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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc "news at noon," on your side. >> the lights are slowly coming back on for hundreds of thousands of people still left in the dark since friday night. >> it is going to be this weekend before the last light comes on. pepco has restored power to half of 440 people who power.
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pg&bge, they have restored power to 230,000 customers. dominion, 150,000 people. >> we are rebuilding our system. that is the way to think of it. the numbers start getting smaller and smaller. 10 poles may get 50 customers on, compared with the first few days. 911 service has been restored in most parts of our area. at 1:30 we will get an update on the district's recovery. mayor vincent gray will be returning from china. you can watch that on our sister station at 1:30. >> it's a really tough commute. >> john gonzalez is live in
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kensington with more on the rough road ahead. how did the morning commute to go out there? >> it was a very confusing morning for some drivers in kensington. crews have been out here all day trying to get the trees and power lines off the road and trying to get the traffic signals back up and running. we have seen just about everything on connecticut avenue, even drivers breaking some lost. >> the traffic lights were out. it was very hard >> . crews worked with heavy machinery trying to clear the road this afternoon. drivers seemed to be avoiding traffic patterns and the tourist. >> you have to a anticipate that they will be out there. >> residence in montgomery county have been extremely challenged behind the wheel. >> there was complete chaos as far as the traffic lights being
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out. people are going the wrong way. if >> drivers discovering not only hundreds of traffic signals still dark, but major thoroughfares fall-like connecticut avenue still closed. trees and power lines remains strewn across roadways as crews worked tirelessly to clear them away. >> the power lines, restoration still has to happen, but they cannot get here until we get the bulldozers. >> we found potentially dangerous situations, drivers rushing to work, not only running red lights but almost oblivious, driving through caution tape and driving on the wrong side of the busy connecticut avenue. we saw cars using the northbound lane to go southbound. >> that is inconsiderate. people are ignoring the stop signs. >> even though power lines and trees are still on the sidewalk we are minutes away from the
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southbound lanes reopening. connecticut avenue southbound in kensington. even though the road will reopen, this is the last of the road closures, but the power will still be out there least a couple more days here. john gonzalez reporting from kensington. >> the dark streets may be partly to blame for a crashed and killed a pedestrian last night in arlington? around 9:30. a driver hit a man who was crossing the street at columbia pike and four mile run drive. the man was killed. the driver did not stop for the traffic light. no charges have yet been filed. investigation is ongoing. that is a good reminder of what you are supposed to do at an intersection when the lights are out. you are supposed to treat it like a four-way stop. we set up cameras and caught plenty of drivers blowing right through the lights, like this one. stopping at every intersection is a hassle.
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it slows down traffic. but authorities are arresting you to take that life-saving precaution. >> another side effect, trouble getting gas for your car. there's a shortage. we have more on this part of the storm coverage with brianne carter. >> finding a way to fill up is becoming a trying task, thanks to mother nature. >> a lot of gas stations don't have power. >> lots of gas stations across the area are in the dark. for those still running, another problem, to keep up with the growing demand. >> i have been to maybe three gas stations and they are out. >> at several stations, the pumps are on, but the credit card machines are not working. for drivers to be able to get gas, they have to have cash. that was the situation for lisa, who has been trying to get gas for two days. this morning she finally was able to. >> i did not think finding a
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place to get gas and places that only take cash and that there would not be gas would be an issue. this driver ran out of gas over the weekend and found it easier to use his gas can rather than having to go out and find it. >> it is one of those things that you don't know that you need it until you do. >> as long as the power is out it's likely the problem will continue. brianne carter reporting from arlington. let's abc 7 is keep you up-to- date on recoveries from the storm. right now on you can track which gas stations are open, where the power and traffic lights are out, or where you can get inside to escape the heat. we are providing constant updates on facebook and twitter. remind your friends they can access all this from their mobile phones. >> the devastating weather was not limited to the metro area. 17 deaths are blamed on severe weather since friday and
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stretching from ohio to new jersey with a west virginia and ohio declared a national disaster areas. three people last night were killed in eastern north carolina. in greenville, 77-year-old was killed when his barn collapsed. a person was killed when a tree fell on the golf cart in beaufort county. the other problem is extreme heat. hundreds of thousands of people with no power to run the air conditioning. >> adam caskey has a look at our forecast. hopefully there's some relief in sight. >> dew points are in the low 60's and in some cases, upper 50's. that's good, because that indicates it is a little less humid than the past couple days. hot, but not with the soaring heat index. mostly sunny laurel, 86 degrees. a few clouds on the right side of the screen trying to develop. 74 in frostburg, 84 leesburg, 83
