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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc "news at noon," on your side. >> the morning rush came to a grinding halt this morning on the metro after a train broke down at the dupont circle station. this comes after a weekend with a computer which runs the entire system crashing twice. john gonzalez is at the dupont circle station with the latest. must be a lot of frustration.
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>> talk about a chain reaction. on saturday 44 metro trains were shut down after a computer glitch. then on sunday operators had to use radios to communicate after a second computer glitch. today the dupont circle metro station was closed. >> this just happened. >> disorder and disarray at the dupont circle station. >> smells like burning rubber. >> the station forced to close for an hour during rush hour after a train stalled due to brake problems. >> i was thinking the brakes overheated. >> commuters were escorted off the platform and into more confusion once at street level. >> the first train stop because one of the doors were not close. the second train then. >> this comes after a problem than left metro technicians
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baffled and the weekend. a computer glitch from the operations control center forced all trains to haul twice during a 12-hour span. operators were not able to monitor trains. >> whatever takes to get this fixed. >> i paid money to get on and they have put me off. >> some passengers were weary. >> you have to walk to get where you have to go. no shuttle buses. nothing. as hot as it is. >> this afternoon metro officials are not exactly sure what happened this weekend. they believe it was a software issue. the good news is dupont circle is back up and running this afternoon, for now. john gonzalez reporting. >> the mall functions, as several members of congress meets with transportation officials to discuss rail
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safety. legislation signed by president obama earlier this month allows the federal government to establish minimum safety standards for all transit systems that receive federal money. that does include metro. the legislation was inspired by the 2009 deadline crash which killed nine people and injured dozens more. the new standards will be discussed at a news conference at 2:00. we will bring details tonight at abc 7 news at 5:00. the heatwave is making a comeback after a week of fairly normal temperatures. we are headed towards the triple digits again. steve rudin as the forecast. >> it already feels very hot outside early this afternoon. temperatures are near average for this time of year. we still have another five hours of heating. reagan national at 91 degrees now. the heat makes it feel like 99 degrees outside this hour.
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feels like 97 in fredericksburg. the satellite and radar shows a good deal of sunshine outside right now. clouds to the north and south of us. temperatures are going to eventually make it to just around 95 degrees later on this afternoon. we are going to look for conditions that will continue to remain hot the next several days. no travel problems expected as we move through the daytime hours from detroit to a national to miami. coming up, the extended outlook. if you're not into the heat and humidity, there's good news on the way. a strong cold front with cooler conditions. i will tell you about it in a few minutes. >> i like the sound of that. powerful storms are blamed for at least two deaths on the weekend in several -- and several more close calls from washington state to the east
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coast. there were reports of downed trees and flooding. it was lightning that left the biggest mark. lightning strikes blamed for fires on both coasts and in texas. two men were killed at a soccer match after lightning hit the tree there were standing under. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off and in hit the top of the tree. it was like sparks and are going all the way down the tree. >> that same strike injured a third man. he is in stable condition at a houston hospital. a south carolina mother is speaking for the first time about her battle with a rare flesh eating bacteria. she had just given birth to twins when she noticed a spot on the back of for left leg. her first thought was it was a blood clot. it turned out to be a serious infection. acs undergone four surgeries to remove dead skin and dead tissue. >> i have received so much support. it's been overwhelming. i'm very grateful.
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even world wide i have gotten encouragement and support from people, i don't even know. >> doctors say that she could be headed home this week it for condition continues to improve. two women in north carolina and georgia are also battling the same infection. right now we are in the most contentious 48 hours so far in the presidential race. neither side seems ready to back down. brianne carter is in the newsroom with who is setting up this afternoon. >> the accusations continue as both candidates continue on the campaign trail. it appears the two have one campaign strategy in common, trying to convince voters their opponent is not trustworthy. the war of words between president barack obama and presumptive gop nominee mitt romney is heating up. this morning president obama
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boarded air force one for ohio, where he is expected to continue the back-and-forth battle. at a town hall in cincinnati, if obama will reportedly talk about romney's tax proposals helping -- claiming they will help create hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas. and he spoke about the republican's time at bain capital, whether or not he was in charge when the company outsourced jobs. the president spoke to our senior political reporter scott thuman. >> i think most americans think that if you are the chairman, ceo, and president of a company they are responsible for what that company does. mr. romney will have to answer those questions. >> speaking on fox news this morning, romney called the attack "misdirected and dishonest." >> he ought to say he is sorry for the kinds of attacks coming from his team. >> money also addressed his tax returns.
