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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> and we say good morning to you on this thursday, july 12. >> i'm snsn cynne simpson. >> right now temp-wise 65 at dulles. 71 in charlesville. they have a stationary front across the carolinas. this will convert to a warm front and eventually bring us more heat and humidity for the upcoming weekend. mostly to partly sunny for today. can't rule out a shower south and west of the d.c. metro. high temperature is 85-90 degrees. a full look at your extended outlook coming up.
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but fist, traffic. >> traffic out of springfield to get into tyson at the little river turnpike, the center of the road is blocked. southbound out of frederick into montgomery county, we have travel times normal on 66 and metro rail on normal service. now the news. >> thanks lisa. 5:01. a dangerous night on the road. the inner loop of the beltaway now open after a deadly accident. >> there was a two-car crash between georgia avenue in silver spring maryland. four people were taken to the hospital. one died. the victim's name has not been retioned. also new this morning. take a look at this. investigators say this man shot and wounded a cab triver. he hailed a cab at the carolton
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metro station and asked to go to cooper elementary school. there was a brief struggle and the cabby was shot in the leg. he is expected to survive. >> fallout continues including mayor vincent gray. john gonzalez is live outside the wilson building with what council members are saying. >> well, three now charged with felonies. the latest is 75-year-old gene harris and this morning the mayor feeling enormous pressure to step down. >> hour after more allegations -- >> revelations in yesterday's court proceedings was the last straw. >> it's alleged a financial scam
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took place to help elect mayor gray. regardless of whether he had knowledge of it or not, another beliefs the mayor needs to step down. >> this calls into question the whole election. >> it's left many residents shaking their heads. >> it appears there's probably some things that aren't adding up. so, yes. the jury is out. >> this is not the campaign we intended to run. >> even after that, the mayor was adamant that he wasn't going to quit. >> i get up every morning and look in the mirror and see somebody i respect. >> this morning "the washington post" is reporting the mayor did know about the scam and in fact held a meeting about it here at the wilson building earlier. but he is reminding everyone
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that he is the one who called for an investigation about a year ago. >> in a few hours we will get a look at the report on the child sex scandal at penn state. it will show whether joe paterno among others did anything to hide the scandal. >> this morning -- for months since the charges were first brought against jerry sand dusky, there was speculation about his behavior. how much the university knew and how they handled it. we could get more information when the report is released. >> former f.b.i. director louie friess has been looking into who knew what and when in the jerry sand duskly -- sand dusky
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investigation. including what graham spanier and coach paterno knew about sandusky's behavior and how they handled it. the late coach admitted to learning about an incident in 2001 but didn't tell police. reportedly got the information from then graduate assistant mike mcqueary. information is bleaveed to be a big part of his investigation. >> whether you're a football coach or university president or the guy sweeping the building, you have a responsibility to report it. >> jerry sand dusky was found guilty of 45 counts of abusing children. >> and some legal analysts say it this report could lead to future litigation. >> thank you brian. we invite everyone to stay with
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us. brad bell is going to be there as they gather with reaction from the report. you can also find updates by going to our website at >> today on the campaign trail president obama is preparing to hit the road for a two-day trip across virginia. tomorrow the president travels through virginia beach hampton and roanoke and then will campaign through centerville. president obama will talk about how to grow the economy create middle class jobs and pay down the national debt. >> there's a lot of speculation over mitt romney's vice presidential choice and new questions are being raised over who he would pick for secretary of state. names are being tossed around including recently retired world bank president and the national security advisor who served
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under president george bush. also william j. burns and the ambassador to the united nations under president bush. democrat tim cane is raising more money than george alan. cain is shown to have raised $3 million in june and al land raised $2 million during the same time. and now $1.2 million has been added to money used for an attack ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male
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announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> good morning, washington. it's 5:10 a.m. and travel times are working for you if you take interstate 95 between richmond and baltimore. a pretty good run on 270 leaving father hurley boulevard. nothing on the dulles toll road.
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collision object inner loop of the toll road is close to traffic getting by. >> a nice start to our thursday morning. temperatures in the mid 60's to lower 70's across much of the area. it's 73 at regan national airport. to the south of us we have a stationary front that will convert to a warm front. as we -- as it drifts to the north it will bring warmer temperatures. by next week, back into the 90's across much of the area. can't rule out the chance for a few pop-up showers. limited to a 20% chance. 85-0 degrees for a daytime high. a full look at the extended outlook coming up. >> the founder of a fairfax
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county horse therapy program is willing to help the people accused of attacking horses. >> those who are abusing horses may be looking for help but is offering to let them join the program after they completed their punishment. >> and george zimmerman the man accused of killing trayvon martin. lit show whether race played a part in the death but the government conclusions will not be made public. zimmerman is free on bond and is awaiting trial on murder charges. >> and coming up, a new way to get out of a bad well the kids wanted a puppy but they can be really expensive. so to save money i just found them a possum.
