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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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plane crash in montgomery county. >> this is a abc 7 breaking news. >> coming in from montgomery county tonight where a small plane has crashed, killing at least one person. another person is fighting for their life and investigators are beginning to try to find out what went wrong. it happened near davis airport
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in laytonsville. >> lots of questions about what happened here. folks told us this was a flying lesson. the instructor an experienced pilot. sometime around 7:00 tonight the man landed and were taking off again, and something went terribly wrong. this is the scene of the wreckage from news choppers seven. a single-engine plane crashed into a wooded area on the edge of the day this airport. witnesses said they could hear it from a mile away. >> i heard like a rumble and i felt the earth shake, kind of like a small quake. >> this helicopter pilot was flying behind the plane just minutes before. >> we watched them take off. it appears they did not get much higher than 40 or 50 feet by the end of the runway and it was clear he was not going to clear the trees. he started right term to try to
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clear the trees on the right side and it looks like he turned to far stalled at the airplane, and spun to the ground. >> her husband ran out to help. >> he approached the two gentlemen. one of them was moving around but not being coherent and the other one was just like not there. >> and darfur departments as one of the man was dead at the scene -- one -- and the fire department says one of the men was dead at the scene. >> he was incredibly experience. i was one of his last illness. but the other men -- i was one of his last students. >> we are told the other man has life-threatening injuries. we are told it is a man in his 70's. but the faa and the ntsb are on the scene and their investigation is underway.
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>> we have learned some more details about the plane involved in this crash. according to the faa the single-engine plane was built back in 1964. it is owned by the beechcraft aviation club based in silver spring. >> breaking news from woodbridge. fire breaks out in an apartment complex there. right now the fire has forced dozens of people from their units. because of fire is not known and it does not appear in one was hurt. another big story tonight we are gearing up for yet another heat wave. >> even though they are heading in the right direction for the time being, get ready for another uncomfortable day. bob is here with the specifics. >> our temperature today was not
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a record, but nonetheless, 96 degrees. our 10th day of 95 degrees or higher. tomorrow i think we will not set the record at 99. in 1988 was 102 degrees. the heat will continue, but there is a risk of afternoon thunderstorms some possibly strong, on wednesday. there is a change coming up. >> some other changes coming in in advance of the heat wave. some of the changes could impact you. the district of columbia will extend swimming pool hours. most will stay open until 8:30. trash collection will begin tomorrow and wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. for the complete list of locations for cooling centers just go to
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>> growing outrage aimed at the utilities in the aftermath of the storm of the year. some are calling it insult on top of injury. pepco and b g e both confirm they will charge customers a surcharge due to the mass allergist. -- due to mass outages. >> tonight in rockville, the lights are burning bright but huge sections of this town were in the dark along with much of the area. during that time when they were not providing power the power company could not charge for power because they want were not providing it. there is a state law that allows them to collect some of that money later for the first 24 hours after the storm. they will actually be adding charges to your bill only in maryland for this. some people say that does not make a lot of sense to them. >> probably over $1,000 easily.
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>> that is how much this family in rockville loss, thanks to having to throw away food and eat out over the six days their power was out. >> very uncomfortable. it is not even something you would think about, not having power for that length of time. >> for abbey, the idea of charging extra to recoup losses from people like her during the first 24 hours after the storm is outrageous. >> people are finding that completely unacceptable right now, and making people want to react. >> the genie will charge customers an additional $600,000 -- bge will charge customers an additional 600,000. >> sounded like this is just unheard of and nobody could really predicted. >> he said pepco had a huge job to contend with, but he does wish they would have worked faster. >> it would be nice if they had a system if something like this
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happens to be able it cleaned up faster. >> and her point of view, petco failed its customers and she is trying to organize a movement for change. >> we are trying to have accountability. >> in this building right here, the county council building in montgomery county, organizers hope to get together at about 11:30 a.m. thursday morning. she wants folks to be there as a show of support that there needs to be changed. >> dramatic video after fire breaks out at home. you see here the flames erupted. no one was hurt and the cost reduce cause of fires being investigated tonight. >> fading hope and the desperate search to find two cousins who vanished without a trace. the girls ages 8 and 10 have
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been missing since friday after going on a bike ride. now investigators are draining a lake in hopes of finding out what happened. almost 1000 volunteers spent the weekend searching for 8-year-old elizabeth collins and her 10- year-old cousin. >> we are just taking together just keeping our faith, just crying out to god to bring them home. greg collins and cook banished from the hole where the grandmother was watching them. that left for a bike ride about noon and never returned. they were reported missing just three hours. their bikes were found by a lake about a mile from their home. little elizabeth per se with your cellphone which she used to play games, but was not equipped to play it -- to make phone
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calls. >> dragging the lake was discontinued yesterday. today the process has begun to drag myers lake. >> investigators say they are working with federal authorities. >> every hour makes it that much worse. >> police have talked to family and friends that links and said that have not found anything to indicate a problem with the girls' lives at home. >> the war of words has intensified tonight between president obama and presumptive gop nominee mitt romney in the race for the white house. at the center of it all as the battle over jobs. the president hammered romney on his record at bain capital. >> today romney swung back with a new ad attacking president obama and his commitment to the middle class. romney joined louisiana governor bobby jindal for a campaign
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fund-raiser in baton rouge. he is hinting to a spokesman that his vice presidential pick could come any day now. >> president obama took part -- spent part of his day in cincinnati. he cited a study that he said concluded that romney's economic plan would in fact create 800,000 jobs. >> there is only one problem. the jobs would not be in america. >> also knew tonight, first lady michelle obama was picking up where her husband left off in virginia on friday. mr. obama hosted multiple events in virginia at the last to of last week. >> speaking of the first lady, tonight the president and first lady took a brief break from the campaign trail and went to the verizon center. during a break in the action, they were featured on the jumbotron during the kiss cam