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republicans are also raising eyebrows at his refusal not to release more than two years. >> we will put out two years of tax returns. what's all this on the same day romney released this ad. >> it accuses obama of caring more about donors than the middle class. live in the newsroom, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> a military judge could decide this week whether the trial of private first class bradley manning will go forward as scheduled. he is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks, the largest lead in
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u.s. history. among the motions is one to dismiss two charges against him. the trial is scheduled to begin in september. still to come, a d.c. woman gets a chance to convince america that she should co-host live with talenkelly." and families are spending less on tuition. and where things stand after a big meeting with the governor o
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhooood...
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>> imagine this as a way to start your day. newschopper 7 caught this video
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around 7:15. workers being lifted 280 feet in the air above the mormon temple in kensington, maryland. unbelievable. they are checking on one of the statues. definitely not the job to have if you are afraid of heights. maryland officials are preparing to teardown a more than 130- year-old prison. inmates are taking apart jessup prison one piece at a time. the method of deconstruction is expected to save the state millions of dollars. inmates have also recovered $8,000 worth of materials including furniture. the prison was closed in 2007 after a string of violent incidents. it will be open for public store on august 4 and august 5. a proposal to expand gambling in maryland appears to be moving forward. prince george's county executive rushern baker met with governor o'malley this morning. jummy olabanji has the story from annapolis. >> this special meeting between
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the governor of maryland, the mayor of baltimore, and the county executive of montgomery and prince george's counties lasted about 45 minutes this morning, and they emerged to say they feel gambling expansion in maryland is still on the table. >> this is millions of dollars for the state of maryland and millions for prince george's county and baltimore. that's why you see the three of us together and standing with the governor is saying this needs to happen. >> elected officials from some of the biggest localities across the states a legislators have about 10 days to make a move. the deadline for a special session regarding an expansion of gambling is august 20. if the house and senate don't do anything before then, the entire issue could be tabled until the regular session starts in january. both prince george's county executive rushern baker and governor martin o'malley say they feel progress is being made. they say they have accepted the house alternative plan for the
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expansion, that would create a commission to study the gaming tax rates and the plan will allow for the use of table games statewide and the construction of a new casino and national harbor. while the governor says getting this done in the next week will be difficult, it can be done. he says the senate is on board and he hopes the opposition in the house does the same. >> progress is being made. i also thought progress was being made up until the deadline when house members walked off the field. >> govern o'malley is hopeful they can get a special session done by next month banned meet the august 20 deadline. he has a meeting tomorrow in annapolis with the speaker of the house. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> opponents of a cost of gas station in montgomery county are laying out plans to try to stop it in its tracks. -- costco gas station. this is at the westfield
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wheaton area. some want to prohibit mega gas stations from being built near schools and recreation centers. even though college tuition rates of been on the rise at most schools nationwide, many families are spending less. a study found the average family spent just over $6,000 on college last year. that's a 5% drop from the previous school year. if the reason is more families are finding ways to cut costs factoring location and tuition into their college choices. let's get a look of the weather. it has been pretty steamy already today and the warm weather continues. >> today is a milestone, 25 days this year at 90 degrees or better at reagan national airport. >> i don't know that i can celebrate that. >> we will keep adding to that. it is july.