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>> all right. so we're taking a look at news creating buzz on the web. there's a new app that could ensure you never -- it's called bad date rescue. i like the logo. and bad date rescue will call you during your date in case you want to get out of that predicament. that situation. >> so they will call and then you say my mom was on the phone. got to go. >> something really horrible has happened or as steve mentioned, i'm sorry. it's my wife. [laughter] my exgirlfriend. i have to go. it will get you out of a bad date immediately. because friends are sometimes
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unreliable when it comes to those phone calls. >> mcdonald's is serving up controversy. brits love their chips their fries. and mcdonald's is a primary sponsor and decided no venders within the olympic games can sell french fries except for them. that's a little bit of a problem in london because not only do they love fish and chips but they love steak and chips and sausage and chips. however, fish and chips, you will be able to still purchase. that's the only combination in which you can have fries. >> a good indication of how much money mcdonald's is putting into this thing. >> and it's the largest mcdonald's that they have built for the olympics. it's ginormous. >> yes. after watching these athletes compete, i'm not thinking
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mcdonald's. >> it's vegetable oil. >> 30 key yosks to be available to order your food. >> wow. >> the record-breaking heat, not going to happen today at least not anytime soon. take a look outside right now. this is chesapeake beach, maryland. sun will be up in a half-hour. can you believe we're losing a minute and a half of daylight as we move from the month of july into august? the days are already getting shorter. the dew point levels in the middle 60's. weatherbug network shows 60 degrees. george washington university at 73 and 67 in germantown. dew point levels in the lower 60's. temperatures outside range from the 60's to the 70's. southern maryland and lexington park at 73 degrees.
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we have a stationary front to the south of us. it's going to start to live south ward and lift north of the d.c. metro just in time of the upcoming weekend which will allow more heat and humidity in the forecast. we will feel the difference over the next couple of days or so. future cast with a chance for a widely scattered shower mainly south and wall street of d.c. tomorrow maybe a better chance for a rumble of thunder. mostly sunny. mostly cloudy for the overnight. 58-74 and tomorrow back into the 80's with a better chance for afternoon storms. cynne? >> thank you. today's "tech bytes," another price barrier falls in the electric car market. >> in "tech bytes," the first under $30,000 all electric vehicle goes on sale. the 2012 mitsubishi car has rear
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wheel drive and gets about 1 23 miles to the gallon. a sign of the times on the sidewalks of the big apple. the old pay phone booths will be turned into wi-fi hot spots available around the clock for free. >> and amateur spy glasses allowing wear torse capture video and we tried out a pair. >> the video quality was very, very good. it is a full 1080 t quality hd video. i was very impressed with the settings. >> they sell for $350 those are your "tech bytes." i'm rob nelson.
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>> goes to -- [applause] >> tim tebow.
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>> the fans have spoken. the best moment in sports this past year was tim tebow's game-winning t.d. pass to demaryius tomas in overtime of the denver broncos playoff game against pittsburgh. you remember twitter nearly blew up in the aftermath. >> you can see rg3 up there. they were the winners at the espys. including lebron james for best male athlete and britney grimer as best female athlete. >> so lin-sanity and tebow mania were alive and well there. >> hello. the all-star game is now in the history books and the nationals are gearing up for the second half. they leave tonight for miami. steven strasburg and the nats have the most wins and strasburg has pitched 99 innings. his season limit is 160.
