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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  July 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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vincent gray shows off a new 911 system as he faces calls to step down. >> how did penn state handle the sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky? we preview the highly anticipated report. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning to you washington. rise and shine on thursday, july 12. beautiful look as the sun rises over annapolis. i am cynne simpson. >> i am kendis gibson. let it start with -- let us get started with steve rudin. >> a great deal of sunshine. cuts increase as we move through the afternoon. temperatures from the belfort furniture weather center, 64 at dulles right now. 72 degrees at reagan national airport. 78 in quantico.
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satellite and radar a stationary front to the south that will lift to the north. high pressure builds off the coast. that will allow temperatures to soar for the upcoming weekend. partly sunny for today. a stray showers southwest of d.c. 85 to 90 degrees with wind out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. coming up, we look at the travel forecast. here is a look at traffic. >> we had a huge crash on 210 southbound after 228. this accident is being documented. northbound direction is the rush hour. that is getting by on 210. 95, 3 under 95, normal. -- 395, normal. 66, normal. pretty good run if you take 270 this morning. southbound between i-8109, some delays.
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travel times in your favor. metro rail has formenormal service. back to the news. >> all right. we will check back with you shortly. new this morning, one person died in a car crash late last night on the inner loop of the beltway in maryland. that happened after 11:00 p.m. in silver spring between georgia avenue and colesville road. bowleys a four people had been taken to the hospital. that is the one victim who died. >> also new police say two men have been arrested in a drug deal gone bad. in the parking lot of a spot of a new town center -- spotsylvania town center. they both have gunshot wounds. a third man involved in the drug deal was able to get away. investigators released a composite sketch of the man they say shot and wounded a cabdriver
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to stay in landover hills. the man held the cab and passed to go to cooper lane elementary school. when they arrived, the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money. after a struggle, he shut the cab driver in the leg. the driver is expected to be ok. >> integrate unveils a new 911 system for people in the district -- vincent gray and bills a new 911 system for people in the district. it allows them to create online profiles to help a emergency responses. vincent gray will participate in a demonstration of the service today. that will be at children's national medical center. this comes as many are calling on vincent gray to resign. >> earlier, a third person pleaded guilty in the campaign scandal. three d.c. city council members are urging vincent gray to step down. john gonzales is live with more. >> well as are developing at a
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rapid pace here. 3 now charged with felonies. the latest is harris after the shadow campaign. the mayor faces enormous pressure to quit. just hours after a third campaign worker pleaded guilty to campaign violations, three council members are now calling for the mayor's resignation. >> i think we are all very concerned that this calls into question the whole election. >> is alleging that a financial scare into place, collecting more than $600 million -- $600,000 to help mayor gray. >> revelations in yesterday's proceedings was the last drop. >> this latest government scandal has left many residents shaking their heads. >> it appears there is something that isn't adding up.
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the jury is out. >> this is not the campaign we intended -- >> the mayor was adamant that he was not going to quit. >> i know who i am. i get up in the morning every day and i look in the mirror and i see somebody who i respect. >> the third councilmember right now calling for the mayor to step down is mary cheh. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> alright. this story is unfolding quickly. there will be more questions today. the highly anticipated report on how penn state officials handled the jerry sandusky sex abuse allegations comes out in less than three hours. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> there has been lots of
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speculation over what penn state officials knew about jerry sandusky's behavior and how they handled it. this morning, with the release of this report, we may get answers to those troubling questions. the late head coach has learned about an incident, but he did not tell police. allegedly knows about the 2001 incident are believed to be a big part of -- alleged e-mails about the 2001 incident are believed to be a big part of this. >> i am committed to ensuring that our independent investigation be conducted in a thorough fair, comprehensive manner. >> sandusky is behind bars. the jury found heim guilty -- him guilty. it is possible for civil
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lawsuits. we will read the report this morning very closely. analysts say could lead to litigation. >> we invite you to stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments of the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. brad bell will be gathering reaction. get updates by going to >> metro officials are expected to provide new details about the derailment that shutdown the green line. the incident on friday near west hyattsville is being attributed to the heat. metro has declined to provide additional details, including when the stretch of the track was last inspected. metro is dealing with records obtained by the examiner indicating there were 11 incidents in the first two once of the year. there were 49 broken rails. metro says the problems are caused by extreme temperature
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fluctuations. the records also show that more than half of the cracked rails were underground. >> day on the campaign trail, we will find out if joe biden gets a better reception when republican presidential candidate mitt romney did at an naacp rally in houston. >> i am going to work to -- [boo] >> he was booed for 15 seconds. the vice president is supposed to offer a rebuttal saying they will do more of four african- americans. let us see here. this fund-raiser is hosted by dick cheney. cheney will host a fund-raiser tonight. this is for mitt romney at the
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wyoming resort. romney has avoided appearing in public with dick cheney or george of the bush. -- george w. bush. >> 71 degrees. still ahead looks may be deceiving. some can even get you fired. >> after the break, we will find out what caused a yoga instructor
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>> i am riding my bike in the boardwalk. come on down and join us.
