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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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cracks coming up at 5, some local residents cannot get a break from the wild weather. we have looked at the damage from this latest round of storms. >> heads up for commuters in montgomery county. a bus far has led to schedule changes with the ride on bus system. >> how the latest villain in the batman movie is being accused of an attack on mitt romney. they have to put politics and everything. "good morning washington at 5:00" begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. i hope your thursday is off to a good start. good morning, washington. it's 5:00. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get started with a check of the weather with meteorologist steve rudin. >> temperatures holding in the upper 70's to low 80s across
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much of the area. we have 81 degrees at reagan national airport 76 at dulles, winchester reporting 70 degrees. doppler radar is quiet right now and will remain quiet for the next couple hours. showers and storms will begin to develop later this morning into the afternoon. g.a.-93 degrees for the daytime high. the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. some homeowners will spend the day cleaning up from the latest round of storms. the severe weather downed trees and caused flooding. we are live this morning in northwest, where hundreds of residents are making a without power. john gonzalez. >> there's no pot or on arcadia -- no power on arcadia place. the roads are still closed. across town, residents are using
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some paulist -- using sump pumps to get storm water and sewer water out of their basements >> . very scary when yo look at the size of the trees coming down. >> the intersection of utah and tennyson is blocked after a tangled mess of power lines and tree branches came down. on mobile and, more flooded basements and a second sewage backup. >> needing to replace my sofa. >> a lot of headaches now. all this will be huge to clean up. >> you can see crews are here once again looking at the damaged trees and power lines on
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the street. the residents say they have put in a number of complaints through the years about these trees. they say pepco recently told them they were waiting for the city for approval. john gonzalez reporting. >> hundreds of thousands of pepco customers in the dark, the montgomery county council will hold a debriefing today on the utility poles response at 12:30 this afternoon in the third floor council hearing room on maryland ave. in rockville at the council office building. we will talk to one community activist who will be there and has a creative song about her true feelings for pepco, at 6:30 this morning. >> letson have a check on the roads with lisa baden joining us. >> we are hearing about 295 southbound, the b-w parkway. it was a collision at route 100. nobody getting by for the time being. it is a single vehicle crash southbound on the b-w parkway.
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eklund to be one of those days. southbound they will move everything out of the way. -- it is going to be one of those days. looks good to the airport. green light across the american legion bridge. 66 between centreville and the beltway looks good. 95 virginia looks good through springfield. metro rail is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. commuters and montgomery county will have to adjust their schedules today and tomorrow. a bus fire has led to changes for the ride on bus system schedule. brianne carter is in silver spring to explain. >> buses will operate on a holiday schedule today and tomorrow. that means all routes will be in service, but we could expect allays. officials decided to put 26 buses off the road after another bus fire. this was the scene in silver spring after another ride on was caught fire yesterday morning.
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the same model that has gone up in flames several times since 2009. going against policy and speaking out publicly, this driver demanded something be done. >> i think it's terrible. it's not safe. not only are they putting our lives in danger, but also the passengers. >> concerns over safety of drivers and passengers, madera county officials have now taken that model was off the road. today the buses will operate on a holiday schedule while all routes will be in service, the buses will not run as frequently, so expect delays. the union president says it's the right thing to do. >> the bottom line is the buses are off the road and our members and the public will not have to deal with this threat any longer. >> federal highway safety officials have launched an investigation after a fire that happened in the spring that resulted in an investigation. the results are not known.