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but mr. obama did not kiss his wife. leon, you are there. >> yes, and as my daughter would say, all wereawkward. >> i wonder if he is in trouble. >> and new mystery in -- involving an airline. >> needles for found in sandwiches. >> the story every metro rider wants to see. >> the latest in environmental cleanup costing hundreds ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> there is hope in the d.c. neighborhood for a long-awaited cleanup of munitions. we expect to learn more about a plan to clean up military refuse
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from decades ago. >> this is a hot-button issue for people on glenn burke wrote -- glennbrook roaad. >> years ago it became a disposal area for weapons. the demolition of a house that may be sitting on even more varied munitions. beyond this lot fence, it looks like a house under renovation. in fact, it is toxic home in the middle of the affluent spring valley neighborhood. focus of an investigation by the army corps of engineers and the epa. >> there are 75 millimeter rounds, some containing mustard agent. >> they were found by a work crew in 1993. after years of debate, an army
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corps of engineers will demolish the house next month and begin the process of removing contaminated soil. >> i would not want to be living on top of toxic chemicals myself. >> that tested more than 1600 properties for arsenic. the army has removed more than 100 tons of contaminated soil. environmental activists fear more munitions disposal here in the backyard. >> the army corps has said that are ready to do cleanup, and then they start setting conditions on the cleanup. >> for some, the demolition of this house is at least a good first step. >> hopefully this is a final resolution. >> later this week scientists will test spring valley ground water for arsenic and other chemicals. there is no specific date on when a home demolition will begin. the corps of engineers is
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holding a public meeting tuesday night to discuss all of it. for information on the meeting check our web site >> delta air lines and the fbi are trying to figure out how needles got into turkey sent to serve aboard for flights from amsterdam. abc news said these pictures of the sandwiches in question. the fbi has opened a criminal investigation into the matter. >> a new federal policy on the way for metro after that deadly redlined crashed three summers ago. metro came under national scrutiny following that june 2009 crash that killed nine people and left more than 70 others hurt. now the ntsb is recommending requirements for crash were the railcars, better evacuation and rescue route, and black box recorders. >> a major mess in baltimore
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after water main breaks in downtown during the -- near the inner harbor. crews had to shut down several major matt -- downtown roads. public works officials are warning commuters to stay away or go to work later in the day tomorrow. >> a giant mess, look at that all over downtown. all around here we had some storms pop up and cool things off little bit. >> some folks did get some rain. has been hit and miss around here. a great shot of the sunset there. tomorrow, are you ready for another 95-degree day? the temperature outside after getting up to 96 degrees today believe it or not it is 85 degrees. the average high temperature for
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today is 89 degrees. believe it or not, right now this july is even hotter than last july. that was the hottest month we have ever had. we are going to be getting a break. while there have been record set in the lower 48, parts of alaska this month have had about 12 record low temperatures. right now we are 85, chicago is 86 degrees, and there is where that terrible drought has been. another record high temperature in indianapolis since june 1. it has had less than 0.10 inch of rain. look at how much of the country in this pattern is hot and it not a cloud inside. you folks they got some rain showers today, you were lucky.
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the humidity is pretty high. indian head, the shot came right down the potomac almost a half- inch of rain in parts of -- >> county. look at the morning low temperatures, only in the low 70's. tomorrow afternoon, i think we will be shooting at near 100 degrees. once again for the 11th time in july, our temperature will be above 95 degrees. as we get into wednesday a warm morning but by the afternoon some afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and some of them could be locally strong on wednesday, but not tomorrow. tomorrow it will be in the seven's. some spots could be up to 101 degrees. those thunderstorms come through on wednesday.
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late friday and on into the weekend, not as hot. >> it has been one of those days that does keep you busy. coming up in sports, i have the latest on rg3. the united states in brazil battle in an olympic tuneup. still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the toyota sports desk, moving forward. >> the nationals missed plenty of opportunities tonight. they lefeit ght runners on base while miami played small ball most of the night. the marlins win, 5-3. let's pick it up in the top of the third 1-0 nationals.
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he was hit by pitch and he walked tonight. bottom of the third ramirez dial long distance. miami beats the national 5-3. let's go to target field in minneapolis. the orioles' defense let them down tonight. routine ground ball. it starts a parade across home plate. the twins scored seven in the purse. 19-5 in the eighth right now the orioles getting spanked. usa men and women both won. a star-studded crowd tonight highlighted by president obama and the first lady. it was kind of that way for the players, too.
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the mvp had 30 points. the u.s. had too much from brazil. kevin grant with a big stride and long arms. the u.s. overcomes a 10-point brazil -- 10-point deficit to beat brazil. >> this is about our fourth practice the fourth they will head the holding together. to win a game like this when we are not hitting is a good thing for us. >> rg3 was not at redskin park today. he still had not agreed to a contract and training camp is july 26. it is likely he will sign before then. they are working on a $21 million meal. they are getting close, and when the no. 1 pick sons, rg3 will son shortly thereafter.
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denying a report in the said mrs. stowe chronicle that says he is leaving to be the assistant coach at stanford. he says he is staying at the university of maryland. >> i just knew for sure you would say something
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legs we have a new facebook contests. you can enter to win vip tickets to kelly courseandclarkson. you can enter the contest until friday at four o'clock and we will announce the winner friday during abc 7 news at 5
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>> ready for 99 tomorrow? >> let's do 100. it will do another stifling hot day. thunderstorms will be coming in on wednesday. we have a new poll, what is your favorite cloud? captioned by the national captioning institute
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