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be safe for you are here. good morning, washington. >> it will look as beautiful as it did there. a yoga instructor at facebook headquarters was fired for giving a student is certain look when she checked her cell phone during the class. the instructor says that the student was using the position to reach her cell phone. she gave her a certain look and said, you know that is a no-no and facebook said bye-bye. you were fired. >> cell phones and yoga do not go hand in hand. let us get a check of weather right now. steve rudin, we are coming off of a beautiful evening. >> last night, it was dry and comfortable. the humidity is creeping upward. we will feel the difference over the next few days. not looking for a record- breaking heat. here is the travelers forecast.
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detroit, 88. 90 in chicago. out to the west, mid-90's in oklahoma city and dallas. thunderstorms towards jacksonville and miami. here is our forecast in terms of delays. that is good news. stationary front to the south of us. that will live northward. p5 to 90. a full look at the all look -- 85 to 90. if all outlook in a few minutes. >> we will attack a little bit on to your travel time between dale city and the beltway because of the growing volume. maryland is still quiet between washington and baltimore. live in the gikas traffic center, this is 95 in springfield -- live in the geico traffic center this is 95 in springfield. a pretty good trip on 270 in
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this camera. southbound at democracy boulevard. metrorail is reporting normal service. >> are right. 71 degrees outside. -- all right. 71 degrees outside. a woman heads to the white house for being a champion of change.
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>> "good morning washington you are morning -- you are watching "good morning washington' with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. >> the fbi is looking into the murder of a virginia newspaper reporter. sarah greenhalgh's body was found in her apartment.
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they searched a man's apartment after a post on our facebook page -- the woman says she saw "good morning washington -- sarah greenhalgh and them and are doing. >> they were really loud. they were staring at each other. >> sarah searched for the truth. it is odd that that is our job to do for her. >> her post said going to be sleeping with the windows wide open. now, is that crazy boy would just leave me alone. the district woman had to the white house today. she is part of a group of 13 people being honored today. they are champions of change for their work in helping communities combat helplessness. -- homelessness. she joins us now to talk about her honor. congratulations. >> thank you so much. i am very honored.
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>> this is exciting. he will have an opportunity to go to the white house. tell us about the worked you are doing. >> i have been working in the area of use homelessness since the early 1970's. -- youth homelessness since the early 1970's. that was the beginning of the field of responding to youth homelessness. i have developed an organization and i think a movement around the country to respond to youth homelessness. we need to do things that are age-appropriate and there is now a large number of people doing this work around the country. i very pleased that my work has been recognized. >> absolutely. certainly no higher honor. as you move forward in your work, what do we need to do locally in order to address this issue? this is something that needs to
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be addressed in local communities as well as on a national scale. >> absolutely. one of the things to recognize is that for most young people, they don't see themselves as as homeless. we need to understand that there is a much larger problem than we are responding to let the moment. so part of it really is an to scale reallyd then i think to -- part of it really is to scale up and then i think to use lessons we have learned to be more responsive. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. a very well deserved honor at the white house today. glad to have you on. >> this will be one of the last comfortable weather days for a little while. >> check outside. a beautiful morning. the birds are out there. sunshine right now. things will start to change as we move through the afternoon
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hours. costs will increase a little bit. if you like it hot -- it is coming back. looking outside, annapolis, maryland. a beautiful start to our thursday. a good deal of sunshine expected. 72 degrees at the airport. dew point levels are comfortable. winds are out of the east northeast at 5 miles per hour. temperatures in the 70's at george washington university. temperatures in the 60's off to the west of us. fredericksburg already reporting in with 68 degrees. stationary front to the south across the carolinas that will convert over to a warm front. it will lead eventually moved north into the d.c. metro area. high pressure off the coast will bring southwesterly winds to the weekend. temperatures will warm back into the 90's. here is our futurecast. we may see some showers develop
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are on this afternoon. only 20% chance. on friday, a better chance for thunder. not expecting anything severe. the heat in humidity -- and humidity will not break records. mostly to partly sunny today. 85 to 90 degrees. lows in the 60's. tomorrow, not so bad. 84 to 89. humidity levels will creep up. we will show our daytime highs back into the 90's by the end of the weekend. well into next week, as well. here is an update with a rush hour commute with lisa baden. >> we are slow at 95 virginia northbound coming out of dale city. deleterious through into springfield where we go live in the pictures geico traffic center. -- in the geico traffic center picture.