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expect delays on the ride on bus today. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> now to the trayvon martin investigation. the man charged with killing a for a teenager in february if is now speaking. speaking he apologized to the 17-year- old's parents. >> i am sorry that they buried their child. i cannot imagine what it must feel like. i pray for them daily. >> zimmerman also told fox news that he is open to talking with martin's parents. the city was trying to keep an eye on the teenager the night he was killed but that he was not pursuing. zimmer-- pursuing the boy. >> president obama heads to florida for a campaign event in jacksonville and in west palm beach, florida. tomorrow, first lady michelle obama will make campaign stops
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in virginia. to appear in fredericksburg and charlottesville. this comes a week after the president visited the commonwealth as well. >> the strangest accusation in the presidential race as radio host rush limbaugh has accused the latest billing in the batman movie for an attack on mitt romney. the villain is named bain in the movie, the same name as romney's former company, but with a different spelling. the man who was the writer of the original batman store in 1993 says the villain bain is actually a left-wing anarchist it. >> 76 degrees. >> still ahead, on mog and news for drivers. why it could soon cost you a
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>> good morning, washington. it's 5:10. we start with a beautiful picture on the highway. overnight construction barrels are out of there. we are good as far as interstate travel. 95, 66 270, complicated around the beltway. 295 southbound at about 100 they have opened all lanes where
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they had an automobile wreck this morning. northbound up to the airport is a much better trip. moving nicely in this picture a roundabout way through and over and silver spring and around to the american legion bridge. while all the other kids or on the playground saying that crowd looks like an elephant, steve rudin was saying, no, that is a stimulus cloud -- cumulous cloud. >> that's right. we will have some storms with gusty winds and possibly heavy downpours. 81 degrees right now it reagan national. 77 in fredericksburg. this is what it looked like last night. heavy storms moved through. now skies are beginning to clear. we could see a little sunshine during the morning. doppler radar is quiet and dry.
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high temperatures today around 90. nighttime lows will be in the '70s. daytime highs tomorrow around 83-88 degrees. futurecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. it could get a lot more expensive to drive on local toll roads in the future. the cost of a one-way trip on the dulles toll road could double from $2.25 to $4.50 by 2015. the airports authority, which operates the highway plans to hold public hearings in the coming months to discuss the proposed rate hike. toll revenue is being used to help pay for the metro rail extension to dulles airport. it is 12 minutes past 5:00 and it is 76 degrees. >> we have an update to the sex scandal involving members of the secret service. learn if nine service members accused in the scandal will face
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>> welcome back. we are checking news around the world. the united nations security council said to me today to vote on the resolution aimed at ending the escalating violence in syria. the vote comes after a night of heavy fighting in the syrian capital. the rebels claimed responsibility for yesterday's bombing at a high-security compound that killed three people including the president's brother-in-law. civil rights groups and the families of three american terror suspects killed in drone strikes in yemen are suing the u.s. government. the lawsuit claims the killings of the three violated their rights as u.s. citizens. the lawsuit accuses the cia and military leaders of violating the constitution and other laws when they approved the strikes. >> a new fbi report reveals the
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agency saw e-mails between army maj nidal hassan and a known terrorist. in them he expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians. the report indicates a i agents fell back on political correctness and did not pass on critical information to people who could never prevented the attack. the is charged with killing 13 people at fort hood in 2009. >> now to the secret service prostitution scandal. nine members of the military will not face criminal charges for their part in the scandal in colombia in april. but they are getting administrative punishment. the seven army soldiers and two marines are all enlisted personnel. there were assigned to support the secret service in columbia in preparation for the visit by president obama. >> the supreme court justice says things are just fine on the high court in the wake of last month's help care for decision. justice scalia said that he has not had a falling out with chief justice roberts.