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he's confident this year's club has a great mix capable of winning it all. >> we have a lot of young talent but a lot of veterans in the clubhouse that have been there before and they are going to make sure we keep plugging along. hopefully we see what we can do this year. >> stephen strasburg. rg3 was at the espys last night and signing back to washington today presumably to sign his contract with the redskins. >> good news there. signed and sealed by hopefully later today. >> the news continues with good morning, washington at 5:30. >> and in 3 1/2 hours we will get a look into the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. it may contain more explosive
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>> straight ahead d.c. mayor vincent gray under fire. three d.c. city council members now urging him to resign. it's thursday july 12. i'm cynne simpson. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> good morning, a quiet start to our thursday. temperatures not so bad especially considering what we went through last week. take a look at our storm scan. we do have a stationary front drifting to the south of us. it will slowly drift and convert to a warm front meaning hotter temperatures for the upcoming weekend. our forecast for today does call
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for mostly sunny skies. highs approaching 85-90 degrees. welltively quiet for the overnight. 74. tomorrow what a way to tend week. 84-89 degrees. a look at your extended outlook coming up in just a few minutes. >> metro rail is on normal service for you this morning. we don't have any major disruptions to report. along 95, a little bit of volume but will still give you travel names your favor. the prince george's county crash is gone. no worries between centerville and the beltaway on 66. the greenaway and dulles toll road is good. and inner loop of the beltaway, only one lane is closed. more on traffic in less than 10 minutes. >> we want to get started with the increased pressure on d.c. mayor vincent gray to step down
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after three people tied his campaign pleaded guilty to charges that link -- and three d.c. council members are calling for him to resign. this unfoldeled quickly yesterday with three council members saying that the mayor should step down. >> anyway? really within three hours three charged with felonies. 75-year-old gene harris after this so-called shadow campaign and this morning the mayor feeling enormous pressure to step down. just hours after that third campaign worker pleaded guilty, three council members now calling for the mayor's resignation. it's alleged a financial scam collected more than 650,000 in illegal funds to help his campaign. the councilman believes the mayor needs to step down. >> regardless of whether or not
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he knew, his campaign did it. so for him to say this is not the campaign we wanted to run that just doesn't cut it. >> now yesterday the mayor did speak with reporters and he said this was not the campaign he wanted to run. but he was adamant that he was not going to step down. we'll see if anything changes today. now you heard from david can a tanya there the other two council members that want the mayor to step down, mary chay and this morning "the washington post" is reporting the mayor did know about the scam and in fact held a meeting about it here at the wilson building earlier this year and he reminded reporters if you will that he's the one who called for an investigation of his campaign last we're year. reporting live at the wilson building john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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at 9:00 a.m. this morning we're expecting answers to pressing questions. an internal report being released today could answer who knew what and when? jerry sand dusky's case. brianne carter has more. >> many waited to see exactly what this independent investigation would reveal. back in november when abuse allegations began growing about gerry sandusky, penn state trustees hired an f.b.i. person to look into the case. the late head coach admitted to learning about an incident in 2001 involving sandusky and a boy in the shower, but he didn't tell police. he reportedly got that information from former grad assistant, mike mcqueary.
5:32 am
that is believed to be a big part of this investigation. a report is expected to be released about 9:00 a.m. this morning. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks brianne. there is evidence in dispute in the case of a man accused of killing a man's estranged wife and her son. they are trying to get phone records thrown out of court. lopez is charged with killing mcclain and her son william. >> metro officials are expected to provide new details into the derail ment that shut down a stretch of the green line about a week ago. >> a partial derailment is being blamed on the heat and so far metro has decided not to provide details including when the track was last inspected.
5:33 am
the train stopped after losing power in the hot weather. the tristate oversight committee which investigates metro accidents is now looking into both those incidents. >> and dealing with a spike in cracked rails according to records obtained by the examiner. there were 11 such incidents in the year of 2011 and 49 broken rails in all of 2011. it's caused by extreme temperature fluctuation and more than half the cracked rails were underground. >> 7 is on your side. in green belt they are considering an anti-smoking rule. under this new proposal residents would be allowed to ban smoking if all of those living in a row of four homes agree. the ban would then be written
5:34 am
into their mutual ownership contract. it's 5:33 right now. we're looking at 73 degrees. >> and the search continues for those behind the murder of a local newspaper reporter. learn why the f.b.i. is getting involved
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>> i'm jay bradley. you're here with our american alligators. come town on friday at 2:00 p.m.
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and learn more about them. good morning, washington. >> all right. good morning to you, everybody. it is 5:36 in the morning and not bad at 70 degrees. hopefully it stays that way all day long. >> that would be nice. we're coming off of an amazing night last night. >> unfortunately if you don't like the heat and humidity and -- it's back in the forecast for the upcoming weekend. more summer-like temperatures. not a bad start to our thursday morning. 73 at regan national. mid 60's in manassas. stationary front to the south of us. it will lift northward and eventually put us in a warmer more humid sector along with high pressure off the coast will add as a heat pump with temperatures back into the 90's by the weekend and next week. 85-90 today with increasing
5:38 am
clouds mainly south to knot. then for tonight a few showers possible then tomorrow, 85 to 89 degrees. coming up, a look at the extended outlook. it's going to show that big warm-up on the way in a few minutes. cynne simpson? lisa? >> i'll talk about a crash on the beltaway coming out of springfield to get you to tysons it will now work well for you. the american legion bridge. no complications to report on 66 between centerville and the beltaway. in good shape is traffic out of dale city to get to springfield where we take you live in the geico traffic center picture. we'll have the latest from metro rail in 10 minutes. >> lisa, the f.b.i. now joining the investigation into the murder of a virginia newspaper reporter. sarah greenhalgh's body was found monday after a suspicious fire.