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dallas green way toll road moving smartly forward. no worries on 66. a little bit of volume expected near 50 karos. 270 delays between 80 and 109 metro. is reporting normal service. >> thank you. signs pointing to a slowdown in the economy. the fed is forced to take action. >> let us get the latest from paula faris. >> good morning. a growing consensus among economists that the fed will step in with another round of stimulus. experts expect federal reserve action with the recovery sputtering and unemployment stuck above 8%. the housing market is finally turning into an economic bright spot. the uptick in home prices is strong enough to convince experts that the housing bust has ended. the head of u.s. airways is publicly pressing his case for a
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>> comic-con is kicking off today in san diego. >> a big event. several franchisees celebrate a milestone birthdays, including tarzan. james bond is 50. the power rangers are 20-years- old. remember that teenage ninja turtles? they are not teenagers. they are 25-year schedule. >> wonder if they are still kowabunja dude! >> mayor of the town is causing controversy because he has a new policy. he has enintroduced a new parking policy. special parking for men only. >> this is interesting during he took the hardest space is to get into like the ones where you have to back up, and he made those the man only spaces
6:26 am
because apparently he thinks that women cannot get into those bases. women have the wider, well lit spaces that are close to the exit. >> pink? [laughter] >> he is just creating this policy as a publicity stunt. he wants to draw people to his small town in germany. >> his wife is going into divorce court. [laughter] there is still another half an hour of cynne simpson." -- "good morning washington." >> in the trayvon martin case
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> i'm committed to ensuring
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that our independent investigation be conducted in a thorough fair, comprehensive manner. >> straight ahead, anticipation builds over what penn state's reports reveal in how officials and of the jerry sandusky draw. >> we will tell you about the infection risk of chicken for women. good morning. thursday, july 12. i am kendis gibson dixiecrat to have you with us. i am cynne simpson. let us get to the forecast with steve rudin. >> a nice start to thursday morning. we take you to delaware on our weatherbug network. beautiful, beautiful morning. quiet and dry. a few showers on the way later on this afternoon. they should not amount to a whole lot. 72 at reagan national.
6:31 am
we have a stationary front to the south of us that will with north board as a warm front -- albei doug hill will be here to give you the full service. >> the brunswick trains are late due to speed restrictions. no restrictions on 95, 395, 66. 270 is flowing between i-8109. newschopper 7 is over groveton road. now, to news. >> thank you. as the campaign scandal surrounding vincent gray evolves, the call for him to resign is getting louder. three council members are urging great to step down. one council member says the opposite. john gonzales is live outside the wilson building with more.
6:32 am
the mayor said he has no intention of resigning. >> he did say that. he said that he was not going to resign, even though he told reporters this is not the campaign he wanted to run. three have been charged with felony. the latest was harris after this so-called shadow campaign. this morning, the mayor is feeling enormous pressure to step down. just hours after the third campaign worker pleaded guilty in federal court, three council members are now calling for the mayor's resignation. they want him gone. it is alleged that a scam took place, collecting more than $650,000 in illegal funds to help elect mayor gray. regardless if he had knowledge of it or not. >> regardless of whether or not he knew, his campaign did it.
6:33 am
for him to say this is not the campaign we wanted to run, that just does not cut it. >> this morning, the "washington post" reported the mayor knew about this camp. he held a meeting at city hall earlier this year. if the mayor were to step down, it is unclear what would happen. in 2002, the mayor was forced to the right in candidate after there were invalid signatures during his campaign. he ended up winning the election. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> all right. we will get to another scandal at penn state. the child sex abuse scandal. when the results of an internal investigation will be revealed later on this morning -- brianne carter is live at the satellite center with more on what to expect. >> the charges were first brought out about jerry sandusky months ago and there has been speculation about his behavior. how much did the university
6:34 am
know? we could get answers. for several months, a former judge has been looking into the who, what, when into the jerry sandusky's kindle. >> we have been passed to investigate the matter fully and completely. >> there has been speculation over what penn state officials knew about sandusky's behavior and how they handled it. the late head coach admitted to learning about sandusky and a boy in a shower. he thought that information -- got that information for mike mcqueary. >> whether you are a football coach or a president or the guy sweeping the building, you have a moral responsibility. >> sandusky is behind bars.