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in leesburg. 91 in manassas, 90 degrees in huntingtown. we will make it into the mid-90s in the metro area, low 90's south of town. a few thundershowers later today, mainly in the shenandoah valley and south of washington. just some typical pop up thundershowers. that's what the temperature drops sharply. where you see the rain temperatures will be cooler. if looking at the travel forecast, it will be hiked all across the nation. 97 in kansas city. more on the seven-day forecast coming up for. >> an overnight apartment fire in southeast d.c. has sent at least one person to the hospital. one person had to be rescued from an apartment building on chesapeake street southeast. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. their condition is not known. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> retired astronaut is dead after a dead tree crashed -- a
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jet ski crashed in florida. alan poindexter was on the water with his 22-year-old son on the water. a mother and son crashed into them on another jet ski. poindexter died although his son was not injured. he piloted the space shuttle atlantis in 2008. unable jet that crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex in april, the navy is getting ready to release its findings from their investigation. no one was killed but dozens of apartments were destroyed. the navy demolished 27 units and cleaned up units which were not damaged. coming up, firefighters take control in the battle against the raging fire in colorado. what people are seeing when they return to their homes. >> camp counselors got a surprise in their kitchen when these guys decided to take up residence. >> and a big update on a woman struggling to recover from the
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flesh eating disease. >> and we will keep an eye on the hot forecast. adam caskey will talk about when the next round of storms may
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>> the georgia woman diagnosed with the flesh eating disease is set to leave the hospital today. amy contract of the rare infection after a deep cut that she got when she tells from a broken decline. doctors had to amputate her left leg, her right foot, and both hands. she will spend the next several weeks learning to move herself using a wheelchair. >> mexico's pri celebrating what looks to be a return to power. enrique pena nieto was predicted
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to win the presidency with 38% of the vote. the party governed mexico more than 70 years, ending in 2000 when the party became wrapped up in a corruption scandal. now he has big issues to tackle. >> the big question is, if the drug war ever ends in victory, what kind of country will be left for the rest of us in mexico? >> the president-elect takes office in december. >> firefighters finally have the upper hand against the worst wildfire in colorado history. crack thousands of people are getting a first look at their homes since evacuating. >> like a pitiful pile of rocks. the washer and dryer was down in a hole in the basement. >> this is what her house looked like before the deadly waldo canyon wildfire. hers was one of nearly 350 homes
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destroyed in a blaze that forced 30,000 to evacuate. now they're being allowed back and discovering firsthand how their lives have been turned upside down. >> that is a brand new bedroom set. i had the other one about 40 years >> . this man recorded the destruction on a video camera. firefighter is have gained the upper hand on this monster in for know that has consumed 17,000 acres. although canyon fire suits at 55%. confident is high, but we still remain focused on you all. >> 3000 people remain evacuated. national guard troops and police are on patrol guarding homes against burglars. >> belong to apply would-be broker gallery of a home. you can get up to 24 years in prison for that. -- the law that would apply
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would be burglary of a home. >> many people are seeing strange things. people had to evacuate from the youth camp. it had not been disturbed when they returned. except for a few on welcome guests in the kitchen. i was heading into the building when i heard brad scream. that's when we saw the bear coming out of the kitchen window. >> we were treated to a real mess. >> trash and poop everywhere. >> they will open next week. while they know the bears were trying to survive, they're working with a wildlife expert staff to try to get the beers relocated before the campers return. >> you at home could not
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see cynne's face when we said "poop" in the kitchen. dew points are down. that means it feels a little nicer downside at 90 degrees. not as humid. but the humidity will be returning for the rest of the week. it is that time of year. in july we almost always see this in washington where you have the daily late-day thunderstorms. that's pretty much the pattern for the rest of this week into the weekend and probably next week. here's a great time lapse of the sunrise this morning. look at color on the horizon and a little clearing in the clouds. and the cloud deck apart by midmorning and then total sunshine by late morning. mostly sunny conditions right now. i will have another time lapse for you. it shows the clouds clearing
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over the severn river. this is from the naval academy. mostly sunny. some sailboats coming and going. folks without power are going for a refresh and jump into the severn river. look at the rainfall totals. king george, 1.3 inches. ijamsville, 1.1. if damascus, 0.6. leonardtown, just under half inch of rain from overnight storms. they have cleared away and we have sunshine. 88 in washington, 87 at dulles airport, 86 in cumberland, in oakland, 73. culpeper, 88. here are the dew pointss. if you can pull off upper 50's or low 60's, the humidity is not bad. it's pretty comfortable in terms of humidity levels, relative to early djuly standards. 62 and in d.c.
