montgomery county, the governor stopped by an emergency shelter. he met with baker and was
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updated on storm damage and recovery efforts. the governor declared a state of emergency in maryland yesterday. >> off nearly 48 hours after people lost power. the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning due to generators. fire officials confirm half a dozen incident from maryland to d.c. and one incident sent some children to the hospital. we continue our storm watch covered live from northwest with this angle of the story. nextur >> five close calls in less than 24 hours. the heat and temperatures are high and the power is still out, a lot more of you may be turning to generators. firefighters hope this will serve as a wake-up call. the mother and father and their two children ages 3 and 7, along with a friend were rushed to the hospital sunday morning suffering from carbon monoxide
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poisoning -- the culprit? the generator that had been running for two nights in the basement. you can see where firefighters broke out the windows and evacuate the building. >> they pulled us out. they tested the levels in our system. they yaired out -- aired out the building. >> the family refresh is more seriously ill. >> the children is -- >> what about the other man? >> he is very sick. >> it was a close call for an upper marlboro family that will gut feeling said. from their generator was outside button your a fireplace vent. their saving grace? the generator ran out of gas in the middle of the night. back in northeast, and james mckinney has been running his generator but says he is taking sick precautions. >> if you run a generator, it
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will not be in your house. it needs to be away from windows and everything. >> that appears to be the problem -- lots of people are afraid someone will steal the unit. never put a generator in your house. keep it away from doors, windows and vents. >> very important advice. aside from the power problems, people are working to move debris from their house. a never ending task for. jay korff is live in the fairfax with the latest cleanup efforts . >> we found pockets of significant damage including a tree that just did a number on as a vehicle at navy elementary school. a father is grateful he and his family are alive. >> took out most of the chimney.
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we had bricks falling. >> he surveyed the damage in his home. friday night he heard or war as the storm approached and ran with family members of down the stairs. that is when a 30-ton train slammed into his house damaging his foundation. but he is grateful no one was injured. >> my son sleeps 10 feet away. i am thinking god that it hit right here. this is a blessing. everybody is okay. >> a friend is coping with another problem. >> it was a zipering and came right on down. we walked downstairs and there it was. >> the sugar maple did not stand a chance. now he may need a new car. >> this 1/3 of the trees have let go and falling down on the hybrid. we are missing that a lot right now. hopefully it will be repaired quite quickly. >> the story behind this c
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ar, a toyota sedan at the elementary school in fairfax near rugby is anybody's guess. it doesn't appear anybody has claimed the car. school is altered maybe by showing this somebody will know that this is unfortunately what friday's storm did to their vehicle. it looks like a mess. >> thanks. without power keeping cool in this seat has become a challenge for many but the food chain harris teeter is trying to help out. this was the scene in arlington. workers were handing out free ice. they were conducting similar from -- giveaways in maryland and virginia. >> all the problems associated with the storms have been magnified by the intense heat that shows no signs of letting up. for once again, temperatures soared into the 90's breaking records. steve rudin joins us.
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>> it is another scorcher oxide. broke a record at dulles international airport. made it up to 96 this afternoon. the old record -- 94. take a look at what is going on outside. it is hot. 98 at reagan national. it feels like 107 in quantico. looking at what is going on -- our storm scan. we have an intense storm system of developing across parts of ohio. this is moving towards the south and east and may impact parts of our area later on tonight. if you put it in motion, but you can see what spots are open for parts of west virginia. but nothing for the immediate metro area right now. we'll talk about the chances of looking at severe thunderstorms across our area later tonight and our fourth of july holiday
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forecast. something he will not want to miss. >> very busy day. stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the storm's aftermath. for anyone without power, let your family and friends know you can log onto on your phone and what are live newscasts by typing in >> we have much more storm coverage. still ahead. >> an anne arundel county family is mourning the loss of gunmen
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turning back to our coverage of the deadly storms and the cleanup. several families in our region are mourning the loss of loved ones. >> the storm is blamed for 13 deaths from our region to parts of the midwest. we spoke with a maryland woman who lost a son. >> family members said kevin
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o'brien was a smart, ambitious young man. 25 years old, she worked as a teller-supervisor at a bank. his life was cut short when a tree slammed into his car. one of several area people killed during friday opposing violent weather. >> and the wake of friday night to a violent storm. >> it was a tragedy. he was a good, john man. >> 5 degree, pieces and wood, and stepped off a tree trunk said all along this road. >> it came down that side. >> lori o'brien is trying to overcome the loss. >> he was my boy, my sunshine. >> 25 years old, he was driving eastbound at around 11:00 p.m. with friends when part of this tree came toppling down. >> it was a freak accident. unfortunately was wrong that -- there at the wrong time, wrong
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place. >> the impact was devastating. o'brien was devastate declared dead at the scene. the o'brien's among four families that lost family members to the storm. including khiet nguyen. >> i do not know what would cause that the physician. some kind of wind shear effect. >> for the family as. >> it is devastating. >> this has been a weekend of grief and loss. >> there are parts -- hard days to come. >> this very same storm took the lives of two elderly women, when in silver spring, the other in springfield, when falling trees fell into their homes. in northwest washington, a man was electrocuted by a power line. a difficult and deadly weekend.