6:35 am
a jury found him guilty of 45 counts of abusing children. that is based in has been building for their release. -- that anticipation has been building. we will be reading this report very closely. analysts say it could lead to future litigation. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> this is going to be released at 9:00 a.m. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the penn state child sex abuse scandal. brad bill will have reaction -- brad bell will have reaction. >> we turn to the trayvon martin case here prosecutors will release new evidence in the case against george zimmerman, the man charged with killing martin. it includes an fbi report which could shed light on whether race played a role.
6:36 am
the government's conclusions will not be made public. zimmerman is free on bond as he awaits trial on second-degree murder charges. >> a woman pleaded guilty to administering illegal silicone injections. she faces up to five years in prison. prosecutors say she gave clients in d.c. and baltimore industrial liquid silicone instead of medical grade silicone. authorities say one person nearly died after the silicon went to her lungs. >> verizon is under fire following the storm. local and federal agencies investigating the system failure. it left more than 1 million people without 911 emergency services. the council of government plans to create a force to review the failure. verizon says the 911 outage was caused a power loss at its control center. 70 degrees. >> still ahead, it is a story a lot of people are talking about. find out why the air is outrage
6:37 am
about where the usa's: the uniform is made.
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>> take a look. the official uniform for the u.s. olympics has been unveiled. >> i guess it turns out they are
6:40 am
made in china. some designers tell abc is that american manufacturers could have made the uniforms in the u.s. for less money. the olympic committee says it is proud of its partnership with ralph lauren and. >>as long as they use those chinese uniforms to beat the chinese, i am ok with it. >> they could have maybe maybe it in the u.s. time for a check of traffic and weather. let us start with doug hill this morning. good morning. >> good morning. we will run up the chesapeake bay little bit to the chesapeake beach. here is our whether camera. here is -- we have our whether camera. -- weather campera. temperatures were they should be. upper 80's. we are in the upper 60's.
6:41 am
lower 70's in the urban quadrant. 72 in the capitol. the only weather is out of the area of. this is the cold front that came through sunday. what will happen over the next 24 hours is it will move northward. that will increase our chances of showers. it will bring the high heat in humidity back for the weekend. maybe a good chunk of next week. here is the alley forecast. a ramp up through the midday. an isolated thunderstorm chance west of the area. seven days, here are the numbers. upper 80's the next few days. 90 on saturday. 90's by the weekend and next week. an increase in thunderstorm chances on saturday and sunday. more information on the weather in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, let us find out what traffic is doing. lisa baden. >> we will tax sometime on 295
6:42 am
or anybody coming northbound. getting out of woodbridge and dale city, it is an accident. the we take you to the geico traffic center camera of 395 northbound. this is 270 looking at shady grove road. everything seems to be moving nicely. now, to the news. >> all right. thank you. 71 degrees. there are new questions about the antibiotics being used in the chicken we eat. >> we detail t [ wife ] your dad's
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>> joe biden is in houston today, speaking to the naacp convention. this comes one day after mitt
6:45 am
romney was booed. at the philip joins me now with a look ahead -- abby philip joins me now with a look ahead. we knew romney was not walking into an audience of his key demographic. i was surprised that he came out saying if you want the president -- if he was president, he would make things better for african-americans. did he decide he was going to go bold? >> i think he wanted to go bold. you can argue that romney probably could have raised his wording around the economy and health care better. for an audience of african- americans who are still very supportive of president obama -- i think romney really wanted to look consistent, particularly for conservative audiences. he wanted to look conciliatory
6:46 am
towards a group that is not part of his base. that message is mostly for independents. >> he said he would eliminate obamacare, consistent with what he has been saying. the crowd at the naacp really was very reacted to that. >> i think a lot of people seem offended by not only what he said but the way he said it. it was as if he was speaking to a tea party audience. i think it was the wrong tone for the people that he was speaking in front of. i think african-americans are quite supportive of the president, especially on health care. many african americans are uninsured. for mitt romney 2 not present a real alternative in a way that was offensive -- the images of him being booed were not what the campaign was hoping for. >> certainly the stage has not
6:47 am