5:39 am
her death was ruled a homicide. on her facebook page a post led investigators to get a search warrant. one woman says she saw greenhalgh and the man arguing on sunday. >> they were definitely arguing. it was really loud and they were swearing at each other. >> sarah's reason to be was a devoted concentration on a search for the truth. and it's odd that now that's our job to do for her. >> greenhalgh's facebook post said quote going to be sleeping with the windows wide-open and in that blank crazy boy would just leave me alone. >> sentencing is set for this morning to a woman who pleaded guilty to a woman who gave clients in d.c. and baltimore industrial liquid silicon sold at hardware stores rather than medical grade sill con.
5:40 am
but one client nearly died after the sill con went to her lunges. she faces prison time and a $250 fine. -- $250,000 fine. >> some fishermen have quite a tale and it was all caught on tape. >> oh! >> learn where this strange catch happened when good mornin excuse us, while we change
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into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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>> a former prince george's county man is now one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted fugitives. a man is accused of kidnapping his two children and then taking the two children to tunisia. the mother has been in tunisia since january trying to get her kids back and tells abc 7 news she has limited access to them and that senators are trying to help her. >> the d.c. council is planning
5:44 am
to hold a meeting on truancy reduction. at 11:00 the council will hold a public hearing on an alcohol-related bill and stores with class-a licenses would be allowed to sell hard liquor on sundays as well as beer and wine. it would help reduce d.c.'s budget crisis. >> the controversial ruling on maryland's pit bulls is not in effect yet. the law is on hold pending a decision by the state's highest court on a request to reconsider the decision. the controversial ruling holds pit bull owners and their landlords liable for bites even if the dog shows no history of being dangerous. >> 5:44 right now. checking news around the nation. the soldier charged with massacring afghan civilians will soon return to court. the hearing for staff sergeant robert bail will take place
5:45 am
september 17 at joint base mccourt near seattle. he is accused of slaughtering 16 civilians in a predawn rampage. >> and word this morning congressman jesse jackson junior is receiving intense medical treatment for what's called a mood disorder. that's what the office is saying. questions have been raised ever since he went on a medical leave of absence more than a month ago. he's facing a house ethics probe connected to imprisoned exgovernor rod blagojevich. and after the school's president resigned in the wake of a hazing scandal. james heyman resigned the same day the parents of a drum major added the school to a lawsuit. an autopsy found champion had an enlarged heart but had damage consistent with a beating.
5:46 am
>> it certainly will be an issue that the defense may try to capitalize on. it's a very thin issue. it doesn't make the defense in this case any easier. >> 11 band members have been charged with hazing. they are expected to go on trial next year. >> a derailed freight train is still burning at this hour. federal transportation officials say that they will have to wait for the tankers to cool down before the ethanol inside can be removed. investigators say they don't know what caused yesterday's accident. it sparked an explosion. no one on the train were hurt but two people walking on the tracks suffered minor injuries when another explosion took place. >> wow. quite a scene out there. >> san bern dino is now the third california city to seek bankruptcy protection. the city needs a breather from its financial obligations. venders haven't been paid and
5:47 am
cash is running out in order to make payroll there. >> well sara brame has proof her latest fishing trip was far from boring. look what she reeled in, and it was all caught on tape. >> oh! [beep] jesus christ! >> that is right! >> she was reeling in a catch in north myrtle beach until a shark set its sights on it. notice she's no longer around. >> she's long gone. >> the shark grabbed the fish for itself and she is no longer fishing ever again. >> yes. i think you can stay out of the water over there. there are sharks, and the sharks are hungry. >> yes. >> starbucks stores are popping up everywhere, including one at a funeral home in north carolina. >> they always offered coffee to mourners who entered their
5:48 am
funeral home but now they are adding a starbucks store adding a full men knew and he thinks a cup of joe will help sooth the pain of losing a loved one. >> this provides an escape and gives them a break of the stress they are going through then that's what it's all about. to make them feel better. >> the starbucks will be right next to a chapel. two doors and a wall will keep it somewhat separate from the rest of the funeral home. >> that's nice. >> or a money-making idea. i don't know. i'm a little skeptical. >> krispy kreme has a birthday celebration with a sweet deal. >> and directtv customers there's hope you might get your mtv channel back. >> bad news for directtv customers. i don't need to tell you you have lost channels inkhalid including mtv, nickelodeon and comedy central.