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said there were clashes on legal questions but there were not personal. roberts voted with the liberal wing to uphold much of president obama's health care overall. >> the photograph we are about to show might have you thinking twice about getting a salad. >> this is one of those where did this idea come from photographs. it is disgusting. it's at a burger king outside cleveland, ohio. someone posted a picture on a website and went viral. i don't know if they felt they could get away with it because they did not reveal where it was, but they had all that geotagging on photographs if you take it with your cell phone. so they located it at the burger king restaurant. burger king says it was an independently owned and operated restaurants and that they fired the people involved in this. that is not one you want to see. you feel it could happen somewhere else. >> they put lettuce on all the
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berbers and everything. nba star chris humphries is using a lyric from one of kanye west's songs to take a jab at the rapper who is now dating his ex-wife. >> chris humphries is now playing for jay-z's team in brooklyn. who comes out worse for wear in the end? >> chris humphries just signed a contract for $24 million for two years. he's doing ok. maybe that's why he is extra confident. >> let's just keep the drama and home and not share it with the whole world. -- at home. what can we expect from the weather? >> good news is we will have no 100-degree readings over the
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next seven days. we will look for temperatures that will be cooling off for the weekend. we have showers and storms on the way later this afternoon into the overnight. looking outside right now, it's quiet and dry. we will see the doppler radar begin to light up as we move through the day. 76 degrees right now at dulles international airport. it is 82 degrees over at reagan national, 76 degrees at wtop radio, dew point level around 70. silver spring at 76 in maryland. in bristow virginia, of 79 degrees. temperatures across the board are in the '70s for cumberland 70. 71 in martinsburg. fredericksburg reporting 77. the doppler radar is quiet but we will see showers and storms began to pick up in the afternoon. here's the futurecast. daytime highs in the low 90s. tomorrow morning i have
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concerns. heavy rain depicted across the district, montgomery, and fairfax county round-the-clock tomorrow morning. the showers will move out quickly, then another round tomorrow afternoon. daytime highs will hover in the low 90s. nighttime lows in the '70s. tomorrow, a little cooler at 83-88 degrees. let's get a check on traffic and weather lisa baden. >> i thought we would start with virginia, looks good, moving well. on 66 inside and outside the beltway. nothing to report in tysons where they have been doing construction. looks good on 95 and 395. showing you the pace of traffic moving very well to and from the pentagon on 395 towards the 14th street bridge. travel times in our favor. looks pretty good on metro rail as well as vre and marc rail. 270 has normal travel times.
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looks the beltway to montgomery and prince george's county. >> thanks so much. 5:20, looking at "tech bytes"." >> a new way to make cash-free shopping easier. >> rob nelson. >> id getting even easier to leave your cash behind. there's a new application that lets you pay by your voice. show your face and say your name. face blurring comes to you? -- to youtube. multitasking is carrying over to our leisure time. half of americans use their cell phone while watching television. nearly one-quarter text with others watching the same program. 20 percent look up information about the show.
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>> roberts and makes some throws that most people cannot make. with his speed and agility he will be able to do things most people will never be able to. >> robert griffin finally signed the four-year $21.1 million contract with the redskins yesterday, making fans at eight. although he missed a couple days of rookie camp, he was the first to sign with the team. >> all the rookies have been signed, so bring on the veterans. they are reporting to camp next week. >> the nationals are typically
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out of the playoff picture, but not this year. >> the nationals and the mets are on the field for a matinee this afternoon. they put on a pretty good show last night. harper on first period waved goodbye. a two-run home run for the nationals first lead of the night, 2-0, washington. the deep right. trouble from the ghetto. everybody is running. 4-1, national spirit the final was 4-3. it's the nationals this afternoon at 12:30 at the ballpark. have a great day, everybody. >> 76 degrees right now. the news continues at 5:30. >> taking action after a recent sexual assault and arlington area. what local leaders are doing tonigh
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, on wanted deja vu for local residents. another round of wild weather knocked down trees and flooded homes just days after previous storms did the same thing. good morning, washington. it's thursday, july 19. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. good to be with you. steve rudin has a first check on the forecast. >> we are looking at a warm start to our thursday morning. today will be the 18th day of 95 degrees or better at reagan national airport. 76 degrees right now i dulles airport, 77 in fredericksburg.