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rehoboth beach delaware, is the place to keep cool. a lot of people on the beach. lots of sunshine. sunshine will stick around today, tomorrow, and the potential for powerful and the storms late wednesday afternoon into the evening as a cold front moves through. 91 degrees at this hour. 71 for the dew point level. that makes it feel like it's well into the '90s. 89 at george washington university. 86 in annandale. our final stop takes us to upper marlborough, 90 degrees in maryland. temperatures outside in the mid 80's in cumberland, 88 at dulles airport, 90 in fredericksburg, 93 in quantico. what it feels like outside is a different story. already feels like 100 in quantico, 99 at reagan national airport, 104 degrees in stephens city. the dew point levels are expected to settle down a little in the afternoon.
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we're not looking at any heat advisory across the immediate d.c. area. however, baltimore has a heat advisory for the afternoon and into the early evening. this is the warm front that lifted to the north. now we are under all that warm moist air. a few showers moved across central pennsylvania and they quickly fizzled out as they moved to our area. expect things to remain mainly dry and throughout the day. cloudy conditions right now. later this afternoon we may see a few pop up thunderstorms, temperatures well into the 90s across the area. tomorrow, even warmer temperatures expected. i would not be surprised if some areas see nearly 100 degrees. mid 90's in montgomery county. and in frederick and hagerstown, the same. the heat and humidity will last three more days. and a cold front arrives late wednesday. partly to mostly sunny, 20 brunt -- 25% chance of pop up
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thunderstorms later on today. nighttime lows in the '70s. high temperature tomorrow 95- 100. there could be a heat advisory issued for parts of the area tomorrow. there's a cold front by friday. it will feel great outside by saturday, to upper 80s. >> that will be a nice change. this morning the top five finalists made their debut with kelly. >> please welcome missarquette smith. >> she is from d.c., the only woman to make it to the top five. you can vote on line during the contest winner will host on july 24, which happens to be her
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birthday. good luck. coming up, two rock legends perform together for the first time, but there set snds wtyh
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> football season is just around the corner. but the redskins still have a big question mark. rookie training camp started today. noticeably absent was robert griffin iii. the reason is that the contract is still unsigned. we are told the hang up is how
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much he would get paid if he were to be released. tonight you can watch the team that kobe bryant says it's the best team ever assembled attuning up for the summer games. if ke the men take the court at 5:30. president obama and vice- president joe biden are expected to be in attendance. if the first round of athletes for the games began arriving in london today ahead of the july 27 opening ceremonies. security for the athletes and spectators will be even tighter. the british government is considering bringing in a bigger military presence after contractors admitted it's not going to be able to deliver 10,000 guards as promised. this was an impressive sight welcoming hundreds of teams to the olympics and the paralympic village.
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the youth theatre of britain. everyone is excited. >> the mixture of pageant and pom and celebration and song and dance and acrobatics. it is welcoming in every language. >> the london 2012 olympic opening ceremony is 11 days away. london has some ground to make up when it comes to making visitors at a. on saturday, the plug was pulled on two legends performing in slyde park. -- hyde park. [crowd boos] >> paul mccartney and bruce springsteen or performing, but organizers cut the power to the microphone. the reason, the concert had gone past curfew. bruce springsteen is known for
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marathon concert. band members called the decision shocking. still ahead, a final look at the
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks: "misleading, unfair
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and untrue." there was "no evidence" that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. so, shame on you, barack obama. male announcer ] but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign: another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama. >> "the dark knight rising" premiering this weekend. the star is talking about the mary and coty ai -- marion
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cotiard, calling her superwoman. he delayed the making of the film so that she could be in the movie after delivering a baby. now look at the weather. >> we have a change on the way. we have to get through the next three days. 95 today, near 100 tomorrow, 97 and wednesday. a strong cold front late wednesday into thursday. our temperatures will drop by friday through sunday. mid to upper '80s on the weekend. we have a fantastic photo gallery on, if you are interested in the northern lights from yesterday morning. take a look at that. beautiful pictures and lots of comments. if you can also check that out on our facebook page. >> some say you can see a face in the northern lights.
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