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the heat index is one degree warmer than the actual air temperature because of the break in the humidity. we will take that and run with it. bright sunshine over it. there are the remnants of showers that moved through southern maryland, king george county, and part of the northern neck eastern shore. now that's over the ocean. a cold front moved in after that. a brief separate from the and humidity. this time of year in washington if when we get cold fronts, the break from the humidity does not last long. normally between 18 hours and 36 hours. mid 90's this afternoon then a dip in the temperature. only 30% or 40% of viewing area will get a shower. your temperature will take a dive. partly cloudy tonight, near 70. tomorrow, scattered clouds. it will be cooler and 92
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degrees. >> not bad. >> a decent chance of a few storms on the fourth of july. if we always see that during the day. we will keep an eye and watched where they pop up at the ver. >> this has been an unusual holiday travel experience. the way this july 4 falls is unusual, on a wednesday this year. if that has people wondering when exactly is july 4 weekend. and celebrations came over the past weekend with more plans for next weekend. hotels say bookings are down from previous years. aaa is reporting that travel is less. a lot of people don't want to burn vacation days to get in a long weekend. understandably. >> it would be a long vacation. 12:19 right now. coming up, tiger woods appears to be back. what he says to his doubters
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after his big victory yesterday at congressional. >> would you share your husband with three other wives?
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> looks like tiger woods is back to his old self after a big win yesterday at congressional country club. he shot a 69 on sunday to defeat bo van pelt to take on the cup in the at&t national. this is his third victory of the year and it puts him past jack nicklaus in his second place all-time on the pga win list. tiger did not have any problem reminding the media of what some
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of them said recently. >> i remember when people said i could never win again. that was six months ago, i think. here we are. >> he did win. >> such a humble guy. i love that tiger. he is back on top of the money list and back on top of pathetic standings for the first time since september 2009. >> details continuing to leak out about the split. tom cruise and katie holmes have both hired high-powered divorce attorneys after she filed to end the marriage. a source close to tom cruise said that he hopes to work things out amicably. that might be difficult with many speculating her decision to file means that she intends to seek sole custody of their daughter suri. there's a report it is over
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scientology. scientology adam caskey will have a look at the weather. >> that is next. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lililly ledbleter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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>> the aftermath of friday night's storm. we will get our first update in just over an hour from d.c. mayor vincent gray on the district those recovered after a state of emergency was declared over the weekend. >> we will carry that on news
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channel 8 for. we have crews all across the metro area looking at all aspects of how the storm is impacting lives. the biggest issue is getting the power back on. more than half million people are still without power at this hour. >> the problem is it is hot. >> if you do blows some air through your house it will help. it's times like this you realize how much we take for granted with all the technology. was a day that nobody had air- conditioning. and the refrigerator. >> we have daily storm chances through the next several days. there could be scattered storms. even in the afternoon on the fourth of july. keep an eye to the sky. we will see it if any of that lasts into the nighttime. usually it does not with this type of activity. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you tomo
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