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it's quiet on the doppler radar right now, but you should grab the umbrella as you head out the door just in case you see poppa storms across the area. 88-93. i will probably increase this by couple degrees as we move through the afternoon. 70-78 overnight with showers and thunderstorms expected. tomorrow periods of heavy rain, highs in the mid '80s. >> yesterday's storms had residents saying here we go again. some d.c. residents are cleaning up flooded homes once again. >> and homeowners have to remove fallen trees and other areas. john gonzalez shows us the damage. >> no estimated time of one power will be back on on arcadia place. pepco will be here for another hour and then a tree cutting
5:31 am
crew will come to clean up the mess. in an area notorious for flooding, residents are using pumps to get storm water and sewer water out of their basements. one tree fell on two homes and knocked out power to hundreds and intersections are blocked after tangled masses of power lines and tree branches came down again. john roll island avenue, more flooded basements. a second sewage backup in a week. and the second time in a few weeks that some of these neighborhoods have lost power. residents claim they waited for years for pepco to cut down some of these trees. >> i was standing outside my home and i could see it up the street. it looked like a fire in the sky. >> it was two big booms. i said, my god. >> that lady lives in the oppressed in prince george's county, where they have our
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problems this morning. they heard and felt the bottom of the transformers blowing up in their neighborhood. pepco crews on arcadia, many of the residents said they have complained for years about the trees. pepco told them they were waiting on the city for approval to cut them down. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. an emergency community forum will be held tonight in arlington to address recent sexual assaults in the area. jummy olabanji is live this morning outside ballston the site of one of the attacks. people in arlington really became concerned after the attacks. that's why they want to do something about it. about two weeks ago at the ballston, and small, a young woman told arlington police she was a parking garage walking to her car when a man came up behind her, grabbed her, and
5:33 am
assaulted her. she said that she screamed and he ran away. two days prior, another young woman was sexually assaulted on the four-mile run by trail. she was running when a man came up and ask for directions if and when he got closer, he took out a knife and drag turkey into the woods and raped her. this has been a concern for their safety. the arlington commission on the status of women is hosting an emergency forum tonight at 7:00 at the community center located at 3308 south stafford streets. at the meeting tonight will be some safety tips. people attending will also hear from representatives from the commonwealth's attorney office in arlington county as well as a detective from the special victims unit of arlington county. police county this group is asking everyone to come out, not just women and people of all ages. they say this is a community
5:34 am
problem and it will not jusgets all the less there is a community effort. >> a woman who was sexually assaulted while walking in the dupont circle area is now speaking out about her ordeal. >> anybody that is harassing or touching you in any way, it's not right or ok. i don't think it is too to ask. >> a man on a bicycle approached liz gorman and reached his hand up her skirt. she chased him, but he got away. shell road nsc and sharedshe wrote an essay and shared it with a blog. it was picked up by several other publications. >> in a dramatic qumontgomery county of the inner loop and montgomery boulevard, there was a crash
5:35 am
reported but we are still looking for that. not bad near georgia avenue. 95 out of newington to get to springfield, the pace is still even and steady. giving you the green light on the beltway at the american legion bridge. nothing out of the norm on 270. >> it is 76 degrees. >> much more to come. changes for commuters in montgomery county. and thus far has led to cha
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>> the capital for an festival is happening in july 12 thru july 29. it is the scene pose an annual celebration of live, uncensored performance. if you need more informations, go to our web site. we will see you there. >> good morning, washington. >> the festival is underway now. >> go check it out. it's 5:38, for a check of the weather. >> steve rudin. >> not looking at this morning. it is still a bit warm and humid. things will change later this afternoon, in the form of rain and thunderstorms. grab the umbrella. 81 degrees at this hour at the
5:39 am
airport, 77 in fredericksburg. late last night into the overnight were the showers. that has come to an end. we will see a little sunshine for the morning. this will ad a bit more and stability -- instability. more showers and storms later today. heavy rain possible tomorrow. now lisa baden. >> less than five minutes ago i showed you pictures of the beltway at university boulevard where police are looking for crash. they have found a vehicle off the road into the woods,. if you are coming on university boulevard at torrance 495, visible at a couple minutes to your drive. as far as traffic in virginia, it's beautiful. 95, certainly more volume.