been set for joe biden to attend the conference today. it seems he will have a different reception there. thank you. we appreciate your insight. >> a former prince george's county man is now one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives. we are talking about the man accused of kidnapping his two children and taking them to to misha -- tunisia. the children's mother has been trying to get them back. >> they are staying at their father's parents' house. i am able to bring one child at a time home with me. >> he is wanted for international parental
6:48 am
kidnapping. his wife tells us that maryland senators are trying to help her bring the children back to the u.s. >> the ntsb is trying to find out what caused the train derailment in columbus, ohio. there were three cars each carrying 30,000 gallons of ethanol which exploded. they will have to wait for the tankers to cool down before the ethanol can be removed. the train was not going very fast when the accident occurred. >> they were at 22 miles per hour at the point. it took them 20 seconds for the emergency stop. they went about 372 feet. >> no one on the train was hurt. two people who were walking on the tracks suffered minor injuries when a second explosion occurred at the site. 7 is on your side with news of a
6:49 am
danger for women who eat chicken. nearly all of the chickens raised for meat in the u.s. are fed antibiotics. researchers say that has created a dangerous strain of e. coli which causes painful bladder infections in women. infections that hang on longer and come back repeatedly. doctors are doing their best to outsmart the bacteria. >> we are super clever. they are very smart. >> the chicken industry says it is unlikely these bugs come from the poultry. researchers tell abc news they are confident that the link is approved by dna. >> hopefully we get the chance to do something with today's beautiful weather. the heat and humidity is coming. >> doug hill to invest now. how long do we have? >> saturday will be the first day you notice the change in the air mass as it brings heat and
6:50 am
humidity. very comfortable. 60 and lower 70's. sunlight is coming through the broken bunch of clouds. more sunshine through the morning. it will be a mixed today. temperatures were they should be. upper 80's. 69 degrees in leonardtown. 73 in the district. 71 degrees in alexandria. isolated storms this afternoon. most of the cloud cover is south of our area. it is going through tennessee and north carolina. the stationary front will move north and when it does, warmer temperatures increase chances of showers and thunderstorms. here is the futurecast showing increasing clouds. isolated showers in the afternoon. we will go to the upper 80's today. to my, partly cloudy.
6:51 am
-- tonight, partly cloudy. tomorrow we will and the workweek with mid-80's. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow is the day with 84 to 89 and humidity levels climbing. to the weekend low or 90's your job or sandstorms. -- showers and thunderstorms. go to for more weather. it is thursday. lisa baden has the traffic dancers. >> the dulles toll road things working in your favor. even with sunshine in your eyes. extra time to travel because of volume on 66 between centreville and the beltway. 270 southbound is normal between father hurley boulevard and 495. a collision is out of steel city on the way to newington. that is on the shoulder. live, we go to the springfield
6:52 am
camera along 95 northbound. thanks to guyeico you can see that. father hurley boulevard and the beltway, 270 is good. metrorail has normal services. the brunt trains are 50 minutes late. >> thank you. 8 minutes to go before the top of the hour. why should our wallets tell us what our favorite color is? every room deserves to look great. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest softest, and most colorful options... ...across every possible price range... ...our budgets won't be picking the style. we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with $37 basic installation on martha stewart living and platinum plus carpet.
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>> investigators are trying to piece together a deadly accident on the inner loop of the beltway in silver spring. two cars collided last night between georgia avenue and colesville road. one person is dead. >> penn state releasing the results of an investigation into the sex abuse scandal today. the report is focused on how officials reacted to allegations against jerry sandusky. >> metro is expected to say more about last week's partial the real mad that shut down the stretch of the green line. officials say the heat is to blame for the incident near the west hyattsville station. >>a herd of dairy cows are living the life of luxury. >> former owners have given
6:56 am
them water bed to sleep on and 2 feet from. they say the waterbed's cut down on bacteria. there is less tension on their knees and hips. the beds keep the temperature and down in the barn stalls. all they need our law lamps and they can take it back to the 1960's. [laughter] >> let us get one last look at the forecast exceed the heat and humidity is back for the weekend. enjoy today and tomorrow. daytime highs in the upper 80's. a slight chance of a shower or two south and west of d.c. back into the 90's on saturday and sunday. >>the stretch of hot weather is going to continue for at least another seven days. >> 90's do not look that bad when you have had 103
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