5:49 am
they went dark because the companies can't agree on programming fees. the directtv c.e.o. says the company is still talking to viacom to settle the dispute. sony's amazing spider-man a blockbustering hit but as come con kicks off hollywood studios may have less spring in their step. this is flashy presentations have resulted in box office duds. the 20th century fox pair mount pictures and universal are skipping the event entirely this year. crispy kareem is turning 75 years old today and select locations will sell a dozen doughnuts tomorrow for 75 cents. it's hoping to boost traffic and build smaller factory stores. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you so much linda. >> let's take a look at what
5:50 am
things are looking like for today. yes, after the rain is gone. >> yes. quieter and thankfully not as hot as it was last week with 100-degree readings and a little breather for right now. but things will change as we move through the next couple of days or so. we have a stationary front to the south of us that will lift knot ward and temperatures back in the 90's by sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. looking outside right now from annapolis, maryland the sun will rise in about 3:00 minutes or so. 73 degrees at regan national. weatherbug network shows 67 at dulles. 73 at george washington university. no rain to speak of, but may see a few sprinkles later this afternoon. our temperatures across the board slowly rebounding after nighttime lows in the 60's. now 63 at winchester. 64 at martens berg.
5:51 am
to the south of us this is that stationary front. it's going to lift northward do you recall the day today and convert to a warm front and eventually far enough north that we're going to look for the heat and humidity to return to our area. southwesterly flow back into the 90's by the upcoming weekend along with increased humidity. so it will feel a lot more sticky and uncomfortable outside. this is you are a future cast. the next 48 hours will show increasing clouds. maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm for tomorrow afternoon but really not expecting it to add up to a whole lot. 85-90 for today with increasing clouds later this afternoon. a few showers possible in the upper 60's to 70's and tomorrow 84-89 degrees. a look at your extended nrk coming up. but first off to lisa baden and traffic. >> 270 is open between 80 and
5:52 am
109 and open to the lane divide. no problems to add time to your travel along 66. 95 and 395. metro rail is reporting normal service. chopper 7 is flying over a collision on 210 south of 228. we are getting reports this was a vehicle traveling the wrong direction on 210 this morning. and hit somebody head jan. they are documenting this accident. >> looks to be quite a mess there. hope everyone is ok. it's 5:52 right now. coming up, the districts continue to the late king of pop. we're going to tell you the famous name behind the new documentary on michael jackson.
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>> metro wants to revamp its new station naming policy. >> the examiner reports the agency will settle disagreements over who can have their name placed on a station sign. they want to steer clear of hospitals and universities. it was making way for the new service. >> then montgomery county residents will be able to weigh in on a plan to build a rapid transit system in the county. planning it be built in three
5:56 am
phases over the next nine-20 years. it will take place at the council office building in the first floor office building located in rockville. >> the widow of nat king cole maria hawkins coal has died after battling cancer. >> a representative of the family said coal died at a broke araton hospice and was surrounded by family including natalie cole. she performed with such greats as duke ellington and eventually met nat king cole at new york's club zan za bar after he died from cancer in 1965 she created the coal cancer foundation. >> the legacy of singer michael jackson continues to move on. movie director spike lee is releasing a documentary commemorating the king of pop's landmark album bad and his worldwide tour that followed.
5:57 am
the movie is the first behind-the-scenes sponsor to chronicle a michael jackson album. >> also marking the anniversary cirque du soleil is bringing a michael jackson show to d.c. looking forward to that. >> a little bit of good news for the lady. a sequel to the hit movie magic mike is in the works. >> you don't need a plot for a movie like that. >> it features actors matthew mcconaughey and channing tatum as a stripper. writers are working on a concept for a sequel. >> writers? >> and they want to keep the script and make it a little bit bigger. the film was released late last month. it's made more than $72 million. don't hate. don't hate. >> i do have the hatorade, sorry. more to come in the next hour of
5:58 am
good morning, washington. >> coming up, under fire. calls increasing for d.c. mayor vincent gray to resign over a campaign scandal. we will hear from council [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the stst thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. at 0% apr for 60 months no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering.
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>> straight ahead, police tried to figure out what caused an accident on the inner loop in silver spring that left one person dead. >>


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