5:40 am
it looks like that in manassas, centreville and on 66 and 15 and it looks good through falls church. nothing to report on interstate 70. metro rail reporting normal service. >> important news for montgomery county ride on customers. buses will operate on holiday schedule today as well as tomorrow. this comes after a bus bar in silver spring yesterday morning. the county ordered 26 similar buses be taken off the road. that model has been involved in several fires in recent years. county executive ike leggett says the buses should be replaced by the end of next month. >> there's still time to enter our latest facebook page giveaway. >> you can enter and been vip tickets for kelly clarkson. she will perform at the concert on august 23. included are vip club passes and $50 in cash to spend on food or parking.
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you can enter until tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and we will announce the winner tomorrow during abc 7 news at 5:00. it's 5:40, 76 degrees on this thursday >> . the man charged with the murder of trayvon martin has given his first television interview. his message to the parents
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>> coming up at 6:00, a man tries to snatch a girl off a philadelphia street in broad daylight. we have a chilling video showing how the child was able to escape. >> scary moments as a long way driver speeds down the mississippi highway. it's all caught on video. >> we will have details on a $1 million proposal for a potato chip idea. all that coming up gets 6:00. >> in the meantime, a majority of d.c. residents apparently want mayor vincent gray to
5:45 am
resign in the wake of the scandal surrounding his 2010 campaign. a new washington post poll finds 54% of residents want the mayor to leave office. only 22% see him as honest and trustworthy. vtc council members called for him to resign after three campaign staffers pleaded guilty to campaign fraud charges. the mayor says. he will says. >> the showdown over gambling governor o'malley plans to make available draft legislation on expanded gambling in maryland as early as tomorrow. that way lawmakers can get a better idea of what is being proposed. \ he discussed the issue yesterday with a delegate from baltimore. he is still considering holding a special session. lawmakers would consider allowing a casino in prince or does county and table games and maryland's five existing casinos. >> military judges throwing out some charges against bradley manning. the biggest leak of classified
5:46 am
information in u.s. history. his attorneys argued earlier this week that two charges should be dropped, but yesterday the judge denied that request. >> and harris teeter grocery store in loudoun county is offering a $50,000 reward after the store was robbed. surveillance video captured two men robbing the store on village center plaza in stone ridge early tuesday morning. one of the men had a gun. they got away with cash and if you have any information you are asked to contact police. >> 7 is on your side with morning with what could be disappointing news in the effort to prevent new hiv. infections in the hiv the washington post reports a study to be released today finds that the scene saw a slight increase in the hiv transmission rate and a number of cases diagnosed in 2010. there was a decline in the number of new cases. 3% of d.c. residents are infected with hiv, well above the national average. >> the man charged with second-
5:47 am
degree murder of trayvon martin gave his first television interview yesterday. george zimmerman apologized to martin's parents who issued a statement after the interview. >> i am not a racist or a murderer. >> zimmerman defended himself in an interview with fox news on wednesday. zimmerman, free on a $1 million bond, says he acted in self- defense when he shot trayvon martin if during a confrontation in sanford during. he said he had to shoot martin when he went for his gun. >> he said you are born to die tonight [bee}. and took one hand off my mouth and i felt it going down my chest toward my belt and my holster and that's when i did not have any more time. >> he also apologized to the family but does not regret getting out of his car to follow martin or for having a gun at night. >> i am sorry that they buried
5:48 am
their child. i cannot imagine what it must feel like. i pray for them daily. >> is there anything you might do different in r retrospect? >> no, sir. i feel it was all god's plan. for me to second-guess it or judge it --. >> martin's father issued this response "we must worship a different god. there is no way that my god wanted george zimmerman to murder my teenage son." >> some members of the penn state community now doing what they can to help protect joe paterno's legacy. there's a report fans have been camping outside beaver stadium in an effort to protect the statue of the late football coach. there have been called to remove the statue after a report found joe paterno concealed sex abuse allegations against former assistant coach jerry sandusky to shield the school from bad publicity. >> chick-fil-a is making waves over its stance on gay marriage.