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>> tragic. right now we are keeping a close watch on another round of severe storms that may head
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>> a combination of the intense heat and lack of air conditioning has made bottled water of valued commodity. take a look at this photograph. the bottled water section at the potomac yard target is bare. we have seen that many pictures like this. >> it seems like folks are not testing any relief those without power. >> if people are stuck without power and it is hot. a lot of folks have refrigerators full of food thinking, if i do not open it up it is said. tonight will be the 48 hour mark. everything is gone.
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time to start new. look at the beach. a lot of folks were able to head out of town to get away from the heat, the nasty weather. a lot of folks went to the beach. just to find a hotel room that was cool. look at rahal. a beautiful evening ahead for them. -- in rehoboth. 10 degrees above average for this day. the record -- 102 in 1901. 98 at at the airport. feels like 99. dulles broke the record at 96 degrees today. waldorf now 95. leesburg looking at 93. our final stop takes us to wtop radio, one of the higher elevations, 91 after a high of 93. temperatures are slow to cool this evening.
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a lot of sunshine for the next couple of hours. 93 in culpeper. in quantico, the heat index fields above 100 . 100 in lexington park. if you're looking for hot and humid air, head to atlanta. they are at 104. yesterday, they hit 106. satellite and radar is quiet and dry across our area right now but our focus is across ohio where another cluster of thunderstorms is beginning to develop. it is a self easterly track and will head a little bit closer. here is columbus. moving south and east. the storm is expected to fall apart as they move closer towards washington. they shared skirt-- should skirt the southern part of our area. fredericksburg might see a pop up thunderstorm to. out to the west, they have severe thunderstorm watch is in
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effect until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we will keep you updated. futurecast calls for a pop-up storms during the day tomorrow. 20%-30% chance. a more humid day on tuesday with a chance for thunderstorms for fourth of july. upper 60's for tonight. daytime highs -- 90-95 and a noticeable difference in humidity. the humidity is coming back on tuesday and wednesday. back into the mid to upper 90's. a hot week ahead with the butchers averaging 5-10 degrees above normal -- with temperatures averaging 5-10 degrees above normal. >> nothing below 93. >> the fourth is looking good. still having fireworks? >> i believe so. >> fingers crossed. optimistic. what a finish this afternoon at the at&t national. >> tim brant is live at the congressional. >> [inaudible] tiger was never in the woods
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today. cool under pressure, unlik
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> hello again. it was another blistering hot day. i do not have to tell you that. the final round of the at&t national was a shootout between pelt and tiger woods. and woods pulls it out. tiger woods started the day one shot back and played a bogey 3 front nine. here on en nine he got this putt to drop. 8 under part. the 37-year-old was not
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intimidated. on number 11, he ties tiger with a birdie. on 17, tiger hit this. he knew van pelt was playing for bogies. 17 tigers takes the lead. after as we approach on 18, tiger gets the tap in. his 74th pga victory one more than jack nicklaus. >> what an incredible week. the staff, the maintenance crew and everybody. it was a difficult situation and they worked their tails off to get it done. ever betty, thank you for being patient. yesterday was a silent day, but i think they saved up for today. >> tiger woods with his third win. let's go to baseball. it was 105 degrees in atlanta. the nationals beat the braves
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80-5. ryan zimmerman what a game he has. he tries this a baby deep to left center field. his sixth of the year. went 3-5. the nationals take the series. how about this? it was announced today that gonzalez, stephen strasburg has made the all-star team. they will play in the game into law. that is the story from congressional country club. tiger woods wins his third tournament of the year, the 74th of his career. >> the only golfer to do that so
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