5:49 am
>> retailers are gearing up for the biggest back-to-school shopping season in nearly a decade it. here is linda bell at bloomberg in new york. >> good morning. it's never too early to start talking about back-to-school period the national retail federation is out with their annual forecast and says that spending is expected to rise the most since 2003. this is as shoppers buy new clothing supplies, an electronics. average person with children in kindergarten through age 12 -- rather 12th grade plan to spend $688 this year, that's 14% more than last year. the top executives of defense contractors yesterday told congress lockheed martin is slowing down on hiring new workers as it anticipates across-the-board defense cuts set to begin in january. his comments were echoed by officials at other companies as well as the united technologies.
5:50 am
the allied times says that the chick-fil-a president wants the company to be known for its christian values and proclaimed the company is opposed to gay marriage. many voiced their opinion on social media and some called for a boycott while others thank the company for supporting traditional marriage. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:50. >> time for the weather. steve rudin joining us. >> we are looking at a pretty nice condition for this morning. if you like it a little warm and humid, no complaints. >> if you like that. >> if you are not tired of it. >> yesterday we had our seventh 100-degree plus day this year. >> what do we usually have? >> two or three.
5:51 am
look outside right now. the sun is up at chesapeake beach, maryland. a beautiful morning out there. the sunshine this morning will make the atmosphere a bit more unstable as we move through the afternoon. 81 degrees at reagan national. if 78 in alexandria, 76 at children's hospital. a upper marlborough, 75 degrees. temperatures will cool off by and other debris or so over the next couple hours. then we will have to warm up during the morning. 75 down in fredericksburg. quiet right now on the doppler. just a few potshots across northern montgomery county should not amount to a lot. the bigger story is later this afternoon, as well into the '90s. by this time tomorrow morning we could be looking at some heavier rain across montgomery county, restored as county the district of fairfax, and arlington, according to our computer model
5:52 am
at this time. today's forecast, a 90-95. look for a little sunshine during the morning, and showers and storms later this afternoon. chance for them to become severe. a few of them probably will. not looking for widespread severe weather. >> thanks so much. 5:52. >> , are you willing to pay to keep cool in these hot summer months? we will have the price tag for these air-conditioned pants. --
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>> welcome back. >> let's have a look at traffic with lisa baden. >> a crash on 66 eastbound at 123, blocking the left hov lanes. leaving fair oaks to get into vienna, you'll have to add time to your travel. nothing complicated on 95 between richmond and baltimore. newschopper 7 was flying over the area of university boulevard and the beltway. this was a crash where vehicle went into the woods. traffic is getting by that exit ramp. university boulevard westbound ramp tp 495 eastbound. = = to 495. orange line delay is because of a track problem outside vienna on metro. >> in less than three hours late night talk-show host jimmy
5:56 am
kimmel and actress kerry washington will announce the top nominees for this year's emmy awards. jimmy kimmel is hosting the awards in september and you can look for the nominations to air on good morning america today. pete rose is taking a swing at reality television. >> lots of questions to be answered. the tlc series follows the 71- year-old, getting ready to get married to his girlfriend. she's in her 30's. he will also reflect on his climb to fame and eventual fall from baseball amid a gambling scandal. the show is set to air later this year. >> auctioneers hope to make some money on this special piece of toast from prince charles' breakfast the morning he married laterdy diana spencer in 1981.
5:57 am
the auctioneer says he believes the souvenir could fetch $770 when it goes on the auction block today. that's probably a little low. why would someone want that? >> good luck authenticating it. >> there's a new product you might want to grab. >> a japanese company has air- conditioned pants. you can stay cool while making a fashion statement. a battery powered fan direct cool air down the legs and towards the waist. it's about $200. they tend to inflate the pants so you get the mc hammer look but you stay cool. >> i think you could make those locaook cool, somebody like kanye west or drake.
5:58 am
mrs. eliot used to wear balloon pants -- missy elliot.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves ofof grain, for r purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... >> ahead of 6:


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